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  • Garry129

    Working on This XD

    Read this Before the Stuff Below so you would Understand the Story...


    SGT.Darman Anoose-29th Regiment,Capitol Defense,Unit76[Protagonist]

    CPL.Drew Larson-29th CDR,U76

    PVT.Gus Price-29th CDR,U76

    PVT.Jack Richtofen-29thCDR,U76

    LT.Romulus Thread-29th CDR,U76[Side(Escaped District 12)]

    Soldier Jonathan Decker-Capitol Occupation Force,Squad98

    Soldier Anna Skaar-COF,Squad98

    Katniss Everdeen

    Haymitch Abernathy

    Peeta Mallark

    Other Character Names That I don't Write here will most likely come up cause their Not that Important.

    Today Lieutenant Thread found a Hovercraft for our escape, I just want to go home to District 2.-SGT Darman Anoose-29th CDR U76.

    "Looks like the Rebels got the Nut" I said "Yeah,You know that Girl On Fire f…

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