This is the 1st games I have ever hosted so I decided it will just be a Hunger GameA! There wont be anything really special about it, just because this is my 1st games and I wanna try some stuff out out. I will be writing these games, it's not a Role Play. Anyway, I hope you Enjoy!

If you are signing up for anything actually READ EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT POSITION! Thank you!


Ok so here are the victu... I mean Tributes! It goes boy girl boy girl boy girl ect. on the chart.


District Age Alliances Weapons Killed By
Tray Brynner 1 17 Yes Sword, Axe, Bow and Arrow, Knife
Kezaiah Bianca 1 15 Yeah! Bow and Arrows
Jason Sevetra 2 16 Yes Not Careers though Bow and Arrows
Matilda Mir 2 18 Definetly! Sword, Blowgun, Mallet
Shayl McElroy 3 16 No Knife, Axe, Net
Susie Graham 3 15 Only if needed Sword
Jeremy Al 4 14 Sure... Trident, Sickle
Nina Marian 4 17 Course Trident, Net, Knives, Spear, Bow and Arrow
Pamline Fanlon 5 16 No Axe
Arisa Meado 5 13 NO Bow and Arrows
Aaron Mercury 6 16 Yes not Careers though Knifes, Sword
Adelaide Jensen 6 18 Yeah! Knife, Bow and Arrow
Mako Chance 7 17 Nope! Axe, Spear
Louisa 7 12 Nope! Bow and Arrows
Gunner Time 8 18 no Sword, Wire
Nessie Needle 8 13 no Knife
Spike Hill 9 17 Only with hot girls Spear, Whip, Blowgun, Sword, Knives
Liberty Friar 9 14 Possibly Slingshot
Will Evans 10 15 Maybe 1 or 2 Knife, Boomerang, Net
Fire Colson 10 14 No Bow and Arrows, Knives
Ethan Sun 11 15 With all the hot girls Tridents, Nets
Aliyah Fiana 11 15


Knife, Ax, Bow and Arrow, Wire
Kole Roch 12 17 Yes Sword
Eucy Collier 12 15 With Kole Slingshot, Blowgun

When you are submitting a tribute, please fill this out!






Do you want alliances or not:

Intresting stuff: (optional)

If you fill out intresting stuff, your tribute has a better chance at surviving because they are more intertaining to the Capitol.


Yay! Stylists! they will be designing outfits for the Chariot Rides and Interviews. Sylists will also double as mentors (I don't think mentors are that important, so I'm just putting them here.)

Name District Chariot Rides
Rose Juna Ice 1
Anne Marie 2
Kris Handschurd 3
Gliveran Polinal 4
Grace Sparkle 5
Samual Bina 6
Letian Radin 7
Ivette Jeffrie 8
Molka Pye 9
Alex Lucic 10
Diane Vall De Blaze 11
Micca Vesten 12

Please fill this out when you are submitting a stylist:



Chariot Ride Clothes: (I'm having you submit them now so I don't have to wait on you, or make up something really stupid later.)


Gamemakers are going to help me with the arena, any events like a feast or second bloodbath, and inventing mutts :D I have a few ideas, and once all the gamemakers are signed up I will post them on a seperate page (I will let you know where)

Name Played by:
Plum Hellsbutterfly GlimmerandSparkle (me)
Alicia Rhodes FoxfaceRue22
Jay Walker Zacshadow

When submitting a gamemaker, please fill this out:




These are the weapons that people have requested, and say if there were 4 requests for one weapon there would only be 3 at the Cornucopia.

Weapons: Triden, woven net, knives, spear, bow and arrow

Weapon Requests
Knife\Dagger 10
Bow and Arrows 7


Boomarang 1
Axe 5
Net 4
Trident 2
Whip 1
Blowgun 2
Wire 2
Mace 0
Sword 6
Brick or Anything Heavy 0
Sickle 1
Slingshot 2

Intresting stuff

Ok so this is where I'm keping track of all the intresting backstories and stuff you guys are giving me. Just a way to stay organized! Note- I did not write these, this is what the tribute posted and I am just copy and pasting. The ones that say none are people who didn't put anything in the intresting stuff section.

D1 girl- I am not predictable. Haha. I'm fast, I have great survival skills, a sharp aim and a way with plants and trees and can be very sneaky.

D1 boy- none

D2 girl- Her mother, sister and father have all gone in the games and only her father has survived.

D2 boy- Jason comes from District Two. He was trained at a young age, but hated the Games. He has sheer strength and charm. He is sly, perceptive and intuitive. Although from the wealthy District Two, he comes from an abusive family and has an ability to go without food, like Seeder. He tries his best to avoid other tributes but will ferociously kill if it comes down to it. He is willing to help any other tributes if they need it.

D3 girl- Susie was only trained a little from her dad. Her most best weapon is a sword. She good at close combat with it. Her weakness is trying to hide. Her shiny blonde hair makes it hard to disguise and the fact that she pretty tall make her weight havey as well. She wears a gold necklace for a token from her district. She does take alliences, but only if needed.

D3 boy- none

D4 girl-In District 4, she would always swim. Her father and mother fight constantly, and they had then divorced. She and her sister were split apart, her mother took her sister and she was left with her father who could care less about her, but mother couldn't take her for father wanted to take care of a child even though he never cares for them. She visits her mother constantly to be as far from her father as possible, and her sister is always somewhere where she can find her.

D4 boy- His older brother has been killed on the 66th Hunger Games.It makes his family depressed and he decided to someday volunteer for The Hunger Games.He is smart,fast and clever.His leg strength is strong for he is the fastest swimmer on their district.

D5 girl- Arisa is an orphan who lives with her great-grandmother in a tiny house in the poor part of five. She has been surviving by gathering plants, and has never had a decent meal in her life. Because of that she is light and small, she is really skinny and only 4'6". Her stratigies in the games are a mix of Foxface's and Rue's. She stays up in trees, hidden, and is really smart. She knows hot to make poision, and she will throw poisened arrows at people, but that is the only way she will kill, unless it is absouloutly neccessary to use another method.

D5 boy- He has a sister who died in an earlier games

D6 girl -Crooked left middle finger. Interesting, huh?

D6 boy- kinda hyper and fast also very quite

D7 girl- I AM EPIC. I am sneaky and "walk alone" like foxface. I try to be observant and use that to my advantage. I can create natural poisons and I know lots of edible items.

D7 boy- has a girlfriend back home and a baby brother he voulenteered for his 13 year old little bro at the reaping and is likeable

D8 girl- none

D8 boy- His dad is a factory manager in district 8, and his mom sews dresses. She taught Gunner how to use thread when he was 5 and know cna make nets, and snares and a hamock and a variety of other opjects with almost any kind of rope or twine. He has 2 younger sisters and was reaped. He took sword fighting classes at a community center.

D9 girl- She is the youngest of a family with five children, she being the only girl. She is not blessed with looks and usually gets her brothers hand me down clothes. She has got a daisy necklace as her token.

D9 boy- 5 other people in his family are victors and 2 people died in previous hungergames. He is also a leader of a gang in the district 9 slums

D10 girl- Fire is shy and quiet around people she doesn't know, but she is not timid. With her friends and family, Fire is fun, energetic, and a nice person to be around. She is very observant of things around her and is fiercely protective of the ones she loves. If it's the only way to save a loved one, Fire will risk her life.

Fire lives in a poorer portion of District 10. Her mother is dead and her father works very hard on the ranches in District 10. Fire and her father are very close. She has two brothers. Sol, her older brother and basically her best friend, is seventeen and Sky, her youngest brother, is eleven. Fire and her siblings are basically inseparable. Fire and Sol regularly hunt for the family and occasionally bring Sky along so he can learn how. Both Fire and Sol agree though that Sky isn't really old enough to begin illegal activities and they want to protect him for as long as they can. Since Fire and Sol are both of age for the hunger games, they take out a considerable amount of tessera each year. At school, Fire is not the most popular, but she is really good at the physical education classes. Her closest friend's name is Alynn and they have been friends for a couple years. Alynn's family owns one of the nicest clothing stores in the town. Alynn's parents are nasty people, but she gives Fire the scraps of fabric in exchange for some food. When Fire became a tribute for the games her family was devastated, Sol especially. Especially since he and Fire made a pact while they were hunting when Sol was 13 and Fire was 11. They promised to always be there for each other and to do everything they can for the other and for Sky. The last time they saw each other, Fire didn't even have to say she would try her hardest to come home, she and Sol both already knew that was the truth.

D10 boy- Will is a very defensive person who isn't shy to stand up for his family and friends. He doesn't have many friends but his best friend is his younger sister Lily. He loves nothing more than gathering plants from the borders of his district. As you know district 10 specialises in livestock and Will loves helping his parents with the goats. Will isn't scared to kill but probably wont participate in the bloodbath.

When Will was young his older brother died in the hunger games and placed seventh. He was killed by a girl from district 2 and Will would take no greater pleasure in avenging his death. His mother survived her Hunger Games and killed 5 people. He wants to following his mothers footsteps.

D11 girl- Father killed for stealing meat. She became angry and only trusted those who proved themselves. She was the only one who cared for her younger sister and brother, since her mother cared nothing about any of them. Is VERY unpredictable.

D11 boy-Weaknesses: Doesn't really pay attention to things.

Personality: Sexy, hot, rarely seen with a shirt on, has a four pack.

Reaping: Reaped (After that, the girls were lining up just to volunteer but it was too late)

D12 girl- Eucalyptus is also called Eucy for short. She is the daughter of the mayor, but signs up for the tesserae to feed the poor people in the Seam. She tries hard to be as nice as she can to others and would give her life to save someone younger than her. She is beautiful and has no siblings and very little friends. She and Kole are rather close, kind of like cousins, but she is jealous of Lea.

Eucy is kind, charming, loyal, and loving. She tries hard to protect those in great needs and dire circumstances. She wants to help all she can. However, Eucy is stubborn and controlling. She can be a great leader, but tries to aviod killing. She is smart and resourceful.

D12 boy- Kole is from the Seam and he has three siblings, all sisters. They are all younger than him and dependent on him to win the Games, or else they will only have their old grandmother to take care of them. His dad died in a mining accident and his mom commited suicide not to long after. He hunts illegally for his family and is dating a beautiful girl named Lea Rose. She wants him to win more than anything in the world.

Kole is very funny and chaismatic. He is friendly, kind, warming, welcoming, positive, and caring. He has a fierce devotion to those he loves and will stop at nothing to save them. He can be very fierce and violent if he needs to. He is always likeable and trustworthy. Kole is clever, resourceful, and ingenious.


These are the outfits for the chariot rides! (Squeal!) Again, it's to stay organied, so when I'm writing part 2 I'm not like OMG I have to look at ALL of the comments!

District Outfit

Female: a long terrained diamond dress with carved leaves, shiny boots anda diamond headband

Male: long black pants and a shirt made out of diamonds.


Girl: Beautiful silver dress with sapphires sewn into it

Boy: Silver dress shirt with a black tie and pants


girl: black gloves that shoots out electricity/lightning, hair in sleek ponytail with wires around it, black leather pants with bright buttons that can be seen from miles away. Purple wires around arms, purple holographic top.

boy: pants made of red wires, short sleeve computer top (actually a computer!), black headress with ligthning shooting from it

other: i found a way to rig the chariot to make it float and holographic.


Girl: Glittery fashionable gown that looks like water strewn around her. 7 small fish hooks line the bottom of her dress. Her necklace has a fish pendant, and her hair is done in waves, like water. Her shoes create a shine that makes the whole outfit sparkle.

Boy: Sailors jacket (no shirt :D) with fish hooks strewn on each pocket with fishing line, colored blue. Pants are like dress, without fish hooks. Shoes are black boots that reach up to mid- calf. Has glittery blue sparkles in hair to resemble water with light.

5 Girl: silver dress with sparks coming out of it, Boy: Yellow tunic with silver pants and sparks coming of of it. (The sparks are like Katniss and Peeta's fire, but sparks, not flames)
6 Dark clothes with a pointy fedora-like hat, district symbols woven onto shirt.
7 The district 7 outfit should be brown and green dress that wraps around the body and a green feathered headress for the girl and for the boy it should be a pair of lumber jacks dungerres and a red and green shirt. He should be holding a golden axe and she should be holding two feathered green fans.

Girl: Beautiful flowing white dress with words like luck, skill, bloodthirst written all over it. (these are all things you need to win The Hunger Games) The dress also has red paint splttered on it, to symbolize blood. There is a plain black belt with nothing on it just below her breasts. Her dress covers white high heels

Boy: Has a shirt that's just like the dress (without the belt) but it's under a jet-black tuxedo that's unbuttined at about the bellybutton, with a bloodred rose in the lapel. He has on plain blue jeans, and these are also splattered with 'blood'. Has on completely white tennis shoes.

9 gold jumpsuits covered with bread and wheat stalks. gold makeup.

Girl- blue dress with a green ribbon tied around the wrist

Boy- Black leather jacket with blue vest on inside and black khaki pants with a green belt- matching girl's green wrist bractlet


Long light brown dress roped in a brown string made of wheat. Her headress is a simple circle of gold string tangled in with roses. On top is a silver cape covered in tiny shards of a mirror. Strings of wheat are tangled in her hair that is flowing down her back.

The males costume is skin tight jeans covered in shards of mirrors. A light brown shirt that has no buttons so its always open and a rope of wheat wrapping his head and torso.

They are both barefoot and absoloutley no makeup on either.

12 Skin-tight black clothes glowing and flickering with small flames on the arms and legs. The headwear is a huge crown with a contained flame at the top. It is supposed to represent a piece of coal in a fire, its ember glowing with a blue-green color.

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