Ok I know I'm in the middle of writing a Hunger Games right now but I had this Idea for one and I want to see how it works out. Please, before you sign up, read everything except for the already signed up tributes, ecause I won't write much but what I do write willl be important.

This is my 1st one, so sorry if it ends up being really bad I just wanted to see if it would work.


The reason for the title 'Funny Games' is because instead of your tribute having to be skilled with a weapon or anything like that, is thay need to have a sense of humor. I will post certian due dates every now and then, and by that time, I'd like you to submit something funny that has to do with the hunger games. Then, i will post who's was funniest, 1st being rofl and last meaning that your tribute died that day. Only one tribute will die each day. The funny things you post can be pictures, jokes, or anything that you can post on the computer that is funny.

Heres a good example of Funny and Not Funny.



Delete this

Not Funny

If you are thinking that the 1st ont is not funny at all but the second one is hilarious then you might not want to enter....


Here are all the tributes! There will only be 12 of them

Name District Played By
Jimmy Mear 2 Kmarble12
Meredith 4 Gale's Girl
Lynnie Handsows 6 The Hunger Games Girl
Anon.... 8 AshtonMoioLover

No, there will be no other spots. chariot rides and interviews will not happen either becsause they would be really pointless in this type of game.


If your joke is funny because it's sarcastic, I can usually pick that up (I breathe sarcasm) but just in case please put the part that is sarcastic in Bold and Italics like this.

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