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Name Age Sex District Looks Weaknesses Strengths Personlity User
Bruce Foster 14 Boy 1 Bruce has light, sandy, salt and pepper hair which flops to the left across his face, covering one of his eyes. Its straight and near the back it spikes up a little. His hair does shine in the summer, making it a bright blonde colour. In the winter, his hair gets darker and more of a brown colour, because the sun isn't out as long. He has light brown eyebrows which don't change in the seasons. They are streamline and not that bushy, making people think he waxes his eyebrows, which he doesn't. He has light, almond shaped, teal blue eyes which have flecks of green round the outside and the pupils are just rimmed with brown. He has a small perky nose which is quite cute. His lips are full and light pink, almost perfectly symmetrical. His face itself is heartshaped, the crown of his head is curved in and his cheeks are chubby and cute. He is small in itself, but quite stocky built and able to hold his own. His biceps and triceps are well toned, but his thighs and calves aren't. Bruce isn't very good with water, or most things to do with climbing. He's not that good with long distance sprints or with most warm terrains. He has bad stamina, and gets attached to things quite easily. He hates bugs as well, he's quite squeamish and dislikes most kinds of conflict, and would rather turn down a fight than get involved in one. But he can snap. (Sword, Axe, Knife) Bruce is fast, very fast. Probably excelling in the short sprints, like the 100m and the race to the cornucopia, but he has his limits when it comes to the running. He can't run for a long period of time, like the 800m, without getting seriously exhausted. But pretty fast as it goes. He's of average strength for a 14 year old, but no physical wonder or anything. He could probably lift 20 to 30 pounds with ease, but not much more. He's quite smart, not amazingly intelligent but seemingly good at maths and equations as it goes. Other than that, he is generally quick at thinking on his feet, an asset that could win him the games. Bruce is a nice enough guy, not that evil as many of his counterparts in past games. He is wholesome and sees the best in people at all times. In Bruce's mind, people who do wrong shouldn't be penalized for it. Everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what they do. Due to his moral codehe probably won't kill in the games, or so he thinks, people can change in the arena. He likes to think that if he helps people, they would do the same for him. Which is why if he sees someone crying or getting beat up, he will do everything in his power to stop the attackers or comfort the person who has been attacked or hurt in any way. Bruce can snap, but he will never react in a violent way. He can shout and scream, but he will never throw a punch. He is sporty, but not a jock, more of someone who enjoys Phys Ed, but doesn't continue to take it up after school. Bruce isn't the most popular of people, but he does have friends. Friends that are true to him. DrewlovesKuinn
Georgia Westlake 17 Girl 1 Georgia has dirty blonde, naturally curled hair. Its shiny, glossy and almost perfect. It has light brown lowlights through the main part of her hair. Her roots are dark brown, showing that her hair has been dyed blonde, in order to make her fit in with the crowd more. Georgia wil never tell about the fact she dyes her hair, and tries to cover her roots at all times possible. She has light cyan blue eyes that sparkle in different shades of light like a kalidiscope, shades of green, brown and grey are flecked through her eyes. Unlike so many other things about Georgia, this is completely natural and she would never change her eyes for the world. She has a small nose with small nostrils. Her nose is slightly turned up and is described as cute by several others. Her lips are pink and smooth. They are full and literally perfect. She tends to wear a lot of makeup, which covers a lot of her face with bizarre pink blush and eyeshadow.  As stated above, Georgia isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she doesn't care that much about it, she is too hot to care about brains and isn't really fussed about the fact that her IQ points are lower than her house number (66). Georgia has an extreme phobia of water and an even worse phobia of touch. Unless she is given express permission or the person is a close friend, even the slighest touch on the arm, will cause her to into a frenzy, screaming and kicking. However she has no problem touching someone else, to the extent of choking someone in a choke hold. (Bow and arrows, spears, duel spears, knife) Georgia is a career through and through and has trained for a whole 5 years from the age of 12 to 17. She is strong, fast and cunning. Strong in the girl sense, she probably couldn't lift heavy weight bars or kilo weights, but she could easily punch the wind out of someone of equal or lesser strength. She isn't heavy or strong enough to be slowed, and she isn't exactly a 100 meter sprinter at World Class level, but she is fast, very fast. As a cheerleader, she is very athletic. She is cunning, but in the normal sense. She isn't smart at all, literally dismal amounts of IQ. However she has a great sense of battle and fights, so she is good at blocking and planning attacks. She is also very attractive, so if she can get the right kind of guy, she could make him do all the dirty work so that no allies hold grudges against her. She is cold and calculating, a real popular girl. She values appearance over substance, quite a lot actually. She is so obsessed with vanity that she will avoid running and taking off shirts unless washing or she is forced to, to avoid messing her hair. She is kind of mean, but no more than the rest of the popular girls. Georgia follows the crowd. She doesn't set the trends, she follows them. She is friends with the big fish though, and has been for a long time. Georgia is also a cheerleader, the kind of person who expects special treatment from peers and superiors alike. She acts like the rest of the world is inferior to her, and that she must be the one and only who is right at all times. This attitude doesn't make her the leader of the populars, however she comes in a close second. Bested only by Pheobe. The queen of the queens. Other than that Georgia tends to be just another face in the crowd. Except a face caked in make up and pink clothes. She also has a crush on Pheobe's brother, Andrew, but Georgia has no idea of his state of mind. DrewlovesKuinn
Zachary "Zac" Stratone 15 Boy 2 short brown hair and dark green eyes Speed & Agility, Rock Climbing, Swimming Thermophobia, fear of Heat (Axe, Spear) Physical Strenght, Strategy, Survival Skills Zachary was happy and full with joy before the death of all his family. He tried his best to keep it up with food enough on their table, and he would never stop of doing it. However when all his family was destroyed on that fire, he changed his personality. He got depressed and bored, with nothing to do, but wait for the reaping. During the Games, he will try his best to release his old and sweet personality. ViniciusDeAssis1999
Nebraska "Nebbi" Adair 16 Girl 2 Nebraska is pretty Good looking. Tia has Long dark brown hair which is very Curly also she has a dark Blue streak in her hair she has bright Blue eyes that shines in the Sun she has a Thin body Build and she is very pain and wears Lots of makeup she wears Light pink lipstick baby blue blush and Dark blue eyeshadow. Nebraska Is Spoiled she will complaining about anything when she is grumpy and that wouldn't make the Careers anymore happy She is also a Slow Runner she gets Tired Very easy and she is not very bright too.  (Spear)Nebraska is Good at Camoflauge since she has been Practing for awhile and that she has been painting when the time that she still lived in England She is also really strong she can lift up heavy stuff and thorw it at people too make there neck break and Nebraska is a good Climber. Nebraska is one of the spoilest girls in her Distict. Nebraska is Snotty and rude because she thinks she is the most Beautiel and the Best girls of her Distict but her Two sisters think she is Rotten which means Very bad so they don't talk her but Nebraska is just a really nice but she does not wanna show it because was wants to act like a real career. PeaceLoveGir
Cordo Ivory 17 Boy 3 Deep brown eyes like polished wood, medium-length golden hair, pale, ashen skin, 5' 11  Fire, being decieved (paranoid) (Mace) Running, snares, climbing More like a Lone Wolf (quiet, reserved) Brynn1999
Jil-Estelle Glint 14 Girl 3 Freckles, Fair skin, Blonde hair with a black streak.  Strength, Climbing, Swimming (Blowgun, Traps) Plants, Camouflage Smart, introvert, does not like people, wants to be alone, shy, trusts nobody, loves animals, quiet, does not want help, touchy, emotional  Ougi-kun
Martial Crest 15 Boy 4 Deep blue eyes, wide-chested, 6'3, tan skin, thick brown hair Climbing, speed, long-distance fights (Kantina, trident) Swimming, sword-like items, running  Playful, strong, positive Brynn1999
Adelaide "Ladie" D´eye Girl 4 Wavy blonde hair, purple eyes & lightly tanned skin Hunger, hates nature (Bow, sword) Physically strong, charming Funny, charming, seducive, fierce, flirty EHKnight
Spyro Konstantia 17 Boy 5 5'10, brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, muscular   Spyro struggles with tasks like climbing, as his muscles, height, and overall weight would make the tree branches crack trying to support his weight. He may be strong, though that skill could affect him poorly in some areas. Also, Spyro is too trusting and too kind. If Sofia isn’t there to talk him out of it or inspire him not to, Spyro could easily be tricked into what could be his future death by an enemy. (Mace) Spyro is very strong, he can perform manual labor with ease, he is known for his strength around the orphanage. He keeps himself in shape, so he is able to hunt and provide food for the orphanage, and more importantly, his sister. He is somewhat athletic, and excels at hand to hand combat. He is also very fast and quick, as hunting wouldn’t be a skill without being quick. Not only will that skill benefit him while hunting, though also engaging in combat with another opponent, he could easily attack or flee easily provided no delays. Spyro is overall brave, kind, and determined. He’ll focus on whatever his mind is set on, and he never gives up. He may be strong, but he is also gentle, what people may consider a gentle giant. He works for his dreams, and he is anything but a procrastinator. He doesn’t like to waste time, and he wants to get things done while he has the time. He is usually nice to everyone, especially his sister. The two of them have grown as close as siblings can be, and they stuck by each other through thick and thin. His friendship with his sister is so strong; he’d be willing to take a bullet for her. He’ll fight for as long as he can until he breathes his final breath. Ninja~Toast
Sofia Konstantia 12 Girl 5 4'11, Brown wavy hair, brown eyes and fair skin Sofia is very weak, even if she faced an 18 year old with nothing on his hands and she was equipped with a spear, she’d struggle, possibly not even being able to lift the spear. At 4’11 it’s reasonable, though in the Hunger Games nobody will stand at nothing. Due to this, she isn’t the best climber either. Although she is very good with nature, her strength takes a toll on her pulling her back from things that could be easily achieved. (Blowgun) Sofia is known around the orphanage for her capability with adaptation with the wild. If you were to leave her out in the wilderness for a week, she’d come back with even more weight put on her. She provides plants, berries, and fruits to the orphanage along with other orphans she’s mentored, so if she was put in an outdoor arena, she wouldn’t have trouble making her way around. She is also very intelligent, in combat she’d rely on her brains more than her brawns; she could easily outsmart her just as easily as a career could take a victim. Sofia is overall nice, quiet, friendly, and gentle. She is usually too shy to approach others, though she can get used to someone very quickly once gotten to know a bit better. She isn’t considered anti-social, because she is capable enough to hold a conversation, though she does also like moments where she can be left alone. The only exception of that is the bond between her and her brother. They’ve grown as close as siblings can be, and they stuck by each other through thick and thin. She is very soft, squeamish, and fragile, there are times where she will take on everything, yet there are times where only so much will make her throw in the towel. Ninja~Toast
Redlow Fexpo 18 Boy 6 Redlow is a tall and skinny boy. He has red hair and white skin. He is about 6'5 foot and has blue eyes. He has a small tattoo on the top of his arm. Redlow doesn't know how to swim and fails in climbing trees. There is a lack of trees in his neighbourhood and there are no lakes in District Six where he could possibly learn how to swim. He never used a weapon before but he will try to use a mace and his explosions. (Explosion, Mace)Redlow's strengths are creating explosion and he knows how to create fires. He can make explosions out of the most simple object and plants. He will use this in the arena to trick some tributes, He know how to make fires because he needs them for his explosions. Redlow is a nice and kind boy from District Six. He loves to be around people and his family. He has a small obsession and that is explosions. He likes to create his own 'mini' bombs. Wesolini
Crystal Sapphire 15 Girl 6 Blue hair with Ice blue highlights. Her hair goes untill her shoulder. Somehow she always wears a white glove, a special kind of necklace across her head. She has cyan eyes and wears Blue eye shadow. She has sprakling white teeth and an evil look. She is about 5'5 and is rather skinny.  Being from a not outside district (like D7,D9,D10,D11,D12) she doesn't know much about all kinds of landscapes. She doesn't know much about plants and don't forget she doesn't know how to climb. (Knives) She is very cold, so she can kill without feeling bad. Also she is good on making fights between other people, which can become handy because when she needs to flee two people who are attacking her. Ice Cold, harsh. People call her mean which she is. She treats most of the people like they are worth nothing. Wesolini
Atlas Dunnin 16 Boy 7 Green eyes and black, spikey hair Climbing, Fear of Hights, Running, Swimming, Attarcting girls, being nice, being mean & Rationing food is hard for him. Fighting, Seeing in the dark, Sneaking  Bipolar Tothedoom
Alexandra "Alex" Stevens 14 Girl 7 Black long black hair, blue eyes, pale, not many mucsels Stays away from everyone, doesen't trust anyone, not very stong, close combat, having to kill anyone in their sleep (that was the way Amy was killed by her mother) (Bow and arrow, Knifes) Stealth, Climbing Alex is kinda depressed. She is herself, and she isn't like dangerous for anyone but since her halfsister's murder she has been depressed. She is quite the loner and won't let herself get attachted to people cause she's scared she will end up losing them again. She is ver intelligent and often it feels like talking an adult rather than a 14 when you talk with her. She rarely smiles and seems scary to most people but she's really just locked into a depression. She very rarely talks. However is determined to win the hunger games for Amy's sake. She is very serious, she never kid around and very rarely laugh. Annamisasa
Helios Greengrass 16 Boy 8 Strawberry blonde hair, brown eyes, fair skin  Not the strongest, can sometimes over-predict (Snares, knives)  Knows nature, strategic  Rough, cunning, manipulative, tricky, strong willed EHKnight
Loretta Wertin 15 Girl 8 Brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin. Swimming, Strength, does not kill tributes who are younger than her (Throwing Knife, Blowgun) Plants/Poison, Climbing Friendly, helpful, hates to kill, smart, trustworthy, funny, extrovert, self-confident, resolved, native  Ougi-kun
Kieth Scythe 18 Boy 9 Brown eyes, black hair, always scowls, deep tan, large nose, fit, 5'9 Too arrogant/cockey/prideful (Spear) Confident, fast, strong, fairly good swimmer Arrogant, Loud, Argumentive, Dangerous Brynn1999
Fleece Paretheon 17 Girl 9 She has flowing light blond hair and forest green eyes. She smiles often and she always wears her token around her neck. She doesn't like dresses and often goes for just jeans and a shirt. She will have a hard time killing. She won't even harm a little bunny. She also won't be able to handle it if one of her allies died. (Pitchfork, Knife) Fleece is quick and agile. She is very social so it won't be hard for her to gain allies. She also is, surprisingly, quite strong despite her delicate-seeming appearance. Fleece is very outgoing and she loves kids and animals. She always manages to bring smiles to people's faces and she is very attached to her token and her pet sheep, Lucky. She hides her grief and sorrow with her smile and she doesn't like seeing others in pain so she tries to make them happy. ShadowStarters
Pamline Falcone 18 Boy 10 6'6, dark brown hair, fair skin and green eyes. He can not swim, and is no good at long distance running. Also he doesnt like the company of others, feeling they drag him down. (Axe, Mace)  He is very strong, calm minded. He is also a great tree climber, and has amazing stanima. He is very quiet, silent but strong. He always sticks to his guns and never betrays a friend or anyone. He is very intelligent, preffering to keep his ideas to himself though. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Anke Artig 17 Girl 10 6'3, curly brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. Anke is not that strong, and prefers to keep her distance. She is not that good a climber, and will rely on escaping over land or water rather than climbing up. She can also overthink things, always planning out each detail, and can give to many options, and miss the clear one. (Bow, Throwing Axes)  She is a very accurate girl. She is amazing with long distance weapons, especially a bow. She is also an amazing swimmer, and is wierdly good at rowing through water. She is quite shy and reserved, but is desired by a lot of guys. She is very intelligent, and is sometimes to intelligent, but sometimes is not vocal enough. And will not express her opinions when she should, and just hides in the side lines. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Cap Hatfield 18 Boy 11 blonde hair, blue eye, peach skin, firm build Not good with all melee weapons, horrible patience, and is blind in the left eye Handy withed ranged weapons, good with camo, and finding edible foods cocky, a leader, capable, and resourceful. Cbuscrew344
Emma Wilkerson 13 Girl 11 She is okay looking. Emma has Brown hair up to her Shoulders. Emma Also has an Round face with Nice Pretty eyes that are Brown Then she has an Ok looking face with Pale Pink Lips and a nose that looks Big when she wears her Glasses and She is a Bit chubby But she still looks Healthy and Has a Good Body. Emma Has Low low self esteem since she was Bullied a lot so she has Trust Issues also Emma is not a long distance runner and finally Emma Is kinda bad at making ally's. (Sickle, sword, or an Ax) Emma is really strong for her age.She is also Good at Rock climbing and any Climbing since she Climbs a lot and Finally Emma is a Good hider.  Emma is really Nice but when You are being mean to her she will Become really Mad and Start To do Bad stuff to you like She will push you to a wall and start Slapping.But that rarely Happens Most People Think she is sweet and Bubbly when you get to know her but the other jerks think Emma is weird But Emma is also very shy to others. PeaceLoveGir
Cruz Plocek 17 Boy 12 Messy, curly dark (really Dark) brown hair, large blue eyes, medium skin, scar on his right cheek, 5'6 Rebel, ousted by society, wanted, paranoid that the Gamemakers will kill him for sure. (Spear, Dagger, Sword) Survival, swimming, running, climbing, camoflauge, hiding, snares Can defenetly be a jerk when he needs to be, but usually isn't. He has unique opinions on almost everything, but he usually keeps them to himself. He's very funny & charming when you really get him talking though. Brynn1999
Paula Twoson 15 Girl 12 She has blonde hair to the middle of her back, that flows down, beautifuly. She has bright skye-blue eyes. She's quite small and frail, and is very thin with almost no muscles what so ever. She thinks she's ugly She is very weak physically so she has very bad stamina and strength. She's also quite insecure. (Bow and arrow, Awl) She very quick on her feet with sprinting and such, although she can't do long sprints. She's very stealthy and makes no sound what so ever when she walks. Paula's biggest trait is her insecurity. It wasnt really an original part of her personality but when she were beaten she kinda got to look down on herself, ashamed of herself. She felt she weren't good enough for the world, and would never stand up for herself. People thinks it's rather stupid of her, she's clever and talented but never let's it show cause she's so scared of failing. Paula's second biggest trait is her kindness. She will always go out of her ways to help and hates to ssee people be sad and alone, however she rarely approach people cause she's just so insecure and shy too. If people were to approach they would learn that she's a really kind and loyal friend to have by their side, but she just don't dare to be the one to approach people. She's the excact oppersit of a hot-head and people often get annoyed by the fact that she never seem to stand up for herself. All of the people in the whole wide world, she treats herself the worst, thinking that she doesn't deserve better. Paula always demand the best from herself but never demands anything from anyone else. She get's extremely sad when she makes others sad, and extremely thankfull if anyone were to do anything from her, as she don't believe that she deserves it.



Name District Story
Bruce Foster 1 Bruce was a normal guy, living in a normal house, with normal clothes and a normal school life and a normal family. His mum, dad and younger sister, but then one night when Bruce was studying at his friend Luminol's house late at night while his mum was cooking dinner, something happened. The cooker went alight, engulfing his mother and the entire kitchen. His dad screamed for his sister to run, but she never did because she didn't hear him, the fire tore through the living room, destroying everything in its path, killing his dad. It climbed the stairs and hit his sister, she didn't even see it coming. That night, Bruce lost his family. He ended up never leaving Luminol's house to go back to his, because it no longer existed. Bruce was never the same again, but he managed to keep some sanity.
Georgia Westlake 1 Georgia was raised in District 1, specifically the region named Abbiedown, its one of the richest places in District 1. She was always in the second biggest house. Always in the second best car. Always in the second best clothes. Second best everything, because the girls in school always had more, no matter what Georgia wanted. See, Georgia only had one parent, specifically her mother, Agatha. Her mum tried and tried and tried, but alas, Georgia was born into money, and when her father died, Agatha lost all hope in the world. Agatha broke down and Georgia had to pick up the pieces of her broken life and gluing them back together. Georgia got a job at the store, selling clothes and knitting socks, man labour and things. That's why she could never hang out with the populars, because she had to go to work after school. She couldn't afford the makeup, the clothes, the anything. And then Agatha started to come back, she got a job, supported Georgia the way a mother should, but it wasn't enough. Georgia hadn't had a mother for long enough, she didn't need one anymore. Georgia left her house and began to stay with a friend. Until now, she's been living with Pheobe Prescott, the queen bee from school.
Zac Stratone 2 Zachary was born into one of the few poor families on District 2. His father had just one of the arms, because one of them was truncated during his job on the Nut. However, his mother is completely deaf and she can't hear nothing. Being the older brother of other three siblings, Zachary always was the "man" of the house. He had to work on a market as fruits salesman. His younger sisters collect the berries on the forest, while Zachary usually cooks the plants and fruits for them. After the death of his father by the Capitol, Zachary got extremely upset and just stayed up at home teaching how to kill to his sisters. Whenever he gets a time to practice, he woudl train as much as he can to be prepared if someday, his name gets picked. But some days before the reaping, his mother accidentally set fire on the house while Zac was on the market. When he returned, he saw nothing but the corpses of his family and the smoke. So on the reaping day, he got no choice, but volunteer to stop with his depression.
Nebbi Adair 2  Nebraska was Born In England. Nebraska's Family was Really Rich because Her Dad was Somewhat Related to King Stephen One of the Kings of England. Life was never easy for Nebraska she is always in the Center of Attention since she is Always Getting interviewed always Getting Her picture taken always doing anything but her family was also hated because people think that there Fat Slobs that don't deserve there Money so that they only one of the richest family Becuase there related to some king but they had a aright to Complain since they spend all there money on Food so there Fat. One Day Nebraska had Enought so she Sold there Huge Mansion So she had a chance to be in the games. Luckly she had the Money to go live any District she wants , so she Begged her family to move to District Two but that all Changed when her Two sisters Got Reaped for a Quater Quell and they did not Last a Minute. Her one sister When she was coming up the Tube that goes to the Area, She got Stuck Haft way because the tube was To Thin for her So she died because the PeaceKeepers did not Care They just rolled there eyes Then The other Sister Got killed first in the bloodbath So Nebraska's Family is the Laughing stock of Distict Two,She got so Mad That she would complain her Guts out but She Trained Hard For about Nine years Then she Decided to volunteer because She is Tired of her Family making her a fool like they did to her sisters.
Cordo Ivory 3 When Cordo was 11, his older brother and mother were killed in a factory fire, creating his fear for fire ever since. He lives with his Aunt Maya, Uncle Neo, and cousins Thalia and Sextus because his father abandoned him when he was 13. He was reaped. 
Jil Estelle 3 Jil Estelle lived with her parents in the richest part of the district. Her family was very well known in the district, because they were kind and they always helped people. They did not care if they get something in return or not. Jil learned from their parents, that she must always be kind and helpful. Jil had friends, but they take advantage of Jil, but she did not care. As Jil was 11 years old, her parents were killed by a thief. The parents thought that he needs help, and brought him to her home. But it was a mistake. He killed Jils parents and he stole all the valuable stuff. Jil survived because she was thrown out of the window. Since she lives in an orphanage and is also disturbed. Her so-called friends dropped her because she is poor. Ever since Jil promised that she would never trust anyone again, because she will eventually hurt by someone. Since that day, she spent her whole life alone, and she had no problems with it. She wants to show that she is strong, but when she's alone, she cries because she misses her parents and her old life.
Martial Crest 4 Martial, the younger half-brother of Victor Seraphim Royale, is less known than his half-sister. He shares her strength to move forward though. His father was killed during a boating accident while his mother was pregnant with Martial, leaving him never knowing his dad. His mother remarried though when he was 12 to a man named Christoph Royale, even though Martial never changed his name, and he already had a daughter Seraphim Royale who was 15. She won the games the next year (3 years ago). hE LIVES WITH HIS MOTHER AND cHRISTOPH.
Laide D´eye 4  She was the thypical rich, popular girl. She lived in a mansion at the outskirts of District 4, with her parents. She began attending a training academy at the age of twelve to prepare herself for the games. She had friends and lovers all around her, she always got what she wanted, be material things or services. Everyone around her expected her to volunteer for the games, but her partens wanted to be apsolutely sure she was ready, she she wasn´t allowed to volunteer before she was eigthteen. She is sure of herself that she will return back home with even more money than before and fame across Panem.
Spyro Konstantia 5 Spyro never got to know his parents very well. He was only a few years of age when his mother died giving birth to his baby sister, Sofia. His father went into trauma and was no longer able to take care of his children, sending the two of them to an orphanage. The orphanage wasn’t wealthy, and the orphans were afraid that there would come a time where they could starve. At first Spyro was able to tough it out though as the months passed Spyro realized there was a great chance in bankruptcy of the orphanage, which could lead to his and his sisters starvation. He didn’t want Sofia to go through such cruelty, so him and some of his friends at the orphanage decided to do something risky; hunt outside of the district’s forest. He crafted a wooden club with spikes on the top of it, similar to a mace, and went to hunt. Although the meat he brought back wasn’t luxurious, since it had to be hammered to death by his wooden club, though it worked and the orphans settled for it. Soon, while Sofia was caught up with her studies and hobbies of plants, she asked Spyro to tag along. He was hasty of her safety; though let her after a few months. She was proven to be useful, and gathered many plants and they became even more successful gathering food. The orphanage staff never realized this, and the orphans did a good job hiding their food stash in hopes of not getting in trouble. Spyro and Sofia continued their lives like this, and Spyro craved for the day when he and Sofia could move out and start lives of their own. He made it his sworn duty to make sure Sofia was safe and healthy. He realized he failed when Sofia was reaped for the District 5 female. Distraught, he didn’t want anything to happen to his sister. He volunteered in attempts to guard his sister, making sure that she could possibly return as a victor.
Sofia Konstantia 5 Sofia never got to know her parents very well; her mother died while giving birth to her, leaving her father in a traumatic state leaving him no longer able to take care of her and her brother, Spyro. Sofia was moved to an orphanage along with Spyro and they still live there today. The orphanage was very poor, and food was very hard to come by. At first Sofia could tolerate the food shortage, but as more and more orphans moved into the orphanage the more Sofia was forced to face poverty. Spyro couldn’t stand to watch Sofia suffer, so he gathered a bunch of friends at the orphanage to hunt in the wilderness to get food. It was a stressful and illegal task, but luckily they never got caught. The orphanage staff never realized of this, and the orphans were able to sneak food into their bellies whenever they could. When Sofia was finally old enough to go to school, she realized a passion for nature and wildlife while browsing books in a library at her school. As she aged, she begged her brother to tag along during their hunting session, which took months for Spyro to say yes. Sofia gathered edible plants for the orphanage, and everyone was always kept well fed and healthy. Sofia and Spyro continued their lives like this, and Spyro waited the day when he could finally move out of the orphanage with Sofia and they could start a life of their own. However, tragedy struck when Sofia was reaped as the District 5 female in the Hunger Games. Spyro has made it his life duty to protect Sofia, and he was distraught when she had been reaped. Spyro volunteer right after, so he could protect Sofia in the games, and his new goal was to make sure Sofia escaped the Hunger Games alive. He knew that she’d live in Victor’s Village, and she’d be able to continue life on her own despite being only a minor. Although the odds aren’t in their favor so far, anything could happen.
Redlow Fexpo 6 Redlow Fexpo, A boy from District Six, living in one house with his parents and his three sisters. Being the first born and the only boy from his family. His parents have high hopes about him since he is a smart boy. At a young age they found out that Redlow adored explosions. They gave him a chemistry set for his birthday. He loved this. He started experimenting with the box and soon found out how he could make explosions. He always laughs when an explosion happens. People like him since he is very kind in District Six but his parents are getting mad at him. They love him but they hate the explosions. One day, when he skipped school he stayed home. Both of his parents were ill and he decided that he should try a new kind of explosion. He tried it and made it explode in their backyard. The impact was awful. The explosion was really powerful and it blew Redlock several back. When he got up he saw his house in ruins. He quickly ran inside to find both of his parents dead. He now had to take care of his sisters. He went into a depression for several months but he found himself and became a caretaker of his sisters. When he was eightteen and celebrating the last time that he could be reaped something terrible happend. The escort yelled Redlow's name. His sisters started to cry and scream but noone volunteered and Redlock was in the Hunger Games.
Crystal Sapphire  6 Crystal was born in the winter. Her parents almost froze to dead when her mother's water broke. The birth was awful. Her mother froze to dead while giving birth so her mother was cut open to retrieve Crystal. Crystal started to cry and her tears turned into ice. She survived the whole winter with only her dad, who gave all his love to Crystal but when Crystal was four he also died. She turned cold. Nobody loved her anymore. She started to become the 'Ice Queen', that is how people called her now. She was always mean and filled with hatred. One day, she called her enemies names, they beat her up and her faith in humanity was destroyed. On reaping day she got reaped and everyone in District Six yelled. They were all happy. Crystal however feared dead.
Atlas Dunnin 7 Parents died and he is the only one in the family left. Fights for himself
Alex Stevens 7 Alex lived in district 13 where she lived with her mother and father. Her mother sleept with another (who left her after) and they got divorced when she was seven. She got a new stepsister, Amy, and they became best friends. She would always be together with her and they were really close. Then when she was 11, where Alex was at her fathers house Amy would not be school for a week. She decided to go see why and she has keys to the home so that she could lock herself in. The house was all dark with no lights on. She remembered how she walked over the noicy planks. She walked into Amy's room and the curtain was down and light was off. No Amy, but as her eyes got used to the darkness she saw that the wooden planks in the floor had been pulled up and a rope was stickin out. She easily pushed the planks away and pulled the rope... It was heavy and when she got it up she realized what it was...Amy death body, chocked with a rope. She remebered how still she sat in the room for a while, and then she screamed to her lungs couldn't scream anymore. The peacekeepers was called and they found Alex's mothers body hanging from a rope. They found out that the mother killed her child and then hung herself. Alex suffered a great depression and was put in a insanety house for a while. The memory's of her death stepsister still haunts her to this day.
Helios Greengrass 8 He lived with his parents and his two younger brothers by the only forest in District 8, in a small cabin. His father worked as a baker in town, he earned good money so his mother could stay home with him and his brothers, she didn´t have to work. But a night in february, everything changed. The only smith in the district was convicted for murder, a crime punished with execution. But since he was the only smith in town, the people of District 8 needed him, and since it was two bakers, they took Helios dad instead and chopped his head off. Now the Greengrass family was left to starve. Her mother got a servant job, and both Helios and his brothers had to get extra jobs out of school, but they still starved. Then, hope for his family was completely killed when he got reaped for the 115th hunger games. Helios knows that if he doesn´t win, his family is dead too. He has nothing to lose.
Loretta Wertin 8 Loretta lives with her mother in the poorest part of the District 8. She goes to work every day to earn enough money so that they have enough food for herself and her sick mother. Her father died in a work accident. A factory exploded. She thinks that it was the Capitol, because they suspected that the factory was a base of some rebels. Since then, the mother fell ill and since then Loretta hates the Capitol. She has no friends because she's working every day and also makes some night shifts. But she does not mind, because she knows that she is needed by her mother and that makes her happy that she can help someone. But she thinks that she should volunteer and win the games but she is afraid that she will maybe die and leave her mother alone. She really needs the money.
Kieth Scythe 9 Normal D9 boy, just trained for the games, voulenteered
Fleece Paretheon 9 Fleece wasn't always well liked. She used to be snobby, greedy and arrogant. You see, she was actually the daughter of rich Capitol people. They gave her what she wanted and they loved watching the Hunger Games together. Then, an inccident occured. She was only 10 when it happened. Her parents were killed by a boy named Sean Reaper, who was only a year younger than her. She was knocked out and when this was revealed, it turned out that they weren't her real parents. Her real ones died a long time ago and they lived in District 9. She was forced to move there and instantly, she became the most hated kid. She didn't understand work and she wasn't very good at making friends. She was lonely. Then, a 12 year old boy named, Joseph Harrick, helped her out. She fell in love with him. But then, he was reaped and he lost. He was in 2nd place. This traumatized Fleece and she no longer liked the Hunger Games. She learned to be nice and appreciate nature. She became more liked and she now had many friends. Then, her best friend Jullie Pathaway was reaped. Not wanting to see any more of her friends in pain, Fleece volunteered.
Pamline Falcone 10 He was always shy as a kid, never liked to be around other kids. He loved being with his sister, they lived deep in the forest so he never got a chance to make any friends. When he was 13 his sister was reaped though, and was put through the pain of watching her compete. She did decently well, making it through without killing anyone. But sadly placed 5th when the 1 female killed her. Pamline was then reaped when he was 17, and competed in the games. He won along with 3 others. But never got to make a kill. So when he was in the Capitol he requested he could enter the games again. That year he trained a lot, moved to District 10 along with his family, now only his dad since his mother commited suicide, and lived their. That year he volunteer, vowing that he would not return, probably, but that he would kill the 1 female.
Anke Artig 10 Anke loved to read. She was never without a book, and was never really seen. She did not like to venture outside her home, and had a bit of a phobia of playing outside, fearing what happens. She had a little sister, who was 5 years younger than her. Anke adored her sister, and knew she would give her life for her. They did not really struggle as they grew up. Both their parents had good jobs, and managed to provide for Anke and her sister. When Anke was 12 her sister caught pneumonia. There was not much they could do for her, and sadly later that year she passed on. This deeply hurt Anke, as her sister was her closest friend. And it sent her into a spiral. She actually got more vicious, and began to fight with people in her year. She stole from the shops, and was in prison twice. She was almost executed, but was given a pardon after her parents explained. But sadly she was never the same, and on reaping day she saw a small girl be reaped, and could not cope with watching her die, so volunteered to save her.
Cap Hatfield 11 Has a hard life in 11, always picking and harvesting food. His family treats him like crap and they're very poor. He's always had the want to go to the hunger games. That's why he volunteered at the reaping. While his family will be fighting with another family instead of worrying about him, he'll be trying to ally himself with the careers and win the games.
Emma Wilkerson 11 Emma used too be a Bubbly girl she had lots of friends Sadly in Grade Six, Emma had too Move too a Private school since a Lady showed her Mom about the school and the mom was Fine with it. The Kids at Emma's Private school were Rude and Snobby But Emma was not a Loner she had Friends But this girl named Indigo Bullied on her and Raged at her because Emma wore the Same Pants as her and She tell lies about her and Making excuses so She would not be Emma's friend. After when Emma was Twelve, Indigo Left But She was not happy for Long because a Rude girl named Erin came She decided too Bully all of her friends So Erin would so Stuff like Punch them, Hit them and Do a lot of Mean Stuff But She would do it too Emma since Indigo Left. People would start to be nice too Emma and wanted to be her friend But Erin saw her as a Threat So her and another girl Made a Rumors about Emma so Emma Descided to Stop going too that private school and go back to her old school but she was not the Same. Emma was not the Bubbly Girl that she was when she was Eleven So Emma Decided to End the Pain and the Bad Thoughts so she volunteered to end it but she wanted to do one thing and that thing is too Win the Hunger games.
Cruz Plocek 12 He lived in the capitol until he was 11, when his father, head gamemaker, said that the Hunger Games were a time of waste and money. His father was immediatey put in prision along with his family (Cruz's mom, Cruz, sisters [2] and younger brother). The next day they were sentenced to death in a public shooting. Right before they shot Cruz, he elbowed the Peacekeeper holding him and ran away, making it to the districts. Being from the Capitol, he dyed his hair from the beautiful blonde, to a dark coffee color. There was really nothing he could do about his eyes. He ran all the way to District 12, and changed his last name from Stark, to Plocek so that he would fit in. Living on his own, he submitted his name twice for tesserae, and now his name is in there four times. 
Paula Twoson 12  Paula lived with her parents in the seam. Her parents had to work 14-hours a day just to bring food on the table for Paula and her 12-year-old little brother, Jeff. Paula was always the one to take care of him, doing the cooking and such in the house. It was very streesfull for Paula but she never complained as she felt like Jeff deserved the best he could get, and that she didn't deserve the spare time. However on the reaping a year before, Jeff was reaped. Their parents went crazy and tried to stop Jeff from walking to the stage, and Paula and Jeff watched in horror as their parents were shot dead right in front of them, and right in front of the whole contry of Panem. Paula was placed in the worst orhanage in whole district 12. It was hard to live and the fact that she had to watch her brother compete in the hunger games. He was placed 9th. He was found by the careers and totured to death and of course Paula had to watch the whole thing. No one took care of Paula while she fell into a depression. But finally after a long time she got a job as a maid for the mayor of the city. The mayor liked Paula as she never complained and such. At her working place, she met the Mayor's son, 16-year-old, Ninten. They talked on a few occations, and Paula was so thankfull cause Ninten actually showed intrest for her which no one ever did. They began to be more than friends, and they would be very romantic together, and Paula was pretty much the happiest girl on planet earth. But something changed with Ninten. His mother died. And one day Paula found Ninten just standing looking out as his window. Paula wanted to help him and laid a hand on his should. Ninten turned around and slapped her so hard that Paula fell to the floor. He punched her, kicked her, slaped her. Paula never blamed him, but and tried her best to be a good girlfriend, but everytime she would encounter him alone, she would get beaten. It went worse the day before the reaping. As she was cleaning a room, Ninten came in and locked the door. And it began. It was the worst he had ever beaten her. She was lucky that she didn't break any bones but she was very close to break her own skull when he yanked her face into the wall. The next day while walking to the reaping, Paula whole body was covered in bruises and wounds that were still open. She was reaped. Paula is still not sure what worse...having to die in the hunger games, or having to stay with someone she loved who woould beat her dead.


All reservations last 3 days. You can re-reserve to extend your time, but after a while they will be given away.

DrewlovesKuinn D1 Both (Jan 5th)

ShadowStarter D9 Girl and D12 Boy (Jan 5th) (Jan 7th) Half Expired

Annamisasa D7 Girl and the D12 Girl (Jan 5th)

Ninja~Toast  D5 Both (Jan 5th)

Rainbow Shifter D4 Female (Waiting) (Jan 6th) Not enough info

AxedFox D4 Both (Jan 6th) Expired

PeaceLoveGir D11 Female (Jan 9th)

EHKnight D8 Male (Jan 10th)

Voting (Over)

Before I add anything else I want to ask you guys what you want from these Games. So, vote in the comments and I'll keep track. Thanks guys! :)

Should I include Training, Chariot Rides (If there are Chariot Rides there will be Stylists), and/or Interviews? Note: If I do one of them, it won't take long. If I do more then that though, It'll take a while.

Should there be Mentors?

Should there be Gamemakers?

Should there be Stylists? (If there are then there will be Chariot Rides)

User Training Chariot Rides/Stylists Interviews Mentors Gamemakers
DrewlovesKuinn No Yes No Yes Yes
Wesolini No Yes No Yes No
Ougi-kun Yes Yes No Yes No
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX No Yes No Yes Yes


Here's the template for submitting a stylist.




Name District Girl Design Boy Design
Desira Romana 4 The girls are wearing plain brown dresses, light brown like sand. There hair is lose, down there back. Nothing in it all natural. They are bearfoot, and have no makeup at all. The only jewllery is a single seashell necklace, with mainly pale brown seashells, but the occasianal purple and red. They have a shoal which is a darker brown, it wraps around there shoulders and has wave pictures sewn into it, with the lighter brown string. The boy have no shirts on, and there skin has been made a light bronze colour. They are wearing loose pale brown 3 quarter lengths, with no shoes. No makeup either and there hair has been dusted with sand. They are also wearing the same shell necklace, but instead of the occasianal purple or red shell, they have light blue and sea green shells. His eyes have been altered so they are the same colour as the sea, and he has a belt made of a piece of rope like on a boat.
Rose Dalton 10 The girls are wearing similar outfits to the boy, but are wearing roe deer skins rather than red. It is also dotted in blood and dirt, but will stop at her knees, and will wrap around to show her figure. There antlers are coated in silver and a layer of fur, and stand above there hair, which is mixed in with grass and branches. Yet again she is wearing a goldenish tan, with splatters of blood around the shoulders. She will be carrying a large silver axe, whose blade is coated in blood, and be bare and covered in dirt again. The boy is wearing a cloak made of red deer fur. Dotted across it are patches of blood, and dirt. It will cover his whole body, and wrap right around. On his head he is wearing a set of antlers, each coated in gold and small layer of fur. His body has been coated in a gold tan like substance, and splashes of blood will be around his neck and shoulders. He will be carrying a thin birch spear, with a bronze end. He will have bare feet, which are covered in dirt, and leaves.
Fir Selkirk 12 Paula.jpg Cruz.jpg


Here's the template for submitting a mentor. 

(The best mentor in my opinion will get an advandtage either in these games or my next ones)



Games Won (Explian them a bit):


Name District Age Strategy
Annette King 1 25 Stick with the Careers and watch your back, some people will be ready to kill you as soon as you turn around.
Arlen Odair  4 37 Don't trust anyone completely except from your District Parnter, and try to stay alive.
Octavian Wintersfield 5 36 He will tell the tributes to not only use brain, but to use brawn. He will tell them to keep there weapons with them at all times, and to only trust eachother. He will tell them to keep a good deal of supplies in his backpack at all times, and to stick near weapons. He will infom them to not be the leaded, and to not get to attatched. And stick together if anything happens.
Valience Renaeuro 10 58 She is fond of nature, and will tell them to stick to the forest, and to never ally with the careers. She will teach them about plants and nature, and how to survive. She sees this as her greatest asset. Also to only use weapons of nescissary and to win. She will take a motherly approach, and help them. Lead them through the harder days.
Trey Hawthorne 11 18 Stay alive, ally as soon as possible

Jessica Proper

12 20 Protect allies at all costs and try to win in honor of allies/friends


Here's the template and shiz



Name User Style
Crimson Sckinntears GlimmerandSparkle! Loves the gruesome deaths that occour at the talons of monsters she creaated hearself :)
Goddess Empusa AxedFox A disgusting, torturous woman with disturbing thoughts boiling inside of her. Although Goddess doesn't work in the trap department, she is still pretty ruthless. She creates muttations, and also helps with training scores. She's vicious, dynamic, destructive and rude, the perfect gamemaker.
Augusti Leverman The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Mutts. He has a mad mind, and can think of the most painful and mind destroying mutts. He also enjoys designing the arena, and places for the mutts to be hidden and the areas they command.
Leilanne Strips XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX Leilanne is good at making mutts and she really loves making traps too so she can see that stupid tributes can fall for her Traps and she is good at making events in the games too.

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