Hey, guys this is my second hunger games! I just finshed my first one and I really want to start another one right away. They are super fun to write. You cna read my first hunger games here ( and if you could submit new tributes that be great!


The arena is very grassy. Let me explain. The middle of the arena is flat dirt ground with rocks and ditches. Farther out is a foresty area with mutts and fruit. The edge of the arena is tall grass that tops 7 feet filled with bug like mutts. It also rains half the day everyday. Turning the dirt plain into mud and the tall grass area into a swamp of sorts.


Brendan Downstreet XXX 18th Cariettum Downstreet
Marcan Collcoin XXX 9th Selia Hawthorn XXX 19th
Ben Fire XXX 10th Serena Wolf XXX 17th
Thunder Way Asia Madding XXX 14th
Harris Jon XXX 21st Kathrina Loula
Golden Hawbrook Pema Alderweel XXX 16th
Oak Leaves XXX 8th Maple Leaves XXX 15th
Robin Vigo Maryam Mote XXX 23rd
Aden Stalk Demetra Roselle XXX 24th
Blue Sky XXX 11th Holly Honey XXX 20th
Max Vaz Lilith XXX 12th
Drake Dust XXX 22nd Ardis Blaze XXX 13th


Im still deciding how I'm going to sponcer. Right now I'm thinking Everyone starts with 100 dollars and everyday gets 25 and gets half the money of every tribute they kill. You can ask for any item for your tribute any time pst the first day. I'll spend all the moey your tribute currently has on it, enless you say something like, only spend half, or a fourth or whatever. You can ask how much money your tribute has. So basicly if you have 100 dollars and you ask for food you'lll get some bread. If you have 500 dollars you'll get meat, milk, fruits. you have 1000 dollars you get a feast. any qusestions just ask

May the odds be ever in your favor.



Sunny Nealson smiles to distirct 1. Many excited faces look back at him. Being district 1's escort has it's perks. Like Always having people smile at you. Last games district 1 didn't win do everyone is pumped to get into the arena. Sunny reaches into a glass bowl and pulls out a name, "Our Female tribute is, Cariettum Downstreet!" A young blond girl walks up to the stage. Sunny looks for any volunteers. "No volunteers? Oh, well are male tribute is," She reaches into a different glass ball, "Dia Monty!" When Dia gets up to the stage Brendan Downstreet voulenteers to go into the arena with his sister.


The nut looms over the district square casting a large shadow. A few teenagers look nervous but most look confident that they will win if reaped. Natia Crew district 2's escort talks about the dark days before reaching into the glass ball filled with male names, "Marcan Collcoin! You are district 2's male tribute!" Marcan walks up to the stage. Handsome and strong he i an ideal tribute for 2. No one is going to try and stal this from him. Natia pulls a name out of the female bowl, "Enn Ferma! You are district 2 female tribute!" A sick girl walks up to the stage. She is 12 years old and is coughing. Natia asks for volunteers, Selia Hawthorn raises her hand and said in a loud clear voice, "I volunteer as tribute!" Selia's younger siblings cry out but she ignores them and goes to the stage. When she gets on the stage the mayor whispers in her ear, "I will take care of your siblings while your in there, don't worry."


Zap Troll reads about the dark days and how they are the reason for the hunger games. No one in district 3 forgets the story but every year it needs to be repeated. Zap pulls a name out of the glass bowl to his right, "Ben Fire you are the district 3 tribute!" A 12 year old boy walks to the stage. He is strong. He is famously strong in the district. Lifts heavy machine parts in a factory all day. Zap pulls a name from the bowl to his left, "Serena Wolf you are also our districts tribute!" Serena walks to the stage. 17, strong, and trained she is ready for these games.


Clarson Clickman wipes a tear from his heavily lined eye. Asia Madding and Thunder Way were reaped and Thunder told Asia, " United we can do it, we can change the world, we can survive the hunger games, divided…I can’t go on" Clarson almost starts to clap. These two tributes...they will go far.


The district escort flattens her puffy pink hair. After a few good minutes she finally pulls a name from the tribute bowl, "Our female tribute is, Kathrina Loula!" Kathrina walks up to the stage. Red hair, green eyes, and scars on her face. The escort nods at Kathrina nervous. Mayor Loula was tence behind her. She quickly pulls the next name, "Harris Jon! You have been selected!" A boy with auburn hair and brown eyes walks up and shakes Kathrina's hand.


Golden Hawbrook's chest gets tight. Not only was he reaped but the love of his life was reaped beside him. Pema Alderweel. They have known each other since they were 2 but Golden never had the courage to tell her. They were friends. Which meant an ally but the problems with allys in the arena is that it never ends well.


Plank Oaks wants to throw up. He was in the games last year and lost the love of his life. Now two more kids would have to go into the arena and fight to the death. The district escort Vivi Bibi reads out the unlucky pair, "Oak Leaves! Maple Leaves!" A brother sister pair, perfect. Someone is losing their sibling. Plank can do his best but only one will survive.


Concrete every where. Factories and pollution. That and fabrics were all that went out of district 8. A few people had tried to cause an uprising but failed. The leaders were two teenagers, Robin Vigo, and Maryam Mote. As punishment for their deeds they were forced to volunteer for the hunger games by the peace keepers. IF they didn't all the other Liberty Leaders would be killed. Robin and Maryam get some satisfaction from the fact that the two 12-year-olds they volunteered for don't have to go into the arena.


Red Wormwood the district escort kept throwing nervous glances at Sandy Thorne. her adoptive children were thrown into the arena last year and she hasn't been the same since. Red pulls out the male name, "The male tribute is Aden Stalk!" Aden walks calmly to the stage keeping his emotions inside. Sandy hiccups loudly and her eyes water. Red reaches into the girl's bowl, "The female tribute is Mari Balm!" When Mari gets to the stage Demetra Roselle volunteers. Mari is her best friend. And Demetra knows that Mari won't last in the arena.


"Our female tribute is Holly Honey!" Holly walks to the stage. She is the cutest person in the entire district. She gives everyone a meaningful look. She doesn't want anyone to volunteer for her. She doesn't want anyone to have to go through that. "Our male tribute is Blue Sky!" Fall Sky tenses up. His son is reaped. The greatest fear of all victors. Luckily Fall has trained his son in survival tactics and he will be very well trained for the arena.


Leppa Apple the district escort has a new energy to her. Last year was her first year as escort and one of her tributes made it to 3rd place. Pretty good. Leppa reads out the male name and Max Vaz volunteers to take his place. Max wants the money and fame that comes with being a victor. When Leppa reads the girl name she get's the biggest hock of her life. Lilith a 12 year old girl volunteers for the games. Wanting to cure her mother of the cancer she has.


Effie Trinket smiles at the sea of hungry faces. "Alright let's get the ball rolling! Ladies first! Alliy Noss!" Alliy a small girl form the seam walks to the stage. Ardis Blaze steps forward to volunteer for her. They were like sisters. Effie nods approvingly. "Alright then! Our male tribute it Ember Dust!" Before Ember can get to the stage. His cousin Drake runs up and stands in front of Ember. "I volunteer for Ember!" Effie can hardly believe it. Two volunteers. That doesn't happen often.

Blood Bath


The 24 tributes rise into the arena. Dark grey clouds float lazily over head. The cornucopia is a flat dirt area. Surrounding the cornucopia is a Forrest. It starts very thin but get's thicker the deeper you go. Packs, food, and weapons lay out on the plain. Random items are placed haphazardly on the terrain. A few of the largest packs are resting against the cornucopia itself. A large golden horn. The tributes are wearing black running pants, white shirts, and have thin black jackets with their district number and name written on them. The jackets won't provide much protection from water but are very comfortable and give good camouflage at night.. "Let the Hunger games begin!" 60 seconds that's all they have. Many tributes positions themselves to have the best angle at the weapons or bags. The gong rings signaling a minute and everyone runs off.

Demetra Roselle from 9 sprints for a bow 15 feet from the platform she was standing on. Cariettum Downstreet from 1 tackles her. Cariettum had her eye on that bow and definitely wanted it. She grabs a knife that was lying only 2 feet away. She stabs Demetra with it. Twice. Two quick stabs and she grabs the ow for herself.

Maryam Mote and Robin Vigo from 8 get right into the thicket of fighting. They want to take out all the strong opponents quickly. Their main target is the careers naturally. Marcan had already picked up a spear and tried to stab Robin with it. Maryam kicks the spear from Thunders hands. Serena Wolf, who had impressed the careers during training, jabbed Maryam in the side with a spear. The spear head went deep and Maryam fell to the ground.

Drake Dust from district 12 sprinted to the forest area. Grabbing random items as he went. He was able to pick up a tent, some apples, and generic medicine. Ben Fire from district 3 had obtained a large rock and chucked it at Drake. Th rock hit Drake with an impressive amount of force. Knocking Drake to the ground. Ben grabbed a different rock and slammed it into Drake. Repeatedly. Each blow sending Drake one step closer to death. Ben dropped the stone on Drake's head for a final time and ran off with Drakes items.

Max Vaz from district 11 grabbed a yellow pack on his way to get a blowgun. The blowgun had darts sitting next to it. Max loaded a dart quickly and look around for the nearest threat. Harris Jon from district 5 was running towards Max. Not to attack but to pick up a large green bag. Max fired an arrow at Harris. The dart hit Harris in the throat. The tip was sharp and blood kept flowing out of the hole it made. Harris kept running in till the poison form the dart went into his body. Harris fell and Max sped off into the forest.

Holly Honey from district 10 tried to get a purple mesh bag from the mouth of the cornucopia. Marcan and Serena were still battling with Robin and Cariettum and Brendan were grabbing more weapons and trying to get other tributes. She thought she was in the clear. She thought that in till Selia hit her with an ax. The ax went in between her shoulder blades.Holly fell to the ground crying out. Selia picked up a new ax and slammed it into Holly.

Thunder Way from district 4 had warned Asia not to go get items. Selia had seen something and she wanted to get it. Thunder didn't know what she saw but she was going for it. Thunder kept glancing around trying to see any oncoming threats. He watched as The boy from district 8, Robin, had grabbed some throwing knives and had gotten an upper hand against the two careers he was fighting. Serena and Marcan were their names.The boy from district 1 Brendan was now coming to help the careers. Selia from district 2 also ran to help. 4 on 1. That's fair, Thunder thinks to himself. Robin throws one of his knifes at Selia. It hits her in the forehead. He flicks another one at the boy from 1. It goes into his forehead. Thunder smiles, "Wow. Impressive." Asia runs up to him. Three large packs in hand and thy run off into the forest.

Serena Wolf from district 3 watches two people in her career alliance fall. Robin starts to back away. He only had 3 knives left. Serena throws her spear at him. It grazes his arm cutting through his jacket and blood soaks through. Robin throws a knife at Serena and sprints away. The knife hits Serena in her chest, directly. She starts coughing up blood. She knows she's a goner.

Cariettum Downstreet from district 1 sits next to her brother crying. The only people left in her alliance was her and Marcan. Marcan's knuckle were white and his hands were bleeding. He won't stop in till he kills that Robin kid. He didn't just kill Selia, but all of Selia's siblings. Marcan was going to make him pay. But he knew he couldn't do it by himself. Even though she isn't much Marcan will stay and work with Cariettum. At this point she is better than nothing. At the very least she can distract other tributes while he kills them.

The cannons fire. 8 times. One for each dead tribute that died in the bloodbath. The cornucopia was still fairly full. Most people only grabbing an item or two on their way out. Marcan and Cariettum drag all the bags to the golden horn. And sort through them.


24th Demetra Roselle disstrict 9, Cariettum stabbed her.

23rd Maryam Mote district 8, stabbed by Serena Wolf

22nd Drake Dust district 12, hit repeatedly with Rock by Ben.

21st Harris Jon district 5, killed by Max's poisoned darts

20th Holly Honey district 10, killed by Selia's ax.

19th Selia Hawthorn district 2, hit by Robin's throwing knife

18th Brendan Downstreet district 1, hit by Robin's throwing Knife

17th Serena Wolf district 3, hit by Robin's throwing knife

Day 1

Lilth district 11, keeps on running. She was able to get two throwing knives at the cornucopia but other than that she had nothing. She kept running. And running. And running. In till she almost collapsed. She put as much distance between herself and the cornucopia as possible. She was breathing heavily. She sat on a knocked over log. She takes in her surroundings. A few knocked over trees and a shrub with beautiful red flowers. Those were the only things that weren't giant trees. 30 feet high at least. Lilth looks up to the top of the trees. Monkeys swing from tree to tree. She can see the dark grey sky. This is a lot different then district 11.

Blue Sky district 10, keeps a good walking pace. The trees have been getting steadily thicker and taller as he goes farther int the woods. He wanted to be farther away from the other tributes. He had thrown off his jacket. He could already tell it added no protection from weapons, it wasn't warm, and the bright numbers on the back practically glowed in the dark. He was able to grab a small duffel bag from the cornucopia. Inside was a small bowl, two jars of fruit, and an ax. It wasn't much but he'd take it.

Oak Leaves District 7, was very happy when he found a hatchet lying 10 feet from his platform. He had sprinted for it and was able to scoop up a loaf of bread. The problem was that he didn't know where Maple was. They were going to work together but.... Oak didn't even see her. SSSSCCCCHHHHH Thunder claps. Oak looks up and rain starts to fall. Oak quickly takes off his jacket and wraps the bread with it. The green "7" on the back of the jacket showed. Oak kept walking.

Maple Leaves District 7, was extremely grateful for the tent she grabbed on her way into the forest. She thought the bag would contain food or water but it contained a simple tent. It was easy to set up. All she had to do was undo a strap and it popped up. The tent was a mix of browns, greens and black. She was able to set up the tent in between three trees. She admired her hiding spot from a distances. "Not perfect, but at night it should be fine!" She wants to get out of the ran. It started at a nice drizzle but was getting more intense as time went on. She went into her tent and found it pleasantly warm and protected her from the rain.

Kathrina Loula district 5, was miserable. She had very little experience in forests and it was raining hard. Kathrina was able to get a poncho from the cornucopia along with some vacuumed packed meat. It wouldn't spoil for a long time. She was also able to pick up a net and a dagger. If she found a stream she could try her hand at fishing. Right now she's just trying to find shelter.

Aden Stalk district 9, enjoyed the rain. He was able to get three bags at the cornucopia. One only had a small tent in it. It blended nicely with the trees around it. Another had a large bowl and some dehydrated Marconi in it. The third had an empty bottle, a knife and a nice blanket. He had put the bowl out in the rain and it filled up in an hour. He filled the empty bottle and decided not to eat the Marconi yet. He wanted to go to sleep early and keep moving early in the morning. He was using his jacket with a yellow "9" on the back as a pillow. When he heard a noise. He pulls the blanket off and grabs his knife. He opens the small flap and sees a blond girl standing with her back to him. Aden moved very slowly out of the tent. Not wanting to make any noise. The rain was falling so hard he could barley see the girl. He couldn't read the number on her jacket. It was orange and either a 6 or an 8. Aden held the knife out in front of him. When he got close to the girl he covered her mouth with his hand and slit her throat. Her cannon fired. Aden gently put her on the ground and went back to his tent. She didn't have any items on her and he didn't need a jacket with a 6 on it.

Golden Hawbrook district 6, jumped at the cannon fire. He was surprised he could even jump with all the supplies he was carrying. Pema had grabbed a bag and a few random supplies. Golden had grabbed a much large bag and a few random supplies. They had checked the bags and ended up throwing all the supplies in the big bag to make trnasoorting easier. "Pema, someone died!" He turns. He doesn't see her. "Pema?" The rain was falling so heavily that he could barley see 5 feet in front of him. He walks forward trying to run into Pema. He starts to get frantic feelings. He resists the urge to call out for her. It would sure attract attention if he started yelling. He keeps searching for her for hours.

The nations anthen plays and its symbol appears in the sky. The faces of all the dead tributes appear as well. First the boy from 1, the girl from 2, girl from 3, then the guy from 5, then the girl from 6, then the girl from 8, the girl from 9, the girl from 10 and the guy from 12. 9 dead tributes. 15 still alive and wandering around


-16th Pema Alderweel district 6, throat slit by Aden Stalk.

Day 2

Day 2

Cariettum Downstreet & Marcan Collcoin district 1 and 2, Were grateful the rain stopped. It was about three in the morning. OR at last that's what they guessed it to be. They were only partially done sorting through all the packs when he started to rain. Cariettum had found a yellow box with a latch on the top. When she opened it a giant tent had popped out. it was big enough for 6 people at least. They brought in all the packs they hadn't sorted through and all the items they had already decided to take. There was no water in any of the packs. There was bowls and empty bottles. Cariettum stepped out into the cornucopia. No matter what time of day it was the sky was grey. Even the light barley changed. The cornucopia was no longer hard earth but mud. Cariettum's shoe got stuck in the mud. "Hey, Marcan, the grounds really muddy." Marcan used all his will power not to say, 'Well obviously.' Cariettum pulled out the bow she killed Demetra for and some arrows. Marcan wanted to get hunting early. Marcan steps out of the tent. Wearing thick black boots. "Where did you get those?" Cariettum asked. Marcan pulls a black bag out of the tent, "From in here. It's full of heavier clothes." Cariettum reaches for the bag when they hear a girls scream. Thy turn towards the noise. They see a girl sprint from the forest. Marcan didn't know who she was. But she had a small ax in her hand. It had a silver parachute attachet to it. Cariettum didn't wait. She pulled back the arrow and fired. The arrow hits her right above her knee and she falls to the ground. She's still screaming. Cariettum moves a little closer and fires a second arrow. This one goes into her back. Blood starts to come out of the wound. The blood dampens the jacket but the brown, "7" on her back still shines. "Cariettum, just end it. Stop dragging this out." Cariettum fires a third arrow into the girls head. The cannon fires and Marcan looks concerned. "Cariettum, I don't think she was coming to attack. I think she was running from something." Cariettum looks into the forest and the hair on the back of her neck stands up. "Well, as long as it stays in the forest I'm fine."

Ben Fire district 3, curled up in his tent. He had killed a boy for this tent. A boy with a black 12 on his back. Ben had also gotten some medicine and three apples from the boy. Ben already ate 2 of them. The last apple he was going to try and save. Ben was cold and wished he had gotten a smaller tent. This tent was so large it didn't keep in heat but it kept out rain nicely. Ben was also glad to see most of the careers were dead. He was a little sad Serena died since they were from the same district but that was as far as it went. When Ben heard the cannon fire he thought, "Good. One less."

Kathrina Loula district 5, was a little angry when the rain ended. Kathrina had strung her net between two tree branches and put the poncho in the net and it was fairly effective at keeping the rain off of her. She ripped down the net and the poncho. She put the poncho on. It was wet and cold but it covered the scarlet "5" on Kathrina's jacket. A silver parachute landed in front of Kathrina. She rips off the parachute and a black water proof blanket was there. The blanket wasn't amazingly comfortable but it was a whole lot better than nothing.

Max Vaz district 11, took off his jacket. He put on the neon yellow backpack he got at the cornucopia and then put the jacket on over that. It wasn't very comfortable. But it was a lot less conspicuous than neon yellow. In the bag he found a small bowl, three small plastic containers with different flavored jell-o, and an umbrella. He had noticed the umbrella had a very sharp tip so he might be able to stab someone with it. He also got a coil of wire from the pack. He didn't know what to do with it yet however.

Robin Vigo district 8, throws his throwing knife at the fruit hanging from a tree. The knife severed the fruit and it fell to the ground. It landed on his jacket. Purple "8" up. This was the third fruit he got down. He only had 2 throwing knives and he was rising losing them to get fruit. He hasn't lost one yet and was enjoying the fruit he found. This was going good. He picked up the fruits and his knives and walked deeper into the forest.

Aden Stalk district 9, refills his water bottle. He had cleaned his knife and was ignoring his hunger. He heard the boy from 6 looking for the girl Aden killed last night. Aden didn't want to risk the boy having a weapon and attacking him. Aden looked out of his tent. It was starting to drizzle again. It was about 10 in the morning. Aden was trying to sleep but thunder kept clapping and it was hard to get some sleep.

Ardis Blaze district 12, was enjoying the rain. She found a tree with thick branches and she was able to hide under it and didn't get wet. She had grabbed a small bag. It only had one strap and fit over her shoulder. The bag was small and had a throwing ax, some wire, and some dehydrated food pellets. It came with a little cup that said, 'Take with water. Will expand in stomach and give you nutrients.' She had taken one of the 10 pellets yesterday and still felt pleasantly filled with food. Like she ate an hour or two ago. She felt amazingly lucky sh got these items.

Asia Madding and Thunder way district 4, hid in a tent they got from the cornucopia. It had rained for about 12 hours and they didn't want to stay out there for a long time. From there three bags they got, a spear, two nets, a pot of soup, a medium bowl, two knives dried fruit, a small bowl, and a pack of medicine and bandages. Asia and Thunder had spent the past 12 hours talking and taking turns napping. They were both rested and crawled out of the tent. "Asia? Do you hear that?" Thunder asks. Asia shakes her head but then she hears it. GGGGGRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH She looks up to the tree above her. A large wild cat sits on the branches. Thunder's eyes widen. "Asia don't move. I'll lead it away from here." Thunder runs to the left trying to distract the cat. The cat instead of going after Thunder. Lunges at Asia. Asia screams and the cat's claws go into Asia. It's jaw clamps on Asia's shoulder. Asia screams louder and Thunder runs back to her. The cat runs off after Asia's cannon fires. Thunder starts to cry over her body. His greatest friend and love died. He brushed her hair out of her face and said goodbye. He crawled back into the tent so the game makers could take her body. He was going to win these games to avenge her. He wasn't going to take this lying down.

When the anthem plays the first face is the girl from 4, the face after that the girl from 7.


-15th Maple Leaves distrcit 7, shot by Cariettum's arrow

-14th Asia Madding district 4, attacked by Wild cat mutt

Day 3

Thunder Way district 4, was still in the tent. Right after the anthem played it started to rain. It was about 4 in the morning and Thunder was wide awake. Thunder happens every hour on the hour. A loud thunk altered Thunder that something outside his tent. Thunder grabs his spear and jumped out of his tent. A silver parachute was lying on the ground. It was attached to a very nice black spear. It was a good weight and strong wood. It wasn't amazing but it was better than what Thunder had. Thunder picked it up and tossed it into a tree. It sunk deep into the bar, "Oh ya. That will work."

Cariettum Downstreet & Marcan Collcoin district 1 and 2, pull ponchos out of a bag. "Okay Cariettum, we are going going to do what exactly?" Marcan asks pulling the poncho over his head. Cariettum puts her poncho on, "We are going to go search for tributes. Maybe learn more about the arena. All we can see is this plain and the edge of the forest. There is more out there. We have to find it." Cariettum pulls her hood over her head. She grabs her bow and some arrows. Marcan grabs some wire and his knives. He ties the string to a knife. And swings the knife around by the string.

Ben Fire district 3, stomach growls. His last apple was extremely tempting. He couldn't wait. He eats the apple in a few bites. Ben was still lying in his tent. The rain was so heavy. Ben took a deep breath and walked out into the rain. He left his jacket in the tent so he would have warm clothing to come back to. On the branch right outside his tent a black monkey hangs by its tail. It had three claws on each hand. It's tail flexed and was like another arm. It has small dark eyes and pointy fleshy ears. It screeches at Ben. Ben picks up a rock and throws it at the monkey. The monkey falls after being hit and doesn't survive the fall. Ben walks over to it carefully. The monkey has a collar around its neck. Ben examines the collar and there is a black 12 on the collar. Ben's chest tightens and he kicks the monkey and runs back into the tent.

Kathrina Loula district 5, was under her new water proof blanket. It was about 7 in the morning and Kathrina felt surprisingly well rested. She had her dagger and meat sitting next to her. Kathrina pulls off the blanket and is almost instantly wet. She doesn't care though. She walks over to the strawberry shrub she found. She puts all the strawberries from the plant in her poncho ad carries it over to her blanket. She eats strawberries while she covers herself with her blanket enjoying the lack of rain and fresh fruit.

Aden Stalk district 9, had opened the Marconi last night. He made some last night and enjoyed it. He stirred the bowl off Marconi. Cold water wasn't ideal but it was still food. Aden had about half his bag left. Aden had found a dead deer with large bite marks on it. Aden would have taken some of the meat but he didn't think he could make a fire to cook it. Aden happily ate the Marconi happy at the moment.

Golden Hawbrook district 6, kept crying from Pema's death. He couldn't get over it. He was walking around the forest and was searching for a dry space. When he finally noticed it. It was hard to see but he could make out a tent. It was in between three trees. It had good cover. Golden pulled out a crossbow and a knife. He shot an arrow into the tent flap. No one came out. So he approached carefully. He opens the flap and blindly slashes with his knife. In till he realizes no one is in the tent. Golden drops his giant bag in the tent and pulls some wire from his bag. He wraps it between Two of the trees in front of the tent. He attached some bells on the wire. On his way out of the cornucopia he grabbed a small bag that only contained wire and bells. This way if the owner of the tent returned Golden would be alerted. Golden crawls back into the warm tent.

Oak Leaves District 7, ran out of bread. He was pretty miserable. No tent, no food, and only a hatchet. Luckily the water was abundant. No one was going to die of dehydration. Oak was happy the rain stopped. He had been walking for the past few days. He reached what seemed to be the edge of the forest. There was only grass. Tall grass. Oak didn't want to go deeper. Only bad things could be in the tall grass. He pulled some pieces of grass out of the ground and examined them. The grass was taller than Oak. He examined it and takes a bite of the grass. Water gushes into his mouth. Oak takes another bite of the grass. Less water and more actual plant. He knows these plants they are in district 7. It's called Water Grass. It swells with water and is edible. He chews on the grass and decides to wait near the grass.

Robin Vigo district 8, hears a twig snap. He whips around and sees the only two careers walking. Robin instantly regrets practicing with his knives. As they were lodged into a tree 20 feet away from him. Cariettum had a bow and Robin didn't think he could make it to his knives in time. Cariettum and Marcan were talking about past games and victors they liked. Robin rolls his eyes. Then he sees them. Two black monkeys following the careers silently. They keep close but don't seem to be attacking, or stalking. Just following. One has a yellow 9 on it's collar. The other has a brown 7. These monkeys..... They didn't seem hostile but Robin thought they had an eerie quality to them.

Blue Sky district 10, licked the last bit of fruit out of the jar. He made one jar last two days. He squeezes the jar and is still surprised how hard it is. Hitting someone with it would do a good deal of damage. He moves to put the jar back in hi bag when the boy from 11 walks into Blue's view. He knows he's from 11 because of the dark brown number on his back. Blue grips the jar and takes aim. The boy puts a small bowl to his mouth and drinks the water from it. Blue throws. The jar hits the tree right behind the boy. The boy whips around spotting Blue. Blue swears and tries to run off. The boy from 11 pulls out a weapon but Blue sprints off before he can see what kind it is. WHOOOSH. A dart flies past Blue's ear. Blue keeps sprinting trying to out run the boy from 11. After a while Blue glances over his shoulder and doesn't see anyone following him. He slows down and takes some deep breaths.

Lilth district 11, takes down a groosling with her knife. The groosling falls. Lilth runs excitedly to the bird and starts plucking it's feathers. She brings the bird to the fire she was some how able to start. She does her best to cook the bird trying to use a twig to hold the bird over the fire. After a while she opens the bird to see if its good. She decides its good enough and eats the bird. It is delicious and the only thing she's eaten in a while. She fills with joy.

Ardis Blaze district 12, takes a food pellet. It fills her stomach and she lies down. "This would be perfect if I had a tent," She mumbles to herself. Almost instantly a tent attached to a parachute falls. She sets up the tent and happily goes inside of it to sleep. Nothing eventful had happened to her all day and she was happy because of it. This day was perfect.

At midnight no faces show in the sky.

Day 4

Thunder Way district 4, hears a snap. He turns around and sees the girl from 12 walking with a tent bag strapped to her bag.. Thunder grips his spear. The girl has a thorwing ax in her hand. Thunder doesn't know a lot about district 12 but he knows axes aren't used for mining. Thunder follows her a few steps and throws his spear at her. The spear hits the small of her back. She screams and falls to the ground. Thunder runs to her and pulls out the spear he got from the cornucopia. He plunges it through her back. Her cannon fires. This was the first death 38 hours. It was good it happened before the gamemakers tried to get blood. Thunder takes the ax from her hand. She also has a small black shoulder bag. He opens it and finds some wire and some pills. Thunder doesn't know what the pills are so he tosses them to the side and takes the wire. He doesn't know what the pills do and he isn't going to just put random things in his mouth.

Lilth district 11, retches. She has been throwing up every few hours. It was about 3 in the afternoon and was in it's fourth hour of rain. She tries to wash the taste of the bile from her mouth but she doesn't get enough water in her mouth. She is in no condition to fight.

Marcan Collcoin & Cariettum Downstreet districts 1 and 2, walk towards the noise. It sounds like a girl throwing up. Cariettum pulls back her bow, ready to attack. Marcan notices the girl standing with her head pointed up at th sky. The dark brown '11' on her back and small stature made Marcan recognize her. Marcan pulls out his knife. He holds his hand out to stop Cariettum from attacking. Marcan moves silently towards the girl. Marcan gets within 15 feet of her when she realizes he is there. The girl turns to run but she can barley take a step before Marcan tackles her and stabs her with his knife. She screeches. Marcan puts his hand over her mouth and she bites him. Marcan stabs her again and then a third time. Her jaw weakened and he was able to pull his now bleeding hand from her mouth. Marcan goes back to Cariettum, "She'll be dead in 20 minutes let's leave her." An hour later she bleeds out and her cannon fires.

Ben Fire district 3, was hungry again. Two cannons had fired. That monkey yesterday really freaked him out. Ben had only left the tent to use the bathroom and get water. He decided that he needed to find food. He leaves the tent. He gives himself 30 feet to move around the tent. He wanted to stay close. The grey sky and dark soil of the arena got old fast. Ben wanted a change of scenery but knew the entire arena was probably like this. A blueberry bush is at the edge of the 30 feet he gave himself. He eats handfuls at a time. After the first few he thinks he should have tested it somehow. Too late now. Ben grabs more blueberries and goes back to his tent.

Kathrina Loula district 5, eats more strawberries. She found a lot of odd plant life in the arena. Sources of fruit were randomly placed in the arena:strawberries, apples, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, carrots, and beans. They weren't there yesterday. They were hidden. In between bushes or under large trees or growing behind a large rock. If you look hard enough you'll find food. Kathrina wasn't feeling confident in the food sources however. She knows the orange tree she found wasn't there yesterday. The gamemaker controlling Kathrina's food wasn't a power she wanted them to have. She ate her strawberries slowly savoring the flavor that can be taken away in a moment.

Golden Hawbrook district 6, had unloaded his supplies in the tent. Hunting knife, medium bowl, crossbow, eggs, a change of warmer clothing, a poncho, and a small oven type device. It didn't need to be plugged into anything it would just cook whatever you but into it. Golden had cooked some eggs already. 7 eggs left. Golden had taken down his wire bell trap after a day had passed because he was sure the previous owner of the tent was now dead. Golden had a plan. Waiting. If he waited for someone to pass he was sure he could take them down. So as part of his plan he laid down and took a nap.

Oak Leaves district 7, even though he wasn't really ever thirsty these Water Grass plants were amazing. It was better to have water fill your mouth than drink it drop by drop. Also the actual plant part filled his stomach and gave him energy. He was still sleeping in the rain but it was starting to rain less at night and more in the day. Or at least the lighter half of the day. The arena was also a dark grey and gloomy. At night it seemed to be slightly darker. Oak climbed a small tree and laid on one of it's thick branches. Sleeping here would be stupid idea but just hanging out there gave him a little protection from ground attackers.

Robin Vigo district 8, kept glancing over his shoulder. He had taken down a monkey. It was fallowing him every where he went. It screeched when he had looked at it. The knife stuck out of the monkeys chest. The monkey had a collar with a gold '1' on it. He thought back to the boy from district 1 he killed and felt despair. These monkeys weren't good. He pulled his knife out of the monkey and said, "That mean there is a monkey out there for everyone. One with a purple 8 on it to follow who ever kills me. Is this some mind game? Toy with us. Make us face our own mortality by having our kills follow us around?" He asks the gamemakers. Robin grabs an apple off a tree. "Well it's not going to work. I'm winning. I'm not going to die in this arena."

Aden Stalk district 9, put more Marconi in his bowl. Still 3/8ths of the bag left. He ventured out into the forest and found some oranges. He cut it carefully with his knife and ate it greedily. It was a nice change from the mushy noodles. Aden had grabbed a good supplies of oranges but wanted to have some macorni with it. Aden had gone out to find more tributes but no one went by him. "These are boring. I need someone. They need to get close enough for me to..." A crash happens outside his tent. He grabs his knife and jump out of his tent. A boy is crashing through the forest. Aden starts to get out of his tent when a second boy sprints by Aden's tent. The boy being chased had no jacket but the boy chasing him had a dark brown '11' Aden didn't want to pursue they were already gone. They had some history that was revenge.

Max Vaz district 11, keeps running. Blow gun ready. The ax Blue had was lost. He dropped it when Max first attacked him. Max wasn't going to let this kid throw a jar at him without getting a dart to the neck. Max was assaulted and he wasn't going to just take it. Blue jumps over a fallen tree but lands at an odd angle and falls to the ground. Max shoots a dart into Blue's back. He fires twice. Blue tries to crawl away but stops and a few seconds later his cannon fires. Max takes Blue's bag and walks off to find shelter.

When the anthem plays that night the first face they see is the boy from 10, then the girl from 11, and finally the girl from 12.


13th-Ardis Blaze district 12, speared by Thunder.

12th-Lilith District 11, stabbed by Marcan

11th-Blue Sky District 10, hit by Max's poisoned darts.

Day 5

Ben Fire district 3, hadn't died yet so he assumed the berries werent posionous. He threw more in his mouith. It was sbout 1 in the afternoon asnd it hadn't rained yet. Ben missed district 3. It wasn't the best place but it was better than being in the arena. Ben left his tent to look for, well, anything. More just something to do. He keeps walking when he notices a tent. He turns to get away from the tent when he feels a stab in his calf. Ben turns and sees Golden Hawbrook standing behind him with a crossbow in his hand. Ben only has another moment before an arrow goes through his head.

Golden Hawbrook district 6, puts his crossbow down and goes to look at the boy he just shot. Rain starts to fall as Golden walks towards the boy. The boy didn't have a number on his back. He didn't have anything on him. He would figure out who the boy is when the anthem plays. Golden Goes back to his tent.

Thunder Way district 4, spears another deer. Thunder was been practicing. He didn't want to get out of practice. GROOOOWLL. Thunder looks up. A large black panthar looks down at him. Its bright yellow eyes staring meancingly its tail swishing slowly. Thunder's eyes narrow. The spear goes through the panthar. The panthar falls limply to the ground. Thunder pulls the spear out and moves on.

Marcan Collcoin & Cariettum Downstreet district 1 & 2, both have umbrellas and are searching for tributes. It's the final 10. Getting it down would be good. "So Marcan, who do you think is our biggest threat is?" Cariettum asks as she examines some of the plants on the ground. A cannon fires. "OH! Someone died who do you think it was?" Cairettum asks excitedly. She looks at Marcan but he disseappered. "Marcan?" She turns around and Marcan is lying on the ground with a knife in his back. Robin Vigo from district 8 is standing a little ways back with his other throwing knife. Cariettum fires an arrow at him but it misses and Robin runs off. Cariettum goes up to Marcan's body and feels sad. It was her last ally. All of them taken out by the boy from 8. Cariettum took the bag off of Marcan and kept on moving. She pulls out another arrow.

Kathrina Loula District 5, peels her orange and keeps walking. Last night she heard noises. Animals. She didn't want to be sleeping aaround a bunch of mutts. Kathrina had her water proof blanket drapped over her. Only her face wasn't covered. She was walking for a few hours. Two cannos had fired. She was 1 of 2 girls left and she was hoping it was done to only one girl. the girl from 1 was a ruthless killer. Kathrina walked out of the forest and found tall grass. Much taller than Kathrina. Kathrina grabbed the grass. It felt...weird. Like it was full of water. Kathrina ripped the grass in half. Water gushed out of the rip. kathrina smiled. This was good. Very good.

Oak Leaves district 7, rubbed his shoulder. He fell out of the tree last night. He accidently fell asleep. He walked over to the grass and bit the plant. Water gushed into his mouth. BUZZZZZ Oak chewed on more grass. BUUUUZZZZZZZ. Osk grabbed a knew blade of grass. BUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZ. Oak looked up and saw a large beetle. Then a large grasshopper. A large butterfly. A large mantis. And an unidentified bug. It had praying mantis like arms. A beetles wings. Grass hopper body. An a mix of the three for a head. More of them appeared every second. A swarm. Oak starts to back up. The bugs attack. Sinking their claws, teeth and razor sharp legs into Oak. Oak screams while the bugs eat him alive. His cannon fires.

Aden Stalk district 9, stretched his legs. He had spent ther last few hours in an awkward crouching postions. He though he heard a tribute and was in an attacking postion if they walked infront of his tent. It turned out to be a monkey. Aden didn't want to kill it so he just went back into his tent. He enjoyed the last of his macorni and eating an orange.

Max Vaz district 11, suprised when the rain stopped. It had only rained for about 8 hours. The lack of rain made Max nervous. The game makers were using less water. This meant water would soon be a necesity. Max looked at his bowl. It was half full. Max downed the entire thing and said, "To dehydration." The anthem plays and Max looks up. The first face is the boy from 2, then the boy from 3, and finaly the boy from 7.


-10th Ben Fire district 3, shot by Goldens arrow

-9th Marcan Collcoin district 2, taken down by Robin's knife

-8th Oak Leaves district 7, eaten alive by bug mutts

Day 6

Day 6

Cariettum Downstreet district 1, was going to kill today. Not a moment to waste. Cariettum was getting tired of the games and wanted them to be done with. She hears a twig snap and Cariettum turns. The boy from district 4 swore, his back to Cariettum. Cariettum pulls back her bow and fires an arrow. The arrow goes into the back of his neck. He falls to his knees and his cannon fires. The rain starts symbolically. Cariettum goes over to him and takes his bag from his back.

Golden Hawbrook district 6, puts an arrow in his crossbow. His tent had been attacked. Golden had left the tent to look for some more food. Golden was getting tired of eggs. When Golden heard the cannon fire he went back to his tent and saw that it had been knocked down. Foot prints on the tent itself. A dart was embedded in the tree next to the tent. Golden started to look for the person who knocked over his tent. Then Golden saw him. The boy from 11. Golden fired an arrow and it went into the boys leg. The boy falls screaming. Golden fires a second arrow into the boys back. Then a third arrow into the boys back was followed by a cannon fire.

Robin Vigo district 8, turns his throwing knife apprehensively in his hand. He lost his other knife and was feeling oddly nervous. He was so use to having two knives. Robin heard a scream happen to his left. Robin turns his head and sees the boy from 11 fall to the ground. Then the boy from 6 walks into view. A second arrow goes into the boy from 11. Then a third. The boy from 6 walks to the dead boy and tries to take the boys bag. Robin throws his knife at the boy. The knife goes into the boys shoulder, "AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW, what the hell?" Golden, that's his name, Robin remembers. Robin sprints to Golden and tackles him to the ground. Robin pulls the knife from Golden's shoulder and stabs it into Golden. Goldens cannon fires.

Aden Stalk district 9, glanced out from his tent. The rain had finally stopped. Three cannons had fired in the morning but nothing had happened for hours. Aden pulled out his knife and went to look for food. They saw each other at the same time. The girl from 5 and Aden. The girl from 5 didn't have a weapon on her. She was picking strawberries from a bush. Aden pulls out his knife, "Okay, let's just get this over with." The girl backed slowly and Aden walked forward quickly The girl didn't want to put her back to Aden and waited in till he was close to strike. She kicks the knife from his hands and tackles Aden to the ground. She punches him in the face and puts her knees on his chest. The girl punches him repeatedly and then starts to choke him. His cannon fires after a few minutes. The girl gets off and goes back to her stuff. Her first kill got her to the final 3.

At midnight 4 faces showed in the sky. First the boy from 4, then the boy from 6, then the boy from 9, and finally the boy from 11.


7th Thunder Way district 4, killed by Cariettums arrow

6th Max Vaz district 11, Golden's arrow killed him

5th Golden Hawbrook district 6, killed by Robin's knife

4th Aden stalk district 9, choked by Kathrina

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