Chapter One


I woke up hearing a scream, a scream so small and helpless, a scream that belonged to Prim. I rushed in the woods around District 12 to get as close to the house as possible without being seen. Then I remembered what today is. I instantly knew why my twin sister screamed, and I had a pain in my chest that felt like a bullet went through me. The next moment I see my older sister Katniss go towards the woods. Then I realized she would tell me what I feared to know. Prim's name is ready for the reaping. "Hey Kat" Kat was my nickname for her. "Oh hey Rose." Katniss responded. "Where is Gale?" I ask as I fear he may not be coming. But why wouldn’t he be able to hunt in the woods with us? He always has. "He'll be here later." As Katniss says this takes off at least 5 pounds come off of my chest. "Okay." I answer just wanting to have something cooked to eat. "What's wrong little Rose?" Katniss asks this and I instantly know that she knows I want more than just three people to stay away from the arena. "It's... it's... Ja-" From the corner of my eye I see a deer, I haven’t seen one in a year. "Katniss look." I say mostly to get a good meal for once but also to put this conversation aside. "Rosy-a nickname given to me from Gale but Katniss uses as many nicknames as possible considering I have the last part of Prim's first name- get your bow." My face lights up like fire. I could only use a bow when Gale is having me practice. Then I rush off into a little stick made house deep in the woods. I retrieve my bow and sheath of five arrows to find my pet Charlie a brown dog with big floppy ears to want to come with me and Katniss. "No. I'm sorry boy but you have to stay here." I say as stern as I can learn that from my father as an easy way to get a dog as old as he to listen. He moans and sits back down. "Good. I'll be back soon, I love you." Then I kiss his soft head and go to find Katniss. "Ok Rosie watches me and you can help injure the deer once I hit him." Katniss is so close to getting the deer that I might be able to help. "K" I respond. Then before Kat shoots the arrow to injure and kill the deer I hear Gale and so does Katniss. "What are you going to do with that once you kill it?" Says Gale. Katniss shoots and misses then turns around to say "Dammit Gale! You know we haven’t seen a deer in at least a year, why would you let it leave?" "Well, what were you going to do with it?" Gale steals the words from my mouth before I could say them.  "I was going to leave some for Rose so she doesn’t starve and the rest I was going to sell to peacekeepers." "Of course you would." Gale takes an arrow from Katniss's shealth and I see a flock of birds and as three of them are flying I see my chance and shoot down two birds with one arrow. "Gimme that." Kat says under her breath as she frees the arrow from Gale’s hands. "Guys look what I did!" I scream while a hover craft comes directly above us. "Rosy come on!" I rush to be with them and leave the birds behind. "Rose-bud -another name for me but this name is from my mom- I’ll get the birds later right now we have to hide and stay hidden." This was said by Gale. How would he know about Rose-bud? He never interacted with my mom except that on time where I fell out of a tree and seriously hurt myself.  Then all of a sudden Charlie comes running. I run after him and tackled him to keep him from being seen. He lets out a small whine but becomes quite fast. Then I knew why he came out, I knew why the hovercraft came, it’s all because in an hour four people I love have to go to the reaping. In a couple of months I will have to be told what happened why I was hidden away in my stick make house. Then I relies the blood dripping from my head. I look at Gale then Katniss and pass out. All I remember is a scream, a scream I heard before, that same scream was when I passed out after I fell out of the tree. Then everything went dark, and I thought I was dead.

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