In case you missed it last week, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire released some GREAT promotional photos on their Capitol Couture site. These "Capitol Portraits" featured some new and old characters from the Hunger Games films and only got us more excited for the release of the sequel to The Hunger Games this fall!

So, if you did happen to miss these photos, no need to worry because we have all of them here for you! Check them out below:

Looking good, right?? We're really excited to see what else Lionsgate is going to treat us with leading up to the premiere! Now, it's really hard to pick a favorite, but whose portrait did you love the most? Vote now and leave a comment below!

<poll> Whose Capitol Portrait is your favorite? Effie Caesar Haymitch Cinna Katniss Beetee Johanna Peeta Gale Finnick President Snow Can't decide! I loved them all!! </poll>

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