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aka Aniju and Olivia

  • I live in The Shire
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is Narwhal Wrangler
  • I am Yes.
  • Gamer Girlz

    Breach the Hunger Games is a cross-over of Hunger Games and the popular indie game SCP - Containment Breach.

    Kine set up the Hunger Games' Arena as the SCP Foundation's Containment Site and released the tributes inside. Not only do they have to survive each other, but the horrors that were once contained. Whoever escapes or is the last one standing will survive.

    SCP - Containment Breach is an indie game where the player, labeled as a D-Class, has to survive and possibly escape a top secret site filled with anomalous and hostile artifacts and entities known as SCPs. Many of which will harm or kill the player while some will ad int he players progress. Not only must he survive the SCPs, but as well as a special task force sent in to try and rec…

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  • Gamer Girlz

    Kine is back with another round of torture "entertainment" that will bring the districts closer then they've ever been before. Join us 600 feet above Panem for the experience of a life time. 

    This game takes place after Revive the Dead Games (the 228th Hunger Games) so this one is the 229th Hunger Games.

    Please note that this is a joint account used by the users Aniju Aura(Aniju) and FastFoodKnight(Olivia), so writing style may differ.


    1. Be polite to other users and don't cause trouble/drama or we will kill your character(s) immediately and you will be removed from the game.

    2. You may submit up to two characters per person. However they can not be from the same district.

    3. We are willing to reserve a district opening for 3 days, after which if a…

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