Breach the Hunger Games is a cross-over of Hunger Games and the popular indie game SCP - Containment Breach.

Kine set up the Hunger Games' Arena as the SCP Foundation's Containment Site and released the tributes inside. Not only do they have to survive each other, but the horrors that were once contained. Whoever escapes or is the last one standing will survive.

SCP - Containment Breach is an indie game where the player, labeled as a D-Class, has to survive and possibly escape a top secret site filled with anomalous and hostile artifacts and entities known as SCPs. Many of which will harm or kill the player while some will ad int he players progress. Not only must he survive the SCPs, but as well as a special task force sent in to try and recontrain the escaping SCPs wondering the hallways. Chances of survival is extremely low for the player.

May the Odds be ever in your favor and remember to Secure, Contain and Protect.

Sorry is I misspell things, I have dyslexia but I will try my best to spell check my work.



1. Be polite to other users and don't cause trouble/drama or we will kill your character(s) immediately and you will be removed from the game.

2. You may submit up to four characters per person. However they can not be from the same district.

3. We are willing to reserve a district opening for 3 days, after which if a character has not been submitted that space will be once again available to other users. We are willing to compromise, life happens. Just contact us.

4. We want well thought out characters, please no Godmodding, Mary Sue's, or No carbon copies of cannon characters.

5. Make sure your characters fit their district. (Don't make your district 12 tribute a fantastic swimmer because that's District's 4 specialty.)

Application Form


Name: First and Last name, middle names and nick names may also be provided.

District: Capitol - 13

Age: 12-18

Gender: Male, female, both?

Personality: What is this character like? Please provide at least three full sentences describing your character's personality. 

Appearance: What does this character look like? Hair, eye and skin color, scars or other details? Physical body build etc... Please describe and also a Lunaii picture of your tribute.

History: Tell us a little about this character's life, family and social life.

Weapon: Required: one primary weapon and any secondary weapons. Also provide any weapons your character is not good at.

Strengths: What is this character good at? Provide three things your character excels at.

Weaknesses: What is this character bad at? Please provide at least three weaknesses

Fears: What does this character fear? (Can be either a physical fear or a psychological fear [or both])

Token: A lucky charm, a family heirloom, a memento of their district etc.

Strategy for their interview: What they want to talk about, how do they want to respond to question, do they intend to lie/gain sympathy/excite the crowd?

Strategy for pre-games training: Their plan for training, building pre-game alliances, and demonstration for the judges.   

Other: Anything else not mentioned above that is important to the character


District Name Age Weapon User
Capitol Female Natonya Lepore 17 Axe District10male
Capitol Male Cagliostro Harrison 16
District 1 Female Candy Orenson 15 Crossbow Pippycat
District 1 Male Ajax Orbit 17 Sword Biel1458
District 2 Female Audrey Lancaster 14 Axe and knife Summer bee 13
District 2 Male Radiant Tayz 16 Throwing Knives Tehblakdeath
District 3 Female Aeralene Ekiert 18 Curved Sword Pippycat
District 3 Male Damon Waters 16 Knife District10male
District 4 Female Emilia Oswald 15 Trident Summer bee 13
District 4 Male Cyrus Fierce 15 Throwing Stars District10male
District 5 Female Lucinda Madrigal 18 Spear Biel1458
District 5 Male Welson Dare 14 dagger Meoryou
District 6 Female Azure Pembina 17 sickle and electronics Summer bee 13
District 6 Male George Michael 17
District 7 Female Bee Clio 14 Throwing knives Pippycat
District 7 Male Henry Polyester 12 Knife Meoryou
District 8 Female Kim Carett 15 Knife Meoryou
Distict 8 Male Freddie Peck 12 awl or whip Rayplayzlol70
District 9 Female Cheyanne Violanta 12 Bow and Arrows Joey
District 9 Male Favian Thread 15 Sword Pippycat
DIstrict 10 Female Bernie Robindew 14
District 10 Male Bibbiddi Guiness 15
District 11 Female Boni Gernt 15 Whip Meoryou
District 11 Male Tobias Drew 15 Sickle and wire Summer bee 13
District 12 Female Luna Woodland 12 bow and arrow Rayplayzlol70
District 12 Male Gunther Burn 18 warhammer Biel1458
District 13 Female Daenerys Kystrel 17 Bolo knives Tehblakdeath

District 13 Male

Tyler Gladiator 18 Sword Biel1458


Pictures of the tribbies.


The Arena is the SCP Fountain Site. It resembles a large research lab with many twisting hallways and rooms as well as a Light and Heavy Contaiment ares for the SCPs. Lighting is low and doors may open and close at will. Several doors are locked and require a leveled card key to be opened. There are two exist gates, Gate A and Gate B inwhich the tributes may attempt to reach and escape.


SCPs are anomalous and hostile artifacts and entities among many things, referred to as SCPs. Each SCP is given a code number as well as a referred name and class. The Classes are determined by it's abilities and how helpful or harmful the SCP is. The Classes are Safe, Euclid and Keter. Safe SCPs will help the tributes instead of harm. Euclid is the largest Class and are the SCPs that may harm the tributes but are easily avoidable. Keters are the most dangerous and contrain deadly powers. They are the worse SCPs to encounter.

Item number Object class Referred Name Effects
SCP-008 Euclid Zombie Plague Infects the tributes with a virus that slowly turns them into a zombie.
SCP-012 Euclid A Bad Composition Causes the tributes to walk up to the composition and cut their wrist to finish it in their own blood.
SCP-035 Keter Possessive Mask Worn by a sceintist in its contraiment chamber. Offers the tributes freedom if they release him.
SCP-049 Euclid Plague Doctor Chases the tributes down and turns them into SCP-049-2(aka Zombie).
SCP-066 Euclid Eic's Toy Causes random effects. Says "Eric" a lot.
SCP-079 Euclid Old AI Causes doors to randomly open or close. Creates loud blaring sounds when near security rooms and broadcasts SCP-895 on CCTV screens. Can also open Gate B
SCP-096 Euclid The Shy Guy  Chases down and kills the tributes if they view its face.
SCP-106 Keter The Old Man or Radical Larry Walks through solid matter and chases the tributes.
SCP-148 Euclid The Telekill Alloy Grants the tributes immunity from SCP-012's effects when combined with the gas mask or hazmat suit 
SCP-173 Euclid The Sculpture or Billy Moves at rapid speeds when the tributes are not looking at it.
SCP-294 Euclid The Coffee Machine Allows the tributes to get a cup of anything they desire.
SCP-372 Euclid Peripheral Jumper Follows the tributes and can be seen in the corner of the player's peripheral vision.
SCP-500 Safe Panacea Heals wounds,  SCP-008, and symptoms gained from SCP-1025
SCP-513 Euclid A Cowbell Can be rung to spawn SCP-513-1.
SCP-682 Keter Hard-To-Destroy Reptile Attacks a helicopter at Gate B
SCP-714 Safe The Jaded Ring Shortens the sprint meter and negates the effects of SCP-012, SCP-049, SCP-430-J, SCP-895 and SCP-1025
SCP-860 Safe Blue Key Can open a wooden door to SCP-860-1
SCP-895 Euclid Camera Disruption Causes a heart attack if the tributes views its live surveillance feed.
SCP-914 Safe The Clockworks Refines items
SCP-939 Keter With Many Voices Lures the tributes with a human voice, and chases them. There are two of them.
SCP-970 Euclid The Recursive Room An endless looping hallway.
SCP-990 Keter Dream Man Appears on a random loading screen.
SCP-1025 Safe Encyclopedia of Diseases Causes the tributes to develop the symptoms they read about.
SCP-1048 Keter Builder Bear Walks around the large testing chamber and dances in the checkpoint rooms
SCP-420-J Totally Safe The Best ██████ in the Worl Stops blood loss and nausea.
SCP-789-J Safe The Butt Ghost An audio clip of it can be heard when entering the WC room.
Anomalous Duck Not Specified Duckies!!! A rubber duck that moves locations when not looked at

SCP-106 is often called Radical Larry

SCP-173 was called Billy by Markiplier in his playthrews.


Everyone gets 500 to sponsor their tribute(s). If your tribute(s) die you can them sponor someone else's tribute. This Game may have some references to popular culture, so if you spot one, and be the first to comment on it, your tributes(s) will find something good.

Kine is being weird with this Hunger Games sponsoring. He is only allowing a few sponsor gifts to be available. In keeping with the spirit of the SCP - Containment Break game, he isn't allowing many weapons, mostly seemingly useless object to be sponsored for the Tributes.


Kitchen Knife - 30

Whip - 30

Wooden Axe - 50

Pickaxe - 20

Hammer --- 50

Club - 30

Staff --- 20

Boomerang - 30


Cut Medicine - 30

Burn Medicine - 30

Anti-poison - 50

TB Medicine - 50

Bandages - 30

BandAids (5) - 20

Mushroom (1) - 100

Pain Pills - 40


Bag - 20

Flash Light - 30

Lamp - 40

Wire - 40

Matches (3) - 30

Lighter - 50

Empty Bakcpack - 50

Backpack - 100 (Contains random supplies)

Rope - 30

Food and Drinks

Water- 30

Milk - 40

Chicken Leg (2) - 20

Whole Chicken - 50

Can Food - 30

Apples (3) - 10

Bread - 30

Candy (5) - 10 (Chocolate bar, sour candy, hard candy, brownie with nuts) 

Cheese wheel - 30

Soda - 40

Engery Drink - 50

Coffee - 30

Cheese Burger - 30

Hot Dog - 30

Steak Dinner (Steak, baked potato, salad, and pie, your choice of apple, pumpkin or cherry) - 100


Upgrades will improve the Tributes or their weapons.

Knowledge - 100 (The tribute will be taught something useful such as fighting, healing, surviving etc...)

Enchant - 100 (Impowers weapons with the ability to use fire, lightning, frost, shadow, light, earth, water or plants)

Calm - 100 causes others to stop attacking for a short awhile 

Ester Eggs (Can not be bought but wil be found in the area)

Animal Alliance - Causes Animals to ally with tribute for a short time

Become Ethernal - Tribute can not harm or be harmed for a short time

Disarm - Caused other tributes to drop their weapons for a second

Dismay - Other tributes will run in fear from user, including allies

Jump Space - Allows Tributes to escape danger throw a portal to an other location

Iron Skin - Armors Tribute for a short time

Revive Alliance - Causes Revived Tributes to ally with tribute for a short while

Hammer of Dread - A magical weapon with the power of Fire

Thunder Bow - Also known as Slasho's bow, is a magical weapon with the power of lighten

Dawn Bringer - A magical blade with the power of Fire (Glows with a small sun at the center)

Somber Blade - A magical sword with the power of frost

Sparky Sparky BoomMan - A magical boomerage with the power of lighten

EnV - A magical spear with the power of lighten

Fire Axe - A magical axe with the power fo fire

Madusa - A magical whip tipped with poison teeth

Fury of Hydra - A magical trident with the power of lighten

The Slasher - A magical katana sword with the power of fire (Also known as the Betrayal sword because it gets strong if used to slay a companion)


Everyone gets 500 to make doing math easier for me.

District10male - 500

Pippycat - 500

Biel1458 - 500

Summer bee 13 -500

Tehblackdeath - 500

Meoryou - 500

Rayplayzlol70 - 500

Joey - 500

Hunger Games

Day 1

Favian Thread of District 9

I woke up in white. My eyes ajusted to the bright lights and found myself in very bright white room. At first I didn't know why I was here or what had happened. It all slowly started to come back to me. I was reaped a few weeks ago. This was the start of the Hunger Games.

The past few weeks have been interesting... And my own personal Hell. Training was... terrible for me. My mentor was also not the best. Went insane after his Hunger Games and spoke in a language no one could really understand. The Careers this year were going to be difficult and I was told that this Game was going to be very different. However now wasn't the time to be worrying about that.

I sat up slowly, rubbing my hands on my face. Okay stay calm. I looked around the rather small plain room before my eyes fell on a piece of paper on a desk in front of me. I picked it up and looked at it.

Welcome to the SCP Foundation, this is a Research Centure studying the strange and mavoulous creatures and objects with mysterious powers known as SCPs. These enities each have their own unique abilities just like how everyone in Panen is unique and an induviudal. You will be helping us furthar our studies of these enities with our cooperation and service. You will be taking part in several experiments if you are lucky, however some of these SCPs are dangerous and may bring harm to you if you do not do your own research on them. Scathered around the Foundation are notes about the many SCPs you will be encountering so be sure to keep an eye out for any papers you see and read carefully.

At the end of the countdown all the SCPs will be released from their containment cells and will be free to roam the hallways and rooms of the Foundation. Deadly gases have also been released in some locations. There are not weapon found in the Foundation, your sponsors will have to supply you with whatever you will need. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Foundation and May the Force Ever be in your Favor!

Love, Your Inner Mushroom

Alright, that meant the Hunger Games hadn't started yet right? It was about to? Inner Mushroom? The New Head Gamemaker was a weird one. Okay I can do this. I just need to find some allies and stick with them. I got up and went to the door. I It had no doorhandle and looked like it would slide open like the doors in Waiting Rooms, the Hotel we had been staying at. I tried to get the door to open but it wouldn't. I guess I had to wait until the Games Started for it to open. As soon as I sat back down, a loud buzzing noise and there was a red flashing light went off above the door. Then I heard Kine's voice.

"Wakey Wakey Tribblets! It Is Time! That's right 2 wake up please or you will be missing out. It's time to take your morning bath! Well kind of, we will see." Kine giggled. "The SCPs will be released soon when the countdown reaches zero. Untill then you will be free to wonder around my Wonderland."

The door slid open as the countdown began...

Lucinda Madrigal of District 5

I finished reading the paper on the desk as Kine began to speak. The door slid open so I cautiously peered outside and saw that we were in some kind of long hallway. Above each down was the number of the District the tribute hailed from. The boy from 2 stepped out of his room. He looked to be in a daze and I thought he was going to exsplode, but he didn't. Normally people were not allowed to leave the pedastal before the countdown but well, this Hunger Games was going to be different. All of Kine's Hunger Games were and we weren't on pedistals. Kine said we were allowed to wonder around before the somethings were released. I wasn't the only person to realized we could leave our rooms before the countdown. I noticed that others were leaving their rooms.

Before anyone could do anything, the girl from 6 took off down the hallway. I knew the Careers would start hunting people down so I decided to get as far away as possible. I went in the opposite direction. The hallways were small but long. It was so bright and very white. To be honest it was a bit difficult to see. I heard a scuffle but it was over rather quickly. By now all the tributes had scathered down the hallways.

Someone was right behind me. I dare not look to see who it was but I couldn't help myself. I turned down another hallway and glanced back. It was just my District partner Welson. I gave a sigh of releif. We had started fairly far away from the Careers. Our doors were right across from one another. He wasn't a treat but his intelligence might come in handly. I wasn't expecting the Hunger Games to take place in a building. I was more of an outdoors person. This was his enviorment.

Radiant Tayz of District 2

My ears were ringing and my vision was blurred when I heard the door open. I just stepped outside. My instinct to just go was activated. My foot had caught the edge of the doorway and I almost fell. I had caught myself. I stood there for a second as the numbers were said one by one. Then I stumbled forwards. I heard someone running and then there was a chorus of footsteps. Finally My vision returned to me and I realized what was going on.

The Careers had no weapons. In fact I wasn't even sure if there was a Cornacorpia in this building. Ajax had attacked the boy from 3 but he was pushed off  by Aeralene. He stagered and turned his attention towards her. No way am I letting someone attack her. Filled with some considerable amount of rage, I grabbed Ajax by the collar, spund him around and punched him. 

"Dick!" was all that came out of my mouth.

He fell to the wall, branced himsefl against it. I punched him again and he fell to the floor. I proceaded to kick him several times before I finally stomped on him.

I was pulled back by my elbow. It was Aeralene.

"Forget him, come on!" she begged. "Let's get out of here."

I heard Candi mouth off a few words and saw she was coming at us. Both of us took off as fast as we could go. I glanced back and saw Ajax get back up, blood comign out of his nose and mouth. He spit some out and gave me the more hateful look I have ever seen. I flip him off as both me and Aeralene turn the corner into an office room.

Boni Gernt of District 11


I came into another hallway along with both tributes from 10. I lost sight of Tobias in the hallway before. I think he turn down another hallway or something. Whatever, I would find him later with these two didn't want to ally. I heard a sinisar laugh from behind us and turned to see both tributes from 13 hot on our heels. I think both were Careers this year. The three of us spened up and turned the corner. We came into another room. It appeared to be a dead end if only the metal door was open. I noticed a sigh on the wall next picture on the wall. It read SCP-173...


There was a platform above us, maybe we could jump up to it. There was no time. Both 13s came around the corner. The girl looked more blood thirsty than the boy. He just gave us a quick glance before making an annoyed face.


"What?!" the 13 girl screamed in anger.

"Just kidding!" Kine snickered.

The door metal doors next to us opened. Well it was somewhere else to go. We dashed inside but it led to no were. Inside was just a retangular room, the floor had splatteres of blood and other vile things. An odd looking structure stood in the far left corner facing the wall. It was so odd looking it even stopped the Careers in their path just to look at it. Suddenly the lights flickered on and off. In the matter of seconds, I heards the sounds of something scraping across the floor and the sound of a crash. The boy from 10 dropped dead to the ground with the hidious statue standing over him. The next second his District partner was dead and the next the statue appeared right in front of me. I screamed and turned running faster than I have ever ran out of the room. Both 13s ignored me and backed out of the room. I heard a crash like something metal had been broken and both 13s footsteps. They had gotten away as well.

Henry Polyester of District 7

The building shook slightly and it was acompanied by loud roars and snarls, followed by several loud bangs. Guns? What was happening? I was afraid to leave my room but I had too. The two from 4 had killed the boy from 6. Sadly his demised allowed me time to get away. I eyed by District partner Bee just up ahead. I followed her and the two from 8 down the hallway. I turned my head for a moment and saw both tributes from 9 go down another hallway. This building seemed to have many hallways. The walls shook again with the same roars. The lights suddenly went out.

"Facility is experiencing multiple Keter and Euclid containment breach! Full site lock down inisiated.!"

The lights flickered and I swore I heard a deep heavy laugher. It sounded like the walls were cracking but that was impossible. Suddenly I saw a black void spread across the floor. I wasted no time getting myself as far away from that as possible. I caught up to my District partner and the two from 8. I heard a scream, sounded like one of the male tributes but I had no clue who it was. I heard the same heavy menicing laughter. It sent a shiver down my spin.

The lights flickered once more. The walls shook and the same roars and thrashing noised could be heard but they felt more distant. All of our eyes met. None of us had to say anything. None of us had to worry about the other. We were all on the same page. We were terrified. I heard the sounds of our feet moving across the floor before I realized we were running. We finally came into a different hallway with open doors. We took shealther inside of on to caught out breath. This room had several shelved that had papers, boxes and a few batteries on them. The girl from 8 found a gas mask. What would this be used for? I figured the batteries would be helpful so I grabbed the two on the shelf and put them into my pocket.

"He look at this," Bee waved a hand at us. She was holding a peice of paper. She quickly handed it to Freddie. He looked it over before reading.

"Special Containment Procudures:

Item SCP-173 is to be kept in a locked containor at all times. When personal must enter SCP-173's container, no fewer than 3 may enter at any given time and the door must be relocked behind them. At all times, two personal must maintain direct eye contrain with SCP-173 until all personal have vacated and relocked the containor.


Origins as of yet unknown. It is constructed from concrete and rebar with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. SCP-173 is animate and extremely hostile. The object cannot move while within a direct line of sight. Line of sight must not be broken at any time with SCP-173. Personnel assigned to enter container are instructed to alert one another before blinking. Object is reported to attack by snapping the neck at the base of the skull, or by strangulation. In the event of an attack, personnel are to observe Class 4 hazardous object containment procedures.

The Reddish brown substance found on the floor is a combination of feces and blood. Origin of these materials is unknown. The enclosure must be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis."

There was a second page, but the sounds of scraping stone made us go quiet for several minutes.

Day 2

Tyler Gladiator of District 13

I was looking for my target when I finally came to a different sent of hallways. I was by myself since Daenerys decided to stay with the Careers. I wasn't sure if she considered me an enemy or not. I probably would join the Careers if they don't attack me. But first I had to make sure I killed the girl from 5. I had been looking through the rooms for anything I could use. Nothing really but a bunch of papers, batteries and other office supplies. I found a hand-held radio. I put a battery inside and turned it on. The first channel was nothing but static. Channel 2 appeared to be a pre-recording of an announce, talking about the containment breach. It kept repeating. I turned the dial to channel 3.

"You're listening to SCP Foundation On-site Radio! Your 24/7 source for prerecorded messages."

More prerecorded messages... Whoo....

"A reminder, in the event of a XK-class end-of-the-world scenario, don't panic! It won't help. Nothing at all will help. However, panicking will help probably the least."

XK-class-end-of-the-world scenario? I wonder what that meant. Probably the worse possible thing to if nothing would help.

"Report all suspect behaviour to your supervisors immediately. If you haven't noticed any unusual activity recently, you're not looking hard enough. A threat to security can originate from anywhere and no one is above suspicion. Not even you. Stay paranoid. Stay vigilant."

That would be the Careers near the end of the Hunger Games. Once all the other tributes were dead of course. This describe Penam a bit as well. I think this was my favorite station. It was rediculious.

"Should you hear a different voice announcing for SCP Foundation On-site Radio, disregard it entirely. He is not a foundation employee! He's trying to trick you and cannot be trusted. Any advice he gives can only inevitably lead to destruction, death, and utter chaos. You are immeasurably better off listening to me."

Trust a rerecorded message? Sounded like a bad plan. Who was the other voice? I think I'll keep the radio and listen to it every now and then. For now I had to find that girl.

Kim Carett of District 8

We managed to evade SCP-173 after Henry had read the two pages about him. We had managed to get out of the Class-D holding cells, which was where we started. There was no sign of the Careers or any other tributes. We kept running into locked doors. "Requires a higher key card," kept flashing on the door. District 8 had normal doors, none of this high tech sliding doors that only open with a password or key card or something. This was District 3 stuff.

I looked over at my alliance that just seemed to have formed. Freddie was kind of annoying but he was from home. I just had to deal with him. The two from 7 weren't so bad. The girl named Bee has kept to herself mostly. She was quiet but Freddie seemed to like her. He kept talking to her mostly. However she kept ignoring him. He was wasting his time. Henry seemed to be the smarter of the two. He had gathered whatever looked useful in the office room we had spent several hours hiding in. He found a level 1 key card but it only worked on a few doors. He also found us some water, more papers and some kind of device called a S-NAV 300 and batteries. He put the batteries in to the back of the device and turned it on.

The screen was black at first but then started to show an outline of something. It took awhile but Freddie and Henry figured out it was showing the layout of the room we were in. Henry walked around and more was revealed on the device.

"It seemed to show us where we are," he said. "This could be useful, but it seems to need us to walk around before it can show us the map."

"What good will that do if we have to get lost in order to see the map?" Bee asked.

"We can find out way back and through places we been."

Once Henry had checked around a bit more, we decided to move on. I guess I will stay with them for now.

Cyrus Fierce of District 4

I'm not entirely sure of Ajax survived but he was beaten quite severely. I had a terrible feeling the others would just want to put him out of his misery but he managed himself. Can't any signs of weakness. It appeared that Radiant and Ajax never got along in the few times they were together anyways. Radiant seemed to hate Ajax from the start.

I don't know why I cared if Ajax would live or die however. Only one of us could live anyways. Despite coming from District 4 I wasn't too fond of killing or harming another human being, but here I had too. I don't know what came over me or Emilia. I just panicked and the boy from 5 charged Emilia and then the next moment I had tackled him. She started kicking him and I joined in. What became of us. We looked like the two weakest of the Careers and we got the only kill? I didn't know Emilia too well, but I felt bad about the whole thing. It was strange, I trained my whole life for this. Nothing prepared me for the torment that followed killing someone. I couldn't let the others know.

The Career group was made up of Ajax and Candy from District 1, Audrey from 2, Emilia and myself from 4 and the girl from 13 had joined us. Daenerys Kystrel was her name. I was surprised her District partner wasn't with her. We could have used him but he said he was on some mission before the Hunger Games had started and only he could kill the girl from 5. Didn't matter too much to us I guess..

We started heading out to go looking for the tributes. We had spend some time where we started in the holding cells. There were like no supplies other than papers and sheets on the beds. We needed supplies. Hopefully the other tributes did not take all of them. Ajax was limping but he was keeping up. This building had so many hallways. We spend a lot of time in twist and turns and encountered many locked doors.

Audrey Lancaster of District 2

I don't know what was up with Radiant. The others had been bothering me with questions since he beat up Ajax. Radiant wasn't my concern and I didn't really know he existed within my District. He had disappeared with the girl from 3.

Daenerys had warn us about some kind of "thing" she and Tyler had encountered while chasing from tributes. It had killed the two from District 10 in second. She described it as a large headed statue that kind of looked like an infant with a creepy painted face. We were told that the mutts in this Hunger Games were called SCPs and were collected from across the world. So we had to worry about SCPs too. That statue thing didn't kill all the tributes while we were waiting for Ajax to recover, or I know who I am killing first.

This place was a maze! Hallways, more hallways, office rooms and locked doors. A few rooms had gas in them so we could not go through, forcing us to go around. How were we supposed to find the other tributes. Finally we saw someone at the end of the hallway. It was the Capitol boy. He took off once we saw the pack of Careers. We followed him leaving Ajax behind. The Capitol boy ran into a room and I, Candy and Daenerys rushed after him into dark room. All of a sudden the Capitol boy came running at us, but not to attack us, but he looked as if he had seen a ghost. Suddenly a black void melted up from the floor in front of him and he fell right in. He just disappeared into the blackness. The black void sounded like melting ice as it spread.

"What the hell?"

"It's another one of those things!" Daenerys yelled just before she turned and ran out of the room.

Candy followed her and before I followed I looked back to see something coming out of the void. A dark silhouette of an old man. Forget this! I ran as fast as I could out of there.

Welson Dare of District 5

Lucinda and I had spend several hours in a maze of hallways and office rooms. We had gathered some things, that we found; a level 2 key card, some papers, a clipboard, batteries, a S-NAV 300 and a gas mash. We weren't use how these would help us but we hung one to them. The gas mask would allow us to go through the rooms being pumped with gas, but we only had one. We didn't want to risk it so we avoided those rooms. Besides, we viewing the monitor before entering those rooms, for some reason there was always a monitor screen on the wall showing the inside of the room, we spotted some strange object standing on the inside of one. We were going to be careful.

The lights had gone out and backup lights had come on. It was still dark but we could kind of see. I had explained to Lucinda that there must have been some kind of generator powering the backup systems. Sometimes when walking around, the doors would open and close on us. That was unsettling.

After some more wondering around, we had come to a large open metal door. On the wall was a sign with a picture of a corner of a room. It read SCP-372; Object Class-Euclid; Sentient Object. The room beyond had a large glass and metal container with the door open. Lucinda and I looked around. The room appeared to be empty and didn't seem to go anywhere. Lucinda went in first. There was a rustling sound but we didn't see anything. It appeared to be empty and besides, whatever was contained in that room was probably gone by now. We entered the room. I found a paper and some batteries on a shelve. Suddenly I heard Lucinda scream.

"What is it?"

"Oh it was nothing I guess... I thought I saw something..."

I looked around but didn't see anything. It was dark so I told her that perhaps her eyes were playing tricks on her. I looked down at the paper. Maybe it had something useful written on it. I quickly read the paper. The first half was about the container the SCP was supposed to be kept in. I looked over at it. Well it was open. The rest describe a creature that was 2 meters long. The paper later talked about this SCP would dart around just out of sight and be seen in the corner of the eye. I looked around real quick and spotted something green melted into the wall. Was that it?

"Let's get out of here," I said as I grabbed Lucinda's arm and pulled her away from the room.

"I saw it again!" Lucinda pointed but nothing was there.

Tobias Drew of District 11

Man I had no clue where I was. I found a gas mask and used it to enter the rooms filled with gas. Some of the hallways were also filled with gas, sometimes it was out of reach and sometimes it was all over the place. I finally made it to some rooms. I assume they were the containers for those what were they called? SPDs? The horrors that awaited us. I had picked up a key card along the way. It read Level 3. I wasn't sure if this allowed me to get to level 3 or what but it helped to open locked doors. Well some of them.

As I entered yet another hallway, suddenly a body fell from the ceiling.It scared the bajibers out of me! It was the body of the Capitol boy and he was dead. The ground under room melting into a black color. I looked up to see where he came from. The ceiling was the same like someone had vomited up black stuff on the roof. My heart was going a hundren miles per-hour. I quickly headed out of the hallway.

The walls shook and there was a loud roar. I had been hearing that every now and then. Whatever monster that was, I did not want to run into it. I started to feel uncomfortable being alone. Maybe I should had made an alliance. Sometimes I heard scrapping like someone rubbing to bricks together or something. I wonder were Boni had gotten off too? I should have stayed with her but I losted her in the chaos.

I read through some of the documents scathered around about those things. Some of them were dangerous. Things I didn't want to run into. Finally I came to a room.

On the wall was a poster that said SCP-914. It had a picture that looked like a large machine. Something you would find from District 3 or maybe 5 or 6. Machines weren't dangerous. Ones that didn't move at least. It required the key card to enter and luckily I had the right one to open the door. I had been hearing scrapping like someone rubbing to bricks together. I read that was something one of the monsters did, so I went inside the room and closed the door. Let's see it get in there.

I discovered the room didn't go anywhere but had that machine in it. I found a paper and skimmed through it. SCP-914 refines objects placed into it. Cool something useful. I walked up to the machine. It had two doors that said "Input" and "Output." I guess I place an object into the Input door and it will come out the other door. I put a piece of paper into the door and turn the machine on by turning the dial to Fine. The doors closed and then the machine made some mechanical noises as the gears turned. The door on the other side opened with the paper now folded into the same of a bird. Okay so it could make paper art. I put my key card and gas mash inside and hit the button. They came out the other end, the keycard was now a Master Key Card and the Gas Mash was now a Super Gas Mask. It fit better and I could see and breath better. This machine was fine by me but if only it had some food.

As I headed out of the room, I heard voiced and then the two from District 9 came around the corner. They started me. I was still shaken up from seeing the Capitol boy dead. They started at me, waiting for me to make a move. 

"Alliance?" I finally said.

Cheyanne Violanta of District 9

I glanced over at Favian but he was quite and continued to stare forward. Favian's hearing ability was a good asset in helping us avoid other dangerous tributes but there wasn't much either of us could do if we did encounter someone dangerous. I nodded. I rather avoid conflict and gain an ally than risk a fight.

The walls shook again followed by loud roars and gunshots. Favian covered his ears, sat down and curled up. Tobias asked what was wrong with him and I told him that loud noise scared him.

"There's this machine over here that inproves things," Tobias pointed to a door behind him.

We took shelther inside the room with SCP-914. It had thick walls in the room and the metal door helped to block out the noises. However the machine seemed to bother Favian but we were able to upgrade our gear. Luckily for us, both Favian and I had found a gas mask and a clipboard. We also had an S-Nav which upgraded to S-Nav 310. I stuffed everything into our backpacks and we headed out. We needed to get out of these hallways and find a safe place and find some food. Suddenly Favian didn't say anything but he pointed up towards the ceiling.

"I hear scrapping again," He said softly.

"I have a paper that said something like that," Tobias searched through his backpack and pulled out the clipboard with all the papers attached. "SCP-173, you have to keep staring at him so he can't move."

"We better be careful."

We were being careful but when I pushed the button to open the door to another room, a large head scary face statue stood on the other side. I screamed and hit the door shut. None of us had to speak. We turned and ran. Favian didn't need to say anything, we all heard the the door open.Tobais stopped and turned around.

"We need to stare at him... it... the statue," he stuttered.

"But I can't..." Favian said backing up.

"But we can."

Tobias and I faced towards SCP-173 and walked backwards. Favian was behind us searching for another door. Both Tobias and I must have blinked at the same time because suddenly SCP-173 moved closer towards us.

"This door won't open," Favian said.

"Here try the Master Key Card. Cheyanne keep staring at it while I get it out.

I kept my eyes open while Tobias was quick to get the key card. I heard the door open and Tobias said he was back to staring at the thing. Favian took bothof us by the hand and led us into the room. We quickly closed the door. Because it required a key to open it, we were sure it wouldn't be able to open the door.

Day 3

Azure Pembina of District 6

I entered another from with a lower floor. It was dark which was no surprise and the room below looked like  storage room. It was littered with large metal filing cabinets that formed a maze like structure below. As I entered the room, I heard two voices, a male and a female's talking. At first I was nervous but then I realized it was Radiant and Aeralene trying to navigate their way through along with one of the SCPs. I had just come from a room filled with smoke and my lungs were burning and my eyes were watering. I couldn't help it but cough alerting Radiant and Aeralene to my presence.

"Hi you two! Can I be apart of your alliance?" I called out.

"Get lost..." Radiant quickly fired back.

"But she could help us get out," Aeralene pointed out.

"Fine..." Radiant grunted. "Where is it?"

"It's over there," I pointed.

"Keep an eye on it."

I rubbed my eyes and heard the sound of stone scrapping on metal before I opened my eyes. The SCP had moved. With my eyes doing better I was able to keep my gaze as the two made their way out of the maze. It didn't seem like the SCP was good with stairs but we made out way out of the room by going around the catwalk to another door.

"There's nothing but gas that way.," I told them. "I hadn't been this way."

"We need to keep moving and find away out of here," Radiant just said. 

"We had just come from the kitchen and found some food." Aeralene said to me.

"Cool, I found a Level 5 keycard." 

Damon Waters of District 3

I had run into the boy from 13 who came out of a room. We locked eyes for a second before I noticed a large stone figure standing behind him. I couldn't help it but yell out, "look out!" He turned around and started backing up, keeping his eyes on the thing. He pushed me back the way I came and closed the door.

"What was that?"

"It's one of the SCPs," he replied. "You have to stare at it or it will kill you. Move, I'm on a mission."

He pushed me and started heading in the direction I had come from. I turned around and followed him.

"There's nothing over there," I said.

"I don't care..."

I continued to follow him into an elevator. I really didn't want to be alone after I lost Aeralene and her Career ally.

"What's your name?" I asked trying to start up a conversation but he didn't respond at all. 

We came to a door that said Warheads but I was originally unable to open it. He slid his card through the slot beside the door and it opened. He looked around inside for a second then turned to me.

"Go look," he more ordered rather than ask.

I didn't protest and just went inside. It was a small circular room with a catwalk around the perimeter and the Omega warhead nestled in the very center. I walked across the catwalk around the Omega warhead, to a room that required a level 5 keycard to enter. 13 boy opened the door with his keycard. He room was the control room for the warhead. I examined the buttons and switches that read; "Remote Detonation Omega Warheads" and "Remote Detonation Alpha Warheads". I decided to pulled the levers down. I didn't want to die in an explosion. The boy from 13 said nothing and left the room. I followed him back outside and noticed he had pictured up a ballistic vest while inside the Warhead room. He kept going ignoring me along the way.

Luna Woodland District 12

Gunther and I just existed the kitchen area. There was some weird SCP in there that looked like a blob of noodles and eye balls. It was easy to avoid although it kept trying to roll into us. It kept saying Eric a lot. It was worth the risk because I found some food supplies and SCP-294. It's a vending machine that allows the user to get any cup of drink. I filled up a cup of coffee and drank it. I would be awake for hours but it would be worth it.

We hadn't made much progress in finding Gunther's targets. Really his whole story about his family and it's blood feud made no sense but whatever. We finally came to a hallway with some doors. We used the keycard we had found to upon up one of the doors. It led to a small room with three doors on each side. Doors, this whole place was nothing but hallways and doors. I opened one of the doors and found a ring inside. It looked harmless so I picked it up and put it on. Pretty.

"What did you find," I asked Gunther.

"I found a key and a book, but I don't think you want to read the book."

She showed it to me. It was called "The Encyclopedia of Common Diseases, by Coltan Press". It didn't seem interested really. Why would I want to read about disease. Gunther said the first past he opened up was Lung Cancer. I opened to a page that said Appendicitis. I didn't know what that was so I flipped to the next page. It was about chickenpoxes. A book full of diseases wouldn't help us though. We decided to leave the room and try and find the people Gunther was looking for. Suddenly Gunther started coughing.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. Got something in my throat."

As we were heading out we heard voices. A lot of them. Sounded like the Career group. We needed to get out of there.

Candy Orenson of District 1

We had seen no sign of the other tributes. This place was so big it was difficult to find anyone it seemed. Ajax was doing better today after we had found a First Aid Kit, so we were finally making some progress. We found some food in one of the offices and some keycards that allowed us to open doors. We had heard talking from one of the room ahead but found no one there. One of the doors was left open. Someone was here.

I entered one of the room requiring a keycard. Maybe they had hid inside hoping to be safe.

I traveled down a flight of stairs to find a control panel. There were two monitors on the wall and a bunch of buttons. Suddenly I heard the swoosh of a sliding door opening.

"I got you now!" I yelled and ran inside.

To my surprise no one was in there. I was disappointed at first but then I noticed a metal and glass container sitting in the middle of the room. I don't know why but I felt myself being pulled towards it. It was like it was calling out to me. I found myself walking over to it, my gaze never moved. Inside the safe was an old incomplete piece of handwritten musical score, entitled "On Mount Golgotha". I needed to finish it. I just had to finish it. I felt paint shooting up my arm and I dug my nails into my wrist. I had to finish it.  I began to write on the paper with my own blood. It needed to be finished. I dug my nails deeper and deeper to make more blood come out. This needed to be finished. It was more important that I finished it than wining the Hunger Games.

"What are you doing," I heard Ajax behind me say, but I ignored him. "We need to get out of here. Get away from that thing!"

I heard noise behind me but I couldn't force myself to look away. I kept completing the composition with your blood.

"Resist it! Come on Candy! Please."

"I need to finish it.."

I heard him forcing himself to leave behind me. It took all my willpower to turn my head and see Ajax and Cyrus pulling themselves away. There was nothing I could do to help them. The disappeared from my sight. I turned back to the composition.

"It's impossible to complete.." I proclaim collapsing to the floor.

I kept trying to lift my hand now covered in blood up to the paper but I felt my strength leaving me. The room began to blur to black. The last thing I was aware of was that I had fallen to the floor and I could hear Ajax calling my name.

Emilia Oswald of District 4

Audrey and I had gone into the other door with a picture of what appeared to be a reef. It said SCP-008 on the sigh. Inside were two doors. I went into the one of the left, while Audrey went into the other door. I heard Audrey shout.

"What happened?" I called.

"Nothing, just a  hazard suit that startled me at first. I thought it was another person." I heard her call back.

I entered the room and approached a canister. It burst open, shattering the nearby window of the control room where Audrey was standing. We both screeched and I felt some of the glass cut my arm. The room started to fill with white gas that made me cough. I turned around and ran out. Audrey met me at the doorway.

"Are you okay?" she asked and helped me out of the room.

"Yeah, it's just a scratch," I wheezed clearing my through.

That's when we heard Ajax screaming. Cyrus pulled Ajax up the stairs away from the SCP below. At first we didn't know what was going on. Both were not making any sense. Candy was trying to complete a writing on a paper or something. There was a force that was pulled Ajax inside and if it was not for Cyrus he would have fell victim like Candy. It had taken us several minutes to come to terms with Candy's death. Nothing in training prepared us for the lost of our comrades. It was the Hunger Games, so only one of us could survive but nothing of us were ready. I was started to feel very sick by it all. Suddenly I thought I heard something.

"What is it?" Cyrus asked.

"I don't know. I thought I heard someone call my name..."

"We better get moving," Daenerys suggested.

Ajax picked himself up off the ground and we started to leave. I looked around. I was confused. I was sure I heard someone, like my sister calling me. There was no way that was here. I noticed my vision was started to blur and I was starting to feel sick.

"Guys, I need to stop," I said with a cough before I suddenly collapsed.

Next thing I knew it, I couldn't breath. I was gasping for air. My lungs just weren't working. Cyrus and Audrey came over to me and tried to to help me but there was nothing They could do.

Daenerys Kystrel of District 13

Emilia stopped breathing suddenly. Cyrus and Audrey were trying CPR but it wasn't working. Ajax and I just stood there. I didn't now what to do. Ajax was useless. He had been badly shaken up by the lost of Candy. Finally Emilia began to move and stir.

"Emilia, are you okay?" Cyrus asked, however Emilia suddenly started attacking him. "Emilia, stop it's me!"

Audrey tore Emilia back and pushed her away from Cyrus. Everyone took a few steps back and watched Emilia. She wasn't the same. She groaned and slowly swayed back and forth like she was sleep walking. I looked over at Ajax and then to Audrey and Cyrus. Emilia moaned and began to step towards us.

"We got to do something," I yelled but no one answered. "If we don't she's going to kill us!"

"No! It's Emilia!" Cyrus protested.

Cyrus took two steps towards her and tried to reason with her. "It me Cyrus, remember. We come from the same District." It didn't seem to be working however. Emilia lunged forward at Cyrus. Well I wasn't going to die here. Not now by another Career, a member of my own alliance. I threw myself at Emilia knocking her back to the ground. She tried to get up and bit me but I kicked her in the head. Then I stomped my foot down to make sure she wasn't getting back up.

"No! What are you doing?!" Cyrus screamed.

"She was already gone. One of the SCPs had gotten to her. Just like Candy."

The other three just stared at me as if they couldn't believe what I had done. Come on, they were going to have to kill each other in the end anyways.

"It's better this way. There was nothing we could have done for her."

"Yeah... She's not suffering anymore," Audrey finally said s she took Cyrus' hand.

Ajax remained quiet the whole time.

Day 4

Natonya Lepore of the Capitol

I had managed to team up with Boni from District 11. I didn't want to be alone anymore. She said the two from 10 had been killed by SCP-173 whom I nicked named Billy, because he remained me of this annoying kid back at school. The two of use weren't making much progress. We had no supplies. No food or water. We had been wondering around in the office rooms looking for anything we could use. Finally we found a bottle of water. Between the two of us it didn't last long. It was refreshing though. I knew you couldn't survive long without water. Now we needed food. 

"Maybe we should look up here?" Boni said.

She found a stairway. We were careful as we walked up. The room was some kind of science room. None of this was what we needed and we didn't know what any of it was. There were a lot of buttons and blinking lights. It looked like something that would be found in District 3 or possibly 13 under ground. There was a computer hub and three switched that read Lighting, Secondary Lighting and Remote Door Control. I pulled the switch so they were all on. The lightning got brighter and there was a screeching buzzing sound like white noise from a TV. Well now we can see easier. We headed out back into the office rooms. 

Welson Dare of District 5

There was a buzzing in my ear so I swatted at it to make it go away. Both Lucinda and I had been seeing things... And hearing things. Like a fly in our ear or been seeing some kind of creature or movement out of the corner of out eye. At first I blamed on the actual Hunger Games, but Lucinda was convinced something was following us. She was already being chanced by one of the other tributes because of her family or something stupid like that. All the tributes were after us. 

Lack of food and water had been taking their toll on us. I hadn't been able to sleep much. Some noise or movement kept waking me up. I think Lucinda was right. 

"Look an elevator," I pointed out.  

We gathered inside and I hit the button. The doors closed and we breathed a sign of relief. Maybe whatever was following us wouldn't be able to now. There was silent music playing as the evaluator took us to it's destination. After awhile the doors finally opened when the elevator came to a stop. The doors opened to a dark room. There was a bend in the room and several barrels and metal containers littered the room. Lucinda led the way and I followed close behind her. 

"Oh god, what the hell is that?" A voice came from the shadows. 

Both of us instantly crotched down and listened. 

"Who's there?" No one said a thing. We all just looked at one another. Someone was there. It sounded like one person, a male, but we weren't sure who it was.  Slowly Lucinda began to move forward and I followed her. I looked to my right and saw another passage way. Maybe the person when down in there? 

"Who's that?!"

No it was coming from ahead of us. It was took dark to see very well. I tapped Lucinda's shoulder. She flincked. Still spooked by whatever was following us. I pointed to the other door way. We headed for it. The was a bend in the hallway. I smelled it before I saw it. There was a bloody severed hand laying in a pool of blood. I darted my eye quickly away and saw a flash of movement. I quickly swung my arms around trying to knock away whatever it was. Crap it was still following us. 

We took a turn and came out behind some pipes. One was broken and black smoke was spewing out. It was brighter on this side. 

"Who's there?" the voice said again

Suddenly Lucinda stopped and yelled, "Run!" 

Through a cloud of smoke came a creature with a long muzzle filled with red teeth. It reached it's long curved claws out at me, but I jumped. Lucinda let out a sign of fear. I turned around and kicked the beast in the head. Lucinda jumped over it and we took off. Ther was another elevator at the end of the hallway. I made it to the elevator first and hit the button. "Hurry Welson!" Lucinda screamed. Nothing happened. I started hitting it over and over again. It finally opened and I rushed inside. I heared Lucinda screamed behind me. I turned around to see the monster attacked Lucinda.  It doors finally opened and she and I rushed in. I hit the button for the doors to closed. Sealing off from the monster from me. I leaned against the wall and sat down.

"Lucinda, I'm sorry," I sobbed.

There was a buzzing in my ear but right now I didn't care.

Favian Thread of District 9

Chenyanne and Tobias had been leading me around. I was feeling rather use less. If I win this thing, I want to get my eyes fixed so I could see. I could make out blurrs and color changes but this place was so dark I wouldn't make out anything. Suddenly the everything go brighter. 

"What happened?" I heard Tobias say.

"The power is back I think? Well it's not as bright as when we fight got here." Chenyanne said. "Still we can see a lot better. 

"Crap it's that 173 SCP! Stare at it!"

I hated this SCP because I couldn't stare at it. Tobias said if you blink it moves closer to you and then it'll kill you if you don't look at it. I head a door open and someone took my head and pulled me in. The door closes then I heard another door open. Suddenely I heard some kind of moaning. 

"Oh Crap! What the hell is that?" Tobias said.

"It's an SCP! Which one is it Tobias?" Chenyanne asked. "The door's stuck!" 

Tobias had a clipnote full of papers about the SCPs. I could hear him quickly looking through them. 

"Here's it's this one. SCP-096. Don't look at it's face."

"Too late! We need to get the door open."

"The controls must been in that room. Favian, you can turn them back on. He can see the thing's face."

The moaning turned into screams and they grew louder and louder. I headed in feeling my way along the wall. I felt a switch and pulled it up. Nothing happen. Tobias directed me to keep going. I felt my way and bumped into someone... or something. 

"Keep going. You can't see it. Hurry Favian."

I pushed myself away from SCP-096 and kept going. Finally I saw some lights blicking. Buttons? Yes they were buttons. No more switches. I pulled them up and heard a hum. The power was back. I made my way back to the first switched. The SCP had knocked it down. I heard screaming and the sounds of fighting. I heard Tobias and Chenyanne scream. I did hear a door opened and I headed back. 

"Favian! Look out!" Cheynanne yelled. 

"For what?! I can't-"

Tyler Gladiator of District 13

Damon was a bit annoying. He was quiet but I think he would still be annoying if he wasn't. Still it was nice to have him around I guess. I didn't like this place. It remained me a bit of District 13 but it had a creepy feel to it. I guess because there was no one here but a bunch of monsters. The two of us came to a stairway that led down. I made Damon go first. He did have his uses. He did what I told him to. 

"There's a door," Damon said.

Indeed there way a large mental door. There was also a dead peacekeeper on the ground. I kicked his head with my foot. I opened the door and pushed Damon in. He glared at me and pointed to a computer. There was a menta fience around it. Maybe Damon could use it. Computers was his District's thing. I pushed him aside and went over to it. Suddenly it turned on and the screen light up with a black and white face. 

"Human, listen carefully. Yon need my help and I need you help." It said. "The remote door system has been disable. This makes it significantly harder for me to stay in control of the facility. It also means your way out of here is blocked. Your only feasable wayof escaping is through Gate B, which is currently locked down. I however could unlock the doors at Gate B is you re-enable to Remote Door System. If you want out of here, go to the Electrical Room and put it back on."

I was going to say something but then the computer screen turned to a big white X and refused to talk anymore. I looked at Damon before I turned and walked out of the room. So the computer can get us out of here? Well then I guess I didn't have to win this Game. I could help this guy out, after I kill my target and get out and not have to deal with any of this again? Fine sounds good. I was done with this place anyways. I'll hang on to Damon for now. He was good with computer. 


Death Chart
Name District Killed By Cause of Death Day
Bibbiddi Guiness District 10 SCP-173 Snapped neck 1
Bernie Ronbindew District 10 SCP-173 Snapped neck 1
George Michael District 5 Cyrus and Emilia Beaten to Death 1
Cagliostro Harrison Capitol SCP-106 Corroded 2
Candy Orenson District 1 SCP-012 Bleed to Death 3
Emilia Oswald District 4 SCP-008 Killed by Daenerys 3
Lucinda Madrigal District 5 SCP-939 Attacked 4
Tobias Drew District 11 SCP-096 Ripped Apart 4
Favian Thread District 9 SCP-173 Snaped Neck 4

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