Working on This XD

Read this Before the Stuff Below so you would Understand the Story...


SGT.Darman Anoose-29th Regiment,Capitol Defense,Unit76[Protagonist]

CPL.Drew Larson-29th CDR,U76

PVT.Gus Price-29th CDR,U76

PVT.Jack Richtofen-29thCDR,U76

LT.Romulus Thread-29th CDR,U76[Side(Escaped District 12)]

Soldier Jonathan Decker-Capitol Occupation Force,Squad98

Soldier Anna Skaar-COF,Squad98

Katniss Everdeen

Haymitch Abernathy

Peeta Mallark

Other Character Names That I don't Write here will most likely come up cause their Not that Important.


Today Lieutenant Thread found a Hovercraft for our escape, I just want to go home to District 2.-SGT Darman Anoose-29th CDR U76.

"Looks like the Rebels got the Nut" I said "Yeah,You know that Girl On Fire from the 74th Hunger Games? Well I heard shes the Face of the Rebellion now" Said Gus "Well if were gonna ever get out of this place we might as well Dump the uniforms...." Said Thread Then Decker yells "I got the Seal off the Craft!" "About Time" said Richtofen "Well Can She fly?" "Yes but the Materializing is Messed up. Were Gonna have to go visible". "According to the Sources that MockingJay Pin from that Stupid Girl is the Identifying Mark" I said "Shall we go knock some Rebels Out and Take theirs?" "Well? We don't got all day! Lets go!" Said Thread


The Capitol,Panem

"So You got the Batons?" Said Richtofen. "Yeah, But let me do it. You can keep your Mouth Shut." Said Gus. Gus then Walks up to a Squad of Rebels and Takes them out with the Stun Baton. Gus gives a Thumbs up. "Lets get this Baby Flyin" Said Larson who recently came back after being held Captive. [Work in Progress I'll Finish this in a Few months Maybe? Theres gonna be 18 Chapters and a Epilogue]

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