This is the 19th annual Hunger Games! Make a tribute, make sure to include their district, gender, stregnth, weaknessess, age, physical description, alliances (careers etc), and any other details!


District 1 Female: Camielle Roberts

District 1 Male: Arran Harthorn

District 2 Female:Rose Silver

District 2 Male:Trafton Porter

District 3 Female:Candice Bolt

District 3 Male: James McNeill

District 4 Female:Thalia Combe

District 4 Male:Rackard Relise

District 5 Female: Anna Wilder

District 5 Male: Russel Murphey

District 6 Female: Kyler Speare

District 6 Male: Varin Ego

District 7 Female:Maple Tree

District 7 Male: Hunter Delaney

District 8 Female: Daylen Carter

District 8 Male:Mark Gordan

District 9 Female: Alliana "Allie" Whitle

District 9 Male:Caleb Stoll

District 10 Female:Kevin Potter

District 10 Male: Sherli Dewl

District 11 Female: Shadow Haven

District 11 Male:Casper Gostum

District 12 Female: Ariadne Blair

District 12 Male: Gary Woods


District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5:

Anna Wilder

I walked to the reaping with anxiety.I got my finger pricked and walked to my section.My best friend Grace waved me over to her."You nervous?"she asked."Totally."I said very quietly.Our escort interrupted us saying "Welcome!Welcome!Happy Hunger Games!Lets pick the girls first!"she said.I inhale and exhale while she digs her hand in the girls' reaping ball.Grace is closing her eyes and taking deep breaths.The escort takes a deep breath and says the name.I whisper "Not me,not me",but its not me...its Grace.Grace starts to cry as she walks to the podium."Any volunteers?"asks the escort."Me!I volunteer!"I yell.So I guess I'm going in the arena...

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

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