The Dark Days

Did you know that the United States fell apart with earthquakes, asteroids, and other bad things that would effect any landform? The world of The United States no longer exists anymore. Bad things had effected its landforms and it must start a new country with a new leader. North America's new name is called Panem. Which is made up of 13 districts and a Capitol. (kind of like Washington D.C.) Later on in the year of this newly formed country, an uprising had started to begin, in district 13. After a long time of fighting  and death, the Capitol bombed all of district 13, and completely wiped out that district. That was called The Dark Days. Soon after The Dark Days were over, the Capitol decided to make a rule or "game" to show that the Capitol had strong power over the districts and that they are to follow orders. They created a game called "THE HUNGER GAMES" .The Hunger Games is a televised  game that has 24 teens known as "tributes", from the ages of 12 to 18, that get in to an arena to fight to the death, each district must provide 2 "tributes" into an arena each year. One male, one female from each of the districts (12) "but not 13 because it was blown up, remember." Each Hunger Games has  a victor. The Hunger Games Victor from district 12 is Haymitch Abernathy. He is like a mentor in some ways. He gives advice to the tributes of district 12 and encourages them to do their best. The only good thing about The Hunger Games is before and after, well if you win anyways. When I mean before, I mean the glamorous things, like chandeliers, colorful china, granite countertops, leather couches, jello with any color that you want, the biggest feasts in history, and Katniss's favorite thing, the soup. But the best thing before The Hunger Games, is the Tribute Parade! The tribute parade is where all of the tributes get dressed up in costumes and ride in a float, or a chariot. Each district has its own job or label. District 1 is Luxury. District 2 is Masonry. District 3 is Technology. District 4 is Fishing. District 5 is Power or "Electricity". District 6 is Transportation. District 7 is Lumber. District 8 is Textiles. District 9 is Grain. District 10 is Cattle. District 11 is Agriculture. District 12 is Mining. So the costumes are supposed  to remind you of their job.This years costume for district 12 is fire! "You can't make fire, without coal."


This years Hunger Games has a twist. In district 12, one of the poorest districts, has a volunteer. This has never happened before in Hunger Games history. Katniss Everdeen has volunteered for her 12 year old sister Prim. Which the whole Capitol thinks is a threat. This years tributes are... District 1- Glimmer and Marvel. District 2- Clove and Cato. District 3- Unknown. District 4- Unknown. District 5- Foxface (boy unknown). District 6- Unknown. District 7- Unknown. District 8- Unknown. District 9- Unknown. District 10- Unknown. District 11- Rue and Thresh. District 12- Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. The bad thing about The Hunger Games is that only ONE out of TWENTY FOUR, SURVIVE! But not this year. In the games you later find out that not one but TWO tributes may win. But soon the Game Makers "the ones who make the area and try to cause tributes to confront each other turning into a blood bath" tell them something different, they say that only one tribute can win the 74 annual Hunger Games. Soon after the Game Makers have said that,the rebel in Katniss becomes alive. Katniss and Peeta are the only two tributes alive. Peeta is her "star-crossed lover" well everyone except President Snow is convinced. Peeta is from district 12 too. The boy tribute from district 12. They both have to decide which one lives and goes home. But before the games, Peeta told Caeser Flickerman "the host of The Hunger Games" that he was deeply in love with Katniss.  Throughout  the games they have to act in love with each other. Peeta really is in love with Katniss, but Katniss can't decide if she loves Gale or Peeta.  Katniss throughout the games has been on her own for a long time. But soon she in counters the tribute from district 11 "Rue". She is a 12 year old girl that has 6 siblings. She is small but not weak, she is fast, a great gatherer, a fast tree climber, and a wonderful singer. In the games Katniss thinks of Rue as her younger sister "Prim". Prim had been selected for The Hunger Games but Katniss volunteered. Rue is like Prim in a lot ways. They are small, caring, helpful, good listeners, and they can take care of anyone. In the games Rue is  later killed by the district 1 tribute "Marvel" but then he is killed by Katniss. Katniss's first kill is Glimmer the female tribute from district 1. She kills Glimmer by cutting a tracker jacker's nest off a tree to escape, but then when all the tributes awoke from the tracker jackers "deadly wasps" presence, she fell and was deformed by the tracker jackers. Katniss has been stung. The Game Makers made up tracker jackers. Scientists in the Capitol have made the tracker jackers in a lab with strong, poisonous venom, that can kill anything with a certain amount of stings. Katniss has only been stung 3 times. Not near as much as the female tribute from  district 1. She has delusions and passes out for 3 days. That is when she encounters Rue, and Rue nurses Katniss back to health. At the end of the games, Katniss, Peeta, and Cato are the only living tributes in the arena. Cato try's to fight Katniss because he knows that she is the only one of the district 12 tributes that can fight. Peeta fights back for his lover and soon Cato has Peeta in a headlock, ready to snap his neck into pieces. Katniss pulls up her bow and shoots Cato in the hand releasing Peeta, and Peeta pushes Cato of the cornucopia  and into the pack of wild dogs. You know what happens to Cato. This is The Hunger Games, he can't reason with them. After Catos death the gong sounds and Katniss and Peeta jump off the Cornucopia and to their shock The Hunger Games isn't over. Not yet. The Game Makers have cheated them. No more star-crossed lovers. Then Katniss's inner rebel comes out. She pulls out the berries that Peeta and her had collected from seeing Foxface, and says to each take some. Remember this whole event is being live televised all over Panem. As they are about to insert the poisonous berries into their mouths, The Game Makers stop them an say, "Stop! Stop!" "Ladies and Gentlemen, here are this years 74th annual Hunger Games winners!"Soon they embrace and Katniss and Peeta are escorted into a hovercraft to heal all of their wounds. Later Katniss meets up with Haymitch and he discusses her troubles. He says that she has showed the Capitol up. She gets a little of an attitude with Haymitch. Then The 74th Annual Hunger Games Victors are ready for prepping again, and readied for their interviews. Haymitch and Effie give words of advice to Katniss, even though Peeta is the talker. Soon after the interviews with Caesar they are ready to go back to district 12. But on the way home Peeta asks Katniss a question. "It was all for the games wasn't it? Katniss?" At this question she is frozen wandering what to say or to walk away. Wandering if the boy with the bread is slipping away from her at everything she says. 


The Quarter Quell is held every 25 years. Like a quarter stands for 25 cents. "hints the quarter" Haymitch Abernathy, Katniss and Peeta's mentor, was in the Quarter Quell. He won the Quarter Quell. He managed to defeat all of the tributes as well as Katniss and Peeta did. Each Quarter Quell is different. The 50 Anniversary of The Hunger Games, known as the 2nd Quarter Quell, had 48 tributes in an arena. Twice as many than the normal amount of tributes. The 75 Anniversary of The Hunger Games has a twist. All of the past victors get into the arena to fight to the death. This year only ONE can make it out alive. NO RULE CHANGE this year! But something happens. Katniss blows up the force field...


 Katniss Everdeen  is a strong, caring, and cunning young woman. She is 16 years old. Her father died in a mining accident when she was 11. She lives in District 12 with her mother, sister Prim, and her best friend Gale. She lives in the part of District 12 called The Seam. Before her father died, he had taught her how to swim and to hunt and gather food for her family. After her father had died she was there to fend for herself and her family. Katniss met Gale after her father at passed away, at the Justice Building, (where they hold the Reaping) there she was given a medal and little amounts of food. Later that day she met Gale. A young boy who is 2 years older than Katniss. When they first met, he asked "what is your name?" Katniss mumbled her name and he thought she said, "Catnip". So ever since then he has always called her Catnip. Katniss is a tomboy, a long haired pretty looking tomboy. But this year in The Hunger Games, she will have to put her skills to the test!


Peeta is a skilled and creative young man. His family owns a bakery in town, of district 12. Peeta Mellark is 16 years old. He has 2 brother and parents. He is the youngest of the 3, and the strongest. Peeta can lift a sack of flower over his head. All of his years he has been eligible for The Hunger Games, honestly the odds are clearly not in his favor. He has been selected for the not so popular honor to be a tribute in The 74th Annual Hunger Games. For years he has been in love with the girl who knows the valley song. But her real name is Katniss Everdeen. He has been in love with her since kindergarten. But she doesn't know this. He thinks that she had never noticed him until the Reaping. Peeta is caring, thoughtful, strong, innocent, and handsome. He loves to decorate cakes, and paint on his free time. Peeta gets hurt in The Hunger Games and has to get his leg removed. While the surgery Katniss goes crazy because she starts to have feelings for Peeta.

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