the arena looked like a tropican forest 45% of the arena is filll with mockingjay, wolf mutt and flesh eating giant lizard mutt and 55% is plant that can be eaten, the cornucopia is place at the middle of lake placed at centre of the arena and no bridge or boat are provided. After an hour the arena change ( or filled with mutts) represent each district. after the torture stopped, the arena rest for an hour:

1) small earthquake and diamond will pop out from ground that shoot spike-shaped diamonds

2)heavy hail after 45 minutes the arena change into rocky land and filled with rock mutt that can explode

3)bullet rains that explode when hits ground

4)falsh flood filled with piranha mutt that can walk at the ground the arena will change to swarm

5) storm, every 15 minutes lightnng will strikes for minute ( five thunder strikes every seconds)

6) ATV( four-wheel MOTOCYCLE combine with lion DNA) mutt that chase tribute until he/she killed

7) 2 tree mutts that can walk and eat tributes( 30 minutes) and destroy their own by having a forest fire

8) 25 inches corn shaped wood pop from ground and shoot cotton that can explode

9) the arena change to paddy fields filled with normal anaconda

10) cow, rabbit, goat, deer and ram mutt replace other existing mutts

11) the arena filled with herbs, fuity trees and flower mutt. 75% of them are poisonous, 10% can squrit poison and others are useful

12) the tree are burnt and becomes coal

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