FINALLY! Exciting news, tributes! We will finally be getting the trailer that we have been waiting so long for on April 14 during the MTV Movie Awards! Check out this teaser announcing the trailer reveal:

Catching Fire trailer preview at MTV Movie Awards!00:21

Catching Fire trailer preview at MTV Movie Awards!

In the video, we see our 74th Game victors getting presented with Effie backing them up and then a final shot of Katniss trying to smile for the crowds! It's pretty short, but this brief teaser only gets us even more excited to see the trailer!

Our very own Jennifer Lawrence is also up for a number of awards at the MTV show including Best Female Performance, Best Kiss, Best Movie, and more. Fingers crossed that she'll get a few Golden Popcorns to bring home!

<poll> Will you be watching the MTV Movie Awards just to catch the trailer? Yes!! I've been waiting forever for the trailer! Maybe, I don't really want to watch the show... Nope, I'm just going to wait for the trailer to get released online. </poll>

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