Hi! It’s me, Selene Gray. This is my first time making a Hunger Games on this wikia, but I’ve done them before by myself.

I hope you like these Games; please don’t get upset if your tribute dies, there can only be one winner unfortunately.

Sooooo I hope you enjoy! :)


You can submit up to 2 tributes.

Tribute District Contributor
Jillian Hall 1 Epic Hobo
Cyle Graton 1 50thGamesFTW
Eva Stone 2 Epic Hobo
Arran Harthorn 2 Mysims
Kara Anderson 3 AshtonMoioLover
Calculum Infinity 3 Prezziesnow9704:)!
Alanis Press 4 Jsm13athome
Samson Potts 4 Jsm13athome
Aurora Wilde 5 NerdDFTBA
Jason Green 5 Chrystalbeast96
Lynnette 'Lynnie' Handsows 6 The Hunger Games Girl
Rift Warfield 6 MW2 RPD ACOG
Kaitie Nelson 7 AshtonMoioLover
Lumex Jaxon 7 Captiansv
Brianna Tryler 8 Thena.airice14
John Wing 8 Jo34546564
Merridy Catherine 9 District3Tribute
Ssithies Profane 9 Prezziesnow9704:)!
Imogene Thigpen 10 District3Tribute
Christian Lorne 10 NerdDFTBA
Lauren Hill 11 Rue district11
Lewis Rye 11 Rue district11
Olivia Bridge 12 Epic Hobo
Jack Dawkin 12 Wikia Contributor


Also, if anyone wants to make a stylist, they are welcome to.

Name District Parade (Design) Interview (Design)
George Lucas 1

Male:Black tux with white shirt under and a gold rose which he then throws to the crowd

Female: A tight, black dress with a white tiara, white high heeles and flowers on her hair and she is blowing kisses to the crowd.

Male:Gold tux with a black rose on his shirt

Female:Gold dress with a Pink tiara with an emerald on it

Faylen Poten 2

Male: A dazzling, midnight black suit that sparkled when light flashed on it. All kinds of gems decorate the suit, making it sparkle even more. A long black cape that flows back in the wind.

Female: A long, midnight black dress that has the same gems and design as the male’s suit. A long black cape that flows back in the wind.

Male: A plain, black suit with a dazzling, sparkly white jacket on top. Black shoes with small rhinestones on them.

Female: A plain, black dress from the waist up, but from the waist down there are strips of the same material asthe male's jacket intertwined with plain, black material.

Gemstone Tilly 3

Male: A dark green shirt with layered sleeves to look like electrical plates. The jacket is designed to look like a computer chip. The pants are black with golden buttons at the bottom. A headpiece that looks like gears.

Female: A dark top accented with golden buttons. The sleeves, skirt and collar is layered to look like eletrical plates. The skirt is open and looks like a computer chip in the middle. There is also a headpiece that looks like gears.

Male: A black Ttuxedo that has golden highlights on the sleeves, tie collar, and pants. He wears gears bracelet and has black gears painted on his arms. His suit can electrify gold, without harming himself. Showing that he is "electrifying" in the Games. Female: A golden gown with black highlights on the sleeves and bottom of her skirt. She wears gold and black wire woven together for a hedpeice. Tiny gears are painted on her arms in gold. She wears a pocketwatch around her neck. She is also wearing black heels. Her gown can also light up black.

Corannea Beff 4

Female: A long, big, blue dress sea green heels. Her hair is curled neatly. {C {C {C}Male: He is shirtless with blue merman pants. He has no shoes on.

Female: A tight, blue-green skirt with a blue shirt. There is a green rose in her hair white and she is wearing high heels. Her hair is curled wavied.

Male: A green tux, blue dress shoes and regular hair.

Marietta Cauo 5

Male: he is plastered in silver sparkles and stands next to electrical towers with the authentic wires going between the two tributes. The wires are setting off sparks making the sparkles on the tributes flicker in the light.

Female: she is plastered in silver sparkles and stands next to electrical towers with the authentic wires going between the two tributes. The wires are setting off sparks making the sparkles on the tributes flicker in the light.

Male: A gray suit with a sparkly silver tie

Female: A silky ice blue dress down to the floor with a slight cutout in the leg so she can have a little bit more flexibility, the silky fabric gives off a shine.

Snowdrop Spade 6

Male: A black, metalic racing outfit that glows when the light hits it.

Female: A black, metalic racing outfit that glows when the light hits it.

Male: A black suit, looking like an FBI agent.

Female: A lavender dress that falls to her knees. her hair is down up in a neat bun.

Bombay Lotus 7

Male: A lumberjack outfit complete with an axe. The tributes cut down a tree and when it falls, the tree explodes and confetti flies everywhere.

Female: A lumberjack outfit complete with an axe. The tributes cut down a tree and when it falls, the tree explodes and confetti flies everywhere.

Male: A light green tuxedo with a dark green blazer over it.

Female: A green dress with leaf patterns around the bottom of the dress.

Jay Sonnet 8

Male: A black suit with a shine to it so when the cameras flask you see that they stand out the most.

Female: A dress made out of the same fabric with a black feather boa around her neck

Male: A blue suede vest with blakc pants, a white shirt, and a black ite.

Female: A knee length dusty rose colored dress with ruffles on the top half.

Jackie Samoi 9

Male: A bodysuit made out of woven shafts of grain. They create a design of flowers. He is also wearing a straw hat.

Female: Same as male's. Her hair is done in a single braid down her back.

Male: A green vest with a white shirt and black pants. His hair is spiked up slightly in the front.

Female: A blue dress with sequins that compliment her eyes. Her hair is just left down and brushed neatly.

Sammy Pearl 10

Female: A leather dress with cow horn necklace, earrings, and crown she has a huge cow horn with gold flowers to throw to the crowd.

Male: A leather tux with cow horn crown, he has a gold rose on his tux and a cow horn filled with black roses to throw to the crowd.

Female: A gray gown adorned with crown horns shaped into flowers, with golden roses in the middle.

Male: A gray tux with leather undershirt with baby cow horns on the pockets in the shape of flowers with black roses in the middle.

Lady Flora


Female: An orange gown with fruit covering the bottom, to resemble a cornocopia with a headdress of apples she throws red apples in the crowd.

Male: An orange jumpsuit with fruit covering the legs and sleeves, with a grape headdress he throws green grapes in the crowd Interview:

Female: A purple knee length gown with rounded bumps with a headdress of leaves to look like grapes.

Male: A purple tux with a a tie of grapes with a headdress of leaves.

Genevieve Chasty 12

Male: Coal black leather jacket with black dress pants, and a cape of fire jewels.

Female: Long coal black dress, with white, yellow, red and blue jewels and a cape that matches her partners.

Male: Black Tuxedo with tiny diamonds on the sleeve ends that accent a flame pattern.

Female: Black sparkly sleeveless dress split below the waist to reveal part of her leg. Along the edges of the split, the neckline and the edge at the bottom there is diamonds, and tiny red, yellow, orange and blue jewels. She has her hair up in a regal bun with a two-row diamond headband.

Sponsors (You cannot sponsor your own tribute.)

Feel free to sponsor at any time (THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE SPONSOR PER TRIBUTE)

Tribute Sponsor(s)
Jillian Hall Gohungerames
Cyle Graton The Hunger Games Girl
Eva Stone
Arran Harthorn FinnickForever
Kara Anderson
Calculum Infinity Fiske Cahill
Alanis Press Foxface911, HGDancerGiggles
Samson Potts
Aurora Wilde Chrystalbeast96, Mysims
Jason Green
Lynette Handsows 50thGamesFTW
Rift Warfield KEWLBEN
Kaitie Nelson MaxEsponja14
Lumex Jaxon
Brianna Tryler
John Wing
Merridy Catherine
Ssithies Profane
Imogene Thigpen
Christian Lorne
Lauren Hill
Lewis Rye Quomler
Olivia Bridge Jsm13athome
Jack Dawkin



{C}Jillian Hall’s POV

The District 1 square was beginning to crowd with people. I settled into my spot with the rest of the 18-year-olds when the mayor introduced our escort, Ariella Vax. Ariella stepped up to the podium. She tapped on the microphone and then spoke. “Welcome everyone! Welcome! It’s time to choose the names for this year’s Hunger Games!”

I smiled to myself. I was ready; nothing could stand in my way. “Ladies first!” she beamed. She strolled over to the girls’ bowl. My hands shook with anticipation, watching her every move. Ariella swirled her hand around in the bowl and carefully plucked a name from the ballot. She opened the paper slowly and dramatically.


“I volunteer!” I shouted without hesitation. I didn’t even catch the name, but I didn’t care. All eyes turned on me.

All that I could think of was, Yeah that’s right, I’m pretty AND tough.

“Well,” Ariella said. “We have our first volunteer!” I smiled proudly and ambled up onto stage. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

“I’m Jillian Hall,” I replied sweetly.

She smiled, “Well good luck Jillian, and may the odds be ever in your favor.”

I smiled. Ariella then went to the boys’ glass ball. “Cyle Graton!” she read. A boy with red hair and bright blue eyes emerged from the crowd.

“Come on!” Ariella said. “On stage!”

Cyle walked up. He stood next to me and smiled.

“Let’s hear it for our two tributes, Jillian Hall and Cyle Graton!” our escort squeaked.

I turned and shook Cyle’s hand, thinking about what I would have to go through in these Games. They might change me forever.

Oh well, as long as I’m still pretty.


{C}Arran Harthorn POV

“I volunteer!” I shouted. The crowd was quiet. “Well then,” Jennette Ross, our escort, said. “Let’s welcome our first volunteer…”

“Arran Harthorn,” I said.

“Arran Harthorn!” Jennette smiled. The crowd cheered. I limped forward, my bad leg held me back. I trudged up the stage.

I stood next to the podium and crossed my arms, trying to look tough as Jennette moved to the girls’ bowl. She pulled out a slip and opened it.


“I volunteer!” a voice shouted. I looked around to see where the voice came from, but I failed to do so. Someone pushed through the audience and came into the open.

“I volunteer,” they repeated. My heart dropped. It was none other than Eva Stone, the only girl in District 2 that refused to fall in love with me. She was bad to the bone and pure strength. I hated her for not wanting me.

“What’s your name?” Jennette asked.

“Eva Stone,” she replied bravely, putting her hands on her hips, showing how tough she really was.

“Well,” our escort said. “We have two volunteers this year! Give it up for our two tributes, Eva Stone and Aaron Harthorn!”

Eva and I were forced to shake hands. I turned and grabbed her hand, looking her straight in the eyes. She frowned, gave me an ‘I hate you’ face and pulled away.

She thinks she’s so cool. We’ll see about that.


Caculum Infinity’s POV

My body shook as our escort walked toward the girls’ bowl. Unless there was going to be a huge spool of wires in the arena, I was toast.

“Kara Anderson!” Geon Higgins, the District 3 escort, called. Out from the crowd came a pretty girl with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She sauntered up the stage and stopped next to me. She smiled, shook my hand and turned to the crowd.

“Let’s hear a round of applause for our tributes for the 27th Annual Hunger Games, Kara Anderson and Calculum Infinity!”

The crowd cheered and we were forced into the train. My heart was still pounding. I kept reminding myself that I had other strength, but it was just not enough. Machinery was my main source of weaponry.

Please let there be wires, or at least an axe. Please… Please… Please…


{C}Alanis Press’s POV

The District 4 square was glowing with excitement. The scent of salt wafted from the seaside not too far away, making the square as happy and cheery as ever.

I slowly squeezed into my age group area and kept my eyes on the stage. My hands were shaking a bit, my heart was pounding. Soon our District 4 escort came up to the microphone. She tapped it to make sure it was on, and then spoke.

“Hello everyone! And welcome to the 27th Hunger Games!” she smiled. “Now, there is no time to waste, ladies first!”

Our escort slowly made her way to the girls’ bowl and picked out a slip.

“Alanis Press!” she screamed.

Everything in my world stopped. I froze in time. I wasn’t sure whether it was from excitement or anxiety, but I pushed through the crowd and stood in front of the stage so they knew I was there.

“Come on honey!” the escort said. “Up on stage!”

I nodded and walked up. “Let’s hear a big round of applause for our female tribute, Alanis Press!” The audience cheered for me. I snapped out of my dream world and came back into reality.

I took deep breaths. You’re ok. I told myself. But I wasn’t.

I was going into the Hunger Games.

Our escort then moves to the boys’ bowl. She dipped her hand into the large glass ball and pulled out a slip. “Jason Pierce-” she began.

“I volunteer!” a voice instantly shouted. Someone emerged from the crowd. It was a boy with dark brown hair and piercing, dark blue eyes. His face showed no emotion as he stepped up onto stage.

“What is your name?” the escort asked

The boy smiled bravely, “I’m Samson Potts.”

He came up on stage and stood next to me. Our escort smiled. “Here are our two tributes! Alanis Press and Samson Potts!”

The crowd greeted us with cheers as we were forced into the train.



{C}Jason Green’s POV

“Jason Green!” the escort called.

“Me?” I whispered. Our escort located me in the crowd and waved for me to come up.

“Don’t be shy, dear!” the escort said. “I don’t bite!”

“Yeah,” I murmured, “but you are trying to kill me.” I pushed through the crowd; I didn’t realize how quiet it was until now.

I scrambled up the stage and stood there, proud and tall. I smiled, almost as if I were enjoying it. But of course I wasn’t, I just practically got a death sentence. No one really cared though, they cheered of course, but it wasn’t because they believed in me and they knew I could do it, it was because they were just happy it wasn’t their children. But there was nothing I could do.

Suddenly there was someone beside me. “Let’s hear it for our two tributes, Aurora Wilde and Jason Green!” our escort yelled over the crowd’s cheers.

Aurora Wilde, I’ve seen her in town before. She lived with her father in the poorer part of the district. Her mother and brother died when she was younger. Poor Aurora.

But I have to say, for a poor person, she cleans up nicely. I hope I don’t have to be the one to kill her.


Lynnette Handsows's POV

Molly Hudson, our District 6 escort, opened up one of the slips. "Lynnette Handsows!" Molly called.

I stopped. My knees began to feel like jelly. Don't get me wrong, I was totally ready, but the rapidness of it shocked me.

I stepped out of the crowd and hopped up on stage. "Welcome Lynnette!" Molly smiled, "now to choose our boy tribute!"

"Don't bother!" a voice shouted. "I volunteer!" The crowd split open and in the middle was a boy about 17. He had bright green eyes and silky brown hair.

He ran down through the middle of the crowd and climbed up to the stage.

"Hello, what is your name?" Molly asked with a cheery face.

"Rift Warfield," he answered bravely.

Molly turned to the audience of District 6 citizens. "Here are your tributes, Lynnette and Rift!"

I looked out into the crowd and saw my parents' wave to me. I waved back.

That was the last thing I saw before I was shoved into the train.


Kaitie Nelson’s POV

I slipped into my age group area just as our mayor sat down. “Welcome District 7!” our escort cheered. “It is now time to choose the tributes for this year’s Hunger Games!”

My hands shook as the escort moved toward the bowl. Some of those names were mine. I had to get chosen. Our escort plunged her hand into the bowl and seized one of the slips. “Caitlin-”

“I volunteer!” I shouted; a little too overly excited.

“We have a volunteer!” the escort beamed. “Come up!”

I pushed through the crowd and took my place on stage. “My name is Kaitie Nelson,” I told her.

The escort smiled. “Welcome Kaitie!” She took a little bow and then sauntered to the boys’ bowl. She grabbed one of the slips and read it aloud. “Lumex Jaxon!” she called.

I froze in position. My heart skipped a beat. I was about to beg the escort to choose another one, but he was already strolling up the stairs to the stage.

He came up and stood next to me. There he stood; my ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t believe this. For the next two weeks, I would be forced to spend time with him, live with him and even survive with him.

Maybe volunteering wasn’t the best idea.


John Wing’s POV

“John Wing!” my name was called. I clenched my fists, not sure whether it was from anger or excitement or nervousness or whatever. But I made my way up to the stage anyway.

“Hello John!” Adriana Claud, our escort, said. The she chose the girls’ name.

“Briana Tryler!”

A girl with dark hair and dark blue eyes pushed through the crowd. Her face paled as she looked up at the stage.

Our escort motioned for her to come up. Brianna came and stood next to me. We shook hands, hers was shaking in mine, and we waved to the crowd.

“Happy Hunger Games!” the escort called.

Yup, Happy Hunger Games. I’m ready to die.


Ssithies Profane’s POV

District 9 was crammed full of people. I slipped into the 17-year-old area and waited silently for the names to be called.

My mind was drifting in and out of reality. As the mayor made his speech, my mind drifted off to thoughts about the Games. Would I survive? Who would I make alliances with? Would I even make it past the bloodbath?

When I came back into reality, the escort had already called the name. It was dead-quiet. Slowly, people began to look at me.

Suddenly an idea started to dawn on me. It was me.

I looked around slowly, and then began the death-march toward the stage.

“Welcome Ssithies!” our escort greeted me. He turned to the crowd. “Now for the female tribute!”

He walked toward the bowl and stuck his hand in. “Merridy Catherine!”

From the crowd came a girl who was about 15-years-old or something. She had a cute, sweet as a button face and a smile that lightened the spirits of everyone in the square.

She came up the stairs of the stage and smiled, hoping to make everyone else happy. But no one could be happy on this day. So she stopped smiling and stood there quietly.

The escort took the microphone and turned to the crowd. “Let’s hear it for Merridy Catherine and Ssithies Profane!”

Merridy and I held hands and we waved to the crowd and we shuffled quietly into the train.

I would really miss this place.


Imogene Thigpen’s POV

I kept a steady heartbeat as the escort of District 10, Claudio Gomez, pulled a slip from the girls’ bowl. Our boy tribute, Christian Lorne was already on stage. He stood tall and proud, flexing his muscles to show how strong he was.

“Imogene Thigpen!” my name was called.

I was totally mellow, I was ready for this. I walked toward the stage and sashayed up the stairs onto the stage.

“Hello Claudio,” I said in a steady, placid voice.

“Hello Imogene, and may I say, you look lovely,” our escort said.

I took a little bow. “Thank you.”

Christian and I shook hands and filed into our train. “Ready?” I asked.

Christian gave me a rebellious grin, “Totally.”


Lauren Hill’s POV

Our square was a small, little area crowded with tons of District 11 citizens. Our mayor was starting his speech just as I walked in. “Welcome everyone!” she gushed. “So nice to see you all!” Then she went on and on about how the Hunger Games was established and how this year was going to be the best of them all.

“Now please welcome your escort Brutus Collins!” Our escort stood up lazily and took his place at the podium. He sighed, he hated us.

“Welcome all,” he said in a bored voice. “This is the start of the 27th Hunger Games. Hurray, hurray and all that cheery stuff.” His tone was uninterested and bored.

He silently walked toward the boys’ bowl and chose a name. “Lewis Rye!” he called. A boy from the crowd came up. He had shaggy, black hair and dark blue eyes. He stood on stage, his arms crossed, seeming as if he was already planning is survival plan.

Now it was the girls’ turn. “Lauren Hill!” It was my name!

My hands shook a bit, but I bravely took my place on stage.

“Here are your tributes, Lauren and Lewis. Hurray, hurray,” Brutus announced, he seemed annoyed. He then scrambled of stage as fast as possible.

Oh well, he would be no use in the Games anyway.


Jack Dawkin’s POV

“Olivia Bridge!” the escort yelled. There was a scream from the girls’ area.

“No!” a voice said. I strained to see what was happening. There was a girl on her knees, her hands clasped together pleading. Her long, blonde hair was covering her face, but I could tell that there were tears streaming down it. “Please! Please don’t!” Her voice was pleading and helpless.

Peacekeepers were forced to come forward and drag her onto the stage, where she collapsed and continued her breakdown.

Our escort quickly chose the boy tribute to try to take the attention away from Olivia. “Jack Dawkin!”

I stopped for a moment, but then puffed out my chest and walked onto stage. I stood there next to the crying Olivia. Wow, I couldn’t believe that I was younger than Olivia, but I was much more mature.

Wow, I was more mature than a 16-year-old. Maybe I could win this thing.


1st Place 11
2nd Place 5
3rd Place 2
4th Place 9
5th Place 3
6th Place 7
7th Place 1
8th Place 6
9th Place 4
10th Place 10
11th Place 12
12th Place 8

Private Training Scores

I made these scores based on what you told me in your profile. I'm sorry if you got a low score, not everyone can get a 12. :)

Jillian Hall 8
Cyle Graton 9
Eva Stone 9
Arran Harthorn 10
Kara Anderson 7
Calculum Infinity 5
Alanis Press 8
Samson Potts 9
Aurora Wilde 7
Jason Green 6
Lynnette 'Lynnie' Handsows 7
Rift Warfield 5
Kaitie Nelson 8
Lumex Jaxon 6
Brianna Tryler 6
John Wing 8
Merridy Catherine 6
Ssithies Profane 6
Imogene Thigpen 8
Christian Lorne 7
Lauren Hill 5
Lewis Rye 4
Olivia Bridge 3
Jack Dawkin 6


Jillian Hall

Clara: Hello Jillian! And may I say; you look beautiful tonight.

Jillian: (bites lip) Thank you Clara, you look pretty yourself.

Clara: Why thank you. Now you and Cyle looked great in those costumes, you were real people-pleasers that night. How did you feel about it?

Jillian: I think our stylist did a WONDERFUL job. I felt amazing.

Clara: I would have felt the same way. I’m sorry but your time is up. Good luck Jillian, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Cyle Graton

Clara: Let’s give a warm welcome to Cyle Graton!

Cyle: Hello Clara, thank you.

Clara: Hello Cyle, now tell me, what is the best food here in the Capitol?

Cyle: I have to say, probably the stew. We don’t have anything like it at home.

Clara: That has to be my favorite too. Cyle, why do you want to win the Hunger Games?

Cyle: I guess that the best part of winning the Hunger Games is staying alive. So that’s one reason. But it’s also about bringing pride to your family and your district. It kinda of like saying, I did it, we are strong.

Clara: I couldn’t have given a better explanation. I wish you the best of luck Cyle.

Cyle: Thank you Clara.


Eva Stone

Clara: Now, give it up for Eva Stone!

Eva: Hello Clara.

Clara: Hi Eva. And let me tell you, I was stunned by your outfits at the Parade yesterday. I think we were all amazed, am I right?

(The crowd bursts with applause)

Eva: Thank you, I felt really special. I’ve seen anything like it.

Clara: Neither have I! Now I must ask; what are you most afraid of when you think about the up-coming Games?

Eva: (long-pause) Well, I think that the fact that I may never come back is pretty freaky. It’s like, knowing that I might never get to do the things that I’ve always wanted.

Clara: I’d feel the same. Thank you Eva, you look great. I wish you the best of luck.

Eva: Thank you Clara.

Clara: Eva Stone from District 2, everyone!


Arran Harthorn

Clara: Hello Arran! How are you doing?

Aaron: I’m fine, thank you Clara.

Clara: Now Arran, what do you think about the Capitol?

Arran: I really like it. The food is much different than from back home.

Clara: As long as you’re enjoying it. Now you’re a handsome young man Arran, do you have a special lady back home?

Arran: Not really…

Clara: I don’t believe that for a moment.

Arran: Well, there is this one special girl. But she refuses to fall in love with me.

(the crowd lets out an ‘awww’)

Clara: That’s too bad. Well, you have to try your best.

Arran: I will.

Clara: Good for you! Arran Harthorn, everyone!


Kara Anderson

Clara: Hello Kara! How are you doing?

Kara: I’m good, thanks.

Clara: Good. Now Kara, what are you most excited about for the Games?

Kara: Actually, I’m really excited to see what the arena is going to be. I can decide what type of arena I would like best.

Clara: I’m sure we are all just as excited as you are! Am I right?

(the crowd lets of a burst of applause)

Kara: Thank you.

Clara: Thank you Kara. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Calculum Infinity

Calculum: Hello Clara!

Clara: Hi Calculum! How are you?

Calculum: Very good.

Clara: Ok Calculum, what can you say was your favorite part of the training?

Calculum: Well, my favorite part probably has to be the snares.

Clara: Why the snares?

Calculum: Probably because they are my strongest source of weaponry.

Clara: Any other strengths’?

Calculum: Besides snares and machinery, no.

Clara (laughs) Very good! Thank you Calculum! Good luck!

Calculum: Thank you.


Alanis Press

Clara: Let’s welcome Alanis Press!

Alanis: Hello Clara.

Clara: Hello. Alanis tell me, what surprises you most about the Capitol?

Alanis: The showers.

(the audience laughs)

Clara: Really? What’s so different about the showers?

Alanis: Everything.

(the crowd laughs again)

Clara: Well I’m sure you’ll have ‘different’ showers someday. Now Alanis, what arena type do you think that you’ll do best in?

Alanis: Definitely one with water, something that involves swimming.

Clara: I bet you’re good at swimming then.

Alanis: Nope, I just the water.

(audience laughs)

I’m just kidding, I’m great at swimming.

Clara: I’m sure you are. I'm sorry but your time is up Alanis. Good luck!


Samson Potts

Samson: Hello

Clara: Hello Samson! How are you?

Samson: I’m good thank you.

Clara: Ok Samson, what is your strategy?

Samson: I plan to join with the Careers and dominate. Then everything will be set out from there.

Clara: Interesting. The Careers are a tough bunch, do you think that you have what it takes to impress them

Samson: Of course.

(the audience cheers)

Clara: Very good Samson, I wish you the best of luck. Samson Potts of District 4!


Aurora Wilde

Clara: Let’s welcome Aurora Wilde!

Aurora: Hello!

Clara: Hello Aurora! Let me say, you look beautiful tonight!

Aurora: (blushes) Thank you!

Clara: Aurora, who do you think would be best in an alliance with you?

Aurora: Hmm, I’ve never really thought about it. I’m not the alliance type.

Clara: Why ever not?

Aurora: I believe in relying on my instincts to survive. But I guess if I had to choose one, it would be Olivia from District 12.

Clara: Why is that?

Aurora: Well, some people might think I’m crazy by saying that, but she seems to know her stuff. Even though she was nervous before, everyone was. She was actually kind of brave to show it.

Clara: I don’t think anyone has thought of that. I think you just proved a lot of people wrong. Now one more question, how do you think your family will react if you win?

Aurora: Well, my family is my dad. My brother and mom died when I was younger.

(the crowd let’s out an ‘aw’)

Aurora: I love him to death. He is sick, so I spend every moment with him.

Clara: How tragic!

Aurora: Thank you. And, if I won, he would be the happiest person on earth.

Clara: And I think he would be. Good luck Aurora, we are all hoping for the best.

Aurora: Thank you.


Jason Green

Jason: Hello!

Clara: Hi Jason! How are you doing?

Jason: I’m good. I’m happy to be here!

Clara: I’m happy you are! Now Jason, what do you think of your fellow tributes?

Jason: The girl from District 7 looks like a fighter, but I would definitely want Aurora as an ally.

Clara: She does look like a great alliance member. Why does she stand out from the rest of the tributes?

Jason: She is so sweet and a true fighter. She is the best.

Clara: She seems so. Thank you Jason, it was wonderful to have you.

Jason: Thank you!


Lynnette Handsows

Clara: Let’s welcome Lynnette Handsows!

Lynnette: Thank you Clara, I don’t need such a big introduction! I’m a normal girl. And please, call me Lynnie.

Clara: Alright Lynnie! Well for a normal girl, a 7 is really good in training. Can you expand on that?

Lynnette: Well I just basically was myself. I did my best, and it apparently paid off.

Clara: I couldn’t have done any better!

Lynnette: (laughs) Oh I’m sure you could!

Clara: Why thank you. I’m sorry but your time is up, good luck Lynnie Handsows!


Rift Warfield

Clara: Let’s all give a warm welcome to Rift Warfield of District 6!

Rift: Hello.

Clara: Hi Rift! Now you volunteered for the Games, how did you know that you were ready?

Rift: Well, I am pretty good at most weaponry, and based on what happened in the other Games, I thought I had a good chance of winning.

Clara: Hmm, that is a good strategy. How you thought of an in-arena strategy yet?

Rift: I have, but I’m afraid that I cannot share it. But I can say that it does involve some alliances.

Clara: Well, we respect that. We wish you good luck Rift! Rift Warfield from District 6!


Kaitie Nelson

Kaitie: Hello Clara!

Clara: Hello Kaitie! So nice to have you!

Kaitie: Thank you.

Clara: That 8 in training was really surprising. Can you explain that?

Kaitie: I was really surprise at first, but then I just realized that I did my best, and it paid off. I guess I was better than I thought I was.

Clara: I guess so! What did you do during your training, as in your strengths and such?

Kaitie: Well, I don’t know if I’m able to say everything, but I can say that knives and combat are definitely some of my strengths. They really paid off in the private training sessions.

Clara: That’s great. I’m sure that they will pay off in the arena too.

Kaitie: I sure hope so.

Clara: I think we all hope so too.

(the crowd cheers)

Thank you Kaitie Nelson!


Lumex Jaxon

Clara: Hello Lumex!

Lumex: Hello.

Clara: So great to have you! Now Lumex, what type of weapons are you hoping to find in the arena?

Lumex: Well I’m pretty handy with an axe, so I’m hoping for one of those. But if I can’t find an axe, maybe a spear or something, I just hope to find some type of weapon that could keep me safe.

Clara: If sure you will find one. So tell us about your family Lumex.

Lumex: My family is the best. They are the ones that keep me going in the Games. I miss them, I hope the miss me too.

Clara: I’m sure they do!

Lumex: Thank you. I want to win the Games and get back to my family, just to tell them that I love them.

(the audience is a mix between cheers and ‘aw’s)

Clara: I hope you make it home too Lumex. Lumex Jaxon from District 7!


Brianna Tryler

Clara: Hello Brianna!

Brianna: Hello.

Clara: Ok Brianna, what arena type do you think you’ll be best in?

Brianna: Probably a forest because I plan to escape and hide after the bloodbath. I’m good at climbing trees, so I hope that it’s a forest.

Clara: Those are all good points. Now what skills of yours do you think will come in handy in the Games?

Brianna: Well I’m very fast, so that is good. But I’m also a pretty good healer, so I can last a little longer than anyone else with injuries; because I know how to treat them.

Clara: That is good too.

Brianna: Thank you.

Clara: I’m sorry Brianna your time is up. Brianna Tryler from District 8, everyone!


John Wing

Clara: Let’s welcome John Wing!

John: T-thank you Clara. But please, I d-don’t need a big entrance.

Clara: That’s ok! And no need to be shy here John.

John: O-ok.

Clara: Now John, what are you expected in these Games this year.

John: Well I’m expected t-that there is going to b-be a lot of comp-petition this year. There are s-so many good contenders. That is w-why I am happy that I allied with District 7. T-they are tough fighters.

Clara: So there is an alliance between District 7 and 8?

John: I g-guess.

Clara: That will be interesting. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

John: I’m sure it will be great. W-we are ready.

Clara: That’s what I like to hear. Thank you John! And good luck!

John: T-thank you.


Merridy Catherine

Clara: Let’s welcome Merridy Catherine of District 9!

Merridy: (grins) Hello!

Clara: Hello Merridy! You look beautiful tonight!

Merridy: Thank you.

Clara: So Merridy, what is your plan for the Games?

Merridy: I plan to do whatever my allies what to do.

Clara: You don’t have your own plan?

Merridy: Oh I do. I just don’t like to share them, and my allies probably have better ideas than I do. So it’s not even worth sharing them.

Clara: Oh don’t be like that! You seem like a very smart, young lady.

Merridy: (blushes) Thank you.

(the audience cheers)

Clara: I wish you the best of luck Merridy. I’m sorry but your time is up. Merridy Catherine, everyone!

Merridy: Thank you!


Ssithies Profane

Ssithies: Hello!

Clara: Hi Ssithies! How are you?

Ssithies: I’m good, thanks.

Clara: So Ssithies, Merridy talked about doing whatever her allies did. I assume that you are one of her allies, is that right?

Ssithies: Yes.

Clara: What do you plan to do then?

Ssithies: Well I kind of want to stay away from the crowd and all the fighting. Don’t get me wrong, we will fight in the bloodbath and everything, but I won’t be going around looking for violence. I’ll stay quiet until it’s time to emerge.

Clara: That sounds well thought through. It’s a great plan. Just makes sure to keep Merridy’s ideas in it too.

(the crowd laughs)

Ssithies: (laughs) Don’t worry, I will!

Clara: Good. Good luck Ssithies; and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Ssithies: Thank you Clara!


Imogene Thigpen’s

Clara: Welcome Imogene Thigpen!

Imogene: (calmly) Thank you Clara.

Clara: You sure seem calm. Not shy?

Imogene: (laughs) No!

Clara: That’s good. I have to say Imogene, that 8 in training was amazing. Am I right?

(the audience cheers in agreement)

Imogene: Why thank you!

Clara: How do you think you got that score?

Imogene: Well, I was myself. I was totally calm and did what I could.

Clara: And that is the best way to be. What are some of your skills that you think will help you in the arena?

Imogene: Well I’m not afraid to do what’s right. I will do anything to keep myself safe and get me home.

Clara: Even if it means killing others?

Imogene: If it feels right. Like I said, I’ll do anything to keep the one’s I love and me safe.

Clara: I would feel the same. Thank you Imogene.

Imogene: Thank you!

Clara: Imogene Thigpen of District 10!


Christian Lorne

Clara: Hello Christian!

Christian: Hi Clara! How are you?

Clara: I’m good, thanks for asking. Let’s get right down to business. Now Christian, tell me a little about yourself. Is your family watching?

Christian: No, they aren’t. I’m a loner in District 10, and I do stuff that I don’t get caught for.

Clara: Would you mind telling us what that is?

Christian: Sorry, it’s national television. You know; everyone is watching.

Clara: Oh ok, that’s alright. Well, why do you want to win the Hunger Games?

Christian: Well mostly to get back to my home and to make sure that no one is trying to kill me anymore.

Clara: Well that’s always a good reason.

Christian: Of course.

Clara: Sorry but your time is up. Good luck!


Lauren Hill

Clara: Let’s welcome Lauren Hill of District 11!

Lauren: Thank you Clara.

Clara: Now Lauren, how did you feel about getting reaping into the Games?

Lauren: Well, I was quite nervous at first, but then I realized that I do have skills that will hopefully get me through the Games.

Clara: And what are those skills?

Lauren: Well, coming from District 11, I’m pretty good at plant identification. I can tell whether they are edible or not, so that will help if there is any vegetation. I am also pretty good at some weaponry, so I can defend myself if I need to.

Clara: That is always good. But what are you not so good at?

Lauren: For one thing; swimming. There is no ocean’s in District 11, so if there is everyone a flood, I’m kind of doomed.

Clara: Well that’s ok! I’m not quite the swimmer myself either!

Lauren: (laughs) Well at least I’m not alone on that!

Clara: Nope! Sorry Lauren, but your time is up. Good luck!


Lewis Rye

Lewis: Hello.

Clara: Hi Lewis! Excited to be here?

Lewis: Yes, thanks.

Clara: Ok Lewis, what was your reaction to getting reaped?

Lewis: I was nervous, but I was already plotting my plan.

Clara: (laughs) That early?

Lewis: Yup. I was ready.

Clara: That’s a great way to be! I wouldn’t have been ready by then.

Lewis: (smiles) That’s ok.

Clara: Well I wish you good luck Lewis. Lewis Rye from District 11, everyone!


Olivia Bridge

Clara: Let’s all give a warm welcome to Olivia Bridge!

Olivia: Thank you Clara.

Clara: No need to thank me! Just doing my job!

Olivia: (giggles sheepishly)

Clara: Ok Olivia, I wanted to ask, what was going through your head when you when reaped?

Olivia: Well I was basically thinking, ‘OH MY GOSH I AM GOING TO DIE!’

(the crowd laughs and cheers delightfully)

Clara: Really? I probably would have been thinking something a little bit on the lines of that. But now that you are here in the Capitol what do you think?

Olivia: I’m still thinking the same thing, but I feel a little more confident after being through the training sessions and everything.

Clara: Well that’s good; as long as you aren’t nervous anymore.

Olivia: Yes.

Clara: Well I’m sorry Olivia, but your time is up. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Jack Dawkin

Clara: Hi Jack!

Jack: Hello.

Clara: So Jack, you are one of the youngest contenders this year; are you nervous? Excited? Happy? Tell us what you think.

Jack: I’m actually not that nervous. Of course I’m nervous for the Games and everything, but my age doesn’t bother me. Just because I’m younger than the other tributes, doesn’t mean I don’t have a chance.

(the audience cheers)

Clara: That’s a great point. I’m happy that you aren’t nervous.

Jack: (grins) Thank you!

Clara: Well I wish you good luck. Presenting Jack Dawkin of District 12!



Careers- Jillian Hall (1), Cyle Graton (1), Eva Stone (2), Arran Harthorn (2), Alanis Press (4) and Samson Potts (4) PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG!

Alliance 1- Aurora Wilde (5), Jason Green (5), Lynnette Handsows (6), Christian Lorne (10) and Olivia Bridge (12)

Alliance 2- Kaitie Nelson (7), Lumex Jaxon (7), Brianna Tryler (8), John Wing (8)

Alliance 3- Merridy Catherine (9), Imogene Thigpen (10)

Alliance 4- Calculum Infinity (3), Ssithies Profane (9)

Death Chart

Place Tribute District Killed by
24 Kara Anderson 3 Eva Stone
23 Rift Warfield 6 Arran Harthorn
22 Lewis Rye 11 Cyle Graton
21 Kaitie Nelson 7 Lynnette Handsows
20 Ssithies Profane 9 Christian Lorne
19 Lumex Jaxon 7 Christian Lorne
18 Eva Stone 2 Mountain lion
17 Samson Potts 4 Mountain lion
16 Christian Lorne 10 Brianna Tryler
15 Olivia Bridge 12 Falling tree
14 Cyle Graton 1 Lauren Hill
13 Lauren Hill 11 Jillian Hall
12 Jack Dawkin 12 Alanis Press
11 Calculum Infinity 3 Starvation and Dehydration
10 Brianna Tryler 8 Alanis Press
9 Imogene Thigpen 10 Arran Harthorn
8 Jason Green 5 Arran Harthorn
7 Aurora Wilde 5 Jillian Hall
6 John Wing 8 Arran Harthorn
5 Lynnette Handsows 6 Jillian Hall
4 Jillian Hall 1 Alanis Press
3 Arran Harthorn 2 Alanis Press
2 Merridy Catherine 9 VICTOR
1 Alanis Press 4 VICTOR

The Games

Day 1

Alanis Press’s (4) POV

I stepped into the tube and I took a deep breath. In less than 60 seconds, I would be fighting for my life.

My platform skimmed silently through the tube. I close my eyes and focused on the steady tick, tick, tick of the moving gears. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes.

I stood there, paralyzed. For the first time, I saw the arena. From what I could see, it was a forest; complete with trees, grass and wildlife. In the distance I could see a mountain. It stood tall above the trees and foliage of the forest.

I looked around as all the other tributes began to rise around the Cornucopia. My gaze drifted to Cyle, who was a few pedestals’ away. He nodded toward me. That was a ‘get ready’ sign.

Time was ticking. I had to get my plan straight; but then the gong sounded, and I knew it was too late.

So I took off running.

Lumex Jaxon’s (7) POV

The gong pierced the air, and we took off. I dashed forward as fast as I could; hoping to snag something good before the Careers caught up with me.

I rapidly grabbed a backpack just as some tributes began arriving. I looked up, just to make sure that my path was clear, when a knife whizzed past my head and hit the girl from 3. She cried out in agony. She looked at me, helplessness filling her eyes, and she collapsed.

I turned slowly around to see Eva standing a few feet back. Viciousness shone in her eyes, her next target was obvious.

“Time to die,” she grinned and threw another knife. I had no idea what to do, so I turned around, putting my backpack in front of my face. I then felt a sharp pang in my side, and a warm feeling. I look down to see my once white shirt to be blood-red.

I look up toward Eva who was laughing. Fake pity filled her voice. I stared, unable to move, until a voice rang out.

“Lumex!” someone shouted. It was Kaitie. I was surprised by her voice. She stared at me, like she was unsure what to do. She stood there, an axe in her hand, blood and dirt stained her clothes. But then she made her mind, she ran toward me and grabbed my hand. Together, hand-in-hand, we ran off to find our alliance.

I could believe it; my ex-girlfriend just saved my life. And I couldn’t have been happier.

Brianna Tryler’s (8) POV

One minute I’m running for my life, and the next, I’m tackled to the ground. My breaths were coming in rapid huffs.

“Time to die,” a voice snarled. I shut my eyes as someone sat on top of me.

I courageously opened them to see Jillian. My instinct was to grab my knife, so I did. Well, at least I tried. Jillian had my arms pinned to the ground.

“Do you really think you have a chance?” she hissed.

I was too dumbfounded to speak, so I just lay there, staring up at her like an idiot. She laughed and took her knife.

Jillian traced the edge of my mouth with the tip of the blade. “Where shall we start?” she teased. I didn’t speak, knowing that the blade would pierce me if I did.

“How about we start with the mouth?” she snarled. I shut my eyes, hoping for the best, when I heard a scream. There was a sharp pain in my head and suddenly Jillian’s weight disappeared.

“Please!” someone screamed. I opened my eyes and gasped. Above me was Rift, and in his arms was Jillian. She dangled above me, screaming for mercy.

“Please put me down!” she begged.

Rift paid no attention to her. “You better run,” he said. I nodded quickly. I rolled onto my back, jumped to my feet and ran. Blood dripped down my face from my head wound, making it hard to see, but I managed.

I ran into the forest away from the Cornucopia, but just before I disappeared, I turned to look at Rift and Jillian. It was kind of hard to see, but I could tell that Rift was still holding Jillian. He flung her to the ground. She landed in an awkward heap; she was still breathing, but I’m sure that it did some damage.

Rift grabbed his things and took off. I stood there in awe for a moment before taking off again. Wow, maybe these Games wouldn’t be as easy as I thought.

Cyle Graton’s (1) POV


The cannon shot shook the ground. I retrieved my spear which was implanted into the stomach of the boy from 11 and called to Jillian behind me. “Ready?” I asked.

She was collapsed on the floor, clutching her arm. “That brat broke my arm,” she mumbled. Though she was complaining, she got up and helped us carry some of our supplies.

The area that until only 5 minutes ago was a battleground; was now cleared out. The only things that were left were some supplies and the bodies of the bloodbath victims. I would look to see who they were, but I didn’t care enough. So I carried on my merry way.

I turned, “Let’s go.”

The six of us set off into the forest. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Arran reach out the take Eva’s hand. Eva whipped it back and glared at him. I stifled a laugh.

“I say we go there,” Jillian grinned, pointing with her good arm. I followed her gaze to the mountain, standing tall above the forest trees.

“Why there?” Samson asked.

“Why not there?” she replied matter-o-factly. “No one would be daring enough to go up there. We’ll be safe; and we can prove something.”

No one exactly objected; so, under Jillian’s will, we trudged through the forest. This was going to be fun.


Day 1 Statistics:

The Careers are doing fine in their camp on the mountain. They’ve managed to collect enough food, water and supplies to last them for a week. Jillian is tending to her broken bone.

Alliance 1 settled in the forest near the lake. They have plenty of supplies to keep them going. Everyone in the alliance is not too beaten up or harmed.

Kaitie, Lumex, Brianna and John are doing well. Brianna is still suffering from her head wound. She’ll need medicine by Day 3. While Lumex is still suffering from his side wound.

Merridy and Imogene are up in the trees. They are doing well with their good amount of food, though they still need to find water.

Calculum and Ssithies are camping out in the forest near the mountain. They have managed to get water, but they are in need of weapons and food.


Kara Anderson (3)

Rift Warfield (6)

Lewis Rye (11)

Day 2

Olivia Bridge’s (12) POV

I awoke to confusion. The sun shone through the trees above me. The beauty of the forest reminded me of home. It was peaceful, until I heard the screaming.

“What happened?” a voice shouted.

I got up, startled. “How could this have happened? Weren’t you watching?” Christian’s voice rang out. He was standing adjacent from Lynnie. I was confused at first, but then it dawned on me.

Our camp was empty. All of our supplies were gone, all the food, weapons, water. Everything. “W-what happened?” I asked. My voice quivered. Who could have done this? Who hated us this much to do this?

“Everything. Everything is gone,” Aurora replied.

“I-I don’t know,” I was so confused, my head was spinning. But wait, I did have one thing. “I have this,” I said, pulling my knife out of my pocket.

“I have mine too,” Lynnie said. She pointed to her knives that were stuffed in her sleeping bag.

“So not everything is gone,” Aurora pointed out.

She was right. Not everything was gone. We still needed food, but that wasn’t too hard. “So maybe we’re not hopeless,” I mumbled.

Christian shook his head. “No, we’re not. But we’re going to find who did this.”

Aurora looked pale. “We’re in for some trouble.”

Kaitie Nelson’s (7) POV

“Nice job,” Lumex grinned to me. “They didn’t catch us. They won’t suspect a thing.” We were making our way back to our alliance, our arms full of stolen supplies.

“Yeah,” I said. “Whatever.” I still wasn’t too keen on the ‘being stuck in the Hunger Games with my ex-boyfriend’ idea.

“Don’t be so cold,” he teased.

“Shut up,” I snapped.

“Come on,” he said. “We better get this back to our base.” I followed him through the woods until I spoke up.

“Hey are you sure this was the way back?” I asked.

“Well, the forest isn’t that big,” he said. I took out his sword and slashed a wall of ivy away. We expected a clear path, but instead, we were met by some not-so-friendly visitors.

“Hey Lynnie,” a voice said. Christian. “I think we found the thieves.”

I stood frozen in place. I could manage to say anything but, “Oh no.”

Imogene Thigpen’s (10) POV

Merridy and I were hiding up in a tree when we heard the voices. Merridy shook me awake and pointed down somewhere below us.

“Hey Lynnie, I think we found the thieves,” a voice said. It was Christian; I could recognize my district partner anywhere.

“Oh no,” someone mumble, I couldn’t tell who.

“So did your little boyfriend get his medicine?” Christian scowled. “Well by the time we’re done with you guys, you won’t have time to get medicine.”

“So what are we going to do to them Christian?” another girl’s voice asked.

I leaned over the branch a bit more to see Christian and that girl from 6, Lynnette was her name? The two of them were standing in front of Lumex and Kaitie who were holding a boat-load of supplies.

“I say we skin them,” Christian grinned. Lynnette didn’t hesitate to pounce. She grabbed her knife and pushed Kaitie to ground.

Lumex stood paralyzed. “What’s the matter Lumex? Afraid your girlfriend is gonna lose?” Christian taunted. Lumex stared at him wide-eyed; then picked up the supplies that Kaitie dropped and ran away.

“Coward!” Christian shouted and ran after him.

“What’s going on?” Merridy whispered. If we were too loud, we’d be toast. I shrugged, and we continued watching. By now, the two girls’ were wrestling on the ground.

“Hey, look at the district 6 and 7 girls’,” I whispered.


The quarrel below us came to a halt, and the district 6 girl got up. She stared in awe at Kaitie’s body and she ran away, taking one of the backpacks with her.

I swung my body off the branch and clutched onto the bark of the tree trunk. “Where are you going?” Merridy whispered urgently as I shimmied down the trunk toward Kaitie’s body. I leaned over her and inspected her. Her left arm was completely severed from the rest of her body, which was lying in a pool of blood.

I examined the supplies that Lynnette left; a full container of water, an axe, a set of throwing knives and a bag of crackers. Perfect. I looked up to Merridy and grinned.

I grabbed the things and clambered up the tree again. “Great job,” Merridy said. “We’re ready.”

Calculum Infinity’s (3) POV

“Did you find anything?” Ssithies asked. We were back at the Cornucopia looking for supplies.

I pushed a backpack away. “I found a sword,” I announced.

“I found a backpack full of food,” he said behind me. I was trying my best to find an axe or something. I gave up on looking for wires or anything machine-related, so an axe was my second best.

“Hey Calculum, I found one!” Ssithies turned around to show me a throwing axe, the last one in the entire Cornucopia. “You’re lucky,” he grinned.

I was about to ask if he found anything else when there was a voice behind us. “Coward!” someone yelled.

Someone burst through the trees and into sight. It was Lumex. He was wide-eyed and running for his life. Then someone else ran from the forest too, it was the District 10 boy.

Lumex was running toward us, the District 10 boy following. The boy took out a spear and pulled back, ready to throw. “Lumex watch out!” Ssithies yelled. Lumex whirled around, unaware of what was happening, when he tripped over a backpack and fell.

The District 10 boy’s spear was already cutting through the air at a fatal speed. Lumex fell, the spear missing him by an inch. I ducked to the ground too, protecting my head with my arms, when I heard a thump. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. I looked up, dazed, to see Ssithies fall to the ground. “Ssithies!” I screamed. The spear embedded into his chest, he was dead before he even reached the ground.


The cannon shot shook the ground, dazing me even more. I looked toward Lumex who was staring at Ssithies unmoving body. I grabbed my axe and backpack and rolled onto my feet. I ran toward the forest, not looking back to the Cornucopia.


There was another cannon fire but I didn’t bother to look back. I didn’t want to know who died, so I just kept running.


Day 2 Statistics:

The Careers are doing ok. They still have a surplus of food and supplies.

Alliance 1 got their supplies back, and is now camping out near the mountain.

Brianna and John just found out about their allies deaths, but are still doing well. Brianna’s head wound is gone.

Merridy and Imogene are still up in the trees. They now have food, water and supplies to last them a while.

Calculum has food and water, and is now camping out in the Cornucopia.


Kaitie Nelson (7)

Ssithies Profane (9)

Lumex Jaxon (7)

Day 3

Samson Pott’s (4) POV

I sat against a tree, keeping watch. It was dead-quiet, the eerie darkness that covered me allies and me was soothing and I began to doze off.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I woke to a rustling in bushes somewhere. I cautiously stood up and crept toward the bushes. I knelt down, pushing some of the branches away, unaware of what was behind there.

Suddenly there was a flash of light; no, not of light, but of something smaller. I pushed away another bundle of branches to find a pair of yellow cat-eyes staring at me. I stood frozen; I was so stunned that I didn’t notice the scream that escaped my mouth.

The Careers were up in a second, and so was the animal in the bushes. It leaped out of the bushes and over my head.

I whirled around to face the Careers; Jillian was already up, her bow set. An arrow whizzed through the air and hit the huge cat. It seemed unaffected by it.

“What is that?” she shouted.

We were all speechless. “It’s a mountain lion!” Cyle called. Suddenly knives flew through the air and the mountain lion. It was Eva.

It hit the animal, but was definitely not affected by it. Instead, I just got angry. It stared at Eva, a growled escaped its lips. Eva, who was not usually scared of anything, stood paralyzed. And Arran, who has been trying to get Eva’s attention for the past two days, stood there, just as scared as she was. The lion growled again and slashed its paw.

Eva flinched, she was hit. Her eyes went wide, and she collapsed. “Eva!” Jillian shrieked. And that send the beast on a rampage. “Send it uphill!” Cyle suggested. So that’s what we did. It took some time, but Cyle, Alanis and I finally got it to follow us up the hill.

Hopefully to its death, and not ours.

Arran Harthorn’s (2) POV

As soon as I heard the screaming, I knew something was wrong. I jolted up to find Samson peering into the bushes. That’s when the beast jumped out.

Jillian shot a couple arrows at it, but nothing worked. Eva decided to use knives. She threw a couple, but that only made it angrier.

That’s when she got hit. Her eyes went wide, filling with pain, and she collapsed. Stood there like an idiot, unable to breath or even think straight.

“Eva!” Jillian screamed.

“Send it uphill!” Cyle shouted, but I couldn’t move. Alanis and Samson took action. They led the mountain lion away from us. The growling of the beast faded as it moved away.

“E-eva,” I stuttered. She lay on the ground, her breathing laboring. Three long claw marks scarred her face; blood was trickling down it.

I knelt down, while Jillian just stared in awe. “I love you Eva Stone. I’ve loved you since the day I first met you. I-I never wanted it to end like this,” I said, staring into her cold, brown eyes.

Then I heard a response that I never thought I’d hear her say, “I love you too.”

Her breath slowly faded, and her cannon fired.


John Wing’s (8) POV

The sun wasn’t even up yet, and there was already screaming. I lifted my head to and look at Brianna, who was already up.

“Who is that?” I asked.

Her eyebrows knitted in confusion, “I’m not sure.”



The ground shook violently. “Someone must have died,” I said. “I wonder who.”

Suddenly a figure burst through the trees. It was a bit hard to see, but it was a tall, muscular figure. “Christian,” Brianna growled.

“We heard the screaming and cannon,” Christian said. “We were hoping it was yours.”

Brianna gritted her teeth. “Shut up,” she spat.

He smirked. Even in the dark, he looked intimidating. “What are you going to do?” he taunted.

As a response, Brianna stood, her hands clenched into fists. Then she threw something. It hit Christian in the neck, and he crumpled.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Throwing knives,” she showed me. “Very affective.” We grinned at each other. I looked over to Christian’s body. Wasn’t he dead?


The cannon fire reassured me that he was dead. We killed him. We were on a roll.

Merridy Catherine’s (9) POV

The sun was barely up when 3 cannons were fired. Either the Careers were out for an early hunt, or the Gamemakers were on a roll.

Now it was mid-day, and there were no new deaths. It had been kind of quiet, I was surprised that no one really passed by while hunting or anything; but I guess that were collected so many supplies that hunting wasn’t needed yet.

Anyway, Imogene and I were walking through the forest. We decided to leave our supplies hidden while we hunted. We got a bit bored in the trees, but we also wanted to see what was going on with all the deaths.

We were trudging along a stream near a clearing when we heard voices. “So Christian is dead?” one said.

“Yes,” a voice replied. “That girl from 8 killed him.”

I stepped closer to get a better look. I saw a lake surrounded by tall trees. Right next to the lake was a pile of supplies enclosed by a group of tributes.

I looked toward Imogene who was focusing on the tributes. “It’s the guy and girl from 5, the girl from 6 and the girl from 12,” she announced quietly.

“That’s a lot of people,” I murmured. Imogene nodded.

“We can change that,” she said grabbing her axe. “We can cut down on of the trees. If it happens to fall on one of them, they’ll be dead.”

“Let’s just hope the trees are tall enough,” I said hopefully, but I grabbed my hatchet and began to cut.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Soon the sound of breaking bark was so loud, I was afraid that they’d hear us. But Imogene kept whacking the tree.


“Hurry!” Imogene whispered urgently. I guess she realized the noise we were making also.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The last of the tree gave way, and it began to tip. We pushed the tree toward the lake with all our might; and it fell to the ground with a ground-rumbling crash.

There were a couple screams, I wasn’t sure who it was, but I’m sure they weren’t happy.

“Olivia!” someone shrieked.


Imogene smiled, “We did it.” I peered into the trees one more time. I saw the collapsed tree lying beside the lake, a body wedged beneath it. The rest of the alliance was already running away.

“Let’s go before they find us,” I said, and we took off.


Day 3 Statistics:

The Careers (Jillian, Cyle, Arran and Alanis) have decided to move from the mountain after the attack. The still have some supplies, but the rest was destroyed in the assault.

Aurora, Jason and Lynnette have fled their base near the lake. Aurora has a wound on her back from getting hit with a knife. She will need medicine by Day 5.

Brianna and John are still camping out in the forest. They are doing ok with a large amount of food and water.

Calculum is camping out near the Cornucopia. With a limited amount of supplies left in there, he will need supplies soon.


Eva Stone (2)

Samson Potts (4)

Christian Lorne (10)

Olivia Bridge (12)

Day 4

Jillian Hall’s (1) POV

We decided to flee from the mountain after Samson and Eva’s death, so now we were settled in the forest. Cyle, Arran, Alanis and I were traveling silently until we heard something up in the trees; a sort of rustling noise.

“Please don’t tell me it’s another mountain lion,” Cyle growled.

“No,” I said. “Look.” I pointed into the tree. There was a figure there; it was lying in a fork of one of the branches. “It’s a tribute.”

“So what do we do?” Alanis asked.

“Kill it of course,” Cyle scoffed. Alanis’s eyes went wide a bit. “You can do the honors Jill.”

I grinned and grabbed my bow and arrows. I set the bow and glanced at the Careers. “Ready?” I grinned and shot the arrow. It whizzed upwards and hit the tribute. It jolted up from its once peaceful sleep, and slid off the branch.

“It’s the district 11 girl!” Alanis gasped as the girl hit the floor. The girl lay motionless on the ground. “Is- is she dead?”

I lowered my bow and walked toward her body. “I think…” I said, but just then, the girl raised her head and threw something. It hit Cyle in the neck, making him collapse. I then send an arrow to her temple, and she died.


“Oh god,” Alanis gasped, staring down at Cyle’s body.


The cannon shot, and he was officially dead. “One more tribute dead,” I whispered, “but also one Career.” And with that, we began moving again.

Lynnette Handsows’s (6) POV

After Olivia’s death, we were all pretty shaken. We fled away from the lake, taking only some supplies with us. They others we either left, or where smashed under the tree with Olivia.

We were now settled in a different part of the forest. Jason and I were guarding the base while Aurora was out hunting. We were kind of skeptically about letting Aurora go hunting herself since she was only 12, and there were still 4 Careers left; but she insisted.

By the time we heard the first cannon, we were running. “Aurora!” Jason shouted. Then there was another. No, it couldn’t be Aurora, she was a fighter.

“Aurora!” Jason yelled again.

“Don’t be too loud,” I shushed him. “What if it’s the Careers?”

“Aurora!” he cried, ignoring me.

Suddenly there was a voice. “Lynnie, Jason!” someone whispered. A hand reached out and grabbed my arm. I whirled around to see Aurora hiding behind a shrub.

“What’s happening?” I asked. “Whose cannons were those? Are you ok?” I piled questions on her.

“Lynnie, Lynnie, I’m fine,” she reassured me. “I’m not sure whose cannons those were, and the Careers are back.”

“They left the mountain?” Jason asked.

“Yeah,” she answered. “I saw them before, but I ran away before they could see me, thankfully.”

“Ok let’s go back before they can find us,” I said.

“But I haven’t gotten anything!” Aurora yelped.

I shook my head. “It’s better than losing someone.” I helped her up, and we began walking back to our base.

Imogene Thigpen’s (10) POV

“Ready?” I asked Merridy. We were up in a tree, watching Brianna and John. She nodded. I slid down the tree and grabbed my axe. Since this whole falling tree idea worked so well with the other alliance, we decided to try it again.

“Ok,” Merridy said; her hatchet in hand. “Let’s go.” With one swing of the blade, the outer bark of the tree split.

We kept whacking at the tree.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The tree began to fall. “Yes!” Merridy beamed. Suddenly, the bottom of the tree kicked backwards, and hit me in the stomach. I fell backwards as the tree hit someone in front of us.

Merridy stared in awe at me. “A-are you ok?” her voice quivered.


I was pretty sure I broke a rib, but I said, “Did we hit anyone?”

She nodded. “The boy, John, he’s not dead though.”

I nodded, even though it hurt to move. I wanted to ask whose cannon it was, but suddenly the world became blurry, and everything seemed to be spinning.

Then everything went black.

Day 4 Statistics:

The Careers (Jillian, Arran and Alanis) are still moving through the forest. They also have a good amount of supplies with them.

Aurora, Jason and Lynnie made it back to their base safely. They have weapons and water, but are low on food.

Brianna is doing ok. John was hit by the falling tree and broke an arm. They don’t have the supplies to cover it, but they do have food and water. He will need medicine by Day 6.

Merridy was able to carry Imogene up a tree. Imogene is unconscious after breaking a rib, and will need medicine by Day 6.

Calculum is still near the Cornucopia. He is low on food and water.


Cyle Graton (1)

Lauren Hill (11)

Jack Dawkins (12)

Day 5

Jason Greene’s (5) POV

Just as the sun rose, there was a voice. “Hello tributes of the 27th Hunger Games, I am here because I have a proposal. Each one of you needs something. So I am here to announce that there will be a feast tonight. You can choose whether you would like to go or not, it’s up to you. Thank you; and Happy Hunger Games.” the voice stopped. I looked at Aurora and Lynnie.

“So?” I asked.

Aurora’s eyebrows furred as she thought. “I don’t know,” she said.

“I’ll go,” Lynnie suggested.

“No,” Aurora and I said in unison. “We can’t afford to lose you. Not any of us.” I continued.

She bit her lip. “Ok,” she said quietly. “Ok, I wouldn’t go.”

I looked intently at her. “Promise?”

Lynnie looked down at the ground. “Promise.”

Calculum Infinity’s (3) POV

With the upcoming feast, I knew that tributes would be coming toward the Cornucopia, so I moved into the forest. I was now sitting up in a tree, being bombarded by the symptoms of dehydration and fatigue. I had thought about going to the feast, but I knew I would be killed; I was already too weak and I was weaponless.

If I didn’t go, I would surely be killed of starvation, but if I did, I had the risk of being shot in the head or something. After a long time of thinking, I decided to go.

I cautiously climbed down the tree, and set out. My feet wobbled as I trudged down the hill, carefully stepping over roots, leaves and rocks. My head was spinning, and I was unsteady on my feet.

“Come on Calculum,” I told myself. “You have to keep going.” It suddenly got hard to breath. I was talking to myself, I was hallucinating. “Calm down Calculum, calm down. You can make it. You’ll get food. Y-you’ll get everything you need.” My voice was shaky.

“You, you need to make it. You… you have to.” I sunk to my knees. I saw the Cornucopia in the distance, but I knew I couldn’t make it. I was so tired, I just needed a rest.

Just one minute. I thought. Then you have to get moving.

I sighed, hoping it would keep the world from spinning around me. My eyes became heavy.

“One minute…” I sighed.

Suddenly there was a cannon shot somewhere far off in the distance. For a moment I wondered who it was, but then the world went silent and dark, and my eyes shut.

And I suddenly knew who it was.

Brianna Tryler’s (8) POV

Once the announcement about the feast was made, I already knew what I would do. I had to save John.

Now I was walking the through the forest to get to the Cornucopia. The sun was setting, but I knew that I wasn’t the only one making their way to the feast. I made my way to the clearing where the Cornucopia was. No one was there yet, but the table with the bags where. They were pretty small, big enough the carry in my hands. The District 8 bag was in the middle of the table, between district 6 and 9.

I stepped out of the clearing and ran toward the Cornucopia. I was running as fast as I could when I was grabbed by my hair. I flew backwards and hit the ground. Hard.

“Oh great,” I moaned. My head was pounding. Last time this happened, I almost died. I was probably in for a treat this time.

“Hello precious,” someone growled above me. I looked up in shocked. But the face I saw wasn’t shocking at all.

“You,” I snarled.

Merridy Catherine’s (9) POV

I moved silently through the trees, heading toward the feast. There had already been two cannons today, and I hoped that would be the last of them.

I made it to the Cornucopia safely. I saw a body on the ground about twenty feet from the Cornucopia and Alanis circling the Cornucopia. I realized I couldn’t get there if Alanis was on total watch. So I grabbed a handful of rocks and threw them. They hit the ground, making a loud sound. Alanis’s head snapped to where the sound came from. She took one moment to look at the Cornucopia, and then ran to where the rocks landed.

That’s my chance. I took off running, not bothering to look at the body on the ground. I grabbed the District 9 and 10 bags and ran into the forest.


The ground suddenly shook violently. I stopped to wonder who it was, but then I remembered the bags. I had to get them back to Imogene. She wouldn’t last long in the trees by herself.

I leaped over rocks and twigs as I raced back to where I left Imogene.

“Did you get her?” a voice suddenly called. I suddenly stopped.

“Yeah, she’s dead,” another said.

My eyes went wide. Who is she? I hid behind a tree, and carefully looked around it. I saw Jillian looking up into a tree.

My heart stopped. That was the tree Imogene was in. Arran suddenly jumped down, a sword in hand. “Let’s go,” he said.

The two of them then began walking toward me. I hid behind a nearby bush as they walked away. When they were clearly out of sight, I raced toward the tree. I dropped the bags and climbed rapidly up the branches. “Imogene!” I called. Her body lay motionless on one of the branches, I hoped she was asleep.

“Imogene?” I repeated. I finally reached her branch. I swung up next to her, and my heart almost stopped. There was a big, bloody gash in her chest.

She… she was dead.

Lynnette Handsows’s (6) POV

I sat hidden behind a berry bush, carefully watching the Cornucopia. The sky was dark. I had to wait until Jason and Aurora fell asleep to come. They would kill me if they found out I was going.

I was now waiting for the right moment. Alanis and Merridy had already passed through. The body of Brianna lay on the ground. I decided it was time. I raced out of the bushes and toward the Cornucopia.


I was about to grab the bags when the anthem began booming in the sky.

The district 3 boy came first. I let out a quiet whimper, poor young boy. Next came a face that shocked me. It… It was Aurora. Then came the face of Jason.

My breath was shaky. They… they were dead. My last two allies. I was so focused on the sky that I didn’t notice the commotion going on around me. Suddenly I felt someone pick me up.

“Hey,” a voice said softly. I looked up to see the District 4 girl. Alanis was her name?

I stared up in shock. I was in the hands of a Career. “Please, don’t be afraid,” she said. “I’m here to help you.” I was scared out of my mind. “Quick,” she ordered. “Take your bag.” I picked it up quickly, and she carried me away from the Cornucopia.

When I was finally able to speak I said, “Why are you helping me?”

She looked at me sorrowfully. “I feel bad.”

I was surprised. “So… so does that mean you want an alliance?”

A grin lit her face. “Sure. I would love that.”


Day 5 Statistics:

Jillian and Arran are out wondering where Alanis went. They have supplies, but they are worried about their alliance member.

Alanis and Lynnie have moved into the forest. They have the supplies from the Cornucopia, and some that Alanis stole from the Careers.

John is shocked by the death of his alliance member, but he still needs medicine. He will need it by Day 6.

Merridy is upset by the death of Imogene, but she has decided to move deeper into the forest. She has supplies, and the medicine that she got for Imogene.


Calculum Infinity (3)

Aurora Wilde (5)

Jason Green (5)

Brianna Tryler (8)

Imogene Thigpen (10)

Day 5

Arran Harthorn’s (2) POV

The Careers were on a roll. Jillian and I already stumbled on the boy from 8, he was dead in a second. We were now scouting out Alanis and the other girl.

“That traitor,” Jillian spat. “How dare she betray us, to run off with some weakling?”

I shrugged. Just then, Jillian shouted out. “Look!” she said. She pointed up to the sky somewhere. A silver parachute then flew down and landed next to her.

She carefully picked it up, looking at the note.

Dear Jillian,

Kill them all! Do it for the dead District 1 tributes!

Your friend, Gohungergames’

Jillian read aloud. She popped open the case and smiled. “Bread,” she said.

“At least we know that people are rooting for us,” I said, Jillian nodded. She took the bread in her hands and we kept walking.

“Don’t worry Lynnie, we’ll be ok,” we suddenly heard. My eyes went wide with excitement. Jillian and I exchanged a glance, and we pounced.

We moved closer to see Alanis and the girl, Lynnie, sitting on a fallen tree. “You sure?” Lynnie said. Alanis nodded.

“Looks like we found the traitor, Arran,” a smirk plastered on Jillian’s face.

The two girls looked at us, but two totally different expressions lit their faces. One tribute’s eyes went wide with horror, while the other tribute just seemed plain angry.

Alanis glared at us, “You.”

Alanis Press’s (4) POV

As soon as I saw Jillian and Arran, I became hot with anger.

“You,” I snarled.

Jillian stepped closer to us. “Shut up,” she snapped, and she sent an arrow at us. I ducked down quickly.

“That almost hit us!” I gasped.

She clenched her teeth. “That’s the point!” she spat angrily. She then dropped her bow and tackled Lynnie off the tree trunk.

“No!” I screamed. I rushed toward her only to be thrown back onto the ground. I looked up in shock to see Arran. He stared at me, not saying anything.

I turned my attention back to Lynnie. Jillian had her pinned, a knife to her neck. “Lynnie!” I yelled.

“One more word and I kill her!” Jillian warned me. I clamped my mouth shut. Jillian smiled at me, but there was a hint of evil in there. I didn’t trust it. Suddenly, Jillian raised her arm, the knife clenched in her hand, and she brought it down onto Lynnie’s chest.


“No!” I shrieked. I struggled against Arran, but his weight and strength was overpowering. “I didn’t say anything!” I protested to Jillian.

She shrugged. “You betrayed us,” she said simply. “You deserved it.” Anger boiled through me. I swiftly grabbed and dagger and threw it. Arran looked at me in awe of how I could have done that. The dagger hit Jillian, she looked surprised.

“You little…” she collapsed, not able to finish her sentence.


I then looked at Arran. He looked angry. I grabbed another knife, hoping he wouldn’t see it, and plunged it into his stomach. His eyes went wide, and he fell. I scrambled out from under him so he wouldn’t crush me.


He was dead. I stared in awe at the three bodies. I shook my head in sorrow and fear. Then I remembered the hovercrafts, I had to leave the area before they could collect the bodies. I took one last look at the tributes before turning on my heel and running in the opposite direction.

Merridy Catherine’s (9) POV

As soon as I heard the yelling, I began to run. I lifted my head to the sound of two cannons. Two tributes were dead. I hopped down from the tree and ran toward the shouts.

I dashed through the forest, weaving my way through the foliage.


A cannon shot shook the ground. I paused for a moment. There had already been 2, now one more. That made 3 tributes dead. There were only three of us now.

Still, I continued running. Suddenly I felt something hit me, and I fell backwards. I look forward, dazed. In front of me sat a girl about 15 or so.

Both of our eyes went wide. “The cannons,” I said. She nodded.

“Three tributes are dead,” she told me.

“So, that leaves three of us,” I said. She nodded.

“I’m Merridy,” I said.

She looked at me in surprise, “Alanis.”

“You’re hurt,” I pointed out. She looked down at her bleeding side in shock, as if she didn’t know it. “Do you have supplies to cover it?” She shook her head. I inspected her. “Alliance?” I asked.

She looked surprise at first, but then her face softened, and she smiled, “Sure.”

I got up and offered her a hand. She gladly took and I helped her up. “Ok,” I said. “Let’s find some place to hide.”

We picked out a tree and we climbed to the top. We reached the spot just in time before the anthem began to play. I handed Alanis the medicine for her wound as the sky lit up with the face of the girl from 1. Next came the boy from 2. The anthem kept playing, and I began puzzled. Why wasn’t the sky going dark? Then the face of the boy from 8 appeared. I looked at Alanis in shock. The anthem ended, and the sky went dark.

I stared at Alanis in alarm. “So… so we’re not the final three?” I asked. She shook her head. “But-but I don’t want to kill you.”

She shook her head. “I don’t want to kill you either.”

My heart ached. I had to kill my ally.


Jillian Hall (1)

Arran Harthorn (2)

John Wing (8)

Day 6

Alanis Press’s (4) POV

I sat up in a tree, unsure what to do. Dawn was breaking, but I hadn’t slept. “I don’t want to kill you,” I repeated for the one hundredth time.

Merridy shook her head tiredly. “I don’t want to kill you either,” she said. “But there can only be one winner.”

I tried to think with my tired brain. “They have to have a winner, or else everyone would be angry,” I said. “If only there was a way we could both win.”

Merridy’s eyes lit up. “Wait, that’s it!” she said. She dropped to a whisper. “Do what I do.” She took out her hatchet and brought it to her neck.

When she pulled away, blood trickled down her neck. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I thought you wanted us both to win!”

She nodded, a smile lit her face. “Just do it,” she said “Like you said, they have to have a winner. If we both try to kill ourselves-”

“They’ll stop us before we can,” I finished. Even though I was unsure about the plan, I slowly took out my knife and raised it to my almost-healed cut.

Merridy Catherine’s (9) POV

Alanis cut her wound, making it bleed again. “Stop!” someone shouted over the speakers. “Please stop! I am happy to announce the victors of the 27th Hunger Games, Alanis Press and Merridy Catherine!”

I was grinned uncontrollably. “We did it!” I cheered. Suddenly I thought of my past-ally. Poor Imogene, she was supposed to win with me. I shook my head. It was too late for that now, I won for her.

Alanis and I were led into a hovercraft, the one that would take us home.


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