This is my first games, I hope you enjoy them. I do have a few rules, but I hope this wont stop you enjoying them.

  1. Only 2 tributes per person, I may put this up higher if they dont fill.
  2. I do take reservations but they only last 3 days. After that they are open.
  3. Dont use a name that has already been used this in the games, it gets to confusing.
  4. Dont get mad if I kill you tribute, only one can win.
  5. Please be nice. I dont like rudeness and if you are rude, I will kill your triute.
  6. If I do make mistakes, tell me, I promise I will not get mad.
  7. I will be doing the chariots, training scores and the games, these are my first. I dont want to get confused.

I do hope you enjoy, so please join.


Here is the tribute template, please fill it out. If I do not get all of the necissary information I will deny them but reserve you the spots.










District Tribute Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
D1 Male

Broedy Maslow

16 Bow and arrow, crossbow, spear, mace Target hitting, fire starting, climbing, and archery. Trust Issues
D1 Female Vinesian Lilly


Bow and Throwing Knives Fast and accurate Isnt the strongest
D2 Male

Jack Baker

18 Sword, spear, axe. Hand on hand combat, sword play. Making friends and his attitude.
D2 Female Plinie Ivory 16 Mace and Chain Strong and Very Fast Is very arrogant
D3 Male Reserved
D3 Female Marleen Danford 16 Wire Fast and very smart Isnt the strongest
D4 Male Reserved
D4 Female Reserved
D5 Male Reserved
D5 Female Katie Sundapple 15 Sword Speed and Stealth Not the strongest
D6 Male
D6 Female Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows 16 Knives Fast and accurate Isnt the strongest
D7 Male Pamline Falcone 17 Axe and Mace Very strong and a great tree climber. Swimming and he isnt the fastest
D7 Female Yesenia Root 14 Throwing Axes, Axes and Knives Climbing, Running and Hand to Hand Combat Blood and to loyal
D8 Male
D8 Female
D9 Male Alex Donaque 12 Sword, okay with a bow and arrow His ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers Being called names, his sister being bullied. Thinking of times where he was suicidal.
D9 Female Demetria Rye 13 Sai and Axe

Running, Climbing


D10 Male Kelvin Minco 18 Mace and Hand to Hand combat Strength; Arm (can throw anything), Arm speed, Swimming Climbing, Speed and Agility
D10 Female Pepper Minco 12 Dagger and Katana Speed, Light feet, Climbing, Swinging through trees Strength, Small, Camouflage, Hiding
D11 Male
D11 Female

May Morningleafs

13 A machete and a sling. Climbing and edible plants. Can survive under most conditions, Hiding Hand to hand combat plus it is almost impossible for her to kil tributes under 12 years because she has siblings about the same age. Strength, siece
D12 Male
D12 Female Eieen shade 16 Throwing Knifes and Combat Knifes Trap-making,edible plants, survival skills, climbing, Social, strength, hand-to-hand, making people like her, swimming


Here is the template for the stylist




Chariot Male:

Chariot Female:

District Name Age Appearance Chariot Outfits

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