So if you are on this page, it would mean my previous game was succesful enough for me to do another games.

Also this games is a Quarter Quell. And it is gonna last longer(I think) than my previous three games.

The Quell you ask.. Most of the Quell has been decided. But there is more..

Oh and this is my Fourth, hunger games, which would mean you don't have to tell me anything about districts and all that.. but you will need to tell me about your tributes.. :P

I won't do reapings since I think they take forever and I'm really bad at writing reapings.

Now I don't know what else to put here so...

The Quell

This years quell will be..

"Triple the amount of tributes... but thats not all. Oh no. This year we will also have the Capitol and district 13 competing. And thats still not all, because we will have 28 Adults competing, 14 of the adults will be either Escorts or Stylists(there will be a vote). The other 14 adults will be Criminals from each district...

The total number is 112 competitors... Yes I know. Its a lot of names to remember.. but I'll manage this some how..

President Lopez

The arena. The arena well, we'll let the gamemakers decide that..

Oh and this games is gonna be a major bloodbath...

and to show I'm not all bad, I'll allow 8 victors this year, 6 from the same district, 2 of the adult tributes.

That is all"

- President Hunyak Lopez


District Name Gender Age Appearance Personality Weapons Strategy
District 1 (Luxury) Chase Hendersen Male 16 Dirty Blonde Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Tall, Athletic, 5"10 Popular, Funny, Sometimes Mean. Throwing Axes/Mace Team With Careers And Do Anything To Win.
District 1 (Luxury) Alex Nilsen Male 18 Black hair, green eyes, light skin Goofy, Murderous Sword

Join careers

Stay quiet and help Mikayla pick off the careers

District 1 (Luxury) Ambrose Sharp Male 16 Violet eyes, curly jet black hair, pale skin Care-free, laid-back, even sweet Mace

Run in, use his leverage as a blood-thirsty tribute to get his choice weapon and supplies, then go to cover

Ally with a smart person and try not to get killed, protect his alliance and try to keep everyone in it alive!

District 1 (Luxury) Zoey Sparkle Female 15 Light Blonde Hair, Sparkling, Blue Eyes, Skinny, Tan, 5"7 Sweet, Funny, Bubbly, Confident Bow & Arrows/Knife/ Small Sword

Team With Careers

Use Her Beauty To Her Advantage.

District 1 (Luxury) Andromeda Mellini Female 16 Dark brown curls, mysterious dark blue eyes, sly smile, high cheekbones, petite and thin, very regal looking Quiet, mysterious, when angry acts completely calm but is boiling mad, controlled, sly, sneaky Bow and Arrows/Knife/blowgun

Ally with careers and obtain all supplies

while the careers are out hunting for tributes, guard the base with an ally or two, and take all the supplies and run away.

District 1 (Luxury) Juvel Garnet Female 18 Porcelain white skin, sky blue eyes, long silky blonde hair, skinny, 5'7", very pretty Mean, Ruthless, Fake Spear/Sword ----------------
District 2 (Masonry) Justin Gold Male 17 Dark Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Tall, Muscalur, 6"1 Arrogant, Cocky, Popular, Lady's Man Sword/Spears/Trident

Team With Careers

Kill, Do Anything To Win

District 2 (Masonry) Navy Wonders Male 16 Stocky, 6"2 green eyes, perfect teeth, short black styled hair Confident, Caring Sword/Axe/Spear ----------------
District 2 (Masonry) Flint "Flintlock" Catcher Male 16 Light brown hair and beautiful sky-blue eyes. He is very tall and well built. His skin is a bit tanned Big-Headed, Cocky, Sword/Axe ----------------
District 2 (Masonry) Lola Summer Female 17 Light Brown Hair With Blonde Streaks, Light Brown Eyes, Athletic, 5"8 Calm, Popular, Mysterious Throwing Knives/Dagger

Team With Careers

Kill As Many People As Possible

District 2 (Masonry) Celesta Dagger Female 17 Wavy dark blonde hair, tan skin, amber eyes Similar to Katniss Knives

Get in, grab a knife or two and a backpack, then get out!

Go solo, don't trust anyone

District 2 (Masonry) Aletta Sifonios Female 13 Light blonde hair, lavender highlights, purple eyes, flawless skin, 4'8" Happy, Exciting, Fierce, Defensive Spears

Join the Careers, obey orders. Kill anyone that gets in her way

Stick with careers until final 6-ish then kill the careers off in their sleep

District 3 (Technology) Benny Golden Male 15 Light Brown Hair, Emerald Green Eyes, Skinny, Small, 5"6 Smart, Kind, Caring Traps/Rope/Wire/Knife

Go For It

Hide And Make A Lot Of Traps And Trap Some Tributes

District 3 (Technology) Don Millies Male 17 Messy brown Hair, grey eyes, medium skin Nice, will kill if annoyed Knife/Sword/Dagger/ Etc, etc

Grab the nearest item & run

Hide from Everyone else. Ally with anyone who asks who doesn't look bad. Try to make it home

District 3 (Technology) Buxus Redcoat Male 15 Jet black hair, sky blue eyes Snippy, Smart, Nerdy Knives/Wire/Swords ---------------
District 3 (Technology) Elysia Kandle Female 16 Long black curls, dark green eyes, tanned skin, 5'7", very beautiful Kind, Gentle Spear ----------------
District 3 (Technology) Demetria Golden Female 15 Long Brown Hair, Lime Green Eyes, Skinny, Flexible, 5"6 Smart, Quiet, Outgoing, Fun Land Mines/Dagger/Traps/Wire

Don't Go For It

Team With Brother And Make Mines To Kill Tributes

District 3 (Technology) Tillie Sunday Female 12 Short red hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, thin, 5'0" Nice, Smart Sword Get everything she would need to bring down the Careers
District 4 (Fishing) Mickey Mcalister Male 17 6"3, Built, short spiked black hair, attractive ( to girls ), deep sea green eyes Confident, Violent Trident -----------------
District 4 (Fishing) Derrick Warbrook Male 18 Platinum blonde hair, dark grey eyes, tan skin, very muscular, tall, always a smirk or frown on his face. Rarely smiles. Sullen, hostile, mean, sarcastic funny. Trident/Sword/Knives/Spear Ally with careers but make sub alliances with Andromeda, Marina, and some more tributes, and kill off non sub alliance careers.
District 4 (Fishing) Tyron Septune Male 17 Golden tan, bright sea foam eyes, wavy bronze hair, 5'9, and is very muscular Funny, caring, social, understanding, and a really nice Trident/Net

Run to the Cornucopia and get all the necessary things to survive. Then run

Try to make an alliance of two or three before going into the arena. Once the bloodbath is over, find a private source of water and survive off of his survival skills. Try to stay away from other tributes and kill if only threatened

District 4 (Fishing) Marina Sedello Female 17 Long brown hair with lots of natural highlights, pretty green eyes, full pink lips, beautiful and elegant, but slouches, Hides true potential Sweet, caring, loving, determined, understanding, smart, resourceful Trident/Spear/Bow and Arrow/Axe

Fight with careers for supplies

Fight with careers until final 12,then kill all the careers in their sleep

District 4 (Fishing) Evangelina Ash Female 13 Rust colored hair, large blue eyes, pale skin Calm, sweet Spear

Get in, grab her choice weapon, kil anyone who tries to kill her

Act like a little, harmless girl, then come out a killer

District 4 (Fishing) Cascade Fen Female 14 Light brown hair, emerald eyes, tanned skin, 5'4", very pretty Cheery, Smiley, Kind Trident/Harpoon ----------------
District 5 (Power) Arran Harthorn Male 16 6'3, Handsome, short blonde hair, Dazziling green eyes. He is Muscular but very skinny. The stereotypical Heartbreaker but has a nice side that only a few people can see Sword -----------------
District 5 (Power) Xavier Pucket Male 17 Blue eyes, Blonde hair Weird, Funny Mace/Dagger

Join the careers and show them how powerful you are by killing stronger tributes

Stay with careers but leave after day 2 during the night with someone else

District 5 (Power) Daniel Lochagan Male 15 Hazel eyes, Chestnut Brown hair, Light skin, 5'7, Medium Build Loud, Cocky, Friendly Machete/Swords

Go In and fight for supplies

District 5 (Power) Nina Camberlit Female 16 Red hair, grey eyes, pale skin, 5'6", pretty Nice Knife ----------------
District 5 (Power) Demi Campbell Female 14 She is 5"6, skinny but not frail, Her eyes are dull blue, her hands are boney, she has oddly nice teeth Selfish, Self-Centered Blowgun ----------------
District 5 (Power) Belle Silver Female 12 4'3, Long Blonde Hair with a single stripe of Silver, Eyes that shine as blue as the ocean, small and slim, hasn't hit puberty yet, so has very small breasts, hands and feet. Sweet and Cute, one of the few people from the Career districts that hearts and coated black, she is knid of niave and truts people too easily but also brings out the best in people Bow & Arrow/Knife -----------------
District 6 (Transportation) Seth Barbarossa Male 12 Playful Slingshot ----------------
District 6 (Transportation) Daniel Broey Male 18 Blue eyes, pale, 5'9, Flat fluffy brown hair, medium build Cheerful, Nice, Witty, Sweet, Protective Blowgun/Darts/Sword

Get his twin brother and run

Live in the trees

District 6 (Transportation) Caleb Broey Male 18 Really short, scruffy curly dark hair, brown eyes, pale, 5'9, medium build Nice, Kind, Shy, Quiet Sword/Dagger/Medicine Ball/Mace ^
District 6 (Transportation) Sophia Barbarossa Female 16 Out-going, Strong Sword ----------------
District 6 (Transportation) Mikayla Baxter Female 18 Brown Hair, tan skin, brown eyes Bloodthirsty, Sweet, Funny Bladed Fans/Throwing knife/Bow & Arrow/Spear

Go in and join careers

Just follow orders and pick of the careers one by one but and act innocent

District 6 (Transportation) Ariana Arnolds Female 17 Long red hair, blue eyes, light skin Nice, will kill if annoyed Bow & Arrow

Get a backpack then run

Hide from Everyone else. Ally with anyone who asks who doesn't look bad. Try to make it home

District 7 (Lumber) Gabriel "Gabe" DiPablo Male 13 5"4, He is short with black messy shaggy hair, He has a scar on his cheek . He is pale.He still has a childish look to him Caring, Wise Sword/Knives Get small bag and try to get weapon if really close, don't try anything to risky, get with alliance
District 7 (Lumber) Atlas Dunnin Male 16 Black hair, light skin, green eyes Happy, Sweet, Funny Axe/Mace

Get An Axe and ally with District 7

Ally With District 7 But kill one in the night (Blame it on a mutt)

District 7 (Lumber) Greg Treetop Male 15 Dark brown hair, 5'5, chocolate brown eyes, and tanned skin Funny, Sarcastic Axe

Try to get his hands on an axe and anything useful, Then run

Keep to himself, after the bloodbath is over try to find a private source of water. Avoid all tributes, and kill if threatened

District 7 (Lumber) Amy Dreamer Female 14 Golden Blonde Hair, Bright Blue Eyes, Light Skin, 5"2 Quiet and shy, but very intelligent and agile, but also kind to those she is close to Axe/Knives

Get something Nearby and run

Stay Hidden

District 7 (Lumber) Bindy Ashton Female 15 Short dark brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, 5'5" Doesn't talk much, protects her allies and herself, doesn't usually smile Axe Take something that's safe to reach and run somewhere far from the Cornucopia and Careers
District 7 (Lumber) Micaylah Bowers Female 17 Short, straight, dark brown hair. Pale skin. Pretty soft, brown eyes and some freckles. Very pretty. Huge smile. Flirty, Funny, Reliable Axe/Spear

Run as fast as you can, grab a spear/axe, and get together with your allies and flee

Lay low until the end of the games. Always have an ally by your side.

District 8 (Textiles) Dake Larson Male 16 Tall, dark hair, handsome, Brown eyes "Mute" Bow & Arrow/Throws knives/Swords -----------------
District 8 (Textiles) Caddis Manchester Male 15 Red hair, pale skin, blue eyes, 5'4", thin Fun, Smiley, Friendly N/A -----------------
District 8 (Textiles) Fuller Paisley Male 17 Spiky black hair, deep green eyes, 5'9", strong Good N/A -----------------
District 8 (Textiles) Lacey Polder Female 17 Long blonde hair, tanned skin, purple eyes, skinny, 5'7" Sweet, Helpful None -----------------
District 8 (Textiles) Alyssa Rose Female 14 Short blue hair, unusal gold eyes and very pale white skin. 5'4 Violent Axe

Wait for everyone else to grab a bag, and if they take the bag that she's seen first, that is her first target.

District 8 (Textiles) Alyss Shepherd Female 15 Pale, Dark blue eyes, Slim Bubbly, Friendly Whip/Spear Get a whip, a backpack and maybe some spears if there are any close by but she will not go near the cornacopia. She will run away when the careers starts to kill and she will not get within reach of a career. She will hide out and only attack if she is discoverd or if someone comes very close to her
District 9 (Grain) Caleb Porter Male 12 Unpopular, Smart Slingshot Since He's Not Good At Sneaking Or Hunting, Go For It. He Will Need Supplies
District 9 (Grain) Johan Staunton Male 16 Light brown hair, Sea green eyes, 5'9, Muscular, Stocky build, good looking Cool headed and fair, but not a pushover and won't go down without a fight, confident Axe/Sword Fight for supplies
District 9 (Grain) Fabian Grode Male 12 Short, chubby, brown hair and hazel eyes, tanned skin Bubbly, Brave, Confident N/A Go in
District 9 (Grain) Rita Pain Female 13

Muddy-blonde hair, black eyes, pale skin,5'2"

Easily underastimated , Acts innocent and shy, but is merciless and unfriendly Spear/Axe/Knife/Mace ----------------
District 9 (Grain) Aleyen Meyer Female 15 5'7, Short Strawberry Blonde Hair, Pale Blue Eyes, Golden Skin Confident, Fair Throwing Knives/Sword

Fight for supplies

District 9 (Grain) Katriona Greystone Female 17 Her hair color is red and reaches her shoulders. She has grey eyes, 195 cm tall and has a lot of muscels Threatning/Loyal, Masculine Axe She is fast so she will run get a backpack and a sword, maybe some throwing axes. She will walk to a coverd area where there are not so many tributes
District 10 (Livestock) Gunner Pann Male 15 He is 5"11, six pack, muscular but kind of small, short black messy hair, hazel eyes, tanned pale skin Bloodthristy, Sarcastic, Crazy, Good lier, smart Sword/knives -----------------
District 10 (Livestock) Franklin Wong Male 18 Asian, tan, muscular, 5'8, scruffy short black hair, dark brown eyes, medium build, glasses Protective, Nice, Caring, Brave, Friendly, Silly, Witty Sword/Bow & Arrow

Get Michelle and Karen and RUN

Protect his allies and let nothing get in his way of doing so

District 10 (Livestock) Clint Radcliffe Male 18 Athletic Sword/Trident/Mace -----------------
District 10 (Livestock) Helena Ray Female 18 Pretty, medium-height, black hair, always in two braids, pale skin, dark brown eyes, muscular body Smart, Brave Axe/Knives -----------------
District 10 (Livestock) Michelle Camburry Female 17 Swoopy bangs, chest length brown hair with blonde highlights, blue-gray eyes, 5'4, pale, skinny Sweet, Kind, Caring, Shy, Quiet, Retro Bow & Arrow/Blowgun

Team up with her allies and RUN FOR IT

Stay in hiding with allies, hunt from afar, kill when need to, ALWAYS be observant

District 10 (Livestock) Karen Graceia Female 17 Wavy shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'7, a bit pale, a bit chubby Brave, Tough, Nice, Caring, Friendly Blowgun/Darts/Sword

Stay with her allies and RUN

Stay hidden. Shoot anyone in sight

District 11 (Agriculture) Rowan Thyme Male 18 Dark skin, golden eyes, curly black hair, 6'0", strong Lonely N/A -----------------
District 11 (Agriculture) Luis Effa Male 13 Short scruffy blond hair, Green/Blue eyes, a bit tan, medium build, 5'6 Kind, Protective, Caring, Sweet, Brave, Smart Sword/Dagger/Mace/Baseball bat -----------------
District 11 (Agriculture)
Blade Corbin
Male 16 Light Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Athletic, Tall, 6"1 ????????????? Spear/Mace/Throwing Axes -----------------
District 11 (Agriculture) Lia Mainwaring Female 16 Tall and skinny with a few muscels, She has long black hair, tanned skin, nutbrown eyes Friendly, Brave, Helpful Bow & Arrow She runs and gets a bow, a loaded quiver and backpack. She will be long gone before the careers reach the cornacopia and starts to kill. Never stay in one place for more than one hour unless she will sleep there
District 11 (Agriculture) May Morningleafs Female 14 Straight black hair, Skinny, Flexible Responsible, Friendly, Happy, Serious Machete/Sling ----------------
District 11 (Agriculture) Rachel Conrad Female 12 Wavy chest length brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, a bit tan, 4'11, light weighted, skinny Sweet, Shy, Sly, Quiet, Caring, Kind Blowgun/Darts/Small Knives/Dagger

Stay with her boyfriend and Run to the farthest perimeter to the Arena

Stay hidden at all times, Kill from afar

District 12 (Mining) Rilios Madd Male 18 Really tan skin, dark brown hair, grey eyes Sweet, brave, strong, determined Spear

Ally with the Careers but go solo if he doesn't cut it

District 12 (Mining) Kevin Lynsu Male 12 Brown hair, Green hazel eyes Mean, Angry, Hateful, Careless Sword/Knife

Protect Sydney and get a weapon

District 12 (Mining) Reed Kale Male 13 Olive skin, grey eyes, black hair, 5'2", skinny Quiet, Shy None ----------------
District 12 (Mining) Ceritia Arrow Female 14 Blonde hair, tanish skin, violety blue eyes Cute, sweet, kind, great at lying (but laughs when she does) Axe

Grab a weapon and/or backpack and run

Act weak, then kill as many tributes as possible before they find out her secret

District 12 (Mining) Sydney Lynsu Female 12 Brown Lucios hair, Blue eyes, Beautiful Fun, Lovely, Cheerful Blowgun Stay With Kevin
District 12 (Mining) Lindy Chaos Female 13 4'6, straight dark brown hair with streaks of blond, gray blue eyes, and olive color skin Shy, quiet, timid, innocent, cautious, and loving

Get the useful things from the out skirts of the Cornucopia and flee

Stalk a tribute with tons of supplies, and try to get stuff when they fall asleep. When there are a hand full of players left start a huge fire making all the tributes flee to the Cornucopia making them fight to the death leaving her the victor.

District 13 (Nuclear) Matt Gunner Male 17 Light Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Tall, Strong, 6"2 Mean, Ruthless, Arrogant, Wild, Crazy Sword/Large Knife/Dagger

Team With Careers And Don't Quit Killing Until It's Over

Team With Careers, Act Ruthless, And Do Anything To Win

District 13 (Nuclear) Jake Frimon Male 18 Soft,spikey brown hair, pale, medium build, 5'9, brown eyes Weird, Funny, Nice Medicine Balls/Blowgun

Get his best friend and run for it

Act weak and injured

District 13 (Nuclear) Adam Washer Male 18 Long-ish chin length black hair, a bit chubby, 5'8, blue eyes, pale Funny, Nice, Defensive Bow & Arrow/Blowgun/Spear

Get Jake and RUN FOR IT

Act stupid, clueless and weak

District 13 (Nuclear) Katie Aubree Female 15 Long Black Hair, Enchanting Green Eyes, Skinny, Weak, 5"6 Shy, Quiet, Gets Easily Angry, Goth Throwing Knives/Dagger/Rope

Grab A Bag On The Edge And Run Away

Hide And Stay In Tree Most Of The Games

District 13 (Nuclear) Kendra Falino Female 18 Lush red velvet colored hair, flawless porcelain skin, piercing green eyes, curvy, muscular, absolutely gorgeous, thin Fierce, brave, fearless, solemn, has the occasional sadistic and sarcastic comment, understanding, stubborn, intelligent Axe/Mace/Sword ----------------
District 13 (Nuclear) Adrianna Marsk Female 16 Light brown hair, tanned, green eyes, a little taller than most 16 year old, muscular Strict, Unthurstfull, Unforgiving Blowgun/Whip She is a good runner so she will get a backpack and a blowgun or a whip then run from the bloodbath
Capitol Joshua Smith Male 16 Dark Brown Hair, 1 Brown Eye And 1 Green Eye, Strong, 5"9 Outgoing, Helpful, Caring, Happy Spears/Small/Sword/Knife ----------------
Capitol Dewey Greez Male 12 Hot pink shoulder length hair, purple eyes, black skin, 5 inch long nails, 5'4, blue tongue, medium build, no nipples Bitchy, Slutty Drumsticks?

Try and seduce any girls (or even guys) then murder them

Seduce and Kill everyone and anyone

Capitol Griz Lams Male 13 Waist length Purple hair, red eyes, polka-dotted skin, chubby, 5'2 Slutty, Bossy, Bitchy Deweys nails?

Get Dewey, rip off his nails, and attack people with them

Stay with Dewey

Capitol Sophia Roseman Female 14 Light Brown Hair With Pink Streaks, Diamond Blue Eyes, 5"5 Atheltic, Happy, Overly Exicted, Sometimes Mean, Bubbly Blowgun With Poison/Darts/Dagger ----------------
Capitol Clementia Chloris Female 15 Lemon-like yellow hair, porcelain skin, eyes like flames, skinny, 5'4" Snappy,Lonely Sword ----------------
Capitol Chamoille Arlue Medelise Female 16 5'7, blonde hair, tuqouise blue eyes, flawless ivory skin, shimmering smile Party animal, wild, fun, very confident and arrogant, hates lesser districts, is rude and spiteful to anyone she doesn't like. She only likes wealthy, good-looking people. Ruthless and cruel. Bow and Arrow/Spear/Throwing knives/Mace

Kill everyone in her way. Get what she wants. Kill more. Ally Careers

Stay with Careers until it comes to the final tributes. Abandon them and kill them in their sleep- three each night


District Name, Age, Gender What they did Appearance Personality Weapon
District 1 Medea Crownwell, 27, F She robbed one of the biggest banks in Panem, getting away with $3 million in cash. She was later arrested after she double crossed her partner and he figured out where she was hiding Long black hair, mysterious black eyes, porcelain skin, tall, thin, muscular, intimidating, looks like she was once pretty but prison took it away Fierce, Brutal, Mean, Scary, Vicious, Deadly, Unforgiving, Hateful, Holds Grudges -----------------
District 2 DJ Ezekial, 19, M Robbed A Bank And Killed 6 People In The Process Dark Black Hair, Mysterious Grey Eyes, Tall, Athletic, Former Football Player, 6"2 Crazy, Overachiever, Wild, Mean, Ruthless,Careless Knife/Axe
District 3 Mercury Brooks, 22, F Killed 4 Elderly's At A Retirement Home And When The Police Came She Killed 2 Of Them Light Blonde Hair With Black Streaks, Emerald Green Eyes, Skinny, Athletic, 5"9 Quiet, Rude, Sensitive, Mean Bow & Arrows/Throwing Darts/Knife
District 4 Griffin Shades, 18, M Raped and Murdered the President's daughter Flirty, Bitchy, Scary, Harmful Spikey black hair, almost black eyes, 5'7, really pale, medium build Trident
District 5 Keira Tamal, 30, F She set 5 houses on fire, killing 7 people Very short black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, many scars on her arms and legs, pale skin, long nails Insane, Wild Mace/Axe
District 6 Joseph Valfa, 21, M Malfunctioned 7 trains, killing over 1/3 of the district's population, including 108 adults, 65 children, 42 toddlers, and 23 infants Fluffy brown hair with blue highlights, one green eye and one blue eye, 5'10, muscular, medium build, a bit tan, very attractive Insane, Crazy, Acting Happy all the Time, Murders when you least expect it Sharp Things
District 7 Jason Coral, 38, M Captured 4 Kids And Killed Them All And Killed 6 Police Dark Black Hair, Grey Eyes, Tall, Athletic, 6"4 Mean, Rude, Loud, Non-Caring, Dumb, Aggressive Sword/Katana/Trident
District 8 Qu'sean Higgins, 26, M Robbed a store and then was forced to shoot his way out. He killed 3 civilians and the cashier He is tall and skinny 6"2, ripped. He has a decently sized afro. Rude, Inconsiderate Sword/Knife
District 9 Jamie Rowday, 21, F Kidnapped all of the children (Age 5-11), toddlers, and babies of the District, locked them in a silo for 2 weeks, and burned down the silo, killing off any survivors Dirty blond hair, Dark green eyes with red-brown flecks, a bit chubby, pale, 5'8 Violent, Insane, Crazy, Wild, Loud N/A
District 10 Shawn Natesser, 22, M Burned 7 farms, killing 10 farmers, over 100 cows, 52 pigs, 35 chickens, and 8 farmer's children Insane, Bitchy, Wild, Scary, Sneaky, Crazy, Murderous A bit tan, 5'8, Wild wavy frizzy hip-length brown hair, brown eyes, skinny N/A
District 11 Violet Lews, 23, F Killed the mayor, his whole family, and anyone else in the District who was affiliated with him. She also decapitated 4 PeaceKeepers Insane, Crazy, Murderous, Scary Fire orange waist length blond hair, pale skin, freckles, Green eyes, Bloodstained lips, 5'11 N/A
District 12 Kesha Ripple, 19, F When the capitol sent new peacekeepers to D12, many things changed. Kesha was a frequent hunter and gatherer, and well known at the Hob. But the Peacekeepers shut down the Hob, and Kesha, along with many others, we're put in stocks. Kesha tried to run away, and almost did, but she tripped and was caught. long brown hair that is often in a ponytail, high cheekbones, very tall, very muscular (like, super), thin Brave, confident, kind, understanding, determined, risky Karate/Speed/Knives/Blowgun
District 13 Duncan Revers, 25, M Blew Up A House And Killed A Family Including, 2 Adults, 1 Teenager, 2 Kids, And 1 Baby Has A Black And Red Mowkawk, Tall, Muscalur, Strong, 6"4 Mean, Vicious, Non-Caring, Bully, And Rude Mace/Sickle/Sword/Dagger
Capitol Prussia Ludovic, 21, F She did nothing wrong. But everyone thinks she had stolen the presidents most precious diamond. Long black hair, sparkling black eyes, flawless ivory skin, kind of a sad look from living in prison, tall, strong Acts hostile, sarcastic, and cold to most people, but to some, she is warm, sweet, and understanding. She is always confident and brave Knives/Axe/Sword/Bow & Arrow


District Name, Age, Gender Appearance Personality
District 1 Tara Locke, 28, F Black Hair With Red Streaks, Shimmering Blue Eyes, 6"1 Caring, Bubbly, Crazy, Friendly
District 2 Ken Goldman, 32, M Light Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Tall, Muscular Supportive, Happy, Funny, Athletic
District 3 Mileena Loughman, 22, F Light skin, magenta hair, glowing orange eyes Mean, Seductive
District 4 Ricky Royce, 39, M Long dirty blodne hair, green eyes, beard Nice, Understanding
District 5 Selma Frinkle, 34, F Light pink skin, lime green hair with gold highlights, red lips, yellow eyes Friendly, 'Girly'
District 6 Hiro Chandler, 23, M Dark skin, white hair, pale eyes, asian Often Underestimated
District 7 Tanya Glover, 21, F Tan skin, black hair, glowing yellow eyes, african-american Evil, Powerful
District 8 Dan Cliff, 21, M Light skin, spikey electric blue hair, red eyes, muscular Evil, Strong
District 9 Anastasia Clifford, 30, F Light skin, curly bubble gum pink hair, black eyes Bubbly, Loud
District 10 Teresa Jolie, 23, F Light skin, dirty blonde hair Manipulative
District 11 Casey Greaves, 21, F Dark skin, glowing green eyes, long blonde braided hair, african-american Diva
District 12 Gray Liffre, 35, M Dark skin, bald, purple eyes Friendly, Kind, Nice
District 13 Amber Clu, 29, F Tan skin, sleek yellow hair Intelligent
Capitol Addison Contessa, 27, F black hair with teal streak, pale skin, large green eyes, very tall and skinny. Bright teal dress with a blue sash, green platform heels, emerald necklace Sweet, Truly Sympathetic, Nice, Understanding

Training Scores

May the best, be the best

Please don't hate me

District Name Training Score Odds
District 1 Chase Hendersen 12 2-1
District 1 Alex Nilsen 9 3-1
District 1 Ambrose Sharp 8 4-1
District 1 Zoey Sparkle 8 4-1
District 1 Andromeda Mellini 10 2-1
District 1 Juvel Garnet 9 3-1
District 2 Justin Gold 9 3-1
District 2 Navy Wonders 7 5-1
District 2 Flintlock Catcher 8 4-1
District 2 Lola Summers 7 5-1
District 2 Celesta Dagger 7 5-1
District 2 Aletta Sifonios 8 4-1
District 3 Benny Golden 5 17-1
District 3 Don Millies 6 13-1
District 3 Buxus Redcoat 6 14-1
District 3 Elysia Kandle 5 16-1
District 3 Demetria Golden 7 10-1
District 3 Tillie Sunday 5 15-1
District 4 Mickey Mcalister 8 4-1
District 4 Derrick Warbrook 9 3-1
District 4 Tyron Septune 11 2-1
District 4 Marina Sedello 10 2-1
District 4 Evangelina Ash 8 4-1
District 4 Cascade Fen 10 2-1
District 5 Aran Harthorn 6 14-1
District 5 Xavier Pruckette 7 16-1
District 5 Daniel Lochagan 8 13-1
District 5 Nina Camberlit 5 10-1
District 5 Demi Campbelle 7 11-1
District 5 Belle Silver 5 10-1
District 6 Seth Barbarossa 7 9-1
District 6 Daniel Broey 6 17-1
District 6 Caleb Broey 7 16-1
District 6 Sophia Barbarossa 6 18-1
District 6 Mikayla Baxter 7 17-1
District 6 Ariana Arnolds 5 19-1
District 7

Gabriel DiPablo

4 29-1
District 7 Atlas Dunnin 7 14-1
District 7 Greg Treetop 6 15-1
District 7 Amy Dreamer 3 30-1
District 7 Bindy Ashton 7 16-1
District 7 Micaylah Bowers 4 15-1
District 8 Dake Larson 5 18-1
District 8 Caddis Manchester 6 16-1
District 8 Fuller Paisley 6 15-1
District 8 Lacey Polder 4 19-1
District 8 Alyssa Rose 4 20-1
District 8 Alyss Shepherd 5 12-1
District 9 Caleb Porter 7 8-1
District 9 Johan Staunton 6 14-1
District 9 Fabian Grode 3 32-1
District 9 Rita Payne 7 9-1
District 9 Eleyen Meyer 6 15-1
District 9 Katriona Greystone 7 18-1
District 10 Gunner Pan 8 6-1
District 10 Franklin Wong 8 5-1
District 10 Clint Radcliffe 5 13-1
District 10 Helena Ray 7 12-1
District 10 Michelle Camburry 6 14-1
District 10 Karen Graceia 7 12-1
District 11 Rowan Thyme 2 40-1
District 11 Louise Effa 4 25-1
District 11 Blade Corbin 8 5-1
District 11 Lia Mainwaring 5 12-1
District 11 May Morningleaves 6 10-1
District 11 Rachel Conrad 7 9-1
District 12 Rilios Madd 5 16-1
District 12 Kevin Lynsu 4 29-1
District 12 Reed Kale 6 10-1
District 12 Ceritia Arrow 6 11-1
District 12 Sydney Lynsu 3 42-1
District 12 Lindy Chaos 5 19-1
District 13 Matt Gunner 8 6-1
District 13 Jake Frimon 7 7-1
District 13 Adam Washer 6 14-1
District 13 Katie Aubree 7 8-1
District 13 Kendra Falino 5 13-1
District 13 Adriana Marsk 6 11-1
Capitol Joshua Smith 10 2-1
Capitol Dewey Greez 4 50-1
Capitol Griz Lams 4 30-1
Capitol Sophia Roseman 9 4-1
Capitol Clementia Chloris 8 5-1
Capitol Chamoille Arlue Medelise 9 4-1

Criminal Training Scores+Odds

District Name, Age, Gender Training Scores Odds
D1 Medea Crownwell, 27, F 9 3-1
D2 DJ Ezekial, 19, M 11 2-1
D3 Mercury Brooks, 22, F 7 6-1
D4 Griffin Shades, 18, M 8 4-1
D5 Keira Tamal, 30, F 9 3-1
D6 Joseph Valva, 21, M 10 2-1
D7 Jason Coral, 38, M 9 4-1
D8 Qu'sean Higgins, 26, M 7 5-1
D9 Jamie Rowday, 21, F 11 2-1
D10 Shawn Natesser, 22, M 9 3-1
D11 Violet Lews, 23, F 8 4-1
D12 Kesha Ripple, 19, F 10 2-1
D13 Duncan Revers, 25, M 10 2-1
C Prussia Ludovic, 21, F 3 20-1


If you wish to be in an alliance the ask the user of that tribute first. But the careers are a bit different though..

(Feel free to name your alliances)

'Careers: Chase Hendersen(1),Zoey Sparkle(1),Andromeda Mellini(1), Flint Catcher(2), Ambrose Sharp(2), Lola Summer(2),Celesta Dagger(2) Mickey McAllister(4),Derrick Warbrook(4), Marina Sedello(4), Cascade Fen(4), Arran Harthorn(5), Amy Dreamer(7), Blade Corbin(11), 'Ceritia Arrow(12), Matt Gunner(13), Chamoille Medelise(C)

Former Careers: Alex Nilsen(1), Juvel Garnet(1), Justin Gold(2), Navy Wonders(2), Aletta(2), Tyron Septune(4), Evangelina Ash(4), Belle Silver(5), Xavier(5), Mikayla Baxter(6),Rilios Madd(12), Sophia Roseman(C), Joshua Smith(C)

Career Criminals: Medea Crownwell(1), DJ Ezekial(2), Griffin Shades(4)

Alliance 2: Micaylah Bowers(7), Bindy Ashton(7), Atlas Dunnin(7)

Alliance 3: Demetria Golden(3), Benny Golden(3), Aletta Sifonios(2)

The Assassins: Michelle Camburry(10), Franklin Wong(10), Karen Graceia(10)

Alliance 5: Kevin Lynsu(12), Sydney Lynsu(12)

Gemini: Daniel Broey(6), Caleb Broey(6)

The Shadows: Rachel Conrad(11), Luis Effa(11)

Alliance 8: Jake Frimon(13), Adam Washer(13)

Psychopathia: Joseph Valfa(6), Jamie Rowday(9), Violet Lews(11)

The Whores: Dewey Greez(C), Griz Lams(C)


Arena 100th Quarter Quell 1

The Arena

The Arena This Year Will Take Place In A Abandoned City. There Are Animals (*cough*and*cough*mutts*cough*) Released And Broken Out Of The Local Zoo. There Will Not Also Be Food At The Cornucopia, But There Will Be Food In The Abandoned Stores And Houses.

In The Center Of The City, Is The Cornucopia, That Sits In The Center Of The Local Park.

Surrounding The Park Is Obviously A Road(With Cars Still On Them.. we were too lazy to remove them) Across The Road Though Are Smallish Buildings

Surrounding The Smallish Buildings Are Tall, Large Buildings, Like SkyScrapers And Apartments

In The South West Of The City/Arena Is The Beach.

Up North West Is The Docks

And In The North East Is The Friendly, Empty, Hauntingly Quiet, Neighbourhood

And Also, I Can Tell This Arena Will Bring Alot Of Hate, So Any Haters Against This Arena Will Be Thrown Into A Cage With My Gay Rainbow Tiger. And I Will Just Ignore Your Complaint About The Arena (As It Is Technically My Games).

The Reason I Chose A City, Is Because It Will Fit The Number Of Tributes (You Wouldnt Want Them To Fight And Hide In A 2cm Box Would You) And For The Ones Who Want To Play Hide And Seek Will Have Easier Places To Hide Out. Oh And It Will Make The Brutal Massacre Last A LONG Time (I Guess). Oh And Tributes Can Finally Live In Luxury In The Arena Where They Will Most Likely Die, In The Five Star Hotel And Penthouse. Or Go To Where All The Crime And Poor People Used To Be. Oh And, Its Best To Avoid Falling Too Far Down. So.............................................. May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour.

(Wow, This Had More Description Than My Last Arena.. I Think)


Name Appearance Abilities Weaknesses Other
Zombie Is an actual dead person. Has wounds if the person was murdered, has orange reptilian eyes, has pirahna like teeth underneath their normal/original teeth Intelligent, Can talk, Deceptive, Can spawn pirahna like teeth ------------------- Created by someone
*Mystery Myth Mutt* Tall, long arms, long legs, no face, wears a black suit and a white shirt under it, red tie Can extend its arms and legs, can sprout tentacles, teleportation ------------------- Created by some guy
Lion Mutt Looks like a lion :P Powerful Fire Created/Idea by HKT
Crocodile Looks like a croco- you should know this :P Can swim, Has hard armor like scales ------------------- Created/Idea by HKT

Death Charts

Tributes - May Death Rain Upon Them

Placed Overall Placed in Group (tributes) Name, Gender District Cause of Death By Who
112th 84th Rowan Thyme, M 11 Stabbed in the throat. via Sword Matt Gunner(13)
111th 83rd Rita Pain, F 9 Knife to the back if her head Lola Summers(2)
110th 82nd Ariana Arnolds, F 6 Arrow to the chest Marina Sedello(4)
109th 81st Kevin Lynsu, M 12 Hanged Qu'sean Higgins(8 Criminal)
108th 80th Amy Dreamer, F 7 Speared in the stomach Anastasia Clifford(9 Escort)
107th 79th Lacey Polder, F 8 Neck Snapped Kesha Ripple(12 Criminal
105th 78th Don Millies, M 3 Stabbed in the eye Derrick Warbrook(4)
104th 77th Johan Staunton, M 9 Throat Slit Aletta Sifonios(2)
103rd 76th Lia Mainwaring, F 11 Strangled Atlas Dunnin(7)
101st 75th Mickey Mcallistor, M 4 Unkown Unkown, possibly Tillie Sunday(3)
100th 74th Tillie Sunday, F 3 Bloodloss Unkown, possibly Mickey Mcallistor(4)
99th 73rd Lola Summers, F 2 Knife to the chest ??????????
97th 72nd Caddis Manchester, M 8 Mace to the head Blade Corbin(11)
96th 71st Clint Radcliffe, M 10 Axe to the skull Chase Henderson(1)
94th 70th Alyss Shepherd, F 8 Drowned Derrick Warbrook(4)
92nd 69th Bindy Ashton 7 Bloodloss Derrick Warbrook(4)
91st 68th Atlas Dunnin 7 Throat slit Dake Larson(8)
90th 67th Dake Larson 8 Speared in the chest Mikaylah Bowers(7)
85th 66th Jake Frimon 13 Hit by a car Griz Lams(C)
84th 65th Tyron Septune 4 Impaled through the stomach Derrick Warbrook(4)
83rd 64th Joshua Smith Capitol Stabbed in the neck Arran Harthorn(5)
82nd 63rd Arran Harthorn 5 Stabbed in the forehead Sophia Roseman(C)
79th 62nd Griz Lams Capitol Crushed by stone slab -------------------
78th 61st Luis Effa 11 Crushed by a building -------------------
77th 60th Karen Graceia 10 Fell out a window -------------------
76th 59th Sydney Lynsu 12 Axe to the head Flintlock Catcher(2)
75th 58th May Morningleaves 11 Bludgeoned by a fallen brick -------------------
74th 57th Reed Kale 12 Crushed by building -------------------
73rd 56th Rachel Conrad 11 Stabbed with a Kitchen knife She tripped and the knife fell
72nd 55th Adam Washer 13 Eaten by a lion mutt Lion Mutt
71st 54th Michelle Camburry 10 Axe to head Jamie Rowday(9 Criminal)
70th 53rd Benny Golden 3 Devoured by a Crocodile mutt Crocodile mutt
68th 52nd Matt Gunner 13 Speared in the neck Rilios Madd(12)
67th 51st Rilios Madd 12 Stabbed in the temple Andromeda Mellini(1)
66th 50th Xavier Pucket 5 Bludgeoned to death Blade Corbin(11)
65th 49th Aletta Sifonios 2 Throat slit Chamoille Arlue Medelise(C)
64th 48th Justin Gold 2 Drowned Chase Henderson(1)
63rd 47th Alex Nilson 1 Stabbed in the stomach Flintlock Catcher(2)
62nd 46th Celesta Dagger 2 Stabbed in the stomach Sophia Roseman(C)
61st 45th Chase Henderson 1 Stabbed in the heart Nina Camberlit(5)
60th 44th Nina Camberlit 5 Stabbed to death Flintlock Catcher(2)
57th 43rd Andromeda Mellini 2 Axe in the chest Katriona Greystone(9)
55th 41st Sophia Roseman Capitol Shot in the head Jason Coral(7 Criminal)
54th 40th Fuller Paisley 8 Arrow in the neck Zoey Sparkle(1)
53rd 39th Fabian Grode 9 Blown up Franklin Wong(10)
52nd 38th Daniel Broey 6 Stabbed in the mouth Derrick Warbrook(4)
51st 37th Clementia Chloris Capitol Axe in the head Greg Treetop(7)
50th 36th Greg Treetop 7 Eaten Pirahna Mutts
47th 35th Daniel Lochagan 5 Speared in the neck Flintlock Catcher(2)
45th 34th Gabriel DiPablo 7 Decapitated Blade Corbin(11)
44th 33rd Kendra Felino 13 Poison Poisonous Fog
43rd 32nd Seth Barbarossa 6 Drowned Tidal wave
42nd 31st Sophia Barbarossa 6 Drowned Tidal wave
39th 30th Buxus Redcoat 3 Devoured Zombie Mutt
38th 29th Cascade Fen 4 Devoured Zombie Mutt
37th 28th Gunner Pann 10 Devoured Zombie Mutt
36th 27th Addriana Marsk 13 Chest sliced open Jason Coral(7)
34th 26th Caleb Porter 9 Stabbed in the head Ambrose Sharp(1l)
33rd 25th Navy Wonders 2 Neck ripped off Zombie Mutt
32nd 24th Katie Aubree 13 Devoured Zombie Mutt
31st 23rd Lindy Chaos 12 Radiation Sickness ------------------
30th 22nd Chamoille Arlue Medelise Capitol ---------------- -------------------
27th 21st Demi Campbelle 5 ????????? Slenderman
24th 20th Franklin Wong 10 Ripped Apart Tiger Mutt
23rd 19th Evangelina Ash 4 Throat slit Juvel Garnet(1)
22nd 18th Belle Silver 5 Speared in the throat Mikayla Baxter(6)
21st 17th Ceritia Arrow 12 Impaled in the throat ------------------
20th 16th Ambrose Sharpe 1 Head crushed by metal box ------------------
19th 15th Micaylah Bowers 7 Fan to the head ------------------
18th 14th Marina Sedello 4 Impaled by a flag pole -------------------
17th 13th Mikayla Baxter 6 Choked to death Juvel Garnet(1)

Criminal Death Chart

Placed Overall Placed in Group Name, Gender District Cause of Death By Who
98th 14th Griffen Shades, M 4 Sword shoved up stomach Zoey Sparkle(1)
95th 13th Keira Tamal, F 5 Neck Snapped Tanya Glover(7 Escort)
93rd 12th Duncan Revers, M 13 Arrow to the neck Belle Silver(5)
89th 11th Dj Ezekial 2 Knife to the head Teresa Jolie(10 Escort)
81st 10th Violet Lews 11 Broke her neck Prussia Ludovic(Capitol Criminal)
80th 9th Joseph Valfa 6 Hacked to Death Prussia Ludovic(Capitol Criminal)
56th 8th Jamie Rowday 9 Decapitated Jason Coral(7 Criminal)
40th 7th Mercury Brooks 3 Devoured Zombie Mutts
35th 6th Prussia Ludovic Capitol Fell three storeys on her head Jason Coral(7 Criminal)
29th 5th Medea Crownwell 1 Knife in the head Jason Coral(7 Criminal)
26th 4th Jason Coral 7 "?????????" Slenderman
25th 3rd Qu'sean Higgins 8 Crushed by a tree

Casey Greaves(11 Escort)

Escort Death Chart

Placed Overall Placed In Group Name, Gender District Cause of Death By Who
106th 14th Anastasia Clifford, F 9 Heart ripped out Kesha Ripple(12 Criminal)
102nd 13th Amber Clu, F 13 Knife shoved through mouth Dan Cliff(8 Escort)
88th 12th Teresa Jolie, 23, F 10 Stabbed in the throat Medea Crownwell(1 Criminal)
87th 11th Hiro Chandler, 23, M 6 Stabbed in the stomach Medea Crownwell(1 Criminal)
86th 10th Casey Greaves, 21, F 11 Decapitated Medea Crownwell(1 Criminal)
69th 9th Mileena Loughman, 22, F 3 Stabbed in the neck Katie Aubree(13)
59th 8th Ricky Royce, 39, M 4 Arrow to the neck Chamoille Medelise(C)
58th 7th Gray Liffre, 35, M 12 Harpooned (Speared) Cascade Fen(2)
48th 6th Selma Frinkle, 34, F 5 Stabbed in the heart Daniel Lochagan(5)
46th 5th Ken Goldman, 32, M 2 Bloodloss Jason Coral(7 Criminal)
41st 4th Dan Cliff, 21, M 8 Sulfric Acid Jason Coral(7 Criminal)
28th 3rd Tanya Glover, 21, F 7 Stabbed Jason Coral(7 Criminal)

The Games

Day 1 - Death In The Air

Chamoille Arlue Medelise - Capitol

I can't believe the capitol children were competing. I am one of them.
The lesser districts would probably target us first... unless we kill them.
Light burns my eyes. I look out infront of me, there in the middle of the circle of tributes, is the golden cornucopia.
I look around. We're in a city, like one of those I see in our history books.
I look at the criminals. They look terrifying and dangerous. Hopefully I don't run into one of them.
The escorts look terrified, trembling in fear.
60, 59, 58
The countdown. What will I do.
I feel nervous, playing a game on television were everyone has to kill each other.
The clock is ticking.. Atleast I have allied with the careers, if I hadn't then I would be toast.
Ahhh, the pressure

Matt Gunner - District 13

I can already smell death in the air, the sound of the tributes crying for help, the sound of blood splattering everywhere.
It will be easy to survive day one, since I'm one of the careers.


Tributes run in and tributes run away. I grab a nearby sword and slash a boy with it. He falls and yells for help.
I stab him in the throat. He gurgles blood everywhere, and eventually, silence.. I made the first kill. I pull the sword out of the corpse.
I scan the arena for the next victim. The girl from 9, Rita I think, is looking through the supplies. I lounge towards her.
She sees me and dodges out of the way. Rita take a knife and jumps on me and stabs me. Then her blood splats all over me.
She falls on top of me, I see a knife in the back of her head.
It was Lola, from 2. "Are you okay" she asks me. "I'm fine"
She dashes off to kill another tribute.

Lacey Polder - District 8

I look around desperately for something to take. I will never know what I will need.
I see a girl from 6, Ariana, get an arrow in her chest. Then the criminal from 6, decapitates a boy from his district with a sword.
The criminal from our district starts to hang the youngest boy from 12 at a nearby tree. His sister is trying to help him. But the criminal knocks her away effortlessly.
Then I see a red backpack, it's mine. I dash for it. I grab the backpack, just when an escort spears a girl from 7 in the stomach, her blood splatters all me.
Then I feel a pair of hands grab me.

Kesha Ripple - District 12 (Criminal)

{C}I snap the girls neck. Too easy. I take the backpack she was running for, and I start to dash for the city. An escort pulls a spear out of a fallen tribute and runs at me.
I take a nearby katana and slice her leg. It comes off. She yells in pain. I cut open her chest and I grab her heart, she cries in pain.
"This is what you get, for me, b****" I pull her heart out. She goes silent.
Two kills already. I see a boy stab another in the eye.
Well, its best I get out of here. I run from the cornucopia. As I ran I saw tributes kill eachother.
A girl from 2, slits open a boys throat. A boy from 7 strangles a girl from 11. An escort shoves a knife into another escorts mouth.
And a girl from 3, staggers in my way, weilding a sword. I get my weapon ready to slit her throat open. But she falls over on top of a path, a puddle of blood forming on the path.
I see a another tributes body, not far away from her's. Then I see a gateway not far away. I'm out of here.

Blade Corbin - District 11

{C}Everyone is clearing out, there are still a couple of tributes fighting and killing eachother.
None of the careers have died..
I look around for Lola, I kinda like her, but she's a year older than me.. so..
Then I see her on the ground. "Lola!" I cry.
I run to her. She has a knife in her chest. Its too late. She is dead... I close her eyelids and whisper "Goodbye"

I get up and turn around. I'm not gonna look back...
Zoey shoves a sword up the district 4 criminals stomach, he vomits blood. The first criminal to die.
Then a boy from 8, Caddis, a boy who didnt do so well during training, darts out of the cornucopia. I take my mace and I throw in at him.
It smacks him right in the skull. My first kill... I didnt feel anything about it. It was like I did it everyday.
Chase from 1 throws an axe into another tributes skull. Surprisingly, the escort from 7, does some acrobatic trick and snaps the district 5 criminals neck with her feet.
Then our 'leader' Derrick from 4, dunks a girl from 8's head into a lake and starts drowning her. The criminal from district 13, Duncan Revers, A man who blew up a house with a family inside.
"Care to join our alliance" I ask him as politely as I could. "Meh, an alliance with a bunch of dumb kids, I would rather team up with a hungry crocodile" He grunts.
"I was only asking" I say to him, slightly offended. I turn around, something hits me in the back of the head. "Blade!" yells one of my 'friends'
I roll over just when a sickle swings past my face. I kick Duncan. He falls over. He gets up and shoulders me. I fall back.

Tara Locke - District 1 (Escort)

I see criminal from 13 try to kill a tribute. The two fight, Duncan has the upperhand. Then a girl from 5 fires an arrow at Duncan.
It strikes him in the neck. I grab a lime green backpack and dash for it. I pass the gates of the park and onto a sidewalk. There are empty vehichles everywhere, most looked damaged and very few look decent.
I run across the road and into a thai restraunt. On the ground floor was nothing but a hallway and a few doors that are locked.
I head upstairs. Here's the restraunt. It's so quiet that it makes me shiver. I sit on a chair next to a window. Not the smartess place to be. Next to a window.
Anyone can see you. I get up and move to a seat in the center of the room. I open the backpack. Dried fruit, two loaves of bread, a knife, a rope, a sleeping bag and a first aid kit.
I get off the chair and leave the backpack on the table and enter the kitchen. Theres a few stoves, pans, wooden spoons. almost everything you would see in a restraunts kitchen.
I find a kitchen knife wedged in a chopping board. Hurray, more weapons. I pull the knife out of the chopping board and look around for mor sharp objects.
This place is kinda handy, free weapons. I open a cupboard, flies fly everywhere. I swat them away. Theres some rotten meat in there. I close the cupboard and continue on my quest for sharp objects.

Boom. The cannons, that means the bloodbath is over. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.
The cannons kept going until the last cannon goes off. Boom. Twenty tributes in this years bloodbath. Not as many tributes as I had expected. I thought about thirty or fourty tributes would die in this years bloodbath..
I leave the kitchen. The only thing that is still edible in there was a chocolate bar from some chef called, Daryl Oaks, uniform.
Well then, time to get ready to go to sleep. I take out my sleeping bag. Then I hear someone staggering outside..
I look throught the window. A girl, who was injured badly. is staggering on the road. She falls on the ground.
I run down the stairs and out the door. I help the girl up from the ground. She has nothing. No weapons, no food, no backpack, nothing.
I take her into the restraunt and lay her on my sleeping bag. Poor thing. I will sleep on the bench in the corner of the room.
But first. I take my first aid kit..... now, how do I open this thing.. sure I have watched alot of games, but I never new how to use medical items. All I know is how to open the damn kit.
Come on, I have dying girl here. I take out the bandages and wrap it around every wound I can find. I hope thats enough to keep her alive...

Day 2 - A Disturbance in the Neighbourhood

Marina Sedello - District 4

I open my eyes. Its a beautiful day. A blue sky and small puffy white clouds.
I get up. Apperantley I wasn't the first to wake up, about four others were wide awake, another was awake but still half asleep.
"Good morning" sings Cascade. She takes a bite out of a loaf of bread. "Hey" I say to her. I get up and walk over to the cornucopia.
Its disapointing that we will have to kill each other soon. I wish we had all met each other under different circumstances.
Like all of us from the same district or if there were no districts at all, just one town or village or even a city.
Sure some of us don't get along well with others but, that could change. I admit though, that I can't trust all of them entirely.
You'll never know when you'll be backstabbed, I've seen tributes betray eachother in a long list of games.
I take an apple and walk out of the cornucopia. I'm sure this alliance will go just fine, just fingers crossed theres no betrayals.
"Justin, what the f-" Chase says to Justin. They are in a heated arguement, Chase thinks Justin had taken his axe and left it stuck really deep in a tree. Chase can't take it out.
"It wasn't me" yells Justin. "Why would I want your stupid axe anyway!"
"Why are you shouting" Chase shouts at him. "Because your f-" Justin bellows.
"Guys just shut up!" Cascade yells at the two. "This is pointless, Chase couldnt you just get another from the cornucopia, its only like, ten steps away"
Chase sighs and stalks over to the cornucopia, muttering angrily.

Maybe they might not last long together.. we'll see..
I take a bite out of my apple. Soon it will be another day where someone dies, I would laugh if nobody died today, with this amount of people competing.

Luis Effa - District 11

I walk into the kitchen. Rachel is looking outside the window.
We're in a abanoned house. In an abandoned housing estate.
"Rachel, we'll be fine" I say to her calmly. She just looks at me.
What am I saying, its less likely that we'll both make it out alive.
She starts crying. I don't know what to do. I just sit down at the table with her.
After about an hour of doing nothing, we hear two people outside. Rachel stops crying, and runs upstairs.
I follow her. We went into a bedroom, and look out the window.
Two other tributes are fighting eachother outside. One boy is from 7 and another is from 8.
The boy from 7 swings his axe into the other boys stomach. the 8 boy slits his throat open with his sword.
The 7 male falls to the ground, gurgling. The other boy finishes him off by stabbing him in the heart.
Suddenly a girl from 7 runs out. And before the boy could defend himself, she throws her spear at him, spearing him in the chest.
The girl walks up to the fallen tributes and pulls her spear out of the 8 boys body. She then takes both of their backpacks.
And runs away.
I look at Rachel, her face is pale..

Medea Crownwell - District 1 (Criminal)

We walk out onto the street. I can't trust Dj, so I'll keep my distance.
Then I see three other tributes, they are adults and, in no doubt, from the capitol.
Escorts. Meh, this will be a piece of cake.
They see us. I know two of them. Casey Greaves and Hiro, the other one I don't know.
"Why hello there" Dj shouts to them. "Hello, good day isnt it" replies Hiro.
They aproach us, weapons in hand.
"Well... lets get started" Dj says to them, he punch's Hiro in the face. The other two escorts attack us.
It's Dj against Hiro and the unkown escort. I kick Casey in the face. She then punch's me in the stomach.
I groan in pain, a surprisingly tough escort. "How'da like that, huh" she says. She kicks me in the stomach.
I take out my katana and swing it at her. She ducks. Then,

Dj is dead. A knife sticks out of his head. I kick Casey in the face again, she falls back. I run.
The escorts not far behind. I make a turn into a warehouse. There are crates, storage racks and a forklift.
I start to climb up the pile of crates. An escort runs in. The one I don't know. Throws a knife at me.
I dodge it. Then I throw a small crate at her. She jumps out of the way.
"You will fight me and die" Yells the escort. "Fine" I yell back. I jump down from the pile of crates.
"Let us dance" I draw my katana. She throws a knife at me, it hits me in the leg. I yell in pain.
She runs up to me. But I punch her in the nose. I pull the knife out of my leg and stab her in the throat.
The door opens.

Medea Crownwell vs Hiro and Casey (Overview)

The two escorts run in. Medea(1) pulls the knife out of Teresa Jolie's(10) throat. Casey(11) attacks Medea with a katana.
Medea kicks her in the stomach. Casey gets knocked away. Hiro(6) then swings his mace at Medea. She ducks.
Teresa died atlast. Medea stabs Hiro in the stomach with her katana. Then Casey kicks Medea in the back.
The sword goes deeper into Hiro's stomach. Medea knocks Casey away and pulls the sword out of Hiro.
Medea swings her sword at Casey, Casey dodges it and climbing the storage racks, Medea follows her. They swing there katana's at each other.
Until Casey trips Medea over. Medea falls down, and Casey jumps down. Medea gets up. And ready's her sword.
Casey attacks her. Medea jumps to the side and Casey colides into a pole. Casey tries to kick Medea in the face. But Medea ducks and uppercuts Casey.
Medea tries to finish Casey off but she trips her over. Casey gets up and stabs Medea in the stomach. She falls to the ground.
Casey curses and starts to walk away. But Medea is still alive and she gets up. Then Casey realizes the cannon didnt go off.
And once Casey turns around, Medea stabs her in the stomach with her katana. Then Medea decapitates Casey.

Jake Frimon - District 13

Six cannons today so far. Adam and I are in an alley.
Just then we hear two tributes. One screams in pain.
"There we're done" says the other. Adam and I walk up slowly towards the two.
Their both capitol kids. One of them has a blue tongue.
I shudder just looking at them.
Then one of them attacks me and scraps my arm with his nails.
Adam knocks him away and the nails fly off. I'm confused... then it hits me, they weren't his nails.
I see the other boys fingers. Their bleeding. I vomit. This is just.. messed up..
The other boy is slashing Adam with his friends nails, well, claws.
I throw the little freak off Adam. Its open combat. Me & Adam against Two little freaks from the capitol.
The boy with no nails smacks me in the face with a drumstick. The other slaps Adam.
Then one of the one with his friends 'claws' picks up a rucksack and swings it at Adams face. Adam blacks out.
There is, in no doubt, something heavy in that rucksack.
Then he swings it at me. It goes black....

"Dewey, would you just shut up"
I open my eyes. Adam and I are strapped to a pole.
In front of me was a car.. I feel someone trying to move. Adam is strapped to the same pole as me, back to back.
The one with his friends nails whispers "Hey, Dewy, their awake"
"Yippie" says Dewy in delight. "Do you want to drive" asks the other. "How about you Griz, your really good at these types of things"
"Okie Dokie" says Griz. He waddles into the car infront of me. What is he doing. The engine starts.
"Oh no" I think to myself. "Jake, what was that?" asks Adam. "The car infront of me" I reply.
"Okay, Jake, incase I don't make it out alive, I just ant you to know, that your the best friend any guy could ha-"
The car speeds towards us. I close my eyes...


Day 3 - Tears of Blood

Juvel Garnet - District 1

Its really early in the morning, its still dark.
I think I'm the only one awake, I just can't trust these guys. Maybe I can trust a few. But not all of them.
"Juvel" a voice whispers. I role over to my right. It's Tyron, he's still awake.
"Yeah" I whisper back. "How about we start a new alliance?". So he doesn't trust these guys too, eh.
"Maybe" I whisper to him, just to be sure he isn't trying to trick me or anything. "Is anyone else gonna be in this, secret alliance?"
"Sure, only the people we trust". "Then why did you ask me first". This stays in my head. Maybe somethings going on.
"Cus you look like a trustworthy person" he says back. He then lowers his voice again, incase someone had heard him.
"If your starting an alliance, then why can't I be in it?" another voice comes in. Aletta from 2 is awake. Tyron sighs and says "Yes"
"Listen, this alliance can only have people we can trust, we will work together until we're the last ones left, kill off a few of the rest who arent part of it one by one" Tyron starts.
So this alliance involves betraying the original alliance in a way...
"So, when the rest wake up" he continues. "Ask whoever is closer to you than the rest, if they deny, tell me. If they accept, tell them to stay up around midnight or when everyone is asleep, we will make plans there."
He turns over. I look to Aletta, she just shrugs and goes back to sleep. I still don't think this is a good idea..

I wake up. It looks like its gonna rain soon.
"Juvel" says a familiar voice. "What now" I say to him, I'm only half awake.
"Come with me and Aletta to go hunting for tributes" he says
I groan. I get up and get my backpack and my spear.
Apperantly, Aletta, Tyron and I aren't the only ones in a secret alliance, there are ten others, about half of the career pack.
There was: Alex from 1, Justin and Navy from 2, Evangelina from 4, Belle Silver & Xavier Pucket from 5, Mikayla from 6, The guy from 12 and Sophia and Joshua from the Capitol
We head out and onto the road. We keep walking, until Tyron told us to stop. "Okay guys, you know the reaon for this alliance and the main plans. Now for backup plans"
This is why he brought us out here, I'm just wasting my time. "Oh and what to do when someone finds out"
"Kill them, I suppose" Justin suggests. Everyone agrees. "But what if someone asks what happened" Sophia asks.
"Kill them too" Justin says. "Don't be pathetic, we can't kill everyone" says Belle. Suddenly.
A Spear shines through Tyron's stomach. He cries blood and falls to the ground. Boom.
We get our weapons ready to attack Derrick. But he wasn't the only one here. The rest of the careers where.
Someone must have been awake last night and told them about it. This was a bad idea from the very start.
"Run!" I yell. And we start to run away, but the careers are after us.

Prussia Ludovic - Capitol (Criminal)

Why am I here. I don't deserve this. The suspense of being cought by an enemy tribute stirs around me.
I did nothing wrong. I hear tributes, teenagers. I peer out the window of the building. The career alliance is chasing someone.
Then one of them stabs another in the neck. Boom.
The careers has broken into two different alliances. A girl from the capitol I knew, Sophia, stabs the boy in the forehead with her dagger.
She then catches up with her group and continues to run. The other careers are chasing them.
I back away from the window. Then I feel someone breathing behind me. I don't know what to do.
Then, I turn around to see Joseph Valfa from 6. He tries to grab me. But I push him away and I run out the door. I keep running.
I run further and further. I look behind me. He along with two other women are running towards me. One of the women throw a knife at me.
I dodge it on time and run into a building. I run down the corridor, but all the doors are locked. I turn around. The murderers are running towards the building.
I run back to the door. They have just reached the door when I started running upstairs. A pair of hands grab my legs. I kick Joseph away from me, and continue running.
It's an asian restraunt. Someone has been staying here overnight, I see a sleeping bag and some food.
Tributes have got to have been here. The kitchen door is swinging. I run to it. The other criminals after me.
I get into the kitchen and take a meat cleaver from a chopping board.
They run in. Weapons at the ready. A woman throws a knife at me. I scream and knock it away.
Then I see an exit. They look at me then to the door. And before they could stop me, I run to it. I get out, and start to run up the fire escape.
I keep going higher. The woman who threw the knife and Joseph runs upwards, the other woman runs down.
Joseph and the woman see's me, but doesn't alert their ally, instead they just followed me.

I reach the top. They reach the top too. The woman kicks me. She then punch's me in the stomach.
Then she tries to punch me again, but this time I hit her with the cleaver. I then, push her off the fire escape. She screams and falls and breaks her neck. Boom.
Oh no. I killed someone. Then Joseph attacks me with a sword and cuts my hand off. I knock him down the stairs.
I run down to him. Then I hit him with the cleaver so much that he dropped dead. Boom.
The woman who was still alive saw me, and starts running up the stairs. I climb through a window and shut it.
The chase begins.

Adam Washer - District 13

I have gotten away from the two freaks from the capitol. I don't know if they are after me.
I keep running. They can't kill me if they can't catch me. Something stops me.
Something is not right.. suddenly the ground shakes. A building collapses. A large crack starts forming on the road..
Its an earthquake, gamemaker made, no doubt about it. I run.
This is not good. I see the little freak who killed my best friend. I start to run to him and kill him. But a stone slab falls from a building and crushes him.
Well the gamemakers did all the work for me, time to concentrate with the rest of the game. I falls over.
Another cannon, I wonder who it is.
Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.
The shaking stops. I sigh with relief. I start walking up the road until I see a lion. I stop in my tracks.
It's a mutt. Immediately, I run. But a pair of claws sink into me. I fall and the lion starts to take a bite out of my face.
"Goodbye Family" I whisper.
The lions mouth covers my eyes.



Day 4 - Untitled

Zoey Sparkle - District 1

{C}It is midday. The morning was uneventful. All we did was hunt for the traiters all morning. We found nobody.
We kept walking, stopping every now and then. Derrick is not giving up, he wants to teach them a lesson and kill them.
He's scaring me, he stays up half the night, it looks as if leadership had made him feel, too powerful.
But I won't say anything about him to the others, if I do, then he'll probably kill me...
We keep walking. If only.. if only he died tonight.. the second he goes to sleep, I will kill him.
Its either he kills me, or I kill him.
"Zoey" whispers Chase, a district partner. "What" I groan. "If we find them, let me kill justin" he says.
"Okay, Whatever" I mutter. I honestly couldn't care less who I kill or who he kills, I only care if the target is me.

Jamie Rowday - District 9 Criminal

{C}I will kill her if its the last thing I do. That b**** has it coming.
I walk down the street, out in the open.
Then, I see two teens run by. Before I could stop myself, I run after them.
The girl looks behind. She screams and keeps running.
But I get to her and pin her down. I get my axe ready to hack at her, then the boy kicks me in the face.
"GET OFF OF HER!" he yells. I get up. The run. I throw my axe, and it smacks into the boys back.
The girl stops and cries. The boy yells for her to keep running. But she refuses to.
I swing my axe into the side of her head. Boom.
I turn around. The boy has a knife in his stomach. Suicide, meh.
I take their belongings and continue hunting for.. that b****

Tara Locke - District 1 Escort

{C}The girl is fine, she's alive. Thats all that matters.
Her name is Katie Aubree, she's from district 13.
We can make it through together, I know it. After all, six tributes, one criminal and one escort can survive, right.
We are hiding out in an apartment. We have food and water and weapons.
I trust her, she seems like a rather nice young lady, for a girl from a lesser district.
Suddenly, a knife is pressed against my throat. She betrayed me? After I saved her life, she betayed me?
I kick her away. Only to see another woman weilding a knife. She screeches and cuts my arm.
She then stabs me in the stomach. The blood splats on my face. A knife appears out if her neck.
She falls to the ground. Katie saved me.. Then I see that the woman she killed was a friend of mine, another escort named Mileena.
I look at my hands, they are covered in blood. I look at my stomach, its bleeding.
It goes black.. all I hear is Katie's gasp.
Am I dead...

Alex Nilsen - District 1

{C}Its dark, the sun has set. I look out the dock, at the stars in the sky.
"Isn't it beautiful" Mikayla says.
The others are inside a warehouse. All of them are awake.
Then. It feels like someones watching us..
I turn around and an arrow shoots past my face. "RUN" I yell. And we start to make our escape.
But Flint runs infront of us. I swing my sword at him, he ducks. He charges at me and knocks me over.
The others run out, weapons in hand.

Careers vs The Former Careers (Overview)

{C}Zoey(1) fires an arrow at Evangelina(4), It misses. Evangelina charges at Zoey and they fight.
Chase(1) punches Justin(2) in the face and knees him in the stomach.
Matt(13) stabs Rilios(12) in the stomach. Rilios kicks Matt to the ground and spears him in the neck.
Juvel(1) is fighting Derrick(4). Xavier(5) is fighting Blade(11). Chamoille(C) is fighting Aletta(2).
Belle(5) is against Marina(4). Celesta(2) is against Sophia(C).
Rilios starts fighting Andromeda(1). Andromeda stabs Rilios repeatedly in the tenders, then stabs him in his temple.
Chase dunks Justins face into the water and starts drowning him. Blade kicks Xavier in the face and bludgeones him to death with his mace.
Chamoille slits Aletta's throat open.
Boom. Justin drowned.
Juvel kicks Derrick in the stomach and pushes him into the water.
Flint stabs Alex in the stomach with his sword.
Sophia stabs Celesta in the stomach.
Juvel calls her alliance to run. They do.
But Derrick climbs out of the water and stabs Belle in the leg. She can't run, and the careers get her.
They are about to kill her, until Derrick tells them not to.. They take her away instead.
Juvel stops and tries to run back for Belle, but Navy holds her back and gets her to keep running.

Day 5 - The Announcement

Mikayla Baxter - District 6

{C}"Good Morning Tributes"
The sound of a male gamemaker fills the city. I wake up immediately.
"Today there will be a.. well lets just cut to the chase shall we?
Poisonous fog, zombies, raining fire, tidal wave and nuclear radiation,
will be released tomorrow, but not all at the same time, each 'disaster' will last two hours a day..
these series of events will last for the next three days. There will be a feast tomorrow morning, two hours before the first disaster,
there will be announcement when the feast begins. There will be supplies that can help you survive each catastophe.. but note there will only be two of everything.
Meaning very little will get something, meaning the rest will probably be dead by the first four hours, unless they know how to last these things by hand..
That is all, goodluck and, May The odds Be Ever In Your Favor"

Everyone waits for the words to sink in... then "WE NEED TO GO TO THAT FEAST!" shrieks Sophia.
"Shut Up!" whispers Navy. "The careers could be nearby"
"Sorry, but we do need to go, how will we make it through without the stuff, like the fog for example" Sophia begins.
"Get higher up" Navy replies. "Zombies?". "Kill them like their tributes". Sophia glares at Navy.
"How about the nuclear reaction?" she bites back. "You won't die instantly"
I ignore the two. I'm just.. too upset.. No, devastated after Alex's death yesterday..
I burst into tears.

Nina Camberlit - District 5

{C}The sun is high up in the sky. Its a beautiful day.
I walk up the beach. Sure a tribute might see me.
But its less likely in such a big arena.
I run into the water. This is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, for a ruined city.
I walk back into the house I was hiding, well, living in. The house sits right next to the beach.
It looks soo.. modern. AND there's a pool.
The fridge has food in it since I came. I walk out into the back, there is a pool and a wall seperating the back from the beach and the neighbouring houses
This looks like a house in the victors village.
I undress myseld and jump into the pool and swim around the pool for a few minutes. I dunk myself under water.

Then I see a boys face up above. I try to let out a scream, but only bubbles come out. I swim back from him and rise to the surface.
I get out of the pool. The boy and another boy both attack me. Their both careers.
I scream and run to the barbecue grill and grab the fork. One of them jump at me. I stab him in the heart with the fork.
He falls into the pool. Boom.
The other boy looks at me angrily and walks up to me.

Cascade Fen - District 4

Another cannon. I race across the road and into the house Chase and Flint went in.
"Flint!" I shout. "Chase!"
I run through the living room and the kitchen. Then I see Flint out the window.
I run out. I see Chase floating in the pool and a girl lying on the ground naked and bleeding.
Their blood colors the pool.
"Come on" Flint ushers me back inside and out the house.
We head back to camp. Everyone else has gone hunting tributes.
Marina and Chamoille are the only ones here.
"Where's Chase" says Chamoille immediately. Chamoille and Chase were 'close'since they first met in training.
Flint doesn't say anything, he just walks into the cornucopia and lies down on a crate.
'Where is he?" Chamoille asks me. I don't reply. She would be devastated like how Blade was when Lola died..

Then Marina falls to the ground, and a man runs to us. Another one runs towards us.
Chamoille fires an arrow at the first one. It hits him in the neck.
The other one throws a ball at us. It collides into Chamoille's stomach.
She falls to the ground, moaning in pain.
I throw my harpoon at him. He is hit in the stomach.
Chamoille and Marina are still alive.
Flint runs out, and immediately after he see's Chamoille on the ground, he runs to her.
I run to Marina, the boy cut her leg off.
I help her, up and help her get to the cornucopia.
Flint carry's Chamoille to the Cornucopia.
He lays her on a long crate and puts his jacket over her for warmth.
I snatch the first aid kit. How Do I Use These Things.

Day 6 - Darkness

Tara Locke - District 1 (Escort)

{C}I wake up. Its morning, but its still dark outside. I can tell from the clock.
Katie and I dropped the body out the window to be picked up yesterday.
But the deceased escort's blood is still lying there in a puddle, and the blood left behind when we dragged her to the window.
I get up and walk to the kitchen. Take a towel. And walked back to clean up the blood.
Then I went back into the kitchen, and threw the towel into the sink. I look out the window.
No fog. Just mist, fog is thicker. But could he have meant mist...
"Good very early morning tributes" Rings the unmistakable voice.
"The feast will begin shortly, once the careers leave, which they WILL. Otherwise they'll be tazed into the wilderness"
"That is all"
Perhaps if I go now, before the violence starts.. No. I'm not risking it.
We'll cope.. for now atleast.

Katriona Greystone - District 9

{C}The walk to the cornucopia was uneventful. All that I did really was avoid staying out in the open.
Atlast, I arrive. I hide behind a bush. There are no signs of the careers. There is no table.
I wait another two minutes. It must have been fake. They probably just wanted us to come out here and fight over nothing.
Then, just as I started to turn around. A platform erected from the ground. There wasn't a table, just the items lying on the platform.
Another, but wider and slightly taller, platform came up under it. Followed by another, which was even wider and a tad higher.
Platforms kept arising from the ground infront of the cornucopia, under eachother. Steps appeared as it grew higher.
Then atlast, they stopped. It was a pyramid. The structure is as tall as an oak tree.
So we have to run to the top, to get our stuff.
I take a step forward. Then suddenly, a girl shot out of the cornucopia and started the great climb.
'This is stupid' I say to myself.
I hear a something. Then, without thinking, I run for it. I get as far as the first step and look behind me.
A career. I run up the stairs to the top. Then an arrow flies past me.
I take a throwing axe and throw it at her. The girl screamed as the axe burrowed itself into her chest.
She falls back. The girl lies there dead, her dark brown curls sprawled across the ground.
I continue my climb. Once I reach the top, The other girl is already running down the pyramid with a handgun.
'But thats against the rules' I think furiously. I see a second one on the ground. I grab it. A boy comes up infront of me with a fire extinguisher.
He tries to hit me with it. I dodge it. The metal clanks against the platform. I shoot him.
But it was a blank. I keep trying but nothing, no bullets. He attacks me again, but I kick him down the steps.
The boys remains look too sickening to look at. All twisted and mangled, limbs lying there in impossible angles.
I see other tributes starting the climb. Then I take the boys fire extinguisher and spray all the foam at two careers who have made it two steps away from the top.
The recoil. It find a pack of bullets and run down the steps. Snagging a shovel on the way down.

Jason Coral - District 7 (Criminal)

The famous Jamie Rowday's head rolls off.
I laugh. Now is the opportunity to kill as many rivals possible.
Only one "criminal" can win. I, Jason Coral, will be the king of crime, murder, criminals
I am aware of what I do, And I like it. I start the run up the pyramid. I saw a girl run by with a gun earlier.
That is something I would least expect in a games. But hey, its a quell isn't it. Every quell twists rules around.
Bends and distorts them and remove and replace them. Then next year the games are normal.
I spot an escort, Ken. Kenny, Kenny, Ken. Ken the hen.
I stab him in the back with my katana. He spits blood everywhere. Then I slice his right arm off.
He falls down, red liquid flowing down the steps like an aztec had sacrificed someone to their gods.
'Oh my god! I killed Kenny!' I yell like a six year old.
He coughs blood, and keeps coughing. Yes. Thats it. Cough all your blood out and die of bloodloss.
I reach the top. Aha. There WERE guns. I pick up a revolver and put it in between my belt and my trousers.
I take a second one. I grab a rifle and sling it over my shoulder. Pick up three packs of bullets.
These are probably to help fend off ZOMBIES. But nobody said you can't shoot TRIBUTES.
I load the revolver and turn around and shoot a girl in the head. Boom.
I laugh as she fell to the ground with a thud.
Then I make my way down. Firing at random.
This is my lucky day.

Alyssa Rose - District 8

{C}I search frantically. Most tributes have taken nearly all the guns. So I take a Hazmat suit and shove it in a sack.
What else do I need. Boom.
I walk into a girl who is lying on the ground with a hole in her head.
Then I return to my search for stuff. A water gun? Seriously? A snowboard?
Jeez, the gamemakers are either running out of ideas of what to put here or they think its just plain funny.
I shove them aside. I hear some liquid inside the watergun. Pre-filled I guess. I pick it up. I see the career leader.
That monster Derrick. I shoot water all over him, just to see his reaction of being soaked unexpectedly.
He screams in pain. It wasn't water. It was ACID!
He shot cold eyes at me. I run for it. I guess I should be a bit safer since I have a water.. Acidgun, and a Hazmat suit.

Franklin Wong - District 10

The stuff up here look just plain ridiculous. A lighter, cough medicine, dog toys, a doll.. A shotgun!
I shove everything away. The doll fell and shot a laser out of its eyes. The cough medicine bottle shattered and some smoke was released.
The dog toys exploded. I recoil. 'Cheesy' I say to myself.
I stick with the gun and the lighter and a few bullets. I also grabbed some food. I take a baseball and threw it down one of the steps.
It bounced once, it bounced twice, then... KABOOM!
The tributes nearby it was blown back. Another tribee close to it was blown to bits. It left a crater in the surrounding steps.
I smile. I might, I mean, WILL, need these. I take a handful of the exploding baseballs. and put them cautiously into my backpack.
'This is just getting intresting' I say to myself happily.
'But still, this is really cheesy'
I see a boy all mangled up lying on the ground at the bottom of the stairs. 'Ugh' I say in disgust. And take another stairway down.
Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.
'Well, well, They fall just like dominoes' I say as a tribute died after another.
I wonder what tributes are gonna run into up there. Razor cards? Flying phones? A serial killing doll?
I smirked imagining Chucky going around the arena killing tributes off one by one.
So.... I feel so lonely without Michelle. I am gonna win this for you, I think to myself.
I will hunt them all down. For you.

Ambrose Sharp - District 1

I watch my friends kill the other tributes. I was left by Sir Flintlock Catcher, The Great.
To watch over the one he loves, Lady Chamoille, who is injured and is at the moment asleep.
I am sitting in the tree watching everyone. One eye on the fight and the other eye on Chamoille who is lying down below the tree I'm in.
I don't hate or like Chamoille, she doesn't mean much to my life. But I took Flints order seriously.
One: He is stronger than me.
Two: He is Derricks best friend, and second in command.
Three: If anything happens to her, I'm as good as meat.

I see something. I jump down from the tree. Well.. fell from the tree.
Landing flat on the ground. 'What a beautiful landing' says a female voice.
I get up and start dusting dirt off myself as if some hot looking girl was looking at me.
But this girl was about fourteen years old. 'So graceful' the girl continued.
'So splendid, so attractive, so marvelous. Boy what a landing' she says dramatically.
'Stop it' I snap. 'What? Am I embarrasing you on live television or something?'
I glare at her. She glares back. I draw my mace. She lifts her axe.
We glare at eachother for a moment... then I attack.
My mace hits a tree. She swings her axe, It misses. I kick her in the stomach.
She punches me in the face. I recoil. Then I get ready to swing the mace. But she kicks me.
I fall back. She keeps kicking me. She lifts her axe over my head.
'Do you want to join our alliance!?' I blurt out. She stops. Thinks for a minute. Then 'Okay'.
She sticks her hand out. I take it. She helps me up. Chamoille is awake. She is giving us a dark look, Mostly to me.
It's probably because I let - offered - someone to join the alliance without the Great Leader's permission.
She doesn't say anything. 'So you are?' The girl asks me. 'Oh, sorry. I'm Ambrose'. We shake hands.
'And you?' I ask. 'I'm Ceretia, Ceretia Arrows'. 'Well Miss Arrows, your room is number 469, In a hotel that I haven't bothered finding out the name of'
She gives a faint smile. We're staying in a hotel?' she says. 'Well, our Master Derrick is planning for us to stay in a hotel tonight, and all the other nights with disasters and all'
Please, Oh please, don't let Derrick kill me for this...
He comes back. One or two others are missing. He aknowledged Ceritia's existance. But he said nothing.
He just led us out of the park. Without a word. He is injured. I can tell. There are burn marks all over him.
We reach the hotel, 'Here we are' Derrick says after abit of a walk. He pulls out a gun. I back away.
He leads us inside. The Hotel called Cicero.
Tomorrow, tomorrow the nightmares begin.

Dewey Greez - Capitol

It's dark. I can't move. I can't feel my legs and my right arm. I can still move my left arm, and my head.
I was knocked off the pyramid by that girl with the gun... I am gonna kill her.
I'm in pain, suffering. I drag myself forward using my only working arm.
That- I flinch as I pull myself forward. 'That b****' I yell.
I start crying. But I keep pulling myself forward like that ghost woman from that movie.
I groan. Whats the use. Tomorrow I will die in the fog. I cannot even get up. My right arm is twisted in an impossible angle.
My legs that I don't even know if I still have. I can feel my left leg, but it hurts with nearly every movement.
I hear the pyramid burrowing back underground.
Why? 'SOMEBODY JUST KILL ME!' I shout. Tears flowing like a waterfall.
I see a gun infront of me. I pull myself towards it with alot of pain. I take a deep breath. Inhale, Exhale.
I take the gun and press it against my head. I close my eyes.
Waiting for me to pull the trigger. To pull the trigger and end my life. Taking myself away from all this agony.
But... but I couldn't do it. I slowly move the gun away from my head. I keep the gun.
I see a pair of green eyes. It moves towards me. Moving faster and faster until it breaks into a run.
The beast runs towards me. Very shakily, I aim the gun at the mutt and... fire.
Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang
The mutt drops dead. A tiger mutt.
I look behind me. The cornucopia...
It will take me all night, maybe all morning to get there... So I start for the cornucopia.
Stopping to take deep breaths and wait for the pain to sink away before moving another one or two times.
The night seemed endless.
'Why?' I think to myself. 'I should be dead. Its impossible, I SHOULD be dead... perhaps I AM dead. Maybe I'm a ghost, a zombie, immortal.. No. That is crazy, I'm not immortal, nobody is.. It's just luck' I say to myself.
'I Should Be Dead!' I yell to my new best friend, my lover, my lord, my master... The Dark

Day 7 - Terrors Awake

Caleb Porter - District 9

{C}I frantically run up the stairs of the building. The fog is coming, sucking up everything below.
Making it almost impossible to see through. I saw a lion mutt die in the fog before the fog took over.
I got away just in time. The grey cloud is filling up every room on the first floor.
I run into a room that was left open, and looked out the window.
One fatality so far. There is bound to be more. Since today, terrors, disasters, will be unleashed.
I look out the window. Wondering. Are my district partners okay. Are they high up. Or high enough to avoid it atleast...
Then. I see a figure walking through the fog. Strange. I can barely see the road... The moving dark thing stopped, and looked like it was looking at me.
A chill went up my spine. These gamemakers are messed up. The fog isn't poisonous. It can't be if someone is walking through it unharmed.
Maybe it is poisonous. Maybe its just someone wearing something, like a gas mask or something. Perhaps something else.
Then.. I feel like I'm being watched. I look behind me slowly.
'Are you my mommy?'
I scream. The girl laughs and takes off her gas mask. It was Katriona, from my district. I sigh with relief.
'You should have seen the look on your face' she says. 'Thats not funny' I argue.
'I thought it was' she says. 'Anyways, I think you pissed your pants' she mocks.
Embarassingly enough, it was true..
'You got that at the feast' I ask, changing the subject. 'Yeah. Apparently it has nightvision too. and somethin that lets you see through walls.. and fog.'
'Oh and it has ex-ray vision' she continues. 'How do you use that?' I wonder aloud. 'Theres are buttons'
She ends the conversation with that and walks up to the window and looks outside.

Micaylah Bowers - District 7

I am one the last three district 7's. We have started an alliance. Aiming for three wins for district 7.
I am the last normal tribute from 7. The other is Jason, a criminal and my escort Tanya.
The thing is. I can't trust them. They're both evil.
Guess I should kill them in their sleep.. but that would bring shame to my own district in a way.
Tanya is originally from District 7, but was taken away by the capitol. She's a witch. No. Shes a b****.
Jason is just a monster. End of story. A killer. An evil beast.
But I'm just hoping they die today from one of the planned events. Oh. I can picture it now.
Jason being eaten alive by zombies.
Tanya suffering and dying from radiation poisoning.
Them both drowning in the tidal wave. Choking in the fog. Burning...
What am I thinking.. I haven't really ever fantasised about people dying before. I guess its just that I listen to Jason's endless talk about his love for murder.
Jason and Death, up in a tree, K.I.S.S.I-
'Micky, come here' Jason called. I hesitate for a moment, then did as instructed.
'Micaylah, I want you to take this gun and go down stairs. Shoot whoever runs by'
He hands me his revolver. And then he goes back to staring out the window.
I walk out into the hallway. Perhaps I can shoot them down. On the other hand. One of them is sure to kill me before I attack the next.
Then I see someone. Mikayla from 6. I fire.
She ducks and puts her hands up. Surrendering already.
What do I do now. 'Me and my allies want to start an alliance with yours'
What? 'Don't move' I warn her. 'Jason!' I yell.
He comes down. 'What now you unhelpful wart?'
'She and her allies wants to join ours' I say to him.
He smiled. A cold shark like smile. The smile that I have seen enough to know it isn't a good sign.
'Well then. Welcome. Get your friends here' He says. He grins his evil shark like grin again.
'Their at our camp' Mikayla says.
'Tanya! we are going out.. once the fog dies' he walks back into his room.
Then. I see something fall out of the sky. Followed by another.
Fire rain...
Well lets wait another two hours shall we. The trees outside our burning. Everything wooden or made of paper or fabric.
Well, basically anything that catches fire. Something. A house is burning in the distance.
Two cannons.
Two lives taken by the gamemakers... I think.

Blade Corbin - District 11

{C}The raining fire. Houses are burning in the distance.
Derrick is pacing up and down the penthouse thinking. The penthouse is his and Flints and Chamoille.
But everyone else is here, doing things.
Zoey is sitting at the table, looking out the window. And occasionally, I feel a pair of eyes look at me and back to what it was looking at.
Cascade and Marina having a chat about stuff that I couldn't care less about.
The new girl Ceritia is reading a book she found days ago.
Chamoille got better yesterday sometime after the feast.
Flint is just holding his gun, looking blankly at nothing. Rubbing his gun like an old lady petting her cat.
He looks like he's hiding something.. but I don't want to push it.
Camoille suddenly ran into the bathroom. She came back. And sat on the couch infront of the blank big screen televion.
Ceritia looks at her and goes back to her book. Derrick eventually says. The fire stopped. Tidal wave is next.
Strangely enough. A wall of water is seen in the distance. far away from the hotel.
It crashes to the ground.
Boom. Boom.
Four, I count.
Its rediculous how the deaths are so slow today. A hovercraft materialised with a large silver intermodel container.
It drops the container and the doors burst open from inside. The hovercraft disappears. There are other hovercrafts.
Everywhere. They too disappear.
'Guys' I say. Derrick walks out to the balcony. 'S***'.
And he walks back inside. 'Everybody. Get you weapons ready' he commands.
Marina pulls out her axe. Zoey loads her shotgun. Flint was already ready since this morning.
Chamoille leaves the room to get her weapon she was followed by Ceritia. Cascade gets her harpoon.
I grab my handgun. We don't have that many guns in our alliance. Just a me, Derrick, Zoey and Flint have them.
Cascade kinda has one, the type of harpoon that you shoot.
'Zoey and Cascade, guard the hallway. Shoot any "zombie" mutt. If you see another tribute. Spare them. They might join us if we do'
They do as they were told. 'Marina and and Chamoille is with me.. once Chamoille comes back. How long does it take to get a weapon'
'You' He points at me. 'You, Ceritia and Flint will stay on the floor above the lobby'
Ceritia and Chamoille comes back. Me, Ceritia and Flint run downstairs. Past Zoey.
'What took you so long?' I ask Ceritia. 'Nothing' she smirks. 'Just took a while to find our weapons' she laughs.
We reached where we were supposed to go. 'Goodluck guys' I say.

Mikayla Baxter - District 6

{C}It's getting dark. Guess the gamemakers wanted to make this part scarier.
I am left with two others two guard the main entrance of the power plant. Yes. The power plant.
Not a very smart place to hide out is it. But it was that stupid escort from 7's idea.
She came up with some crazy idea that we can stop the nuclear accident. What does she know.
She's just some dumb escort like all the rest of them. It was just because that monster Jason Coral who sided with her.
Juvel couldn't just say "no" could she. Her against a b**** and a phsycopath. Who would win.. The phsycopath.
The b**** wouldn't last a minute against Juvel. But its different with a thirty year old man who kills for fun.
Now, I was left to watch the main entrance with a kid we found named Dewey. Belle is left to watch too.
Suddenly we heard a thump on the door, followed by a scratching noise. More scratching is heard from the other side.
Dewey, almost immediately started to run. But I grab him. 'Dewey, what are you doing?'
'Running and hiding' he says. 'Dew, you have a gun for crying out loud' I snap.
Thumps are heard against the door. 'He has a point' Belle says. To my amazement. 'We will get killed'
'Okay then, you two run, hide. Die without even trying to fight back'
Dewey glares at me. He looks like he was about to say something, but instead he left, with his damn machine gun.
'Dewey' I say to him. He looks at me. 'Hand me the machine gun' He does. I give him my pistol in return.
Belle follows Dewey. Leaving me at a door with zombies behind it.
'Maybe they have a point' I say to myself. 'Hey' A voice calls.
I look behind me, Caleb. His brother died yesterday. We made a pact with him.
He helps us, we ignore him until the end. Apparently we need him for something.
'Where is your group gone' he says. 'They ran away' I say, loading the gun.
'Anyways, what are you doing here, you leaving' I ask. 'Well I was. But now that I hear monsters outside, I guess I'll stay a little longer.
He loads his gun. The sound echoing in the almost empty hallway. I aim the gun.
If I die. I want to be remembered as a hero. Not a coward who ran away. I'm doing this for Alex, I'm doing this to show everyone I'm not weak.
'Aren't you gonna run too?' I ask Caleb. 'Nope, I'm staying until the wave of zombies die out.'
'Right. Looks like you want to die to, huh' I say. 'Not true' he says. 'Not true'
He comes up beside me. And aims at the door. The door bursts open.
The dead are running into the room. We fire immediately.
The gun shaking violently with every time. We run.
We run into the control room. Nobody here except for an escort named Addison.
She looks at us. Then takes out a machete.
'Where is everyone?" I ask her frantically. 'They went into the reactor room'
'What are they doing in there!?' I shout.
'What would I know' she says.
I groan. Caleb locks the door.
This is not going to be a good day.

Juvel Garnet - District 1

{C}'What are we doing here' I ask the crazy escort lady.
She looks at me and smiles. 'Stopping the reactor from killing us all of course' she replies.
'You wouldn't want to die with no hair would you?' she asks.
The Monster Jason is leaning against a the wall. Giving a shark like grin.
Apperantley they had a friend with them. A man named Dan. Another escort.
Man, all these people around me. And now I am in a room that conatains stuff that can kill you.
I don't even know why I'm here. The room is large and clean with all sorts of stainless steel.
There is a pool of bright blue water below. There are poles sticking out of the liquid.
'Thanks Dan' The escort lady says to him. 'Your welcome' he says. He smiles at her, with a little something in his smile.
Miss escort smiles back, but with something else in that smile, something dark.
Dan takes out a loaf of bread. Navy from 2 is in the room with us.
Dan looks at the pool of liquid. Navy almost delibretley shouldered Dan. Dans loaf of bread falls off his hands and into the water.
'Hey!' Dan yells. 'Woops, sorry about that' Navy says. 'Yeah well you owe me one' Dan says furiously.
Then without warning. Jason walks up to Dan with a glass bottle with water.
He drenches Dan with the liquid. Dan screams in pain. I look away as Jason laughs like the maniac he is.
The howling of pain stopped. Boom.
I look and see Dan. Roughly half of his face is left.
'Sulfuric acid!' Jason yells triumphantly. 'Found it lying around in some apartment'
I'm too shocked with what I saw. The hole in Dans head is smoking a little.
'Now' escort says. She picks up an oversized remote control.
'May the games begin' she says darkly. She pressed a button.
Boom. Boom. Boom.
'What did you do?' I ask.
'I just stopped the reactor' She responds.
'So listen here Juvel' she continues. 'I press a button and all the rods go into the reactor, the reactor goes dead. Take a few out, it starts up'
She stops for a second. 'But. If I take all of them out at once, we have a meltdown'
So the power is out I suppose. Maybe everyone out there is being devoured, unable to see anything.
'And' the witch continues. 'This city, this arena. Is actually under your home district. It was a city long ago before the first games'
Jason smiles his shark like grin.
'Now. Jason hates your district. Treating us like bad people, second class citizens'
I listen carefully. 'We are all human beings aren't we. We fight for survival everyday. Back in my day at my district, the peacekeeper would order for an execution for nearly every crime'
'And guess what? He was from district 1. These district 1 people are vile people. Killing for the joy if it'
'What does this have to do with anything?' I ask. 'That peacekeeper killed my family' yelled Jason.
'He killed Tanya's too' he adds. 'It's one of the things we have in common' Tanya comments.
'Now. I press this button. We have a meltdown. Not just here in the arena, but in your district too, since my now deceased friend Dan has rigged it to make that happen'
She says. 'With the help of mister Caleb Broey'. I start to feel angry at Caleb. Tanya looks as if she had just read my mind.
'Don't worry about Caleb. He had no clue what he was doing anyways' she says. And continues with the previous subject.
'So. I press a button and all the rods are pulled out at once and.. goodbye to half of district 1' she explains.
'What do you want?' I snap. 'What we want is revenge. Now you have two choices. One is Jason here will torture you and you will take it. Or you let your district die out'
I don't say anything. Jason grins his ice-cold grin. He picks up a whip. Tanya ties me to the railing.
I close my eyes as the first snap land on my back.
I hear Tanya order Navy to go bring the other remaining district 1's'

Caleb Broey - District 6

{C}Navy leaves. 'What are they doing' I ask.
'Something' he says.
He walks to the door and opens it. Surprisingly enough. There were no zombies out in the hall.
The hour must have past.
I walk into the reactor room. I hear the snap before I see it.
I shoot Jason before he could land the whip again. He yelps. Tanya jumps ontop of me and stabs me.
I kick her away. Jason pulls out a katana. I shoot.
He dodges. He then kicks me in the stomach. Another gun is heard shooting.
Jason is knocked to the ground. Blood oozing on the clean linoleum floor.
Makayla helps me up. She takes Tanya's knife and cut the ropes tying Juvel to the railing.
Tears were flowing. 'Get her!' she yells unexpectedly.
The second I look, Tanya has left the room.
'That b****, get her!' she yells.
Mikayla goes in pursuit of the woman. Juvel picks up a large remote.
'She got away' Mikayla had come back. Juvel cussed loadly.
'Come on, lets get outta here' Juvel says.

We have found the kid Dewey and Belle in an office. Cowering.
Dewey almost shot us. We left the building.
Juvel hid the remote inside a parked car.
'One insane bastard down, one to go' Juvel mutters.
I walk away from the group. I'm on my own now.

Jason Coral - District 7

{C}I moan loudly.
The pain is killing me. I help myself up. I stumble into the control room and take out a first aid kit.
I take my shirt off and picked up a pair of tweezers.
This is not gonna feel good. I start working out one of the bullets with the tweezer.
The bullet hit the ground, bloodied. I wrap a bandage around me, over the wound.
Hopefully it stops me from bleeding. I am no medical expert.
I do the same over and over. Eventually, the last bullet clatters against the floor.
I wrap the bandage around the wound. Then I get up. I pick up a machete that was left on a control panel.
Some idiot must have left it here.
Not my weapon choice. But my katana was stolen.
I put my shirt back on and put back on my dark green jacket.
The district 7's uniform this year. Dark green cargo pants, a grey shirt and a dark green jacket with the district 7 symbol on the back.
I guess I would prefer the district 2 uniform, black cargo pants and a black jacket with a white shirt under it.
But enough of that. I have to have my revenge. I will have my revenge.

Dewey Greez - Capitol

{C}I don't know how I survived last night. I fell asleep in the cornucopia and the next morning, I'm better.
I was able to feel my legs again. I was fully healed.
But I was wet when I woke up. An empty bottle near me.
There wasn't enough time to look at it though. The fog was to start and I had to get away.
Nothing known about my amazing survival. I haven't told anyone yet. Its clear they won't believe a word I say.
'I was messed up and in pain, I was only able to feel my arm, I pulled myself to the cornucopia' I would say.
They would just laugh or roll their eyes or ignore me.
No answer. Just no answer how lived. Mikayla stops.
She looks at a dead zombie on the pavement. 'Alex?' she says.
'What' I say. 'These mutts are actually, really dead people' she says.
'So some of these mutts are dead tributes?' I ask. 'Well, he looks like Alex. And it is wearing this years district 1 uniform'

Derrick Warbrook - District 4

{C}It's the middle of the night. The lights aren't working, so we used a few candles we have found.
We lost Cascade today. After the lights went out. She couldn't see.
Zoey was at the door and just simply slid back inside with the rest. Cascades screams as she was devoured haunts me.
The anthem fills the room. I look out the window.
The district 3 criminal, Guy from 3, Cascade, The district 6 siblings, District 8 escort, Gunner Pann from 10 and.. Kendra from 13
I feel a slight punch in the stomach. I.. In my opinion, thought Kendra was hot. A disapointment she died today.
I offered her to be part of our alliance, but she said no.
I hear someone enter the room. Chamoille again. The 3rd time today.
She went into the bathroom and shut the door.
I walk out onto the balcony. More of this tomorrow and thats it.. all these messed up things will stop and the games will be normal again.
There is nothing happening in particular. Just a silent night, stars in the sky.
After about thirty minutes I begin to feel tired. I walk to the couch and lay down on it.
Being the boss is kinda fun, telling people what to do and all. But it can be tiring sometimes..
I fall asleep.

Day 8 - Dark Nights

Prussia Ludovic - Capitol

{C}The fog dissapears, slowly.
After about ten minutes of waiting, the fog evaporates, vanishes.
I walk cautiously down the stair. Its a mansion. Gold chandeliers, expensive furniture, big rooms, a wide staircase.
But it is kinda dark. The windows are all boarded up, leaving only a few rays of sunlight shining through the gaps.
I walk into the living room. Flashlight in hand.
The mansion looks like a mansion in a ghost movie.. abandoned, dusty, cobwebs, white sheets over furniture.
I'm looking for a candle, for tonight.
'Ah' I say to myself as my light comes across a candlestick.
Someones screams.
The scream wasn't far.. nobody can see through walls I hope.
Or boarded windows.
I take the candle and start to leave the room and into the hall. Half way up the stairs, I feel something strange.
Like I was being watched. Someone was behind me...
Very slowly, I turn my head around.. nobody..
I put my left foot on the next step. It creaks. I look behind me again.
Emptiness.. I sigh with relief.
Suddenly a stand fell. The vase on it hit the ground with a loud crash.
Next thing I see, is a dark figure, a man, standing next to it in the shadow.
I search for his face with the flashlight.. I recognise him... Jason.
He gives me a dark, shark like grin. He is carrying a mask and a machete.
'Why hello Prissa' he says atlast. 'Prussia' I corrected.
'What are you doing here?' I ask him. A stupid question. He wants to kill me, I can tell.
'Why, I'm here to ask you something. If you can't answer it, don't know the answer you die' he says.
His evil dark shark like grin grew wider, like a shark looking at nemo.
'Fire away' I tell him. 'Where are they?' he asks. 'Who?'
'I don't know what your talking about'
'Tick tock tick tock'
'They went that way. I pointed at the large doorway.
'Lier' he says. 'Okay, I don-'
'Times up woman' he shouts at me.
I run up the rest of the staircase. Right. Right again, up another stairway. Right. And into and study.
I lock the door. And lean against it. Jason kicks the door a couple of times.
He then throws himself at it another five times.
Then it stops. A sharp bloodied blade stabs through the wooden door, inches from my right ear.
I move away from the door and start looking for an escape.. The only options I have right now is the balcony or the bathroom..
Why did I leave my weapons in the bedroom.
I grab a three-branched candlestick. No use against a machete. But it is something.
The gab in the door is big enough for Jasons arm to fit through. He is trying to unlock the door.
I run to the door and hit his hand with my pathetic weapon. Surprisingly enough, he pulls his arm back through the hole.
He then throws himself at the door with such force the door broke.
I grab a the chair behind one of the owners desks and throws it at Jason.
He blocks his face. He grabs his machete.
I take a thick book from one of the shelves. A bible?
I smack Jason across the face with it.
His tooth fell on the floor. He wipes a bite of blood from his mouth with his thumb.
He looks at me angrily.
I try to hit him again, but he grabs my arm, and kicks me. I fall back, smashing through the glass door to the balcony.
I pick myself up and make my way to the edge. I see a teen or a young adult. He see's me.
'Help me!' I cry.
The terror on his face is the only response. I feel Jasons breath behind me.
I turn around and looked into his cold eyes. 'Please' I plead. Tears flowing.
The sharp stab in my stomach is his answer.
I fall off the balcony.
The last thing I see is Jason, smiling his shark like grin, satisfied with his work.
The last thing I hear... Is my cannon.

Caleb Broey - District 6

{C}I can't believe what I saw..
Jason is still alive..
I saw murder happen right infront of me.
'There wasn't anything you could do about it' says a voice in my head.
'You would never have got there on time... after all, it's survival of the fittest'
Jason looks at me. I look at the woman. A pool of blood spreads from the back of her head. A stab wound in her stomach.
I run. I keep running.
He's after me, most likely. I was the one that stopped him.
But I wasn't the one that nearly killed him.
He must be after her...
Perhaps me first. Mikayla first then me, maybe.
I can't think of anyone else who would be on his main hitlist. Everyone is.
But the first would be Me or Mikayla.. or that witch Tanya. She did abandon him. Left him to die.
Maybe Juvel. Perhaps he already killed Juvel..
I stop at a grocery store. And hid in it. Backing as far away from the windows as possible. In the darkness.
All the food here has gone off..
I walk into the bathroom and open the window..
A parachute.. A sponsor.
I grab the parachute.
Apples. A dozen of them.
Atleast I won't starve to death.
Wait... I am so stupid!
I had a gun. And I didn't shoot him. I just ran..
I was able to end that evil mans life. Right there. Just right there.
I hit myself on the head.
'Stupid. Stupid. Stupid' I mutter angrily.
Probably another life taken by him..

Lindy Chaos - District 12

I watch quietly in the tree...
The tidal wave crashes a second time..
No deaths taken this time.
The third and final wave.. After this I get down and run... or stay.
This would be a safe place to stay. But The swarm stays for 2 hours only.
So I could get down and find a place to hide now, the tidal wave is at the beach moving as far as the cornucopia, and a little further.
'Now' I think.
I jump down the tree with my things. And make a run for a tall building.
I don't know how those mutts just vanished. Just gone. Poof.
Their gonna come back.
Then I see a hovercraft materialise in the sky. Carrying that silver shipping container.
There are others all around the arena.
It drops the container.
I run into the nearest building.
A pharmacy.. I don't know how to lock the door.
The first zombie-like mutt steps out... he looks like Rilios from my district.
I see a couple of keys on the counter. I can get to it... I think.
I run to the counter. Through the aisle. Grab the keys, and run back to the door.
I search frantically for the right key. No. No. No. No.
One of the, mutts slam against the window.
I scream. Rilios.
I put the next key in the lock quickly. The right one!
Thank god... Rilios slams the glass door.
'No way am I letting you in' I say to the mindless monster.
I kiss the door where his lips were. 'That door won't hold for long' a voice says in my head.
I run. I suddenly drop to the ground a vomit. My head hurts.... I get up.
Then I fall against one of the shelves. I search for something for my headache..
I vomit again all over the shelf. I see some medicine..
Yes. I take the bottle from the shelf. I try to run, but instead, I walked.
There is nobody at behind the counter. 'Sorry, I don't have any money' I say to thin air.
A door to the bathroom. I stagger to it. Vomit again.. I put my hand against a shelf to hold me up.
A cold hand grabs it. I scream. The mutt moans loudly.
I pull my hand away and Rilios attacks me. I take out my knife.
He lounges at me. I dodge and stab him in the head. 'Lindy' he says to my amazement.
'Sorry' I say as I pull the knife out. He drops dead.
Another mutt appears, a girl. Another from my district named Amanda, a five year old girl who died.
I race to the door and open it. Amanda screams and slams herself against the door.
I lean against the door. The girl isn't really strong.
There is a wooden plank lying infront of a urinal.
I try to use my foot to move the plank towards me.
Eventually, I reach for it with my hand.
The door bursts open. I roll over. Two of them.
An old man... my dead grandfather. And Sydney. Rilios is still lying dead on the floor.
My grandad lounges forward. I stab him in the face.
He falls down and reaches out for me. 'Lindy, you look so grown up now'
Tears roll down my face. 'Grandad, forgive me'
'What are you doing' He says. 'I'm sorry.. BUT YOUR DEAD!' I scream. I stab him in the eye.
Sydney walks to me, like a ghost girl moving in for her next kill.
I point my knife at her. 'Amanda, don't make me do this' I warn her.
She stops. 'Where is my mommy' she asks me. 'I can't do this' I say. Amanda smiles. And approaches me again.
Just inches away from my face now... She opens her mouth. Sharp pirahna like teeth appear.
Bang. The girl falls on me. Not biting me. Just motionless.
I see an asian guy standing at the door. Holding a gun.
He leaves. Without a word. I shove Amanda off me.
Their using actual dead people for these... people we might and might not know..
They can talk... but only to weaken you.. I can't be fooled too easily now. Not when I know all this.
I might just follow that guy around. Since he has a gun and everything....
I step over my dead grandfather. I won't share this info. If they others smart enough, they would know.
If they don't know about the deceptive mutts, then thats a score for me. Less tributes to take care of in the end.

Navy Wonders - District 2

I walk around. Thinking.
We are at a warehouse. In a poor looking part of the arena.
That type of place where gangs would hang out and all...
I am on the roof along with two others. Dewey Greez from the capitol. And Mikayla Baxter from 6.
Mikayla's okay. Dewey is just pale... watching the hord surrounding the warehouse.
We are shooting at the ones nearest the doors.
Load, Aim, Shoot, Reload, Aim, Shoot, Reload.
We are running low on bullets.. Obviously the head gamemaker made sure that the bullets are limited.
Maybe there are more in that weapon store we saw just a few blocks away.
Bang! A mutts brain flies everywhere.
'My shift is over' I told the two.
'Okay, can I come' Dewey asks. 'NO!' Mikayla says to him. 'Your not backing out again'
I climb down the ladder. Juvel is having a hard time thinking. Whatever her plans are.
Right now she wants a tactic for us to stay by until the end... We already know that we will have atleast two guards whenever we go to sleep or stay somewhere.
Evangelina walks by and starts to go up the ladder.
This is going fine.. Nobody from our group is dead..
A glass breaks. A window. A guy I recognise falls into the room.
'Caleb?' Juvel says, for the first time in hours.
One of the mutts jump in. Luckily the window was high up. Meaning Caleb must have got onto the roof of the bathroom..
The mutt has pirahna like teeth.. He looks like my... dad.
I don't shoot. The pirahna teeth turn into normal teeth.
'Son' He says. 'Dad' I say. Juvel looks at him then at me..
'Son, come here' He holds his arms out. I put the gun on the ground. And walk to him.
'Navy No!' Juvel says. I ignore her. 'Navy!' Mikayla's voice calls. She tries to pull me back.
I shove her away. She falls to the ground.
'Dad, how did you get here?' I say. 'Navy, He's dead!' Mikayla yells.
'No. He's alive, He was alive when I volunteered!' I yell back.
'Kill her' my dad says. 'Do it. She will hold you back. She will stop you from winning' He says.
I pull a knife from my pocket. My dad walks up to me. 'You are from district 2. Be a district 2'
His pirahna like teeth reappear...

Elysia Kandle - District 3

I knew it. Deception is involved.
I saw my mum and dad. I killed them...
My dad deliberately tried to kill me. I killed him.
My mom pretended to be the mom I used to know. Then when she was a few inches from me.
Her teeth turnes sharp and long. I killed her too.
It was for self defence. They aren't my mom and dad. Not any more.
Her body is on the ground. Her long black hair spread out as blood seeps out of her throat.
I could have died. If I hadn't had the knife, I would be dead.
I also saw dead tributes walking around. Like that guy from 6. Alex.
I killed him too. I can't trust anybody. Dead or alive..
Not anymore. The apartment is messy. Rubbish everywhere.
I don't know how I was able to sleep here.
I start to clean up. 'Ugh' I lift a rotting sandwiche. The bread is all green and mouldy.
'Ugh' I repeat. Then I throw up. 'Great. More to clean up' I say to myself.
This is kinda embarassing. Vomiting on television. With hundreds, millions watching.
Especially this guy I liked back in my district..
The vomit was bloody.. I throw up again.
More blood....
A door opened. The other bedroom. The room I didn't check. How could I be so stupid.
A girl. Hundred percent not zombie. '...Hello' she says. 'Sorry' I say.
'No its okay. I was about to leave this forsaken apartment' She says.
'Right' I say. 'Radiation sickness' she says. 'What?' I ask.
'You have radiation sickness.. I think' she says. 'You have some of the symptoms'
'What are you on about?' I say. 'Your vomiting blood. Your hair is falling out. And your nose is bleeding'
'Yeah. So' I say. 'So. YOu will die soon.. The only cure is in the capitol. Your gonna have to win if you want to live'
I feel a slight punch in the stomach. I drop to the ground. 'Weakness. Another symptom' She says.
'How do you know about this' I demand. 'I'm from district 5. My dad worked in the power plant'
'I'll leave now' She says. 'Can you stay' I blurt out. 'Sorry. Your gonna die anyway. There is no way I can help you'
She leaves the room. No zombie attacked her. She just left. Nothing in the hallway it seemed.
I crawl to the door and close it. There is no way everyone will just magically die. There are still quite a few left.
I can't kill because I'm too weak... I can barely walk. Just a bit. But not for too long.
I drop back to the ground. I pull myself up against the kitchen counter. I look out the window.
An asia- a tribute is walking onto the roof of a building. Hauling a girl, who too, looks like she has the sickness.
She is bleeding from her mouth and nose, a clump of her hair falls to the ground.
Atleast I'm not the only one infected....
I'm slighly relieved that I won't die at the hands of a tribute. I'm gonna die sick... Maybe I might last longer.
Maybe I might live long enough to make it to the final ten tributes... I would laugh if the last tribute died looking for me.
Died. Just dropped dead. Fell from a dangerous height. A tree falling on him. Something like that. I would win.
But there isn't a big chance of that happening.. I guess I'm gonna have to fight off death for as long as possible...

Zoey Sparkle - District 1

Cascade lunges at me. I shoot her. She dies. A second time.
Her glowing orange eyes turning white. Her sharp teeth stay.
'Zo' Blade says. 'You okay'
'I'm fine' I say. Blade is kinda cute.
Disappointingly, he still loves a dead girl.
A girl who died on day one...
But that doesn't mean I can't be nice to him..
'We are isolated... I think' Blade says. 'Stuck in this penthouse'
'Yup, we're stuck' I reply. 'Their in the lobby up to the 4th floor'
This is the 12th floor. But we're still isolated.
If only Blade was from my district. Or maybe if I was from his district. We could both survive..
Cascade came back to life. Re-animated. Rose from the dead.. I should have asked her what heaven or hell was like.
That way, if there was a heaven, I wouldn't be scared of dying..
Well. Maybe we could kidnap one and beat out all those answers... Do you get to watch earth on television.
Or do you grow wings and fly. Or do you get tortured for eternity in hell.. Is earth real? So many questions.. so many answers.
'Lets hope they don't know how to use the elevator' Blade says. 'Better yet. The stairs'
'Well they know about stairs' I confirm. Blade and I and Ceritia have been ordered by Derrick to guard the penthouse.
We have guns, but we are running low on bullets.
'This is fun' Ceritia says. 'Well duh' I say rolling my eyes. 'We might die. Its so fun' I exagerate.
I know Ceritia was being sarcastic... I just wanted to see if it would impress Blade somehow.
'Shadows' Blade says. Shadows are seen walking up the stairs. Moans. Hissing.
I load the handgun. Well I am not gonna die over a swarm of zombies. I want to die an old woman.
Not in some stupid game. The first one arrives. Its head blows up as Ceritia shot it.
The rest appear. We shoot. One, two, three, four, five.
They aren't very far. We move into the penthouse and lock the door.
The mutts slam into the door. Ceritia hands Ambrose her gun. 'I'm not doing this job anymore' she adds.
'I'm out of bullets' I say. 'Sorry, we're out of bullets' Flint says.
I throw the gun onto the table and pull out my axe. Moving my finger up the axes blade. 'If their zombies' I start.
'Then we have to destroy their brains. Does decapitating work'
'Not sure' Marina comments.. Odd. I forgot Marina existed.
She isn't well. Hair falling out. Not sure whats wrong.
'So, gave up and accepted it?' Ceritia says to Chamoille. Chamoille didn't say anything. She looks pale. As if Ceritia said too much about something.
I'm not bothered to ask. But Flint asked her this morning. Didn't say anything. Marina asked. She told her in her bedroom.
I don't like her too much. She used to not like the lower districts. The games changed that though.
'Tomorrow can we leave' Ambrose asks Derrick. 'Sure, we have to anyways'
'Yeah, like the food is running out, we have only five bullets left' Ambrose says.
'Tomorrow. We leave. Sure of it' Derrick confirms.
Derrick sighs. 'The hour has past' he says. I look out the window.
The hord has vanished. Not one outside. The slamming stopped.
The moaning and hissing stopped. All gone. Poof.
All that was left of them are the bodies of the zombies that were killed.
For example. A zombie is lying on the street. Blood pouring from its head.
'Tomorrow. No more hords' I say.
'Good evening tributes' The familiar voice takes over.
'Man-eating mutts are staying for another, four days. So is the raining fire.'
We groan. They know that we tried very hard to survive these. 'Only these two events. Same time. Four days. That is all'
I kick a pot of venus fly-traps, furiously. I see a camera in the screen. I walk up to it and give it the finger.
I yell in rage. 'How much more of this do we have to take!' I scream. Knocking the coffee table over, the glass shatters.
'Calm down' Blade says calmly. 'How can I!?, there are gonna be more of these! More! I can't take it any longer!' I yell.
I run onto the balcony. Blade catches me and carry's me back inside, with me kicking furiously.
'Let me go!' I yell. He puts me in the bathroom. And closes the door. Taking the key and locking it from the outside.
'Just let her commit suicide if she wants to commit suicide, Blade' Ceritia's voice says.
'No. No, we are not gonna commit suicide just because a swarm is coming back for another four days'
'He's right' Derrick says. 'We'll keep her in there until she calms down'
'Let me out!' I yell. 'We will when you want to live' Derrick calls back. The bath.. That idiot didn't think of the bath or the sink.
I try to turn on the bath. Nothing. No electricity. No bath. No sink. No electricity.
It's dark, only now I have noticed. My eyes adjust to the darkness. Letting me see a little better.
The toilet... I look down into it... I lower my head. 'No" I say. 'No way am I gonna give myself a swirly'
I sit there. In the dark...

Day 9 - Gloom

Lindy Caos - District 12

So I followed Mr Wong yesterday. He saw me after I vomitted.
He spared me. After a few steps, I fell, weak. He half dragged half carried me up a buidling.
My hair is falling out, I am nearly bald.
'What will we do know' says Franklin. He's a nice person in a way.
'Where will we go now' he thinks... and keeps thinking.
I vomit again all over the place.
I fall forward into my pile of puke. I am unable to pick myself up.
The world around me fades...

Blade Corbin - District 11


So today we went on a walk back to the cornucopia. Marina stayed at the Penthouse.
Thank god we didn't get ambushed on the way.
There sat the large beautiful cornucopia. Derrick stops.
Derrick stops walking, causing everyone else to. Ambrose walks ahead.
A hovercraft materialises in the air. Ambrose stops.
'Not already?' he says confused. 'No, not that idiot' says Zoey.
A ladder drops. Chamoille walks up to it.
'What is going on!?' demands Ambrose furiously. 'Hey, I don't know whats going on either, but I'm not clucking like some angry chicken' I say to him.
Chamoille climbs the ladder. The hovercraft starts to vanish. Chamoille looks behind before she too, vanishes.
'What the f*** is happening' Ambrose says angrily. 'She was pregnant' Ceritia says.
He looks at her. Zoey looks at her. Flint looks at her too. Looks of confusion.
The rest seem like they knew the whole time. 'She is' Blade confirms.
'So?' Ambrose asks. 'So anybody under twelve can't compete' Blade answers.
'But she isn't-' Ambrose begins. 'No. The baby is' Blade says.
'Most of the capitol isn't a fan of killing babies'
'So if I get pregnant, I'll be thrown out the arena too?' Zoey says, 'Thats a plan' She finishes.
'Well she didn't win' Blade says. 'Just lost, but with her life'
'Thats no fair' Ambrose argues. 'She leaves and we fight to the death, couldn't they have sped up the pregnancy a bit'
'Technology isn't that good'
'So, who's tha dad?' Zoey asks. Flintlock looks pale. Ceritia smiles.
'Why the big daddy here is sir Flintlock' this is followed with looks at him.
'Well... congratulations...' Zoey says slowly but awkwardly.
'Yeah, your gonna have a son or daughter that you might never meet at all' Ambrose says, a bit calmer.
'So.. maybe she left alive, but she won't be famous since she didn't accomplish much'
'And the rest of us are? yeah right. We'll have to kill eachother sooner or later' Ambrose says.
'Guys forget this' Zoey says. 'Chamoille's pregnant. So what. You still have your own lives to worry about'
'Nobody is gonna spare you, the capitol is the capitol. The world is watching, so why make us look weak by crying. The capitol won't spare us. Worry about yourselves'
Zoey continues. Ambrose looks bored like its just some speech in a school assembly.
'So, live with it. Full stop. End of story' Zoey finishes.
'Thanks Zo' Blade says to her. She smiles.
'Now, lets get on with our lives shall we' we walk to the cornucopia. Everyone else starts searching.
'Hey, Zo, nice speech' I say to Zoey. She blushes a little.
'Found some' Ambrose calls. 'Food and water and all kinds of stuff'
'Yeah, like we don't see any right infront of us' I call back. I lift a sword.
There are people out there that want to kill me, not now. But soon...
There's not much to worry about. I place the dagger in my belt.
I'll be prepared...

Medea Crownwell - District 1

It's a beautiful day today.
I sit inside a church. On a pew. With a girl named Micaylah.
She's a nice girl... Awkward talking to a kid. I haven't talked to one for years.
Since I was in jail.
'I love the sound of district 7' I comment to Micaylah's talk about district 7.
'Yeah. But we work, every day.. well not EVERY day, just most days'
'Okay' I say. 'So, what was it like in prison' She asks.
I stop for a moment. 'It was a tough place' I say atlast.
'You wouldn't want to be there. Trust me. Don't make the same mistake I did' I tell her.
Best I make a good impression. The capitol might change their point of views on me.
Perhaps I might not be hated much. Tough living in a prisonyard, it was true.
B***** all tougher than me and all. Typical. They did worse crimes though. But weren't reaped.
Why couldn't that woman who killed her boyfriend, or that b**** who poisoned her mother and father in law.
But no. It had to be me who had to compete in a game where people had to kill to win it.
The doors slam. I look behind me. A woman. Dark skin, black hair.
Her scared expression tells me something... 'Hide' I whisper to Micaylah.
They look at eachother for a minute. Micaylah stunned. She then hid under the pew.
'Who are you!?' I say, holding a knife out at the woman.
'Who am I. Who are you?' She walked away from the door. She looks frantically for something.
'Well I don't know you' I say to her, still clutching the knife.
The doors open and slam.
A man. The woman screams. The man looks at me, with cold eyes.
He starts for me. 'Don't touch her!' The woman says.
He smiles. Then throws a knife at me.
I fall back. The last thing I see is Micaylah covering her mouth, horrified.
The darkness folds around me.

Caleb Broey - District 6

The woman dies. Another fallen at the hands of Jason Coral.
Then it hit me. He has two more left to kill and he leaves, wins, survives.
There is no way I am letting him leave. No way.
I stay hidden upstairs.
Tanya smashes a window and throws herself out. Jason walks out the church door.
I couldn't help but follow. Slowly, but cautiously, I walk down the steps and out the door.
'Let me go!' yells Tanya's voice. I walk to the side of the building. She is standing on a small hill with a stone cross at the top.
I move closer and duck behind a tombstone.
I move again. 'Sorry. Well, not really. Just figured this was the way to teach you not to abandon your "allies"'
'I thought you were dead' Tanya argues. 'No. You knew I was alive' Jason says to her, evil in his voice.
'I wasn't able to do anything!' Tanya yells. I trip over a rock.
Jason looks at me almost immediately.
'Ah. Why isn't it my good friend Caleb' Jason says to me. 'Why welcome back. Witness of mine'
He walks towards me.
'Let him go' Tanya interupts. 'He's not from 1'
Jason stops and turns around. 'I can kill who I want' He says, coldly.
'I can kill you if I want' He says. He walks up to her furiously.
He couldn't. He wouldn't. He needs her in a way. She is smarter than he is. He needs her to plan ahead, think before doing something..
But to my amazement.
A bloodstained tip of a blade appears in her back. Jason pulls the sword out of her.
'I don't need you anymore' Jason says to her. She falls back.
Another kill made by Jason. I make my move.
I run to him. He see's me. But before he could stab me with it, I stab him.
But stabbing him in the shoulder wasn't enough.
He slices my stomach open. Then. He leaves.
Remarkably, he leaves.
Probably so that I die at the hands of the gamemakers.
I pull myself towardw the church...
Death hasn't arrived with his chariot of darkness yet...

Day 10 - Endless Nights

Blade Corbin - District 11

Its morning.. or atleast, I think.
It's dark. Nightime.
Guess looking out a window doesn't speed up time.
I laugh at myself.
This is stupid, I should get some sleep.
So.. I close my eyes...

My eyes flutter open. I look out the window.
Its still dark...
I sigh. Got up and left my room, to the penthouse.
I want to leave this place. Derrick is still thinking of a plan to get out of here without dying.
The room looks empty. Dark, but I can see a bit.
I can see the couch, the lamp, the television... I turn on the lamp.
Tonight is taking forever. Where is the so called sun?
Someone was in the room.
'Hey' Says a familiar voice.
'Hey' I respond.
'Zoey, what are you doing awake so late?' I ask. She laughs.
'What do you mean? I'm making sure nobody breaks in over night. And, well, It should be like, the middle of the day by now'
'Ah. Lookout'
I sit on the couch. 'Where is everyone?' I ask.
'Probably asleep' she sits next to me.
Another big day today... maybe.
What if we make it to the finals... All of us...
'Zoey. What dp you think will happen if we make it to the finals?'
'I guess I do. I just try not to think about it' she says.
'We could die, no matter what. Finals. Not finals. We'll most likely die anyways'
'Just don't think about it' she snaps.
'I was just-'
'Zip it'
Better make the most of it, a voice says.
I kiss her. She kisses me back.
I stop. We don't say anything.
After a few minutes. The raining fire comes down.
So it is day, I think.
Zoey gets up and leaves. 'Goodnight' I say to her.
'Good afternoon' she says before closing the door behind her.

Demi Campbelle - District 5

There are only two district 5's left.
Me and Belle. Only, I don't know where she is...
She is part of the careers. Thats all I know...
Perhaps Belle would let me in the career alliance.
Since, it would give me a free ticket to become one of the remaining tributes.
But I can't trust them. I simply just can't.
I feel sorry for that girl I found in my apartment.
She should have died by now. Only her face wasn't shown in the sky... yet.
She's strong. Fighting off death.
There is nothing I can do but end her misery. Just, I don't know....
She doesn't deserve it. Not yet anyways.. Actually, nobody really deserves it apart from those bloodthirsty animals that kill for fun.
The restraunt is empty. Its italian.
It's still dark. What is going on?
It hit me...
The gamemakers. I groan.
Eternal darkness for the rest of the games.
Just what we need. Zombies, fire rain. And just complete darkness.
Just hope they didn't put in anything creepy along with the dark.
I hear something clatter. I scream as a tall figure with long arms appear near the kitchen door.
It doesn't move. It just stands there. I can't move.
Very slowly, I move my hand toward the flashlght. I pick it up.
Switch it on. I shot up and screamed. I ran out the door.
I look behind me. The figure standing there. I scream even louder.
Then. I see another tribute. A man. I shine the light on him.
My heart stops. Now I'm cornered by a monster and a murderer.
Jason raises his machete. He sees the figure and stops.
I shine the light upon the being. Jason screams.
Something I never thought I will ever see in my life.
He screams and runs away. I run too.
He runs into straight. I run into an alley.
I turn off the flashlight.
I enter a strip club.
I sigh with relief. That thing has probably went after Jason now. Or atleast. I hope.
The thing was creepy. It had no face.
I shudder.
Those f****** gamemakers. I hate them.
I can't handle all this. Being pursued by something that nearly made me s*** myself.
Then. The tall, thing, long armed thing appeared.
I scream.

Katriona Greystone - District 9

I hear a scream from far away.
Somebody had been shrieking alot, the probably died by screaming their heads off or something.
I heard a man scream earlier. I laughed at it.
A fully grown man screaming like a five year old.
Well... If they were screaming, it must be bad.
I mean, a cannon did go off...
But whatever it was. It is far away from where I am.
The two might have ran into eachother and screamed in shock.

An hour has past. The night is still going on.
I mess around, switching the torch on and off.
I'm wasting batteries. I stop myself.
The house is empty. No furniture. Nothing.
I am sitting in the corner of a room. The only light is my flashlight and the moonlight shining through the window.
Lost my backpack yesterday. Hord of zombies.
I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. It's cold.
But I have gotten away with my life. Thats all that matters.
I still have the mask that has x-ray and nightvision and all that.
I was wearing it when they attacked. I had the flashlight with me when they attacked.
But I didn't have everything else.
Life is all that matters right now, says a distant voice.
I'll leave at dawn... Actually. It should be way past dawn by now...
The fire rain stopped. I start to leave.
The wave of zombies will start in about two hours.
Better find somewhere to hide.

Day 10 prt 2

Addison Contessa - District 12 (Escort)

There are only two of us left. Two.
Me and Tara...
We'll have to kill eachother sooner or later. The only problem is, I don't know where she is.
I walk down the hallway.
Its probably not safe to go walking around in the middle of the night.
Actually. Its been hours, and the night has barely progressed.
Now which room has all my stuff...
Room... 124... I think.
I open the door. 'Aha' I say. My stuff are lying behind the couch.
I close the door and lock it.
I lye on the couch and smile. I am so close to making it out, getting out alive, winning.
The thought of me winning helped me calm down..
But all the pressure.
My heart starts beating really fast. What if I don't win?
What if I died tonight, tomorrow, next week..
What if I never leave at all.
I cry.
'HELLP!' the scream snaps me back to reality.
I get up and walk to the window.
A figure is running. Screaming down the street.
I won't bother helping him.
He probably killed people. He might deserve it.
Only. I can't see who it is. The night is just simply too thick.
I walk back to the couch and lye down.
Then, very slowly. I fall asleep.

Dewey Greez - Capitol

I'm bored, thats all.
Just. Plain. Bored.
I heard a cannon today. Don't care who it was.
All I care about is that I've made it this far.
Surprised actually, that I am still alive.
I had half expected to die on day one.
I smile. Perhaps things were gonna go alot better than I thought it would be.
Maybe. If I made it home, I would become. Famous.
Well known. Someone girls will freak out all over. A man in the history books.
Never forgotten.
Well... maybe not THAT famous. But rich. I mean. richer.
I mean, everyone in the capitol is rich, right?

We are stuck in the warehouse.
Stuck here. Isolated.
We're too scared to step outside...
The scratching starts and stops. And starts again.
I look over to the casualties.
Father and son. Father ripped out his own sons neck. Father got shot in the head.
I back away further from the corpses.
Navy's finger twitches.
I jump back. He lifts his head.
'OH MY GOD!' I scream. Navy looks at me, he starts to help himself up.
He drops dead again.
I sigh with relief.
'Now' Juvel says. 'Lets think of a way out without getting eaten by man eating mutts'

Day 11 - Fall

Marina Sedello - District 4

Blood splatters all over my bed sheets.
I cough more blood. I gulp, tears start to form and move down my face.
'I'm gonna die' I moan. 'No you won't, you can make it' Zoey says. 'You'll be alright' I can tell she knows its not true.
'I'm gonna die Zoey, just kill me now' I say quietly. 'No' Zoey says immediately. 'You're my friend, I won't kill you'
'Just do it. I'll die anywa-' I was interuppted with another cough of blood. It splatters all over Zoey's face.
'Sorry' I apologise. 'No, no need. Your sick anyways'
I look out the window. The so called moon is still in the sky.
'Zoey, you can go and get some sleep' I say to Zoey.
She hesitates for a moment. Then after making up her mind, she says 'Okay, Thanks'
I smile wearily. 'By the way, I'm gonna take anything dangerous in this room with me. Don't want you commiting ritualistic sacrifice while I'm gone'
I laugh a little, it was interrupted with another cough of blood.
Zoey takes my weapons and a pair of scissors out of the room. She comes back.
'You need anything before I go' She asks. 'No I'm fine. Thanks'
Kraaaaf! I see a look of concern on Zoey's face. 'Okay. I'm in the room next to yours, so if you need anything, just pick up that stick and tap it against the wall'
I nod. And cough again.
'Hey' I hear guys voice outside. 'Oh. Hey' Zoey says before closing the door.
I hear her lock the door. Atleast it will be harder for mutts to come in... Wait.
Wouldn't that be a good- kraaaf!- thing. Mutts breaking in and putting me out of my misery.
I scan the room for something that Zoey might have missed...

After a while of searching for something to kill myself with and half listening to Zoey and the other guy' conversation.
It was intresting. I almost laughed at one point. But stopped myself quickly, hoping it wasn't too loud.
My search for something dangerous was... unsuccesful. Does that girl have radar in her head that tracks down weapons or something?
Then it hit me. The bathroom.
I get up from the floor - since there was nothing under the bed - and start walking to the bathroom door, clutching my stomach.
I open the door and enter the bathroom. I take the shower cord. And wrap it around my neck. It might not work.
But its worth a try. 'Goodbye world. I love my family and all the people who stood by me'
I pull. I start choking. Just what I wanted. I hear Zoey's voice outside.
I pull the cord harder. A bright light burns my eyes. I hear her shriek.
She runs to me. I catch a glimpse of Blade in the moonlight, rushing into the room behind her.
My vision begins to fade.... I can suddenly breath again.
But I close my eyes anyways.....

Jason Coral - District 7

I hide behind a tree.
Man, I hate this... why.. why.. I just wanted to slaughter people.
I notice that I'm crying. The capitol is probably laughing at me right now.
'He ain't so tough' they would say 'Wow, a feared criminal is crying for his mommy' the would say.
But I just can't handle that... thing!
The sight of it haunts me. Scares me. I want to be anywhere but in this stinkin arena.
I would rather stay in prison for the next ten years than be pursued by that thin guy.
I cry.
Someone die already. Can both of my competition die already. I want out.
Then he appears infront of me. I scream and run back. ooking back to see him following me again.
The cornucopia appears.
I reach it and run inside. I press my back against the side of the cornucopia.
I pant quickly. Then. I feel something unpleasant. I don't want to, but I turn around.


Qu'sean Higgins - District 8 Criminal

The place is empty. Or so it seems. The mall is dark, though I can still see via Moonlight and Flashlight.
I walk cautiously. It looks so... creepy.
BANG! I jump and turn my light towards the source. A chair was knocked over.
I sigh with relief. Then I notice, the chair couldn't have knocked over itself. Then a split second after I figure that out.
A woman - someone I killed earlier in these games - materialised out of the darkness.
She looked a bit different, but still recognisable. Her long dirty blonde hair flying behind her.
Pirahna teeth. Glowing orange eyes. I can see the stab wound I gave her, the wound that killed her.
I jump to my left. She misses me. Her nails sharpen and she looks at me.
I see two other figures. Racing towards me. I draw my sword.
She attacks me again. I stab her in the stomach. She drops to the ground.
The next mutt appears in the moonlight. An asian man.
He too attacks me. I slash my sword. He dodges it and jumps on me.
He opens his mouth, ready to finish me.
I bite his arm. He screeches. I kick him off of me.
He falls back. I decapitate him.
Then something jumps on my back and bites my neck. I yell loudly in pain.
I shake it off. Casey. I can tell someone cut her head off and sewed her it back to her body.
She is covered in the blood she got drenched in when she died.
Her eyes start to bleed red. Blood? No. Its magma. Lava.
It bleeds out her nose, her mouth. The gaps in the cut where I decapitated her.
She howls. She grows ten long claws.
She attacks. I try to defend. But I fail to do so. I recieve five cuts across my stomach.
I slash my sword at her. I slice her chest open. She stays standing.
She runs. I run after her... something I know I shouldn't do... but that b**** has it coming..
We come across an indoor palm tree. She slams her claws through it.
I grab her. Then I found out what was going to happen.
The tree falls. Before I was able to get out of the way.


Day 12 - Closer

Micaylah Bowers - District 7

I frown. "What am I gonna do with this!?" I think, looking quite stupidly at a drill I found.
'Great, the only thing I got now is you my friend. A drill. An electric drill' I say to the peice of equipment.
If only I hadn't lost my damn things last night. Stupid mutts.
Speaking of which. I think I have to find somewhere to hide tonig- day -whatever its supposed to be now.
'Do you like-' who am I talking to?..... I've gone crazy... Or atleast, is this insanity I am experiencing right this moment.
No. I won't believe that. I'm just lonely, on the empty road, in the dark, with a device I don't even know how to operate.

I stop. A shadow... I run after it.
He - she - whoever it is, could, just might be my next victim.... I want to go home so badly.
Perhaps I can just bluntly hit him-her on the head and let them suffer from internal bleeding.
I see it more clearer. Its a guy. Thats all I can tell...
Then, I see other figures appear. One of them being half carried by another.
One of them pulls out something blunt and seemingly heavy and large.

Franklin Wong - District 10

Click. Click.
'The lights aren't working' I say to myself.
Well.. its probably better just to leave them off.
I sit on the chair. A cozy looking room. An office.
Don't know who's, but their dead now.
I put my hand on my forehead. 'So tired..' I moan.

"Tap. Tap. Tap.
'Who is it?' I call.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
I get off my seat. RING!
My our telephone rings. I answer it.
'Hello' I say.... No reply. 'Uhh. Hello. Who is this?'
Tap. Tap. Tap.
I hang up on whoever it was. RING!
I sigh heavily. 'Hello' I say. This time I could hear someone breathing over the phone.
After waiting for about a minute. I hang up.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
'I'm coming' I call. RING!
'What the-. Hey whoever you are, stop it!'
'.... I just killed someone' A womans voice says.
'Wha- what?'
'I killed my husband. My mother in law. Father in law. My... my son'
I don't know what to say. Is this a joke?
'Uhh. Who is this?' I ask. 'My name is Florence. Florence Barkley'
'Wait. You live next door, right?'
'Why are you calling me?' I say out of curiosity.
'Because. I need you to help me hide the bodies'
I pause for a moment. Should I? Should I help a killer who murdered her family?
Knock Knock Knock!
'Here I will call you back'
Slam! Slam!
'Okay Okay' I yell.
I open the door"

I shoot up. Ah. It was just a dream.....
A weird one too. My neighbour killing her family. Meh, I should've known.
I mean, how could I have forgotten I was in a fight to the death right this very moment.
My heart is still pumping fast. The last part shook me.
I saw my family hanging lifeless on our tree... all of them. Not just my family, my friends too.
Mom, Dad, Michelle...
I jump. Very slowly, I get up out of the chair.
Something growls. A growl that sent a shiver up my spine.
The next I see. Is a blurr of orange and black and white.

Alyssa Rose - District 8

I lay in bed. Too lazy to climb out.
No. I won't get out. I will stay here all day or night.
Well. There is no day in the arena anymore...
Why couldn't we all live peacefully here in the arena... I know its a stupid idea.
Its just that, we could've all just lived together. The only, and biggest downside are the gamemakers.
I mean. They will try kill us off with traps and all...
But, if we run out of supplies. We will starve to death... yeah, it really is stupid.
Really really stupid.
Well. If you can't beat them, join them.

Evangelina Ash - District 4

We sit quietly together.
'So. Shall we' asks Belle.
'I don't know' answers Juvel.
'Well we can't stay together forever can we' Mikayla says.
We stay quiet. Belle looks like she's about to cry.
'I guess she's right. We better end it now, so it'll hurt less when the moment comes' I say.
'Yeah... Only one can win right. Or atleast, unless theyre from the same district' Juvel.
'Districts 1, 4, 5 and 6. No, we will not win it together' says Mikayla.
'Okay... Belle?' Juvel asks.
She doesn't say anything. Tears roll down her face like a waterfall.
She's shaking.... but after a while she nods her head.
'I'll miss you guys' she says before bursting into tears.
'To anyone who survives. Please, win' says Juvel.
'Out of everyone here that I want to win. It would be one of you guys' she starts crying too.
Mikayla looks strong. But her eyes are watery, but no tears.
'I love you' I say.
Mikayla gets up. I get up. Juvel gets up, Belle after her.
'Okay' Juvel begins. 'To make it fair, no guns'
'Meh, we've ran out of bullets anyway' says Mikayla.
'We have to kill eachother, no matter what...'
Belle looks like she is about to break down.
Its stupid. Yes. It is. But what does a group of four have against a more one more than the normal amount of careers.
Along with the other remaining tributes.
'We wait until the count of three' Juvel continues.
'The one who makes it out tries to win. Atleast try. Don't commit suicide after you've killed your friends'
'To be honest, I think its stupid. We have all lost our minds here. Watching people die'
'So....' After a what seemed like half an hour. 'Take a weapon'
We all take whatever we're best at using. I take spear. Juvel picks up a sword.
Mikayla is carrying a spear. Belle just pulls out a bow and a sheath of arrows.
Poor Belle. She's only twelve... If I make it, I won't kill her.... she's just too young.
The other to are way older than us. Me. Being a thirteen year old, I won't stand a chance...
I cry.
'Stand in the corners' commands Juvel.
We all do. 'In the count of three, our alliance is broken. We fight to the death'
We nod our heads. We say our last goodbyes to eachother.
'One... Two........'

Day 13 - Unfortunate Events

Juvel Garnet - District 1

Those words are the last they might ever hear from me.
We all spin round.
An arrow flies past and hits Mikayla in the knee.
She roars in pain as she, very quickly, pulled out the arrow.
Evangelina is running to me.
She tries to stab me with the spear, but I dodge it.
I swing my sword. And to my horror, blood splatters all over the wall.
I just killed my friend....
But only one can win... I had no choice.
I glance over at Mikayla and Belle.
Belle falls with a spear lodged in her neck.
I begin to cry. This is the worst decision I have ever made in my entire life..
Mikayla pulls out the spear.
I ready my sword...
'Goodbye Mikayla' I say to her. The last words I might ever say.
'Goodbye Juvel' she replies, tears forging in her eyes.
I take a deep breath. This is gonna hurt. Both ways. Physically and Emotionally.
We run.

Mikayla vs Juvel (Overview)

The two begin to fight.
Mikayla throws her one and only spear.
Juvel slides out of the way. She slips and drops her sword.
Mikayla reaches Juvel. Juvel tries to grab her sword, but Mikayla kicks it away.
Juvel gets up. The two wait.
Mikayla lands the first punch. Right on her nose.
Juvel grabs Mikayla by the arm and bites it. "6" screechs.
"6" grabs "1" by the hair and pulls it. Mikayla throws Juvel back.
"1" gets up off the floor. "6" delivers a kick to Juvel across the face.
Juvel regains her strength and grabs Mikayla by the neck and starts strangling her.
"6" strangles "1" too.
"1" knees Mikayla in the stomach. Mikayla and Juvel let go of each other.
Juvel uppercuts "6". Mikayla starts bleeding.
"6" grabs "1's" arm and slams it into a large steel object. Breaking Juvels arm.
They both start crying.
Mikayla shoves Juvel onto the ground. She tries to step on her face, but Juvel rolls over.
Juvel grabs "6's" leg with her left arm -her working arm- and trips Mikayla over.
"1" punches "6" in the face. Mikayla starts choking "1" again.
Juvel struggles to breathe. Tears are falling like waterfalls down Mikayla's face.
Mikayla loses her grip. Juvel takes a few breaths.
Juels eyes slowly close. But her cannon doesn't sound.
Mikayla tries to stand up, but falls. Her eyes close too.
The winner is left, undetermined.

Zoey Sparkle - District 1

I'm so shocked... The sun is back!
Daylight fills the arena slash city again.
I'm so happy I could die.. Well.. Not literally.
We are all hanging out at an abandoned high school. It is Four storeys high, if you exclude the room underneath the roof.
Actually, we're on that floor-just-below-the-roof-that-I-don't-know-if-it-should-be-considered-a-floor.
We are on a balcony with a roof above us, giving us shading. The courtyard is down below. A flag pole stands down there upright.
The flag isn't flapping or waving, just moving gentley in the slight breeze.
The sunlight is practically burning my eyes.
Its so hot.
'Hey guys' says Ambrose. 'What' Derrick moans.
'Hey guys' says Ambrose again, most likely the a hundreth time today.
'WHAT!' I exclaim, irritated. 'Its just so quiet... Nobody is saying anything'
'Well I am now' I mutter.
'Anyways-' he stops talking just when I give him my "look".
'Well, I'm going to take a nap' says Ceritia.
She sits down, leaning against the wall, next to a pile of boxes and a rack of sharp looking poles.
'So, how far do you think we can go' Wonders Blade.
'Far I guess' answers Derrick.
Ceritia hasn't gone to sleep yet. Instead, a book in one of the boxes catches her eye.
'Hey, look what I've found' she says showing us the cover of the book. She stands up and walks around, flicking through the pages.
'So, what will we do when we all make it to the end?' asks Flint.
'We kill eachother' Derrick replies and takes another sip of alcohol he found.
Ceritia screams and trips and falls back into the rack of poles. One of the poles impale her in the neck.
'Ceritia!' Derrick yells. A fan in a metal box breaks and falls on Ambrose. Cruching half of his face.
The fan inside the metal box burst out just when the box landed on Ambrose' head.
The fan bounces off a column and flies straight into our captive from 7's head.
She lets out a short scream before the fan lodges itself into her face. In the eyes.
Ambrose and the 7 girl's blood sprays everywhere.
I am drenched in blood.
Marina screams in shock and walks back. She trips over Ceritia's book and falls off the balcony.
'NO!' I scream. I run to the wall of the balcony and look down.
Marina has been impaled by the flag pole below. Her blood running down the pole.
'No!' I scream.
Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom...
I cry... they were my friends that died.
I shake uncontrollably. Blade gives me a hug.
I cry on his shoulder.
Its down to Me, Blade, Derrick and Flint now...
Derrick tries to pull himself back together.
'C'mon' he ushers us to the steps.
'We have to go, there is nothing we can do now'
Flint picks up Ceritia's book and follows us down the stairs flicking through the pages.
'It'll be alright' Blade whispers to me. I can see it's not true. He knows its not true. We all do.

Caleb Broey - District 6

Six cannons so far today.
The pressure is building up on me.
I'm so close, I can't just die now.
A lion mutt had attacked me minutes after light broke through the dark.
The pain is all I can feel right now. I'm starving.
Even though I'm really close to winning, I feel like I'm dying....
Then, I close my eyes.
Sleep. C'mon. Sleep. Wait! Why am I trying to sleep?
But, before I could fight back, my eyes close...

"The world around me... Its all... Candy.
Candy floss leaves, candy caine branches. Fluffy pink grass. A chocolate river.
The sun is a giant cookie... Bushes made of jelly.. Yeah, this is weird.
I take a stroll down the awkward looking forest. It looks like something a child would dream of..
Lolipop flowers... I spot a cottage. A ginger bread house.
Wow. This is cheesy.
I walk up to the house and knock on the door.
Surprise, surprise. A ginger bread man answers the door.
'Hello' it says in a high pitched voice..
'Hi' I say slowly, still finding the place a bit weird...
'Come on in' The gingerbread man offers. I do.
'Just as I expected, candy everything. Except the windows.
A gingerbread table rounded with pretzel chairs. The couch in the living room is made of marshmallow.
The carpeting is just licorice sewed together by -guess what- more licorice..
The fire in the fireplace is, well, icing. Weird...
What next, a giant alien parasite made from candyfloss and cookies and chocolate!?
Just then, I regretted what I had just said. A giant alien candy parasite breaks down the wall of living room.
Candyfloss body, chocolate teeth and legs, cookies for eyes, Candycane patterened wings and icecream cones for antenaes.
It shoots a long black licorice tongue at me. Its sticky. "Yeuch"
The parasite starts to reel me in. My god, it feels so real!
'Candycane sword, candycane sword' I whisper. 'Or better yet, a machine gun'
But, disapointingly, I got the candycane sword.
I cut a part of the creatures tongue off. I fall down. It hurts. I mean, really hurts.
The thing roared a dinosaur like roar"

Mikayla Baxter - District 6

"The place I'm in is pitch black. Cold. Dark.
There is a single light. One light I'm sharing with Juvel.
We look at eachother, then around us. Confused.
Weren't we killing eachother just a few minutes ago?
In a warehouse?
Then we just magically teleport out of there into someplace else. Wearing bride gowns. Meh. Yeah right.
I sigh.
'Well. If we are going on another magical mystery tour, lets hope our next stop is home' I say to myself.
'What?' says Juvel.
'Oh, just talking to myself'
'Round two, Fight!' we laugh at the weirdness of the place, the situation.
'Exactly' booms a voice. 'Fight to the death. Only one of you can make it out alive'
We look at eachother. Juvel looks worried, as if her hopes were brought down and burned. Yet, they already were.
I look down, avoiding her worried expression on her face.
'Okay' She asks. I pause for a moment. 'Okay' I say.

Mikayla vs Juvel Round Two

The girls take a moment, whispering their last goodbyes to eachother and their families.
'One.. Two..'
They pull themselves together. Juvel lands the first hit this time.
A kick in the stomach. Mikayla punches Juvel across the face.
Juvel pushes Mikayla. "1" Starts clawing at "6" with her nails -that have grown during the past few days-
"6" kicks "1" off her. Mikayla starts to strangle Juvel.
Juvel slashes Mikayla in the face with her nails. She succesfully cuts her.
Mikayla screams. Juvel gasps for air. Mikayla stands up. Juvel stands up.
Mikayla delivers Juvel another kick across the face. Her high heels scratch Juvels cheeck.
'Sh*t' Juvel breathes.
Juvel punchs Mikayla in the face. Breaking her nose.
Mikayla slaps Juvel across the face. A red mark is left on Juvels cheeck.
"1" grabs Mikayla's hair and pulls it. Mikayla grabs Juvels arm and pulls.
Juvel pulls too hard and falls back clutching a clump of Mikayla's hair.
Mikayla dislocates Juvels arm after Juvel fell back.
Mikayla stomps on Juvels stomach. Juvel, with her good arm, grabs Mikayla by the legs and topples her over.
They start chocking eachother.....
Both of them loosen their grips. Life drains out of Mikayla's eyes.

Juvel Garnet - District 1

My eyes snap open. It was all a dream...
Then I hear Mikayla chocking.
I sit up and begin to cry...
Mikayla has all the cuts and bruises from the fight in the dream...
My right arm has been both dislocated and broken.
I sit there. Shaking in the cold room...

Day 14 - Chains

Eleyen Meyer - District 9

"We all laugh. Ah. Isn't it great.
Back home, hanging with friends. Just, somethings not right.
Sometimes I feel its not real. Yet on the other hand, I tripped and scabbed myself so.
There are a few strange things going on too, maybe the district had changed while
I was in the games?
I see a shadow, a weird shadow. It has horns and everything.
Curiously, I walk towards it. My friends keep talking, barely noticing me.
It moves. It moves towards us. It keeps coming until atlast.
The shadow was mine.
My friends scream and run. I run too.
Only, I'm not sure from what.
Then, I notice my shoes, well, aren't shoes. But hooves.
I stop in my tracks. I look at my hands, the only difference being the back of the hand is covered in dark brown hair.
My breathing is louder. Colors are changing, until all the colors are black and white. I'm colorblind?
I forget about being colorblind, since I'm growing taller. I feel like I'm like, a she-hulk or something...
The mind goes blank"

Shawn Natesser - District 10 (Criminal)

Something roars. Like a dinosaur.
Not too far away.
I climb out of the car, take my things, then run for it.
The cold air makes me sneeze.
My stuff drop to the ground.
Luckily enough, I landed face first in my backpack.
Well, almost lucky. I hit my chin against something hard in my backpack.
I get up slowly. Until a hand grabs me.
We fall inside a car.
She closes the door and locks it. 'Lock all the other doors!' she orders.
I do so. Being that there is a most likely dangerous mutt on the loose.
We pause and look at eachother. After we process what we were thinking.
She attacks and scratches me in the face. One hand holding me against the seat, in a awkward position.
The other hand unlocks the door and opens it.
She tries to throw me out. But I grab her, making us both fall out.
She scrambles around, trying to get back inside the car.
I pull her back. She punches me in the face.
I haul myself up. The young woman climbs back into the car and shuts the door.
She locks it. I attempt to smash through the window.
But failing ultimately.
She holds up some keys. Most likely one for the car.
The girl tries each key, seeing which one fits.
'Let me in!' I yell, slamming my fist at the window.
The car engine starts. 'C'mon!'
She turns on whatever music disk was in the cd player. She turns up the volume.
'Kesha let me in!' I call as she starts to drive away.
I pick up a brick and throw it at the car. It smashes throught the back window.
The car halts, and reverses as fast as the old car can.
I jump out of the, scrapping against the tarmac on the road.
The musics volume is lowered. I get up.
Kesha rolls down the window.
'What. Did you do to my car?' she says slowly.
'Hah. It isn't your car. Actually, you don't even know who owns it'
She stares at me. 'Well, I don't see why a dead person should own a car'
'Okay. Can you let me in'
She starts to drive again. The tire running over my foot.
I scream and jump on one foot, with my hand clutching the other.
The car stops again, and reverses again.
I hop a couple times incase she runs over me again.
'Well that was amusing' she says.
'Tell me about it'
'Get in'
'Shut up and get in'
'Okay okay'
I sigh with relief. The king kong roar sounds again.
I back to see a... monster. A minotaur charging at us.
'DRIVE!' I yell.

Derrick Warbrook - District 4

Four careers. Already.
I must be the worst leader ever.
My god.
I hear a roar nearby. Just outside.
I scurry over to the window and look outside.
A car races past us.
I look down the direction it came from.
A bull half man thing comes charging down the road.
Bashing anything in its way.
The rest come over and take a look.
'How bout we catch it' I suggest, barely thinking.
Flint leaves.
I have a sudden urge to capture that thing.
Flint runs back with a warhammer.
'Where did you-' Zoey starts questioning him while we open the window.
We -excluding Zoey- hold the warhammer out the window of our apartment.
'One, Two, Thre-' The hammer drops and slams into the beasts head.
'We did it!' Yells Blade.
We all race out of the building.
'What'll we do with this?' Asks Blade.
'Nothing, its dead' Answers Flint.
I check the monsters pulse.
'Its alive, we should chain it up or something. Keep it as a secret weapon'
'Good idea' Flint agrees.
'Yeah but, what if it turns on.. us?' asks Zoey, obviously scared of the large thing.
'No need to worry about that... yet' the answer didn't change Zoeys mind.
But we ignore her protests.
'Go get some chains or something. Alot. This thing is strong'
Blade runs off into the hardware store.
'Flint, Zoey, help me drag this thing inside'
Flint does. Zoey touches it and her face turns white.

'There you go. Our very own monster'
The beast lies on the ground. Chained to the floor and a wall.
It breathes heavily. 'Its a... Girl' says Flint. Zoey walks away from him in disgust.
'What, we may as well know its gender for crying out loud'
'Whatever just'
I examine the beast.
Wow... 'How about we call it.... err..'
We all think of names. 'Ugly' suggests Zoey.
After awhile, we give up. 'Fine then, how bout "Nameless"' Zoey says, obviously tired of the subject.
'Okay... so. Who's gonna feed Nameless' I ask the three.
The guys look at the one girl. 'Oh hell n-'
'Zoey your feeding Nameless' I say quickly and half walked half ran away.
'Sorry Zo. Just don't take it personally' Blade says. 'Just it doesn't affect what we.. uh.. have going on'
'What going on?' Flint asks. Zoeys slaps him across the face. 'Ow!'
'Just think positive' Blade tells her.
'Oh shut up!' she snaps. Isn't it bad enough being here.
'Having watched my friends die... Sleeping in the same building with a minotaur,
being left with my boyfriend, a seemingly bad leader and a teenage father for company'
I stand up. Being called a bad leader took a negative blow at me.
'Zoey!' I shout. I start to complain about her.
'Sorry' she says quickly. 'Its just, I'm just going insane. I'm not feeling well. Just tired'
'Goodnight everyone' I say walking upstairs to my room. Still not forgiving Zoey....
I'm trying the best I can. Its not my fault everyone else died...

Day 15 - Every Shade of Grey

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