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    Hey guys! This is gonna be an SYOT Hunger Games. Please, before you fill out the template below, look at the few suggestions I have for you about making a tribute. This story is also being published on WIth the same name, and I have the same username on that website. 

    • Keep it real. No one is perfect, so your tribute shouldn't be. They have to have weaknesses, and usually there are as many weaknesses as there are strengths, if not more. Also, I seriously doubt their whole family has been in the Hunger Games. No one's luck is that bad. I know it sounds creative, but almost everyone has tried that sob story before.
    • Elaborate. You don't have to use paragraphs upon paragraphs, but there is no way you can summarize a who…

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    Hello peoples! It is I, Glimmer, once again bringing you a Games. Now, I know that the last few Games I've tried to write crashed & burned for one reason or another, but this time I'm determined to finish them. Plus, I've got Rainy yelling in my ear to continue this time XP

    Yeah, I know. Rules suck. Trust me, I don't like them either. These are just some basic "guidelines", which I strongly suggest that you read. If you don't take the time to read these, it's obvious, and it really ticks me off. So please, abide by these, for all of our sakes :)

    1. No rude comments please. I work hard to write these (and I'm obviously not the best speller, as previously stated by a wiki contributer) so don't be mean please. 
    2. Don't spam the comments with links to…

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    Hello Hunger Games Wiki! It is I, GlimmerandSparkle, who has finally been unbanned! In honor of this, I'm making a new games. These aren't gonna be a Quarter Quell because I'm much to lazy to think of ideas. If you newbies don't know who I am, check out my 81st Hunger Games!

    Follow the Templates provided when entering a tribute. They represent the minimum amounts of info.

    No one likes a spammer. Especially me. So please, don't advertize your Games here without permission.

    No rude comments please. I work hard on these.

    Here's the template for submitting a tribute.











    (And include a picture if possible.)

    Name Age Sex District Looks Weaknesses Strengths Personlity User

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    Ok, so as many of you should know, I have been having a REALLY hard time writing my school games, and that is because there is no plot at all. I have no idea what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, or who it's going to happen to. So, I'm having you guys, my 3 loyal trustworthy. . . knights, come and halp me make the plot so I can start the story up again!

    • Do not make anything wonderful happen to your character or bad happen to someone that you hate's character.
    • Actually, just tell me the plot, not who it effects:) That way it's like a gamemaker/writer job.
    • Nothing too insane.
    • If you don't post within 24 hours, break the rules or aren't trying to help at all I will remove youo from the people who are allowed to comment on this blog a…

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    Alrighty! This is gonna just be a page for brainstorming and documenting ideas. If someone has an Idea, other people can take it and make it better. That's what you're suppossed to do! Since this is the School Games, The arena is going to be a school, but we need to design the campus. I really love Mutts, and I want to have a ton in these games, just make sure that they kinda fit into the school theme. Remember: Only people whosigned up to be a gamemaker in The 1st School Games! Those people are:

    Name Specialty Position User
    Indie Creekpool Spontanious ideas for anything and everything about the Games Head Gamemaker GlimmerandSparkle
    Parceline Torch ??????? Co-Head Gamemaker Epic Hobo
    Arabesque Lisbusten He was promoted to Head Of Arena after …

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