hi i am ggamen and i recently attemped to make a hunger games but stopped it due to my lack of knoledge to make a hunger games but now i am very prepared and cant wait for this new game!


the arena is a forest but here is something cool there are no animals only maneating bloodthirsty bugs and i dont take reserves or on my profile sorry about that i just hate when people never make there reserved tribute or say on my profile and never show up again i promise i will make this game FUN!






backstory(this will tell me about your tributes personality)

reaping(what happened)

training session(i will make the score)

interveiw angle

bloodbath stargety

plz no more than 4 tribs

naria has 15 bucks

orange has 400 bucks

plasma has 95 bucks

SPONSERING each mentor gets 400 dollars to start :D


tridents 110

spears 150 per 4 spears

dagger 50

sword 100

axe 60

throwing axes 80 per 5 throwing axes

throwing kinves 80 per 5 throwing knives

bow and arrows 125 per 12 arrows

sickle 75

hook 50

sharp rocks 50


matches 75

instant heal 225

tent with blankets and pillows 110

small pack o f00d and water 75

large pack o food and water 100

wood strips 65

camo clothes(blends in) 105


heavy set armor 300

light set armor 250

pick axe 50

shovel 65

hoe(to garden) 25

backpack (unloaded) 70

backpack(random supply) 100

rope 70

wires (comes in backpack)(elitricutes everything it touches) 300

ladder 75

canteen(unloaded) 25

BLOODBATH!!!! arena:huge woods with lakes and mountains and caves

DARSEN:my life is about as lucky as lucky CANT be. I know that doesnt make since but why me why did i get reapd?10 seconds left tell games start my life is over i think to myself

MENTO:i glance quickly at vanilla she has a blank face 54321GONG!

FOX: this is gonna be fun!! I grab a sickle and slash this one boy.O crud!!!it was the district one male.i glance around nervously.I see josephine looking at me.Did she see me kill a fellow career?OOOOOi need u alexander!

ALEXANDER:one kill two kill three kill i am killing this!

PLASMA:i didnt know what to do! i was gonna go for the bb but stuttered and darted in the woods!! I get comfterable in a sunggley maple tree.BOOM.that sounds mimics around ten times.i guess il see who is dead in the tonight.

SELENE:I have started okay i guess....during the bloodbath the girl from 3 tried to kill me.She had a rope and she put it around my neck obviously trying to ring my throat but i managed to pull out a dagger and slit her theigh.Ithen grabbed a little orange pack which had a couple throwing knives and a small pouch of dried fruit.I rest in a cave by a stream while i see the boys from one and 3 and the 6 tributes and 8 and 9 males plus the girl from 10 and both from district 11 and girl from 12

NARIA:i got into a little fight with that selene chick and she managed to cut my theigh and its swelling pretty fast.i am gonna need something to heal myself.i need a wilthy sponser or i must befriend selene do to her healing skills.

JOSPHINE:i am the least likely career to win.I have orange and juniperberry who are like best friends.WE also have fox and alexander who are also best friends.Then there is me.Alone.but i have a special weapon......a secret.I witnissed fox kill a fellow career and is i expose this to the rest of the careers then bye bye fox!!


JOSPHINE:i shake orange and juniperberry awake.So i must expose the truth to you guys i say to looks curious.I explain how fox sliced and killed the d1 male.THAT screeches.He reaches in his back pocket for a dagger and gets ontop of fox and is about to deliver death bow but alexander tackles him out of nowhere.The two grapple around for awhile but i get involve.I pull out a bow and arrows and launch one in foxes chest.She flails to the ground.BOOM!Alexander pulls out a machete and screams noooo!!He quickly grabs a pack and darts in the woods.

SELENE:so here i am minding my own business when i see alexander coming.I scream on the top of my lungs but its to late he already had slashed my throat.i play dead but thank god i know how to heal.I use this one leaf recipe that cures cuts and cleans blood.

AXED:i bang my fists in my chest.I am king kong!!!!!!!! i dance around for awhile.DO DO DO DO.I hum.i am not crazy i am not crazy!! i think to myself.I am disturbed,,,,muhahahahha i laugh out loud muhahahahaha.

SELENE:my visoin is blury.My stomach aches.My head hurts.the cut on my neck has swollen deeply.I cant find that certain leaf i need to heal myself!!! I lean down and moan.I am ready to die when Naria bends over me.

NARIA:i need your help i say out loud to selene.What if i dont help she says with a grin.Then you die noow.i pull out a sickle.Fine ill help you just plz dont kill me i can also use your help if you havent noticed my neck she says.A sponser gift comes down and i see the instant heal.O guess i dont need you i laugh as i send the sickle to her neck.BOOM!

DAY 3!!!!

AXED:after seeing fox and selene in the night sky i realized something.....i need to be preapred if i am gonna win this!So i rip off my clothes.okay im prepared i think.a sponser gift of sharp rocks land in my lap.What am i suppose to do with these i giggle out.So i throw them in the lake and walk off.

NARIA:i dont know what hit me but i do know felt good to get a kill.i have always been a goodie girl and when my mom was asassinated i have held in all my anger and when i killed selene i let it all out and it felt good!

ORANGE:i feel bad i whisper to Juniperberry.We shouldnt have killed fox i mean like that was alexanders best friend and i would hate to loose i feel for her you know what i mean?I understand says juniper berry wrapping his arms around me surronding my body with his warmth.But what can we do about it?he whispers in my ear.Find him.Help him.

JUNIPERBERRY:that afternoon my and orange left josphine and started her supplies on fire leaving her with nothing.It only takes about five minutes until we spot alexander.Right now isnt a good time i mention to orange.He looks sad i say lets just follow him for awhile until he looks less killy and mad.

JOSEPHINE:they ruined everything i think!!!!!!!And trust me................i like revenge

BRADELY:I lean on a tree trying to hide because i heard twigs cracking around me.all of a sudden the snapping noise stops but i dont got a minute to escape because vanilla has got me pinned.Mento asks vanilla may i have this kill.I suppose says vanilla with a grin standing up.Heres my chance..i kick vanilla in her abdomen and try to sprint off but mentos spear hits my shoulder blade causing me too fall.MY THROWING KNIVES!!i just remembered about them,i only got one in my back pocket and i launch it at mento who is coming my way.He flails down.I get up but i feel a sharp pain my back and i put my hand behind my back and i feel the knife handle...o great i think BOOM.

MENTO:me and vanilla have found a cave and i need some rest due to bradley and the dang throwing knife he chucked at my leg.


CLEMMIE:i have been hiding out in a tree and eating bark....its pretty disgusting.Right when i think i will never eat something good again a pack of foof and a dagger lands in my hands.......thank u i whisper

PLASMA:So life for me has been really sucky but i am still alive for now.I have dug a little hole and have been living in a underground house and i have been eating worms for protien and slurping mud spots for hydration.In my little underground house there is a slight hole in the roof so i can see sunlight.Right in the gimplse of the morning maggots(a maneating worm)started filling in my hole.They got all over me and no matter how hard i screamed they didnt feel scared of me.Blood poured from the holes the maggots start entering my me!i screeched knowing someone isnt gonna help me but it hurtsss.I crawled out of my hole and jumped in a lake and ended up drowning the maggots but left me wounded with holes over my body.I have no weapons and i am about to die from pain but i am still gasping on to life.....i think of how my life will rock once i win I AM THE UNDERDOG VICTOR!

ALEXANDER:i befriended my old careers orange and juniperberry but honestly i didnt want to.Its there fault fox is dead but they can keep me alive longer.

PLASMA:a pack of throwing knives and instant heal landed in my hands.I made a face of relief actually it was like a thank god face.After i applied the ointment i heard footsteps in the forest in front of the lake i am resting at.I get my throwing knife ready.I here the voices.....its mento and vanilla.i dont know what to do and the steps get closer so i act tough.I begin to shout.SO THATS WHAT U GET FOR BOTHERING ME i shout.I hear mento talking. thats plasma he exclaims.o my god did she just kill some one? im not sure if i want to mess with her.Vanilla begins talking: wouldnt we have heard a cannon. .i climb up a tree for safety.The couple approach my tree.Mento has some axes that are golden.Must be from the capitol.Anyways he fires one at me berly missing but he did hit something...........a tracker jacker nest.They come upon the ground right next to vanilla and she screams her head off.Vanilla mento screams.SHE falls down twitching but there isnt much mento can do he runs up to her but that was foolish because the tracker jackers evade him.His moans are relentless and soon his cannon gongs out.I bury my axe in vanillas chest to deplete her moan which may attract another tribute to my loaction.BOOM!so now i have thowing axes and knives,and two instant heal bottles.

NARIA:today i got throwing knives and thats good because i lost everything this morning when the girl from one took it but i was to afraid to fight for it.

ALEXANDER:so now i trust the rest of my alliance because my mentor told me to.Today we kinda grew closer together but i am really jealous of those two.......they have sort of a flirty friendship that i will no longer have due to what happen with fox.And orange is gorgous and plain beautiful.She is always laughing smiling and she is voilent which is hot!Reminds me of fox completly.

ORANGE:alexander and me are watching camp during night and juniperberry is alseep.I feel arms wrap around me and i assume its juniperberry but its not.....its alexander.What are you doi..i dont get to finish my sentence because he started kissing me.He lays me down and he lays next to me.Stop i say with not juch command.SHHHHH he says as he starts kissing me again but something rips him off my body and its juniper berry and im screaming because they are full out fighting.i start panicing and pull out a pack of throwing knives and i see alexander with juniperberry in a headlock cutting of his breathing.Who is gonna be me or him! alexander shouts.I dont get to say my choice because alexander twists juniperberries neck.BOOM.i lauch a knife at his neck.BOOM. I AM ALONE

DARSEN:7 tributes left.HELLO FRIENDS a gamemakers voice booms through the arena.TOMMORROW WILL BE A FEAST AND I WILL BE DELIGHTED IF YOU ATTEND.after that alexander juniperberry and the district 7 tributes and flashed in the night sky.

DAY 5!!!!

JOSHIPHINE:today i get my revenge on the last career.....

DARSEN:At first i wasnt gonna go for the feast but after i got my arrows and bow i might be able to get my bag The feast is gently layed down and I immendiantly run for it.I see the throwing knives come at my face and its Plasma so i load a arrow and shoot it at her skull but she dodges my every attack.Thats when she skewers my back pack and i cant do this any more so i sprint off without it

Plasma:i dont go after my bag because i see Orange go after hers and she is deadly.

ORANGE:i reach my bag and the first arrow punctures my arm and then Josphine tackles me pinning me against the hard earth.She begins to giggle.So what do we got here she laughs.Me i screech and pull out the arrow that was in my arm and stick it in her calf causing her to yelp.I grab my back pack and im off wait! i want to finish josphine off.I quickly scan my backpack and fine a long blade sword.I thrust it in her gut and she opens her mouth to scream but nothing comes out.She yanks out my sword and throws it at me but i duck.BOOM! i dart in the woods

NARIA: i get to my pack the same time clemmie does.We scan eachother and nod our heads which means temporary alliance.We make a beeline for the woods together

DARSEN:I am still running in the woods when i bump into Clemmie causing us two to fall.Naria begins to yelp.I bang clemmie head into a tree stump multiple times and naria has disappeared from my sight.I hear a crack and assume its Clemmies necks...i stop banging her skull.BOOM! I go through the her feast backpack and find several bread loaves and thise special wires that elitricutes what ever it touches.I pour the contents of bag to the ground and puts bread loaves beside so other tributes will be attracted to it and next thing they know......ZAP! i hear footsteps and someone approaches and something.Its plasma and following her is a huge mantis!6 feet tall razor sharp arms and squinty eyes.AH! it brings its razor arms down on my chest opening a wound and i struggle to hold in my instestines.The mantis then slices out Plasmas eyeball causing her to scream.the mantis takes a step closer to us but he lans on the wires causing him to roast.I dont have time to celebrate because plasma shoves me onto the deadly device turning me into ashes.BOOM!

PLASMA:so now i got a mantis snack......a few bread loaves.......throwing knives.........throwing axes......two bottles of instant heal which i apply in my empty eye socket soothing me.........and a wonderful eletric trap......i am so gonna win

ORANGE:in my bag was full body armor and a sword and bow with arrows

NARIA:i got instant relief,matches,a tent with blankets and pillows,and a canteen with water filled to the tip plus i have those throwing knives from earlier.There are only 4 tributes left to vie for the crown.......


AXED:today i got a bunch of supplies from sponser and at the same time i needed to go to the bathroom so i did...on all the supplies.....then i started a fire with the supplies as a fire i am so smart

NARIA:ive found axed peeing on a bunch of supplies so i watch him and watch him then i make my move.I throw a knife at his forehead cutting the top of his eyebrow.He darts off but i follow.I whizz a second knife at him just berely missing his skull.My third knife hits his leg causing him to flail down to the ground.I just stare at him and am about to send my last throwing knife at his heart but i miss cuz he rolls.Man he is a lot smarting then what i give him credit for and ughhh he just got out of my sight.I kill him later i guess......

AXED:i am panicing!!! That crzy girl naria just triedd to kill me but i know how to get revenge so from behind her i full on tackle her then get up and do the hokey pokey to confuse her.OUCH! what just happen to me i get dizzy and collapse to the ground BOOM!

NARIA:okay so i just chucked a knife at axeds head so one less enemy

PLASMA:today the game makers voice amplifies through the arena:HELLO GUESTS WE HAVE ENJOYED YOUR COMPANIANCE BUT OUR TIME TOGETHER MUST COME TO AN END AT THE CORNACORPIA THERE IS A BLACK PEARL AND FIRST TRIBUTE TO RETRIEVE THE GEM WILL BE OUR 103RD VICTOR.i immediantly make a beeline to the cornacorpia and im the first tribute to get there but the fiire ants get there before me and crawl up my skin and into my empty eyesocket.I fall to the ground twitching in a horrible dance.

ORANGE:i get to the cornacorpia and on a pedestal in the middle of the cornacorpia rests the pearl.I make a beeline for it and so does Naria.We both get there at the same time and observe eachother.I quickly shoot a arrow at her and she dodges with ease.She staright up rams into me toppling me downShe holds up a curved blade and is about to bring it down on me when the axe slices her head BOOM! i look to see who the killer is and i see her.Her left eye is missing bite marks cover her body her skin raw pink and her voice moany like.Plasma is that you? i say.She doesnt respond but what she does do is grunt and send her axe in my skull BOOM!

PLASMA:i reach for the pearl and the hover craft takes me home.The arena bellow me collapses and seems to fall into a huge hole.I AM THE UNDER DOG VICTOR!

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