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  • Grimreaper8080

    If you are not a gamemaker then you are NOT aloud on this page... everything relating to gamemaking is done in here. e.g earthquakes, arena, mutts

    If you aren't a game maker and youre tribute will be killed immediately.

    So gamemakers.... Ideas


    Like Disasters and all

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  • Grimreaper8080

    So if you are on this page, it would mean my previous game was succesful enough for me to do another games.

    Also this games is a Quarter Quell. And it is gonna last longer(I think) than my previous three games.

    The Quell you ask.. Most of the Quell has been decided. But there is more..

    Oh and this is my Fourth, hunger games, which would mean you don't have to tell me anything about districts and all that.. but you will need to tell me about your tributes.. :P

    I won't do reapings since I think they take forever and I'm really bad at writing reapings.

    Now I don't know what else to put here so...

    This years quell will be..

    "Triple the amount of tributes... but thats not all. Oh no. This year we will also have the Capitol and district 13 competing. A…

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  • Grimreaper8080

    Hello, I am about to host my Third Hunger Games. I write the games in different POVs just for you all to know.

    Please note that the games WILL contain violance(duh). Oh and..

    Don't curse at eachother and start fights in the comments section(None happened in any of my games so far)

    I don't mind spam since I've been there were its almost impossible to get submissions (Just once is enough though)

    Everyone's deaths are random. I don't choose the victor, It's what the tributes are like(skills, weaknesses, age, personality).

    most submissions in previous games so far were so good I wanted them all to win... but I didn't.. all I did was allow two from the same district to win. But Beware only one will win in this games.

    Oh and if these games go well enough,…

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  • Grimreaper8080










    Bloodbath strategy:

    Token (optional):


    District Name Age Gender Appearance Personality Weapons

    District 1 (Luxury)

    Bentley Emerson-Odair 17 Male 6'3", Hot, muscular, abs, tan skin. emerald green eyes. brown hair, fit. high cheekbones.

    Charming, seductive, nice, funny,sweet,

    thoughtful, charismatic, determined,


    District 1 (Luxury) Shimmer Cashmere 17 Female 5'8", beautiful blonde hair, bright blue eyes, porcelain skin, pink lips, gorgeus, thin Sensitive, caring. Bows&arrows/axe/spear/mace/sword/knife

    District 2 (Masonry)

    Grayson Hills 15 Male Black hair, brown eyes Nice, Witty, humorous, dashing, charming. Knife/trident/spear


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  • Grimreaper8080

    Well I've decided to skip a load of hunger games. Please note that these games may contain mature language. If you have a problem with that then just say so. The Games Have Begun So Avoid The Death Chart. The games are written in different POVs.

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