Hello peoples! It is I, Glimmer, once again bringing you a Games. Now, I know that the last few Games I've tried to write crashed & burned for one reason or another, but this time I'm determined to finish them. Plus, I've got Rainy yelling in my ear to continue this time XP


Yeah, I know. Rules suck. Trust me, I don't like them either. These are just some basic "guidelines", which I strongly suggest that you read. If you don't take the time to read these, it's obvious, and it really ticks me off. So please, abide by these, for all of our sakes :)

  1. No rude comments please. I work hard to write these (and I'm obviously not the best speller, as previously stated by a wiki contributer) so don't be mean please. 
  2. Don't spam the comments with links to your own Games. I really hate it when people do that. 
  3. Follow the tribute template below. 
  4. You're not allowed to join these Games if you're Mexican. (Remember that, Smoothies? Probably not, since you don't get on.)
  5. Ignore rule #4. Please, don't be offended by my humor :)
  6. Enjoy! >:D

Tribute Template





W.O.C. (at least 3):

Skills (at least 3):

Weaknesses (same as Skills or more):



Backstory (optional):

Bloodbath/Games Plan (optional):

Realistic Pic of Tribute(No Lunaiis, not optional):

Good Tribute

Name: Talon Rosedain

Age: 17

District: 10 (or 11 if necessary) 

Gender: 100% Male ;)

W.O.C. (at least 3): Whip, Sword, Blowgun, Knife, Gun

Skills (at least 3): Very attractive, strong, fast, has lots battle experience

Weaknesses (same as Skills or more): Has a dark past, is a father, loves his girlfriend, Mari, to death & would do anything for her, when he's mad he easily becomes blinded by rage.

Looks: Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned, covered in scars acquired from fights in his childhood, 6"2. 

Personality: Sarcastic, funny, seductive, loyal, easily angered, when mad goes wild with rage, 

Backstory (optional): He was raised in an extremely poor environment in District 10, and his mother would force him to sleep outside in the harsh conditions. There he learned to fight, because of the gangs that hung around that area. He eventually met a kind woman who let him sleep in her house and would even feed him on occasion.

One day he was walking back home from her house to his own when the leaders of the Gang approached him, asking him to join. He didn't really have a choice, seeing as if he denied, they would hurt his family, and his sister Cathy was only 2 at the time. They had an initiation process, and, long story short, he ended up slitting his own mother's throat. It still haunts him to this day. For some reason though, the kind woman who took care of him was on the gangs hit list, and they ended up killing her. He quit the gang and shortly after met Mari, the love of his life.


(I didn't make this pic. He's not that scary XP)

They have a daughter named amber, and ever since he's been trying to keep them and his 2 sisters alive and healthy, working in the slaughterhouse in the meantime.

Bloodbath/Games Plan (optional): He'll run up to the cornucopia, getting a pack and a weapon and taking care of 

the weaklings on the way but staying out of major fights. He'll meet up with an ally that he finds extremely trustworthy or easily disposable and will try to stay out of sight until the last few tributes, when he'll use his fighting experience to hopefully come out on top.

Realistic Pic of Tribute(No Lunaiis, not optional):

Bad Tribute


Don't do Crazy Lunaiis. Or normal Lunaiis.

Name: Joe Smith

Age: 12

District: 2

Gender: Female

W.O.C. (at least 3): Sword is his best but good with anything & everything.


Make it the right Gender. Oh, and don't use famous people.

Skills (at least 3): She's great at everything.

Weaknesses (same as Skills or more): He loves his family.

Looks: Pretty

Personality: Funny and nice but sometimes mean

Backstory (optional): One family member died in the Hunger Games & One is a Victor so she decided to volunteer at 12 and she got picked.

Bloodbath/Games Plan (optional): Join Careers, Kill everyone and win.

Realistic Pic of Tribute(No Lunaiis, not optional): 

Terrible Tribute

Name: Bob

Age: 12

District: 4

Gender: Female (Seriously, make the names & genders match up)

W.O.C. (at least 3): Everything

Skills (at least 3): Everything

Looks: Handsome

Personality: awesome.

(Please note the lack of info. I will not be accepting tributes like this this time. Please don't be offended if I don't let your tribute in. Your tribute just sucked, I'm not saying anything about your personality XP)


These are the accepted Tribute. Reservations will run out when I'm tired of them. I'll let you know in advance before I open up a reserved spot though, so don't worry. 

Name Age District Sex Looks Personality User
1 Girl
Reserved 1 Boy Hybrid Shadow
Reserved 2 Girl District1Obsessed
2 Boy
3 Girl
3 Boy
Melinda Porter 17 4 Girl Platinum blonde hair, dark green eyes, slightly-tan-ish, 5"9 Sarcastic, Seductive, Crazy, Intelligent(ish), Devious Rainy
4 Boy
5 Girl
5 Boy
Lillian Pierrot 17 6 Girl Short, black bob, grey eyes, pale skinned, 5"6 Lillian´s personality is a mystery. She is an impressionable person bound to the whims of others and unable to think or act for herself, only to fulfil their expectations of what, in their minds, she should be. She can't confess because that is not her part to play, so she must continue her act, even if it breaks her. Deep down, behind her shell, she is a sweet and caring girl who would always try to stand up to her friends. But she has no friends, as nobody can bond with someone laching completely in independent personality. EHKnight
6 Boy
Reserved 7 Girl District1Obsessed
7 Boy
Mariette "Mari" Staford 15 8 Girl Firey red hair, blue-green eyes, pale skin, 5"7

Smart, Funny, Sarcastic, Conflicting (at times), Kind, Helpful.

8 Boy
Reserved 9 Girl MIaB
Reserved 9 Boy TehOnlyUmbreon
Reserved 10 Girl District1Obsessed
10 Boy
11 Girl
11 Boy
Bella Empiress 13 12 Girl White hair, very pale skin, icy blue eyes, 5"3. Bella is a quiet and mysterious girl, with no living friends and families. Nobody can read her mind as she always has a poker face strapped on her face. She is mute and she hasn´t talked since she was seven, even since her mother died she has had no real need to talk and communicate with others, so she has lived completely on her own. She is scared to death of other humans after what happened to her mother, she doesn´t even remember what other humans look like anymore. She can be nice and caring, but she is more often hostile and cold, as she doesn´t trust anybody. She is clueless to the world outside of her safe forest, and doesn´t remember anything about District 12 or The Hunger Games. As a result of years and years of having to fend for herself, she is tough and brave and will never give up on her hopes and dreams. EHKnight
Peter Vorez 16 12 Boy Dark black hair, gray eyes, pale skin, 6"1 Devious, Smart, Cunning, Obnoxious Rainy

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