The 82256427283284673837346546327284665463838937466746463723625th Hunger Games!

Bajillions of years after the destruction of Panem, most people thought the world, a new country rose. They called it Utopia. Just kidding, President Snow the 393363264672836453638347353th, rules the newly edapted Games.

Quell Twist 1!

4 Tributes will be chosen from the 15 Districts. They will fight until 1 person dies. The remaining tributes will be put in the games. (Note: 1 tribute will be submitted by me per district, but I will make sure none of them win. Most of mine will die at the reaping and at the start of the games, so no screaming.)

Quell Twist 2!

The tributes killed at the reaping will be revived and they must fight to the death until 4 survive. The final 4 alive will be put into the games.

Quell Twist 3!

There will only be cannons when 3 tributes have died.

Quell Twist 4

There will only be 3 Tributes from District 13!


Name District Gender
Benedict Glemming 1 Male
Sean Dansin 1 Male
Jade Seeku 1 Female
1 Female
2 Male
Nyall Booker 2 Male
2 Female
2 Female
Jason Wilson 3 Male
3 Male
3 Female
3 Female
Quinn Wingding 4 Male
4 Male

Kips Luantag

4 Female
4 Female
Leo Starfail 5 Male
5 Male
5 Female
5 Female
Connor Tanner 6 Male
6 Male
6 Female
6 Female
Harry Cheezman 7 Male
7 Male
Dolls Mgurf 7 Female
7 Female
Thomas Potter 8 Male
8 Male
8 Female
8 Female
Charlie Bishop 9 Male
9 Male
9 Female
9 Female
Alfie Clark 10 Male
10 Male
10 Female
10 Female
Joshua Collins 11 Male
11 Male
11 Female
11 Female
Alexander Smenker 12 Male
12 Male
12 Female
12 Female
Kane Nutley 13 Male
13 Male
13 Female
13 Female
Oliver Reynolds 14 Male
14 Male
14 Female
14 Female
Luke Starkey 15 Male
15 Male
15 Female

My Tributes

These tributes will die NO MATTER WHAT.

Luke Starkey

Oliver Reynolds

Charlie Bishop

Leo Starfail

Kane Nutley

Alexander Smenker

Joshua Collins

Alfie Clark

Thomas Potter

Harry Cheezman

Connor Tanner

Quinn Wingding

Jason Wilson

Nyall Booker

Benedict Glemming.

Comment your tributes!! (COMMENT THEM NOW)

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