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74th Hunger Games Tributes Death Order

GianG March 30, 2014 User blog:GianG

74th Hunger Games Tributes Deaths

I have studied the bloodbath and I have decided to write the correct order of the deaths in the film.

Correct Death Order (film)

  • 24th: District 3 female, her leg was amputated by District 4 female and she was finished off by District 5 male who slashed her in the forehead with a sickle.
  • 23nd: District 8 male, Marvel slashed his throat and stabbed him multiple times with a kukri knife.
  • 22nd: District 10 female, unknown death.
  • 21st: District 6 female, was stabbed multiple times with a knife by Glimmer.
  • 20th: District 9 male, knife thrown into his back by Clove.
  • 19th: District 7 male was slashed in the throat with a crescent sword by Thresh.
  • 18th: Jason, the District 6 male, his stomack was slashed twice to death by Cato with his scythe.
  • 17th: District 9 female, unknown death.
  • 16th: District 7 female was speared in the heart by Marvel.
  • 15th: District 5 male was stabbed in the abdomen with a knife by Glimmer.
  • 14th: District 4 male, was slashed in the throat with a machete by Cato, as he sought to escape.
  • 13th: District 4 female, after the bloodbath, Cato found and killed her in the forest.
  • 12th: District 8 female, was stabbed by Glimmer with Cato's sword.
  • 11th: Glimmer was stung to death by Tracker Jackers.
  • 10th: District 10 male, unknown, probably killed by Carrers or by Thresh.
  • 9th: District 3 male, was killed by getting his neck snapped by Cato in a fit of rage.
  • 8th: Marvel was speared with an arrow in the heart by Katniss, after he speared Rue.
  • 7th: Rue was killed by Marvel with a spear through her abdomen.
  • 6th: Clove was smashed against the Cornucopia by Thresh during the Feast.
  • 5th: "Foxface" ate nightlock berries.
  • 4th: Thresh was killed by mutts.
  • 3rd: Cato was mauled by muttations and finally shot in the head with an arrow by Katniss out of pity.
  • 1st: Katniss and Peeta (Victors).

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