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  • I live in philippines
  • I was born on February 26
  • My occupation is student
  • I am male
  • Gallahan ventura

    Welcome to the first hunger games -eli

    i know give to you district 1 tribute

    Emotika everlue

    - a carrer tribute

    - her weapon are specificaly a knife

    - killed district 2 boy and neena from district 5,district 2 krilia

    - she is fierce in the bloodbath stabing district 2 boy and cut the arms of krilia

    presenting district 1 tribute


    - mistaken always to be a girl

    - he is the opposite one of emotika

    - he killed hes fellow tribute

    - had a aliance with neena

    - ever dreamed to be the victor of hunger games


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  • Gallahan ventura


    June 9, 2012 by Gallahan ventura

    the topic is


    - I AM schock when i see he is still alive

    -Team Katniss and peeta are good

    - On my own opinion i dont see peeta that powerful

    - The one that he is doing on hes hands when they are in training i thought he is gonna use it

    - He is a good actor comment if you agree

    - when i first heard the name PEETA its a unique name thinking that he is a girl

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  • Gallahan ventura

    hi this is my first blog in hunger games wiki i hope you all like it so the topic for this discussion is


    -I wish rue never dies she deserve to be alive

    -Rue deserve to be in district 12

    -Still waiting for RUE VS. PRIMROSE

    -If Ever rue is alive at the age 17 15 or 16 she could be the 100th annual hunger games winner

    -How did her partner died?


    pls do a comment thankyou

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