100th Hunger Games==

This is my first games. I'm going to do it myself but, if you want to submit your tributes just leaves a comment. this year game was a quater quell and the twist is 12( 6 male and female) capitol citizens from the ages from 19 to 25 will be compete with all the tributes from each district so there will be 36 tributes. The second twist is to make the Capitol citizens not bored with the same game that each tribute has to kill each other, this year there can be more than one victor as the games is a race and the living tributes is the winner.


If you want to submit your tributes it must include name, age, district, gender, weapon/skill, appearence, voluteered or reaped and if the want an allies.


The Tributes



Jones Indiana (20)

Capitol spear/ speed Bringer(made by Capitol tributes)
Nikes Fernance (25) Capitol axe, sword and throwing knives Bringer
Trex Carnovir (21) Capitol maces/ camouflage Bringer
Hence Jay (19) Capitol hand-to-hand/ dagger Bringer
Fint Role (13) 3 technology/ landmine/ spear and knife none
Emira Slide (12) 12 knife/ hiding/ camouflage district partner

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