Ok guys here it is! Part 2! In this section there will be the Chariot Rides, Training Scores, and the Interviwes. Then after that, I will post part 3 that will be the Games. I'm so excited!

These will be the best games ever!

Chariot Rides

Hello Panem! Welcome to the 81st annual Hunger Games! Here we are at the Chariot Rides, where all of the tributes are dressed up in costumes representing their district! These fabulous costumes are designed by the fashion-istas of the century, our Stylists!!! Here come the Tributes!

From District 1, there's Tray Brynner and Kezaiah Bianca, wearing very sparkily outfits. All those diamonds really scream 'Luxury'! The Capitol audience has seen it before though, so they anxiously await the next chariot.

Here comes Jason Sevetra and Matilda Mir wearing silvery clothes that reflect District 2's industry masonry very well. The crowd likes this design a lot, and right now they seem to be the center of attention.

Oh! District 3 comes in and they are wearing blindingly bright clothes! It's almost hard to look at them! The crowd starts to mutter and point to them. Wait, no. They are pointing at the chariot's wheels. They aren't toutching the ground! Shayl McElroy and Suzie Graham are in a chariot thats floating 3 inches above the ground! The crowd is slightly stunned by this, but what we focus on, the costumes, are a little too blinding for some of the audience.

The District 4 chariot appears, carring Jeremy Al and Nina Marian, dressed in not-too-sparkily outfits that really show you that District 4 is all about fishing. There's even little fish hooks sewn into the bottom of Nina's dress! Oh no! There is a tiny trickle of blood coming down Nina's leg! I wouldn't want to be wearing that dress! Ouch! Oh well, the rest of the costume is really is amazing but still, I don't think anyone can ignore the 1st ever injury during a chariot ride! Right now that little incident seems to be getting them a lot of attention though!

Here come Pamline Fanlon and Arisa Meado of District 5! They seem to be wearing yellow and silver clothes that are... sparking? That's right, District 5's clothes are litterally shooting sparks! The crowd loves the design, and right now they seem to be the favorites.

District 6 is pulling in, with tributes Aaron Mercury and Adelaide Jensen wearing a costume that doesn't really make sense. They're wearing pointy hats, dark clothes with the district symbol on them. The audience feels robbed, because there are so many other ways that District 6's industry, Transportation, could be represented. The crowd quickly turs back to their favorites.

District 7 enters and we see Louisa is wearing a brown and green wraparound dress, holding a pair of green feathered fans, and Mako Chance is wearing a red and green shirt and lumberjacks dungarees, holding a golden axe. The crowd likes the dress, but has seen the lumberjack look before. They seem torn. Some continue looking at them, while many look back at their favorites.

Gunner Time and Nessie Needle emerge looking somewhat confusing at first. The crowds is used to seeing over-the-top clothes on them, even by Capitol standards, but this year is different.They are wearing clothe

s that are covered in words, and splattered with something that looks a lot like blood. As they draw nearer, I can see that the words are words like strength, bloodthirst, luck, strategy ect. They are all things you need to win the Hunger Games. It talkes a while, but the crowd eventually notices that their stylist decided to use the word 'Textile' litterally. Again, the crowd is torn. Some look away, unsatisfied, while others love the odd outfits.

Disrict 9 tributes Spike Hill and Liberty Friar enter and we can see they are wearing very golden costumes, covered with wheat and bread and all of that good stuff. Their gold makeup is very attractive, but the audience has seen this look before. Most turn back to their favorites.

District 10's tributes, Will Evans and Fire Colson, are wearing something I don't think anyone gets. The girl is wearing a blue gress and a green bracelet, and the boy is wearing a blue vest underneath a black jacket, with balck pants and a belt like the girls bracelet. Given that this district's industry is livestock, I have no idea where all of the blues and greens came from. The crowd thinks this too. They turn back to their favorites.

Ethan Sun and Aliyah Fiana from District 11 come in and they are wearing light brown clothes (although the boy's shirt can't be buttoned... wow! He has a great 4 pack.) In some part of each costume, there are tiny shards of a mirror covering a specific peice of clothing. The boy has wheat encircling his head and torso, and the girl has it tangled in her hair and flowing down her back. The thing that seems to strike the Capitol as really different is both are wearing no make up at all. They seem to be among the favorites right now.

From District 12 it's Kole Roch and Eucy Collier, wearing skin tight black jumpsuits with flames flickering on their limbs. The main part of the costume is a huge crown with a contained blue green flame at the top. The crowd likes it a lot, but they've seen the flame design before.

I hope you enjoyed the Chariot Rides!

Audience Favorites!

Ok here are all of the audiences favorites! If you are 1st that's really good, 12th is pretty bad. I only designed District 8's costumes, don't worry I won't just make mine the favorite. Here we go!

1st Place- District 4

2nd Place- District 11

3rd Place- District 8

4th Place- District 3

5th Place- District 5

6th Place- District 2

7th Place- District 12

8th Place- District 7

9th Place- District 9

10th Place- District 1

11th Place- District 10

12th Place- District 6

Training Scores

  • Kezaiah Bianca~ 8
  • Tray Brynner~7
  • Matilda Mir~10
  • Jason Sevetra~6
  • Susie Graham~7
  • Shayl McElroy~ 6
  • Nina Marian~10
  • Jeramy Al~9
  • Arisa Meado~8
  • Pamline Fanlon~6
  • Adelaide Jensen~9
  • Aaron Mercury~ 6
  • Louisa~7
  • Mako Chance~8
  • Nessie Needle~5
  • Gunner Time~6
  • Liberty Friar~5
  • Spike Hill~10
  • Fire Colson~7
  • Will Evans~8
  • Aliyah Fiana~9
  • Ethan Sun~9
  • Eucy Collier~7
  • Kole Roch~6


Caesar: Hello citizens of Panem, and welcome to the 81st Hunger Games! I'm you're host, Caesar Flickerman, and we're live at the interviews! The interviews are where we really get to meet all of our tributes, and who wouldn't want to meet these fine ladies and gentlemen! Oh, here they come now!

The crowd cheers loudly when all of the tributes appear in a line. Some smile and wave,and others stare at the floor as if suddenly it is the most intresting thing in the world. The girl from 1 steps onto the stage.

Caesar: Hello Kezaiah Bianca!

Kezaiah: That's my name, don't wear it out!

(Crowd kinda laughs)

Caesar: That was kinda weird wasn't it, me calling you by your whole name? My excuse would be I'm new at this, but obvioulsy I'm not....

Kezaiah: Dont sweat it Caesar! I love your interviews! I'm so thrilled to actually be in one!

Caesar: Aww thanks! So, besides my interviews, what is your favorite thing about the Capitol?

Kezaiah: The style! Since District 1 is so close to the capitol, all of our peacekeepers wear clothes like they would back home over their white uniforms. I am always so jealous of them! I especially love your zebra print hair tonight! It's so... wild!

Caesar: Thank you! So, lets get down to it. What is your strategies for these games?

Kezaiah: Well, I have an alliance with Tray, Matilda, Jeremy, and Nina, and they want to go to the Cornucopia, grab everything we can, and then keep everyone else away from it. After that, I can't say, because you never know what's gonna happen in the Hunger Games!

Caesar: So true!


Caesar: That's all the time we have! Good luck to Kezaiah Bianca, from District 1! Next up is Tray Brynner! So Tray, what do you think about that 7 you got in training?

Tray: None of you guys could have done any better!

Caesar: So you're not hat happy about it, huh?

Tray: Sorry, but yeah I'm not. I had been hoping you wouldn't ask me that question........

Caesar: Oops! I'll move o to a different one then. Is there anyone back home that you'd like to give a shout-out to?

Tray: Yeah. My girlfriend, Sara. I love you baby! See you soon! (blows a kiss into the air)

Caesar: Aww! That was so cu...


Caesar: 3 Minutes is up! Good luck to Tray Brynner. Here comes Matilda Mir from District 2!

Matilda: Hey Caesar! What's up?

Caesar: Oh, you know. Just hosting the Hunger Games Interviews. But I'm suppossed to be interviewing you!

(crowd laughs)

Matilda: Yeah, I know. Just shaking things up a little! (smiles at crowd)

Caesar: That's what we like! So, what do you think about your district partner? Kezaiah Bianca didn't mention Jason in her list of allies, and usually all of District 2 makes it in.

Matilda: Yeah, I was pretty surprised. Everyone assumed he would be with us, but when we started talking about strategies he walked away, and later he told me that it would be stupid to tell him our strategies since he wasn't going to be with us.

Caesar: That's odd. Anyway, what did you think about that 10 in training?

Matilda: It was awesome! Now I would usually tell you how I got it...

(Gamemaker yells something hard to hear)

Matilda: I know! I know! Sorry. Someone (nodds head in direction to gamemaker) says that I can't talk about it. Oh well, you guys proabably dont care. ;)

(Crowd giggles)

Caesar: Of course we care! But, what we want to know is do you have anyone back home that you care about?

Matilda: My dad Is a victor, as many of you already know. My mom and sister have also been in the games, but they both died....

(Crowd is slightly stunned but very moved)


Caesar: That's all of our time! Next up is Jason Sevetra! So Jason, what's up with you and the Careers?

Jason: I hate the idea of a bunch of kids running around, hunting down other kids. Sounds too much like school!

(Crowd laughs)

Caesar: So you were bullied in school?

Jason: Ehh. Can I give a shout out?

Caesar: Of course!

Jason: I'd like to give a shout out to Rocco Vosct, the kid who showed up in my nightmares as a wolf last night!

Caesar: So you were bullied! Anyway, what do you like most about the Capitol?

Jason: I love the showers! Back home on days like the reaping, it took me forever to comb my hair! Here, it litterally takes an instant! The soap is a little... strong!

Caesar: Yeah, I've noticed! The controlpad is super sensitive though, and I end up smelling like bananas thanks to my elbow everyonce in a while!

Jason: Yeah, I got some drops of water on mine, and I couldn't tell if I was freezing or steaming for a couple seconds!

Caesar: Yeah they should really fix that!


Ceasar: There's the buzzer! Best of luck to Jason Sevetra! Next up is Susie Graham, District 3!

Susie: Yup! That's me!

Caesar: So Susie,what did you think of the 7 you got in training? That's an unusualy high score for district 3!

Susie: I thought it totally fit my talents! My dad trained me with a sword when I was little, just for self defense. We never dreamed that I would be in the Hunger Games!

Caesar: I don't think anyone, except the voulenteers, dreamed of It either! But for you, is this a dream, or a nightmare?

Susie: Depends what part you're talking about. The food, clothes, and the audience are all a dream. The fear of dying tomorrow morning is definetly a nightmare.

Caesar: Yes, I'm so sorry that that is even a possibility....

Susie: It shouldn't be! If you wanted to, you could stop all of this. We could all just live in peace!

Caesar: Well, I couldn't do all of that. I'm just the host of the interviews!

Susie: Sorry Caesar. I didn't mean you, I meant the audience, and the president. Come on Snow!

(Audience looks uncomfortable)


Caesar: That's all of our time! Good luck, Susie Graham! Next up is her distric partner, Shayl McElroy!

Shayl: Hey Caesar!

Caesar: Hey Shayl! How are you tonight?

Shayl: Just like Susie, a little terrified, very excited, and a little blinded!

Caesar: Yeah, these stage lights are a little bright, aren't they?

(Lights dim so you can almost not see anything)

Shayl: AHHH!!! Turn them on! Turn them on!

(Lights come back on)

Caesar: That's better! No one can see my hair in the dark!

Shayl: That's a crime!

(Crowd laughs)

Caesar: Tell me about it! What did you think about your style in the chariot rides?

Shayl: Well, we were blinding and floating! It was great, but again, terrifying. Almost everything here seems to scare me though!


Caesar: There's our Buzzer! Best of luck to Shayl McElroy! Next is Nina Marian, from District 4!

Nina: Hey Caesar, from the Capitol!

Caesar: Yeah! I love living here. What do you like about it?

Nina: I love all of the food! At home, we always had it, but never as good as this! Lobster, Pork, Crab, it almost makes me shiver! And don't even get me started on the deserts.... Mmmmm!!!

Caesar: I know right? I could just eat all day! I hope it's not noticeably in next years interview!

Nina: Don't worry, I'm sure it wont be. But you have to tell me, how did you manage to put on that zebra print lipstick? It's a little crazy!

Caesar: It's a special brand. Speaking of crazy clothes, what did you think of that fish hooked dress in the chariot rides?

Nina: I loved it! The the part where it hooked me was killer! It hurt, but not that bad. It certianly drew attention to me though. Thanks, Gliveran!

Caesar: Yes it did! I think at least half of our audience is in love with you tonight!

Nina: Do you love me, Caesar? (Bats eyes playfully)

Caesar: Of course! Do you love me? (Puckers zebra print lips)

Nina: Who doesn't?

Caesar: That's what I want to know! What I REALLY want to know though is is there anyone you love? Besides me, of course. ;)

Nina: Yes

Caesar: Can you tell us who?

Nina: Well, he's just my crush. I don't want to make him feel bad back home.

Caesar: Ok ok. I have a feeling you're not going to tell me. Can you at least tell me what you thought of that 10 in training?

Nina: It was amaing! I was so surprised. And I know I wasn't the only one, but that was the highest score of all of them! I'm so happy about it.

Caesar: I know you were! I wish i could have seen your face then.


Caesar: That looks like all the time we have! Good luck, Nina Marian! Next up is Jeremy Al!

Jeremy: Hey.

Caesar: Hey to you too! So Jeremy, How are you liking the Capitol?

Jeremy: I love it here! Too bad everyone can't live here...

Caesar: If you win you can!

Jeremy: Yeah, that's what I'm working for!

Caesar: So Jeremy, What do you think of the other Careers?

Jeremy: They're great! Kezaiah is really nice, Tray is so modest, Matilda is just great, and Nina is so funny!

Caesar: It's good you like them! Otherwise, that alliance wouldn't last long!

Jeremy: Yeah!

Caesar: So Jeremy, what is most different about the capitol, compared to your home?

Jeremy: The sea. Well, the absence of it. I used to swim every day back home, and I'm kinda missing the rolling waves right now. I wish there was a pool in the training center.

Caesar: Yeah, that would be nice! Maybe next year we can get one added!

Jeremy: That would be great! A little late for me though.


Caesar: That's all our time! Best of luck, Jeremy Al! Next up is Arisa Meado, from District 5!

Arisa: Hey Caesar! So, lets get this party started!!

Caesar: Alright!! So, what's your strategy for these games?

Arisa: Well, I'm really light and skinny, so I can climb trees pretty well. I thik I'll just hang out up there, and try to outlast the others.

Caesar: That's a great strategy! So, what do you like about the capitol?

Arisa: The food! I never had enoght back home. I lived with my great grandma, and she couldn't really provide for me, so when I saw the food here, I almost started crying!

Caesar: I bet you did!

Arisa: Yeah, that chocolate cake is to die for!

Caesar: I know right! So, what is most different about the capitol?

Arisa: The people. Everyone back home tries to fit into the crowd, but here, no one fits into the crowd, because everyone is so different. Especially you!

Caesar: What's so different about me?

Arisa: Well, you're wearing zebra-print makeup, for one. Also, you're famous! No amount of hair spray or eyeshadow could outshine you in a crowd!

Caesar: Thank you!


Caesar: That's all our time! Good luck, Arisa Meado! Next up is her partner, Pamline Fanlon!

Pamline: Hi

Caesar: Hi Pamline! 1st question: do you have any kind of nickname?

Pamline: Yeah. It's Line.

Caesar: So Line, What's you're favorite thing about the Capitol?

Line: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Caesar: Oh ok. You are the strong silent type right?

Line: You could say that.

Caesar: Is there anyone back home you'd like to day hi to?

Line: Hi dad. I would say hi to my sister, but she died a while ago, the same way I'm probably going to.

Caesar: She was in a games?

Line: Yes.

(Crowd looks slightly saddened, but most remain unmoved)

Caesar: Do you want me to ask any more questions?

Line: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Caesar: I guess not!

(They wait out the rest of the 3 minutes in silence)


Caesar: (Exhales with relief, but it's barely noticeable) Next up is Adelaide Jensen!

Adelaide: Hello Caeser! How are you?

Caesar: I'm doing great! And you?

Adelaide: Wonderful!

Caesar: Good! So Adelaide, what did you think of that 9 in training? Pretty impressive!

Adelaide: I was completely surprised. I knew i was ok, I didn't think I was that good though! I just... sorry forgot. Can't talk about it!

Caesar: That's too bad! I think we all want to know how you got the score some of the Careers would have literally killed for!

Adelaide: Maybe the gamemakers would allow it just this once....

(Gamemaker runs onto stage)

Gamemaker: No! No! No! Please! Do NOT talk about it!

Adelade: (Put's her hands on her hips) Why not?

Gamemaker: Just please, Don't!

Caesar: Woah!

Adelaide: Shh Caesar. I'm having a conversation!

(Crowd Cracks up)

Caesar: (Pouts like a little kid) Okayyy.....

Gamemaker: (Looking desperate) Please!

Adelaide: (Copies Caesar's pout) Okayyy............ fine. (smirks)


Caesar: Aww! It's over! Next up is Aaron Mercury from District 6!

Aaron: That's me!

Caesar: Aaron, what's you're favorite thing about the Capitol?

Aaron: The Crazy color! It's so much brighter than District 6...

Caesar: Why is District 6 so dark?

Aaron: It's not! This place is blinding!

Caesar: Touché. So, what is you're best weapon?

Aaron: Either Swords or Knives. Both have their adantages. Swords are best in close combat, but knives are lighter and can also be thrown.

Caesar: Makes since. Can you tell us our strategy for the Arena?

Aaron: I don't know really. Maybe make a small alliace and try to take out the careers. That way even if I die in the proccess, someone besides them might win.

(Camera zooms in on the careers, who narrow their eyes to points and one even bares their teeth)

Caesar: What did you have against the Careers? I found many of them very charming!

Aaron: Nothing. They just always win. I was thinking that maybe it might be a nice twist!

Caesar: Can I ask you one more question?

Aaron: We are in an inerview, no?

Caesar: True that! Here it is; Is there anyone back home you'd like to give a shout out to?

Aaron: My family, back home. I love you guys!


Caesar: That's a wrap! Next up is Louisa, District 7!

Louisa: Don't worry, I'm here!

Caesar: Good! Or else we would have to just sit here for 3 minutes.... again......

(Crowd cracks up, remembering Line)

Louisa: Let's get started!

Caesar: Ok! So Louisa, what do you miss the most about home?

Louisa: The smell! Everything there smelled like trees, and here it smells like plastic. I had never noticed it before since it was always there, but now I know the 1st thing I'm gonna do once I get close to a tree is run up and stick my nose on it!

Caesar: I'm sure if I went do District 7, the trees would smell unusual to me!

Louisa: I bet!

Caesar: Now you sound like me!

Louisa: Haha! I should just take your job now!

Caesar: Ok! You interview me then!

Louisa: So, Caesar, what"s your least favorite part of ther hunger games?

Caesar: Toughie! I guess it would be meeting fabulious young people like you and then watching you die on-screen.

Louisa: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Caesar thinks she is thinking about dying soon, but really she is having a fear spasm with her eyes)

Caesar: Louisa? Are you alrig- (Louisa comes back to the real world)

Louisa: Oh yes I'm fine!

Caesar: I think it's best if I interiew you! Look at what you're wearing tonight! Thoughts?

Louisa: It's beautiful! I feel like I'm getting married, only in fabric that was made out of water!

Caesar: If you were getting married, who would it be to?

Louisa: No one yet. Untill I find someone that's just right for me, I'm going to just enjoy being a kid!


Caesar: That looks like all the time we have! Good luck and farewell, Louisa! Next is Mako Chance!

Mako: Hey Caesar.

Caesar: Hey Mako! I have a feeling you just want to be done with this. Is that true?

Mako: Kinda. My escort and mentor drilled me all day for this, so now I'm really tired!

Caesar: Me to! Are the bags under my eyes too noticeable?

Mako: Yeah a little.

Caesar: So Mako, Is there anyone you'd like to give a shoutout to back home?

Mako: Yeah I have several. There's my lady, Zel. There wasn't enough time to say this back home but, I love you! And my beautiful family. There's so many things I'd like to say to all of you, but I only have a second. I just want you guys to know that whatever happens to me, you have to move on!

Caesar: Mako, that was very heartfelt. Tell me, when you voulenteered, what thoughts were going through you're head?

Mako: Well that was my little brother. It was just his second year to go into the reaping bowl, and when they chose his name i was terrified. I knew that any day I would rather get ripped to shreds that watch him get ripped up and not be able to do anything about it, so of course I voulenteered.

Caesar: Do you plan on making it home?

Mako: Anything to see my bros and Zel.

Caesar: I know you will see them soon! So, considering this, what is your strategy in the arena going to be?

Mako: Well If I told you, then my enimes would know too. Wouldn't want that, would we?

Caesar: That's an excellent point! Oh, time's almost up! Anything else you'd like to say?

Mako: No, I'm pretty much done.


Caesar: That's a good thing too! Good luck, Mako Chance! Next is Nessie Needle!

Nessie: Hello Caesar! So, what is your favorite thing about hosting the interviews?

Caesar: Meeting amazing young people like you! What's you're favorite thing about being in the interviews?

Nessie: Trying to steal your thunder.

(Crowd cracks up)

Caesar: You're pretty good at it too! So..

Nessie: Bup bap bup! I'm not done! So, Caesar, what's your favorite thing about living in the Capitol?

Caesar: (Looks annoyed) I like the luxury of it all. Thanks, District 1!

Nessie: Don't you like the clothes though? District 8 works hard to give you those lovely clothes!

Caesar: I never said I didn't like the clothes! I just said that the Luxury was my favorite.

Nessie: Oh ok. Sorry sometimes I get a little sensitive about that! My brother fell into one of the machines and I miss him so much, so whenever someone doesn't seem to appreciate District 8 I go a little.. well.. crazy.

Caesar: Anyone would! So, can you tell me more about your brother?

Nessie: I don't think so. I can tell you about my little sister Simona though.

Caesar: Ok

Nessie: Well when I was reaped, she came to the Justice building afterward, and the second she saw my face, she started weeping. I had to make her stop though, because we didn't have enough time. We couldn't have. She was so sweet and hopeful. and she told me that even if I can't make it back home, I have to at least try.

Caesar: What did you say?

Nessie: I promised I would try. For her. But I also said that if i got into any fights with anything, that she needed to stop watching the television.


Caesar: 3 minutes are up! Good luck getting back to your sister, Nessie Needle! Next up is Gunner Time!

Gunner: Hello.

Caesar: Hello!

Gunner: So are you going to interview me or not.

Caesar: I am! So, what do you miss the most about District 8?

Gunner: The people. Everyone's so much more.... aproachable there.

Caesar: What do you mean by that?

Gunner: The crazy clothes kinda scare me.

Caesar: Do I scare you tonight?

Gunner: Your clothes? No. Your makeup? That would be a very strong YES!

Caeasr: I'm sorry about that! So, what did you think of that 6 you got in training?

Gunner: I was dissapointed, but i earned it. It was my fault, not the gamemakers.

Caesar: It takes a strong person to be able to admit that!


Caesar: That's all our time! Good luck to Gunner Time! Next is Liberty Friar!

Liberty: Hey Caesar! Let's get this partay started!

Caesar: Good idea! So, what do expect the arena will be like tomorrow?

Liberty: I hope it's a big field. With no cover. But, there are things like grain and corn growing around the edges. That's probably not what it's going to bee like, but I can dream can't I?

Caesar: Yes you can! But tell me, why a big field? There will be no place to hide!

Liberty: I know. I grew up in fields though, so I know much more about them then anyone here does.

Caesar: Now I see! So, what is your strategy for the games?

Liberty: Well, I figure on my way out from the cornucopia, I could try and grab a pack or something. Then, I would go and hide, and just kill of anyone that crosses my path. If anyone seems tronger than me and really nice, I guess we could have an alliance. But only then.

Caesar: Is there anyone in mind?

Liberty: Not really. I guess I'll just know when I see them.

Caesar: Alright! So Liberty, what...


Ceasar: Good luck, Liberty! Here's her partner, Spike Hill!

Spike: Hey Caesar:

Caesar: Spike, I couldn't help but notice your name. Did your parents really name you Spike, or did you get it changed?

Spike: My parents decided on this. Said they really liked the name, and it showed how tough I was or something like that.

Caesar: Are you tough?

Spike: You could say that. (Grins mischevioulsy at the crowd)

(Crowd laughs)

Caesar: Do you have anyone back home you'd like to give a shout out to?

Spike: I was hoping you'd ask that. I want to give a shutout to all of the victors in my family, and the 2 who died in a Games, and the people who never have and hopefully never will, be in a Games. Also, I want to shout out to my gang. They are close as family to me, and I'll kill to get back to them!!!

Caesar: You're in a gang?

Spike: Yeah, we're the Slums. Well, i'm not just in the gang. I'm the leader.

Caesar: Does your gana have any rivals?

Spike: Kinda. We don't fight that often though, because the peacekeepers always break it up. Mostly, we just get together to fight hunger and stuff like that.

Caesar: That sounds great!

Spike: If you ever visited District 9, I would have you meet them.


Caesar: Best of luck to Spike Hill! Next is Fire Colson, from District 10!

Fire: Hey Caesar!

Caesar: Wow. First it was Spike, now it's Fire. You both have names that could hurt somebody!

(Crowd laughs)

Fire: Was that a compliment?

Caesar: It's a good thing if you're going into the games!

Fire: Guess what! I am!

(Crowd laughs)

Caesar: Fire, what's your favorite thing about the capitol?

Fire: The absence of cattle. Serioulsy, bach home they're EVERYWHERE! And they're not exactly the most loving creatures ever. Or the best smelling.

(Crowd laughs)

Caesar: What did you think of your chariot costume?

Fire: It was beautiful, but I was kind of dissapointed. Nobody really understood how it went with Livestock, so That put us near the bottom.

Caesar: What a shame!

Fire: I know right!

Caesar: Before we run out of time, would you like to make any shout outs?

Fire: Yes. To my Father, My brothers Sol and Sky, and my best friend, Alynn.

Caesar: Was it hard to leave them?

Fire: (Fire looks really mad) What do you think? If you were forced to get on a train that carried you away from everyone you love, and when you got out of the train you knew people would be waiting to watch someone kill you anxioulsy? How do you think it would feel?!?!?


Caesar: Good luck to Fire Colson! Next is Will Evans!

Will: Yo.

Caesar: What's up, dawg?

Will: Nothing much.

Caesar: What are you thinking about right now?

Will: My mom. She was a victor a while back, She's mentoring Fire.

Caesar: It's good you get to see her still! Most of the other tributes don't get that.

Will: Yeah. I'm also thinking about my brother. He died in a games, and all I really want to do right now is revenge his death!!

Caesar: Who was he killed by?

Will: District 2 girl.

Caesar: So do you plan on killing her for revenge?

Will: I'm gonna get as close as I can get.... (He glances at Matilda)

Caesar: (Talking to the crowd) Don't you wish we could bring Matilda out here to see her reaction? Too bad, her time is up!


Caesar: And apparently, so is yours! Good luck Will Evans! Next is Aliyah Fiana!

Aliyah: Hi Caesar! (Waves)

Caesar: Do you have a nickname?

Aliyah: Yeah! It's Allie.

Caesar: That's such a cute nickname! So Allie, what do you think about this year's tributes?

Allie: (Mood suddenely becomes dark) Same as always. It's a great group of friends that are all going to die.

Caesar: Not all of them! Now, who are you friends with?

Allie: I wouldn't really say we're friends, but we talk and stuff. Anyway, It's my district partner, Ethan.

Caesar: So why did you say a group of friends?

Allie: We would be if we didn't have to kill eachother.

Caesar: True true! So Allie, what do you like most about the Capitol?

Allie: (Mood brightens) Everything! But mostly, the lack of peacekeepsrs. Those guys can be such a pain!!

Caesar: They're there to enforce the law, but I understand. Everyone can be a pain!

Allie: Aint that the truth!

Caesar: Allie, Look at what you're wearing tonight! Your thoughts, please?

Allie: I love it! The green is so pretty!! Also, I'm enjoying the lack of shoes so much! And look at my hair! Its just so pretty! I think I might.. want to give a hugenormous THANK YOU to my stylist!

Caesar: Hugenormous? Love it! Anyway, is there anyone else you'd like to give a hugenormous thank you to?

Allie: Yeah! My little brother and sister. I love you guys! Tell mom that she needs to take care of you, for me.

Caesar: That was so sweet!

Allie: Yeah, I can be like that

(Crowd laughs)


Caesar: Good luck, Allie! Next up is Ethan Sun!

Ethan: What up?

Caesar: About to start asking you questions! So Ethan, what do you think of your clothes tonight?

Ethan: It looks pretty cool. The thorns aren't even pokey! It's getting pretty hot in here though.....

(Takes off his shirt, you hear someone slapping their forehead)

Ethan: That's better!

(Girls start screaming, then when they start to pass out, It gets quiet again)

Caesar: Woah! Ethan, that was great! Can you teach me?

(Remaining crowd laughs)

Ethan: Sorry but a magician never tells his secrets! (Winks at Caesar;)

Caesar: (Looks at the clock) Oh my goodness! All that screaming really made a dent in your time! One last question, What do you like the most about the Capitol?

Ethan: The girls;) Here, they're so much hotter than back home!

Caesar: You don't have a girlfriend?

Ethan: That's 2 more questions! Anyway, Naw. Its better this way cuz you can flirt with anyone you want.


Caesar: Good luck, Ethan Sun! I'm sure the ladies agree! Next is Eucy Collier!

Eucy: Hey!

Caesar: Hey! So Eucy, what do you like the most about the Capitol!

Eucy: The food! At home, It would've taken days to make a poor version of just one meal here!

Caesar: Really? Wow!

Eucy: Yeah, I know right! (There is a hint of razors in her voice)

Caesar: So, is there anyone who you'd like to give a shoutout to?

Eucy: Yeah! My mom and my dad, who happens to be the mayor of 12. All the people in the seam, too. I love you guys! You are like a second family!

Caesar: That was very sweet Eucy!

Eucy: Aww, thanks!

Caesar: So, What did you think about the Cariot Costumes?

Eucy: They were beautiful! I could NOT Belive we only got 7th place! We should have gotten 1st!

Caesar: Everyone who voted said that they had already seen this style before.

Eucy: I don't care! It was still amazing!

Caesar: Yes it was! So, Is there anyone you care about back home? I mean, romanticly?

Eucy: Well, I have this little crush. But he's not exactly back home....


Caesar: That sounds like our buzzer! Good Luck. Eucy Collier! Last, but certianly not least, is Kole Roch!

Kole: Heya, Caesar!

Caesar: So Kole, what do you miss the most about home?

Kole: My girlfriend, Lea. But apparently, I have a secret admirer!

Caesar: Yeah, sounds like it! Is there anything you'd like to let Lea know before tomorrow?

Kole: Yeah! Baby, I just want you to know I love you. I know you will be strong without me, and I want you to try and move on, ok?

Caesar: Don't plan on making it back?

Kole: Oh, if I can, belive me I will. It's just I don't think I can.

Caesar: That's what they all say! Then they end up living in the Victors Village for the rest of their lives. Anyway, what are your strategies gonna be for this Games?

Kole: I'll probably ally with Eucy. Then, we'll just camp out in the woods, and try to take out some other tributes.

Caesar: Ah, a classic!


Caesar: There's our last buzz! Good luck to Kole Roch, and all of the other tributes! DJ, Play us out!

(Capitol anthem plays)


YAYAYAY!!! I'mm all done with the interviews! Check back soon, I will post a link to part 3, The Games! :D

And may the odds be EVER in your favor!

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