Sad news! Catching Fire is going to be very true to the book, but some cuts always need to be made if a book is really dense! In this case, three characters were cut from the movie.

Director Francis Lawrence admitted that Bonnie and Twill, the District 8 runaways Katniss stumbles upon in the woods who first alert her to both the rebellion she inadvertently sparked and the existence of District 13, will not appear in the movies. If you can remember the section with Bonnie and Twill, you will know that with them gone, the scene of Katniss scaling a tree and then leaping over District 12′s electrified fence probably won't be in the movie either.

And Darius, District 12′s youngest peacekeeper who intervenes during Gale’s whipping and then sentenced to the life of an Avox, is another who sadly won't be making it onto the big screen!

How do you feel about these cuts?



<poll> Do you think they should have kept any of these characters in the film? Yes! I'm not could work No, those characters weren't THAT important </poll>

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