Intro: So this is my first hunger games, it'll probably not go well... But I'll just give it a try.

Well I've decided to skip a load of hunger games. Please note that these games may contain mature language. If you have a problem with that then just say so. The Games Have Begun So Avoid The Death Chart. The games are written in different POVs.


Island jungel

The Arena

<<--The Arena, (doesn't look very good to me), Its on an Island. The Cornucopia lies in the center of the arena on a an small island on a lake (yes the tributes have to swim to it), up north from the lake is a mountain, There is a ruins on the north east of the lake. Behind the rest of the Mountain is a Forest (the type like in the 74th games), South of the forest is a long meadow. The edges of the arena is beach. There are rivers in the jungle and one in the forest.

The rest of the island is a jungle, there are also places like caves or abandonned huts that I didn't add. 70% of the jungles food is poisonous.


Muttations, muttations, adorable little things, all these creatures were invented for science and killing and spying. So why not add them to the games?

Wolf Mutts - These mutts kill viciously and are fast runners. In these games they hang around the forest in packs.

Nigrum Avis Carnivorae (NAC or Bloodbirds) - These birdlike muttations look alot like crows, apart from the fact they have extremely sharp teeth and razor like claws. They eat you and and me and cows and sheep. They don't attack large groups, yet they attack groups of people.

Snake Mutts - They are snakes (duh), theyre poisonous and deadly.

Butterfly Mutts - These are harmless

Carnivourus Squirrels - As mentioned about the second quarter quell: "one of the last tributes was killed by fluffy golden squirrels".

A Giant Spider - The name says it all.



Tracker Jackers.

Some of these Mutts might not be mentioned, but should be atleast once.( and yes I made up the Nigrum Avis Carnivorae, but not entirely, it is inspired/based on the zombie crows from resident evil 3)


For Tribute Submissions you will need : (P.s 3 tributes is the limit)





Appearance: (Include height)



Token: (optional)

Allies: (optional,dont include if you dont want any allies)

Please note that if one of the above isnt liste on your tribute, It will be random, p.s Career tributes will be automatically part of the careers alliance, unless I'm asked not to.

District Name Gender Age Appearance Personality Weapon(s) Strengths

District 1


Lyle Gray Male 18 6,9", Long brown hair, hazel green eyes, lady wowing smile. Hot-Headed, Cofident, Destined Bow and arrows/throwing knives/axe Hand-to-Hand Combat, climbing, fast,strong, stealthy

District 1


Katelynn Huxley Female 14 tied up long blonde and brown eyes with deep red eyeshadow.Freckles. beautiful. Flirty,seductive,ruthless Throwing knife, Knife Throwing, physical strength
District 2 (Masonry) Joseph Anderson Male 17 Tall,brown hair, brown eyes. Clever,Outgoing, reactive, strong Knife Strong, Aim,Strong swimmer

District 2


Rose Bolt Female 16 Black Hair, Green eyes,light skin Like most careers Throwing knives/sword Fast runner, good runner, strong

District 3


James Wil Male 12 5'1", Blonde, Blue Eyes, Fit Body, Friendly, Likeable,shy Spear/Slingshot Skilled with spears and slingshot, never misses
District 3 (Techology)
Ryker Fuego Female 16 5'6", Windswept brown hair, pretty brown eyes. Slender, fit Acts-Calm-But-Ruthless, Angry exterior. Sword/Knives/ Anything Strength, Intelligent with weapons.

District 4


Carter Cane Male 16 6'1",medium blonde reddish hair,blue eyes,tan skin. Genuine person, "too nice". Trident/Net Fast Runner, A good swimmer

District 4


Callie Grace Reardon Female 17 Brown Hair, grey eyes Sleuth,intelligent Throwing knives Intelligence

District 5


Shock Mullen Male 13 4'7", Short mousy brown hair,bottletop glasses, Dark grey eyes. Timid, Shy, Incredibly Smart. Brains/Throwing Knives/Blowgun Smart,speed,hiding.

District 5


Aria Camelliston Female 16 5'7", Beautiful, brown hair with blonde-copper highlights,bright blue eyes, tanned skin,thin,petite. Sweet fun and has a good sense of humour when happy, Rude and thoughtless when angry. Bow and Arrow Great arm for throwing, flexible, good swimmer.

District 6


Reggie Miller Male 14 5'9", short nt very muscular, long black dreadlocks, brown eyes, African-American Freindly Blowgun Fast, Long Range Weapons

District 6


Tamora Summers Female 18 Dirty blonde hair Sweet,calm, funny and friendly Throwing Knives/Bow and Arrow Intelligence, Sleuth

District 7


Atlas Dunnin Male 16 5'11", Black hair, green eyes, light skin. Cocky, Mean to weaker people Tomahawk/ Throwing Knives Aim

District 7


Kirsten Woods Female 14 5,3" Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes with golden skin. Quite skinny Nice,Quiet and reserved Axe / Knife Running, agility,hunting,

District 8


Spore Io Male 12 Ice blue skin, grey hair, no left arm Quiet Knife Killing

District 8


Luna Snare Female 15 Curly red hair, pale skin. Sly,elusive,nice Blowgun Hiding, Killing

District 9


Corey Hicks Male 18 long brown hair, hazel green eyes, handsome smile. Friendly Sword/Trident/Mace Fast, Strong, Good climber

District 9


Anabelle Welseburg Female 14 Blonde hair, blue eyes Bad with all weapons, Nice, Shy, Intelligent None Stealth, Fast, Intelligence

District 10


Rory Lemner Male 17 Short brown and blonde hair. twinkling green eyes, pale skin, a tattoo. Mean, Moody Sword/Hand-to-hand Combat Sword fighting,tree climbing,

District 10


Olympia Willings Female 16 Tied up bright red and blonde hair.Green eyes that turn red when angry. Tomboy, quiet, strong, Strength Strong, hand to hand combat

District 11


Quincy Williams Male 17 Tall ,Muscular, African-American, black cornrows, deep blue eyes. Fast Spear/Sword/Axe Hand-to-Hand Combat

District 11


Abby Grace Female 15 5'3", Long black hair,green eyes, dark skin. Courageous Throwing Axe Scavenging and hiding

District 12


Andrew Dust Male 15 5'11", Black hair, skinny. Quiet, Cunning, fast Axes/Knives Cunning, fast

District 12


Arial Coaliner Female 14 nearly white hair,dark green eyes,pale,small, doesnt look strong. Shy, Intelligent, seductive. Axe, Bows and Arrows. Strength,stealth,weapon making,hunting.

I will also be able to reserve spots for a period of time.


Careers : Lyle Gray,Katelynn Huxley, Joseph Anderson, Rose Bolt, Ryker Fuego, Carter Cane, Callie Reardon, Aria Camelliston, Atlas Dunnin,Olympia Willings.

Odds and Training Scores

Don't hate me if you dont like your scores,

District Name,Age,Gender Training Scores Odds
District 1 Lyle Gray, 18 (M) 11 3-1
District 1 Kateylynn Huxley, 14 (F) 10 5-1
District 2 Joseph Anderson, 17 (M) 10 4-1

District 2

Rose Bolt, 16 (F) 10 4-1
District 3 James Wil, 12, 7 23-1
District 3 Ryker Fuego, 16 (F) 9 4-1
District 4 Carter Cane, 16 (M) 9 4-1
District 4 Callie Reardon,17 (F) 10 3-1
District 5 Shock Mullen, 13 (M) 5 16-1
District 5 Aria Camelliston, 16 (F) 7 10-1
District 6 Reggie Miller, 14 (M) 8 9-1
District 6 Tamora Summers, 18 (F) 7 11-1
District 7 Atlas Dunnin,16 (M) 11 3-1

District 7

Kirsten Woods, 14 (F) 6 9-1
District 8 Spore Io, 12 (M) 5 18-1
District 8 Luna Snare,15 (F) 6 12-1
District 9 Corey Hicks,18 (M) 9 4-1
District 9 Anabelle Welseburg, 14 (F) 5 17-1
District 10 Rory Lemmer, 17 (M) 9 4-1
District 10 Olympia Willings,16 (F) 9 5-1
District 11 Quincy Williams, 17 (M) 10 3-1
District 11 Abby Grace, 15 (F) 7 16-1
District 12 Andrew Dust,15 (M) 8 14-1
District 12 Arial Coaliner, 14 (F) 8 9-1

Death Chart

Placed Name District How By Who
24th James Wil, 12, M District 3 Speared in Chest Callie Reardon
23rd Spore Io, 12, M District 8 Stabbed in eye/bloodloss Lyle Gray
22nd Olympia Willings, 16, F District 10 Decapitated Kirsten Woods
21st Rory Lemner, 17, M District 10 Bloodloss Kirsten Woods (Technically)
20th Joseph Anderson, 17, M District 2 Arrow in the neck ??????????
19th Luna Snare, 15, F District 8 Skinned alive


18th Reggie Miller, 14, M District 6 Skinned alive Nac's
17th Carter Cane, 16, M District 4 Throat slit Aria Camelliston
16th Abby Grace, 15, F District 11 Throat slit Atlas Dunnin
15th Atlas Dunnin, 16, M District 7 Fell on knife (technically) Kirsten Woods
14th Annabelle Welseburg, 14, F District 9 Poisoned Poisonous dark yellow apple like fruit.
13th Rose Bolt, 16, F District 2 Hanged Aria Camelliston
12th Katelyn Huxley, 14, F District 1 Shot in the neck. Via arrow. Aria Camelliston
11th Corey Hicks, 18, M District 9 Throat slit Andrew Dust
10th Callie Grace Reardon, 17, F District 4 Scalded Lava
9th Tamora Summers, 18, F District 6 Scalded Lava
8th Ryker Fuego, 16, F District 3 Arrow in the chest Aria Coaliner
7th Andrew Dust, 15, M District 12 Sword though the neck Lyle Gray
6th Shock Mullen, 13, M District 5 Poisoned Giant Spider
5th Quincy Williams, 18, M District 11 Arrow in the eye Aria Camelliston
4th Aria Camelliston, 16, F District 5 Decapitated Kirsten Woods
3rd Arial Coaliner, 14, F District 12 Stabbed in the chest Lyle Gray
2nd Lyle Gray,18, M District 1 Axe in head Kirsten Woods
1st Kirsten Woods, 14, F District 7 -------------------- ------------------


Theyre POVs

District 1 - Katelynn Huxley 14 -

Alright I'm gonna get in, I'm gonna volunteer before any of these bi***** do. I trained most of my childhood for this.
"Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls", Rings the voice of our escort, Marigold,
"Today we will be selecting a young man and women to take the honour of representing District 1 In the 97th Annual Hunger Games"Says Marigold Eagerly.
"Now ladies first shall we" She says. And just as she takes one step towards the bowl, I shout "I VOLUNTE-" but I was interrupted by another girl,
who was interrupted by another and another. Marigold looks as if she knew what was coming,And shouts "Stop, Stop. You" she points at me, "whats youre name dear?" She says
"Katelynn, Katelynn Huxley"I reply. "Our female tribute tribute from district 1, Katelynn Huxley" Says Marigold proudly, She says to me "come on up dear" as the crowd clapped and cheered.
I walk up to the stage, "at last, a wish come true" I think to myself.
"And now for the boys" syas Marigold carelessly, and just before she dunked he bony hands into the bowl, A boy shouted "I volunteer!"
He was followed by two more boys, followed by another boy. Suddenly a large arguement between the boys started, they were all shouting at each other,a couple of guys started beating another up,the rest are arguing about who should go in.
Marigold whispers "Not again". And shouts "Oh Shout Up". The boys stopped. Marigold put her hand in the bowl, and announces "The Male tribute representing district 1 is... Lyle Gray", The plaza fills with applaud as
a tall handsome guy with long brown hair steps onto the stage.
Marigold eagerly announces "Ladies and Gentleman our tributes for this years Hunger Games!"
The crowd cheers and wishes us good luck, I think to myself "Oh just wait until I come back as a Victor with that crown on my head"...

District 2 - Rose Bolt 16 -

As the crowd applauds us we walk into the building. "You two go and get yourselves ready" says our escort, " The train will be here in half an hour.
She walks away to get her bags ready, I turn to my district partner and give him the most menacing look I can do. He just laughs at me, well you know I never really was the most intimidating girl here, compared to everyone else.
Yet I am better with knives than all of the rest. But I don't care about that, no, I care about winning this games, sure maybe this guy is strong, he'll probably be able to rip my neck off or something.
Anyways I'm automatically in the career alliance, meaning I could last quite a while.
Also if I win these games I'll be rich and living in a big house. "Have a plan yet?" asks Joseph my district partner. "What, no" I reply. Exactly what will I do, I can't just simply stay with the careers forever, I remember in previous games
that some tributes kill off there allies overnight once the pool of tributes have lowered.
Then I think "No". I'll kill them off before they kill me. No pus** will get in my way, No one.
Our escort comes back, "alrighty then you have everything?" she asks. "yes" we reply, I glare at Joseph
He looks at me, and asks "what did I do?", "nothing" I reply "I'm just thinking about something", "Thinking about what?". "Like I said Nothing".
I mutter to myself, "Just dirty thoughts on how to kill you". "Alliance?" he asks. "Sure why not" I say. "Okay". "Okay". No this could change plans,
but no I'll join his alliance if it means making him more vulnerable for me to kill.
"Ok kiddies the trains here" says our escort at last, As we board the train I take a look back.

My plan is set. I'm ready. I always have been.

District 3 - James Wil 12 -

I can't believe it... I just can't.. I always thought of growing up, getting married, starting a family...
But this changed everything. I'm being sent to hell. A slaughter house.
I sit here I can't do anything, I'm to die. I look across to My district partner Ryker. To me she looks quite pretty sitting there with her brown windswept hair, reading a book.
Meanwhile I'm sitting here, worried about my death. If only someone had volunteered to take my place.
I try not to think about this but I do. I can't help it. I'm gonna be put in some barren desert or something,up against 23 other people who are all willing to kill me.
"good at anything useful?" says a voice, I stop thinking abput my death. "Are you good at anything useful?", it was Ryker, I pause for a second and then I say "Maybe, what kind of use".
"Like weapons" she says, "Well theres spears" I reply, "Okay" she says. And goes back to her book. I just stare at her for a moment. She looks at me and asks "What?".
"Nothing". She stares at me a moment longer, abrubtly she gets up and heads to another compartment. I look at the title of the book, its called "A-Z MUTTATIONS". Withought thinking I take the book and read it...
After all it may come in handy, if I survive day one at least...

District 4 - Callie Grace Reardon 17 -

The crowd cheers as Carter gets up onto the stage. "Ladies and Gentleman our tributes Callie Reardon and Carter Cane" Announces the escort.
We look at each other for a second or two, and then we go inside.
I've never been in this building before, theres alot of space and quite alot of rooms.
"So you planning on joining the careers" asks Carter, "I'll think about it". "C'mon I think you should join, they'll need someone just as smart as you".
"What do you mean?", "I saw this project of yours, I figured you'd be quite smart". After a long conversation
We arrive at the train station, I stop at the door. I walk in now my life will change completely.

I stood there for a moment, I take one a last look back at the ocean before I leave. I step into the train. The compartment looks beautiful.
Royal blue carpeting, mahogany, Chandeliers, It looks as if I'd been elected president or something.

I sit down on a couch thinking... thinking about how this will affect everyone I know. Our escort is sitting on a seat next to me, yapping on about dying her hair cloud white to go with her sky blue skin
or about what color her nails should be. Meanwhile Carter is asking our mentor for tips.

I find it haunting that I might not survive. I'll miss everyone back at home....

If I die the last thing I will think of will be the sea, the thing I'll miss most.

District 5 - Aria Camelliston 16 -

"Good Afternoon" sounds the voice of the escort, Thame,
"As you know all know we will be selecting a Boy and Girl from ages 12 - 18 to compete in this years Hunger Games" He says in his irritating capitol half australian accent.
"Now how about a small difference, how about boys first, eh" He puts his hand into a bowl and announces "The male tribute from district 5 is.... "Shock Mullen", his eagerness drops
when most of the boys and a couple girls look at a "Short" boy in the front. Thames then asks "Is there be anyone willing to volunteer to take his place?". The crowd is quiet... nobody
Shock slowly walks up the stage, his face white as snow. He stands there quietly next to Thames. After a moment Thames realizes that no one will volunteer and breaks the silence.
"Okay now for the girls". He calls out "Our female tribute.. Aria Camelliston". "What no" I step out of the crowd of girls.
Thames looks slightly relieved.I walk up the stage and stands still.

"Ladies and Gentleman our tributes Aria Camelliston and Shock Mullen!" Says Thames. The square is silent. No sound at all.
I feel a slight punch in the stomach. I feel sorry for Shocker,not half a person volunteered for him. I whisper to myself F*** you f*** you all.

District 6 - Reggie Miller 14 -

I'm doomed. I'm dead already. I'm dead even before I enter the arena.
I have no muscles, I bet all the Career guys have. They trained their whole live for this.
And yes I admit I'm scared of this, I'm short compared to half the guys there even, I havent even seen them yet.
And I have a right to be scared, it's been a long time since district 6 won. Infact the most recent victor committed suicide 30 years ago,
its partially the reason there hasn't been a victor. I sigh, I'm dead...
My District partner is off somewhere in a different compartment. She's probably plotting on how to kill me.
She walks in, I look at her, she asks "Team?", It's probably part of her plan or something. "I'll think about it" I say.
"Right, well we are district partners we may as well ally, for our district" she says, She goes and asks our escort something.
I didn't hear them, I cant hear anything...

District 7 - Kirsten Woods 14 -

The world stopped. I don't know what to do. Suddenly I turn around and run. I almost make it out of the town square,
until a peacekeeper smacked me across my face with a nightstick, He carries me over his shoulder,and turns back. I scream "No, Noo".
My nose is bleeding, and tears a forging in my eyes, screaming for help. It was no use, the peacekeeper put me up on the stage.
I stood there, over in the corner of the boys section, I see a boy somewhat older than me,somebody I had a crush on, He was laughing so much he was starting to cry.
The escort, Gina starts "Ok... Now before that...incident we were selecting tributes, Now For the boys".
She walks to the bowl and calls out "Atlas Dunnin". The boy who was laughing at me steps out and walks up the stage as if it was just a stroll in the woods.
He looks at me and gives me a smile, I didn't like the feeling of it. A couple of boys, possibly his friends cheer.

We walk inside the justice building. Gina leaves us alone for a moment as she goes to change her wig.
"You don't stand a chance against me" Atlas begins. "You do know that, right?". I ignore him, by just simply looking at the beautiful paintings
up on the wall.

"I train every day for this" he says. "Theres no academy" I reply. "Who needs an academy?" he says. "I just throw axes into trees."
"Yeah well I can decapitate you" I say, I'm starting to get annoyed with him. In fact I can't believe I had a crush on him.
"I've seen you with an axe" he says, "and trust me you can't handle one". Right he's the first on my hitlist, fullstop. I'm gonna kill him
Kill him before he even touches me.
Gina walks back in with a Green wig on and wore a different dress, "C'mon the trains here". I glare at Atlas... And I turn to follow Gina.

District 8 - Luna Snare 15 -

I'm standing beside my district partner a 12 year old boy, No one volunteered for him.
Poor fellow. Now I'm gonna have to take in the guilty thought of me killing him.
I don't want to, I can't, I can't do it.
We all walk into the train station waiting for the train.
The boy doesn't say anything.
I turn and ask our escort about how she dyed her skin, I don't know why, I just wanted to start up a conversation at least.
The escort starts explaining enthusiastically on how her skin was dyed. I wasn't listening. I was wondering.
What will happen to me?
Can I ever get out alive?
The train arrives a shining white train with transparent blue windows. We step in.
I whisper "Goodbye" to my district.

I just sit there on a chair.. waiting for my ending.

District 9 - Corey Hicks 18-
I walk up the stage and stand next to a 14year old girl with blonde hair.
The escort makes a final statement, And ushers us inside. I look out a window at the fields. A place I'll most certainly miss.
I look at my partner, and whisper "we'll be alright". I know that's not true.
She bursts into tears and and hugs the escort. He tries to calm her down. We all went quiet.

After a what seems to be an hour, the escort abrubtly exclaims, "S*** we're late".
We run to the train, I stop for a moment... and then I step in.... I'm off to my grave...

District 10 - Olympia Willings 16-

Aha, I'm in the games, hopefully slaughtering animals taught me something.
I look at my partner Rory He looks like someone I should kill off, otherwise he'll kill me.
We glare at eachother. Hopefully I'll outlive him. He's been a long time rival of mine.
At last, He asks me "You prepared", I reply to him "Course, I've been killing cows since I was 6"
He laughs, "I will see what you've got in the arena".
We are quiet once again. "When will we arrive" I ask. "Hmph". I look at a replay of the previous games. A boy just decapitated another much younger boy.
And I watch it in horror as a girl rips out the neck of a boy with her teeth.
Suddenly Rory says "we're here".

District 11 - Abby Grace 15 -

The crowd fills in as the reaping takes place.
I don't bother listening to the escorts announcemet. She put's her hand in a bowl, And calls out my name.
I freeze. There are eyes looking at me, as if it was my funeral. I take a step forward and walk boldly up the stage.
"Now for the boys" says the escort. I think to myself, Who my opponents will be, what theyre like.
"Quincy Williams" sings the escort. A tall muscular african american boy walks out onto the stage.
"No Anybody but him" I think to myself, but it is him, he looks at me, and we shake hands.
We say goodbye to everyone. The District is quiet. Nothing but a bird can be heard.
"I can do this" I think. I know things they don't. I can win....

District 12 - Arial Coaliner 14 -

On the train to hell it is then. All I've done since I got on this train was watch previous games.
Perhaps I can take in what the victor did and do the same. Most of them won by simply killing tributes gruesomely.
My partner Andrew joins me. We've gotten to know eachother while we were waiting for the train.
I don't want to get too close to him, I already can't bear having to kill him. I decide to go get something to eat.
I get off my seat just as a tribute ripped of anothers arm.
Andrew sits there taking notes for me while I check a fridge. I suddenly don't feel very hungry, I never was sine I was reaped.
Its better if someone else kills him off. I just look out the window watching raindrops fall onto the ground.

I turn around to look at the television just as a Tribute diced another tribute with a sharp wire. Blood splatters everywhere
as the body parts drops to the ground. I feel sick, I feel dizzy.

Suddenly I drop to the ground, as the world goes black. I hear Andrew gasp and calls for some help. I hear nothing....

The Games

Day 1

Tamora Summers 18 - District 6

I hug my Escort, Stylist, and Mentor goodbye.
I step into the tube, this is it. my life will change. Suddenly a metal plate brings me up .
It is dark for a moment and light burns my eyes. I'm out in the open, in the arena. I look down, I don't see any grass,land, just water.
I look around, in front of me sitting on an island is the cornucopia. around the lake we're in, is a jungle, behind me the water looks
shallow enough to simply wad out of the water. Over across the other side of the cornucopia is an ancient city ruins.

60,59,58,57,56... To my right is a girl with curly red hair. And to my left is a boy is a short little 12 year old boy.
I scan around for my district partner. He is probably behind the cornucopia.

35,34,33... My heart is beating really fast, "What will I do what will I do!" I think.
I spot a wet backpack really close to the water on the island. Right I wll swim there and grab the backpack and flee.
5,4,3.. I start panicking. Suddenly the Gong Sounds. I automatically jump into the water and start swimming.

I got close enough to reach the backpack. Suddenly the girl from 4 reaches land and grabs a spear. I grab the back pack and I turn around
Just when the girl spears a boy in the chest, splattering blood everywhere. Out in the distance I see the redheaded girl running into the jungle.
I almost got into the jungle when a boy attacks me, "GET OFF ME!" I shout. I pick up a fairly thick stick off the ground and smacked him across the face with it.
He cluthes his nose in pain. I turn and run.

Lyle Gray 18 - District 1

Disaster stirs around me, as people fought over packs, weapons, food or just want to kill.
There are screams everywhere. I Grab a nearby axe and swing it wildly, knocking a boy onto the ground.
I grab a knife and pin the child down, "Why hello there, I didn't expect to see you here" I say cruelly.
He calls for help, but no one comes. He shrieks "NO!" and "Help!". I decide to shut him up and stabbed him in the eye.

He stops. I get off him and Katelynn runs to me, "Here" she shouts as she passes me a Bow.
I grab some nearby arrows and firing them at random tributes, I hit a girl in the leg dropping her to the ground.

I ask Katelynn "Are any careers dead yet?".
"No" she replies as she throws a knife at a boy.
I pick up a backpack and start stuffing items into it, A knife, a bottle of water, some dried fruit, and some bread.

Rory Lemner 17 - District 10

The girl from 7 jumps on me knocking me down, She stabs me multiple times, With all the strength I have left, I kick her off me.
She rolls over. I try to reach a nearby knife, but I can't. Suddenly my district partner Olympia fell, leaning onto a box of crates for support
There is an arrow in her left leg. She looks at me and mouths the words "I'm sorry". Before I could respond an axe came flying to her neck
decapitating her. Her head rolls off.

I get up holding to the side of the cornucopia for support. I lean on it and lift my shirt. That b**** stabbed 19,20 holes in my chest.
Suddenly I drop to the ground.

I hear nothing, and my vision fades black.

Anabelle Welseburg 14 - District 9

I run through the jungle as quietly as possible. I have nothing. Nothing at all.
I come across a large rock, and stop to sit down. Boom. The bloodbath must be over.
Boom. Boom. Boom.

Four dead, not much of a bloodbath in my opinion. I pick up a stick and sharpened the end of it with a sharp rock.
I'm useless with weapons, but I need some form of defence don't I? I stab a possum or something.
I wonder how am I gonna cook this thing. I won't not, yet at least. I take a vine and wrap it around me like a belt.
I tie the creature onto a piece of the vine.

Its Dark, The anthem rings through the arena...The boy from 3, the boy from 8 and both from 10... rest in peace you guys.....

Day 2

Atlas Dunnin 16 - District 7

That b****. Kirsten injured me in the bloodbath the other day, she swung an axe into my hip.
She nearly finished me off until Lyle fired an arrow at her. He let me live because he saw me in the training center throwing axes into dummies.
and now I'm part of the career's. So Kirsten you'd better watch out. I've gotten to know most of the careers,excluding Ryker.
Lyle seems to be the leader here, as he tells most of us what to do,like "stay here" or "pass me this" and "pass me that".
Ryker is around Lyle quite alot. She is put incharge while Lyle checks around the lake for tributes.
It's boring here. It's noon, no deaths so far. "Hows your injury" asks Ryker. "Its fine" I replied. "Good, now you can put this crate into the pile".
All we've done so far is build a pyramid. Almost Imediately after I dump the crate into the pile Lye calls out "I've found one!" and we all swim to him,
and followed him into the jungle.

Quincy Williams 18 - District 11

I run as fast as possible, the careers are catching up. I keep running.
Suddenly a knife flies past me and into a tree. I turn left hoping they would lose me. They don't, They're all after me.
Cheering for their next kill. I jump over a log. And through a bush. I reach a mountain. Tall high up in the sky. I climb up it hoping the career's aren't good climbers.
I haul myself up and I look down to see the career's looking up at me. We pause their looking at eachother for a second.

Immediately one of the career boys started climbing. I got up and ran along the mountain. The boy gets up and starts pursuing me. I keep running, ahead of him.
I grow tired from all the running. I look down the mountain. There's the ruins. I cautiosly I climb down. The boy is nearby.
I drop myself onto the roof of a ruined ancient building made of stone. I get up and slowly I get off the roof. The boy is also climbing down the mountain.
I run through the aztec city ruins. After a while I stop and go into a house. I sit down quietly. Hoping for the best.
Unarmed, no food, nothing. I'm completely vulnerable.

Carter Cane 16 - District 4

"He got away" says Lyle, C'mon back to camp. The numbers are still stong. Only four fatalities. I step into the lake.
Just then an arrow flew past me and hit Joseph in the neck. We all turn to him in shock. I look at the killer. There's no one.
Without thinking I run into the jungle. Just then I hear someone else running ahead of me. Its a girl.
Boom. Joseph's dead. I run after the girl. Then I lost her.
I walk back Trident in hands. Mourning Joseph's death. I get back to see the rest of the career's at the cornucopia making a plan or something.
I decide to go over there and have a look. The plan is we split into two groups and search the arena for tributes. I agree with that plan, its hard not to
since your pack leader is the most strongest career.

{C}Luna Snare 15 - District 8

It is decided, the district 11s 6s Kirsten and myself are in an alliance of six. It would have been seven if Spore hadn't died.
I couldn't stop crying last night when I saw his picture in the sky. It's tragic. Horrible. I wonder what state his family is in right now,
or does he even have a family. Abby and I met eachother in the training room and started an alliance, her district partner is in our alliance,too.
Tamora and I ran into eachother. I sked if she would join our alliance. She said yes. Apperantley Kirsten from 7 was listening us and was interested in joining.
We found Reggae this morning under a large rock, he has a scratch on his forehead and has a black eye, but besides that he's ok.
We don't know where Quincy is. Leavig us in a group of five. We searched for him at a couple of places,
no one. We start to worry that the cannon that fired was for him. We start camp near a mountain, we're doing pretty fine in terms of survival.
We have a few weapons from Reggae, he snagged enough for us at the cornucopia. None of the weapons he has aren't mush use to me.
So I go and grab a bamboo stick and started putting a long hole through the top to the bottom. There a nearly complete blowgun.

We have enough food to last couple of days. We just don't have much water.The anthem rings and all that died today was The district 2 guy.

Tomorrow we will search for Quincy. He's still alive. Where are you?

Day 3

Andrew Dust 15 - District 12

I throw my backpack on a large rock as I had decided take a break.
It's been three days now, All I have is a knife and a bottle of water, I'm starving, I need food,
I lie on the rock, hoping for the best. I sit up and think for a moment... the numbers are still pretty big.
I get up and pick up my bag and continued walking. It's been a while since I've seen another tribute. But that was at the cornucopia.
I take it I'm lost. I come into a clearing. A meadow actually, stretching about a mile atleast. In the meadow sits a tree, a pretty old looking tree.
Suddenly I step back into the jungle, What was I thinking, I'd be out in the open, Anyone could be here. I observe the meadow for a moment.
Until I see a forest or something up a small hill. "Thats where I'm heading" I whisper to myself. I walk up that direction, and I start like someones watching me.
I scan my surroundings. Nobody. I continue walking upwards. A golden fluffy squirrel thing runs by. Probably a mutt.

I reach the forest, oak tree's, ashes all the types I'm used to back at my district. I come across a tree stump, I may as well camp out here.
I take my knife and I start hunting.

Abby Grace 15 - District 11

Our alliance has reached a ruins. We're lost, we can't find our way out. Just more houses and dead ends.
We walk up a street, wondering where is he?, if he's not here then he's out in the jungle.
It's useless there's nobody here.

I take a turn into an alley when someone runs into me. Almost immediately I call out "I'VE FOUND HIM!". He puts his hand over my mouth
and whispers to me very quickly "One of the career's are here", I look at him. "But thats only one, we have six". "where are the rest".
There in the street. We walk out the alley and meet up with the others. Relief sinks in, we are all ok.
Now theres only one more thing, How do we get out of here!
We plan on heading upwards. Its a long walk up. We decide to take a break in a courtyard.
We are all getting along fine. It's not a good thing though, any day now we will all have to kill eachother.
"So where's you'r district partner" I ask Kirsten. "he's probably with the careers" she replies.
"Is there any chance he'll join our alliance" I say. "Ugh, I hope not" she replies in disgust. She goes guiet, and gets up to sort out her supplies.
Suddenly a knife flies by and gets stuck in a pillar. I look at the attacker. The girl from 3 runs into the courtyard with a handfull of throwing knives.
A boy with black hair runs in with an Tomahawk, followed closely by a petite girl with a bow and a sheath of arrows.
We're trapped, the boy from 4 arrives at the scene with a trident in hand. Surrounded by four careers.

A crow lands on the roof of a nearby building. The girl from 3 see's it, and she goes pale. Immediately she turns and runs.
The other girl fires an arrow at Quincy narrowly missing him and giving him a scratch across the forehead. The arrow hits another pillar.
Abrubtly the crow crowed loudly, bringing in more crows. This is quite weird standing in a courtyard, with three other people about to kill us.
Reggies drops his token, and very abrubtly the crows crowe madly, the fly around the courtyard. It was very confusing.

Suddenly a crow swoops down rips off a piece of my skin, I swat it away with a nearby knife. I immediately flee into a house, as I watch everything...
These birds are carnivoures. I find it strange that they eat human flesh. Thats what snapped awake, I look in horror as the others try to get away.
I want to scream, but if do it'll attract them. Luna is knocked over as the birdlike muttations rip of her skin. Quincy attempts to help her.
But he was pulled away by one of the career girls. She starts to stab him. I step slowly away from the window. Boom.
I look at the place where was once a girl with curly red hair lay. Instead was a body, with barely any skin on. Chunks of her has been eaten.
In fact I can barely recognise her. The door opens, it was Kirsten. She closes the door, and turns to me. "we have to get out of here" she whispers very quickly.
"Is there any way out of this house?" she asks quietly. I notice a large chunk of her ear has been ripped out.
"I dunno, I was only standing by the window this whole time." She starts to go further back in the house. Boom.
I look out the window and I see what was left of Reggie leaning by a piller. The crow like mutts are all gone.
No one is there. Just two corpses to be picked up by a hovrcraft. I cry silently over the loss.

My partner Quincy is still alive, despite being stabbed a couple of times. Or is he? Could I have missed his cannon.
Kirsten comes back. "I've found an exit".

Carter Cane 16 - District 4

It starts raining, Its dark and everyone else is gone hunting tributes. I'm alone here with Aria. I'm looking through the weapons in the cornucopia.
"It's boring staying here" I think as I pick up a small metal weapon or something. Aria comes in, and sits next to me. "So how's the stash outside, is it soaked or something"
"what do you think" She says. "Is that your token?" she asks. Yeah my sea turtle necklace, I found it on a beach one day.
"yeah" I reply. "It looks good on you" she says, I'm quite flattered by this statement. The next thing was so unexpected I couldn't do anything.
She leans over to me and kisses me. I'm confused, really confused. I notice her hand reaching for her pocket, thats when I realize what she was doing.
I push her away just as she pulled out her knife. I loung for my trident, but she pulls me to the ground. My chest to the floor of the cornucopia.

She lifts my head by pulling my hair, she put her knife to my throat. "So sorry you couldn't get to your beloved trident" She taunts.
"But its either you or me Carter, I mean your okay and everything" She says cruelly. I try to move. But she keeps me there.
"Now first there's no way I'm getting out of here without atleast one kill".

I give up, It's the end.

Kateylnn Huxley 14 - District 1

Boom. The cannon fires, We presume a tribute died of natural causes or food poisoning. The rain turned into a storm and we decide to ead back to the cornucopia.
Callie and I race eachother back. She's fairly faster than me. I trip over a rock, as I haul myself out of the mud, I feel as if somethings watching me.
I turn my head around. Its quiet. Automatically I run. I jump into the lake and swim to the cornucopia.

As I got onto the island I see Callie's shocked face. I look at what she saw. Inside the cornucopia, is Carters body.
His throat slit open, Blood everwhere ,on the walls of the cornucopia, on the floor. I see Aria cowering in the corner.
"What happened" I asked "she did it" she replies tears in her eyes. "Who did". There were cuts on her limbs. Ryker and Atlas arrive.
Atlas looks in disbelief. "Holy S***" he shouts. "I always thought he would last to the final eight tributes".
Lyle comes in. He doesn't react very much. "Okay, Atlas you grab him by the legs and I'll grab him by the arms, Let's dump him in the lake for the hovercraft to pick him up"
"Girls um.. see if you can help treat Aria's injuries". Ryker hands us a first aid kit. And cleans up the blood. She keeps muttering to herself angrily.

"Do you know who did it" I ask Aria as I roll a bandage around her head. "The girl from 12" she says. "That b****" I say.
"I tried to help him" she continues, "but she stabbed me". "Where did she stab you" I ask. She shows me her hand, there is a stab mark going through it.
"Well you know what? that b**** is going down".

Day 4

Shock Mullen 13 - District 5

It's been a long time since I've seen another human being. There are wolves here, something I seriously want to avoid.
The mountain is probably the best place to go. I pick up my knives and head up. My water supply is still full, I had filled it up at a small pond.
But I'm low on food. I've avoided alot of fruit in the rainforest, most of them were poisonous, from nightlock to banana's.
I reach the mounatin and start climbing, I slip at some point but I quickly grab onto a branch sticking out. I haul myself up onto a ledge.
It's tiring, but I've made it. I continue hiking up the mountain. I come across a Cave. I think I should camp out here for tonight.
I go in and sit by a rock. I lay my backpack on the floor, I pull out some rocks and some wood. I should start a fire, Its getting kinda cold.

I step out into the open and get to work. The temperature has dropped, its cold, or atleast cold enough that I can see my own breath.
The fire lights, at last, warmth. I huddle close to the fire. I don't want to die of hyperthomia. A canister comes down.
Hurray a sponsor, thats lucky. I open the canister, it had a basket of District 5's bread, some fish, and some throwing knives.
I'm surprised I got a sponsor.My training score was fairly low. Perhaps it was out of pity that I was starving to death.
I stuff as much bread into my mouth as possible, what can I say, I had three days without food. I'll leave some for tomorrow.

Corey Hicks 18 - District 9

I have walked for days, In search of the edge of the arena. My hopes drop to see that the edge is somewhere in the ocean.
I'm here on a beach stretching miles away. My district partner is still alive, her picture hasn't been shown in the sky yet.
She's doing pretty well I suppose, lasting till day four. I throw a rock into the water. My plan has been thrown away.
I can't stay near the forcefield forvever, I'll drown in about an hour. The only tme I ever swam in my life was on day one.
There's no way I can go that far and live to see the next day.

I walk to a palm tree and sit down. Perhaps I can try join the careers. But I've seen my neighbour tried to do this one year.
They killed him before he even said anything. Well this sucks. I look around the beach. I'll go back to the rainforest tomorrow.
And I may as well find my district partner. I'll just wait until I'm sure she's still alive.

Ryker Fuego 16 - District 3

"And another goes down" I say as I behead a squirrel. We have decided to leave the cornucopia. The summit of that mountain was smoking.
Callie had some crazy idea its a volcano. She had us leave the cornucopia. what does she know about volcanoes, I doubt there are any in her district.
It's probably some idiots fire gone out of control. Its cold compared to yesterday.
We set a new camp by another nearby lake, it took a while to convince Callie that this was far enough.
She just sits there in the corner with her arms around her legs. Pale in the face. I may as well do her a favor and end her misery.
Lyle disaproves this, he keeps saying that she's just shocked about the incident last night.

What? she killed MY district partner, I didn't feel anything about that. Well now that I come to think of it, once everyones out of the way, she's my first target.
And boy will I have fun doing that. Another squirrel scurries by as I throw a knife at it.Keteyln has gone searching for the 12 girl. It's getting dark. Atlas is bored out of his mind.
He says he's off to hunt down tributes. The arena is big enough to get lost in. I worry about him. He has grown on me.

I lay back in a tent and shut my eyes...

Kirsten Woods 15 - District 7

It took all morning, but we did it. We got out of that ruined city. There aren't any signs of our allies.
Abby keeps looking at the sky incase of another crow like mutt swoops down to eat our flesh. She's alot more alert since yesterday.
My right ear is alright. I can't hear through it though. I keep miss hearing things Abby says.
Well Abby would be a sign that something dangerous is nearby now. "Look" she exclaims through my good ear. Out through a gap between two trees is a meadow.
Somewhere to set camp. "I doubt any of them would come here. The seen doesn't seem to suit them" she says. What difference does that make.
They'll find us. She looks at me, "oh the careers" theyre probably back at the cornucopia or something.
We set camp near a tree. We search through the supplies we have left after yesterday. Just a kitchen knife and some bread. I hand the knife to Abby.
"Take this" I say to her. It's okay I have an axe, she doesn't have anything to defend herself. "Thank you" she says.

She lights a fire, not a smart thing to do. But the careers are probably a mile away. We sit by the fire together.
She's technically my best friend. Out of everyone in this arena I think Abby should win. "So whats it like back in your district?" I ask her.
"Well there are loads of fields and orchards. Nearly everyone there is poor" She says. "Whats it like in yours?" "Just a long forest and a couple paper factories."
Well lives in every district is different, different scenery, different food, different people. "You hungry" I ask. "No I'm fine".
I can tell she's lying. She's worried about the other's. I get up to get the loaf of bread. Just as I pick it up, I hear a the cannon.
I turn around just in time to see Abby fall to the ground, when a Atlas charges at me. He knocks me over and stabs me in the abdomen.
I push him away, He gets up. and with all my strength I have left, I trip him over. He falls back.

I hear a squelching sound as Abbie's knife, which was still in her hand, Appears out his mouth with blood all over it.
I start crying over Abby. I haul myself up, leaning onto the tree for suuport. I guess I may as well die of bloodloss...
I slide back to the ground and wait for death to come... but nothing happens. I sit there looking at my friend and enemies corpses, lying still together.
A parachute comes down and lands next to me... a sponsor. I open the package and and a note falls out,

"Sorry for your loss". I look at what I was given, A first aid kit and a bottle of water. I open the bottle, And I lift up my shirt.
I pour the water onto my wound. And lie there by the tree. I slowly drift sleep....

Day 5

Arial Coaliner 14 - District 12

I stop at a river for a drink. It's really hot today, no not hot, burning.
Instead of drinking the water I practically jump into it. Its alot cooler in here. My supplies are nearly empty.
All I have now is strip of dried beef and an empty bottle of water. I get out and climb up the nearest tree.
I can see the mountain is still smoking. I look round, just tree's and a couple of different fruits I've never seen before.
Sure I've seen them during the walk here, I just resisted the temptation. I see a bush of nightlock over next to a tree.
I best avoid them, I've seen in previous games a whole load of tributes were poisoned. Personally it was really boring.
I climb down and eat me last strip of dried beef. I look in one of the tree's. There's a fruit up there. I've never seen one like it.
It's an apple like fruit. Dark yellow though instead of red or green. I pick a few and lay them next to the tree I climbed.
After that I went and dived back into the water. I bring myself back to the surface. Just then I feel something...strange.
I look behind me. Emptiness. I quickly scramble out of the river incase some mutt or something attacks me.

A knife flies into a tree in front of me. I look back, the girl from 1 charges at me. I turn and make a run for it.
I grab my bow and a sheath of arrows. Theres no time to pack everything. I run through the overgrown rainforest, leaves slapping into my face as I run.
At some point I got stung by a plant. It sears through my leg as I continue. Suddenly I feel something sink into the back of my leg.
It slows me down. Half a second later another sinks into my back. I fall to the ground, lying in mud. Boom.
The cannon fires. I hear a pair of feet and panting. A pair of hand pick up my bow. I hear a snap. Then pain sinks through me as she pulls her knife out of my back.
She pulls out the knife in my leg. Once again I hear her walking away. I lay there in mud for what seems like half an hour...
I pull myself onto a nearby rock. And sat there, I keep myself quiet... Great I lost everything. Well not really, I barely had anything anyways.
But now I have no weapons apart from a couple of arrows... I simply sit there, under the hot sun.

Corey Hicks 18 - District 9

I'm back in the games. I'm in the rainforest once more. I walk slowly through the jungle. Anybody could be here. I keep looking behind me.
I trip over something. I look over towards the corpse of my district partner. Slowly I move towards her and turn the body over.
No marks. I check her pulse... she is dead. I close her eyes. Next to her was an apple-like fruit. There was a bite mark in it.
Meaning she bit it, as she is the only thing here. The fruits juice seeps out of the mark, It has a bloodlike color to it.
I leave the body there on the ground for the hovercraft to pick it up. I look round me. It's getting dark. The temperature is still as hot as this morning.
Quietly I take Annabelles wooden spear and head off. Something's about to happen. I just can't tell what...

Rose Bolt 16 - District 2 {C}It's warm tonight. Unaturally warm. I flick my torch on and off. The other's have gone searching for tributes again.
Ryker and Lyle are off together. Kateyln is off on her own. I'm stuck here alone with Aria. We had a nice friendly chat together.
She's asleep. I look out at the lake we're camping beside. Lyle has told us to keep an eye on the supplies. Their okay.
Nothing stolen. Bored out of my mind, I start messing with the torch, bunny ears, butterflies. Aria comes out of her tent.
And sits next to me. "Hi" I said to her. "Hi"....

Kateyln Huxley 14 - District 1

Boom. Another tribute down. leaving about...12 left. I find the new career camp. It's quiet...
I sit down and take a sip of water. "Hello" a voice shocks me. I look round. It's Aria. "Oh hi" I say slightly relieved.
She sits next to me. "How's your injury" I ask her. "What injury?" she says in a very mysterious voice. I laugh. That injury,
I point at her hand, I stop. The marks gone. That's when I noticed all her cuts were gone. As if nothing happened. Just gone out of thin air.
"Oh yeah" she says. Smiling in a slightly...evil manner. She picks up a knife. Suddenly I reach to grab my knife when I am knocked over.
"tut-tut, look who tried to kill me" She taunts holding the knife to my throat. "Liked my cuts,made them myself, picked it up in the camouflage station"
"I never thought it would come in handy." Did you see Rose. She looks over at a tree. To my horror, Rose is hanging by a rope.
"Not my look" she says in a slightly sexy voice. "You crazy b****!" I shout. She keeps me to the ground.
"It's your turn Katelyn" she says cruelly. I roll her over in time before she was able to slit my throat. She gets up and lounges to a bow and a sheath of arrows.
I turn immediately and begin to run.

I run through the jungle. I keep running, I refuse to stop. I won't stop unitl I'm sure I've lost her.
I run into a meadow. Up far in the meadow, next to a tree is what looks like a campsite. I check behind me, the forest is empty.
I head up towards the campsite. After a while I reach the camp. Nobody is here. Just a couple of bags and a pit where I suppose they lite a fire.
I pick up a knife from the ground. It's covered in blood. It must have been used to stab someone.
Looking around. I pick up a canister, indicating the tributes here had a sponsor. I look behind. In the distance I see someone running towards me.
An arrow flies by and hits the trunk of the tree. Immediately I turn to run. Another arrow flies by. I'm near a forest, it has a collection of different tree's.
Out of the unexpected, an arrow hits me in the back. I fall to the ground. Another arrow hits me, followed by another.
"Thought you could get away did you" Teases a fimiliar voice. "You can't run forever Katelyn, sometime or another you'll have to face what is coming to you"
"Why are you doing this?" I spit out. "Because only one can win" she shouts. "We'll have to kill eachother at somestage".

I hear another arrow fire. I hear nothing. My vision fade to black to nothing...

Quincy Williams 18 - District 11

Boom. The cannon startles me. I'm still lost the ruins. The stab wound is healing pretty well. "Abby", I think, what happened.
It leaves us in an alliance of three now. Tamora and I are in the same building. As for Kirsten, well we don't know.
Perhaps we're the only ones left in this alliance. Tamora and I. Perhaps I might have to kill her. I hear something...
Somethings outside. Cautiously I get up and move towards a window. "Ahh" I jump back. A giant spider, what the f***!
Tamora wakes up "What is it" she yawns. "A freakin spider" I yell. "Relax it's just a spider" she says annoyingly.
"What could a harmless little spider d- ahh" she shrieks once she see's seen it. "That thing is f****** huge!" she yells.
The sound of us yelling attracts it over to the house we're in.

"Bulls***" I whisper. We back away slowly. Luckily the spider isn't big enough to fit through the window. We shuffle away into the next room.
We lie down against a wall, panting. The Anthem fills the arena. The girl from 1, girl from 2, and the girl from 9.
Three fatalities today. Eleven... ten to go and the games are over... The backdoor of the house opens and shuts loudly.
I ready a knife, someone stumbles into the room. Just as I was about to stab her, Tamora yells "No". I stop.
"What?" I yell back at her. "Thats Kirsten!".

Day 6

Callie Grace Reardon 17 - District 4

It's quiet. There are ten of us left. Nine to go.
There's a fog spreading around the arena, it's so thick it's hard for us to see anything. Just this morning I fell into the lake by accident,
Mistaking it for the pile of supplies. Lyle is busy setting a trap, some supplies have been stolen last night. Ryker is angrily muttering about something.
And Aria is still injured from Carter's incident. She's still able to pick things up though.
Suddenly we heard a scream somewhere in the rainforest. We waited for the cannon... another scream. Lyle picks up his axe and heads out.
The rest of us, excluding Aria, went out to search for them. "AHHHHH" screams a voice. "SOMEBODY HELP US!" screams another.
We reach the source of the screaming. There's nobody here. We look around the area. All the screaming confuses us. "Where are they" I think to myself.

"Look" Ryker murmurs pointing up a tree. I don't see anything, the fog is clogging up everything. I throw a knife up the tree. One of the screams stops, followed by a thud.
There was no cannon. We walk slowly towards a bush were the body fell beside. A jabberjay. "What the heck" now we have to find our way back through this fog.

Arial Coaliner 14 - District 12

It's extremely hard to see trough this thick fog. I walk into a tree. "S***". I sit on the ground.
I may as well sit here until the fog fades away. There is screaming far away from here. I'll just leave them. It's their problem.
The fog was so thick I was unabled to see anything, until a package hit me. A sponsor, atlast.
Eagerly I open the package. A bag and a bottle of water. Immediately I open the bottle of water and and poured about half the bottle all over me.
Despite the temperature being much colder than yesterday. What can I say, I was dying of dehydration anyways.
Taking a quick sip of water, I sit there waiting for the fog fade. I wonder how Andrew's doing. He's not dead yet. No cannons so far today.

Kirsten Woods 15 - District 7

My eyes flutter open. I'm in a house... there are people talking. "You can't be stupid" says a voice. "Anything could be out there"
"Relax" says another. "What could possibly happen to me". "Anything!".
"Whatever, I give up, just go if you want. I have to check on Kirsten anyways." A pair of feet walk into the room. "What an idiot" she mutters.
"going out in that fog, does he think he has magical powers or something". My vision fixes itself. Tamora is in a corner working on something.
"Tamora" I ask. She looks at me. "Oh your awake" she says walking over to me. I catch a glimpse of the device she was working on.
"Lucky your still alive" she says. "Quincy nearly killed you last night."
I see my axe sitting in the other room. "Well I'm surprised I made it here" I say. I remember Abby and Atlas's corpes.
The sight of Abby lying there, lifeless makes me feel upset again. "Where's Quincy" I ask her. "Outside" she says with a tint of annoyance in her voice.
"Anyone die today?" I ask. I missed out most of the day. "No one" she says. Tamora walks into the room next to mine.

"Quincy she's awake" I hear her shout...

Shock Mullen 13 - District 5

It's time I leave this cave. It's becoming infested with scorpions. I walk down the mountain. Picking up sharp looking rocks.
It was a long walk. Once I reached the bottom, I sit down on a fallen tree. It's hard to see here. I continue walking. Something crashes into me.
We stop and look at each other for a second. And slowly, the male tribute squats down and picks up a metal object of the ground.
A blade comes out. Without thinking I ran. It's scary running around unable to see anything. I think of my family at home..

Andrew Dust 15 - District 12

At last my first kill. It's strange of me to think like this. But my only way out of here is if everyone else is dead.
The boy runs through the forest. I catch up with him. I dive into him, causing him to fall to the ground.
I take the knife. And just as I was about to stab the poor child. He asks me to ally with him. I stop. "No" I reply.
The boys eyes are filled with terror. I get off him. "I'll let you go", I say to him. "Just this one time" I warn him as he gets up off the ground.
We run in the opposite directions. I come into a clearing. It's quiet...

I keep walking further into the clearing. Unexpectedly something barges into me. I fall to the ground. I hear someone breathing heavily.
A man. It's hard to see through the fog. But before I could do anything. I hear him roar with rage. I desperately search for my knife.
A pair of hands grab me, just as I had picked up the knife. I slash it at him. I hear him shout in pain as I fall to the ground.
"No mercy this time" I think. I take the knife and moved in the direction of the moaning. I locate the male tribute. And stab him in the chest.
The squelching sound of the knife makes me want to throw up. I hear him drop to the ground. But no cannon. I kneel down next to him.
"Sorry for doing this" I say to him. I slit his throat open. He takes his last huff of air. And silence. Boom.

Day 7

Aria Camelliston 16 - District 5 {C}Well well, the last ten tributes... the bets are probably getting tighter everytime someone dies.
Surprisingly our career pack number lowered very quickly. Four of us left, not long till we turn on eachother.
A usual sponsors rain down from the sky. All are lucky today.
Yet, there is something going on that I can't seem to figure out. Are the others planning on ganging up on me.
Or is someone about to die. The fog vanished this morning. Instead, the sky is very grey, no not grey, black.
The sun never shone through those clouds all morning. I wonder if it's gonna rain, or if a storm is coming.

It's dark, bt we can still see. Perhaps we have woken up too early. I scan my surroundings.
Callie is lying against a tree, Ryker is looking for something in our pile of supplies, and Lyle is just doing what he does best, nothing.
Up in the mountain, smoke is still coming from the summit...
I guess I should go to sleep. Time will move much faster...... "WAKE UP" shrieks a voice. I open my eyes.
It's still dark, black clouds are still in the sky. Callie shrieks again, she see's something. There is barely any light.
I turm to where she was looking. I bright liquid like substance is moving towards our camp. Immediately I get up.
Lyle and Ryker are packing everything they need. I run to my backpack and start stuffing things into it.
The liquid is moving quickly. Burning the plantlife. A tree falls over, we all dodge it in time.
The tree seperates me and Callie from Lyle and Ryker. Lava moving quickly down both sides of the tree.
Callie and I sprint the opposite direction of the lava. The other's stay behind to get their weapons.
After a long run, I stop. This is my chance. Callie comes running by when I stab her in the stomach. She falls over.
I cut open her leg, so that she can't run. I wave goodbye to her with an evil looking grin. I turn and run away from her.
I hear her screaming for help as I run.

Quincy Williams 18 - District 11

We run through the streets of the city. Lava flowing everywhere.
I turn into an ally and find myself a dead end. "S***" I curse. I turn around and stand there frozen, The lava is flowing into the alley.
I stand there, "I'm dead now". "Quincy!" calls a voice. I turn to my right. Tamora and Kirsten are inside a building.
Lava seeps down the alley, desperately I climb into the window. Their both alright, just a couple of stratches.

I look out the a window. Lava everywhere. seeping through houses. Without thinking we climb up a hole onto the the roof of the house.
We should be safe up here... I was wrong. The swarm of crow like mutts fly by.
Out of no where one of them swoops down and knocks Tamora over. "No" screams Kirsten. I watch in horror as Tamora splashes around in the magma.
Kirsten attempts to go and get her. I hold her back, its too late. Tamora splashes into the surface, her skin has burned off.
She looks at us with a face. A face saying goodbye. She sinks into the lava.


Arial Coaliner 14 - District 12 I keep running. I can't stop. Two cannons, two deaths. The mountain was a volcano. I should have known.
I trip over a rock, "S***" I screech. I pull myself up and start running immediately. Suddenly I was ran into.
"Andrew?" he looks at me. We just stare at eachother for a second. Instinctly we run the same direction.
We're sweating, we have ran for about an hour without stopping. Eventually we fall into sand. We're on a beach...

We lay there for a couple of minutes. Then we shoot up. His knife out and my bow at the ready.
We stare at eachother... "If you even dare" I start "If you even dare touch me I'l-" what am I thinking. He's my friend... What happened..?
It's just the rules I guess.. I refuse to do it. He just smiles. Just as he lunges at me with his knife in hand, Someone fell out of the bushes behind him.
He turns, I look. That girl from 3, She stabs the ground with rage. Not so long after her unexpected arrival, the boy from 1 runs onto the beach followed by the girl from 5.
"bull****" I think. All the remaining career's, excluding the girl from 4. They look at us. We look at them. I look at Andrew. Andrew looks at me.
We didn't have to think once to know what to do. We turn immediately and begin to run...

Lyle Gray 18 - Disrict 1

We run after the district 12s. Weapons at ready. There's three of us and two of them. We've got the upperhand on this.
The girl fires an arrow. It hits Ryker in her chest. I slide to a halt. Aria continues chasing them. Ryker is lying on the sand.
Tears forging from her eyes. It's the end of her and she knows it."I was fed up with the other kids bullying on me at my district...I just didn't want to be a loser anymore" she whispers.
Her eyes goes lifeless. Boom.
I shut her eyes. She has been a good friend. I say goodbye to her. I pick up her sword and begin chasing the 12s. For Ryker.

I catch up with Aria, she isn't very far from the 12 boy. He stops and says something to the girl. I throw the sword at him.
It flies into his neck, his blood splatters all over the girl. Boom.
The girl screams, terrified. She fires another arrow at us and runs back into the rainforest. I pull the sword out of the boy. And we begin to pursue her.
"She's mine" I say to Aria...

Shock Mullen 13 - District 5

The beach is the safest place to be right now. I lay in the sand. Tired from running, keeping in mind that I won't be spared this time.
I heard alot on the way here. Screams of help, terror and a pack of wolves fleeing.
Best I stay here, until the lava turns to rock. Strangely the lava doesn't affect the beach. It doesn't go anywhere near it.
Possibly some gamemaker thing. I have nothing. My sponsor items, gone. I could die of hunger... by the way the fruit over there looks nice-ish.
Hopefully It's edible. I'll just look for something I know is edible... yet again, no one won by playing safe.

I pick the fruit off the bush. It looks edible... I'll save it for tommorrow. I'll be off in the forest again.. hopefully.
Wait.. the final six... I made it to the final six!
They are probably interviewing our families. The bets are getting bigger. The capitol is growing eager.
I have to do this. I have to... Or my life is thrown away.. into the afterlife...

Day 8

Shock Mullen 13 - District 5

What happened? I was okay one moment and now I'm running. Someone's after me..
I trip over a rock and into a bush of thorns. I scream in pain. The I shut myself, what am I doing.
I pull myself out of the bush. I keep running... then I step on stone. I'm in a ruins...
Someone is running behind me. Quickly I slide through a window to a house. I'm safe...
It's 1:00 am. The anthem was an hour a go. I'm alright so far.. that's where I hear clicking.
I stop. Frozen. What am I gonna do. A giant insect is also camping out here. Am I crazy or is it really there..
I blink a couple of times. Then it lounges at me. "Ah" I scream as it bites a hole through my arm. I turn to the door.
It opens, but I don't see a street. I see wall of rock.. There's a gap in the wall. I can fit through it. The spider lounges at me again.
But I slammed the door on its head just when it bit me in the stomach. Green blood splatter's everwhere. I slip through the gap.
Pain is searing through me. I fall to the ground. It's cold.. I hear a gasp... I'll miss my family, my friends...

Quincy Williams 18 - District 11

"What are we gonna do!" gasps Kirsten. The boy is going cold. His life is fading away.
Kirsten looks away. "I can't see another die, it's been too much" she says looking to the ground. Tears falling.
He's gone.. I look down at the lifeless corpse of who was once a young boy. I look at him..
He is covered in green liquid, with large holes punctured in his skin... "C'mon" I say. "It's best we split up."
"So that we don't have to kill eachother". She looks at me.. "It's for the best I guess" she says quietly.
"And if you win, can you do me a favor?" she asks. "Can you say, I loved everyone back at distict 7..excluding Atlas".
"Okay only if you say f*** the capitol for me at your interview." She smiles at me. "Goodluck" She says.
"May the best win" I reply. And just as I turned around

Aria Camelliston 16 - District 5

My arrow hits the 11 boy in the eye. Boom.
"NO!" screams that 7 girl. I aim my arrow at her, she looks at me. "You b****!" she shouts. I fire.
It slits her cheek. She turns and runs. I fire another. It hits her in the leg. She falls down.
"Aw, tried to run away did you?" I taunt. "You know I said that to every kill I've made so far" I smile.
"Any last words?" I ask politely. "No" she says. "No" I repeat. "C'mon you really want to say that before you die?"
She doesn't say anything. I lower my bow and pull out a knife. "Alrighty then". I stab her in the stomach. She falls to the ground..

I turn to go back to the rainforest. I start to run when a sharp object flies into my leg. "S***" I screech.
The girl walks over to me, axe in hand. "Aw, tried to run away did you" She says cruelly. She is limping. Holding one hand over her stomach.
Her shadow looms over me. She gives me a smile. "B****" she says. Readying her axe for my death blow.
It's the end.....

Arial Coaliner 14 - District 12

Boom. Another dead. Three of us left. Myself and one of the career's, I don't know who the other is..
I reach where what was once a beautiful lake, now a rocky landscape. In the center is the golden cornucopia.
I stop.. what will I do.. I run to the cornucopia. A rock wall blocks the entrance to the cornucopia. I start to climb.
I sit on the cornucopia, wiping some of Andrews blood off me. Just then I see the 1 boy running in from the distance.
"Crap" I get up. And point my bow at the ready. I fire. It misses, he continues charging at me angrily.
I fire another arrow. It hits him in the left arm. He howls in pain and pulls out the arrow. I fire another. It misses.
"No" I whisper. He's unbelievably strong. He continues charging and reaches the cornucopia. He starts to climb the wall.
That's when he grabs my leg.

Lyle Gray 18 - District 1

The girl shrieks in terror as I pull her down off the cornucopia. She desperately searches for an arrow or some kind of weapon.
She picks up a rock and throws it at me. She grabs another and another. I just simply block them off with my right arm.
She screams once I got closer to her. "Go Away!" she shrieks as she throws another rock at me.
I keep blocking and moving towards her. "That b**** is dead" I lift her from the ground. "HELP!" she screams.
"You'll die for killing her b****" I shout at her. She starts crying. "It was an accident, it was a warni-"
"Shut the f*** up" I shout at her. I slam her onto a rock. She slides to the ground. Bleeding terribly.
I take my knife...

Kirsten Woods 14 - District 7

I reach the cornucopia in time to see the 1 boy stab a girl in the chest. She see's me. Her eyes filled with tears.
She falls to the ground in the puddle of her own blood. Boom. A tear sheds for her. Not just for her. for everyone else.
For Abby, for Quincy, for Tamora, for Luna and Reggie. The boy charges at me. Sword in hand.
I swing my axe. He ducks. And runs into me. I fall over. I punch him in the nose. "Sh**" he yells. His nose is bleeding.
I roll over and get up. I see my axe.. He gets up and grabs his sword. He slashes it at me. I dive towards my axe.
I got it. I haul myself up. He runs to me. "Argh" he yells. I move sideways and begin running. I climb up the cornucopia.
The boy runs at me. He stops and looks at the ground. He pulls out a long chain and smiles at me. "Oh no" I think.
He gets up the cornucopia and I slide down. He jumps down at me. And before I could stop him, he wraps the chain around my neck.
He starts choking me using the chain. "No". Tears start raining from my eyes. Everything starts to fade. "No"
With the last of my strength I swing my axe. I hear the axe burrow into something..

Everything starts to fade back. And to my horror, the district 1 boy is standing there. My axe in the side of his head.
His eyes bleeding. He falls on top of me. Boom.
I just lay there on the ground, with a dead body on top of me......
I hear A voice announce: "Ladies and Gentlemen the victor of the 97t-" I hear nothing.. I see a hovercraft coming down into the arena.
It goes black....


Victor : Kirsten Woods

District 7

Kills: 5

Post Games

Cesear: So, in the arena, after watching your friends die, what did you feel
Kirsten: I felt like I wanted to die, but I couldn't.
Cesear: Is there anyone at home are you looking forward to see again?
Kirsten: My parents, my friends, my grandparents
Cesear: ... right.. If you had died who would you have wanted to win?
Kirsten: Abby..
Cesear: About the arena, what did you think of it?
Kirsten: At first I thought 'S***' when I was standing over water, but besides that. It was pretty nice.. only if you take away all that blood and corpses..
Cesear: Okay thats all for tonig-
Kirsten: Oh and f*** the capitol (audience gasps)
Cesear: ... Ladies and Gentlemen, Kirsten Woods.

On her victory tour Kirsten went visiting the other districts. She wasn't very welcome in district 10, 1 and 5.
However she was alright with her allies disticts (6,8,11). The rest had mixed opinions towards her.
She attended her allie's funeral's. "It's a new begining" she says to her mentor as the train stops at her district..

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