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    Welcome, to the 58th annual Hunger games! The rules follow as a regular Games. There will be an arena twist since the Game Makers are feeling extra creative. Other than that, rules as normal.

    And may the odds be ever in your favour.- Your Game Makers Leapy and Miscy

    The Arena will be a little... Different this Games. The arena will begin as a Desert Confinement. Then, half way through the Games, the tributes will wake up to a Frozen Wasteland!

    | |Owl Night | |- ! scope="row"|10 |Osprey Pionus | |Larassa Quentin | |- ! scope="row"|11 |Isaac Presko | |Edith Presko | |- ! scope="row"|12 |Passion "Pash" Firemountain | |Melanoi Jet | |}

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