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District Name Weapons Weaknesses Gender Age
1 Callam Delaney Spear and Axe Trust Issues Male 16
1 Anna Gold Mace Deep Sleeper Female 18
2 Malek Rath Sword He can't kill anytthing to do with the number 12. [He has OCD] Male 17
2 Samantha Leanord Sword Climbing Female 16
3 Ross Cunnermag Spear Has to have everything his way Male 12

Ruby Hyrglass

Katana Not always alert Female 16
4 Thames Donn Spear Gets mad easily Male 18
4 Jasmine Cornell

Bow and Arrows


She has a hard time killing Female 13
5 Ezekiel Anderson

Throwing Knives and Swords

Scared of the dark Male 17
5 Kelsey Parker Axe and Swords A slow runner Female 15
6 Cookie Chandler Throwing Knives Not very smart Male 18
6 Unity Poweth Spears Slow Runner Female 15
7 Pamline Falcone Axe and Mace Can't go long without food. Male 17
7 Cherry Axe Swimming Female 14
8 Leo Brotlu Sword Climbing Male 13
8 Sian Malley Throwing Knives Swimming Female 15
9 Luke Hayden Spears Hand to Hand Combat Male 14
9 Katelyn Wish Bow and Arrows Weak Female 16
10 Pico Torru Throwing Knives


't trust anybody

Male 16



Bow and Arrows She will ally with anyone, even if she knows they will backstab her. Female 18
11 Quent Cove Hands A bit wrong in the head Male 18
11 Lorana Bagflip Knife and Swords Permanent Bruise On Her Skull Female 17
12 Talon Jones Spear Loud Male 18
12 Pren Jackson Throwing Knives Shy Female 13


All the tributes are done, and here are the rules;

The cornucopia will be centered in the middle of the arena, but tributes start in different places.

3 mutts are tied to posts in the cornucopia, to get supplies you must get past the mutts.

Hidden in the arena, is a suit of golden armour. It could be hidden in a tree, in a cave, behind some rocks, so keep a look out!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!


Day 1 - The BloodBath

As Bast's tube rose, with everybody elses, she thought herself the luckiest person in the world. She was at the edge of the forest, the cornucopia goods right infront of her. Others weren't so lucky. Malek found himself inside a cave. The enterance looked blocked up, so he was trapped really. Through a gap in the enterance, he saw another tribute staring him in the eyes. It was Maleks District partner, Samantha. She shouted out that she would come and help him, and ran off to the cornucopia, wherever it was. He waited for hours until a District 5 boy came to him. He had a sword in his hands, with blood on it. The boy started to unblock the cave enterance, when Malek came out he got stabbed in the heart. Boom, the boy mimicked as Malek's cannon boomed.

1 DOWN, 23 TO GO.

Bast was standing just out of the mutts reach, one of the mutts laying there where a boy had stabbed it. Bast felt a tap on her back as Samantha, Callam, Thames and Kelsey had met up. Samantha ran to the cornucopia from the left, Calllam from the right. As they had distracted the mutts, Bast decided to run through and pick up sone weapons. There was a golden Mace sitting right in the middle of the cornucopia. She picke it up and smashed the mutts face in. The other current Careers set up a tent in the center of the cornucopia. They packed all the supplies into the tent.

Pren had found herself in the middle of a lake, she was soaked already. She could remember the last chat she had with her mentor.

As soon as the games start, I shall send you a compass. Head north to the c'ornucopia.

Head north she thought as a silver parachute shot into the lake. Pren bent her head down to pick it up but Talon, thinking that Pren was somebody else, Jumped onto Pren and drowned her. Her cannon boomed. Pren floated back up, face up with a compass in her hands. NOOO! Talon screamed as he stared at Pren. He saw the compass, took it and said, Pren would of wanted me to take it.

2 DOWN, 22 TO GO

Cherry had started walking in the direction of screaming, to trip over something. It was a rock. Stupid, stupid whispered Cherry to herself throwing the rock. She tripped up again, thinking it was the rock. No, it was a door. It was also unlocked. Cherry opened up the door and jumped down. In the room, was a ladder leading back up, some empty shelves and something covered in cloth. Cherry pulled the cloth off of the thing and saw it was a gleaming gold suit of armour. It fit Cherry too.

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