The 873rd games!

After the reign of cammander Paylor, a new president was put into order, President Steele. She decided to do the hunger games again, with a new addition, adding the D13 tributes, a new era of games was added. Steele was a kind but firm ruler with a gift for gab and a heart for gore. The capitol voted and the games were restarted, here they are.


My Hunger Games tributes (in random order):

Name: Silk Salin

Age: 18


Weapon:anything metal, also good with string.

Weakness: She is pregnant

Apperance:She is tall, 5'9", with long blonde curlyish hair. She is pregnant, exactly 9 months.

Body type: Super skinny

Height: 5'9"

Skills: She is super sexy and smart, but also good with metal.

Backstory: She has a husband who is going into the games with her and no family known to her , a cousin of Celia Clock, a capitol socialite. She happens to be 9 months pregnant.

D1 male

Name: Zacharius Thorne

Age: 18

Skills: Athletic, Strong, Bred for battle, trained with weapons.

Weapons: His main weapon is a sword but he also throws knives and spears. [1]Zacharius ThorneAppearence: Flippy black hair, tall, handsome, muscular.

Personality: He is fearless and ready to win. He is seceretly very loving but is always ready to fight.

Backstory: He almost lived in the training center growing up and is battle ready, when he was only 13 his oldest brother was reaped and ended up winning it all. He mentored Zacharius and has worked with him since he was crowned victor. Zacharius has been living in his brother's shadow for a long time and feels it is his time to shine, he is secretly sweet. above all he just wants to go home again. He is married to Silk.

Extra info: when he was younger he was bullied so good with his fists

Kole Roch





Alliance: He and the other District 2

Kole is from the Seam and he has three siblings, all sisters. They are all younger than him and dependent on him to win the Games, or else they will only have their old grandmother to take care of them. His dad died in a mining accident and his mom commited suicide not to long after. He hunts illegally for his family and is dating a beautiful girl named Lea Rose. She wants him to win more than anything in the world.

Kole is very funny and chaismatic. He is friendly, kind, warming, welcoming, positive, and caring. He has a fierce devotion to those he loves and will stop at nothing to save them. He can be very fierce and violent if he needs to. He is always likeable and trustworthy. Kole is clever, resourceful, and ingenious.

Kole is tall, 6'3", strong, and fast. He has ashen hair and grayish brown eyes that are quite entrancing. He is tan with no freckles.

Eucalyptus Collier

D2 (Kole's partner)


Slingshot and blowgun with darts


Eucalyptus is also called Eucy for short. She is the daughter of the mayor, but signs up for the tesserae to feed the poor people in the Seam. She tries hard to be as nice as she can to others and would give her life to save someone younger than her. She is beautiful and has no siblings and very little friends. She and Kole are rather close, kind of like cousins, but she is jealous of Lea.

Eucy is kind, charming, loyal, and loving. She tries hard to protect those in great needs and dire circumstances. She wants to help all she can. However, Eucy is stubborn and controlling. She can be a great leader, but tries to aviod killing. She is smart and resourceful.

Eucy is 5'7, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She has pink, tender skin and is beautiful.

Dita Delacroix

District: 3

Age: 16

She is called D or Di for short. She is tall and skinny, though muscular. She tries to keep from killing though she wants to join the careers. She is good with electronics and if needed, kills with poison. She wants to be in charge but knows she'll be controlled by the D1s and D2s if she makes the careers

She is 5'6" with black hair and almond eyes looking asian

Kris Kristoff

D3 Male


He is good with wire and wood. he is not that strong but quite smart, he is brutal and slightly cute.

He has blue eyes and brow hair, he is 5'4".

D4 Female

Name: Bree Barlow

Age: 16

Skills: Very athletic, strong, has been trained with weapons, Tall ( height advantage) [2]Bree BarlowWeapons: great with a sword, Mace, Bows and arrows

Personality: She is very tough willed, Smart, sneaky, Quiet

Appearence: Tall, Dark skinned, Muscular, long black hair, green eyes

Extra Info: Her older brother Aaron Barlow won the games when he was only 13, and Bree now lives in the victor village, however she still realizes what a threat the games still are to her so she keeps training.



Name: Alder Claycomb

Skills: Great swimmer, Smart, Brave

Weapons: Amazing with a trident if he gets his hands on one he will rip you up, Mace, Nets Age: 17

Appearence: Tall, Muscular, Medium length brown hair, Dark green eyes, handsome (A

ccording to girls).

Personality: Alder is a nice guy all around but he will fight and kill when the time comes. Will join the careers.

District 5 Female

Name: Jay' Alana


Age:12 Skills: very quick and good with healing Weaknesses: cannot understand much and quite young Weapon:Bow and arrow
District 5 Male Name:Martin Thanknore Age:14 Skills:he is HUGE! very muscular and ripped. so strong! Weakness: very self centered, only caring for himself Weapon: Muscles!

D6 Male

Name: Ryder Blask

Age: 16

Skills: Extremely Athletic, Tall, Fast, Knows the Wilderness

Weapons: Swords, throwing knives, spears, Hand to hand combat (fists) [3]Parker BlaskPersonality: Quiet, Brave Hearted, Protective Of his younger brother Parker. good swimmer

Appearence: tall, Muscular, handsome face, short brown hair, Dark Blue eyes.

Name: Perri Reid


Gender: female

Age: 12

Weapons: Bow and Arrow

Personality: Quiet, Timid, Shy, Kind

Kalli Moore

District 7

Age: 18

Personality: She is like a mom to all her packmates, though quite brutal and coldhearted to others.

Strength: She is tiny and used to starving, stays strong when starving too. She is very fast though not that bright.

Weakness: She is STUPID!

Bloodbath Strategy: Run and join misfits.

Background:She is Brian's aunt and comforts him in bad times, often caring for him like a mom.

Token: a toe ring that says "stay true to yourself" in french.

Height: 5'2

Appearance: Blonde Hair and Hazel Eyes . She always wears it down.

Fears: her loved ones being killed.

Brian "hatchet head" Heath



Weapons: Axe,Dagger,Small Knifes

Strength: he is very smart, good with electronics too.

Weaknesses: He is a slow runner and bad swimmer.

Personality: He is very cute, though too young for most. He is clever and cunning, not afraid to have deaths to his name. He is close to his aunt, Kalli too.

Backstory: He is Kalli's nephew, and volunteered for his 12 year old cousin, Breeanna Denay, for she was only 12. He made many sacrifices, and wants to win so he can help others.

Name: Ebony Raven Grenslev

Age: 16


Appearance: She has midback length wavy hair with side swoop bangs that she usually wears in a braid. She has pretty light icy blue eyes and she is very pale. She is kind of tall and very very thin due to being underfed but she is not to be underestimated

Weapons: Bow and arrow (she is amazing at archery), snares, throwing knives though she prefers bow and arrow, her brains

Strengths: Hunting and archery (amazing at it), running (super fast), setting snares, can climb trees and jump from branch to branch, excepional at hiding, knows plants well

Weaknesses: She is very un-trusting, not good at making alliances unless she trusts the person, has a need for love

Personality: SUPER smart, wise, understanding, un-trusting, trustworthy, strong, VERY fast, AMAZING at hunting, very brave, couragous, protective, ambitious, compassionate, caring

Name: Sam Lowes

District: 8

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearence: spiky black hair, colbat blue eyes, ashen skin, 5'7.

Weapons: Knives and axes.

Strengths: INCREADIBLY smart. Very fast. Skilled in technology.

Weaknesses: Too sensetive, believes what anyone tells him.

Personality: Very nice, shy, and quiet. Likes everyone except careers. Tries to be friends with most tributes. d9 male

caleb stoll

age 12

weapon axe

skills he can do any flip

allys: Misfits

Jade Paker 14 9 Sickle Climbing & Throwing Asthma

Haley Racker 16 D10 Sword & Spears Hunting, Climbing, Trapping Swimming & Running
Dan Anners 15 10 Blowgun, Axe, Bow & Arrows Survival, Smart, Good With Weapons, Knows About Plants Running & Asthma


Pire Thomas

She is rue's little sis who looks just like her and is good with knives and nature

she is twelve

she is adorable

Atlas Dunnin

District 11





Weap0on Peanuts

D12 male

name: Rotmore Heenora

Age: 14

Skills: Tall, handsome, strong.

Weapons:amazing with a bow and arrow, Throws knives.

Appearence: Tall, handsome, black hair, pale skin, ice blue eyes.

Personality: Brutal and prepared, will do ANYTHING to win..

Backstory: He is Adinay's boyfriend from home, will do anything for her. He is loved by many, though he only loves Adinay. He is a merchant's son, his mom is a seamstress and his father, a butcher.

District 12 Female Name:Adinay Tobias Age:13 Skills: She is quiet and quick, almost like a fox. Weaknesses: Very bad swimmer and horrible at running. Weapon: a metal stick

Kayla Coin

D13 Female

President Coin's neice, she is just like her aunt, often cold hearted and mean

she is good with knives

(The male is never picked due to illness)


The packs that can be joined are :

Careers: A joint pack of med pack (D1,2,and4)

Rebels: Those involved in rebellion, D11,12,and 13.

Misfits: Weak tributes who some how survive cornucopia, will be selected by me!

Sponsor gifts: if you didn't make a tribute or were too late, you can help by sponsoring tributes. You get 2000 dollars at first and you can gain $ by your tributes killing others ($50 a kill), ganging up with other sponsors (their amount plus yours are mixed). gifts are as followed:

Pack Of Crackers $50
Pack Of Beef Strips $75
Container Of Rice $100
Container Of Rice & Meat $150
Pot Of Soup $175
Whole Chicken $200
Pack Of Dried Fruit $25
Mini Food Pack (Gives A Tribute Food For 3 Days) $300
Mega Food Pack (Gives Food The Whole Games) $500
Canteen Of Water $75
2 Canteens Of Water


1 Bandage $20
Pack Of 20 Bandages $150
1 Pain Killer Drug $25
Bottle of 20 Pain Killer Drugs $175
Burn Medicine $200
Sleep Syrup $200
1 MagiHeal (Heals Anything) $150
5 MagiHeal (Heals Anything) $500

Extra arrows: $1 per arrow

Burn Medicine: $75

Soup: small pot is $3 and large pot is $5

Bread: $4 for tribute's district loaf and $7 for capitol stuff

Morphling: $100 per shot

String: $10 a spool

Knife Pack (5 count): $50

Spear: $30

Mace: 3 cans are $45 and 1 can is $20

Bow: $30

Blow gun: $30

Darts: $3 each for regular and $19 each for poison

Nightlock powder: $4 Trident:$30


Silk POV: I say goodbye to Celia and Addi (my stylist) and go to my tube, good thing they removed my baby on the train, and move up, it's time to fight. Right across the river, my dear Zacharius is standing, prepared like me. we are closest to the cornucopia which is on an island at the base of the river. the gong sounds and i jump, good thing I can swim, to the cornucopia, i grab a knife and stab the District 8 girl, Ebony, right in the eye, she drops dead. I find Zack and start killing, with the district 2 group, Eucy and Kole. We establish a career pack with me and Zack, The D2s,Bree and Alder, Rotmore, Ryder, and Dita. We go and kill more more, including Kayla, Dan, Hayley,and Jade.

Bloodbath results

killed: Ebony Grenslev, kayla Coin, Hayley Racker, Jade Paker, Dan Anners,


Careers: Zacharius Thorne, Eucy Collier, Kole Roch, Bree Barlow, Alder Claycomb, Rotmore Heenora,Ryder Blask, And Dita Delacroix

Rebels: Pire Thomas, Adinay Tobias, Perri Reid, Martin Thanknore, Jay 'Alana Jacobe

Misfits: Caleb Stoll, Kalli Moore, Brian Heath, Kris Kristoff

Alone: Sam Lowes Silk Salin

Day 1 later on

Zacharius POV: Me and my babe, with the others head out, we get shelter in about 3 caves and set traps everywhere but an L pattern, which only we know of, clever i guess. While hunting, i see Atlas, remembering the 74th hunger games, i beat him with a rock, it works, he's dead. Me and Silk meet and share a kiss. then take the first watch. The seal and the lost are in the sky. I watch as the 5 names go by. A low number for once but all were not wanted for the careers. after about 3 hours, Di and Ryder cover us while me and Silk snuggle up and begin the night.

Notice from the CAPITOL! The bets are in!

okay, now, Silk has the best chance of winning, her and Zack are inseperable, it would be a shame if he was killed. no prob if he dies, most of us are dying to date her, tall and good looking, everything we want. Also, that little Pire is adorable! That's it!

Day 1 results

Killed: Atlas Dunnin

Day 2

Adinay POV: I stayed behind with Perri. The others went to hunt, i hear a rustling, i see that girl, wait, i thought she was pregnant! she throws a knife, barely misses me. Then, right in the chest, come on, I fall dead.

Kalli POV: I comfort Brian as we stay in our tent. We are both scared, i mean, we are the misfits. it is obvious that the careers are still out there. Anyhow, nobody's tried to kill me yet, so it 's not too bad. Tomorrow, me And Brian and the pack are going to the lake to clean off.

Dita POV: I am watching with Ryder, man he's cute! Wait, i hear something, there's Pire and her arrows, crap! She aims at me, hits me in the leg, YOWCH! Wait, is that nightlock powder? come on! I fall, then hear her scream the moment I hit the ground. He got her, chopped her head off with his sword. I'm gone, first, I see a sunset over the snowy mountain. My life's wish. BOOM!

Day 2 results

Killed: Pire Thomas, Adinay Tobias, Dita Delacroix

Notice from the CAPITOL: Family Matters

Have you noticed the amount of families in the games? Kalli and Brian are aunt and nephew, Zacharius and Silk are married plus Silk's relation to Celia Clock. The first career is killed, Dita Delacroix, may you rest in peace. Bye!

Day 3

Caleb POV: I go leaping from tree to tree trying to find fruit. I am so thirsty, me and the others haven't found any water and are beggining to dehydrate. Crap! OWCH! I scream as i hit the ground. I think I broke my tailbone, yep, i did. I call for help, no one comes. Wait, I hear someone. It's that boy, Ryder. Come on! He swings his sword at me.

Ryder POV: I found that effimenate wimp Caleb. I swing at him, barely miss. Then right on his foot. He can't move now. I take out my knife and taunt him. I then cut a moon shape in his left cheek. I then stab him in his stomach. The cannon sounds. He's dead.

Silk POV: I am going through to the mountains, trying to rid the games of the rebels. There's one now. Crap the sun is bright. ow! i scream, Jay'Alana knifed me in the leg. Here comes Zach. He aims for her and hits her in the stomach with his fist. He then snaps her neck. He's so strong. He then comes over and carries me to the camp. I hope I can get something from a sponsor. This could get infected. Ow it hurts. I am crying with my head on Zach's chiseled chest. He kisses me like my dad did to me back before he died. I love Zach. I hope we make it out together like the tributes in the 74th hunger games. We finally make it to camp and he lies me down on my sleeping bag. " I wish i could do something for you" ,he says, "but I can't" "It's okay Zach, you being here is good enough.', I say. We kiss and he sits down beside me. Iw ish i could go fight, but i can't. "I love you" i say. "i love you most", he replies. " good night", i say. "good night" he answers.

Day 3 results

Killed: Jay' Alana Jacobe, Caleb Stoll

Day 4

Zacharius POV: My babe just got hurt, I hope she gets better soon. I've got to hunt so i left her with our strongest men, Kole,Ryder,and Rotmore. I also let Eucy stay and help her. Wait, is that what I think it is? It's a sponsor gift! YES! I hope it's something I can use for Silk. I open it, it's a majiheal! I can definately use this. I run back to camp, "SILK! SILK! A sponsor gift is here, it's some MagiHeal for your leg! "YAY!" I hear her yell. I immediatly kneel down and put some on her leg, it immediatly works, her wound alredy gets better. She tries to stand."Wait, calm down, you need to rest.", "OKkay, fine" She says to me.

Alder POV: I'm going to wash off at the stream. I smell like a donkey, EWWW! Anyway, i see those three misfits. I can kill them easily with my new trident from my sponsor. I throw and hit Kris in the neck,BOOM, he's dead. Then I throw at Brian, but Kalli jumps in front of him, too close apparently, and i hit them both in the heart. BOOM!BOOM!, they're gone.

Bree POV: I was told to guard the tent with my bow and arrows. Quiet so far. Then, i see that girl,Perri, steal some stuff. I shoot and miss, she disappears as suddenly as she came. Then I hear Zack coming. "Was that our rope?!" he asks, very angry. "uh, well, i tried to hit her, but i missed.", i answer, nervously. Close isn't good enough!!!! He screams. Zack jumps up and breaks her neck. BOOM!

Ryder POV: I've finally got some free time, I;m going to go for a swim. I've missed swimming since I got put in the arena. I bring my bow and arrows with me just in case, and head out. Good thing the tribute costume had underpants, and I then jump in! I hear something! It's that kid Sam, I knew it. I grab my bow the moment that he throws the knife in the water. he's not too good at throwing. I hit him in the ankle and he topples into the water. I hold him down and 1 minute later, he drowns. BOOM!

Silk POV: Zach FINALLY lets me stand and walk around. We are going hunting today. For rebels that is. We have to go to the mountains. After the hour long hike, we see someone, I think that it's Perri. She shoots and hits zach, IN THE HEART. She aims for me but i throw a knife and kill her. Zach! NO! I go to him and he tells me to remeber him and that I'll be okay. I cry over him as he slowly dies. I can't believe it, my wonderful husband is gone. I have to win, for Zach, for our daughter, for me. I go out and up the mountain, I will find Martin and the rebels will be gone. I'm now fueled by pure rage. I decide to go out on my own. I'll be better for killing my fellow careers when I'm alone.

Martin POV: A capitol notice is beginning now. Tributes, We think you will be pleased to know that two survivors may win if they are from the same pack.COME ON! I'm the only one ALIVE in my pack. "Not any more", says a voice. Silk! She has a large rock, wow she's strong, before I know it, she's chunked it at my head. Somehow, though it hit me, I'm still alive. She runs over to me and slams me against a tree. "Bye Bye birdy!", she screams as she stabs me with a knife. BOOM!

Alder POV: "NO!!!, we are not redoing the bombs!Zach put them that way so that's the way they stay!", I scream as Kole digs up and tries to replace the bombs. "they're better this way!", Kole screams at me." Wait, did you put that near the fire?!", I ask. "maybe...", he says to me. "Dude, that bomb is gonna detona-", Itry to say as the bomb detonates and blows me, kole, and eucy up. BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! Ryder POV: WOW! SIlk is gorgeous! She looks magnificient in the sun. "Hey, SIlk, do you wanna team up?" I ask. "I guess, as long as you help me kill Rotmore." she answers. "Okay, deal!" I reply. We go off to find Rotmore. THERE HE IS! in the trees. I alert Silk. She aims an arrow at him and fires. he falls. BOOM! SILK! WE WON!

SIlk POV: I hear the announcer, contestants, you have just won the 873rd hunger games! The hovercraft will be there soon to pick you up. all of

The Vampire/Werewolf Games

The peace was renewed during President Steele's reign, but there is a new war brewing, between two supernatural creatures. These games will decide who is better: Vampires, or werewolves. They will fight to the death until one species remains.


You can create up to 4 characters

There will be mentors,stylists,Games board members, gamemakers and tributes to create

If you are a sponsor, you get 2000 sponsor dollars

Don't get mad if your tribute dies

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