Ok for those of you that ave read all of THG books, read this and tell me what you think. For those of you that have not read all three of these fabulous books, I would suggest you get off of this wiki because there are MILLIONS of spoilers!

Fine By Me -Andy Grammer Lyrics on Screen02:54

Fine By Me -Andy Grammer Lyrics on Screen

It's like Peeta sings this.

I was listening to the radio on m way to the park and this song came on, so when I got home I looked it up and it sounds like if Peeta was into music instead of art, he would sing this song to Katniss. It's crazy how much it makes me think of him! I mean, hes not even a real person but I feel like I know him well enough to know this song sounds like him. Is just sounds like.... sunshine. It's beautiful. I guess that's the power of an amazing writer. Thanks for sharing your gift to the world, Suzanne Collins!

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