Ok, This stupid arguement has gone on for a month or two and I have had freaking ENOUGH!!! Old users, we get that the wiki was better a year or so ago, and new users, we get you like chat! Just to let everyone know, I am a newbie, but, I barely ever get on chat, I make lost of 'actual' edits and belive it or not, people saying that all newbies should leave are so rude, because there are pleanty of helpful newbies out there! The whole point of this wiki it to share knowledge, right? I would think so, because he way I discovered this wiki was when I googled Katniss Everdeen and this was the 1st site up there! I'm in a class that's for creative thinking, and right now we are doing a big project about taking two arguements, reasearching both sides WITHOUT judging them at first, and then finding a way to combine them both to find a solution. So we should have all the newbies list their arguements, the oldies list their arguements, and then anyone can suggest solutions to me and we'll have a vote or something. Ok?!?!?!? RIght now, all we will be doing is submitting is arguements for either side, so I made two charts, the newbies chart and the oldies chart.


User: Arguement:
GlimmerandSparkle Not all newbies join the wiki just to get onto chat. Some do all of the things that oldies do, just they have less edits to show for it.


User: Arguement:
GlimmerandSparkle There are so many new people that dont even care about the Hunger Games. All they want to do is go on hat, and join Hunger Games that people do in their blogs. Then, they're all rude to the people that have been on the wiki for a long time and actually contribute!

You can edit the Blog post yourself, just put your user name in the user column and your arguement in the other. If you didn't know this, to add a row to put your name in, right click in the last row, and select the option for adding a new row. I did an example in both charts.

Now, for a song to play us out!

File:Waiting on the World to Change- John Mayer with lyrics

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