• Granger1000

    Grangers 3rd games!

    April 16, 2012 by Granger1000

    Hey there everyone! So I haven't been on here in forever and I want to do another hunger games so please submit tributes and May the Odds be ever in your favor!

    Arena: The arena is made of pure crystal. The Cornucopia in on a large crystal mountain with many tunnels leading around the arena. Lizard mutts roam the arena looking for tributes to eat.


    Male Tribute Female Tribute
    Brendan Downstreet Cariettum Downstreet
    Kaleb Brooke Shyla Hawbee
    District 3 Raymond Aaron

    Jeramy Al Fyran Bulu
    District 5

    District 6

    District 7

    District 8

    District 9

    District 10

    District 11

    District 12

    Sponcering: Each tribute starts with 250 dollars and everyday theyget 100 dollars. If they kill a tribute they gert that tributs money. To give your tribute a git just comment…

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  • Granger1000

    Okay so im doing this on a diffrent blog post stupid i know but you cna check it out on my blog!

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    January 8, 2012 by Granger1000

    Hey this is my third hunger games. My second one is still in session but will be ending soon. So please submit tributes.


    District 1 male female
    Levi Stone Anna Marie de Caprio
    district 3 male female
    district 4 male female
    Lived Natas Breeze Moon
    district 6 male female
    district 7 male female
    Gunner Time Violet George
    Osment Pace Amber Pike
    district 10 male female
    district 11 male female
    district 12 male female

    Arena-not sure right now if you have a suggestion please comment it

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  • Granger1000

    Hey, guys this is my second hunger games! I just finshed my first one and I really want to start another one right away. They are super fun to write. You cna read my first hunger games here ( and if you could submit new tributes that be great!


    The arena is very grassy. Let me explain. The middle of the arena is flat dirt ground with rocks and ditches. Farther out is a foresty area with mutts and fruit. The edge of the arena is tall grass that tops 7 feet filled with bug like mutts. It also rains half the day everyday. Turning the dirt plain into mud and the tall grass area into a swamp of sorts.


    Brendan Downstreet XXX 18th Cariettum Downstre…

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  • Granger1000

    Hey I've watched and contributed to everyone else hunger games so I decided to create my own. This will be a normal games not a quarter quell or include district 13 or the capitol.

    Tribute requirements:





    -token (if they have one)

    -reaping info (optional)

    -weapon choice

    -other info


    A giant castle. The cornucopia is in the middle of the court yard the castle is surrounded by a mote. The castle is 5 floors high with mutts roaming the halls. Suits of armor are along the walls. Also around the cornucopia is a beautiful garden with an apple tree. And that's it. No items in the cornucopia. They are hidden around the castle.


    You can ask for for any of these things-







    misc. item

    anyone can s…

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