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  • GaleVsPeeta,WhoWillWin

    This is my first games, I hope you enjoy them. I do have a few rules, but I hope this wont stop you enjoying them.

    1. Only 2 tributes per person, I may put this up higher if they dont fill.
    2. I do take reservations but they only last 3 days. After that they are open.
    3. Dont use a name that has already been used this in the games, it gets to confusing.
    4. Dont get mad if I kill you tribute, only one can win.
    5. Please be nice. I dont like rudeness and if you are rude, I will kill your triute.
    6. If I do make mistakes, tell me, I promise I will not get mad.
    7. I will be doing the chariots, training scores and the games, these are my first. I dont want to get confused.

    I do hope you enjoy, so please join.

    Here is the tribute template, please fill it out. If I do not get…

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