aka Selene Gray

  • I live in District 2
  • My occupation is Tribute
  • I am Female
  • GrayNinja73

    Hi! It’s me, Selene Gray. This is my first time making a Hunger Games on this wikia, but I’ve done them before by myself.

    I hope you like these Games; please don’t get upset if your tribute dies, there can only be one winner unfortunately.

    Sooooo I hope you enjoy! :)

    You can submit up to 2 tributes.

    Tribute District Contributor
    Jillian Hall 1 Epic Hobo
    Cyle Graton 1 50thGamesFTW
    Eva Stone 2 Epic Hobo
    Arran Harthorn 2 Mysims
    Kara Anderson 3 AshtonMoioLover
    Calculum Infinity 3 Prezziesnow9704:)!
    Alanis Press 4 Jsm13athome
    Samson Potts 4 Jsm13athome
    Aurora Wilde 5 NerdDFTBA
    Jason Green 5 Chrystalbeast96
    Lynnette 'Lynnie' Handsows 6 The Hunger Games Girl
    Rift Warfield 6 MW2 RPD ACOG
    Kaitie Nelson 7 AshtonMoioLover
    Lumex Jaxon 7 Captiansv
    Brianna Tryler 8 Thena.airic…

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