98th Hunger Games

Okay, so this is my second games, since my first went pretty well. Anyways I write them in different POVs. And only one can win, meaning your tribute could die. For Tribute subissions: p.s try and make a new character if you competed in my first games.











Bloodbath strategy:

Token (optional):


District Name Age Gender Appearance Personality Weapons

District 1 (Luxury)

Bentley Emerson-Odair 17 Male 6'3", Hot, muscular, abs, tan skin. emerald green eyes. brown hair, fit. high cheekbones.

Charming, seductive, nice, funny,sweet,

thoughtful, charismatic, determined,


District 1 (Luxury) Shimmer Cashmere 17 Female 5'8", beautiful blonde hair, bright blue eyes, porcelain skin, pink lips, gorgeus, thin Sensitive, caring. Bows&arrows/axe/spear/mace/sword/knife

District 2 (Masonry)

Grayson Hills 15 Male Black hair, brown eyes Nice, Witty, humorous, dashing, charming. Knife/trident/spear

District 2 (Masonry)

Aria Camelliston 16 Female 5'7" beautiful, brown hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, petite Sweet,fun, good sense of humour/ Rude, thoughtless Bow & Arrows

District 3

Charlie Thermon 12


4'7" Blonde hair, green eyes, freckles, light skin. Quiet Spear

District 3 (Technology)

Bianka Avila 16 Female 5'9, Olive skin, light brown hair, hazel eyes, Shy, Intelligent, Kind Dagger

District 4

Nicholas Davenport 17 Male Spiky blonde hair, emerald green eyes, tall, muscular and handsome. Ruthless



District 4 (Fishing)

Maysilea "Maci" Parcels 17 Female 5'7", beautiful, wavy blonde hair. aqua colored streaks, blue eyes, light skin, pink lips. Kind.sweet, polite/cruel, ruthless. Trident/Mace/Sword

District 5

Shinee Line 17 Male Red hair, blue eyes, light skin Nice,friendly,funny


Throwing knife


District 5 (Power)

Marnie Herrera 16 Female Brown hair with blonde highlights. Hazel eyes. Sweet, bubbly. Dagger/knife
District 6 (Transportation) Finn McHayes 14 Male 4'9", Bown hair, blue eyes, light skin. Air-headed Knife

District 6 (Transportation)

Tobi Odair 16 Female Outgoing, sly, smart Knife/Trident
District 7 (Lumber) Wally Bentley 17


5'11, Brown hair, green eyes, olive skin, muscular. Spoiled, Confident Axe/Nzappa/Rope/Mace
District 7 (Lumber) Thalia Combe 16 Female Dark long brown hair, blue eyes, porcelain skin, Sweet, sadistic, sarcastic, short tempered, seductive

Throwing Knives

Bow & Arrow

District 8 (Textiles) Dennis Wazz 17 Male 5'11", dark skin, green eyes, black hair. Friendly Bow and Arrow
District 8 (Textiles) Carielle "Calypso" Prickett 18 Female Dyed bubble gum pink hair. Light blue eyes Crazy, random, outgoing, bubbly Bow & Arrow/ Coil
District 9 (Grain) Jonathon Jones 16 Male 6'7" Black hair, brown eyes, dark skin. Smart Traps
District 9 (Grain) Emilia Hier 15 Female Red hair, blue eyes, light skin, freckles. Polite, shy Axe/Blowgun/Knife
District 10 (Livestock) Hunter Malone 17 Male 6'9", white hair, dark brown eyes Misunderstood, sweet, quiet/ dangerous


throwing knives

District 10 (Livestock) Serina Frostswords 15 Female Small, 160 cm with blond hair and darkblue eyes, a bit thin. Strong Crossbow
District 11 (Agriculture) Dermond McCormac 17 Male 6'8" Red hair, green eyes, tan skin. Arrogant Nzappa
District 11 (Agriculture) Lauren Hill 12 Female 4'9, long brown hair, tanned skin, green eyes. Shy, Quiet Knife/Spear
District 12 (Mining) Nile Alnso 17 Male 6'8", Blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular, tan Sociable, ruthless, stubborn, humorous, smart, likeable



District 12 (Mining) Eileen Shade 18 Female Small with black hair and grey eyes, scar on right eye, Quiet, Loner Throwing Knives


Careers: Bentley Emerson-Odair, Shimmer Cashmere, Grayson Hills, Aria Camelliston, Nicholas Davenport, Maysilea "Maci" Parcels, Finn McHayes, Wally Bentley, Nile Alnso

Alliance 2: Charlie Thermon, Bianka Avila, Thalia Combe, Emilia Hier, Jonathon Jones, Hunter Malone, Serina Frostswords, Dermond McCormac, Lauren Hill

Alliance 3: Marnie Herrera, Shinee Line

Training Scores

Don't hate

District Name Score Odds
District 1 Bentley Emerson-Odair, 17, M 9 4-1

District 1

Shimmer Cashmere 17, F 9 4-1
District 2 Grayson Hills 18, M 8 5-1
District 2 Aria Camelliston 15, F 9 4-1
District 3

Charlie Thermon 12, M

6 13-1
District 3 Bianka Avila 16, F 5 12-1
District 4 Nicholas Davenport 17, M 10 3-1
District 4 Maysilea "Maci" Parcels 17, F 9 4-1
District 5 Shinee Line 17, M 7 7-1
District 5 Marnie Herrera 16, F 8 6-1
District 6 Finn McHayes 14, M 4 14-1
District 6 Tobi Odair 16, F 7 7-1
District 7 Wally Bentley 17, M 5 12-1
District 7 Thalia Combe 16, F 6 11-1
District 8 Dennis Wazz 17, M 7 7-1
District 8 Carielle "Calypso" Prickett 18, F 4 15-1
District 9 Jonathon Jones, 16 , M 6 12-1
District 9 Emilia Hier 15, F 7 13-1
District 10 Hunter Malone 17, M 7 12-1
District 10 Serina Frostswords 15, F 5 16-1
District 11 Dermond McCormac 17, M 6 17-1
District 11 Lauren Hill 12, F 2 51-1
District 12 Nile Alnso 17, M 9 4-1
District 12 Eileen Shade 18, F 8


Death Chart

Don't hate me

Placed Name District How By Who
24th Jonathon Jones, 16, M District 9 Blown Up ----------
23rd Finn McHayes, 14, M

District 6

Stabbed In The Neck Bentley Emerson-Odair (1)
22nd Charlie Thermon, 12, M District 3 Speared In The Heart Tobi Odair (6)
21st Marnie Harrera, 16, F District 5 Stabbed In The Chest Nile Alnso (12)
20th Dermond McCormac, 17, M District 11 Stabbed Repeatedly Grayson Hills (2)
19th Aria Camelliston, 15, F District 2 Stabbed In The Chest Thalia Combe (7)
18th Emilia Heir, 15, F District 9 Eaten by a Mutt Schwarz Tier
17th Hunter Malone, 17, M District 10 Speared in the Chest Nile Alnso(12)
16th Wally Bentley, 17, M District 7 ---------------- Dennis Wazz(8)
15th Grayson Hills, 15, M District 2 Stabbed with Trident Tobi Odair(6)
14th Eileen Shade, 18, F District 12 Maced Maysilea Parcels(4)
13th Nicholas Davenport, 17, M District 4 Arrow to the eye Dennis Wazz(8)
12th Bianka Avila, 16, F District 3 Mace to the side of her head Maysilea Parcels(4)
11th Thalia Combe, 16, F District 7 Stabbed repeatedly Maysilea Parcels(4)
10th Lauren Hills, 12, F District 11 Consumed by nerve Gas Poisonous Gas
9th Shinee Line, 15, M District 5 Consumed by nerve Gas Poisonous Gas
8th Maysilea Parcels, 17, F District 4 Blood loss (Technically) Thalia Combe(7)
7th Nile Alnso, 17, M District 12 Mauled by Mutt Gar (mutt)
6th Serina Frostswords, 15, F District 10 Mauled by Mutt Gar (mutt)
5th Carielle Prickette, 18, F District 8 Decapitated Bentley Emerson-Odair(1)
4th Dennis Wazz, 17, M District 8 Stabbed Repeatedly Shimmer Cashmere(1)
3rd Tobi Odair, 16, F District 6 Speared Shimmer Cashmere(1)
2nd Shimmer Cashmere, 17, F District 1 ------------------ ---------------------
1st Bentley Emerson-Odair, 17, M District 1 ------------------ ----------------------


Arena 2 (2)

The Arena ^^

Most of the arena is based of africa. The cornucopia sits in the middle of the desert. There are three lakes and one river.

South south-east south-west from the cornucopia is a savannah, from the north west is a forest, north east is a plains, and east is a rocky desert.

It is home to few mutts. Harmless and dangerous.

Mutts & Animals

As usual I'm gonna make up some Mutts. I'm also adding animals.

Schwarz Tier (Shwarz) - A large jaguar like mutt. It's fur is burnt black, and has gleaming red eyes. It's the second fastest predator on the map. It purrs when excited and (very strangely) barks when angry. It lives in the savannah and in the forest.

Gars - The fastest predator on the map. It bears resemblance to a giant Thorny devil (a lizard). They have extremely sharp teeth. It moves hauntingly fast.. luckily their nocturnal and keeps away from light. They live in the savannah and the rocky desert. Their about the same size as a lion.

An insect like mutt - It has pincers that is sharp enough to peel off skin. It lives in the desert.

Pirahna - You should know what it is. It lives in the river (duh).

Crocodiles - =Description Not Needed=

Buffalo - Lives on savannah


Goshawk - A bird


If you don't know what some of them are, then look them up or pick whatever you know. (You don't have to pick whatevers here, I was just bored)

Bow & Arrows
Throwing knives
Throwing axe


Bagh nakh

Bagh Nakh



Shillelagh (club)
Pocket knife
Chain whip
Nzappa zap


Morning star
Morning star

Morning Star

Throwing Disk


District 1 Shimmer Cashmere - 17

It's a bright day. A pretty.. exciting day actually.
I have big plans, very big plans...
This year I WILL volunteer for the games. Me.
I have practically trained my whole life for this. I don't want it all to be thrown away.
All those hard days of training had better help me.
I look arund the plaza. Everyone wearing nice clothing. I guess everyone else is planning to volunteer this year too.
The escort, Marigold, clears her throat.
"Ladie's and Gentlemen, we will be choosing a boy and a girl, to take the honour of representing district 1 in this years annual
'Hunger Games'". I feel excitement rising in the crowd.
"Now, for the Girls". Immediately I shout out "I Volunteer!".
I was soon followed by a swarm of other girls. Marigold just rolls her eyes.
"You" she says pointing at me. "Yes" I reply. "Whats your name?"
"Shimmer, Shimmer Cashmere." I say in excitement. "Come on up dear"
I walk up on stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Shimmer Cashmere" the escort announces.
"Okay, for the boys." It seems too take forever, for the escort to pull a name out of the ball.
Finally she announces "Bentley Emerson-Odair". A looking guy comes out of the crowd.
He comes up the stage enthusiastically and smiles.
"Ladies and Gentleman, our tributes from district 1" the escort calls out. The crowd cheers.
She looks more excited than last years reaping. "Okay, come along now" she sings.

District 2 Aria Camelliston - 16

"I smell the death in the air already" I think as we head into the train.
Well well, I never thought I would see the day. I glance at Grayson, a 15 year old boy with messy brown hair.
He is just talking to the mentor. Asking for advice.
It's pretty stupid really. I mean our mentor won his games by outstarving the others. If we do the same, well we wouldnt last very long.
He didn't kill one tribute in his games either. Your better off taking your own strategy.
Grayson looks at me. I give him a slightly creepy smile.
He just rolls his eyes and goes back to talking to the mentor.
Gradually the train starts to move.
Well then, "may the odds be ever in your favor", as they say.

I swear I will win.

District 3 Bianka Avila - 16

"Bianka Avila" booms the escort. My friend looks at me.
"Bianka Avila" repeats the escort. Slowly I step out of the crowd of girls.
And make my way up the stage. I can't think straight.
I stand nervously looking at everyone. The escort announces the male tribute.
A boy walks up onto the stage quietly. The escort makes a final statement and ushers us inside.
I can't hear anything. Just the sound of silence...
A gun shot wakes me up. I look out the window to see a man lying on the ground, and a peacekeeper with a gun.
The escort calls me. "C'mon" he says to me. The trains here.

District 4 Maysliea Parcels - 17

"I volunteer!" I shout. "Alright, you there young lady, whats your name?" the escrot asks in his irritating accent.
"Maysilea Parcels, but my friends call me-" I was interrupted. "Okay come up here Maysilea" the escort says.
I walk up the stage. My friends and family cheered. I feel both excited and scared right now. I am actually gonna be part of the games.
"Now the boys" says the man. I start thinking. How am I to win? Perhaps I can join an alliance and-
"Nicholas Davenport!" says the escort. A muscular, handsome looking guy walks onto the stage. He's in the same class as me.
I just never knew his name. Nicholas looks at me and gives a devilish looking smile..
... "-98th Hunger Games!" rings the escorts voice. Followed by cheering and clapping with delight.

District 5 Marie Harrera - 16

I smile at my district partner. "We'll be alright" I say to him cheerfully. He smiles back.
So it is. We are to kill eachother on television. It's extremely hot today. We were all boiling in the sun at the reaping.
We walk down a pathway to the train station. Once we arrive, we wait for the train to come. My partner and I are getting along fine.
He's older than me. It's super boring waiting, all we're doing is stand or sit and wait for the train to arrive.
"Here we are skipping in the park today, an apple for you an apple for me and apples for all the others" I sing. Shinee looks at me like I'm a wierdo. Yeah I know it sounds a bit.. underaged, but whatever.
Shinee looks back at the train track. "Want to team up with me?" He says atlast. "Maybe, marbe not" I say in an'of course' type of voice.
He stares at me for a second. And says "Ok" and goes back to looking at nothing. Atlast, the train has arrived.
He walks into the train gloomily. I sit facing him at a table. He doesn't look too good.

District 6 Tobi Odair - 16

"Ladie's first" the escort sings out. It looks like it'll take forever. She's practically milking it.
Tick tock tick tock. The crowd of girls look at me. "Whats wrong?" I whisper to my best friend.
"You were reaped" she says. She bursts into tears. I slowly, walk up onto the stage.
I look to the crowd. It's so quiet. So quiet like we're at a funeral.
The escort calls out "For the boys" and pulls her hand out of a bowl.
She calls out a boys name and he walks up slowly. We look at eachother. So we're competing.
I remember my parents were former victor's. I should be just as good as them.
"May the odds be ever in your favor" giggles the escort.
Stupid escort. Can't you see people die in this competition..

District 7 Wally Bentely - 17

"Thalia Combe" says the escort. A girl with porcelain skin walks up. "Now for the boys" says the escort.
She pulls out a name "Wally Bentely" wait. what? I walk out and onto the stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen-"
The crowd is quiet. Like always. "-ur favor" The escort finishes and takes us inside. I've never been in here before.
Everything looks so.. delicate. "Alrighty I have to get my things, you two stay here."
She disappears into a room. A girl comes down the stairs. She looked familiar. "Hello there" says the girl.
"I take it your this years tributes." she says. "Uh. Yeah" I say confused. "This is my first year mentoring"
the girl says. "Ah" I think. "Oh, your Kirsten Woods, last years victor" says Thalia. It turns out she was a bit confused too.
Usually every boy and girl is at the reaping. "Okey dokey, I'm ready to go" says the escort. She is wearing a different dress.
A bright purple outfit with a giant bow over her chest. "Come along now" she says. "We'll be late"

District 8 Dennis Wazz - 17

The road to heaven. The road to hell. The road to our deaths.
It's lashing rain outside. I just sit there looking out the window. Watching each drop patter against the window.
My district partner is a little more.. happier than me. She is a bit.. awkward. She had dyed her hair pink.
She sits there muttering to herself happily. I'm slightly worried. What will become of me. Probably just my arms and legs.
I start to grow a headache. I suddenly shout out "Do you ever stop talking." Calypso looks at me.
"Just shut up" I say. "" she says. And goes back to talking to herself. "SHUT UP" I shout. "Meh" she says calmly.
"STOP TALKING" I fire back. "You stop shouting" she says. Getting a bit annoyed. "ONLY IF YOU STOP TALKING!"
"CINAMON TOAST!" I stop at this response. "What?" I say, a bit confused. "Please be quiet" she says calmly.
"Oh, I'm so sorry about that" I say to her. She forgave me immediately. "It's okay, everyone gets angry somewhere"
The escort walks in "We're here"

District 9 Emilia Heir - 15

This is awkward. Standing in front of everyone. "The boys" she escort says.
I don't like large crowds, or atleast, getting all this attention. A boys name is called.
He sprints up onto the stage. "Our tributes, Jonathan Jones and Emilia Heir."
The crowd very slowly, leaves the town square. "So, are you two ready?" she asks us.
Jonathan shrugs his shoulders. "Yes ma'am" I say to her. We take a stroll through our district a little bit.
We look at the fields that we are less likely to see again. "I can't believe it" I say atlast. I don't want to leave home.
'Cheer up, sweetheart' replies my mentor. 'You'll do just fine'
I look out at the fields again. This is the place I grew up in. This is the place I'll miss most.
'Are you sure' I say to him. 'Of course'
"All you have to do is do what I tell you to, our tributes last year didn't go anywhere near my instructions"
"But they lasted a fair amount of time, compared to the ones the year before that"
What does he know about survival, he's from the capitol, our recent victor from our district had retired four years ago.
All I say is "Okay" and left it to that.

The train starts to move. I look back once more at the fields. 'Goodbye district 9'

District 10 Hunter Malone - 17

The square is crowded by boys and girls. It's a very grey day. Dull.
It's not only dull. But it's cold too.
It's so dull it's practically not that hard to miss a blue figure standing on a stage.
"Welcome, welcome, to this years reaping for the Annual Hunger Games" rings the escorts voice.
"Oh the excitement" she giggles as she waddles over to the ball with the girls names.
She mixes the names around a couple of times. And finally she dives her hand in and pulls out a name.
The escort clears her throat and calls out "Serina Frostswords"
A small thin blonde girl walks onto the stage. She smiles, but has a I'm-gonna-die look to it.
The escort walks up to the ball of boys names. She skimms her hand through the names and pulls one out.
"Hunter Malone"
I start to panic. "What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do" I think to myself.
A boy next to me gives me my answer. "Your going into the games"
I step out and I start to walk as if it's not big a deal. Tears start rolling down my sisters face as I climb onto the stage.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, our tributes-"
No, I'm not gonna let the other tributes kill me.
Not me, certainly not.
Miss Escort makes a final statement, and ushers us inside..

District 11 Lauren Hill - 12

"Lauren Hill" repeats the escort. I stay where I am. I'm not gonna move.
A peacekeeper I knew picks me up and throws me over his shoulders. He throws me onto the stage.
"Don't do that!" snaps the escort. "Don't hurt the poor child". The escort notices I'm a bit young. And calls out to the crowd.
"Anyone willing to take her place". Nobody says anything. I feel a slight punch in the stomach.
"Last chance, is anyone willing to take her place" once again, the only response was silence. Stupid escort, doesn't she know no one will volunteer for me.
"Anyone?" She goes white, she is soo white she is starting to look like a vampire, a vampire in a bright yellow frilly dress and a yellow hat that resembles our bread.
After a while she gives up. "Okay, now for the boys" she seems to be hoping the other tribute isn't another twelve year old.
It wasn't. Her face flushes in relief. "Our tributes from district 11"

District 12 Nile Alnso - 17

"Eileen Shade" says the escort. A girl with black hair rises up onto the stage. I've never seen her before.
"So then, the boys next" she goes over to our ball and circle it with her hand. It seemed to take forever.
This escort liked the fear that comes through in the reapings. She practically lives with it. A boy in the first row faints.
The escort laughs as the peacekeepers drag him out of the courtyard. At last she puts her hand in the bowl.
She mixes them around and around. And around and around. She pulls out a name. And walks to the microphone, smiling.
My heart is beating very fast. Sweat starts to coming down my forehead. It's a hot day in district 12.
Suddenly the escort calls out "Victor Turner"
No, I think. Suddenly I call out. I volunteer. The escort looks at me, and gives me her crocodile like smile.
"Well, well. Looks like we have a volunteer!" she laughs evily. "Charming" she says in a very.. posh, accent.
I stand there for a moment. "Are you gonna come up here or not?!" She snaps. Very boldly I start walking, so that when the careers see's the recap, they'll think I'm useful..ish.
I smile at the crowd, a proud and confident smile. I look over at my district partner. She's quiet. Not saying anything.
"Now. Time for you to say goodbye to your 'loved' ones" she said 'loved' in a very... strange way.
I head inside.

That crown is mine.

The Games

Day 1 - Bloodbath

Bentley Emerson-Odair 17 - District 1

I step onto a metal plate. A tube comes down. I mouth goodbye.
The plate pushes me up. And suddenly light burns my eyes. I'm in a desert.
In front of me is the golden cornucopia. Supplies spreads around the cornucopia.
I look for the closest weapon. I spot a knife not so far away. The boy next to me see's it too.
We look at eachother. 55,54,53,52- I glance around the circle.
My allies are ready. Aiming at something. The others are either planning their escape, or preparing to grab couple of things.
32,31,30,29- I look at my district partner, about nine tributes away.
25,24- She see's me and gives me a wink.
21,20,19,18- I see Nile about four tributes away from Shimmer. He see's me and mouths 'May the best win'
12,11- My heart beats very quickly, sweat comes down my face. It's too hot.
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3- Suddenly I hear a loud BOOM! Over at the other side of the cornucopia I see a crater were a tribute once stood.
Boom. the cannon fires signifying his or her death.
The gong sounds. I run towards the knife. Most of the others were looking at the crater.
Aperantly the tribute next to me was also awake and dashes along. I dive onto the ground and grab the knife.
The boy falls over and I take the opportunity to stab him in the neck. His blood splatters all over me.

Tobi Odair 16 - District 6

I snap awake, my ears hurt. The boy next to me had dropped his necklace and BOOM he was gone, blown to bits.
The career's are at the cornucopia, I sprint over and grab a trident from a pile of supplies.
Once I turned around the boy from 3 attacked me with a mace. I duck in time and I knock him over.
Suddenly, without thinking, I pierce the boy in the heart with the trident. He goes silent.
Immediately I start to run from the cornucopia. I see alot of people fighting over supplies.
I run forward, and then the girl from 5 falls infront of me. A sword goes through her chest and she goes lifeless.
I screech in horror. The boy from 12 pulls the sword out of her chest and looks at me. He smiles. I didn't like it.
We run. I let out a gasp as another tribute is thrown into the cornucopia.
I'll keep running. I won't let him get me. A forest appears in the distance.. "I can do this" I think, "I have to"

Grayson Hills 15 - District 2

My knife slices across the boys chest. Making him cry in pain. I stab him. I stab him again. Again and again and again.
He stops screaming. I get up and take a nearby spear. I see a girl in the distance. The spear is automatically thrown.
It hits her in the leg. I take another spear. But once I look back, the girl is gone. Poof. No where.
Aria is up in the distance fighting with another girl. Nile comes back into the scene. A knife flies into a girls neck.
The I see Aria falling to the ground, knife in her chest. The girl she was fighting with has run away.
We run to Aria. She's dead. No doubt about it.

Carrielle Prickett 18 - District 8

My leg hurts so badly. A spear had flewn into it. I got away with a backpack, dunno whats in it.
It's so hot. I'm boiling. Atlast I come across a forest. First I sit down and open the backpack: A knife, some water and a loaf of bread.

It's alot cooler in the forest. This is boring. Nothing to do but walk, just walk. I come to a halt and start climbing a tree.
It'll be safer here. In this tree. It's getting dark. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.
The anthem comes up in the sky. The girl from 2, boy from 3, Girl from 5, Boy from 6, Boy from 9 and the boy from 11.
It's nice here, plus I get a nice view up in this tree. Darkness finally fills the arena. It's quiet.
Quiet, too quiet. It's best I stay up here, nothing can get me. No one will. It's less likely anyone alive can climb this high.
Then I hear loud clicking noises from the desert. It was followed by screams and shouts, but no cannons.
Thank god I'm up here. The I hear growling from below. I see a pair of bid green eyes looking up at me. "Eer, Hello there" I say.
It hisses at me. Blinks a couple of times, and atlast it roars. I was so shocked that I fell off the tree. Quickly I grab a branch.
Here I am. Hanging on a branch with a large hungry animal below. I haul myself onto the branch and sigh with relief.
"Haha" I taunt to the mutt. I stick my tongue at it while making a childish noise. "Okay, now for a midnight snack" I say to the cat.
Then I realised. My backpack is on the ground below. It must have fell when I fell from that branch. "Touche" I say to the beast and I give him a smile.
Wait. How would I know if it was a boy. I'm starting to get tired. Then without warning, it goes black.

Day 1 Statistics

Careers: The career's fleed into the rocky desert after the attack, they had abandonned most of their supplies. Bentley(1) got away with a couple of scratches.
Shimmer(1) is injured badly. Grayson Hills(2) is the only one to get away with a backpack. Nicholas(4) is alive and well. Maysilea(4) apart from having a nail ripped off, shes okay.
Wally(7) is wounded badly. Nile(12) had gotten away with no injuries. Needs: D1F and D3M needs a first aid kit. The rest need food and water and sleeping bags.

Calypso(8) is stuck in a tree with a hungry mutt below. Her supplies have fallen out of the tree. Needs: Food and water

Bianka(3) Thalia(7) and Emilia(9) are in the forest looking for the others. Needs: Weapons, water

Shinee(5) is in the plains, mourning Marnie's death. Needs: Sleeping Bag

Hunter(10) and Serina(10) are in the desert and are planning to go back to the cornucopia in the morning. Needs: Weapons, food.

Lauren Hill(11) is in the forest looking for the rest of her allies. Needs: Weapons, Food, Water

Eileen(12) is in the savannah, she has no injury's. Needs: Nothing really

Dennis Wazz(8) is in the rocky desert. He is well aware the careers are there. He has a large cut across his left cheek. Needs: Water

Tobi Odair(6) is in the forest. She is looking for water. Needs: Water

Day 2 - Help!

Shinee Line 17 - District 5

Marnie laughs. She gives me a smile..and starts to fade away, "No" I shout at her. I wake up. The sun burns my eyes.
I can't believe it. So this is true.. for real.. Marnie died. I look around me. It's like a monday morning, I don't want to get up.
I just want to lie here forever. Then a bird squawks. I shoot up. There sitting on a tree is a crow... I recognise it from somewhere..
It crowes again, and another crow flies down next to it. It was then followed by another..and another..and another.
Then I remember, "Bull****" I whisper to myself. And unexpectedly one of them swoops down towards me. "S***" I shout.
Immediatley I regretted shouting. Because once I did, the swarm of birds raised into the air. It looked like a thunder storm was beginning. They blocked out the sun.
Grabbing my stuff as quickly as possible. A couple of them pecked of bits of my skin before I knock them away. I run.
The swarm follows me. I keep running. I feel a large piece of my skin being teared off. I screech in pain. I drop to the ground, breathing heavily.
Another swoops down and starts pecking at my left cheeck. I tried to swat it away with my arm. But instead, it clawed into it.
I cry in pain. Blood starts pouring down my arm. I haul myself up. The crows flying above me. Like a tornado, like vultures waiting for their prey to die.
I continue walking. The mutt still clinging onto my arm and pecking some skin off.

Atlast I break down. I hit something hard... A rock.. A large one. It's a cave.. Atleast I think it is. Its too small to be a cave. But it's still big enough for me to fit in.
I slide into it. The swarm of mutts pass by. The mutt clinging to my arm begins to crow.
"Oh no your not" I say to it as I garb its neck. I continue to strangle the thing until I killed it. I look see a lake infront of me. "Thank god, Water" I gasp.
But just to be sure this is dead. I get out from underneath the rock, and I dunk the birds head into the water. I kept it there for a couple of minutes.
Then I throw the dead bird away. A Nac.. I've seen them from last year's games. They killed two tributes by ripping off their skin and eating some chunks of their bodies.
I fall onto the ground and sigh with relief. I'm alive..

Carrielle Prickette 18 - District 8

The mutt has fallen asleep... or atleast, I think it has. It is curled up next to my supplies.
I groan. I'm so hungry. I'm so thirsty.
What will I do... I guess this is gonna be stupid but... "HELP" I shout. The mutt snaps awake. And once again, it prowls around the tree.
"Help" I shout into the wilderness. "SOMEBODY HELP ME". "SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!" I shout, tears rolling down my eyes.
"Please" I cry hoarsely. "Anyone" I shout once more.

Bianka Avila 16 - District 3

"So then I said to hi-" says Thalia before I hush.
"Hey, I was talking" she says with a tint of annoyance in her voice. "Yeah I know" I say to her.
"Okay now whe-" she begins. "Shhh"
"Bianka! I was talking, wasn't I Emilia" Thalia says annoyed. Emilia was beside her. She hadn't said a thing since the games had begun.
She nods. "Do you hear that" I say. Not wanting to argue. Someone is shouting. Far away. "Do you knw what that means" I say.
Thalia smiles "Our first kill". Emilia doesn't say anything, she doesn't seem too happy about it though. "C'mon" Thalia says.
"This will get us sponsors for sure" she says outloud. We arrived atlast. "Help me" moans a voice from above. We look up.
And up in a tree is a girl with pink hair. "Lookout!" the girl begins. But before she could finish, a large cat like mutt jumps out of nowhere.
It lounges onto Emilia. "NO" Thalia shrieks, she fires an arrow at the beast.But the animal continues to gnaw at Emilia as if nothing touched it.
I stand here, watching in horror as Emilia is getting eaten by a large beast and Thalia shooting arrows at it. "EMILIA!" Shouts Thalia, tears raining from her eyes.
"NO" Thalia screams. "Emilia" she cries. The mutt looks at her. Blood dripping from its mouth. With tears rolling from her eyes, Thalia aims at the mutt.
And once the beast pounces at her, she fires. The arrow hits it in the eye. The beast lies on her. I don't know what to do.
I just stand here, looking at a scene you wouldn't see everyday. A girl with her insides everwhere, and a beast with an arrow in its eye lying on top of another girl who is crying like mad.
I walk up to Thalia and I roll the beast over. She gets up and walks over to Emilia.
Then I look up into the tree, the girl was gone. No where. There were words carved into the tree. 'Sorry about your friend.. I really am' at the end it has a sad face carved into the tree.
Thalia shuts Emilia's eyes and whispers her goodbye. We then begin to leave. Not looking back.

Hunter Malone 17 - District 10

I pick up a pickaxe. Examine it. And throw it away. We've been here since this morning. It's getting dark.
One cannon today. I hope thats all that died. Serina hands me a sword. "Thanks"
She smiles.

It's been an hour now. Night has fallen.
Looks like only one death today. Four hours till day three. I think. It's late though. Three more hours fly by. Then I say atlast, "It's best we get going, the careers will be here by tomorrow atleast".
Well that wasn't the actual reason. The reason I want to leave is because of last night.. We heard all this clicking and then tributes screaming.
I want to get away before it begins. And then a spear flies by. "S***" I shout. I see that goodlooking guy from 1 coming towards us.
Then the boy from 12, Nile I think, attacks Serina. She lets out a gasp. She shoots an arrow into Nile's arm holding his sword.
He roars in pain as he drops his weapon. Serina runs back into the cornucopia and stands behind me. She begins to reload the crossbow.
The 1 boy attacks me with his knife. I punch him across the face, he slit my arm in the process. He knee's me in the stomach and throw's me to the ground.
An arrow hits him in the hand. Making him drop the knife. Another shoots past. Nile begins to run. So does the district 1 boy. Serina comes out of the cornucopia, crossbow in hand.
She shoots at the careers. Then Nile picks up the pickaxe I threw away, and throws it at her. It hits her in the stomach. Nile then gets a spear and throws it at me.
It hits me in the chest. Serina gasps. Nile looks at her and smiles and then he runs. Serina kneels next to me.

"No" she says in a faraway voice. "Hunter, don-" . silence. I see nothing.


Day 2 Statistics

Careers: The career boys Nile(12) and Bentley(1) has fled back to the career camp. Shimmer(1) is getting better.
Grayson(2) is doing well. The district 4 tributes are going back to the camp after hunting for food. Wally(7) is getting better.
Needs: Water for everyone excluding Grayson (they only have one small bottle)

Calypso(8) has got out of the tree and is headed for the savannah. Needs: Nothing

Bianka(3) and Thalia(7) have said goodbye a fial goodbye to Emilia(9) and are, without knowing, following Calypso(8)

Shinee(5) is at a lake near the plains. He has a lot of injuries after the swarm of mutts. Needs: First Aid Kit. Weapons

Serina(10) is at the Cornucopia. She is refusing to let the hovercraft pick Hunters(10) body up. Needs: Nothing

Tobi(6) is at a lake in the forest. Needs: Nothing

Dennis(8) is hiding from the careers. Needs: Water

Eileen(12) has gone wandering around the savannah looking for someplace safe to sleep. Needs: Nothing

Day 3 - Poisonous Gas & Carnivorous Insects

Serina Frostswords 15 - District 10

Click click click. The sound turns me away from the hovercraft. Click click click
I curse. I grab my crossbow, take one last look at Hunter, and run. Lime green insects come out from the sand.
They have extremely sharp pincers. I feel something pinch me. I flinch. Another bites me on the ankle.
"Ah" I gasp. The mutts open up their wings and start to fly. Before I even take a another breath, the mutts attack me.
"HELP" I screech to nothing. The hovercraft has taken Hunters body and vanished. "Help me" I shout again.
Without thinking, I run through the swarm. I screamed as they bit me as I ran. Atlast I was out of the crowd of mutts..
But you shouldn't think to early, the mutts immediately fly and scramble in my direction. "Ahhhh"
I break into a run. The sand slows me down. But thinking of the swarm helps me run further. "I don't want to die" I cry.
Up in the distance I see something pink floating in the air. I continue to run. The pink thing lets out a shriek loud enough for me to hear.
Then it moves towards the direction I'm heading. Then I see her, It's another tribute. Part of me says to stop and shoot her, the other says to keep running.
It's best I don't waste my time. I look behind.

The swarm has vanished... but there is still clicking up in the distance. Okay this is my chance. I turn around to shoot the tribute.
But my plans changed when a log smacks me across the face. I black out.

Dennis Wazz 17 - District 8

The clicking is back again. One of the careers are betting another that a tribute will die in that swarm.. Swarm?
After a long while, the clicking stops. The careers are quiet. I don't know who died. The rock blocked my view.
But I do know that one was killed by one of the career boys. And that only two died yesterday. After about two hours, I take it that the careers are asleep since they were so quiet.
I get up and look at the career camp. All are asleep.. except for the two from 4. I guess they were supposed to be looking out for tributes nearby. They werent aware that I was watching them. They were too busy kissing.
Then I take a sip of water. I see a loaf of bread. "Hmmm"
I move carefully towards the bread. "Gah" a career grabs my leg. She's asleep though. She hugs it as if its a teddy bear.
Carefully I pull my leg away from her and continue towards the bread. I was just about to grab it when the district 4 girl says I'm gonna go get a drink.
My heart beats very fast. Then the boy says "No, he'll know". "Well we can say another tribute drank it" she responds. "Besides, if we don't get a drink we'll die of thirst"
She turns around. I curse. She curses. He smiles. They grab their weapons. I grab the bread. We stand there looking at eachother. The 7 boy wakes up. He see's me and grabs a knife. "Err, Hi" I say to them.
"Hi" says the district 7 boy. "I'm Wally, this is Nicholas and Maysilea"
"Nice to meet you" I say to them. "Can I join you guys" I ask. "hmmm... No" says Wally. He grins. "I was hoping to kill someone atleast once, I'm not gonna let you go"
My heart is beating very fast. Then I see a bow and a sheath of arrows naxt to the girl that hugged me. I grab the bow and an arrow.

"Good Morning to the Sixteen remaining tributes" Rings a voice. "We will be making a rule change"
A rule change? "This rule will be changed for this game and this game only"
So a one time rule change... this should be in a quarter quell..
"This year we are allowing two tributes from the same district to become victors" The voice declares. "Oh, and sorry if I had woken you all up"
I glance around. All of the careers are up. Looking at eachother. Then without thinking, I cry out "CALYPSO"

Lauren Hill 12 - District 11 {C}Boom.
Someone just died. Day 3 begins. I lay on the ground, too tired to get up. I shut my eyes.

I wake up, the sun burns my eyes. It's bright. I climb out of the tree I was sleeping in.
Then another announcement rings around:

"Hello tributes, Pay Attention, for this announcement can save you from what is about to happen. Poisonous gas has been released around the borders of the arena, It will go as far as the metal plates and no further. The gas will not affect most Mutts, as we have chosen the mutts which can last poisonous gases. However! Regular animals, tributes and most plantlife will perish. That is all, Goodluck to you all"

Without thinking, I run. Then I notice: there will be other tributes there. I look around frantically for something to protect me with. I break a branch of a nearby tree, and run ahead.
I'm sweating. It's too hot. Then I fall over into sand. "Nearly there" I gasp. I drag myself up. There is the golden cornucopia in the distance.
Before I knew it, I was running again. I'm almost there. And I take a nearby knife and begin to sharpen one end of the branch.
"Wait." I only remembered and noticed that there were weapons here. I dash for a spear. Then the girl from 8, Calypso I think, or atleast thats what her partner calls her.
I aim the spear at her and she shouts "WHAT THE FUDGE". "What?" I say. She then screams "Lookout"
Something hits me at back of my head. I fall forwards. My head hurts. I lift my head a bit, just enough to see whats happening.
Calypso is fighting of a career girl with a thick stick. "Just take a weapon, there's heaps of them here" I think.
Far in the distance, I see a boy chasing a girl with a sword. She screams "Help Me". I hear a thud. The boy had fallen, a dent on his forehead.
He moans. Calypso comes over to me and helps me up. She drags me on top of a pile of crates, and then throws me on top of the cornucopia.
I screech in pain. The cornucopia is hot from lying in the desert sun all day. Calypso climbs on.
"Oh no" she gasps. "Yeah I know, we're all dead for sure now" I say. "No, not that" she breaths. "What, what could go wrong"
"I knocked out a tribute" she says, her face white as snow. "Yeah I saw" I say to her. "And tied her to a tree"
"Wha-" but just before the words come out, an arrow very narrowly misses me. "You b****" the tribute calls to us.
I'm confused, I've never seen this girl since the games began. "Sorry, I forgot about you" Calls Calypso. "Screw you" she shouts.
She loads her crossbow and aims at Calypso. Calypso jumps off the cornucopia just when the girl shot at her.

I see all the rest running in. The district 1s, the D2 boy, both from 4, 12, the career pack had arrived!
"No no no" I mutter as I stand up. Then a strong arm grabs my leg. "Ahhh"

Nicholas Davenport 17 - District 4

The girl screams as I pull her off the roof of the cornucopia. She falls to the ground. I take my trident. She attempts to kick me away.
She kicks me in the knee. "Ah" she's tough you have to admit. Just as I was about to shove my spear into her heart, an arrow flies past me.
Dennis fires another arrow. It hits me in the shoulder. I pull the arrow out and I charge at him. I knock him over. I jab him in the stomach with my trident.
He yelps in pain. I get off him. What an ass, killing off a career and attempting another. I turn to scan the area where the bloodbath took place.
Maysilea is fighting the 12 girl. Grayson is fighting off the girl from 6, she is doing well...too well. I run towards them.
I arrive just when he falls over. I attack her with my trident. But she has a trick up her sleeve, she casts a net over me.
I get entangled. Then she stabs Grayson in the stomach. His blood gushes everywhere. She stabs him again and again with her trident.
"F*** YOU" I shout at her. Boom.
Grayson is dead. Then I notice. Dennis's cannon didn't fire. I look behind me. Boom. I see Dennis aiming at me with his bow and arrow.
He fires. It goes black.

Maysilea Parcels 17 - District 4

"No" I screech. I run to Nicholas. I pull the arrow out of his eye. "Nick" I whisper to the corpse of my former lover.
I kiss him one last time. Boom.

"Attention Tributes, may you all please stop slaughtering eachother for a moment. The gas will leave in approximately 60 minutes.. Now 59 minutes... You may continue killing eachother now."

I had let killed the district 12 girl, I beat her to death with my mace. I look over at her body, holes punctured all over her, bleeding like hell. Blood everywhere.
"F*** YOU I"M GOING TO WIN THIS S******* GAME!" I take my mace and I throw it at an olive skinned girl. It sticks hits her at the side of her head. Boom.
Her ally shrieks and arrow at me. I dive for the mace. The arrow misses. I grab the mace. She kicks it out of my hands and fires another arrow.
It hits me in the stomach. I pull her to the ground. I grab a knife and I crawl on top of her. Then I attempt to stab her in the face.
She moves it in time, the knife hits the sand. We roll over. She too takes a nearby knife. She stabs me in the stomach twice.
I roll her off me. "You b****" I shout. She pulls my hair and we roll over once more. She stabs me again in the stomach and in the arm.
With the last of my strength, I roll her off me. Then I stab her. I stabbed her again. And again. And again. Over and over.
Her blood splatters in my face everytime the knife sinks into her. I keep stabbing her. Until atlast. Boom.

I stab her once more. And just lay there. Looking up into the sky.

Shimmer Cashmere 17 - District 1

"Help" the little girl screams. I hold her up with her hair. "Please" tears comes down her eyes.
"C'mon" Calls Nile. "Kill her already". I pause. "Please" says the girl. "No, I can't do it" I say.
"Why not, It'll be one step closer to winning." He says annoyance in his voice. "I can't kill her, she's too young"
"Alright, if you won't kill her, the I will" I drop her. I can't look. I won't. I turn around. "Please, don't" I hear the girl beg.
"What did I do to you". I have to do something. Or nothing. "You f***** my mother, thats why" Nile says to her.
"No" I shout atlast. "Alright then, if your such a 'Good Samaritan'"
"It's not for the girl though". "Then why" I ask him. "It's none of your business" he snaps back. "Well, this is the first person you spared so far, so you may as well say why"
He pauses. "Do you really want to know" he says. "Yeah I do" I say as if he'd done something amazing.
He looks away from me. Looking round a bit incase something will happen. Then very quickly he kisses me. Then immediately he starts to move away.
I'm dazed and confused.. He rarely ever talks to me, just 'pass me this' or 'can you hand that over'.. yet again, He kept on glancing at me for a half a second.
I was thinking about what had happened, I didn't notice the fighting going on. Then something catches my eye.

The girl had fallen past the border. "No" I scream. She spits blood. She falls to the ground. Shaking wildly.
It was the worst thing I've ever seen. And atlast. She stops. Boom.
A tear shedds.
I turn around. Dennis and Calypso and the 6 girl are seen running away in different directions.
Dennis has past the borders. He starts shaking. I close my eyes. No cannon sounds. I open them to see Dennis running away.
The gas is gone, cleared. The girls have also past the metal plates.

Bentley Emerson-Odair 17 - District 1

They have gotten away. Eight of us left... It had been a brutal. All the corpses lying on the ground. Blood spilled everywhere.
Then.. Something catches my eye. I see Maysilea lying on the ground. Injured. Fatally. I run to her.
"Listen, you won't die. Not now". Nile and Shimmer arrives. "Is there anything I can do" Nile says. "Get some of that medicine that heals you or whatever"
"But thats back at camp, we won't make it in time". "Just leave me" groans a voice, Maysilea. "I won't make it anyways"
"No, you will make it" says Shimmer. "I can't watch yo-" she stops once Maysilea comes in. "Then don't watch" she moans.
"Listen. I want atleast one of you to win.. Out of everyone, I want it to be one of my friends" She says.
She then says her final words "Goodluck". She breathes her last breath.

She's gone. Seven left. Shimmer and Nile look at eachother. They look grim. Nile gets up. "It's best I leave" He says to Me and Shimmer.
"I don't want it to come down to the us" he starts to leave. "Wait" Shimmer calls to him. He stops. And unexpectedly, she kisses him an whispers goodbye.
What is going on? The careers have disbanded. Wally, Grayson, Nicholas, Maysilea have all died on the same day. There are four others out there.
The final seven tributes...

Day 4 - The Final Seven & The Fatal Five

Nile Alsno 17 - District 12 {C}Most plantlife here is dead. There are bodies of dead animals everywhere. The gas has got them.
I guess I'm alone here with about, six others. Grey clouds block out the sun. Something moves. I move towards it carefully.
Something is still alive. It's a huge lizard-like thing, most likely a mutt. Scales and spikes and bright red eyes.
I move towards it cautiously, then it roars. It sounds like a tyrannosaurus or something large and heavy and dangerous.
I jump back. I picks itself up from the ground. It roars at me again. I start running. It too comes charging at me.
It's fast.. very fast. An arrow shoots by me. That girl from 10 reloads the crossbow. Then she see's the monster. "Bull****" she shrieks.
She runs. I get my sword ready to slash her with it. Then, something throws me to the side. "Oh no" I let out. The beast looms over me.
It's the end. I shut my eyes. Then, rows of teeth sink into me. Oh the pain. I keep my eyes shut.
I see the bodies of the tributes I've killed. I couldn't bear it. I snap my eyes open just when the beast rips out my stomach.

Serina Frostswords 15 - District 10

It was one of the worst things I've ever seen. Boom.
He's dead. The mutt starts to feast on his remains. I can't help it. Vomit splats the ground.
I turn to run ahead. To get away from that....thing. I come across a tree. The leaves have died, making most of the tree.. leafless.
I climb it, doubting it was able to climb. Then I see another running in my direction. "What the f*** are you!" I shout at the mutt.
The mutt roars. It then starts to claw at the tree. The tree tilts a bit. Then the mutt drops all its weight onto the side of the tree.
Then the tree falls over. The beast falls ontop of the tree. I get crushed. I yelp in pain. My back hurts, my legs hurt, my arms hurt. I can barely move.
The monster gets off the tree and looks at me. It sniffs me. Then licks me. I start to cry. I'm stuck here with a monster, about to eat me.
I see my crossbow. The mutt steps on it, breaking it. It doesn't react. It doesn't feel anything.
"F*** the world" I say atlast.

Tobi Odair 16 - District 6

It starts raining. Boom.
Five left. Four to go and I'm out of here.

"Congratulations to the Final Five Tributes. And as you were all survivors of the.. unnecisary bloodbath yesterday, we will nickname you, The Fatal Five. We will be having a feast at the Cornucopia in celebration for you all. All of you have chances of winning. All of you have one chance. I'll give you all a hint on how to win. 'If you can't kill, you can't win'. Goodluck, may the odds be ever in your favor"

Hmmm. A note comes down from the sky..

"Good job at that sort of bloodbath, you scared me for afew seconds in that, but you did well. I recomend you make another net and lie low until the finaly. sleep with one eye open if you can, but also, dont go tooooo far, good luck, i'm still betting on you, stay safe, stay alive,
your mentor, Gemma"

Hmm. I put the note in my pocket. The numbers are dangerously low. Five of us. It's gonna take a while to find other tributes.
I get up. I make another net as my mentor told me to. I might need this.
I arrive at the cornucopia, Rain falls. Gamemakers messing with the weather. The I see a table. Three backpacks are lined up. Each with a number.
1,6 and 8. Aha. I dash for the backpack with the electric blue 6 on it. I get it, then I stop. The others might not know..
I take the backpack with the yellow 1. And before I could take the backpack with 8 on it, an arrow hits it. The district 8 boy.
"Put it down" he demands. "Make me" I say to him. He shoots another arrow at me. I move out of the way. I throw my net at him.
He jumps back. I throw my trident at him. He ducks. He fires another arrow. It misses me.
Then a sword flies towards us. I dodge it, he jumps out of the way. I look back at the 8 guy. But to see the girl from 8 standing there. Blood gushes down her neck.
Her head falls off. Boom. The boy looks at the headless body of his friend. I don't know what to do. I break into a run.
He gets up and aims at the killer. The district 1 boy. The girl, Shimmer is knowhere to be seen.
I look ahead. A savannah.

Day 4 Statistics

District 1: Shimmer is in the rocky desert, Needs: Nothing. Bentley is in the plains. Needs: Nothing

District 8: Dennis is in the rocky desert, he is injured after fighting Bentley. Needs: Aid kit

District 6: Tobi is wandering into the savannah. Needs: Nothing

Day 5 - The Season Finale

Bentley Emerson-Odair 17 - District 1

"Shimmer!" I shout. I wander on through the plains. Were is she, she could get killed.
I call her again. The sky is grey. I let that 8 boy go. I wanted to show everyone I'm not all bad, killing tributes.
After an hour of walking, I come across the desert full of rocks. "Shimmer!" I call.
I keep walking. I see something, its that jacket the tributes wear, its this years main uniform. A hooded jacket with two black lines and a white line in between the black lines going down both sleeves, We wear something under it and a matching pair of tracksuits. A different color for each district.
Gold for district 1. Electric blue for district 6 and orange for 8. I move towards it. "Shimmer" I say to it. Thats when I remembered.
Shimmer took off her jacket and left it at our old camp. But I don't remember anything here. Graysons backpack isn't here, our pile of weapons aren't here.
The he jumps up and attacks me with a knife. "S***" I yell as I throw him off me. The boy gets up and kicks me in the stomach.
He gets his knife ready for the death blow. The Shimmer jumps onto his back and stabs him in the chest. He yelps and falls back.
Shimmer stabs him repeatedly in the same spot. "Have mercy" he yells. She continues. The good samaritan has turned into a killer.
I stand there, gaping. The first time I've ever seen Shimmer kill. It was always Me or Nile who took the kills.
She gets up. "One more" she says. I still can't believe she killed someone.

Tobi Odair 16 - District 6

I get my net and trident ready. There's no point. There are two of them. I won't make it.
The trap is set. Anyone who steps or trips over the line, the net will fall on them. Giving me a chance.
I sit and wait... They will be here at anymoment. I have run back to the cornucopia when I saw these.. mutts in the savannah.
It's safer here, thats all I know. There could be anything lurking about. Then I see them the boy up in front.
He trips over the line and gets entangled in the net. The girl however jumps on me. "Boo"
I push her off. I grab the trident and stabbed her in the stomach. The boy gets out of the net. He stabs me. I jab him in the stomach.
He steps back, blood everywhere. I stab him again. He falls to the ground. Clutching his stomach. I did it.. I've won.

Shimmer Cashmere 17 - District 1

I take a spear and I shove it through her back. She screams and falls to the ground. Boom.
We did it. Bentley is lying on the ground.

"Lady's and Gentlemen, Our Victors"

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