This Idea was inspired by Mysims, when we were brainstorming on his Gamemaker's only blog. Thanks Andrew! Anyway, These Games will be a mix of Middle School/High School and the Hunger Games, so its like Surviving school! :D

There will be Gamemakers, Stylists, and Tributes, but no Mentors or Escorts because I don't feel like either of those roles are important. Please, before you sign up for anything


These are the formats for signing up for a Tribute, Stylist, or Gamemaker. Note: I reserve the right to not accept any Tribute, Stylist, or Gamemaker that is accepted.






Strengths (Besides weapons):




Bloodbath plan:




Chariot (Male):

Chariot (Female):






SInce this is the School Games, all of the tributes will have personalities related to their districts. These are the personalitites for the different districts. You're tribute's personality can be different from that, but that must be the main part of their personality. So like, someone from District 2 (jocks) could have a small nerdy side, but they must be mostly a jock. Also, the Careers will be the Bullys.

District 1: Populars

District 2: Jocks

District 3: Nerdy kids

District 4: Surfer/skaters

District 5: Teacher's pets

District 6: Hyper kids

District 7: Hippies

District 8: Fashion Police

District 9: Picky

District 10: Southerners

District 11: Victims

District 12: Gangsters

I'm sorry if there are no good districts left, but hey, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

(If any of these are really bad any you have a better idea, please let me know because for like half of these I had no idea what to do!)

Name Age: Gender: District: Strengths: Weaknesses: Looks: User:
Emma Dazzle 16 Girl 1 Seduction, Running, Knives She has a huge crush on Arran and couldn't bare to see him hurt Long Curly Blonde Hair, Emerald Green Eyes, Tall and skinny. Mysims
Arran Harthorn 16 Boy 1 Seduction,Strength, Likeability, Sword His leg injury slows him down considerably He is quite handsome, he has short blonde hair that flops just the right way, Dazziling green eyes that mark him as a Harthorn. He is Muscular but very skinny. Mysims
Sarah Hail 15 Girl 2 Tracking, athletic, fast runner, cunning, very smart, sword Fear of water Long, golden hair, green eyes and light olive skin, a small body frame, skinny Firecatcher3
Draco Adams 18 Boy 2 Swords, Spears, Speed, Strength, Hand-to-hand combat. Climbing, Gets angry easily Blonde hair, dark blue eyes, freckles and pale skin. 6'5 Cato rocks!
Franci Greenbyne 16 Girl 3 Wickedly intelligent, fast runner, very good at hiding, good at making plans, likeable. Not very strong, tires quickly, not an amazing swimmer, not an amazing climber, not good at hunting. 5'11. Very skinny. Pale white skin. Eerie, large and round golden-yellow eyes. Long eyelashes. Curly black hair that is really volumized at the roots, but thinns out near the bottom. Somewhat bushy, pointed, but not ulgy eyebrows. Small breasts, small hips. Somewhat small and round nose. District3Tribute
Alec Tromagnet Boy 3 Intellegince,Endurance,Electrical stuff, sword Size Pale, short, blue eyes, freckles,red hair. Beetee19
Elizabeth Forden 17 Girl 4 Bow & Arrows, Tridet, Net, Throwing knives, Fast, Agile, great swimmer not strong, bad at hand-to-hand Golden blonde hair, amber-brown eyes Rainfacestar
Matthew Alexander 15 Boy 4

Trident, Knots, Anything including water, and He can hold his breath for 2 minutes.

Running, Long distance fighting. Hot surfer guy Italicos
Petra Liit 15 Girl 5 Is really fast and can climb anything, has amazing accuracy, she can throw all sorts of weapons. Is rubbish at hand to hand combat and is not good at making friends She looks like foxface but she had blonde hair. FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Chandler Norton 15 Boy 5 Smart, strong, fast, good stamina, good jumper Gets scared easily, afraid of heights, not a genius about plants etc... Short 5'4 brown hair with golden curls (not dyed) small slender pretty muscluar but lean. Marthdaul

Ashley Gomez

16 Girl 6 She is really smart, have a good sense of fashion, so she got many sponsors after the Parade (maybe!). She is good also at make disguises and camouflage. She may also become allies with someone, then kill them when they're sleeping. She thinks mud and dirt disgusting. Pretty, dirty blonde hair, pale-ish skin, brown eyes and a defined jawline. Britney003
Alex Garcia 15 Boy 6 Knife, Smart, Fast, Stealth Refuses to murder anyone, not very physically strong Black Spikey hair, pale skin and hazel eyes. Iml908
Serena Graves 18 Girl 7 Physically strong, posseses endurance, likable, caring, good at outdoor survival. Can be very aloof or unattentive, bad at hiding, slow runner, not strategic. 5'7. Soft, somewhat droopy, but captivating teal/torquoise eyes. Very angular eyebrows/long eyelashes. Dusty white skin. Large, plump, pink lips. Average weight, large hips, large breasts. Somewhat pointed nose, somewhat pointed ears. Long, flowy, curly light blonde hair. District3Tribute
Pamline Falcone 17 Boy 7 Is really at one with the environment, can tell the differences between plants and can talk to animals. He is also skilled with an Axe and a Mace. As he has lived in a campsite full of smoke of different plants he gets out of breath really easily. Tall but lanky, hidden muscles ( is strong but you cant see it), has dusty blonde hair and grey eyes. FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Becca Plane 15 Girl 8 Being small can help. She can climb trees and hide better than anyone else in the games. She is also good with a weedwacker. She is the least experienced tribute in the games and will probably get killed in the earlier part of the games. Very small, brown hair with many freckles. Bright blue eyes. Epic Hobo
Roxaz deHavangel 15 Boy 8 Can run fast, is very strong, and is smart, but not to smart for his own good. He's also very good at hand-to-hand. He's not too big, so he can hide exeptionally well. Fear of Fire, and has a bit of a crush on Becca, but doesn't want to waste her time or embarress her. He's also sure she wouldn't want him as an ally. But he wants to protect her, at all costs. Considered hansome, With Brown hair and and unusual polar-blue eyes. he's tall and has fair skin. FinnickisBOSS
Aria Camelliston 16 Girl 9 Great arm for throwing, flexible, good swimmer, adrenaline rush that makes her strong and ruthless when extremely angry, beauty causes her to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust and fall for her , trained with bow and arrows since age 5 by older brother, strong-willed, risk-taking Sometimes she takes too many risks, When she's angry she becomes thoughtless, She's afraid of heights and is really claustrophobic, and whenever her family gets hurt she can go somewhat insane. Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite body Katelyn.danita
Aiden Camelliston 18


9 Extremely strong, can lift heavy stuff, such as metals, great swimmer, adrenaline rush makes him nearly invincible and superhuman in strength and ruthlessness, strong willed, looks cause people to fall for him very easily (Seduction), great at lying He takes too many risks, When he gets angry he can be thoughtless, He's afraid of heights, Can't climb trees to save his life, when his family gets hurt he can go kinda insane, He is good with girls but when he breaks up with them he can be a little harsh so they start to hate him. Brown hair, distinct hazel eyes, high cheekbones, tanned skin, muscular, handsome, 6'2 Katelyn.danita

Karmin Johnson

15 Girl 10 poison, sleuth, climbing, flexibility, lasso, knife, blowgun, her bare hands. Hiding her feelings, swimming, not very strong, can be kind of jumpy Dark brown hair and hazel eyes, 5'3 AshtonMoioLover
Danny Montionily 16 Boy 10 Smarts, Speed, Strenth, Steath, Sword and Daggers/Knives People that are stronger than him Dark red hair, Green eyes, Perky lips, Small build, Short nose, and a black engraving on his cheek 50thGamesFTW
Jasmine Webb 16 Girl 11

Throwing Knives, Plants, hand to hand combat, Camouflage

Swimming, climbing and running Short black hair, Tanned skin, Tall-ish, Brown eyes. Rue district11
Quincy Williams 17 Boy 11 Hand-to-hand, Speed, Spear, sword, axe. Bow and Arrow Dark brown tan, black hair that's in a buz cut, grey eyes 5'4 2legit2quit
Candice Bolt Girl 12 Climbing, Designing clothes, Knife throwing, Healing and Bow and Arrows Can be really rude, and with her red hair it is really hard to hide. Also, once she gets an Idea in her head she can't see a better idea even if it's slapping her in the face. She is really bad at hand-to-hand combat, and prefers long-distance. Long red hair, pale green eyes. Polinarose
Aaron Winters Boy 12 Bow/arrow, climbing, is fast. Close combat Very black hair, small build,dull green eyes. Rockman117


Name Age Chariot Girl Chariot Boy District
Moeno Mijumara 25 the District 1 chariots were surprising. No...... jewels. Nothing fancy. Instead, they are wearing street dancer outfits. Emma is wearing a tank top with pink patterns on it and also high heel boots that are pink and look like sneakers.

Aram is well, embarassed. He's wearing a pink jumpsuit which is a bit too tight for him covered with orange pom poms. Oh, how the people back home would laugh.

Roberta Lindell 24 She’ll wear a blue female football kit covered in silver sparkles. She’ll wear knee high socks and white trainers. Her body will be dusted in silver and light blue powder. She’ll also have white face paint on her cheeks. She will carry a silver and black football. He’ll wear a red American football kit with jet black trainers and white knee high socks. His body will be dusted in gold and red powder. He’ll also have black face paint on his cheeks. He will carry a golden American football. 2
Ivette Jeffrie 20 Dark silver dress, with wide straps that puffs out slightly at her waits and ends around her knees. It has random colorful lights all over it, making her shine and sparkle. She has a black belt around her waist with brown suspenders coming up and around her shoulder,and cute, wide rimmed nerdy glasses. Same as girls but as a suit thats sleves stop just past the shoulder with a black t-shirt underneath and a fedora to match the Suit. Has the handsome wide rimmed nerdy glasses and suspender's as well. 3
Satina Luvwick 21 Sea green, Satin Bikini with a skirt attached which reaches down to her feet, a sea green satin, shell embroidered bikini top. She’ll Wear a Shell decorated Headdress. On her feet she’ll wear leather, gold sandals. Giving a beautiful, sexy and surfer look. He’ll wear something similar. He’ll wear sea green, satin swimming trunks decorated with shells and sea weed. He’ll also drape a golden net over his shoulder and wrapped around his back and front. He’ll also wear a headdress made of golden seaweed and shells. He’ll also wear sandals but tall, roman, golden sandals. 4
Brooklyn Remmingston 34

A silvery-blue dress that is a bit sparkly ;strapless and slightly low cut with diamonds all over the top of the dress (mid-stomach and up) to add a sexy but still reserved look ; lower half of dress (mid-stomach down) will end begin in a "v" shape ; will be silvery-blue like the top, crinkled layers, poofy with tons of sparkles; Hair will be curled and put in a bun on top of the head, a couple loose strands will hang on each side of her face. Hair will have glitter in it. She will have a silver crown that has points resembling very small electricity poles with small silver balls on top; shoes will be open-toed high heels that match the dress's color and have diamonds on the part that covers her toes. When she spins, her dress will look like it is sparking off of the dress and on the dress (like electricity sparks), her shoes will have the same effect, and her crown will appear to be giving off a blue-like electric current to one another while sparking and shimmering. her fingernails and toenails will be manicured and pedicured ; her skin will have a slight shimmer to it from a special spray ; Her eyeliner will be the silver color of her crown on the top eyelid, her mascara will be applied with lots of volume and length to the top eyelash, lightly to the bottom, eyeshadow will be the silvery- blue color of the dress and will be sparkly .

A vest with the same effect as the girl's dress ; a silver bowtie, a silver jacket that gives off sparks with the wave of an arm, black slacks, silver shoes ; body will give off a lighter shimmer than the girl, will have the same crown as the girl. 5
Carnie Carrera 29 6
Natsue Haku 19 District 7 is quite a shocker! This time, they are FINALLY not trees! Instead, they are...... wearing kimonos! Serena is wearing a pink kimono with cherry blossoms and peace signs! Pamline is however, complaining. He says that his kimono, blue with goldfish and peace signs on it, harms the enviroment because both of them are "glowing". 7
Patch Tremor 29 He is wearing a suit made of Patchwork fabrics, they are all a simmilar grey hue, but what makes this outfit special is that from a distance, the patchwork fabrics make up what looks to like the tributes face, (His face is made out of the suits patchworkness) he is wearing a crown that looks like its been made from several fabrics and his shoes are jet black She is wearing a simmilar outfit, only a dress. She is wearing the same crown but her shoes are high heels, not huge, but enough to give a girly, fashionable look. 8
Robin Glenn 25 A brown suit with some kind of yellow stuff on it, wait, its looks like grain, when he spins it looks like he's standing in a field of grain Same as male but as a dress 9
Ana-Marie Graceholme 31 The dress is made completely out of flattened and preserved, emerald green grass to represent the rolling pastures of District 10. At the waistline, there is a large, sheek belt made of leather. The bottom half of the dress goes down to the knee, and is extremely flowy and elegant. The top half is a tight bodice that shows the figure of the girl wearing it. The girls lipstick and makeup are a dazzling emerald green colour. The girls boots are sheek and fashionable cowgirl boots made of pristine leather. The boots have elegant, floral type designs pressed into the boots. The girl has on a headband made of woven haym that encircels her forhead and goes all the way up into her hair to make it stay up in a ponytail. Everything is exactly the smae with the male, except he is wearing a suit, not a dress. His shoes are cowboy boots. And his hair is slicked back, so therefor his headband only encircles his forhead. He still has the belt and the lipstick (no makeup though). 10
Leonno Balshani 19 A soft brown wispy dress, knee length with bare feet and no make-up. A tiara made of the stalks of grain. Her whole body has been dusted in a gold powder that makes her shimmer. Her hair has been in twined with stalks of grain. A soft grey shirt, open, with short sleeves. With light grey trousers and a crown of wheat. His skin has been dusted in a silver powder. He is also bare foot with no make up. He is carrying a long stick twisted with grain stalk. 11
Irena Sevan 22 She'll be in something similar. The female will wear a silver dress and a red, gold and blue net draped around her shoulders that looks like it's on fire. Her hair will be delicately styled and also sprayed the color of burning coal. Her shoes will be shiny black high heels. The male will be wearing a black skin-tight t-shirt and black leggings with fire delicately painted on his shoulders and jewels that make it look like shiny coal. His hair will be slicked back and sprayed the color of burning coal, and his shoes will be shiny black slippers. 12


Name Specialty Position User
Indie Creekpool Spontanious ideas for anything and everything about the Games Head Gamemaker GlimmerandSparkle
Parceline Torch He loves watching the games, and so he has a lot of experience and knows what has already been done and what is fresh and new. Co-Head Gamemaker Epic Hobo
Arabesque Lisbusten He was promoted to Head Of Arena after his amaxing arena design last year, he has been a gamemaker for around 5 years and highly enjoys the job, but he thinks this arena is his best creation ever! Head of Arena Mysims
Yuki Itano She'd rather be a mutt designer than an arena designer. But she had to be an arena designer. She loves designing things that are cute, yet deadly. She would make the looks cute, but the effects DEADLY! Arena Designer Kwanito44
Lilyana Styneson My Creativity And Creating Mutts. She Has Been A Gamemaker For A Year and Enjoys Thinking And Brainstorming Different Ideas For The Arena And The Mutts Which Will Be In It. Arena Placement Manager AnnieCresta4
Rainette Cloven She has always had a brain for creating dangerous things, she was offered this job and she gladly excepted and is now working on new ideas for these school tributes =) Head of Muttations Rainfacestar
Augustis Leverman finding ways to trick people into traps the killing them. Loves being creative Muttations Designer FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Coranne Beff Mutts because she is violent and makes violent things(she has been a mutt gamemaker for other games) Muttation Placement Manager Gohungergames
Lucian Whittles Lucian took the job because he feels like his personality is great for the games. He's spontanious, random and creative; so, therefore, he can come up with some crazy ideas to be implemented into the games! Assisting Gamemaker District3Tribute
Alexabelle James She loves designing anything that has to do with the games, and she's really good at it too, because she understands that there needs to be a terror factor. Assisting Gamemaker AshtonMoioLover


Just to let you know, I make up nicknames for tributes who have names that are long, and make them into about 4 letter names usually. If you hate your nickname and want me to change it I will, but sometimes I'm also changing it to match the district better. For example, the district 4 tributes are suppossed to be skater dudes and dudettes, and both of the tributes that people submitted were kinda long and formal, so I changed them to names that seemed a little more skater-ey. Here are all of the nicknames I made for everyone (Note:Your character might not have a nickname)

Name Nickname District
Emma Dazzle Emma Dazzle 1
Arran Harthorn Arran Harthorn 1

Sarah Hail

Sarah Hail 2
Draco Adams Draco Adams 2
Franci Greenbyne Franci Greenbyne 3
Alex Tromagnet Alex Tromagnet 3
Elezibeth Forden Izza Forden 4
Matthew Alexander Matt Alexander 4
Petra Liit Petra Liit 5
Chandler Norton Chandler Norton 5
Ashely Gomez Ashely Gomez 6
Alex Garcia Alex Garcia 6
Serena Graves Serena Graves 7
Pamline Falcone Line Falcon 7
Becca Plane Becca Plane 8
Roxaz deHavangel Roxy deHavengel 8
Aria Camelliston Aria Camelliston 9
Aiden Camelliston Aiden Camelliston 9
Karmin Johnson Karmin Johnson 10
Danny Motionily Kid Flash 10
Jasmine Webb Jasme Webb 11
Quincy Williams Quincy Williams 11
Candice Bolt Dice Bolt 12
Aaron Winters Aaron Winters 12


Do you want to have any alliances in these games? Look at the tribute list, find someone you'd like to ally with, and message them on their talk to ask if they'd like to ally eith you. Once you both agree, let me know in the comments and I'll add you up here.

Careers (Duh)

Arron(1), Emma(1), Sarah(2), Draco(2), Izza(4) and Matt(4)

The Talents

Franci(3), Serena(7), Aria(9), Line(7), Karmin(10) and Aiden(9)

District 8

Roxy(8), Becca(8)

Chariot Rides

(Announcer's POV)

Welcome viewers, to the chariot rides of the 1st ever annual School Games! (Crows claps and cheers loudly, and it takes the announcer several minutes to quiet them down) Alright guys! Let's get this show on the road!

Here comes District 1! Emma Dazzle and Arran Harthorn are looking great in their costumes. Emma is wearing a tank top with pink patterns on it, black and pink sweat pants, and high heel shoes that look like pink sneakers. Arran is blushing, because he is wearing a tight pink jumpsuit with orange pom-poms all over it. The crowd laughs at this, and Arran has to resist the urge to slap his forehead. If only he had a costume like Emmas. Emma is laughing at him a little too, and the pair of them look so cute and popular logether, even though Arrans is so ridiculious. Emma leans over and kisses him lightly on the cheek and the crowd goes wild.

District 2 is just emerging from the tunnel! They certianly look like Jocks in their fabulous costumes. Draco Adams is wearing a red football kit with black trainers, white knee socks, black face paint, the whole look. He looks a bit shiny with all of that gold and red glitter all over him, but it makes him look like a star athlete. He's holding a golden football to match his glitter and it looks like he's throwing it up and down, looking somewhat bored because he can't practice his passes. Sarah Hail is wearing a similar costume, wearing a blue football kit that is designed for a more femenine form, white trainers and knee socks, and white face paint. She has silver and blue glitter all over her, making her shine in the opposite way as Draco, and her football is silver and black. They look like two opposing football teams, ready to crush eachother, and the crowd seems to really like these costumes.

Franci Greenbyne and Alec Tromagnet, the District 3 tributes, emerge from the tunnel shortyl after the District 2 Chariot. They do look Nerdy, but certianly not in the way you'd expect. Franci is wearing a dark silver dress with wide shoulder straps, and random colorful lights all over it. It has a belt at her waist and below that it puffs out. Connected to her belt she has some brown suspenders that go up over her shoulders the way they were meant to and to complete the look, some big, nerdy but cute glasses. Alec is wearing a suit that is the same color that also has the small colorful lights all over it, with sleves that stop just past the shoulder and a matching fedora, with the lights and everything. Underneath the suit he has on a plain black t-shirt, and he also sports suspenders and nerdy glasses. The crowd seems to love the way the stylist has showcased her tributes, but some think it's a little much.

District 4 apears, looking like they just came from the beach. Matt is wearing green swimming trunks, decorated with verious shells and seaweed, and a shirt that looks like he got stylishly tangled up in a golden net. His headdress is made of shells and golden seaweed, and tall, golden roman sandals. Izza is wearing a sea green bikini top embroidered with shells, with a skirt attached that goes all the way down to her ankles. Her headdress is decorated with shells, and she is wearing golden leather sandals. The crowd really likes how the stylist showed off that this is the fishing district, but they I know I'm thinking that all of that gold is a little much.

Petra Liit and Chandler Norton of District 5 appear, looking very.....sparky. Petra is wearing a very detailed strapless blue dress with diamonds all over the top, and from about mid stomach down it's crinkled, poofy and sparklily, all the way down to the V shaped ending. On her head she is wearing a crown that looks like electricity poles, and you can see that they are sending little streams of blue energy back and forth. When she twirls, the dress begins to give off tiny sparks. Chandler's costume is similar. He has a vest that matches the girl's dress, a silver undershirt that sparks with the wave of an arm, black pants, and a matching crown. They look very beautiful and.... electricified standing there together, although I think the audience wishes that the stylist had shown off the side of teacher's pet, too. Oh well, they accept it because that was not a requirement.

The District 6 tributes come in on their chariot looking very elegant. Ashely Gomez is wearing a strapless brown/silver gown that goes down to about her waist and then puffs out. Above the puff there are sparkles all over it, and the gauzy skirt goes all the way down to her toes. Her hair is done up in an elegant, curled way and she has diamond earrings. I would describe her shoes for you, but since her skirt is so long you can't even see them! Alex is wearing a white formal suit with a black dress shirt underneath and a black bowtie. He is also wering black suit pants. I think the crowd thinks the outfits are really pretty, but they don't relate to District 6 being Hyper or having the Transportation industry. The industry part was required, and the crowd is a little iffy on this one.

Pamline Falcone and Serena Graves of District 7 come in looking very unique. Instead of being trees like normal, this year they are wearing Kimonos! Serena is wearing a pink kimono with cherry blossoms and peace signs on it, which is cute, and the crowd likes it because a cherry blossom is a tree, and sh looks very pretty. Pamline is a little upset that hes wearing a 'dress'. His kimono is blue and has goldfish and peace signs all over it. The crowd seems really torn because Serena's kimono matches and is really pretty, and while Pamline's is still really pretty, it doesn't match the lumber industry at all. Both do match the unnofficial Hippy theme though, and I think everyone is happy that that was at least met.

Here comes District 8, the Fashon Police! The crowd cheers in anticipation. Everyone's thinking the same thing: This has to be good. then they emerge we can see thet they are made of patchwork clothes. The patches are beautiful shades of silver and grey. From far away though, you can see the tribute's faces embroidered in the delicate patchwork. Everyone gasps. It's incredibly stylish, and the design is so careful and precise. Everyone seems to love it, but some wich that it was a little bit more colorful. Still, Becca Plane and Roxaz deHavangel look beautiful in their Chariot Costumes.

District 9, Aria Camelliston and Aiden Camelliston emerge from the tunnel looking very... grainy? Aiden is wearing a brown suit with grain on it, and Aria is wearing the same thing but as a dress. Their stylist whistles and they both start to spin, and it looks just like they are standing in a big wheat field. The crowd likes how well the stylist represented their industry, but wishes that they had showed off their weirdo side a bit more. Nevertheless, the designs are beautiful and the crowd seems to love it.

Karmin Johnson and Danny Montionily(a.k.a. Kid Flash) from District 10 are wearing costumes that look simple but really stylish. Karmin is wearing a dress that looks like grass, and when everyone sees it automatically thinks of the green pastures of district 10. She has a big, lether belt at her waist line and after that point the dress looks super flowy and elegant, and before it, it looks tight enough to show off Karmin's figure, but not tight enough to be uncomfortable. Her shoes are super cute cowgirl boots that I wish I was wearing! She has a headband made of straw that encircles her whole head several times and holds her hair up in a ponytail. 'Kid Flash' is wearing a similar outfit, but in place of the dress is a suit made out of the same material. A they get closer, we can smell the freshness of grass and see the little blades coming off of their clothes, and then we realize that their cothes are actually made out of grass! The crowd absolutely loves these costumes!

District 11 is emerging from the tunel now, looking much like District 9. Quincy is wearing a soft, open grey shirt, trousers the same color, and a crown of wheat. He is sparkiling silver, and holding a long stick with grain twisted around it. At least he's grey, not brown. Jasmine is wearing a whispy, soft brown knee length dress and a tiara made of grain stalks. Her hair is entertwined with other stalks of grain, and she is glittering gold. The crowd likes this design, but it's so much like district 11 that their opinon of both designs drops a little.

Finally, the last, but not least, chariot appears! It's the District 12 chariot, holding Candice Bolt and Aaron Winters. Aaron is looking a little bit embarrassed. He is wearing a skin tight black shirt and leggings, which makes him a little bit.... self concious. He really looks great though with fire painted delicately on his shoulder, his hair is slicked back and the color of burnng coal and his shoes look like shiny big lumps of coal. Candice looks equally good, wearing a silver dress, and a net around her shoulders that looks like it's burning. Her hair is done festively and the same color as Aaron's, and on her feet she's sporting shiny black high heels. The crowd loves how the stylist represented the coal district, although some people obviously have other favorites.

Audience Approval

These are the Audiece Approval rates of the Chariot Costumes, and some comments.

Place District Comments from the Capitol
1st 10 I loved how detailed the dress was, and it fit both themes from District 10 perfectly.
2nd 8 The outfits were super detailed and stylish, and they certianly showed off that 8 is all about clothes! The only reason they're not in 1st is because the grey was a bit underwhelming.
3rd 4 I love how you made the tributes look like they just had a fabulous day on the beach, although all of that gold would have made them drown in the ocean.
4th 5 The outfit really represented 5. I think everyone wishes that somehow you could have said 'Teacher's Pet' somewhere in there too, but that was never asked for.
5th 1 The kiss was cute, but the boy's outfit was questionable. I liked hoe you made Emma look like a popular street dancer. Very unique!
6th 12 The outfits were really creative and stylish, and they really represented the Coal Mining district, although the boy's outfit didn't really work together with the girl's.
7th 3 The outfits were supercute, but they could have represented 3 a little better.
8th 7 They represented the hippy side of 7 which is nice, but what we're looking for is the lumber side, and we didn't see it.
9th 2 The outfits represented District 2......sorta. It was really predictable.
10th 9 We liked the field of grain trick, but that was about it. We had seen the whole thing, other then that, before.
11th 11 It was really predictable, the 2 outfits didn't really work together as one, and they were like the exact same as District 9.
12th 6 The outfits were beautiful, but no one understood how they were suppossed to represent District 6.

Training Scores

These were done mostly by random, but I just want to let you know if you get a bad score, you get a bad score and that does not mean I'm gonna kill you, but If you complain about it that might.

Emma Dazzle~11

Arran Harthorn~10

Sarah Hail~7

Draco Adams~8

Franci Greenbyne~9

Alec Tromagnet~4

Izza Forden~10

Matt Alexander~9

Petra Liit~4

Chandler Norton~2

Ashley Gomez~7

Alex Garcia~3

Serena Graves~9

Line Falcon~9

Becca Plane~7

Roxaz DeHavangel~6

Aria Camelliston~5

Aiden Camelliston~9

Karmin Johnson~5

Kid Flash~9

Jasmine Webb~8

Quincy Williams~7

Candice Bolt~8

Aaron Winters~3

The Games!

Day 1

The tributes rise into the arena on their metal plates..........


The Arena is amazing. Our Campus is so pretty, it's impossible not to feel some school spirit. Its a cylinder, and it looks like it goes up about 4 floors. There's a semi-circular courtyard off to myright, and it seems to even out with the rest of the building around the second floor. Cool, that means it'll be shaded. The most intresting thing though has to be the big, spiral staricaise right in the middle of the room. It looks like it goes all the way up to the roof. I glance at the countdown clock. 30.....29......28....... I just stare at the fish tank in the room marked Office for the remainder of the countdown, since I can't find the cornucopia. 3....2....1......GONG!


Just after the gong sounds and we all hop off of our plates, A bus honks at us from outside. We all look and see that the bus is more of a gold color then a yellow, and pressed up against the windows are backpacksand weapons. Everyone runs for the door at the same time, and I see a Career shove the boy from 11 that was in his way through a window. Ouch. BOOM! I squeeze myself through the door, and just as I think I'm free to go and find someplace to hide I feel strong hands on my neck. Oh, how I wish I had my lightsaber right now. BOOM!


Ok, I just killed the little man from 3. I hope he gets reincarnated into a flower or something. Now what I need to do is get on that bus, get supplies, and find my allies withough getting killed. I run to try and get ahead of the rest of the group that's going to the bus, but it's no use because the people who were closest to it are already climbing in. I get there, run up the steps, and look around for anything useful. I grab 2 axes and sling them over my shoulder, along with a tye-dyed backpack. I hope the supplies inside are useful. Just as I;m about to leave, a Career, I think her name's Izza(4), shoots an arrow at me. I duck and it does into the chest of the girl from 6. BOOM! I grab a random knife and throw it at Izza(4), just to keep her distracted, and run off of the bus. There are some bushes lining the sidewalk and so I dive into them, waiting for my allies, the Talents, to come off of the bus.


"Watch out Arran!" I yell as the girl from 9 shoots an arrow at his head. He dodges, and it embeds itself in the wall behind him. I kick her as hard as I can in the chest and she goes toppling over the seats.The boy from 9, her brother I think, helps her up and then charges at Arran. He has a knife, and he's pretty good with it too, but nothing can match Arran's skill with a sword. Sigh. He's so perfect...... I snap out of my Arran-induced haze when the Girl from 9 sends an arrow flying at me. How dare she?!?!?! I throw my knife at her. It gets stuck in her thigh instead of her head because she jumped up into a seat. Oh well. Not lethal, but deadly. Am I right?


That guy just, like, threw a knife at my head! Un-called for! Actually it was kinda called for, since I, like, almost killed him with an arrow. If only he hadn't ducked. It did end up hitting the girl from 6 that was standing behind him though, so yeah. A kill is a kill. I randomly grab a knife because there's like, soo many here, and stab the girl from 7 in the shoulder. She screams and slashes me across the face with one one of the knives I didn't even know she had. I feel the blood trickle down my nose, past my mouth, and start to drip off of my chin. I thought she got my eyes there for a sec and that would have tottally sucked because then I'd be like, blind. I punch her in the stomach and it knocks the breath outta her. I raise my knife high, ready to end this fight, when all of a sudden she throws a knife and it hits me in the stomach. Ohhh, that hurts a lot. I fall back onto the seat behind be and groan as the girl grabs a rainbow peace-sign backpack and leaves.


I walk up onto the bus slowly, careful not to trip. Once I'm on the bus I look around and scream, but of course it gets lost in all of the chaos. All of these backpacks are so ugly! They're so bulky and awkward, and don't even get me started on the prints! All the blood and gore around them isn't helping either. I look around for a bit, careful not to get knifed or anything of the sort. Soon, I find a grey patchwork messenger bag with silver embroidery. My kind of bag! I carefully head out and then run back to the school. I burst through the doors and breathe a sigh of releif. Air conditioning! I don't see anyone else in here because everyone else is either fighting on the bus or exploring. I duck inside of the room labeled Office and sit in the chair ment for the principal, waiting for Roxy to come meet me here.


I punch the girl from 5 in the chest, ard, and she falls backwards, out of the back doors of the bus and lands face first on the asphalt. I laugh and grab a sword, slashing the boy from 6 who was standing behind me, not sure if he should stab me in the back with his knife or not. He dodges and kicks me in the stomach. That's another bruise on my perfect abs! I think as I stab him in the thigh. While he tries to take 5 to try and stop the blood from gushing out of his thigh, I slice off his head. BOOM! I shove his body out of the back doors, not wanting him to get in my way. He lands on top of the girl from 5, who is still alive. Haha, she's not going anywhere now! Especially because her ribs looks cracked. I look around for someone else to kill, and soon I see the girl from 10. I run over to her, accidentially kicking Izza, who's moaning on the seats with a knife in her stomach. Sorry! I yell, flashing her my famous jock smile, as I stab the girl from 10 in the side. She dodges and it goes inbetween her arm and her rib cage. She winces a little, and I can tell the sharp part cut her a bit. She looks down really fast, and I notice it's not to check the wound on her arm, it's to make sure that I didn't slice off the straps on her backpack. She randomly grabs a knife off of a coushon on a chair, and tries to stab my neck. I dodge easily ad she kicks me in the chest and runs off of the steps, terrified. I let her go and start fighting someone else, because there's plenty of cows in the slaughterhouse.


Ouch! My shoulder really hurts from where the girl from 4 stabbed it. At least I got her back. I'm off of the bus, and currently I'm looking for Line(7), who I saw leave the bus ages ago. I look around for him, and almost automatically notice tye-dye sticking out against the bushes. Hippies have never been very good with camoflauge. I walk over there and tug on his backpack until he pops up. He exhailesin releif when he sees it's just me. "Let's go find the rest of our alliance." I say, wondering where Franci(3) is. I saw Karmin(10), Aria(9) and Aiden(9) on the bus, but I haven't seen Franci(3) since yesterday. I give myself a little shrug and run back up onto the bus, Line covering my back. We need to help any of our allies that can't get out safely. Karmin(10) pushes past us to get out of the bus, and I nudge her and point toward the bushes really fast to show her where to wait. She nodds and leaves. I run over to where Aiden(9) and Aria(9) are fighting District 1, and I can tell things aren't going so well.


Thank god, here comes Serena(7) and Line(7). We need some help. Aiden and I have been fighting the two from District 1 for like 10 minutes, and it's really hard. Emma(1) keeps throwing knives at me, and even if I dodge they still seem to hit me. My thigh, ribs, and wrist are all dripping blood because of this, and I haven't even goten a chance to pull the knife out of my leg yet. Aiden's not faring so well either. He's great with his knife, but Arran has a sword, which is basically a bigger version of it that's easier to hurt people with. Serena(7) throws a knife at Emma(1) and it hits her collarbone because she wasn't prepared. Emma(1) screams in rage, and Sarah(2) notices and throws a sword at Serena(7). Line(7) swings one of his axes at Arran(1) and it hits him in the head, not killing him but knocking him out cold. Emma(1) is infuriated by this and she charges down the isle towards the boys, knives in hand. I shoot an Arrow at Sarah(2) since we have no one else to fight, and Sarah gets a piece of her ear pinned to the wall. She screams and throws another sword at me, which I try and dodge but it hits my wounded leg. I scream in pain and shoot 3 arrows at her rapily. The first one she dodges, moving her head straight into the second one, and in the instand that she takes in the wound my third arrow goes into her neck. BOOM! I laugh a little at my kill, when suddenly I notice the knife flying at me. BOOM!


Ok. I've had enough of standing round here like an idiot watin' for some people to finish their stupid showdown. I walk 'round to the back of the bus, where I can see everything that's happening. Aria(9)'s dead, so is that girl from 2, and some other people aint fairing so well. I hop up into the back of the bus, accidentally kicking a dead girl in the ribs. She groans in pain, and then I realize she aint dead yet. Oops. "Sorry, mam!" I say is I take out my blowgun and shoot her in the neck. It was outta sympathy, of course. BOOM! I climb up into the bus and look around. All of my allies are standing together, an the girl from 1 is crouching over the boy from 1, stroking his face. Ahh, young love. I join my allies in their little huddle. "...leave them alone, it's not like they can hurt us now. Oh, hey Karmin!" says Line, waving his hand toward me in a friendly jesture. I wave back at him and listen just like everyone else. "But... but... that damn girl killed my sister!" The boy from 9 yells. I think his name's Aiden(9). He is shivering with rage, glancing from Aria(9's body to the crouching form of Emma(1). "Wait up ya'll. What the hell happened?" I ask, because I don't have the slightest clue. Serena(7) pulls me off to the side for a second and explained that Emma(1) threw a knife at Serena(7) who dodged, and it hit Aria(9) who was standing behind her. "Ohhhh!" I say, nodding. Boy, we need to cool this boy down cuz he's hotter than a pepper on the 4th of july in two ways. 1. He's so mad it looks like he's 'bout to start steamin', and 2. He's really hot. All of a sudden we hear a fight break out, and when I look over I see it's the other girl in our alliance, Franci(3).


This girl like, just suddenly appeared behind me, grabbing a couple of packs and a bunch of knives. I was like, woah girl, don't try to kill me or anything, I'll make this quick, but she did anyway. She threw a knife at me and it hit me in the left side of my chest and I screeched in pain, and threw a trident at her. She dodged it and it just cut her cheek a little. She yelled and ran towards me with her knives, but I just kicked her away and took a sec to see who was still alive. Draco(2) is fighing random people over there, Emma(1) is trying to make sure that no on hurts Arran(1), Izza(4) is still just lying down in a seat moaning and A bunch of random people are standing around, trying to calm some guy down. All of a sudden they all turn towards me and the girl from 3. Oh crap, this girl has some friends. The guy from 9 looks like he's going crazy, and he lunges at me with a knife. The only way I can block is with my hands, and he makes a deep cut down my arm. Ouch. The girl that I was fighting earlier gets up and hits me in the head hard with the butt of her knife. I turn around to start fighting her but then the boy from 7 hits me in the back with his axe. Shit! That fricken hurts! I turn around to give him a litle piece of me but the girl from 10 shoots a dart into the back of my head. My skull is made of steel so it didn't kill me but it hurt a lot. I kick the blowgun out of her hand but then the girl from 7 grabs my leg and pulls it out from under me, making me fall on my back. The girl from 3 walks up, smiling, and I can tell it's the end. She digs her knife slowly and painfully into my neck, and My vision gets hazy. I feel a vein pop in my neck and all of a sudden, all of the pain goes away. BOOM!


Where is Becca(8)? I have supplies and a mace, although I don't really know how to use it. I saw Becca nod toward someplace just before the gong sounded, but I don't remember where now! I checked the courtyard, the PE room, and the Cafeteria, but no one is in any of those places. Now I'll have checked the whole 1st floor except for the office, and then I'll have to go upstairs. It looks kind of ominous up there, and I'm a little scared to go up there all on my own. I walk into the office, careful not to make any sound just in case something that's not Becca(8) is in here. I close the door and smile a little. The room is super stylish, with the coushions on all of the chairs accenting the wall color very nicely, the plants in the corners adding little exciting bursts of color here and there and the fish tank was marvelous. I shook my head to stay focused and whispered "Becca(8)? Are you here?" The chair behind the front desk turned around and I saw her, smiling at me. Thank god she's in here, I'm so glad we don't have to go upstairs.


Geez! All of these cannons are scaring the heck outta me. I decieded to just go peek my head into the bus, just to see if there were any easy grabs left, since I had decided to go explore earlier. The campus is really beautiful, and I'm so glad that I go to this school! I shake my head and hit it with my hand a few times. Stop thinking like that Jasmine! I pop my head in, and look aroud at the nearest seats to see what's up for grabs. There's a little sinch bag and a knife on the seat where the driver's suppossed to sit, so I grab that and turn to head out, but all of a sudden the boy from 2 is there, grinning at me with his spear. I gasped and on instinct I stabbed him, but it was only in the shoulder. He winced and lunged at me with his spear. I dodged it and kicked his spear away, and while he was stumbling after it I ran off of the bus and went to go find some place to hide.


Ok, I'm getting on the bus. Breathe In, Breathe out. Swag. You can do this Aaron. I tell myself as I step onto the bus throught the back door. It's absolute mayhem. Everyone's either fighting, trying to leave or dead. One guy, from 5 I think, is rummaging around in some sacks in the corners. No one has noticed him yet, but I just did. I'm careful to move around the girl from 1 as she tries to revieve the boy from 1. Great. Another little couple. Oh well, it's not like they're suddenly going to be the power couple that goes around killing everyone and everything. Still. I'd better leave them alone, because those knives that girl has are sharp. Damn! I creep up on the boy from 5, grabbing a bow and some arrows on my way over there. I get within a couple of meters and shoot him in the back, making him die immediately. BOOM! I snicker a little over his stupidity and turn around to face everyone's eyes. Oh shit, they noticed! I grab a black backpack with grafitti-like designs on it and jump out of the back door, hoping no one is following me. Sadly, the boy from 10 and the boy from 2 are, and they're both gaining. The boy from 10 was behind the boy from 2, and now he's catching up. Dang that boy is fast. The boy from 2 hears his footsteps and grins. When they get to be neck-in-neck, the boy from 2 flicks his sword out, slitting the boy from 10's throat. BOOM! Dang that looked like it hurt. I clench my teeth and kick it up a notch, knowing that if he catches up it means I'm dead. He sees me accelerate and apparently decides that I'm too fast for him, so he throws his sword. I feel it hit me in the back and my face hits the ground, making everything go black. BOOM!

====Everything is quiet for a moment and then.......... {C BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!====

Everyone counts on their fingers. 11 down, 12 to go.......


"Wha.....what's happening?" I ask as my eyes flutter open. Immediately I wish I hadn't awoken. "Ahh my head!" I exclaim, bringing my hands up to the back of my skull. I see Emma crouching above me, and I can tell she's trying to make me stop moving, but I don't care. OH. MY. GOD. I felt the back of my head, and where it hurts there's a little dent. I feel like throwing up. Emma frowns and pulls my hand away from the wound. When it reaches where it was laying before I moved it she just sits there, clutching my hand. "Uhh, you can drop my hand now." I say, but only in my head, so she didn't actually hear me. She just goes on holding it for a long time. Is she crying? "It's ok Emma, I'm fine." I say to try and comfort her, but this only makes her sniffle. "No, you're not ok. You're hurt!" She says. I remember the dent in my head and get nasious all over again. I use my arms to try and sit up. After a couple of minutes I manage it, and I push her gently away with the hand she's holding. She lets go and takes a step back, and I start throwing up all over the place. It's descusting. I can tell Emma wants to help me somehow but she doesn't have any Idea how she's suppossed to. After a little while, I feel better and even manage to stand up. I look around and see that only the careers are left on the bus. We lost 2, I think. Yeah, because the only ones of us that are alive are Me, Emma, Draco, and Izza. Wow, we are a sorry career pack. I'm about to faint and I just threw up over everything, Izza can barely sit up because her stomach wound is so bad, Draco is really tired from chasing around and killing people all day, and Emma looks like she's about to burst into tears any minute. "Guys, let's just stay here for the night. We're not really in a good condition to move, and we don't have to go hunting you know." I say, looking around at everyone. Izza immediately nodds her head, but then she has to go lay down because her stomach is killing her. Litterally. Emma nodds too, ready to agree with anything I say, and I think she might like me. I can tell Draco was looking forward to going hunting, but he agrees and goes off to find all of the weapons he wants. I go and lay down on one of the seats near the middle of the bus and almost immediately pass out.


Yawn. This has been soo boring lately. This whole game's an easy win. I mean, all I did was decide not to go into the bus of death, and no one has even noticed me. All I have to do is stay alive untill everyone else dies, and I'm home free! After everyone scrambled out of the doors, I calmly walked out the doors that let you into the courtyard instead, and I walked around behind it and found some trees that looked a heck of a lot safer then inside the school! I mean really. Teachers always threatean to kill us at home, so a school in the Hunger Games? Forget about it! I am pretty hungry though..... Let's see, what are my options. Hmm, not hunting since I don;t have any weapons. I could try and find the cafeteria, but again, I want to keep going inside the school to a minimum. Maybe I could just go peek my head inside the bus? Everyone's probably gone by now. And no one could have carried off all of those supplies.......... I sit up an am about to jump off of my branch when the anthem plays in the sky. I sit there and watch, sondering who died. The first face in the sky is that bitch from 2. Ha, I'm glad she died. Next up is the boy from 3. Figured. Then the boy from 4. Geez the Careers are taking a beating this year! Then both tributes from 5 and 6. Ok. The girl from 9. I guess she never really seemed like that much of a threat, but she was nice. Oh well, you die you're dead. The boy from 10. He never really made an impression on me. The boy from 11. He seemed pretty big and powerful, but honestly, I'm not surprised. Last but not least, Aaron. I almost fall out of the tree at that one. I can't belive he died! Oh well, it's not like we were friends or anything. I hop out of the tree and make my way toward the bus, telling my stomach to shut up every once in a while because it's rumbling so loud that it's gonna blow my cover.


I still can't belive Aria's dead, although seeing her face in the sky tonight kind of made it official. I would normally be raging around right about now, furious at everything and everyone, but I'm too tired. I look around at my allies. Everyone's exausted. Line looks kind of freaked out, and I understand him. He killed someone today, and it's against his nature. He seems like a nice guy for the week I've known him. I look around at where we are. We decided to go to the courtyard, and so far it's been really nice. No one has attacked us here, heck, we haven't even seen anyone here! It's been a long day and I'm really tired, So I roll out the sleeping bag that was in my backpack and lay down on it. I notice that the girl from 10, what's her name? Karmin? Karmin is staring at me because she didn't think I noticed. I wonder why. I know some people that just stare off into space when they're bored... but some people do it for different reasons too. I smile to myself and drift off to sleep.

Day 2


Last night while I was walking toward the bus, suddenly I got really winded and so I had to lie down in a patch of tall flowers for a while. When I woke up this morning I looked around, hoping to find some gifts or something but nothing came. I guess I just have to go onto thet stupid bus. I get up and strech, yawning. Now that I'm awake, I can deal with any attacks that the gamemakers or other tributes throw at me. I run up to the side of the school building and slink around, careful to stay toutching the wall so that no one can see me. I'm almost to the sidewalk, where I'll have to sprint in plain sight, when I stop. All I really need is food right? Not weapons? Because if that's the case I could just go find the cafeteria. I know I said last night that I didn't want to go inside of the school, but now that I'm here, I have a bad feeling about the bus. I take five, just to ready myself, and the sprint as fast as I can through the front doors, hoping no one that was inside the bus or inside the school, or outside the school for that matter, could see me. I waited a minute once I was inside to see if anyone was going to attack me, but it didn't look like it. I looked around for a minute to see if I could see any obvious clues as to which room was the cafeteria, but I didn't see anything. I thought back to my old school in 12. How did I find the cafeteria in that 1st confusing week? Hmmmm...... Oh! I remember! I followed the smell of food! I stop and wiff the air. Yep, it's that room! I push through some swingy doors and find myslef in heaven. Or as close as you can get in the Games. The room was huge, filled with long tables stacked high with food! I couldn't belive my eyes. It was like the dinners that they had in Harry Potter. In the Hunger Games! I admit I squeeled a little as I ran over to the food and started gorging myself. Wow, I can not belive how hungry I was! I stuff myself on extravant foods that you would usually never find in the Hunger Games like Pizza, Hamburgers, Chicken Nuggets and snacks like Cookies, Slushies, and Pudding! It was all so amazing, but since I hadn't eaten in about a day I almost fell over from the sudden amount of food in my system. Ahh, whatever. YOLO, right? I really was full though, so I decided to just nibble on some chips for a little while. All of a sudden, this lunch of mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets that was a couple of meters away from me rose up and turned itself into a big, mushy blob. A second later, so did a pizza that had fallen on the floor when I ran over here wildly. All of the food eventually did this, and instead of being faced with tond of food, I was faced with tons of blobs that probably thought I was food. Aw shit. I stood up and backed away slowly, knowing that if I made any noise at all they would jump me. My arm accidentally hit a plate that a mean-looking hamburger was siting on, and It went crashint onto the floor and shattered into a million pieces. A big piece got stuck in my ankle and I had to bit my lip to keep from screaming out in pain, but it didn't matter because all of the food blobs surged toward me at once. I screamed and scrambled backwards, but since my ankle was hurt I just fell on my butt. The mutts swarmed over me, but somehow I managed o stand and beat the majority of them off while screaming and running away. One somehow managed to get a little bit in front of me and I tripped on it, sending me flying straight into a trashcan. The putts grabbed my legs and I started to scream, because I could feel them pulling off my flesh. All of a sudden, the Trash can opened up even more, and I fell in. I felt a sharp pain in my ribs and I assumed it was a lunch mutt, but when I looked up I saw it was the trashcan's teeth. I fell screaming into the abyss, and then my free fall unded with a sudden thud. BOOM!


I woke up this morning to the soud of a cannon. Ahh, how pleasant. I position my arms to push myself up into a sitting positon and then try to sit up, but I can't because of the giant hole in my stomach. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I moan and crash back into the seat that I've been laying on since the middle of the bloodbath yesterday. I'm surprised no one tried to kill me, because I would have been an easy kill. I see something float down past the window on the opposite side of the bus and start smiling in anticipation. "Is anyone else awake?" I ask, and Emma's head pops up into view, followed by a deep "Yeah." from Draco. "Ok cool. Could someone go look around outside? I thought I saw a parachute."I ask smiling, Draco's head then comes into view. "Why don't you just go check?" He asks me smirking. Did he really think I was sending him into a trap? I grab the edge of the seat and pull myself up into a position that's more elevated then laying down but not nearly as painful as sitting and glare at him. "Umm, because I have a freakin HOLE IN MY STOMACH!" I say while trying to resist the urge to roll my eyes and say DUH! He rubbs the back of his head and goes "Oh yeah.... I knew that." And walks jumps out of the back doors of the bus. I look at Emma and roll my eyes playfully and she laughs. I wish we weren't in the Games, because then we could have actually have been friends. I shake my head at myself, but thenhave to stop because it hurts because of blood loss. Don't think like that, all of these people are going to have to die anyway if you want to go see your real friends Izza! I tell myself. Emma looks out the back door and grimaces a little. "I'm going to go make sure that he didn't just destroy all of the gifts except for his." She says, waving at me a little. I wave back and colapse back on the seat, rubbing the fabric. Ahh, this chair is so comfy. I fall asleep for a minute while everyone's outside, but what seems like a second later Emma's gently shaking me awake and trying to hand me something. I look at it and see a little clean white cadboard box. She hands me a piece of paper as well and leaves to go and take care of Arran. I unfold the piece of paper and read it. It's a note from outside of the arena.

Izza, you should totally, like, stay alive! Oh, and like, try not to move so much, you have a huge stomach wound so, like, that's why I send you this medicine!

From the most awesome person,


Hmm, I wonder who that was from. Probably my friend Rainy, but you can never be sure. Anyway, the advice was tottally like, horrible. Stay alive? Umm, that's what I'm trying to do! Don't move so much? I've been on this fricken seat for like a year! I send you this medicine? Ok, that's good advice, but still. I open up the little box and turn it upside down. A little squeezeable toob falls out, followed by a small round container. They both fall right into my wound, and I have to pick them up and whipe the blood and flesh off of the, before I can see what they're for. Hmm. The container has pills in it, and the toob has cream. I'm not sure how much to use and instructions are for woosies, so I rub the cream onto the pills to make them easier to swallow and eat three of them. In a couple of minutes, I sigh with releif. Ahh, much better. I can actually sit up!


{C I yawn and strech wide, accedentally hitting Serena in the head. Oops! She sleeps right through it though. Thank god, I couldn't deal with her snapiness right now! She can be really crabby for a hippy. A pieco of paper appears out of nowhere and falls onto her face. Well, I know it didn't appear out of nowhere because it had to come from somewhere or else the space time continueom would be all screwed up and then unicorns would exist and math wouldn't always be right and THE WORLD WOULD END!!! Another piece of paper falls out of the sky (not nowhere) and lands on Line's chest. Then one floats down in front of my eyes and I grab it and rip it open. It says


I'm glad your doing well so far! Keep with your alliance, care for them, and protect them. But, don't forget to protect yourslef. You know your ultimate goal is to get home to see us again. Stay full, drink lots of water, and kill some tributes!

-Your Friend, Joshua

A don't really remember who joshua is, but I think he was in my class. Yeah, he was in my mechanics class, and he also worked in the same part of the manufacturing company as me. At lest the advice was good, even though I don't really know it's sender. I'm about to reach over and read the note that Serena got, but just Line stirs. I sigh and tell him that the notes just fell from the sky.He asks if we got any supplies to go with them. I shake my head because we didn't. bu I hadn't even thought of that before. How strange. He reads his note and quietly folds it up and outsit into the bottom of his backpack. No one else is awake, so he just sighs and goes back to sleep. I look aound and reach the same conclusion that he did, so I just fall asleep again.


We had so much fun last night! Becca(8) and I had the best time. We told stories (quietly), played games and looked through our packs. Whenever we got too hungry we ate fish from the fish tank, because we decided we didn't want to break into our own supplies just yet. We fell asleep in the comfy waiting chairs, and both woke up on the floor. This morning was a little scary though, because I heard a bunch of screaming and then a cannon, and it didn't sound far away at all. Oh well. One step closer to home, right? Becca kinda freaked out. She went and looked out the window like every 2 minutes to check to make sure there was nothing outside. I was like "Becca, if a mutt is outside they'll be loud enough for us to hear it, and if a tribute's outside they won't know that we're in here unless they see your face looking at them through the window!" But she was like "What if the tribute saw us come in here, or they were careers that were looking for people to kill? Or what if the Mutt was one of those silent but deadly types? Huh? What then?" I just rolled my eyes and let her check. Girls can be so obnoxious and dramatic sometimes, even if most of them have killer taste. I don't really want to leave this place because it's super comfy, but Becca really wanted to leave because she didn't feel sheltered enough. She was really annoying me, so I gave up and let her guide me upstairs. She went really fast and didn't even stop on the 2nd floor, and when I asked her why she said because she thinks anyone that's brave enough to come upstairs will only want to go up to the 2nd floor, and I realized that for once, she's right. The 1st floor had the Gym, Cafeteria, Office and Courtyard on it, and in the glimpse of the 2nd floor that I got It looked like all ellective stuff. You know, like Theatre, Art, Chior, Band, Languages, and Computers. We stopped on the 3rd floor, and It looks like the only 2 classes here are Social Studies and Science. I think back to my own school in District 8. They mostly just taught you stuff like how not to get pricked with a sewing needle or how to make sure that a seam stays straight or whatever, but we did have Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts. I shudder when I remember my science teacher. Ugh, her outfits were soo.....just..... *shudder*. I looked around and whispered in Becca's ear. She nodded, and we both headed into the Social Studies room.


This morning, Izza(4) Pointed out to Draco(2) and I that we had sponsor gifts. Izza got something, I assume it was medicine, In a box, Arran(1) got Medicine for his head, I got a note and some knives, and Draco got nothing. He was ok with it though, because he really didn't need anything. I mean, the only reason he was still on this bus is that he didn't want to go off all alone, I wouldn't leave Arran, and neither Izza or Arran were in good situations. Once I gave Izza her stuff, read the instructions on Arran's medicine and shot one of the 5 shots of medicine into Arran's arm, I unfolded my note and read it. It said:


Hey Babe, just wanna let you know, Arran may mean the world to you, but you need to value your life over his, tell him how you feel and see what he says, stay with him through thick and thin and try and keep him safe, I know he'll return the favour! So, try and stay safe and alive, mostly alive, the more days you survive the better the things I can get you, so for now, try and stay alive, that is the most important thing there is, I want to see you back in district 1 in a few weeks time, and this is school, and you fly through school, especially when it comes to being on top of the food chain, try and put that into action, I need you to stay alive, for Arran, for me, for yourself, just remember that, I know its not in your blood to be vicious, but just try, don't go all wacko or anything, kill if you need too, but for no other reason than that. Now because your so amazing, I'm sending you a pack of throwing knives, remember how good you are with these, now keep these good, it might be a while until I send you something, but remember, I'm always watching...


Huh. The note kind of sent me mixed messages there. It said to stay with Arran through anything, but it also said to make sure that I value my life over his. I guess it means I can be attatched to him, but not too attached. I'm also kinda surprised that Andrew sent me a letter, but I guess I shouldn't be. Andrew is the district 1 mentor. He was always really funny and nice, which is a little bit weird coming from someone that you know has killed a bunch of people, because Mentors are also Victors. Ah well, as far as I know he didn't kill anyone. They all killed eachother and he just managed not to die, but I highly doubt it. While I'm being held captive by my thoughts, Arran wakes up. Somehoe I didn't notice, and When I wake up I noticed that the whole time I was thinking I was just staring at him. Oh My God! That's so embarrasing, I could just like die right now! Well, I actually could. This is the School Games! I blink to make sure that I don't get lost in my thoughts (Again) and apparently Arran thought I was winking at him. Oh my god. I'm about to explain that I was just blinking at him, not anything like that when he winks back. Oh. My. Go.... a piece of paper falls in my lap, already opened. It says

Emma, we are doing your POV right now, and you're saying oh my god a lot! Stop it! Some people that read this might not be religious, and it's really bad for writers to keep making their characters say the same thing over and over again! The readers get bored of it!


Oh my.... nevermind. I can't belive that god actually send me a note! I guess this is what they mean when people say god tells them to do stuff. Huh. Anyways, I glance at the piece of paper and crumple it up, coming back to the situation with Arran. I smile big at him, realizing if he winked back that that can only mean that he likes me! The place where my heart is feels like a mini sun, because it's making my whole body warm with happiness and... something deeper. Love. I squeel and start to jump up and down, but only in my head, so I still look cool and pretty on the outside. Arran smiles and falls back asleep and I smile, watcing him breathe in and out, in and out. Man, If that's all I have to do today it's going to be a boring, but cute, day.


Yawn! I'm so tired from all of that fighting yesterday. ARIA! The pain hits me out of nowhere, doubling me over and making me cry out. Instantly, Karmin(10) is awake and by my side. "Aiden?!? What's wrong?" She asks. She does't know? I don't even bother answering her. She realizes, and starts to apologize. "Aiden, I'm so sorry....... I should have known. I thought it was something I could have helped you with." She lays back down and turns so that her back is facing me. Ok, now I feel even worse. Great. I didn't mean to hurt her, just.... Aria. I miss her so much already. Just thinking about that stupid girl from 1 makes me so angry..... I stand up, knife in hand, prepared to go hunt her down and kill her if it's the last thing I do when a piece of paper falls down from the sky and gets stuck on my knife. I pick it off and read it. It says


Calm down. Everything will be okay. But... remember at home. Before the games. You promised me that if you were reaped, you'd win. You told me that you'd come home, and that you'll do it by whatever means neccesary. I died on day 1 from Emma Dazzle, but I just wasn't good enough to win the games like you. Also, try to pay attention to that girl, Karmin. Something's up. Maybe you should try to talk to her sometime. And the last thing I need to tell you- what you have to do for me-


You're my big brother, and I would do anything for you. So do this for me.

I love you.

~Aria <3

A note from Aria? How did that happen? Maybe she wrote it after we both were reaped but before the games..... but It says something about Emma, the district 1 snob killing her. How did she know that happened? Maybe she wrote one for every possible circumstance........... yeah, that's probably it. Anyway, she said to pay attention to Karmin. I wonder what that means? Will Karmin like, try and kill me or something? Why would she do that? And how would Aria know about it? I guess I'll just.. find out. Emma Dazzle is the name of the girl that killed my sister. Boy, will she regret throwing that Damn knife...... Just then, a plastic box hits me on the head, hard. Ouch! It tumbles to the ground and I pick it up. It says Calming Medicine on the front, and underneath it says Take 2 pills a day. Ok simple enough. I open the box, grab a random pill and swollow it, and Immediately after I feel calmer. So calm, in fact, that I fall asleep again.

The Dead

Name Killed by Day Place
Quincy Williams (11) Draco Adams (2) 1 24th
Alec Tromagnet (3) Line Falcon (7) 1 23rd
Ashley Gomez (6) Izza Forden(4) 1 22md
Alex Garcia (6) Draco Adams(2) 1 21st
Sarah Hail (2) Aria Camelliston(9) 1 20th
Aria Camelliston (9) Emma Dazzle(1) 1 19th
Petra Liit(5) Karmin Johnson(10) 1 18th
Matt Alexander(4) The Talents(3, 7, 9, 10) 1 17th
Chandler Norton(5) Aaron Winters(12) 1 16th
Kid Flash(10) Draco Adams(2) 1 15th
Aaron Winters(12) Draco Adams(2) 1 14th
Candice Bolt (12) Lunch/Trashcan Mutts 2 13th

All tributes from 5, 6, and 12 are dead.


NOTE: Sponsors can send their tributes anything within reason. Your triute starts out with 1 gift, and they gain an extra one every day thet they survive. NOTE II: Large/costly supplies such as meals, full backpacks, tents, certian medicines and other items like that will cost 2 sponsor gifts, not 1. NOTE III: You CAN send your triutes notes at any time, and they do not cost any gifts.

Name District Condition Location What They Have What They Need Sponsor Gifts Left
Emma Dazzle 1 Alive On the bus Lots of knives, and a lot of extra supplies. 2
Arran Harthorn 1 Alive On the bus 3 swords and a lot of survival gear Medicine for his concussion 1
Sarah Hail 2 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Draco Adams 2 Alive On the bus A sword, a spear, and a lot of survival gear 2
Franci Greenbyne 3 Alive Leaving the bus Has a backpack and a knife, her allies have stuff 2
Alex Tromagnet 3 Dead ---------- ----------- ---------- 0
Izza Forden 4 Alive On the bus Has knives, bow and arrows, lots of survival gear, Special Medicine 0
Matt Alexander 4 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Petra Liit 5 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Chandler Norton 5 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Ashley Gomez 6 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Alex Garcia 6 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Serena Graves 7 Alive Leaving the bus 2
Line Falcon 7 Alive Leaving the bus A large backpack and 2 axes 2
Becca Plane 8 Alive Front Office A messsenger bag 2
Roxy DeHavengel 8 Alive Front Office A backpack and a mace 2
Aria Camelliston 9 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Aiden Camelliston 9 Alive Leaving the bus A backpack and a knife Something to calm him down 2
Karmin Johnson 10 Alive Leaving the bus A backpack and a blowgun Nothing 2
Kid Flash 10 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Jasmine Webb 11 Alive Hiding in a classroom on the 2nd floor A sinch bag and a knife 2
Quincy Williams 11 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Candice Bolt 12 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0
Aaron Winters 12 Dead ---------- ---------- ---------- 0

Read this!

Hey, I noticed that something really weird happened to all of the stuff that I wrote. The titles were all screwed up, and random text was boldened or not spaced like it needed to be or whatever. I would just assume that that was a computer problem, So I'd just fix it and leave it alone but this only happened so some of the stuff, not all of it, and that doesn't sound like a computer screw up to me. Plus, Wiki's are made for editing, right? So I just want everyone to know, DO NOT MESS WITH MY BLOGS. I work hard on them so that you can read them, and if you guys just start screwing them up I will stop making them, and then everyone will hate you because My blogs are awesome (Right?) So please, leave my blog posts alone!

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