YAY! This is the page where we get to figure out the arena, design mutts (my faveorite) and invent other entertaining ways to kill tributes!

The only people who should post on this page are:

Position Name: Played by:
Head Gamemaker Plum Hellsbutterfly GlimmerandSparkle
Senior Gamemaker Alicia Rhodes FoxfaceRue22
Senior Gamemaker Jay Walker Zacshadow
Assistant Gamemaker .?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.? Rainfacestar

If I find it otherwise, I will be very put off. :D


I had an idea! what about in the center of the arena we put this vortexy thing, so wherever you are in the arena it tugs on you, unless you are behind something big. If you get too close to it, BAM! it sucks you in! Of course, after tha part you die but THEN!!! (This is the good part) we Make you into some type of mutt and put you back into the arena to play with the tributes that are still alive! They would have a feature that is undoubtedly that tributes, so everyone is terrified :) What do you think? And for the rest of the arena, you know like is it going to be a swamp, meadow, desert whatever you guys decide.


Are we going to have anything like a feast or second bloodbath? What do you think?

Is there anything else I needed to add? Please tell me if I missed anything!

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