I have just read all 3 books and seen the movie, they are great. So I decided to make my own. It is my first so please be patient.

Please comment with your tributes!

Ask tribute creator about relationships & allies.

Please don't moan and scream if your tribute dies!

Tribute template






Backstory [Optional]

First ones will be picked.

Name Gender District Weapon Weakness Backstory
Female 1
Male 2
Female 2
Male 3
Female 3
Male 4



Female 4



She has a hard time killing.

She grew up with 3 siblings, each younger than her. Her parents were killed, so she had to become mature and look after the trio.

Ezekiel Anderson Male 5 Throwing knives. He is scared of the dark. He lost his parents in a hunger games, only to lose his brother in another. This time, he wants revenge. He volunteered at the reaping to kill every other tribute to win for his family.
Kelsey Parker Female 5 Axe and Swords A very slow runner

She grew up as an only child, her parents were hardly ever around and she had a bad excperience

at making friends.

Male 6
Female 6
Male 7
Cherry Female 7 Axe Swimming

Cherry Has Always Lived In District 7. There Is Gets Cold But She Has A Fireplace To Keep Her Warm. She Has a Boyfriend Named Brek. They Are Planning To Get Married At 18. She Is Already Engaged. She Has A Siberian Husky With Blue Eyes Called Luna

Male 8
Female 8
Male 9
Female 9
Male 10
Female 10
Male 11
Lorana Bagflip Female 11 Knife And Sword PermanentBruiseOnSkull She is fourteen. she grew up at a comunity home. she has a younger brother, Huglum (he is 6) who she is trying to win for so they can live a happy life.
Male 12
       Female          12

Rules will be announced when tributes are entered!

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