Hey I've watched and contributed to everyone else hunger games so I decided to create my own. This will be a normal games not a quarter quell or include district 13 or the capitol.

Tribute requirements:





-token (if they have one)

-reaping info (optional)

-weapon choice

-other info


A giant castle. The cornucopia is in the middle of the court yard the castle is surrounded by a mote. The castle is 5 floors high with mutts roaming the halls. Suits of armor are along the walls. Also around the cornucopia is a beautiful garden with an apple tree. And that's it. No items in the cornucopia. They are hidden around the castle.


You can ask for for any of these things-







misc. item

anyone can sponsor a tribute just say the tributes name and the item you want. if you wish to contribute to the money on the tribute comment on the post. Meaning if person 1 wants to give tribute a some food he may only get an apple or two, bread or meat. if person 2 also wants to give food they just comment on person 1 comment so the tribute gets more food, fish,and a whole turkey. This aren't literal examples but just to give the basic idea.


Cream Donahew XXX 18th Naarah Tompkins XXX 10th
Adrian Christenson XXX 9th Evelyn Dreamcatcher XXX 5th
Joe Grenwism XXX 14th Anna Grenwism XXX 21st
Cedar Mellark XX 3rd Kajama Odair XXX 22nd
Rick Jones XXX 7th Cathy James XXX 8th
Hinder Black Bessy Tower XXX 16th
Plank Oak Cypress Beech XXX 6th
Thread Form XXX 24th Eve Cotton XXX 20th
Elder Thorne XXX 12th Willow Thorne XXX 11th
Herflex Nome XXX 19th Jadynette Olive XXX 13th
Ramm Lockhart XXX 23rd Mara Lockhart XXX 4th
Jeremiah Heddorian XXX 15th Mariah Abernathy XXX 17th

happy games



The square in district one is buzzing with excitement. Many teenagers waiting for there opportunity to shine and win the games for their district. The stage in front of the justice building has the past victors of the hunger games (about 10 of them) along with the mayor and Sunny Nealson, the district escort. Sunny smiles to the crowd and talks about the dark days and how the hunger games was born. She saids in a loud clear voice, "Now let the reaping begin!" She pulls a name out of the glass ball to her left, "Are female tribute is Naarah Tompkins!" A blond girl with curly hair walks up to the stage. She is breath takingly beautiful with a cocky grin. Sunny reaches into the bowl to her right. "Are male tribute is CreamDonahew!" A boy with tan skin and red hair walks up to the stage. He has his hands pressed together, as if he's praying, and he stares at the sun.


The justice building sots in front of the Nut and in front of that is a large stage. Victors and the mayor standing on it looking out at the crowd of young teenagers, scratch that, solders. Natia Crew the district escort talks about the dark days before reaching into the glass bowl full of male names. "The male tribute for district 2 is Julian Moore!" She saids in her capitol accent. A young boy slowly walks to the stage. He is overweight and 13 years old and looks extremely scared. When he gets on stage Natia calls out, "Any volunteers?" Adrian Christenson raises his hand and saids in a strong voice, "I volunteer as tribute." Natia nods approvingly. Adrian pats Julian on the shoulder as he switches places with him. Natia pulls a female name from the glass ball she barley has time to read the name before Evelyn Dreamcatcher volunteers as tribute. Natia seems overjoyed at the fact two people volunteered and the chances of winning is high.


District 3's escort Zap Troll claps enthusiastically. "Well lets get this reaping rolling!" He grabs a name from the female ball to his left. He reads the paper, "Anna Grenwism!" Anna walks up t the stage no tears but she appears to be shaking. Her black eyes look pleadingly at the crowd. No one volunteers. Zap gives her a reassuring shoulder squeeze and gets a name from the boys bowl. "Ulrich Wright!" He calls. An 18 year old boy starts to walk up to the stage but half way there starts crying his eyes out. A boy with light brown hair runs up to him and yells, "I'll volunteer for him!" Zap turns his head to the side but shrugs it off and waves him on stage.


Kajama Odair volunteers for her neighbor girl. She hates seeing 12-year-olds in the arena it makes her cry. Clarson Clickman the district escort smiles and nods respectfully. He pulls a name from the male bowl. "Centril Bowlman!" when Centril arrives on stage Clarson asks for volunteers. Cedar Mellark steps forward desperate to protect his friend Kajama. Clarson shakes his head and mutters, "Volunteers, why do they always happen?"


The square is filled with families. children clinging to their parents for a few more moments before walking into the square. The stage has A women with bright pink hair with two large bowls next to her. "Lets the reaping of this hunger games begin!" She pulls a name from the female bowl and reads clearly, "Cathy James!" Cathy walks up steadily breathing deeply. Past victors smile to each other. The district escort pulls out another slip of paper, "Rick Jones!" Rick walks from the back of the square. The crowd murmurs to its self. The worst age to be reaped is 12 but 13 is very much better.


District 6 is all concrete. Very few trees are viewable. The stage is made of concrete as well. Two morphling addicted victors play with each others hair absentminded. The escort, Bibi Vivi, smiles warmly at a sea of cold faces. "Lets start with the girls!" She reaches deep into the bowl and pulls out the slip of people and with a flourish of her hand has it open, "The female tribute is Bessy Tower!" Mayor Tower next to her stiffens. A few of the poor family call out things like, "About time!" or "Finally someone rich!" Bessy stands next to Bibi crying silent tears. Bibi snatches the first piece of paper she touches from the male bowl. "Male tribute is Hinder Black!" A boy with jet black hair and dark eyes he has a dark tattoo on his pale skin. He takes his walk with pride and shakes Bessy's hand.


District 7's square is full of beautiful trees. The tributes stand on the stage. Plank oak and Cypress Beech. Mixed reactions from everyone. No one wants to see two kids go fight to the death but no one likes Plank and Cypress. The districts biggest bullies. Even their parents don't want anything to do with them. A few of their biggest targets even make calls of joy.


Fabby Croon's eyes widen. In all her years as district 8's escort she has never seen a tribute volunteers the way Eve Cotton did. Screaming at the top of her lungs, "I wish to volunteer for this event kind women!" Everyone knows Eve is a little loopy taking in direct fumes from the factory. Fabby takes a step away from Eve and grabs a male name from the bowl. "Thread Form is th....." Her words get drowned out by the crowds cheers. Thread is considered the worst person in the district. Hated by everyone. Loved by peacekeepers. Thread starts to sob and this brings on another round of cheers.


District 9's square smells like fresh bread. Well all of district 9 smells like fresh bread. Much to the displeasure of the starving children. The only living victor of district 9 is Sandy Thorne. The district escort, Red Wormwood, reaches into the female glass ball, "The female tribute is Willow Thorne!" Sandy's heart tightens. Her adoptive daughter has been reaped. The chances are astronomical. Willow starts to cry before she even moves towards the stage. A peace keeper escorts her to the stage. Sandy gives her adoptive daughter and hug and takes a deep breath before the next blow hits her. "The male tribute is Elder Thorne." Sandy feels like some has punched her in the face. This must be rigged. Both of her adoptive children have been reaped. This sets of a new round of crying for Willow and starts Elder off.


Jadynette Olive smiles at the crowd of open mouths. Volunteering for an 18 year old who is probably the smartest and strongest person in the district. District 10's escort looks sad at the fact that she went from a promising tribute to a b***** looking one. Herflex smiles. He is the male tribute and likes the idea of having Jadynette as a tribute he thinks he can kill her easily. Both volunteers both believe they are better than everyone else.


Seeder and Chaff make polite conversation with Leppa Reet the new district escort. Leppa nervously reads off a note card about the dark days. She then reaches deep into the bowl full of female names. "Our female tribute for district 11 is Mara Lockhart!" Mara smiles to her self. She has always wanted a chance to kill but was still a little nervous to attempt the games. After she gets on stage Leppa pulls out a male name, "Monroe Dew!" She calls out. After a small black boy gets onstage Leppa asks for any volunteers. Ramm Lockhart steps forward, "I volunteer to go into the arena with my sister." He didn't need to say they were related. Same tan skin, same brown hair, same nose they were very obviously brother and sister.


Effie trinket looks out into the crowd. It's full of starving children but she smiles out and hopes for the best. She pulls out a name from the female bowl, "Leevy Crews!" Leevy a girl from the seam walks slowly up to the stage. Mariah Abernathey volunteers as tribute. Effie backtracks and is quite flustered at the volunteer. They don't happen that often, well, not at all in district 12. Effie grabs a name from the middle of the male bowl. She opens it and reads carefully pronouncing the name, "Jeremiah Heddorian!" Jeremiah walks up with mixed emotion. Always wanting to go to the capitol but not as a tribute in the games. THe only reason he wants to go to the capitol is to see if his mom is an avox there.

Blood Bath

The tributes rise slowly into the arena. All dressed in what looks to be gray armor but ads no protection to the tributes them selves. The arena it self is a giant castle. With high ceilings and windows. Full of big rooms that range from bathrooms to bed rooms to kitchens. With four tall towers at the corners. The only area outside other than the cornacopia which is about the size of a court yard (Decor of a court yard too, with stone benches, a fountain of clean water and one apple tree with 45 apples and it doesn't grow anymore.) With the cornucopia in the dead center. The tributes are only a few feet away from each other. "Ladies and Gentlemen let the 17th hunger games begin!” No one moves. One minute later the gong rings. Still no one moves.

Quite obviously there are no weapons anywhere in the cornucopia. Now no one moving has delayed to the point where no one wants to make the first move. Eve Cotton from District 8 turns on her heel and walks calmly to the opening into the castle. Everyone watches her. Suddenly its a mad dash in every direction.

All the careers get together along with Herflex Nome District 10, Jadynette Oliver district 10, and Mariah Abernathey District 12 who have a predetermined deal. The careers accepts them based on their attitudes alone.

Thread Form from District 8 in seeing the careers already establishing camp in the cornucopia sprints for the apple tree. The Careers yell in anger and Cedar Mellark District 4 tackles him. He keeps his hands on Threads throat choking the life out of him. Thread claws helplessly at Cedar’s hands. The careers talk amongst them selves, “So are we going to go after everyone?”, Mariah asks, “or are we going to look for weapons?” A slight murmur goes through before Herflex saids, “Or we could do both wouldn’t that make more sense,Mariah.” His snobby tone annoys Mariah.

Ramm and Mara Lockhart District 11 stand on the edge of the cornucopia out of sight of the careers. “Mara, we should try to collect food or water from the cornucopia.” Mara shakes her head. “But, Ramm, they are just standing there talking and there might be hidden stuff in one of these rooms. Or whatever...” Ramm grabs his sister by the shoulders, “Mara, I’m going to get some food and run this way. Hide in that room, “ He points to the bedroom three doors away from them, “I will be back with the food, okay?” He gives her a hug and and turns. Mara nods and runs to the room.

Kajama Odair District 4 hears a crash. She turns and sees a boy with ebony hair sprawled on the grass with blood coming from his head. Kajama quickly understands, “He guys. Check out district 11. He tripped over the bench and bust his head open.” They snicker to themselves and Cedar squeeze tighter on Thread’s throat. Mariah Abrnathy walks carefully to the boy on the ground. “He’s out cold,” She tells everyone she steps on his head pushing his face into the dirt. Taking away any chance of air. “Hey, Cedar. Let’s see who chokes them out first!” A few seconds later Thread stops breathing. A little later Ramm stops breathing. Two cannons fire.

Rick Jones District 5 hears the cannon fire twice. He is hiding in what appears to be a bathroom of some sorts with a huge bath tub and some soap. A chamber pot sits in the corner. Rick smirks, “That has to be the lamest Blood Bath ever.”


-Thread Form District 8: choked by Cedar Mellark placing 24th

-Ramm Lockhart District 11: head wound from tripping over bench then suffocated by Mariah Abernathey

Day 1

Hinder Black District 6, he jumps at the cannons. In the time it took to run up two flights of stairs two people died. Hinder looks around the corridor. Suits of armor line the halls and high ceiling have chandeliers hanging low. Hinder takes a closer look at the Armor.

He can see a thin line going down the chest plate. He taps the armor. It's chest flies open like a door almost hitting Hinder in the face. Sitting inside the armor is a cross bow with 10 arrows. He goes down the hall opening the next four suits of armor inside he finds 5 more arrows, two apples, bottle of water, and a small empty bag. He taps another suit of armor and there is nothing inside of it.

Cypress Beech and Plank Oak District 7. Cypress climbs the fourth flight of stairs, "Plank! Can we stop on this floor instead of going higher?" Plank nods and pulls Cypress in his arms. "Okay, Sweetie. What's our plan of attack?" Cypress pulls out of his arms. She walks carefully forward into the corridor. She finds a hallway full of doors. "Hey, Plank! Check these out!" She opens the closest door to her. Inside is a giant bedroom. A king sized mattress, big wooden table with a bowl of fresh fruit, wooden end tables, and a dresser full of clothing. Cypress grabs a pear from the bowl and flops on the bed. Plank follows her into the room and gets himself some fruit, "Ya, our plan should be to chill here."

Mara Lockhart district 11. She bites her nails nervously. She paces the bedroom Ramm sent her to. A room of complete stone. With stone floors, furniture, and a fire crackling with a cauldron hanging over it. She glances in the pot. Soup, carrots, potatoes and onions bob around. She grabs the knife sitting on the ground. She had taken it off the cutting board and considered following Ramm but she felt it was a bad decision. She hears foot steps. She tightens her grip on the knife. Voices float through under the door.

Careers+Herflex Nome, Jadynette Olive district 10 and Mariah Abernathy district 12. "So that is two down lets go find some food!" The careers walk down the hallway. Passing by Mara's room not smelling the soup. They walk up two flights of stirs and see Hinder walking down the hall with a black bag. His back to them. Mariah silently points at the armor. Their chests wide open. Kajama and Adrian walk quietly trying to sneak up on him. He hears their steps. He whips around and fires his arrow. The crossbow has already snapped two arrows but this one flies straight hitting Kajama in the throat. Hinder runs down the corridor pacing a good lead on the careers they don't bother chasing him instead they watch as Kajama dis and her cannon fires.

Joe Grenwism and Anna Grenwism District 3. They look carefully down the corridor with a big bag full of items. They had raided from armor down the last two hallways. When the cannon fires they drop the bag. A loaf of bread, a bottle of juice, a pair of gloves, and an ax. They repack the bag keeping the ax out. "Come on, Joe." Anna whispers leading Joe to the next suit of armor. Joe taps it carefully. When the suit opens there is no food, or weapons, or items but a net fires out of the armor. Joe dodges it swiftly but it entangles Anna. Electricity surges through the rope. Anna screams in pain. "Anna!” Joe yells he can actulley see the electricity going through it. He grabs the gloves from the bag. Before he can even get them off her screams die out and her heart stops beating. Her cannon fires and Joe collapses crying.

Bessy Towers District 6. She finds a bathroom with running water after hours of searching. She turns the faucet and starts drinking from it. After a few gulps she hears the Panem anthem play. Hard to believe the first day is already over. She hears stone scraping. She looks up. The wall above her is changing. A small window is beginning to open. Directly in the center of it is the nations symbol. The pictures of the dead start flashing. The girl from district 3, then the girl from district 4, boy from district 8 and then the boy from district 11. She sighs. “Four down. 19 more still running around.”


-Kajama Odair District 4 death by Hinder's arrow 22nd

-Anna Grenwism District 3 death by Electric trap 21st

Day 2

Rick Jones district 5, woke with a start. A loud crash had woken him up. He climbs out of the bathtub he was sleeping in. He had left the bathroom in search of food and had figured out the secrets of the suits of armor. He hadn't been able to find food though. He found two knives, a blanket, 35 arrows, and some medicine. He hid the arrows behind a sink incase he found a bow. He glances under the door. He see's 8 pairs of feet. Careers. He holds his breath and hears them talking, "That boy from district 6 is going to die. I'm going to kill him with my bare hands!" He hears one of them say. The boy must have killed Kajama. Rick couldn't help but smile. One career down.

Eve Cotton district 8, starts to sing to her self, "In the jungle the mighty jungle twinkle star how i wonder if you know the muffin man?" She even starts to skip. Her stomach starts to growl. She knew what to do. She skipped up to a suit of armor. She tapped the side of it. The door flew open and a spear fired out of it. Embedding itself into the wall. Eve's eyes widen, "Oh, that's very dangerous," She walks over and pulls the spear from the wall, "someone could hurt themselves." She tries to put the spear back in the armor but it won't get back in. She decides to carry the spear with her.

Willow Thorne district 9, she started to cry. The site of the kitchen had overwhelmed her. She had been wandering around the castle all day and she finally found the kitchen. She didn't even know if the castle had a kitchen but she found it. Giant pots of soup, bread lying around, meat cooking. It made her mouth water. She opened a door and found rows of preserved fruits. She grabs a jar and opens it. "Peach!" She mutters. She eats the entire jar in under a minute. The best thing she's ever eaten. Wouldn't be a bad idea to stick around for a while.

Elder Thorne district 9, he gets to the top of the castle. He didn't know how many flights of stairs he had climbed but he knew he was at the top. Elder was tired. He was hungry and thirsty and wanted to find a place to sleep. He walked quickly hoping to find food soon. He practically ran past the suits of armor. He opened door after door but only found empty rooms. He slumps against one of the doors, "I just want some food." He mumbles and falls asleep.

Cathy James district 5, looks behind her before sneaking into an empty room. She layed out all the items she had collected from other rooms or armor. Mixed food to last 9 days, 5 days worth of water, two swords, mace, light armor, sleeping bag, comforter, pillows, juices, a whistle, and a big black bag. She nodded approvingly at her haul, "That will last me at least for a while."

Jeremiah Heddorian district 12, taps another armor. After finding some moldy bread, and one piece of candy Jeremiah was desperate for something good. He got something worse. Three genticly altered bees flew out of the armor. Jeremiah screamed and tried to run but the bees are to quick. He gets stung in his arm lg and back. He can feel their poison enter his body. The bees fly off buzzing loudly. Jeremiah stumbles wildly around the hall. Bumping into multiple suits of armor. Having a variety of items fly out of the armor. He collapses and falls asleep.

Careers, shout, "Here tribute, tribute, tributes. Here tribute, tribute, tributes!" They laugh at their jokes. Gaining whole new confidence when they find out the suits of armor have weapons and food. Each of them has a giant bag filled with items. A fight had broken out between the careers when Cream had wanted to sacrifice most of their food to the sun. "You can do what ever you want with your share but don't sacrifices our shares!" Jadynette had yelled at him. Lack of food, water, and comfortable sleep had made her edgy. The careers spot a blond girl carrying a giant spear. "Hey is that the girl whose crazy?" Herflex asks pointing at Eve. The careers smile to themselves. "I got this," Herflex saids with his smugness overflowing. He pulls a sword from a sheath he had on his back. He jogs up to Eve and mocks her by calling her, 'Crazy' and 'loopy'. This sparks an aner in Eve and she thrusts the spear at him. Stabbing him in the leg. Herflex screams and slashes at Eve cutting her deeply. She cries in pain. Herflex stands on his good leg and plunges the sword into her chest. Her cannon fires.

Hinder Black district 6, looks up while the anthem plays. The wall slowly opens revealing Panem's symbol. The only face that appears is the girl from district 8. Hinder feels his chest tighten. She was so......well, crazy. She was just so fragile. Hinder feels sad that her death had to come.


-Eve Cotton district 8 Herflex had stabbed her 20th

Day 3

Joe Grenwism District 3, he wakes up to a loud crash. He climbs out of the sleeping bag he had found. He was sleeping on the floor of an empty room he had found. He packs up all his stuff and runs to the door. He lays down on his stomach to look through the crack under the door. He sees two large claws covered with light blue scales with huge white talons. Joe gasps and whispers under his breath, "Those are feet! It's a dragon!" He slowly backs away from the door, "If there's a dragon roaming around the castle I'm not going to explore," he climbs back into his sleeping bag.

Cyrpess Beech district 7, grabs the last apple from the bowl on the table, "Plank, this is the last of our food. We need to go out and get more," Plank turns over in his sleep pretending not to hear her. Cypress shakes him, "Plank! This is seriously all the food we have. We need to go get some more." Plank mumbles that they should do it later. Cypress climbs out of bed and puts on her armor. "Plank!" He finally gets up and puts his own armor on. They had ventured out twice before looking for other tributes or more food. They had found two clubs and grey cloak that actulley blended nicely to the walls that in the dark would make them all but invisible. They leave the room and start their walk. After a few minutes Cypress asks, "Plank, we need to find some other tributes. Sponcers aren't going to want to help us if we don't kill." Plank pulls her into his arms, "Cyrpess, they'll want to help two tributes in love." He kisses her and the moment is perfect.....en till they hear the careers walk nosily towards them. Cypress pulls away and whips out her club. Plank pushes her and tells her to wait in the shadows. Plank puts on the cloak and hides. "They wont know what hit them," Plank mutters.

Careers, "I'm just saying," Mariah saids laughing, "Why the sun? Why not like, the sky, or water or something? The sun just seems so.." She start laughing louder. This had started ever since Cream had put on his mask. It was his token from home and it was apparently a sun worshiping mask. Mariah had been making fun of him for a solid hour about it. At first everyone had laughed but now they were annoyed. Jadynette was about to tell her to shut up when they noticed Plank. But it was too late. Plank was only a few feet away. How could no one have noticed him? Plank swings his club and hits the side of Mariah's head. Mariah tries to pull out her knife but another blow to the side of the head knocks her to the ground. Herflex turns and hobbles away. His leg is still badly injured from Eve stabbing him with her spear. Cypress jumps out of the shadows and hits Herflex. Her club has a spake sticking out of it. It goes into Herflexs head. His cannon fires. Jadynette pulls out her knife. She trys to stab Plank but he blocks it with his club. The knife gets embed into the club. Plank swings the club at Jadynette barley missing her. He pulls the knife out of his club. Cream trys to hit Plank. Plank smacks him with the club and slits Cream's throat. His cannon fires. Mariah pulls out her own knife and is able to open a cut on Cypress' arm. Cyrpess smacks Mariah back onto the ground. The careers run off leaving Mariah behind. Mariah starts to yell incoherently. Plank plunges the knife into her chest.

Bessy Tower district 6, the third cannon fire in a 20 minute span. She gets scared. Her greatest fear is that the careers are on a killing spree. Her stomach tightens. She's been so hungry. She was still hidden in the same bathroom she found the first night. She take another gulp of water. "Come on Bessy." She murmurs to herself. "You have to look for food." She steels her emotions and walks out into the hall. She intently regrets the decision when she hears a loud roar about twenty feet behind her. She turns and shrieks. A large blue scaly face with yellow eyes and huge teeth glares at her. The mutt is barley able to fit into the corridor. It has two leathery wings folded up against its sides. It takes Bessy a few moments to place the name of the creature. She remembered a creature in her fathers bed time stories that matched this creatures description. It had been called a dragon. The dragon opened its mouth and flames started to come out! Bessy shrieked as she was roasted alive.

Elder Thorne district 9, heard buzzing. Loud buzzing. His first instinct was tracker jackers. He Tried to run away but he was so disoriented and hungry he ended up running towards the buzzing. He saw the source of the buzzing. Three bees the size of house cats. Elder watches as the bees zoom off over head. "Definitely not Tracker Jackers." He smiles in relief. Well he smiles in till he sees all the items laying across the floor. In the middle of it all is the boy from district 12, Jeremiah Heddorian. Elder grabs a big green bag off the floor and starts stuffing objects into it. Jeremiah groans. Elder picks up a hammer, "Should I...." Just then Jeremmiah's mouth starts to foam and a cannon fires. Elder feels certain its for Jeremiah and walks away.

Rick Jones district 5, finds a jug of milk and some bread. He had stuffed his mouth with bread without thinking. He really wanted food. He swallowed it and realized he should have rationed it. He drinks a little milk and hears Panems Anthem. The wall opens up to show the sky with Panems symbol. First the boy from 1, girl from 6, male from 10 and both from 12. Rick jones smiles. 9 down.

-Herflex Nomes district 10 19th, killed by Cypress' club

-Cream Donahew district 1 18th, throat slit by Plank

-Mariah Abernathy district 12 17th, stabbed by Plank

-Bessy Tower district 6 16th, killed by Dragon

-Jeremiah Heddorian district 12 15th, killed by Bee mutts posion

Day 4

Cathy James district 5, sneaks out of the room she was hiding in. She saw all the faces in the sky and knew someone must be on a killing streak. She had packed her bag with some food and juice. She had put on the armor she found a few days ago. It was heavier then she thought it would be. She brings a sword and walks carefully. She needs to look for more water. SNAPSNIPSNAPSNIPSNAP. The hairs on Cathy's neck stand up. She turns around and is looking into the 8 eyes of a giant black spider. Cathy holds down the urge to scream and starts to run away. Streams of spider web flies over her head. These spiders are altered and it shows with the accuracy they can fire these webs.

Mara Lockhart district 11, holds her stomach. She ran out of food yesterday and has been sneaking out to try and find food but none of the rooms around her have any more soup. She grips her knife and takes a deep breath, "Come on, Mara, you a do this". She goes out into the cornucopia. And instantly feels stupid. The apple tree! How could she forget! The careers only took a few apples still at least two dozen apple left. She runs up to it and grabs an apple. She starts to cry as she eats it. It tastes like heaven.

Willow Thorne district 9, lets out a burp. She instantly covers her mouth blushing, "Excuse me," she whispers. She starts taking jars off the shelf. She puts a jar of some purple fruit in a make-shift bag made out of a table cloth. She was able to find two large knifes for cutting meat and slid them into her belt. She has been doing this every few hours since she found the kitchen trying to find a tribute to kill or at least her brother.

Rick Jones district 5, fishes the arrows out from behind the sink. He hid them back there in case he found a bow. 35 arrows in total with a small yellow bow he found in a suit of armor. He tested out the bow by trying to shoot a Vase on the opposite end of the room. It took about an hour before he got competent at it. He broke about ten arrows however. Rick walks out side getting an urge to test his new weapon out on another tribute. He starts walking down the hall in till he hears a strange clicking noise. SNIPSNAPSNIPSNAP He sees a girl running towards him. He pulls back the bow and fires. The arrow falls short, like by 30 feet. He tries again this time it goes a little farther but still not close to the girl. He finally recognizes her! Cathy! "Why is she so sweaty?" Rick asks himself noticing how shiny her face is. Then he sees the wall of hairy black creatures chasing Cathy. Rick turns on his heel and runs as fast as he can to the stairs.

Joe Grenwism district 3, sees two figures sprinting towards him. Both with red hair and being chased by half a dozen large spiders. Joe pulls out his axe and plans on putting it in one of the tributes heads. Hoping that if the spiders have someone to eat they will stop. He throws th axe when the boy is 10 feet away. It whizes past Rick's ear and sticks into the smallest of the spiders head. Rick slams into Joe's side knocking Joe to the ground. The spiders swarm in. Filling Joe's body with poison and slowly eating him. Joe screams and Cathy and Rick keep running not wanting to be the next meal. Rick goes down stairs and Cathy takes a left into a different hall. But the cannon fire is heard all around the castle.

Plank Oak and Cypress Beech district 7, Plank takes Cypress' arm carefully. . Cypress had started to get a fever and Plank feels pretty sure it's because of the cut she got in the battle with the careers the cut got infected too fast to be normal. The knife had to be covered in posion for the rate of the infection to make any sence. Cypress mumbles in a daze. Plank kisses her hand. "Baby, hang in there." A silver parachute falls from the rafters above them. Landing on Cypress' chest. Plank rips the box open. A roll of bandages and some disinfected. Plank sprays some medicine in the wound and he wraps the bandages around it. He looks up and saids, "Thank you, thank you so much."

Hinder Black district 6, Looks out a window. The sky is black and the castle is surrounded by a mote. With a forest surrounding that. Hinder sighs, "I miss you." He saids to his family and friends. Laughter alters Hinder to the careers. He pulls his crossbow out and points it in the direction of the noise. The careers see Hinder and pull out their weapons, "YOU! YOU KILLED KAJAMA!" Cedar yells. He sprints at Hinder. Hinder pulls the trigger on his crossbow. The arrow lodges itself into Cedars shoulder. Cedar barely slows down before swinging a spear wildly. Jabbing at Hinder. Hinder jumps back and fires another arrow. It flies over Cedar's head while he ducks. It bounces off the wall and lands harmlessly on the floor. Jadynette Olive runs up to help Cedar. Jadynette throws a knife at Hinder. It scratches his leg Hinder fires another arrow at Cedar. It hits his hand. He drops his spear and Hinder tries to run off. Jadynette tackles him to the ground. They wrestle intill Hinder pulls an arrow out of his bag and stabs Jadynette in the throat with it. He pulls out another arrow and puts it in his crossbow. He points it at her forehead. "Bye." He fires the arrow and her cannon fires. Hinder sprints off being chased by the careers.

Careers, sprints after Hinder. "You are going to die!" Adrian yells after him. Hinder takes quick turns and over the course of an hour finally escapes the careers. The careers tired and underfed pant heavily, " die!" Evelyn Dreamcatcher snarls. The anthem plays. The look into the newly opened space in the wall. The first face they see is the boy from district 3 followed by Jadynette's face with a 10 under it.


-Joe Grenwism district 3 14th, killed by spider mutts

-Jadynette Olive district 10 13th, killed by Hinder's arrow

Day 5

"Hello, Tributes of the hunger games. We would like to congratulate you all on making it half way through the hunger games! We would like to invite you to a feast exactly 24 hours from now in the cornucopia! Even those of you with food will want to be at this feast. Everything you need will be there! Good luck to all!

Careers, all look excitedly around, "We are going to go! We are going to destroy them!" Naarah Tompkins says smiling. Adrian and Evelyn exchange high fives while Cedar smile keeps getting wider. Well, in till it hits him, "Guys? What if no one goes? I mean it seems like everyone has figured out about the armor and everyone we've seen seems to have food." Evelyn frowns. Adrian rubs his chin, "Well, not just food is going to be there. The Gamemakers have thought about this. Things other than food will be there. Maybe something will drive everyone to the cornucopia?" They consider this while they gather up their supplies. Planning on heading to the Cornicopia.

Elder Thorne district 9, runs franticly. These spiders keep chasing him. Their webs have almost tripped him up a few times. Lucky he has enough food in him to give him energy to keep running. "I'd go to a feast just to escape these stupid things!" Elder yells pumping his arms trying to run. Elder sprints into the nearest bedroom. He slams the door shut and tries to barricade the door. Too late. The spiders slam through and start crawling over the walls. Elder screams and puts his back pack over his chest hoping for a final layer of protection. The spider web attaches to his bag. All the spiders fire their webs at the bag. After they all have webs connected to it they leave the room dragging the bag with them. Elder watches it go. He puts his hands on his face, "Okay well I can always get more from the suits of armor?"

Rick Jones district 5, rubs his forehead trying to understand why the gamemakers would do such a thing? "Really? Do you guys have to empty the armor?" Rick just found out the hard way that the Gamemakers had emptied all the suits of armor. Rick was looking for some water. He was severely dehydrated from his sprint with the spiders. Rick didn't want to go to the feast but all the suits of armor were tapped out. A feast was the exact opposite of Rick's strategy.

Willow Thorne district 9, started to cry. She couldn't help it. She had been out patrolling the halls when she heard about the feast. When she came back to the Kitchen all the food was gone. All Willow had left was three and a half jars of perseveres. Two strips of beef and half a bottle of water and a butchers Knife. Willow spun the knife in her hands contemplating if she should go to the feast or just try and survive off what she has now?

Cathy James district 5, bites her nails. The room where she hid all her items was empty. Completely empty. Spider webs hung from the ceiling and she knew that the gamemakers had the spiders steal her supplies so she'd have to go to the feast. Cathy paces back and forth. "Why?" She knew why but it felt better to ask. They wanted to lead her to the feast. Obviously, these spiders are a lot more than killing machines they are smart. She doesn't like have mutts running around that can steal supplies.

Mara Lockhart district 11, kept on plucking apples off the tree. She had been slowly moving all the apples into her original bedroom. If a feast was happening she wanted to be stationed close to it. She put all the apples on the table in the room. She even brought out the empty pot that use to hold soup and filled it with water. Mara didn't want to go to the feast but she wanted to be close just in case.

Plank Oak and Cypress Beech district 7, laid next to each other. Cypress seemed to be recovering. The poison on the blade has almost made its way out of her system. Plank was so grateful for the medicine that was given to them. But he was curious about what would be there for him. Probably food or water. Cypress would probably get food or more medicine. Plank had finally looked through the packs they got of the careers they killed. Nothing. Well practically nothing. The poisoned knife which Plank had tested using an apple he found. Were the blade had cut the apple turned a dark black. It was strong poison. The packs were mainly filled with weapons. They had a lot comfort items as well. Cloth clothes that were a lot easier to move in. Plank knew Cypress probably wouldn't be good enough by tomorrow to help him.

Hinder Black district 6, turned the faucet. Nothing came out. He shook his head. Water is the only thing he needs. He has about a cup of water left in the bottle he refilled yesterday. That would get him through tomorrow. Maybe he could stay away from the feast and hope everyone kills each other, or he can run in blindly hoping for water. Hinder only has 7 arrows left and a few slices of bread. He could make it last a day or two. "To go or not to go that is the question."

Midnight strikes and the anthem plays and no faces appear in the sky that night.

Day 6 ~Feast~

Hinder Black district 6, looks down from the window. On his way to the feast he remembered the cornucopia in vivid detail. Only four ways into the castle from the cornucopia. Large doors that them lead into a maze of hallways. A fountain in between the north and east entrances into the castle. The apple tree between the south and west entrances. Cornucopia directly in the middle 30 feet from each door. A line of windows look down into the cornucopia only on the second floor however. Hinder counts his arrows for the 12th time hoping arrows magically appeared. He loads in an arrow and looks out into the cornucopia, "This is going to be bad,"

Mara Lockhart district 11, hears the careers whispering to each other. She holds her breath and grips the knife. "What if district 6 still has that crossbow?" A girl asks "What if he just stands there and takes us out?" Her voice sounds afraid. "What ever district 6 did, it must have really scared the careers." Mara whispers. They talk for a few more minutes calming the girl down. When the trumpets sound. "Hello I would like to welcome all of you to this hunger games feast! Enjoy!"


A large silver table rises from the ground. The outside is lined with weapons two dagger, two swords, two bows, and two sheaths of arrows. The inside has a variety of foods, fresh meat, fruits, soups, juices, coffee, muffins, and a small bag filled with medicine.

Elder Thorne sprints into the cornucopia from the east side. He wants to be the first one there. Unluckily for him Adrian is much faster than he is. Adrian slams into him before Elder can get to the table. Adrian pulls a knife out of his belt and stabs Elder. Elder's cannon fires. "Nooooooooo!" Willow screams running into the cornucopia from the south. Adrian pulls the knife out of Elder.

Evelyn Dreamcatcher runs to meet Willow. She swings an axe at Willow. It goes into her ribs. Willow screams and falls down. Evelyn pulls the axe out of her side and slams it back into Willow's head. Her cannon fires and Evelyn gets a sadistic pleasure from finally getting a kill.

Hinder steadies his crossbow trying to get a good shot at Evelyn. He can't get a good shot. He takes a deep breath and focuses. When he squeezes the trigger he knows it won't make contact. The arrow goes into the ground 6 feet in front of her. Evelyn sees him and starts yelling obscenities at him.

Plank takes this moment to run up to the table. He was wearing the cloak he and Cypress had found that blends into its surroundings. He grabs the bag off the table and stuffs some meat into it. Adrian charges at him. Well in till he notices what color the bag is. Adrian's phobia of black stops him from attacking. Plank sprints off and smiles relieved that hiding in the shadows of the cornucopia for 7 hours paid off.

Mara sneaks out of her room. Knife clenched tightly in her fist. At the entrance to the cornucopia Naarah Tompkins and Cedar Mellark. Cedar has a large sword in his bandaged hand. Mara decides just to do it and not worry. She runs. Straight at Naarah. Naraah hears her coming but it's too late. By the time Naarah is turned around, Mara has already stabbed her in the chest. Mara keeps on running. Cedar turns and tries to hit her with his sword but his balance is off and he misses. Naarah's cannon fires. Mara keeps running into the cornucopia straight for the table. Adrian is still in shock from the color black and keeps mutter, "No, no, no, no more black." Mara grabs food off the table and one of the daggers. She streaks off out of the cornucopia.

Evelyn barley has time to react to Mara before she grabs some arrows and a bow off the table. She fires one of the arrows at Hinder but it falls short. Hinder fires another arrow and it bounces off the ground. Hinder decides to change targets. Adrian is closer and isn't moving much so why not take him out? Hinder fires an arrow and it goes into the back of Adrian's head. His cannon fires as he collapses. Hinder runs off before Evelyn gets a lucky shot at his face.

~Feast has ended~

Cathy James district 5, looks in another room. The fourth room since the feast started. She was hoping the feast would distract everyone so she could check the rooms without accidentally running into someone. Four cannon shots and no items found. The room she just found looks to be a supply storage area. Water. Bottles of water all over the shelves. Cathy opens a bottle and downs it. Cathy keeps looking and only finds cleaning supplies.

Rick Jones district 5, keeps looking. No water or food to be found. He keeps checking hopefully. "Maybe I should have gone to the feast. I could of gotten food. Or water. Maybe even a weapon." Rick finds another bathroom. He tries the faucet. Nothing comes out. He walks out of the room and goes into the bedroom he found an hour ago. He collapses on the bed being thirsty, hungry and completly unprotected.

Cypress Beech district 7, lies unconcious on the bed she and Plank found the first day. The poison on Mariah Abernathey's knife was still in her body. The medicine given to them by sponcers was defiantly helpful but she was still hurt. Plank walks into the room. Cypress is aware of his presence. She can barley feel a needle go into her arm. And almost instantly she wakes up. Plank is looking down at her concern on his face. A hypodermic needle is in her arm, "I got this medicine at the feast." Plank tells her. Cypress smiles and starts to cry. She throws her arms around him.

The anthem sounds and faces appear in the sky first the girl from 1, the boy from 2, then both from district 9.


-Elder Thorne district 9 12th, stabbed by Adrian

-Willow Thorne district 9 11th, killed by Evelyn's axe

-Naarah Tompkins district 1 10th, killed by Mara's knife

-Adrian Christenson district 2 9th, shot by hinder in the back of the head

Day 7

Cathy James district 5, drinks another bottle of water. It probably isn't healthy for her to drink so much in such a short time. She doesn't care she'd rather become water logged then be dehydrated. She eats the last of her food and polishes her sword. "Final 8. Was hoping to wait in till final 5 to go out and kill but at the rate people are dying final 5 will be real soon." She stuffs two more bottles of water in her bag and goes out into the hall.

Hinder Black district 6, throws up. The gamemakers had restocked the suits of armor but not with good things. Hinder knew the second he drank the water Ipecac was in it. Ipecac syrup. It makes people throw up. Hinder wretched as his stomach emptied. He was in no condition to fight so he walks slowly into an empty room and falls in a heep on the floor hoping this stuff will leave his system soon.

Cypress Beech & Plank Oak district 7, search through the weapons again. Mariahs poisoned knife was wrapped in some of the bandages that were sent to Plank ad Cypress. Just in case they needed it. Cypress grabbed a sickle they found in on of the career bags, "So there is really only 8 of us left?" She asks examing the blade. Plank nods, "Ya, from what I understand there are only two career's left, girl from 2 and the boy from 4. District 5 is still alive but I don't know if they are working together. The guy from district 6 who seems to have really pissed off the careers. Us. And the girl from 11 are all that's left." Cypress smiles. "Well. We can kill them can't we?"

Careers Cedar Mellark & Evelyn Dreamcatcher, Walk carefully through the castle waiting for a stupid tribute to walk into their line of sight. The girl from District 5 with long red hair practically runs into them when she walks out of the supply closet she was hiding in. She screams and swings her sword. Cedar with more sword training blocks her swing. Evelyn jabs at the girl. She misses and the girl pulls away her sword. Cedar swings his own sword the girl does a feeble block and her own sword almost cuts her. Evelyn throws a smaller knife she has at the girl. The small knife sticks into her thigh. She screams and swings the sword at Evelyn. Cedar blocks her again and Evelyn tries to stab her. Evelyn is surprised that her knife doesn't go into the girl. "Cedar! She has on body armor!" Cedar pushes against the girl knocking her to the ground. Evelyn jumps ontop of the girl, "Well, girly. Your time is up." Evelyn grabs a third knif from her bag and stabs the girl in the throat. Her cannon fires.

Mara Lockhart district 11, can't find her way back to her original room. She knows that she will be able to get to the room if she gets back to the cornucopia but right now she doesn't want to. She spent the night in a bathroom and was scared the entire time. She misses her old room she has started to think of it as her own bedroom. She walks up a flight of stairs. "Maybe I can double back without having to go across the cornucopia." She starts opening doors in case they have food. She didn't want to eat the food she got at the feast yet. The first room she checks is a bedroom. A boy with red hair is lying in the bed. Mara's first thought is that he was the cannon she heard earlier. But she dismisses it. He doesn't look hurt and the gamemakers would have cleared him out by now. She walks carefully over to him. He is snoring quietly. Mara pulls out her knife. "Another one down." She stabs him through the neck. He wakes up for a moment before falling into a different kind of sleep. His cannon fires.

That night when the anthem plays only two faces are shown. Both with the number 5.


-Cathy James district 5 8th, killed by Evelyn stabbing her

-Rick Jones District 5 7th, killed by Mara stabbing him

Day 8

Hinder Black district 6, almost cries when the silver parachute falls from the rafters. His sponcers have sent him a bottle of water and food for a day and a half. He drinks deeply and nibbles on some of the beef sent to him. He wished they sent arrows as well but he wasn't complaining about food and water, "Thanks sponcers. Thanks you so much."

Mara Lockhart district 11, weighs the options in her head. The boy she killed last night had a bow and some arrows on him, 23 arrows, but she didn't want a bow. She didn't want to leave a weapon lying around though since the suits of armor no longer have weapons. They have spoiled food and traps. Mara puts the bow and arrows in her bag. "Maybe I can practice with it."

Cypress Beech and Plank Oak district 7, practice their throwing knives. They put up an extra pair of clothing that was in Herflex Nomes pack on the wall and were using it for target practice. Cypress hits the chest for the fifth time. "Well, Cypress, you are going to be using these." Plank picks up the sickle Cypress was looking at yesterday. "I'm probably going to use this or that sword we found. Which one of us should have the cloak?" Cypress shrugs her shoulders, "Doesn't matter to me, Plank." A silver parachute falls between them. Cypress opens it and inside is a gold shield. Solid Gold. "Plank, this thing is...." Plank picks it up, it has a lot of weight to it. He thrusts it forward, "Cypress you can wear the cloak. I'll take this." Cypress nods and puts the grey cloak on. "Let's go kill some tributes."

Careers Cedar Mellark and Evelyn Dreamcatcher, exchange grins when the parachute falls in front of them. Evelyn rips it open, "Cedar! It's a crosbow!" It's much stronger than Hinder's a lot bigger too. Another parachute falls into Cedars out stretched hand. A huge quiver of arrows. Cedar doesn't want to waste time counting them. He picks up the cross bow and loads an arrow. "Let's go kill some tributes."

Cedar, Cypress, Evelyn, and Plank, see each other. Cedar and Evelyn on one side and Cypress and Plank on the other. Plank has a large gold shield and a long sword in his hand. Cypress has two throwing knives in her hands and she strung 10 extra throwing knifes on some string she found. She wore the string over her shoulder so she had ten extra knives hanging at her side. Cedar had a large brown crossbow in his hands. About 50 arrows in the quiver on his back. Evelyn has a long knife in her hand.

Cedar yells, "Alright let's do this!" He fires an arrow at Cypress and Plank. Plank blocks it with his shield and charges at the careers. The shield is large enough to block both his and Cypress' bodies. Cedar fires another arrow but it bounces off the shield. Evelyn draws her knife and slashes. The shield takes it. Cedar runs to Planks side to get a clear shot at him. Cedar turns to protect from Cedar but it gives Evelyn an opening. Evelyn trys to stab Cypress. Cypress dodges it and throws a knife at Evelyn. The knife goes into Evelyn's arm, "AAAHHH" Evelyn screams. Cypress takes aim but Evelyn charges at Cypress. She slams into Cypress and they both fall to the ground. Evelyn pulls the knife out of her arm. "Die!" Evelyn screams. She stabs Cypress in the chest. Repeatedly. Her cannon fire at about stab 5 but Evelyn keeps on going.

Plank slams Cedar into the wall using the shield. "CYPRESS! NO!" Plank turns and slams Evelyn with his shield. Evelyn flies off Cypress' dead body. Plank takes his sword and starts slashing at Evelyn. She gets fatal wounds all over her body. The floor is covered in her blood. Plank puts his face close to Evelyn's, "Go to hell." He slams the sword down on her neck, beheading her. Her cannon fires. Plank wants to say good bye to Cypress but Cedar will be ready to kill him in less than a minute. Plank kisses Cypress on the cheek and runs off tears in his eyes.

Mara and Hinder are shocked when the anthem plays and Two girls faces appear in the sky, One with a 2 and the other with a 7.


-Cypress Beech district 7 6th, stabbed by Evelyn

-Evelyn Dreamcatcher district 2 5th, beheaded by Plank

Day 9

Mara Lockhart district 11, double back a third time. She kept getting lost on her way back to the original room. She already ate the two muffins she got at the feast and drank most of the water she got too. Remembering all the apples and water in her room made her stomach growl. After a few hours of wandering she finally found the room. She refills her water bottle and eats an apple, "Heres, to final 4. Let's hope they kill each other."

Hinder Black district 6, hears someone talking on the other side of the door. Then a splashing of water. Hinder puts an arrow in his crossbow and takes a breath. He kicks the door open. The look on the girl from district 11 face is pure shock. Mara. Hinder remembers her name is Mara. Hinder shoots his arrow at Mara It hits her in the shoulder. She tries to grab the knife that was sitting on the bed. Hinder puts another arrow in his bow and fires. This one goes into her ribs. She cries out in pain and falls to the ground. She starts to cry from pain and fear. Hinder puts another arrow in his crossbow. "Sorry, Mara." He tells her. The arrow goes into her chest. She is still breathing....Hinder puts his last arrow in the bow and fires. Her cannon fires. Hinder sighs and reaches to her body to try and get his last four arrows out of her dead body. He glances at the bed. A dagger, a bow, and 23 arrows are lying on the bed. Hinder leaves the arrows in Mara and takes the 23 off the bed. He grabs the water bottle off the table and fills it with water from the pot. He grabs 5 apples off the table and starts eating another apple. He leaves the room so the gamemakers can remove Mara. When he makes a realization about Mara's death. She is the first non-career he has killed. The first person who hadn't tried to kill him first. This hits him hard.

Cedar Mellark district 4, starts eating a jar of purple fruit. It was in the bag of the girl Evelyn killed. Evelyn.... Cedar missed her. Well, not miss miss. He knew that if they had killed Cypress and Plank he and Evelyn would have probably split up. Cedar wanted that cannon he heard be for the boy from 6 or the girl from 11. Cedar wanted to be the one to kill Plank. Cedar looks at the crossbow he was given by the sponcers. It got smashed by Planks shield. It was broken beyond repair. Cedar had tried to repair it but he had no luck. He polishes his sword. "Oh Planky, I'm going to kill you. Evelyn's death will be revenged." Cedar leave the bathroom he was in and walks down the hall. Knocking over ever suit of armor as he passed. The noise will definitely get Plank's attention.

Plank Oak district 7, CRASH, what was, CRASH, that doesn't sound good. Plank pulls out a knife and puts his shield out in front of him. CRASH. Plank knew where the sound was coming from. All he had to do was keep walking forward and take a left and he'd be in the same hallway as Cedar. He takes delicate steps Cedar's crossbow gift gave him an advantage over Plank. Cedar turns the corner before Plank does. They stare at each other for just a moment before charging at each other. Plank's knife and shield straight out infront of him. Cedar's sword extended. The sword collides with the shield, a noise like a gong rings out across the hallway. Plank pushes with the shield causing Cedar to fall backwards. His injured hand and foot are disabling him. Cedar stabs at Plank but it gets blocked by the shield. Plank keeps pushing with the shield. The force causes Cedar to let go of the sword. IT clatters to the ground next to him. Plank slams into him with the shield. Cedar starts seeing stars. The blow from the shield made him disoriented and he knew it. He tried to stand but fell right back down. Plank jumps on him and puts the sword to Cedar's throat. "Well, this is it for you then. 3rd is pretty good. This was a good fight...." With that he puts the sword in Cedar's neck. His cannon fires and Plank gets off of him. He takes Cedars bag and walks away. Only one person stands in his way of going home.

That night when the anthem plays Cedar and Mara's faces appear in the sky. And Hinder and Plank know who they have to fight. They haven't officially met or seen each other really. Hinder saw him run to get food at the feast but that was the extent of seeing each other in the games. A complete stranger stands in their way of winning.


-Mara Lockhart district 11 4th, shot by Hinder's arrow

-Cedar Mellark district 4 3rd, stabbed by Plank

Day 10

Hinder Black district 6, eats another apple and refills his water. His 23 arrows have been cleaned and were set in a quiver he found. His bag filled with apples and his crossbow laid on the table and Hinder had polished the wood. He wanted to bathe himself, too, but he didn't want to waste the water in case the games didn't end today. SNIPSNAPSNIPSNAP. Hinder's ears perked up. That noise... Hinder loaded the crossbow and opened the door carefully. He took a delicate step into the hallway. His bag bulged oddly being filled with apples. A dozen giant spiders stared at Hinder. Hinder screamed and sprinted off. The spiders chased him. Firing webs trying to ensnare Hinder. Hinder tries to run into the cornucopia but the spider webs block the door way. He has to take a left instead. But every time he tries to turn the spiders use webs to block the doors. It's quite obvious the spiders are trying to chase him to a specific location.

Plank Oak district 7, rubs his shield with his shirt. His reflections stares at him. He has killed and lost his love in this arena. The only person left is Hinder. Plank swings his sword trying to get a better feel for it. He tucked the poisoned knife in his belt. Still wrapped in bandages. Plank wanted this to be over. He starts to move when a loud CRASH stops him. He whips around and sees a giant dragon. Blue scales, blue leather wings, and long yellow teeth. Smoke starts to billow out of its nostrils. Plank turns and runs off and the dragon chases him. Fire comes out of the dragons mouth. Blocking the door Plank was trying to get through. The dragon chases after Plank. Leading him to the dining hall.

Hinder Black district 6, dodges fired webs trying to understand where the spiders are leading him. He knows the spiders won't kill him. The gamemakers wouldn't have the winner be decided by mutts. But adrenaline keeps him going. The spiders chase him to a large oak door. With large brass knockers. Th doors open automatically when Hinder approaches. Inside is a large dining hall. With four long wooden tables. A large glass chandelier hangs low. The spiders stop outside the door. Hinder pulls his water from his bag and takes a deep drink. Hinder notices that on the other side of the hall is a large door. Hinder knows Plank will burst through that door any minute. Hinder is ready for him.

Plank Oak district 7, dodges the flame firing from the dragon. He was being chased down flights of stairs, across halls, and even through the cornucopia. Finally he was chased to large oak doors. The doors open automatically and Plank instantly sees Hinder standing on the other side of the hall crossbow ready. Plank holds up his shield just in time. The arrow bounces off harmlessly. This is going to be interesting.

Hinder Black district 6, loads another arrow and tries to find a weak spot in the shield. Plank moves closer. This shield is going to be a big problem. Plank glances up at the chandelier. It's held up by a thin rope. Hinder smiles to himself.

Plank Oak district 7, keeps his slow pace getting closer to Hinder. An arrow flies high over Plank's head. It lands 15 feet behind Plank. An air attack? It probably is the best method to attack Plank since he has the shield. Plank scoffs at Hinder's attempt to hit him.

Hinder Black district 6, misses for the third time. Hinder takes a deep breath and fires a fourth time. The arrow nicks the rope. The chandelier swings nosily and Hinder smiles, "Good game, Plank!"

Plank Oak district 7, hears Hinder's remark and glances up. The chandelier swings menacingly. Plank instantly raises the shield above his head. The chandelier falls crashing against the shield.

Hinder Black district 6, is in complete shock. Plank's shield had absorbed the blow. Planks knees had buckled but he was fine otherwise. That is a good shield. Hinder jumps over the table to his right. He slides over it and loads his crossbow.

Plank Oak district 7, smiles. He pulls his sword out of his sheath. He starts to move put Hinder throws an apple at him. Plank blocks it and laughs. "Apples? That's all you got?" The arrows zooms 2 inches to the left of Plank's head.

Hinder Black district 6, reloads his bow. Four apples, 17 arrows, and a bag. Hinder throws another apple and fires an arrow. Plank blocks the arrow but the apple hits him in the face. This distraction tactic has very little chance of working but it's all Hinder has.

Plank Oak district 7, slashes at the apple with his sword and blocks the arrow with his shield. He was getting annoyed. Plank walks over closer to Hinder. Slashing down another apple. But the arrow gets lodged in Plank's shoulder. Plank cries out and starts running. Hinder jumps out form behind the table and gets clear shot. It goes into Plank's stomach.

Hinder Black district 6, can't get another arrow in. Planks too close. Plank slashes and the blade tip scratches across Hinder's face. Blood starts oozing out over his cheek. Hinder starts running backwards keeping an eye on Plank while moving away from him. Plank keeps jabbing at Hinder. Getting closer than Hinder wants.

Plank Oak district 7, needs to keep close. Hinder has advantages at long range but close range Plank has the advantage close range. Well, as long as Hinder didn't load his arrow. Plank needs to take advantage of this moment. Plank quickly pulls the poisoned knife from his belt. He throws it at Hinder. The knife scratches Hinder's arm. The poison spreads into his body.

Hinder Black district 6, grabs his arm. The knife. The cut was stinging a lot more than it should be. Hinder feels certain the blade was poisoned. But the doctors in the capital could heal him if the poison didn't kill him soon. He jumps to the side and loads an arrow. He fires it and the arrow hits Planks thigh. Plank's shielding ability seems to be decreasing everyitme Hinder gets a hit.

Plank Oak district 7, bares his teeth. These arrows hurt! The poison isn't working yet. When Cypress got cut the poisoned started working pretty fast. Only a few minutes really. Plank starts to back off hoping the poison takes hold soon. He can't handle more arrows.

Hinder Black district 6, starts feeling dizzy. No! Second place is not okay! Hinder reloads his arrow and fires but the poison is taking effect. The arrow makes contact however. Hinder starts seeing double.

Plank Oak district 7, cringes. Fourth arrow. This one in his thigh. Hinder starts to stumble. Plank smiles. He can barley move do to pain but Hinder has fallen over and was drifting into a coma like state. Plank hobbles over to Hinder and falls to his side. "Later, Hinder." Plank puts his sword into Hinder's chest.

Trumpets play and the roof of the dining hall opens up. A ladder falls into the arena. Plank grabs a hold of it and is frozen to it. When he gets into the air craft the doctors take out the arrows and help heal him.

A week later Caesar Flickerman is talking to him. Going over all the tributes and their deaths. Thread and Ramm dying in the bloodbath by being suffocated. Kajama being killed by Hinder and Anna dying by electric trap later that day. Eve cotton dying by Herflex day 2. Cream, Herflex, and Mariah dying during Plank and Cypress' killing spree. Then Bessy and Jeremiah dying by mutts later. Day 4 where Joe died by the spiders and Jadynette being killed by Hinder. Elder,Willow, Naarah and Adrian all dying at the feast. Cathy being killed by Evelyn and Rick being killed in his sleep. Cypress dying by Evelyn's hands and Evelyn being beheaded. Then Mara being killed by Hinder and Plank killing Cedar. Finally Plank and Hinder's fight in the dining hall. Plank has a new respect for Hinder. Plank, Hinder and Cypress killed all the careers. A feat not usually seen in the hunger games.

Hope you all enjoyed the games!

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