Ok guys! This is it! The.........81ST HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (jumps up and down like a little girl!!!) I'm so excited, aren't you?


81st HG

Let's get this partay started already! :D


Just to let you know, any nicknames (Whether you made them up or I did) are used in this chart. If I made one up it was because your origional name is a little long. By they way, 1st place doesn't exist. If you get 1st place, you are the victor, So I will just leave it blank.





Killed by


Tray Brynner



Had an Ax

Fire Colson


Kezaiah Bianca



Had Bow and many Arrows, Knife

Susie Graham


Jason Sevetra




Tray Brynner


Matilda Mir



Blowgun, Hammer

Kole Roch and Mako Chance 4th

Shayl McElroy



Had a Slingshot, Knives

Matilda Mir


Susie Graham



Fire Colson


Jeremy Al



Had a Trident, Net

Spike Hill


Nina Marian



Long Knives.


Line Fanlon



Had an Ax

Matilda Mir


Arisa Meado



Had one of Kezaiah Bianca's Arrows.

Minnow Mutts


Aaron Mercury




Nina Marian


Adelaide Jensen




Ethan Mutt


Mako Chance



Had some Knives, a Spear

Nina Marian 2nd





Severe Wounds


Gunner Time



Jeremy Al


Nessie Needle



Had a Knife

Will Evans


Spike Hill



Had a Whip, Knife

Nina Marian


Liberty Friar




Matilda Mir


Will Evans



Had a Boomerang

Nessie Needle


Fire Colson



Had Knives, Bow and 20 arrows.

Mako Chance 5th

Ethan Sun




Pit Mutt


Allie Fiana



Had A bow, 14 arrows.

Pit Mutt


Kole Roch



Had a Sword and a Knife

Eucy Zombie 3rd

Eucy Collier



Had a Knife

Alie Mutt and Ethan Mutt



Guys, at any time you can request to break an alliance or make one in the chat. Some people have made them in the comments before the games began, like I asked them to, and so you will be allied with them unless you say you'd like to break the alliance in the comments. If you didn't check up on the day I posted this please don't freak out!!! You can make an alliance anytime during the Games. After this point though, the person you're allying with has to agree. Please, do NOT sort this out in the comments! Save that for talk pages please! Thank you!

HG81 tributes

The Tributes

The Games!!!

Day 1

The audience follows a tribute as she steps onto her plate, and slowly rises up into the arena. The arena would be a great place to camping, but all of the tributes know it will be laced with unthinkable dangers. In the midle of a big, flowering field, the golden cornucopia sparkles in the sun.

The timer starts. 60.. 59..58.........

The camera swivels around as it tries to take in the whole arena at once. Off to one side, there is a picturesque forest, the leaves all glistening with dew and wonderfuly saturated in color. To the other side, there is a mountian, also very picturesque, with snow that's hard to look at because it's so bright. Caves riddle the mountianside, and you can tell that they would be a great place to hide since there are so many. In front, the beautiful field continues on for a long time, untill it just drops off. Under the tributes feet, there are streams snaking along, starting up in the mountians and leadint into the forest. Behind the tributes, the mountians and the forest collide, making a weird land feature no one knows how to describe.

3..2..1! The gong sounds and several tributes leap from their plates at once. Jeremy Al(4) reaches the cornucopia first. He quickly grabs a trident and chucks it at Gunner Time(8) and he dies. The rest of the Careers join him, and they are all grabbing their favorite weapons out of the cornucopia.

Matilda Mir(2) spots Liberty Friar(9) trying to sneak away, and shoots a dart from her blowgun at her head, and she falls to the ground.

Susie Graham(3) leaps of her plate surprisingly fast, and runs around the cornucopia so the Careers can't see her, and heads into the woods, unarmed.

Allie Fiana(11) grabs a small pack and heads out into the woods, but Kezaiah Bianca(1) sees her and shoots an arrow at her heart. She is moving fast though so the arrow pierces her arm instead. She painfully yanks it out (still running) and races into the woods.

Shayl McElroy(3) grabs a pack and sets out after Susie Graham(3). The Careers are starting to spread out so no one else can pull a Susie on them, so he is forced to run in full view of anyone who cares. In the confusion, he escapes with only minor injuries to his leg.

Jason Sevetra(2) has decided not to join the Career pack, and is heading out toward the mountians on his own. Tray Brynner(1) sees him, and out of anger of his betrayal, he runs up behind him and swings an axe at his head.

Spike Hill(9) sees the Careers crowding around the cornucopia and heads straight toward them. He shoves Nina Marian(4) out of his way, and just before she beheads him with her long knives, he deflects them with his own and declares that he wants to join the Careers. Seeing his skill with the knives, they let him in, but they still cast wary glances his way.

Fire Colson(10) sees Spike Join the Careers and is filled with rage. Why would he do that? The Careers were killing everybody that passed them, and every death was making Fire really ticked. She grabbed beautifully crafted bow and sheath of arrows that were close to the cornucopia, and shot at the Careers at random. One arrow found it's mark in Tray Brynner(1)'s neck.

Kole Roch(12) and Eucy Collier(12) make a break for it at the same time. Kezaiah Bianca spots them, and throws her knife at Eucy. It hits her leg, and she cried out in pain and colapses. Kole Roch Had managed to grab a pack and a sword, and is hovering over Eucy, protecting her. The Careers leave them alone for know, knowing that Eucy will slow Kole down and if they don't treat her wound soon, she will blead to death. Eventually they make it into the woods.

Aaron Mercury(6) runs up to Adelaide Jensen(6)'s plate and askes her if she wants an alliance. She agrees, and while Adelaide(6) runs up to the mountains, Aaron(6) Goes to grab some supplies. Nina Marian(4) watches him approach, then sneaks up on him and stabs his temple, leaving Adelaide Jensen(6) alone in the mountians with no supplies.....

Line Fanlon(5) powers through the Careers and grabs an Ax. When Matilda Mir(2) tries to hit him in the head with her hammer, he swings at her with his ax. She dodges, and it get's stuck in the cornucopia. While he is struggling to free it, she bashes his head in with her hammer.

Mako Chance(7) grabs a spear that was near his feet and races off, fending off any attacks viciously. Nina marian shoots an arrow at him, but he deflects it with his spear (he only got an 8 in training?) and races off. At some point, he managed to grab a pack, and he is headed toward the weird mountian/woods area.

Will Evans(10) Runs to grab a boomerang off of the ground, and throws it right at Nessie Needle(8) at the same time, she's managed to get a knife and she throws it at him. Both make their mark, and the Careers just hear two loud thuds.

Arisa Meado(5) Grabs a pack and heads after Susie Graham(3) and Shayl McElroy(3) The Careers spot her, and Kezaiah Bianca shoots an arrow at her. It goes straight into her... thigh. Arisa just grimaces and keeps running, not even pausing to pull out the arrow.

Louisa(7) grabs a loaf of bread and an extra jacket and heads off towards the mountains. Spike Hill(9) is the only Career who sees her, and so he grabs a long whip and whips her on the back. She cries out, and in that short period of time he also gets a knife into her arm. She knows she is wounded badly, so she drops the bread and runs as fast as she can for the mountians, scared out of her wits.

Ethan Sun(11) looks around and frowns. All of the hot girls left! He saw some over there next to the cornucopia but... they looked sort of spikey. He ran off into the woods, not bothering to pick up anything. He decided to go and find his district partner, Allie Fiana(11) to see if she wanted to be allies...

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The cannons signaled that the bloodbath was over. Everyone that's still alive counts the cannons. There were 8.

Here's an overview of all of the tributes:

Spike Hill(9) is enjoying being with the Careers every second, and he almost feels like he's back with his gang. If you knew your gang would eventually try to kill you,

Nina Marian(4) and the other Careers are sorting out the supplies, and when they finally stop argueing about who gets what they set out on the night hunt.

Ethan Sun(11) has found Allie Fiana(11) And right after she shot him in the ear (he scared her) They teamed up. Right now they are treading Ethan's ear and Allie's arm. Allie is a little mad that Ethan didn't get any supplies when he could have so easily. She has decided to share a bandage for his ear (she did give him that wound) but nothing else. In her pack, there are Bandages, A booklet of plants to stay away from, a water bottle, a small amount of iodine, some bread, and a bow and quiver of 13 arrows, so now she has 14 in all.

Louisa(7) is horribly wounded and the only thing she managed to grab from the cornucopia was an extra jacket. Now is safely concealed in a cave near the bottom of the mountians, but she is hyperventalating. around her arm there is a large pool of blood, and her back has swelled up a lot along her spine. She knows she will need an ally soon, but she also knows that the careers will be hunting soon, so If she looks for an ally now then they will find her. She sits tight in her cave, trying not to think about anything.

Kole Roch(12) and Eucy Collier(12)have found a hollow tree and are currently setting up camp. Eucy has somehow managed to fall asleep, and Kole is almost crazy with worry for her. She recived a knife in the leg from Kezaiah Bianca(1) and it is bleeding a lot. Kole wrapped some cloth from his pack around it, but it will be soaked soon. In Kole's bag, there was a quart-sized jug, some iodine, a knife, 5 apples, some banages, and some wire. Susie Graham(3), Shayl McElroy(3) and Arisa Meado(5) have all found each other and are safely camping out in the woods. Shayl and Susie both escaped unharmed, and Arisa only got an arrow in her thigh. They clean it with water from the stream, and it has stopped bleeding. In Shayl's pack, they found a slingshot, some nuts, some iodine, a really small container filled with water, and a sleeping bag.

Adelaide Jensen(6) has found a lovely cave about halfway up the mountian. She is paitently waiting for Aaron to come back, and wonders what is taking so long. He proabably isn't as fast of a climber as her. She positions herself so she can see all down the mountainside, but no one can see her. She has no supplies, and is getting a little hungry, but is paitently waiting for Aaron's return to do anything,

Fire Colson(10) is a little freaked out from killing a Career. I mean, anyone would be! She is still jogging through the woods, knowing that the careers will come hunting soon. After about 2 hours of this, she bumps into Mako Chance(7) and they form an alliance. Now, they are in they weird Mountian/forest. Fire has a Bow and 20 arrows in her quiver and Mako has a pack and a Spear. In Mako's pack, there is an assortment of knives, some bread, apples, a gallon jug, iodine, bandages, and some wire. They climb a sturdy tree, conceal themselves in it's leaves, and wait.

The Careers set out on the night hunt, heading towards the forest. The anthem plays signaling the end of the 1st day, and the tributes faces appear in the sky. They walk for a while and find Susie Graham(3) Shayl McElroy(3) And Arisa Meado(5) and they attack. Jeremy Al(4) Throws his net onto Susie Graham and just as Kezaiah Bianca(1) Is about to stab her, Shayl leaps in her way and gets a deep cut all down his face, including his eye. Instinctively, he flees the Careers, not thinking about his teammates. Matilda Mir(2) hits Arisa's hand with her hammer, and it looks broken in several places. She too flees, but she is following Shayl. Susie is still trapped in the net, and just as Nina Marian(4) holds up her spear to stab her, Spike Hill(9) jumps in the way and whispers something in her ear. They both grin evilly, and start dragging Susie along with them. They've decided the night hunt is over, and are going to go set up camp.

Day 2

Louisa(7) has lost a lot of blood over the night, but at least it has stopped bleeding. If she exerts herself though, she knows it will begin bleeding again. Her back aches alot though, and she hasn't had a chance to look at it. Today she plans to try and find an ally.

The Careers have set up camp inside of the Cornucopia, and Susie(3) is still entangled in her net. They put her to sleep using a bit of sleep syrup they found, and plan to do that every time she wakes up untill they're ready. (Not gonna reveal my plan.... MuHaHa!!!)

Shayl(3) and Arisa(5) slept in a crevice between two boulders, not quite a cave but still concealing. Shayl(3) has gone blind in his right eye from saving Susie, and he still does not know if it will heal. He thinks not, but only time will tell. Arisa's hand has turned purple, but there's nothing thay can do about it because even wrapping it would be like torture for her, so they just left it alone. Shayl is really mad that the Careers took Susie, but he is even madder at himself for leaving her.

Kole(12) and Eucy(12) slept in their hollow tree last night, and are so relived that the Careers didn't find them. Eucy's leg is still bleeding, but it is not nearly as much as it was last night. She can stand, but if they had to run she wouldn't make it far. (unless you consider around 5 yards far) Kole rewrapped it, and he has decided that they will just stay where they are, and he will try to go and find food today. Fire(10) and Mako(7) slept in their sturdy tree last night, and Mako insisted on keeping watch. He is surprised There were no cannons last night, but not that they didn't see any Careers. As far as he knew, he was the only tribute thay saw that went this way. Fire had a bad dream last night and almost fell out of the tree, but Mako rolled her back over so she wouldn't fall.

Adelaide(6) is really ticked off in her cave. How dare that guy run up and ask for an alliance, and then go and die, leaving her without any supplies! She has finally blown off some steam after throwing rocks at everything that moved for a couple hours, and she decided that today she would go explore the mountain a little more.

Allie(11) and Ethan(11) fell asleep in a tree last night. Allie's arm has started to swell up a bit, and Ethan's ear is fine now. They don't have a plan of any kind. Even though Allie is really annoyed with Ethan, she can't help noticing how attractive he is. . . . . .

Susie(3) Wakes up and starts screaming, and the Careers have to tie up her arms and legs to get her to stop kicking. They took her out of their net, and right now they are shoving some sleep syrup down her throat. (litterally) Soon, she begins to nod off, and the Careers gag her as well so she doesn't start screaming again, and kick her sleeping form into a corner of the Cornucopia.

Adelaide(5) left her cave and hast started to walk down the mountain. She has just seen Louisa(7), and was prepared to throw a rock at her head untill she saw the condition that she was in. Adelaide took mercy on her, and they've just teamed up. But, since Adelaide has no supplies, this doesn't really help Louisa much. Louisa looks so relived, and soon she falls asleep.

Shayl(3) took a walk after he woke up this morning, and in the middle of it he threw a fit. He started throwing rocks, grass and other random stuff everywhere, and the camera even caught a glint of tears on his face. He apparently is really mad at himself for abandoning Susie, even though it wasn't really a choice, just ihe nstincts. He heard her screaming this morning, and I think he thinks they are torturing her.

Arisa(5) woke up to find Shayl gone, but she wasn't surprised. She slowly moves over to where the water is, and starts opening the lid one handedly. Her broken hand hurts a lot, and she is really scared that she'll have to use it sometime soon.

Fire(10) woke up to screaming this morning. She fell out of the tree she was sleeping in out of surprise, and rubbed her head. Oh well, it's just a bruise. Mako(7) looked down at her and laughed, but then realised why she had fallen. They were completely still, listening to the screaming and then the muffled noise that sounded kinda like choking, and it stopped. They looked at each other and reached an understanding. Obvioulsy, that noise was made by the Careers doing something to someone, and untill they were gone, these games wouldn't be fair. They set out towards the noise, planning to spy on the Careers.

Kole(12) left Eucy(12) with the task of cleaning up after their breakfast of half an apple each. He knew it wasn't really a task, but he had to give her something to do while he went hunting. He didn't stray far from her, and soon her had stabbed 1 squirrel, 2 rabbits and a bird. Good hunting day, he thought as he started walking back toward Eucy.

Ethan(11) and Allie(11) have gotten down from their tree and started walking. They each had a bit of bread for breakfast, and now Allie is trying to shoot something. She eventually gets a large bird, and they sit down to cook it. Allie wonders if a fire would be smart, but Ethan points out that they can't eat it untill it's cooked, so they get started on their fire.

Susie wakes up again, and she knows screaming won't help her. So, she pretends to be asleep, but everyone in the audience knows she is awake and listening to the careers conversation. Right now they are thinking about going out on another hunt, and deciding what to do with Susie. They have a plan, of course, but right now thay are working out the details.

It's getting late and there were no deaths today, and the audience is getting really bored. So, a gamemaker flips a switch.

Day 3

The Careers wake up and frown. All of their stuff has moved about 50 yards toward the woods, and several trees have fallen over in the night. They all grumble, thinking that some wild animal moved it or something, and move their supplies back were they were, but when they walk toward them they get this weird feeling that something is pulling them in. Susie(3) was swept away from the Careers as well, and she managed to pick up a knife, cut her bonds, and is now fighting the Kezaiah(1) with it. Kez is also fighting with a knife, because her bow and arrows aren't very god for close combat. Kez cuts off Susie's pinkie finger, and that makes Susie mad, so she aims for Kez's neck. Kez manages to deflect the blow with her knife, and we hear a 'clang' as the blades collide. Susie hits Kez in the head with the handle of her knife, and Kez's forehead looks slightly dented, but not enough to damage her brain. Kez throws her knife at Susie's arm, but she stepsides it. She stepsided it too slowly though, so it grazes her ribs. Susie gasps in pain and madly throws her knife. It hits Kez's eye and the fight is over. BOOM!

The remaining Careers come to gather up Susie so that they can still use her for their plan. She tries to run, but she trips over a mangled root near the forest, because some odd force unbalanced her. She would have stepped over it, but her foot had slid towards it and over she went! The last sight she sees before she blacks out is the Careers smiling over her, and a hand reaching down toward her mouth...

Ethan(11) and Allie(11) Heard the Cannon and wondered who died. "Anyone's fine with me. Really, it just gets us closer to home, right?" Allie couldn't agree more. She has forgiven him for not bringing back supplies when he could, and they talk a lot. No one noticed their fire last night, except for Mako and Fire, who thought it might be a trap. Their stuff also moved, but instead of moving around 50 yards like the career's stuff, it moved around 80 yards.

Mako(7) and Fire(10) camped in a tree behind the Cornucopia last night, and their stuff moved too. Fortunately, it fell out behind the cornucopia, and everyone's eyes were focused on Kez and Susie fighting, so no one noticed. They managed to get them back, and are now perched in their tree, spying on the careers. Since all the Careers are doing right now is forcing sleep syrup down Susie's throught and talking about another night hunt, this isn't exactly riviting.

Kole(12) and Eucy(12) just woke up, and their stuff is nowhere to be seen. "Maybe someone stole it last night?" Eucy wonders aloud. "No. I know if that had been me, I would have slit their necks too. Why are we still alive?" They were also moved, and woke up sitting about 20 yards from where they had went to sleep. "What I want to know is why you even have to ask that question." Eucy mumbled to herself, glancing at Kole longingly. Kole noticed and said "What?" "Nothing....." Eucy said, and groaned. Her leg felt horrible. Kole said he was going to go and try to find some food, which is what he's doing now.

Louisa(7) and Adelaide(6)'s supplies didn't go anywhere, since they have none. Louisa can't stand up anymore, and Adelaide is freaking out because she thinks Louisa will die soon. They need some supplies fast, but will they even help?

After Shayl(3)'s fit in the wood, he stayed out there untill dark, and when he came back Arisa(5) was asleep. He took barely more than half of the supplies, since he had gotten them, and left Arisa half of the nuts, half of the iodine, and the sleeping bag. He walked off towards the edge of the woods, near the Careers base, and he followed the stream a little ways and found a beautiful waterfall. He fillled up his jug, purified it, and set out to spy on the Careers.

Arisa woke up and found Shayl was not there. Again. She hadn't seen him at all the day before, and now most of her supplies were gone. She figured this was his way of severing the alliance, so she picked up her scattered supplies (they had all moved about 60 yards) and walked deeper into the woods, with a strange feeling like she was being pulled in.

Allie and Ethan(11) decided to walk today, hunting as they went. They chose a random spot and headed that way. After going maybe 100 yards, the tugging sensation that they hadn't really noticed before swept their feet out from underneath them. They were being dragged forward, flipping over the ground. Allie managed to grab onto a tree trunk, but Ethan was not so lucky. He flipped and tumbled all the way into a dark, deep looking pit. When he sat up inside the pit, something grabbed him from behind and slit his throat. BOOM!

Fire(10) and Mako(7) spotted Shayl(3) spying on the Careers. They walked over to him and offered an alliance. Shayl realised that this might make it much easier to get Susie back, so he agreed.

Louisa(7) is in a lot of pain, and Adelaide(6) can't do anything about it but try and comfort her with words. If she ould, Louisa is at the point where she'd take her own life to be out of this horrible pain, but since she has no supplies, she has nothing to commit suicide with.

The Careers are bored. They said the next time Susie wakes up they will excecute their plan, since waiting any longer will just jepordize themselves, since apparently she is handy with a knife. Matilda(2) and Spike(9) decide to go and practice throwing weapons at trees over behind the Cornucopia, leaving Nina(4) and Jeremy(4) alone. "Hey Nina, who were you talking about in the interviews?" Jeremy asks. Nina looks straight at him, and seems to decide something. "You." She finally answers. "Really?" Jeremy asks, sounding almost giddy. "Yeah." Jeremy's good mood has infected Nina, and she smiles. "That's amazing! Because... I feel the same way about you." Jeremy confesses. Nina gasps hapilly and puts her hands around his neck. He pulls her in close, and the kiss seems to last for infinity, and a milisecond. When Matilda and Spike get back, they're both grinning wildly, and Jeremy has his arm over Nina's shoulder.

Day 4

Allie is still clinging to her tree, because the pit hasn't stopped trying to pull her in all night. She heard the Cannon after Ethan fell in, and she knows that nothing good waits for her in there. She got no sleep at all last night, and her supplies are long gone.

Louisa is at deaths door, and Adelaide has gone outside to look for allies. No one else is on the mountainside though, and everyone in the audience knows it. Adelaide rushes back inside. Louisa and Adelaide share a knowing look, and Louisa closes her eyes. BOOM!

Mako, Fire, and Shayl spied on the Careers all last night. They know now that if they're going to help Susie, they have to do it soon. They decided that in this rescue attempt, thay should also try to take out a Career as well. Each one of them is going to target a different Career, not including Spike, because they don't think he really counts.

Arisa has reached a beautiful waterfall, but the pulling sensation is geting really annoying. She almost fell over several times on her walk here, but managed to stay on her feet. Arisa looks into the water, and, only seeing minnows, sticks her bare feet in. The minnows start to bite the dead skin off of her toes and she giggles, because it tickles. But then, one of them opens its mouth, showing off large, razor sharp teeth that seem too big for it. It bites her, and her blood trickles into the stream. Many others join in, and soon all the water around her is stained red. Arisa tries to pull her feet out of the stream, but the minnows pull harder. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of them now, and they have begun to jump and cling onto her thighs, waist, arms, and are dragging her into the water.One bites her broken hand, and she gasps in pain, as if breathing had become as impossible as flying. Her knees buckle, and the minnows reach her face. Blood is streaming from every part of her body, and a minnow jumps up and takes a bite out of her eye. She screams, and shortly after we hear a cannon. BOOM!

The Careers are still bored. Their stuff moved again, but otherwise all they did this morning was wake up. They gave Susie a lot of Sleep Syrup, so she hasn't woken up yet, so they haven't put their idea into action yet. Nina and Jeremy aren't bored at all though, because they've been too busy giggling and snuggling and flirting with eachother. Matilda and Spike are openly discusted by all of this, and they both have been spending a lot of time away from camp.

Eucy and Kole have decided to walk a little farther, because Eucy doesn't feel so bad anymore. But, before she ever feels the same again, she's gonna need some medicine. They decided to walk away from the pulling sensation, and, while this is harder than walking toward it, neither of them want to take the risk.

Day 5

Shayl has finally admitted to himself that he is in love with Susie after he had a dream about hearing her screaming, and it seemed ike he chaised her beautiful but piercing voice for hours, but when he finally gets a glimpse of her she is in pieces on the ground. Right before he gets a chance to cry out, he wakes up shuddering. Fire and Mako claim to have been shaing him for quite a long time, and they were afraid they would loose him. Today They plan to go to the Careers camp, steal supplies, get Susie back, and maybe slit a throat or two.

Eucy and Kole found climed up the weird Mountian/Forest area last night, and now hey are siting at the highest point looking down on a beautiful beach. No one else seems to have found this place, and they plan to camp here for as long as possible. The pulling sensation is completely gone, and they are glad, becuse both had been swept off of their feet at least once by it.

Adelaide sat on the mountainside las night and let herself have a good cry. She had felt so powerless when Louisa died, and so she plans to take charge of these games inevery ay she can. Soon she decided to try and pull a Foxface, where she sneaks up on the Careers and steals just enough, not too much. That way, she could survive for as long as they would. She figures if she dies in the process it's no big deal, because it's probably going to happen sooner or later.

Allie is still holding onto her tree, because the pulling still doesn't seem to want to stop anytime soon. Everyone's surprised buy this, because she actually managed to get an hour of sleep, by typing her hands to the tree with her belt. She has had no chance to eat or drink in the last 24 hours, and it's evidently catching up to her.

The Careers are thinking that Susie will awake any minute now, so they have gathered around her, weapons in hand and devilish grins on their faces. When Susie's eyes flutter open, they all grin and Matilda says in a creepy but suiting voice "Finally decided to rejoin the world? Take a good, long look, because it might just be your last chance!" "Move your big ugly faces. That's all I can see, and it's hardly the world." Susie is surprisingly good with comebacks, considering she just woke up. "That's it!" Nina says a little loudly, feeling insulted because Susie just called her ugly. Nina raises up her knife, ready to plunge it into Susie's heart, but Jeremy stops her, and whispers something in her ear. Nina pouts, but nodds at him and lowers her knife. Spike grins at Susie wordlessly, and takes his dagger and quickly slashes it across her face. The others all join in, cutting off small pieces of her nose, ears, lips, and even tounge. Just as Susie's small outcry reaches the air, all Hell breaks loose.

Shayl, Fire and Mako had been crouched in some long grases just outside of the Career's camp, and when Susie cried out Shayl lost it a bit. He leaped out into the clearing, armed with several Knives and a Slingshot. He stabbed at random, not even looking at their faces, just seeing Susie laying down in the grass, and these creatures were keeping him from her. He got several injuries in this attempt, but he hardly registered the pain, because he was only focused on one thing. She slashed and stabbed, and even used the slingshpt to project the knives once or twice, but in his blind rage, he never hit anything life-sustaining, though he did administer an injury or two. Fire and Mako joined him, with Mako stabbing with his spear and a knife, and Fire shooting into the fray with her Bow and Arrows. BOOM! A cannon sounds, but we can't tell who died. Mako runs over and cuts Susie's bonds, but then is engaged in a fight, leaving her defenceless. Shayl's mind clears enough to see Susie, and he rund over to her, ignoring the caos, and pulls her off the ground and into a deep, but quick kiss. Susie seems startled, but then joyful. They get pulled back into reality when thgey hear Mako screaming at them to run, and when they do hey narrowly miss getting their heads bashed in. They have to dodge whips, arrows, and tridents, to reach Mako and Fire, who are beckoning to them to run back into the saftey of the weird Mountain/Forest. They make it, with only a few minor injuries. They were unbeliveably lucky.

Nina looks down at the dead body on the ground, then back up to her fellow Careers. Both of them look stricken, because now there is only 3 of them left. Matilda mutters something about how sorry she is, and you can tell by the look on her face she means it. A tear drips down Nina's cheek, but then you can almost see it evaporate because she is steaming with rage. She glares at Spike, and everyone watching knows he's dead meat. Obvioulsy, because, the knife in Jeremy's back has his name engraved crudely on the handle. He starts to say how it was a mistake, how he had been aiming for Fire but she dodged so quickly, but he never gets the chance. Because Nina leaps after him, long knives in hand. He screams and starts running away from her, and the chase begins. He runs straight into the woods, running at record time, eyes wide with fear. Then, as she glances back at Nina to see how far away she is, he trips on a root and falls on his back. He closes his eyes, waiting for impact, as the knives slice through his throat. BOOM! Nina kicks his head in utter discust and it rolls away from his body. She walks back throught the woods to the Cornucopia, where Matilda waits with a grim smile. At the sight of her, Nina bursts into uncontrolled tears, with no one to staunch them.

Day 6

As dawn breaks, something slithers out of the pit and dissapears into the forest, regardless of the insistent tugging sensation.

Nina sobbed all night, even in her sleep. Matilda was really annoyed by this, an so she said that if this goes on for one more night, she was gonna kill Nina. Nin just glared at her, and since her eyes were so bloodshot it was a little very creepy. They both got a lot of sleep though, and are very well rested. The tugging sensation bugged them yesterday, but no one in the crowd noticed because of all the action. It moved their stuff again, and this time, farther. They were also dragged, and are now at the edge of the woods. They figure almost everyone must know where they are now, so they might as well find another place to camp, killing as they go. They collect their stuff and head into the woods.

Eucy and Kole had an amazing night. Eucy's leg has healed considerably, although it still is pretty stiff. The tugging sensation is completely gone, and even though it was a minor factor earlier in the games, I don't think anyone realises how annoying it truely is. They both got a lot of sleep, and in the beautiful ocean setting, Eucy is building up her courage to tell Kole how much he really means to her.

Susie, Shayl, Fire, and Mako had a restless night. They feared the Careers would chase them, so they moved deep into the weird Mountain/Forest. They are almost at the top, and if and when they get there they will be overlooking the beach that Kole and Eucy are resting joyfully on.

Allie's fingers are still tightly gripping her tree. Still gripping...Still gripping..... and finally, she gives up. The tugging rips her fingers from around the tree, and she flys into the pit. There, a cold, evil-looking mutt awaits her, grinning cruely. In one almost graceful movement, it rips her head off. BOOM!

Adelaide gets down to the Cornucopia and sees the Career's supplies inching their way towards the woods. Quickly and silently, she grabs a small pack, two canteens, a mace, and heads off into the woods, hopeing that her pack contained something usefull in the food area.

The slithering reature makes its way deep into the woods, and eventually arrives near where the Careers are camping. It lifts it's head in a small shaft of sunlight, revealing cruel, snakelike features. The thing about it that is most unnerving though, is it's uncanny resemblance to Ethan Sun, who died 3 days earlier. It has his tanned skin, except since it's a snake, all around the edges of the scales are scabbed up. It has his brown eyes too, except these are cruel and terrifying. All of the girls checked him out at least once in training, and so anyone could tell this was obviously him.

Adelaide hears something in the bushes and stops, breathing hard. But then she remembers that breathing hard makes a lot of sound, so she stopped doing that too. She watched from behing a tree as something lifted its head up out of the bushes...... it was..... Ethan! She gasped, and then slapped her hands over her mouth. He whipped his head around and stared right inot her eyes. This was not Ethan. This was a mutt. She knew it had seen her, so she dropped everything in her hands and ran. The mutt was fast though, and it was almost immedietly right on her tail and gaining. She could now see it was a snake, and a big one too. Its head must be the size of hers, if not larger. It slithers forward silently, and bites her ankle. Hard. Adelaide gasps in pain and collapses on the ground, screaming. The venom has reached her nervous system. She begins twitching, while the snake strikes over and over again. The venom grasps her lungs like a vice, and she begind panting, then it excells into hyperventalating. The snake goes for her neck, and Adelaide screams in a high pitched, sorrowful, death-fearing kind of way. The teeth sink into her neck, and the terror fades from her eyes. BOOM!

Nina and Matilda hear all of the racket and decide to move their camp again, not wanting to be near something that can evoke so many terrible screams.

Day 7

An elegant looking creature rises up from the pit, and begins to trot swiftly and gracefully away. Just before it reaches the woods, it looks back at the camera, revealing it's deadly sharp teeth.

Fire and Mako are sick of being around Susie and Shayl. Whenever they take a break from hugging, kissing, or even just holding hands, they're dividing up the tasks and GIving Mako and Fire the harder ones. They've talked, and they decieded to break off the alliance as soon as possible.

Kole and Eucy are still just hanging out in the saftey zone, and Eucy has decided to tell Kole today that she is in love with him. She figures that Since only one of them can win and it's most likely not going to be either of them she might as well be happy while she can, right?

Nina and Matilda camped out near the edge of the woods, and they decided to try and track Fire, Shayl, Mako, and Susie, because there are only a handful of tributes left and thay might as well get this show on the road.

Fire and Mako jammed all of the supplies that they could into a few packs, leaving some from Shayl ands Susie but not much. They are trying to sneak away right now, and for a second It looks like it's gonna work. Just as they turn their backs on the camp, they hear Susie call out "Hey, where are you guys going?" in one swift motion, Fire and Mako whip their heads around to look back at Shayl and Susie. They had been leaning against a tree, making out, and now Susie is all tense with her back against the tree, and Shayl's hands are on either side of her, pinning her to the tree with his body, although he would let her up anytime. Fire and Mako start running, knowing that once Susie and Shayl realize that they're breaking off the alliance they'll be instant targets. Susie and Shayl get the message, and respond by grabbing their weapons, for Shayl some knives and Susie gets a slingshot. They start to chase Fire and Mako, and are gaining fast. Mako and Fire draw their weapons, but only for self defence. Susie picks up a sharp rock off of the ground and slings it at Fire, who dodges it easily. She waits for a few moments to let Susie get closer, and then kicks her squarely in the chest. This starts an all out cat fight, including hair pulling, biting, scratching and screaching. Neither one of them is using weapons because Susie knows the slingshot will do absolutely nothing for her in this situation and Fire's arrows are for long sistance fighting, not hand to hand combat. Fire obvioulsly has the upper hand, but Susie is not going to let her win easily. This should be interesting. Meanwhile, Shayl threw a knife at Mako while he was running, and it skimmed his arm, barely breaking the skin, and Mako doesn't even look at it before lunging at Shayl with his spear. He had proven to be very talented with it before, and so the audience watches with anticipation. It makes it's mark in Shayl's thigh, and it sinks in up to the shaft. Mako yanks it out before Shayl can react, knowing he's going to be needing that spear later. Although the wound is deep, Shayl should be fine as long as he staunches the bleeding and makes sure that It doesn't get infected. Mako and Shayl start fighting, and Shayl proves to be very handy with his knives. The fight is pretty bloody, and soon both are gasping for air, covered in wounds, although none seem to be fatal yet. Fire and Susie are still at it, and we can see that fire has long scratches down her face rom Susie's fingernails. She needs to get something on that quick, or else it will get infected. There is a small but noticeable bald spot on Susie's head from where Fire yanked her hair out. Both wounds look really painful, and considering that neither of the two have weapons, the fight is really entertaining. After the guys catch their breath, they're right back at it, slashing at eachother with their sharp objects. Mako is deflecting Shayl's knife with the shaft of his spear, a feat that only the most experienced spear fighter could... BOOM! The camera is really confused on where to look right now, because it was so focused on Shayl and Mako, but now it decides to turn to Fire and Susie. Fire is standing up over Susie's body, spitting something out of her mouth. We zoom in on Susie, and we can see that there are large gashes in her neck that look like teeth marks. Shayl turns to see what has happened, and at the sight of his fallen loved one his mind snapps. You can tell he instantly goes crazy, because his head twitches, and the twitch moves down his body to his arm, his legs, and now his whole body is twitching in what could be anger, but instead right now he had a sad look on his face. "Gaarrrr!!!" He screams, beating his fists on his chest and lumbering toward Fire like a gorilla. There is a scary light in his eyes, and when Fire sees it she turns around and runs for her life. THUD! She hears the sound and then the sound of a body hitting the ground.She turns to look back, and sees that Mako hit him on the head with the butt of his spear, knocking the madman out cold. Fire looks into Mako's eyes, and silently they agree to leave him alive. Hopefully he'll find his own way to die. They pick up their packs and set off for the weird Mountain/Forest because it is the farthest away from the extremely annoying and really persistent tugging. Even now, it is pulling at Shayl and Susie's bodies, making them tumble and roll farther and farther away.

The elagant creature looks down onto the saftey zone (A.K.A. the beach) and for the first time we get a good look at it. It's a beautiful doe (A girl deer) with black antlers and dark fur and dark brown eyes. As we look closer though, it begins to creep the audience out. The antlers are wicked sharp, the hooves are pointed and they look like metal, and it hasn't opened it's mouth but by the looks of it I think it has fangs. This is no natural creature. This is a Mutt that slightly resembles Allie Fiana. It trots down the hill, dissapearing into the trees. Moments later we catch sight of some scales, and the Ethan Mutt slithers by into the bushes.

Eucy builds up her courage, walks over to Kole, and just blurts out "I love you, you know." She stops what he is doung and looks up at her. "I thought you just thought we were friends!" He exclaims excitedly. "Sorry Lea," He says, looking at the camera. "It's just not working out." He laughs and hugs Eucy, who sighs with delight, and they fall to the ground giggling.

Day 8

Matilda and Nina watched the whole fight, and are now much more careful about approaching Fire and Mako because of their skills with weapons. They stayed behind when Fire and Mako set off up the weird Mountain/Forest, and presently are watching Shayl's unconcious form, preparing to kill him as soon as dawn breaks.

Fire had a fitful night, because she's really not used to killing people, and in her nightmares Susie was alive and stalkng Fire, but she had a hole in her neck that was always bleeding. Once the blood hit the ground, it swelled up and took the form of Shayl, her loved one. He was always trying to kiss Susie, but all he was doing was drowning her in her own blood. Fire was horrified by this, knowing that it was all her fault. She kept trying to bangade Susie's neck to make the blood stop, but whenever she got close Susie turned around, bared her fangs and slashed at Fire's face with her talons. Fire's blood just added to the form of Shayl, who would not stop trying to kiss her. When Fire started thrashing around in her sleep, Mako gently shook her awake. She looked up at him, startled, but quiclky her face turned into a smile. She reached up and cupped his face in her hands, pulling him down into a deep kiss. He lets himself be pulled in, then wraps Fire in his arms. When they come up for a breath, Fire whispers "I've wanted to do that for a while now." Mako smiles. "Me too." Fire gasps with delight and Mako kisses her again. This continues for some time, and the audience can't seem to get enough.

Eucy and Kole had a restful night, and right now they are preparing to go hunting. Since Eucy's leg is feeling better, Kole decided to let her come along. He's making sure to bring plenty of medical supplies, just in case. Kole realized when Eucy admited she was in love with him that he was in love with her too, and the only reason he had ever dated Lea (his girlfriend from back home) was because he thought Eucy just considered him as a friend. They're running low on food, and so Kole decides that today all they're going to do is hunt. He kisses Eucy awake, and hands her the breakfat he prepared for her, which is exactly half of all their remaining food. Kole retrieves his own food, and they both eat hungrily. They set off hunting, in one hand their weapons and in the other the hand of their beloved.

Shayl wakes up, and immedietly the pain hits him square in the chest. He misses Susie so much! He looks around, and everything reminds him of her. The flower over there reminds him of her beauty, the rock reminds him of her determination, that clown reminds him of how funny she was, and thet girl reminds him of how she looked. Wait. That is her! Shayl runs straight through the clown, who evaporates, toward Susie, but when he gets within 10 feet of her he stops and frowns. That's not Susie. They are just both girls. The strange girl looks up athim and smiles. It's Nina! She draws her knife and steps toward him, and suddenly her leg falls off. She ignores the absence of it, and keeps coming toward him, oddly balanced because of the lack of her leg. He waves to her, wondering if she has any food. I'm starving! Shayl thought, so he bites his hand. Blood gushes from the wound, and it's tasty so he bites harder to make more spill. Nina's leg flies back to it's rightful place, and her toes laugh at him. He gets mad and lunges at them, prepared to teach them a lesson, when another girl pops up from one of the bushes and blows into a stick. Shayl suddenly feels a sharp bit of metal in his neck, and then he feels nothing at all. BOOM!

Kole had told Eucy to go and try to gather some berries nearby while he listened for the telltale sounds of game. When he heard the cannon, he ran to where she had headed off, and quickly found her, luckily in one piece. She had been running toward him too, fearful that the unthinkable might have happened. Wait, that's not really unthinkable. This is the Hunger Games. Anyway, Kole made Eucy promise that she would not leave his side again, even if he told her to. She agreed, and they both fell silent, listening and watching for anything that they could eat. A beautiful doe emerges from the bushes, and the couple gasps at it's resemblance to Allie. Kole silently motions for eucy to get ready to attack, because after all, it is food. The doe recognizes this motion and bares it's fangs, pointing it's razor sharp antlers at them and charging. they both get out of the way just in time, but just barely because the Allie Mutt is incredibly fast. It starts shooting the points of it's antlers in all directions, and Eucy screams. One has just bare brushed her arm, but the wound is already swelling and is an unnatural color. Kole bellows in rage at her pain, and lunges at the Allie Mutt with his sword. He manages to slice off part of it's antler, nut that only enrages it. It tosses it's head around, shooting poision barbs at Kole. Kole motions for Eucy to get on the other side of it because now it cannot shoot poision barbs on it's left. She does, and takes a moment to make a sling for her arm to keep it out of the way. Just as she finishes this, the Ethan Mutt appears out of nowhere and grabs her wounded arm. Eucy cries out in pain and falls to the ground, where the snake lets go for a moment, In that second we can see that Eucy's arm is twisted into a position that no arm should ever be in. The Ethan Mutt strikes again at her face, but somehow Eucy manages to defend herself by sticking her knife into it's mouth. The snake isn't wounded at all by this, but it is in a position that doesn't allow it to close it's mouth. The Ethan Mutt thrashes around violently, hitting trees and rocks while trying to get the knife out of it's mouth. It jerks it's head in a violent ovement that sends the knife soumersaulting into the air, where it lands in the shoulderblade of the Allie Mutt. The Allie Mutt screams in rage, and after kicking Kole in the chest with it's pointed hooves it chases the Ethan Mutt off into the trees that surround the beach. Kole turns to Eucy to check her wounds and cries out as if in actual pain. While the Allie Mutt chased the Ethan Mutt into the trees, it ran over Eucy, trampling her into the ground. She is lying there, gasping for breath. From the looks of it, she broke a rib and then it punctured her lung. Kole can see this too, and he runs to her side. "Don't leave me here Eucy! Take me with you!" He whispers, tears dripping off of his face. "I have to." She whispers back, smiling at the sight of his face. "Promise me one thing," Eucy says, putting all of her remaining strength into these last words "Win for me." She dies without waiting for an answer. BOOM!

Matilda and Nina are excited about their kill, and currently are tracking Fire and Mako up the weird Mountain/Forest. Fire and Mako have reached the beach, but Matilda and Nina still have a little ways to go. They decide to rest for the night, just paces away from where Fire and Mako are camping.

Day 9

Fire and Mako had a really good night. They spent all night laughing, giggling, telling stories. They even made a campfire, not caring if anyone saw the smoke or not. The audience thinks it was stupid but really it doesn't even matter, because their enimies already knew where they were.

Matilda and Nina had a rough night. They were sleeping on a steep incline, which was really uncomfortable. They heard the counds of laughter and happiness coming from Fire and Mako's camp just above them, and the jealousy didn't relly help make it more comfortable. They were so close to a beautiful, smooth sandy beach, and they didn't even know it so they slept (tried to, at least) on a hard, rocky hill. Neither of them got much sleep and both of them are very irritable,

Kole is really depressed. He just walked around all night, thinking about Eucy and how she died. He's so mad at the gamemakers. They teased him with love, with happiness. They teased him with Her, and now he didn't want to even speak her name because he thought he wasn't worthy enough.He's in really bad shape, and if he doesn't start to take care of himself soon he's gonna die. He's just thinking about his promise to Eucy, to stay alive, and he decided to make sure to try his best and do that for her. He's going hunting now, because hes run out of food. At least that's a start. He still could get killed by almost anything, including natural causes (a.k.a. exposure), unnatural causes (murder) or supernatural causes (Mutts).

Mako and Fire decided to head up the weird Mountain/Forest just a little farther, and soon they reached the summit. Fire gasps and runs down to the shoreline, laughing gleefully. She's so happy to be on the beach because she's never been on one before. Mako followed her down, making sure to watch for any one or anything that could hurt them. He found nothing, and son they were hanging out on the beach, enjoying themselves. Several minutes later, they hear a loud rustle, and the Ethan Mutt slithers out of the bushes in a hurry. It doesn't try to kill them, instead it looks like it's tryig to get away from something. Seconds later the Allie Mutt bursts through the bushes, still mad about the wound the Ethan Mutt gave her. The Allie Mutt shoots poision barbs from it's antlers in all directions, and one finds the Ethan Mutt's brain. Everyone waits for a cannon, but then realizes that that wasn't a tribute. Mako is freaking out becuse one of the poision darts hit his arm, and even though the wound is just a small scrach that's barely even bleeding, it's already really swollen and turning purple. Fire tells him to put it in some water, and so Mako dunks it into the sea since that's the only water he can see infront of him. Fire slaps her forehead, knowing that he'll pay for that, since it's rubbing salt into a wound. He bites his lip to kee from screaming in pain so hard that it actually bleeds, but then he sighs in relef. A few minutes later he pulls his arm out, and he is stunned to see that the only signs of a major wound that was there before now is a small white mark on his arm where he was cut. The Allie Mutt noticed that they were their, and now is about to charge Fire. Mako turns to see if Fire needs help and he sees her bending down to pick up her bow, back turned. Mako throws his spear, and it gets lodged in the animals shoulder. This barely wounds the Allie Mutt, but now it turns and starts to charge Mako. Fire stands up and calmly shoots the animal 5 times. 4 of them hit various, random spots, that wound the Mutt but just barely. All they suceed i doing is getting it's attention. The last one, Fire shoots into it's eye when it turns to look at her. The Allie Mutt falls over, and Fire walks up to it and slits it's neck with her arrows. She then hands Mako his spear, frees Eucy's knife and slides it into her belt, and collects her arrows. Fire and Mako talk for a minute and decide to go hunting. They set up a few snares, and walk off in the opposite direction to go see if they can shoot/spear anything. Matilda and Nina were so happy when Fire and Mako decided to move, they had to resist the urge to run ahaid of them, screaming joyfully. when Matilda saw the beach, she wanted to do what Fire had done and run down into the water, but Nina stopped her and pointed out the scene that was unfolding below them. Silently, they moved over into some trees and watched the fight. "Bet you they won't last a minute." Nina says, smirking. Matilda tells her to shut up and so she does. When Fire and Mako leave to go hunting, Matilda laughs. "What?" Nina asks, annoyed. "We overestimated them. They barely beat that thing. First of all, the girl, Fire, had her back turned when it charged her. Who does that? Also, she had to shoot it 4 times before it even noticed her. None of those shots hurt it a bit. Sure, she got it in the eye with her 5th shot. Pure luck. But It wasn't even dead after she did that, just stunned. She had to slit it's neck to really kill it. Mako, the guy, just threw his spear and after that was useless." Matilda said, letting the information sink in. After a moment, Nina says "Well what are we sitting here for? There have been no deaths today. Let's change that." Matilda smiles at Nina in a very unsettling way and they set off, prepared to kill the couple.

Fire and Mako are in the middle of a tiny clearing, listening for any sound. Right now, they hear nothing but the sound of trees swaying in the wind. Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh, Rustle, Swoosh! What was that? Both turn their heads in the direction of the rustling sound, seeing a bush. Mako looks at Fire, who nodds wordlessly,and he tiptoes over silently to the bush, spear in hand. Just as he is about to thrust his spear, Nina popps out of the bush and slashes out at Mako with her long knives. Mako jumps back in surprise, and so the knives only graze his chest, barely making them bleed at all. This makes Fire mad, who shoots an arrow at Nina. It misses and goes into the bush, where an enraged sounding shout comes from. Seconds later a dart flies out of the bush and hits Mako in the calf, and Mako yells in surprise, yanking it out and throwing it far. Matilda leaps out of the bushes and glides over to Mako, where she takes out her hammer and starts trying to bash his head in. They start fighting, and so Nina looks over at Fire and grins wickedly. She starts to advance, long, deadly knives in hand. Fire shoots an arrow at her, which lodges in Nina's shoulder. This only succeedes in making Nina angrier though and she starts running toward Fire. Fire shoots a second time, althogh now she is nervous so it misses by a mile. Nina just smiles, knowing that once she and Fire start fighting hand-to-hand, Fire will have no hope with her bow and arrows. Fire realizes this too, and so she gives up on shooting Nina and instead runs for her life. Nina chases gleefully, feeling like a predator, which is her favorite feeling ever since Jeremy died. Matilda just swung at Mako with her Hammer, which he was careful dodge, and he lunged at her with his spear. It would have hit her right in the chest, but she uses her hammer to knock it away. Just then, Fire runs inbetween them, followed by Nina, who is laughing like a maniac. Mako sees that Fire needs help, and breaks away from Matilda, giving her a good kick in the stomach to keep her ocupied for the moment. He sees Nina, running away from him, so he runs a few paces to catch up, stops, aims, and throws his spear. He hears the sound of impact and so he rushes over, prepared to finish Nina off, but stopps when he has seen what happened. He....had.....missed.....Nina. The girl bleeding to death on the ground beneath him was Fire. He bends down and strokes her face, trying to hold in the tears that are about to race down his cheeks. Fire looks up at him lovingly, and whispers "Kiss me." Mako, realizing that this was her last request, bent down, cupped her head in his hands, and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. She died in his arms. BOOM! Mako stood up and let a single drop fall off his cheek and land on Fire's cold, lifeless cheek. He grabbed onto his spear and tugged, knowing Fire would want him to have it. Just as he is about to turn around and face Matilda and Nina, there is a strange sound coming from the trees off to his left and everyone in the clearing turns to see what it is.

Kole half falls, half jumps down into the clearing where he heard all of the fighting coming from. Oh, Goody! He thinks, seeing that all of the remaining tributes are here. He sees the dead girl on the ground and the boy standing next to her, looking like he'd just been stabbed. One more couple broken up! he thinks to himself bitterly. Everyone's just standing there for a minute, surveying all of the other tributes. The girl from 4, Nina, actually yawns. Then Matilda rushes at Mako, hammer in hand, ready to be done. Mako lunges at her, and they start to fight. Kole sees his chance and jumps into the fray, helping Mako try and kill Matilda. Matilda swung at them with her hammer, but it was no use because it was so heavy, slow and predictable. Not matilda's fault, the weapons. Kole had his sword with him, so he slashed away at her with that, only making small marks in unimportant places, only enough to make her mad. Mako did the same with his knives, seeing as his spear is a bit too long for this situation. They tormented Matilda together, sensing some unspoken temporary alliance, in order to help kill their enemy. Matilda called out for help, but Nina just sat there on a tree stump smugly, watching her ally get torn to shreds. Matilda became so enraged at this that she saw clearly why the hammer didn't work, so she dropped it, and it landed satisfyingly on Kole's foot. She drew her blowgun, and as she loaded a dart Mako lunges at her chest with his spear, so Matilda backed up, preparing to kick him away. She had forgotten about Kole though, and he easily stabbed her in the back because she was not prepared. Matilda's eyes widened, jer jaw hardened, and the look of insane rage settled over her features, followed shortly by disbeleif that she had been beaten. She fell to the ground, dead. BOOM!

Mako backed away from Kole, knowing now that Matilda was dead their short alliance was over. Just as they were about to start tearing eachother to shreds, Nina randomly ran off into the forest, screaming, "I'M COMING JEREMY!" Kole looked at Mako with a confused look and Mako just shrugged. Mako looked off into the direction that Nina had run off into and suddenly looked posessed. He ran off into the woods, laughing joyfully. Kole was slightly stunned by this, but then he heard the same thing they had and leaped off in their direction, not wanting to be away from that pretty voice for an instant.

Nina arrived in a small clearing and saw Jeremy, perfectly healthy and alive. She shrieked with joy, and lept into his arms. He smiled and whispered into her ear "I missed you, Nina." This made Nina start to tear up and say "I missed you too." Jeremy embraced her and they kissed for so long that they lost their balance and fell to the ground, giggling. They just hugger eachother, joyfullt. Suddenly, Nina felt Jeremy's skin harden and crumble, his hands get longer and sharper, and his breath get colder and grosser. Nina opened her eyes and screamed. Jeremy was here next to her, except he wasn't He was a zombie. Nina shoved him away and stoop up. He stood too, and as he was standing up she could see that Jeremy still had Spike's knife in his back. Jeremy lunged at her, claws first, and Nina screeched when they raked down her arm. She punched him right in the face hard, which caused him to stagge back, and drew her knives. He lunged at her again, oblivious to the fact that she had sharp objects in her hand. "Why are you doing this to me Jeremy?" She asked, tears threatening to spill over. "Because I want us to be together forever and ever, Nina." He said, baring his fangs in an evil smile. "No you don't, you just want me dead!" Nina said, just stating the obvious. She slashes at him angrily with her knives, each swing taking off a different body part. There goes the\ arm, leg, wrist, other arm, calf, thigh, stomach, chest, neck, head. Nina collapses on the ground, crying, because she had really thought that maybe Jeremy was back.

Kole reaches a small clearing close to Nina's, but not the same clearing. Waiting for him in the clearing was Eucy, and her face erupted into a gigantic smile when she saw him. "KOLE!" SHe screamed, flying into his arms. Kole stroked her hair and kissed her, whispering "Eucy, it't you! How, what, why?" Kole said, beginning to studder. Eucy looked up at him and said "Well, I'm here now aren't I? And that's what really matters, right Kole?" Kole nodded, although something seemed wrong. That didn't sound like something Eucy would say. He decided to ignore it though, because he was just happy she was here with him again. He kissed her over and over again, savoring the moment because he was afraid it wound end. He was so wrapped up in loving Eucy that he didn't even feel her transform into the zombie. He opened his eyes in a breath from a kis and screamed, because the first thing he saw was her buggy eyes that looked like they were about to fall out because they had been stomped on. Eucy smiled and raked her claws across Kole's throat. BOOM!

Mako reached the clearing where Fire was waiting for him, and he erupted into joyful laughter. He ran over to her and kissed her like there was no tomorrow (again), smiling, but he had a questioning look in his eyes. "Fire, I'm so glad you're here! I missed you so much, even though we just saw each other like an hour ago. But how are you here? I thought....." Mako says after they break away from the kiss, gulping down tears. She smiles at him and says "I never left." Mako looked really confused. "Uhh, yes you did. I watched you......*sniffle* die." Mako said, wipeing his eyes with his shirtsleeve. Fire smiled evily and said "I never left, and I never will. Ever." Mako looked at her, stunned that she would say something like this, and watched her cackle like an evil which and turn into a zombie. Her spine cracked slightly, and her side started to bleed where mako's spear had been. Her eyes narrowed into slits and the color of them turned an ulgy yellow,. her skin looked like it burned without fire, blackening and crumbling without falling off, and her hands streched, sharpened and hardened, untill unstead f fire an ulgy beast stood before him. Mako screamed in terror and sadness and lunged at her with his spear, hitting her in the arm, and the wound was so direct that her arm just fell off. Mako hit her in the fang with the butt of his spear while she raked her hidious claws down his chest. He threw one of his knives at her, and it hit her in exactly the same place where the spear wound that killed her had been, and this caused her to fall over, screaming in Fire's voice. "Don't do this to me again Mako!" Fire screamed, looking up at Mako with her horrible eyes, and for a moment she actually looked like Fire and Mako took pity on her. Then he saw her mouth curve in an evil upright position and her hidious eyes actually wink at him, and so he screamed in rage and speared her in the neck. Her head rolled off and Mako kicked it away, just to make sure that she didn't re-form or something. He collappsed on the ground, crying his heart out, because for a minute he had really belived that Fire was back.

Nina heard the cannon and decided to go find out who was dead and who was alive, because whoever was alive is who she'd be fighting for the crown. She really didn't care who it was, because she was confident that she could beat Mako or Kole one on one.

He heard the cannon go off and decided to walk towards it, just because then he would know who he was fighting for the crown. He hoped Kole was the one that was still alive. Kole wasn't trained as well as Nina was, and after fighting Matilda, Mako knew Kole's fighting style. He walked a short way anf saw the Eucy Zombie standing in the middle of the clearing, laughing her head off. Suddenly a knife embedded tself in her neck, and Nina walked into the clearing smugly. She dashed off to retrieve her knife and Mako decided to reveal himself, wanting to be done with this Hunger Games. Nina saw him and smiled, and the two ran toward eachother, prepared to kill......................

Nina slashed at Mako with her knives, and he yelped in pain at yet another wound. He stabbed at her with her sword and she had to hold one hand over the wound for a minute keep the pain to a minimum. Mako drew his knife too, just to be safe, and he began slashing and stabbing at her with that on occasion, but for the most part he stuck to his spear. Nina slashed again at him, and if Mako hadn't anticapated it, it would have sliced through his neck. Instead, It cut his collorbone. Nina sliced again with her other knife, not wanting for Mako to make his attack first. She sliced with force and power, and so when it sliced straight across his face, his nose crunched a bit, ad his whole face started bleeding, underneath the eyes and from ear to ear, almost like a grim smile. That was sitting on his nose. Mako yelled and speared at Nina over and over again and opened up several deep wounds in the ribs, chest, and chin. It went on like that for almost an hour. Knife. Spear. Knife. Spear. Knife. Spear. Knife. Knife. Spear. Knife. Spear. Knife. Spear. Knife. Spear. Spear. Knife.

Eventually, both of them couldn't fight anymore, because they were so wounded, that they just layed there on the ground, the life spilling out of them in large red waves. They waited there...for something.... untill Nina couldn't stand it anymore.

Nina stood up, bloody knife in hand, and waited for Mako to stand too. Once they were both up, Nina held her knife out, the tip pointing towards her own chest. Mako nodded, trying not to grin (and failing) and Nina began to drive the knife into her own chest, ready to be done with this cruel world. Once the tip sent yet another small red trickle runninf down nina's chest, Nina laughed and whipped the knife around, the point facing her enemy, Mako. She thrust with force into Mako's chest, and Mako's knees buckled, his mouth open in awe, and he fell to the ground, dead. BOOM!

Nina laughed like a mad lady while the hovercraft came to pick her up, but at the same time, clear streams, not red onces, flowed freely from her cheeks as she gazed at the spot where her beloved Jeremy died.

~The End~

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