• GoldLightning

    Sorry guys, but my User Tournament is cancelled. I just can't keep up with the time commitment and it isn't very popular. Special shout out to all the people who did their assignment. Sorry everyone. :(

    Gold Lightning

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  • GoldLightning

    If you're username is not bold, it means you have completed the challenge.

    District 1 - QuinnQuinn

    District 2 - Julietfan2626

    District 3 - Ali Of District3

    District 4 - Haybernathy

    District 5 - Gale's Girl

    District 6 - Necterine411

    District 7 - Bananaman321

    District 8 - Anon...

    District 9 - Italicos

    District 10 - Hungerisnottwilight

    District 11 - FinnickisBOSS

    District 12 - Haalyle

    Take the district you have been assigned and explain why it is one of your top three favourite districts in a 4-6 sentence paragraph. The assignment is due on Thursday April 5 at 11:59 PM Central Canada time.

    Thank you all for auditioning. :) Remember, assigments are due in on Thursday, April 5 at the time above.

    And for all the contestants: The Callback List for Round Two will be…

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  • GoldLightning

    District 1: QuinnQuinn

    District 2: Julietfan2626

    District 3: Ali of District3

    District 4: Haybernathy

    District 5: Gale's Girl

    District 6: Necterine411

    District 7: Bananaman321

    District 8: Anon....

    District 9: Italicos

    District 10: Hungerisnottwilight

    District 11: FinnickisBOSS

    District 12: Haalyle

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