• I live in District 2
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am female
  • Galeismywife

    This is the 19th annual Hunger Games! Make a tribute, make sure to include their district, gender, stregnth, weaknessess, age, physical description, alliances (careers etc), and any other details!

    THANK YOU!!!

    District 1 Female: Camielle Roberts

    District 1 Male: Arran Harthorn

    District 2 Female:Rose Silver

    District 2 Male:Trafton Porter

    District 3 Female:Candice Bolt

    District 3 Male: James McNeill

    District 4 Female:Thalia Combe

    District 4 Male:Rackard Relise

    District 5 Female: Anna Wilder

    District 5 Male: Russel Murphey

    District 6 Female: Kyler Speare

    District 6 Male: Varin Ego

    District 7 Female:Maple Tree

    District 7 Male: Hunter Delaney

    District 8 Female: Daylen Carter

    District 8 Male:Mark Gordan

    District 9 Female: Alliana "Allie" Whitle

    District 9 Male:Caleb…

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