Ok, so as many of you should know, I have been having a REALLY hard time writing my school games, and that is because there is no plot at all. I have no idea what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, or who it's going to happen to. So, I'm having you guys, my 3 loyal trustworthy. . . knights, come and halp me make the plot so I can start the story up again!


  • Do not make anything wonderful happen to your character or bad happen to someone that you hate's character.
  • Actually, just tell me the plot, not who it effects:) That way it's like a gamemaker/writer job.
  • Nothing too insane.
  • If you don't post within 24 hours, break the rules or aren't trying to help at all I will remove youo from the people who are allowed to comment on this blog and let someone else take your job.
  • There is no -and I mean NO- spamming or commenting on this unless you have premission. If you break this rule, I sware I will kill you. . . .>:D But seriously, I will be pissed off.

People who are allowed to comment on this.

If you are not allowed to comment on this but you do anyway, we will treat you like a spammer. And just to let you know, spammers are my worst enemies... :)

But seriously, if your in The 1st School Games! then that might make me kill your tribute. If they're still alive.

Here are the people that are allowed to comment on this:

There are no more availiable spots, so don't comment unless you are one of these people.

Here's an example of a plot, not the actual one I want to be using. Just to kinda show you guys what I'm looking for.

Bloodbath/Day 1- 7 people die. Right in the middle of the bloodbath the cornucopia explodes, so only the people that were smart enough to stay away from it live.

Day 2- 5 people die. The mutts start showing up, and the remainig tributes start exploring the dangerous arena.

Day 3- 1 person dies. Everyone is bored, even the tributes. The person who died is killed by other tributes

Day 4- 3 people die. There was a small fight, whre 1 person died, and 2 others got attacked by muttations

Day 5- 2 people die. One dies from extreme wounds and the other falls off of a cliff.

Day 6- 4 people die. The gamemakers make a flood in one half of the arena and a fire in the other half, so those fleeing from the flames end up drowning and those fleeing from the water burn to death.

Day 7- 1 person dies. There is an epic battle, and finally one of the fighters is crowned the victor of the Games.

See? That simple! Just make sure to include the day, number of people who die, and how they die. Conditions of the other people that are still alive would be nice too, but I can do that part.

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