Alrighty! This is gonna just be a page for brainstorming and documenting ideas. If someone has an Idea, other people can take it and make it better. That's what you're suppossed to do! Since this is the School Games, The arena is going to be a school, but we need to design the campus. I really love Mutts, and I want to have a ton in these games, just make sure that they kinda fit into the school theme. Remember: Only people whosigned up to be a gamemaker in The 1st School Games! Those people are:

Name Specialty Position User
Indie Creekpool Spontanious ideas for anything and everything about the Games Head Gamemaker GlimmerandSparkle
Parceline Torch ??????? Co-Head Gamemaker Epic Hobo
Arabesque Lisbusten He was promoted to Head Of Arena after his amaxing arena design last year, he has been a gamemaker for around 5 years and highly enjoys the job, but he thinks this arena is his best creation ever! Head of Arena Mysims
Yuki Itano She'd rather be a mutt designer than an arena designer. But she had to be an arena designer. She loves designing things that are cute, yet deadly. She would make the looks cute, but the effects DEADLY! Arena Designer Kwanito44
Lilyana Styneson My Creativity And Creating Mutts. She Has Been A Gamemaker For A Year and Enjoys Thinking And Brainstorming Different Ideas For The Arena And The Mutts Which Will Be In It. Arena Placement Manager AnnieCresta4
Rainette Cloven She has always had a brain for creating dangerous things, she was offered this job and she gladly excepted and is now working on new ideas for these school tributes =) Head of Muttations Rainfacestar
Augustis Leverman finding ways to trick people into traps the killing them. Loves being creative Muttations Designer FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Coranne Beff Mutts because she is violent and makes violent things(she has been a mutt gamemaker for other games) Muttation Placement Manager Gohungergames
Lucian Whittles Lucian took the job because he feels like his personality is great for the games. He's spontanious, random and creative; so, therefore, he can come up with some crazy ideas to be implemented into the games! Assisting Gamemaker District3Tribute
Alexabelle James ?????? Assisting Gamemaker AshtonMoioLover

If you are not on this chart, please don't post any comments or I will be very.... angry. If you have a tribute in my games, something like this just might get you killed, for an example.

If a lot more people want gamemakers, I might make a few more slots, but nothing is gauranteed.

Just to let you know, the Position column doesnt matter one little bit. If You are the Arena designer but you post a Mutt, I will still use the mutt. I don't care who had what job, just as long as all of the jobs get done.


For the Arena, I'd like a big, confusing campus. I need to know exactly where everything goes though, so please make your description very detailed.

Arena Ideas

Arena #1

3rd Floor (from left to right) Art, Music, Languages, Drama, I.T.

2nd Floor ("") English, Maths, Library, Pool

1st Floor ("") Tech, Cooking, Office, Cafeteria

Separate Block: P.E.


I love mutts! To make mutts, please fill out this form, just so that we can stay organized. Remember, you can never have too many Mutts!


Location in Arena:


How they scare tributes:

How they kill tributes:

How they can be stopped:

If you can post a picture of the mutt that would be amazing, but if you can't don't worry about it.

Lunch Gone Wrong

Name: Lunch Gone Wrong (a.k.a. Lunch Mutt)

Location in Arena: Cafeteria, usually on lunch trays or in the trash can.

Lunch Mutts Before they Re-arrange themselves


The Lunch mutts after they transform (Calvin's Dinner)

Traits: Looks like an ordinary school lunch untill it re arranges itself ino an unhealthy blob.

How they scare tributes: They are extremely unhealthy and when they re-arrange them selves they are really surprising.

How they kill tributes: They re-arrange their lunchish selves and eat the tributes, and if the tributes run they can chace them. Also if they are eaten, they are extremely poisionous.

How they can be stopped: Bring your own lunch or throw it away, if it has already re arranged itself then if you burn it or drown it.

After Appearance

After they have been disturbed/opened

Textbook Mutt

Before Apperance

Before they are disturbed/opened

Name:Textbook Mutt

Location in Arena: Maths Room, English Room, Language Room

Traits: Looks like a textbook until disturbed, heavy and extremly dangrous

How they scare tributes: Clawing at their fingers, their appearnace, scaring them with math

How they kill tributes: Eating the tributes

How they can be stopped: Weak spot at the eyes, burned or drowned

Trashcan Mutt

Name: Trash n' Dive

Location in Arena: Anywhere were you would find a trashcan


Trash Mutt

Traits: It looks like a trash can but first, if you throw something in it, it spits it back up on you and it is very

deadly, and two, don't get to close, it might swallow you whole

How they scare tributes: It can turn your trash into its own weapon and will swallow you whole

How they kill tributes: They swallow them whole or if trash is thrown into it then it turns into into a poison acid and spit it back up on you

How they can be stopped: Don't throw anything away or if it is about to eat you then you poor water down it, it'll shut up and leave you alone, just that one any way =)

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