Hey there everyone! So I haven't been on here in forever and I want to do another hunger games so please submit tributes and May the Odds be ever in your favor!

Arena: The arena is made of pure crystal. The Cornucopia in on a large crystal mountain with many tunnels leading around the arena. Lizard mutts roam the arena looking for tributes to eat.


Male Tribute Female Tribute
Brendan Downstreet Cariettum Downstreet
Kaleb Brooke Shyla Hawbee
District 3 Raymond Aaron
Jeramy Al Fyran Bulu
District 5
District 6
District 7
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 12

Sponcering: Each tribute starts with 250 dollars and everyday theyget 100 dollars. If they kill a tribute they gert that tributs money. To give your tribute a git just comment what you want to give and how much of your money you want to invest in that item. Example: You want to give your tribute food but you only invest 50 dollars they'll get three apple. If you want food and invest 200 dollars they'll get milk, bread, and five apples.

One more thing. I'll either write the reapings, the training sessions, or the chariot rides. Comment which one you want, please.

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