The 99th Hunger Games

Hello, I am about to host my Third Hunger Games. I write the games in different POVs just for you all to know.

Please note that the games WILL contain violance(duh). Oh and..

Don't curse at eachother and start fights in the comments section(None happened in any of my games so far)

I don't mind spam since I've been there were its almost impossible to get submissions (Just once is enough though)

Everyone's deaths are random. I don't choose the victor, It's what the tributes are like(skills, weaknesses, age, personality).

most submissions in previous games so far were so good I wanted them all to win... but I didn't.. all I did was allow two from the same district to win. But Beware only one will win in this games.

Oh and if these games go well enough, I'll finally do a quarter quell :D (100th Games)

Now I don't know what else to put here so....


Tribute Submissions

Okay first of all, Please try and make a new tribute.

For Tribute Submissions:










Token (optional)

Strategy (if you don't put in a strategy, I'll make up one)

Backstories are optional, but I only read them if I have nothing else to do.

District Name Age Gender Appearance Personality Weapon Strategy
District 1 (Luxury) Dustin Henderson 18 Male Messy blonde hair, gorgeous emerald green eyes, perfect white teeth, tanned, ripped, hot, tall seductive, flirty, clever, funny, sly, sneaky, michevious, smart, confident, logical Sword/Spears/Knives fight with careers, than kill 2, say one of them killed the other one, and cut yourself pretending like you were defending yourself from them. Then,pretend 2 stabbed each other to death.
District 1 (Luxury Misty Bull 16 Female 5'9, Long blonde hair, deep brown eyes. Pink lips. Beautiful

Sexy, sweet. Cold, doesn't like fake people.

Bow and Arrow/Axes/Knives -------------------------
District 2 (Masonry) Edision Mance 18 Male 6'11, Dark hair, Muscular, Green eyes. Cocky, Confident, Sociable, Stubborn, Humorous, Creative, Smart, Ruthless Spear/Axe/Sword/Mace/Knife/Traps ---------------
District 2 (Masonry) Shermaine Willson 18 Female Dark brown hair to her shoulders, tall and slim not that muscular, green eyes Coldhearted, Fearless, Serious, Stubborn. Double Swords/Crossbow
District 3 (Technology) Zain Shockair 13 Male 5'11", Muscular Cold, Insensitive Katana Grab a weapon and run away
District 3 (Technology) Tori Kate 16 Female 5"9, Dark Brown Hair, Bright Blue Eyes, Skinny, Athletic Smart, Nice, Popular, Confident, Fun Throwing Knives/Wire

Try To Team Up With Careers And Make Sure To Grab Throwing Knives

Only Kill People When Her Life Is At Risk

District 4 (Fishing) Nicholas Davenport 17 Male Spiky blonde hair, emerald green eyes, tall, muscular and handsome. Ruthless




District 4 (Fishing) River Davidson 17 Female Blonde long hair, dark blue eyes, pale, tall slim Friendly / Cold Trident/Throwing Knives Join the careers in the trainingroom, and when the games starts she will run to the cornacopia get a backpack a trident and some throwing knifes and join up with the careers. She will wait until the careers are busy killing and then run to the forest with her stuff
District 5 (Power) Micky McAllister 17 Male 6"3, Built, short spiked black hair, attractive ( to girls ), deep sea green eyes Confident, violent, but sweet and caring Trident -------------------
District 5 (Power) Enigma Fay 18 Female Silky dark brown curls with lighter streaks, flawless milky skin, perfect white, alluring, very curvy and fit, petite, muscular, extraordinarily beautiful Quiet, mysterious, sneaky, alluring, magnetic almost. Very intelligent and sly Bow and Arrow/Spears/Knives/Blowguns Get a group of admirers and make them get lots of supplies for her and ally with them. Kill them off one by one, telling the others "less competition," and when 1 is left, kiss them and stab them in the stomach.
District 6 (Transportation) Drew Kendall 15 Male Tall, black hair and eyes, muscular Acts quiet, withdrawn, sweet, caring, but is really vicious, ruthless, angry, and a lethal killing machine Sword/Spear/Trident Act quiet and unconfident but then show true colors
District 6 (Transportation) Mistalia "Misty" Caliden 17 Female Tanned, long silky golden brown curls. Petite. Muscular. Thin. Beautiful ocean blue eyes. Gorgeous. Sweet, charming, friendly, funny,sly, sneaky, smart, clever, but not afraid to kill her allies to Win Throwing Knives/Spears/ Bow and Arrow Grab some knives and wait on the outskirts to kill non-careers, join with Dustin and use his strategy with him
District 7 (Lumber) Atlas Dunnin 16 Male Black hair, light skin, green eyes Happy, crazy, funny Axe/ Mace Get an axe. Find an alliance
District 7 (Lumber) Tamora Bell 18 Female 6'0, Caramel brown hair, pine needle color eyes, fair complexion, Cheery, kind/ snappy Axe Don't go into the bloodbath, make an axe
District 8 (Textiles) James Will 12 Male Fit, muscular body, shocking and peircing blue eyes, Likeable, friendly, fun, bubbly Spear/Slingshot

grabs weapons/supplies and fights alongside careers/allies

Too dependent on allies, practically lives off them, and ditches them when stakes get high

District 8 (Textiles) Silken Dimity 16 Female Strawberry blonde hair, grass green eyes. Nice Knives/Bow and Arrow -------------------------
District 9 (Grain) William Gaynor 17 Male Brown eyes, tan skin, blonde hair.


Crossbow Run into the cornucopia and run out
District 9 (Grain) Evie Makenna Rae 16 Female 5'6, Light skin, hazel/green eyes, pretty, black hair with dark midnight blue tips. Sarcastic Knives/Rope/Sickle Runaway and hide, get whatevers leftover
District 10 (Livestock) Horace Wimp 18 Male Fidgety, ginger Scared, Afraid Strength/Mace -----------------
District 10 (Livestock) Samantha Orpi 17 Female Small, pretty blonde Nice, Accepting, Understanding Axe/Knife -----------------
District 11 (Agriculture) Quinn Dellor 14 Male Well tanned skin, brown hair and eyes, small, fit kind, caring, sweet, innocent, Adorable, determined, smart, reasonable Slingshot/Knife/ Spear Other young kids that arent very strong
District 11 (Agriculture) Morgan Ramons 18 Female Dark skin, black hair, purple eyes Intelligent, Resourceful Mace ----------------
District 12 (Masonry) North Blaze 15 Male 5'11", Sandy brown hair, dark brown eyes, strong Sweet, shy, quiet, funny and un-romantic Short Sword/Mace Protect Foxibelle
District 12 (Masonry) Foxibelle-Fishline Hunter 15 Female 5'1", Watermelon red hair, dark brown eyes, long lashes, skinny Sweet, sing-songy, nice, amazing, insane and unforgettable Axe/Longbow

Foxi runs into the bloodbath, grabs a backpack and a axe/longbow, runs away towards the nearest water source and kill only if needed.





Female Chariot Outfit

Male Chariot Outfit

District Name, Age, Gender Female Chariot Male Chariot
District 1 Alama Aukssweam, 23, F

The girl is in a provocative high cut, strapless dress. It is diamond studded. She has diamond studded boots, too. She has emerald earrings and her nails are studded with rubies. Her hair had studded ribbons coming out of her braid. She has a top hat with rubies she throws to the crowd.

For the interview, the girl dresses in a ruby dress with emeralds outlining the seams. She has heels with rubies, topaz, sapphire, and emeralds. She has a wig with diamond and other jewels on the hair strands of the wig. Her arm is covered in jewels. And when she moves, she shimmers.

The boy wears pants with diamonds studding the pockets of his jeans. He also has a chain coming down made of silver. His shirt is a giant gold nugget, melted, and shaped into string to make his shirt. He has crystal shoes. He also has a top hat with rubies on it.

For the interview, the boy wears his gold shirt with diamonds studding the seams. He gold pants with the same idea. Hid arms and legs have so much glitter he looks as if he is on fire. (Red glitter)

District 2
District 3 Jason Tyler, 23, M Tori Is Wearing A Long Silver Silk Dress That Wraps Around Her Legs. The Straps Of Her Dress Are Covering In Silver Metal Jewels. The Dress Is Designed To Look Like A Circuit Board To Represent Electronics. She Is Wearing Grey High Heels And Is Wearing A Grey Top Hat Thats Covered In Tiny Metal Jewels. Her Hair Is Curly Instead Of Straight, And Is Spray-Painted Silver. Zain Is Wearing A Grey Silk Suit With A Black Undershirt His Left Shoulder Is Covered In The Tiny Metal Jewels. He Is Wearing Matching Silk Dress Pants And Shiny Black Shoes. He Suit Is Also Designed To Look Like A Circuit Board To Represent Electronics. His Hair Is Spiked Up And He Is Wearing A Very Bright Gold Necktie U der His Suit Jacket. His Hair Is Also Spray-Painted Silver.
District 4
District 5
District 6
District 7 Krista Foyd, 16, F Her dress is brown at the bottom, and long and tight. Above her waist it starts getting greener, representing a tree. She wears her hair long and wavy, and has flowers everywhere in it. His suit is like a tree, too. As they reach the City Circle, they release 20 little birds from their "branches"
District 8 Dinette Rove, 29, F Her dress is made out of satin. It's short and flatters her body. The material and colors change as they get closer to the City Circle. Cotton, cashmere, silk, fur, wool, rayon and velvet. He wears a suit that does the same thing, but he also wears a modern hat that matches his eyes.
District 9
District 10
District 11 Tally Valentina, 27, F Her dress represents Spring. She wears a strapped short dress in a green and white gradient. The spring green is at the bottom. The gradient constantly changes colors, but white is always one of the colors. The colors are Easter egg yellow, spring green, baby blue, soft pink, and lavender. The pearly sash she wears changes to correspond With the color. The neckline is dotted with little multicolored flower buds, and her earrings are little veggies. She has a crown of leaves and flower buds that bloom and recede. Her hair is down. Her necklace is made of grape vines, and her bracelet is made of soft yellow gold. She wears pearly white slippers, and carries a wicker basket of foods grown in the spring. Her lips are a beautiful pink, and her eyes have white eyeshadow. Boy- His shirt represents fall, and has leaves stitched all over it. His Hair is spiked up and tipped with brown, orange, and red. He wears khaki shorts and orange sneakers. He has highlighting makeup.
District 12 Annie Bellend, 23, F She has a dress made from the exact same material as her partner's cape. She wears little makeup. She has a cape made from strings of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white, gems, fabric, string and beads. It is attatched to her wrists and the back of her dress. She has on a single raindrop-shaped ruby pendant as a necklace. He wears a black t-shirt and black jeans. His shoes are dressy, but not too dressy, and he wears a cape of a certain white fabric that looks like flames when touched or blown. His hair is spiked up.


Placing District Comment


Career's: Misty Bull(1), Dustin Henderson(1), Shermaine Willson(2), Edision Mance(2), Tori Kate(3), Nicholas Davenport(4), River Davidson(4), Atlas Dunnin(7),


Now you can send anybody anything.. but the limit is three items per tribute. (I don't get all that stuff with money and all, and I couldn't care less)


Small backpack - A bottle of water, and one type of food (your choice what food)

Medium(regular) backpack - A bottle of water, food(your choice), a small weapon(you choose) and a small sleeping bag.

Large backpack - Bottle of water, food, a weapon, sleeping bag, first aid kit, rope, torch



Bread (small or large)

Dried fruit

Dried beef







Healing medicine(that one that heals wounds like in the book and movie)

Burn medicine (less likely in this games)






Throwing Knives (4x)

Throwing Knives(12x)



The Arena

The arena is covered in snow. The lakes are frozen. There are caves in the mountain. It is cold day and night.

All mutts and animals are able to cope in this terrain (duh). Tributes will need to stay warm to avoid freezing to death. I guess this is the least descriptive arena I've made if you ask me..


Mutts will cope with the terrain..

Wolf mutts - The fur should be thick enough..

Koelmen - Mutts that resemble men. They are extremely bony and wear rags and nothing else, they were people who have frozen to death but have been reincarnated, they are notorious meat eaters since most plants don't live in cold terrain. They are, for no known reason, scared of light, forcing them to live in caves. They stay in groups often groups of three to four. The gamemakers have altered them to last in cold weather.

There are various animals that are put in so that tributes can hunt and avoid starving to death. Some animals are there to harm or kill tributes. They are not genetically altered by gamemakers however.

Training Scores

Please Note that: Both my previous games training scores were random (excluding the careers). This time they Won't be random. I'll judge all these via your tributes strengths and weaknesses.

District Name Training Scores Odds
District 1 Dustin Henderson, 18, M 11 3-1
District 1 Misty Bull, 16, F 9 4-1
District 2 Edision Mance, 18, M 9 5-1
District 2 Shermaine Willson, 18, F 10 4-1
District 3 Zain Shockair, 13, M 8 5-1
District 3 Tori Kate, 16, F 7 10-1
District 4 Nicholas Davenport, 17, M 10 4-1
District 4 River Davidson, 17, F 8 5-1
District 5 Mickey McAllister, 17, M 10 4-1
District 5 Enigma Fay, 18, F 9 11-1
District 6 Drew Kendall, 15, M 9 12-1
District 6 Mistalia Caliden, 17, F 8 10-1
District 7 Atlas Dunnin, 16, M 8 5-1
District 7 Tamora Bell, 18, F 6 14-1
District 8 James Will, 12, M 5 27-1
District 8 Silken Dimity, 16, F 9 10-1
District 9 William Gaynor, 17, M 5 26-1
District 9 Evie Mckenna Rae, 16, F 10 4-1
District 10 Horace Wimp, 18, M 6 16-1
District 10 Samantha Orpi, 17, F 6 17-1
District 11 Quinn Dellor, 14, M 4 28-1
District 11 Morgan Ramons, 18, F 7 13-1
District 12 North Blaze, 15, M 8 5-1
District 12 Foxibelle-Fishline Hunter, 15, F 7 7-1

Death Chart

Placed Name District How Killed by
24th Tori Kate, 16, F District 3 Stabbed in the neck Shermaine Willson(2)
23rd Horace Wimp, 18, M District 10 Speared in the chest Dustin Henderson(1)
22nd Enigma Fay, 18, F District 5 Speared in the chest Nicholas Davenport(4)
21st Quinn Dellor, 14, M District 11 Throat slit Evie Mckenna(9)
20th William Maynor, 17, M District 9 Sliced across the chest Edision Mance(2)
19th Drew Kendall, 15, M District 6 Stabbed in the back, twice Edision Mance(2)
18th River Davidson, 17, F District 4 Maced on the head Morgan Ramons(11)
17th Morgan Ramons, 18, F District 11 Bloodloss (Technically) River Davidson(4)
16th Tamora Bell, 18, F District 7 Eaten Alive Koelmen
15th Edision Mance, 18, M District 2 Eaten Alive Koelmen
14th Samantha Orpi, 17, F District 10 Stabbed in the stomach

Zain Shockair(3)

13th James Will, 12, M District 8 Axe to the back of head Atlas Dunnin(7)
12th Zain Shockair, 13, M District 3 Speared in the chest Mickey McAllister(5)
11th Miickey McAllister, 17, M District 5 Axe in the skull Atlas Dunnin(7)
10th North Blaze, 15, M District 12 Throat slit Evie McKenna Rae(9)
9th Foxibelle-Fishline Hunter, 15, F District 12 Froze to death -----------------
8th Nicholas Davenport, 17, M District 4 Sickle to the back of neck Evie Mckenna Rae(9)
7th Misty Bull, 16, F District 1 Sickle to the eye Evie Mckenna Rae(9)
6th Dustin Henderson, 18, M District 1 Maced in the face Atlas Dunnin(7)
5th Evie McKenna Rae, 16, F District 9 Decapitated Atlas Dunnin(7)
4th Atlas Dunnin, 16, M District 7 Bloodloss -----------------
3rd Shermaine Willson, 18, F District 2 Eaten Alive Koelmen
2nd Silken Dimity, 16, F District 8 Knife to the head Mistalia Caliden(6)
1st Mistalia Caliden District 6 ----------------- ------------------


District 1 - Misty Bull 16

"Ladie's and Gentlemen, Welcome back to the reaping for the tributes representing District 1 in this years annual Hunger Games"
It's a cold day, freezing actually. There has been nothing but clouds in the sky since this morning.
"Now, the young lady this year is.." the escort takes a step towards the ball with the girls names.
"I volunteer" I call to her. She stops and rolls her eyes before turning back to the mic. "Whats your name?" she asks.
"Misty Bull, Ma'am" I say to her politely. "Our tribute, Miss Misty Bull". The crowd cheers.
"Now for lucky young man" she begins. "I wish to volunteer" calls a young handsome man. "And you are?"
"Dustin Henderson". So thats him.. the girls talk about him alot, I just never seen him before..
"Our Tributes for the 99th Annual Hunger Games" the escort announces, followed by applause. Surprisingly, there were no rowes this year.
We eneter the justice building.

District 2 - Edision Mance 18

The girl steps onto the stage, she smiles at the crowd.
"Now the boys, shall we" the escort moves towards the bowl, she cries the name "Edision Mance"
... "Yes" I yell, I can do this. If the others can't, then I can. I take a walk up proudly, haha, beat ya all.
"I vol-" starts another boy. "No way pansy" I tease.
'Nobody is gonna volunteer for me, Nobody" I shout to the crowd. "But if-" begins the escort.
"Nah, I'm competing and leave it to that" the escort is taken aback. Yes it was rude, so what.
The last games was soo boring, every games was soo boring, cause I was not in them. All they do is the same thing.
Slash, stab, shoot, cry, kill. Now things will certainly change since I'm in the games, no crying children or pleading.
I've got this in the bag.

District 3 - Zain Shockair 13

"C'mon, hurry up" my mother says to me. "You'll be late for the reaping"
I hate reapings. All they do is cry there. Atlast we have arrived at the town hall.
I join the crowd of boys. "Welcome to the 99th Reapings" the escort is lazy this year, not very enthusiastic.
This is dull, just plain dull. "Tori Kate and Zain Shockair" wait what. Myself and this popular girl thats somewhat older than me gets up onto the stage.
So I'm in the games, my second year at the reaping and I'm in the games. Ha, there were people who have been reaped on their first day.

This has to be the most boring reaping in history. There was still terror in the air, it just looks incredibly dull.
The crowd departs as if its a funeral. "Now, time to say goodbye to your families"

The Games

Day 1 - Blood on Ice

Tori Kate 16 - District 3

My stylist and my escort hugs me goodbye. I take a deep breath and I step onto the metal plate.
A tube come down. Then the plate pushes me up. Suddenly it turns cold.. the light burns my eyes.
I'm in a field of snow. I glance around to see the other tributes. The careers are ready, aiming for their favourite weapons.
The rest are either shivering or scanning the arena for something. 60,59,58,57,56
I spot a knife not so far away.. what will I do..
47,46,45,44- My heart is beating very fast.
39,38,37,36- The clock is ticking, any second now the gong will go off.
20,19,18,17,16- I need that knife..
10,9,8,7,6- Perhaps I should kust take a backpack and run.. no I will get the knives.
4,3,2- What to d- the gong sounds. Everybody runs. To and From the cornucopia.
I'm nearly there. The knife is close enough to grab. Until-

Shermaine Willson 18 - District 2 {C}I stab the girl in the neck with my sword. She falls to the ground and doesn't move.
I pull the sword from he neck and I scan the arena. The guy from 10 is trying to protect a girl from Dustin.
Dustin spears him in the chest. The girl screams, she takes a backpack and runs.
I start for her, but something stops me. The pretty girl from 5. I dart towards her. She see's me and screams.
She starts running. She's fast. Then Nicholas appears and throws his trident at her, spearing her in the chest.
"Hey, she was mine!" I yelled at him.

Morgan Ramons 18 - District 11

Chaos stirs around me, as tribute cry for help and attempt to kill eachother.
I see a girl with black hair slit open my district partners throat.
I take a mace and I swing it at her. She slashes her sickle at me. I duck. Then I swipe my mace into her leg.
She falls. I kick her in the stomach. I scan around the arena again. The boy from 9 and the boy from 6 are fighting the boy from 2.
The 2 boy slices the 9 boy across the chest. The guy from 6 tries to run but gets stabbed in the back, twice.
I start to run. The girl from 4 attacks me. She throws me into the cornucopia, and stabs me repeatedly.
I throw her off me. I take my mace and I swing it at her. She falls. I hit her in the head, hard.
I'm so shocked with surprise.. I've just killed someone.. Then I look at my stomach.
She stabbed me so much the stabs have formed a hole. It goes black.

North Blaze 15 - District 12 I got away.. but I don't know where Foxi is. I have to find her, before she gets killed.
She might have died just now.
Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.
Eight, eight dead. I tread through the snow, hoping Fixibelle is still alive.
I have gotten away with a backpack.. I haven't checked whats in it though. I see a forest. I can stay there. Its much safer than being in the open.. atleast here it is.

The sun is setting, I guess I should find somewhere to camp. I climb into a tree and open my backpack.
A knife, a bottle of water, bread and a rope. Thats it. It's dark, it's quiet.
Suddenly I hear screaming. Boom. Boom.
Ten are dead... the anthem begins..

District 2 guy, district 3 female, district 4 girl, that district 5 girl, Drew from 6, Tamora from 7, the gay guy from 9,
Horace from 10 and both from 11.

Foxibelle isn't dead, I'll search for her first thing tomorrow.. I shut my eyes..

Day 1 Statistics/Other

Careers: They have been attacked by a group of Koelmen. They have lost three careers that day. The alliance have fled to the forest. Needs: Nothing

Zain Shockair(3) Is in the mountain, he had gotten away with a Katana and a backpack. The backpack contains; a bottle of water, and dried fruit. Needs: Sleeping bag

Mickey(5) is in the mountains. Needs: Backpack

Misty(6) is in the forest. She is camping out in a shed. Needs: Weapons

James Will(8) and Silken Dimity(8) are in the forest. Needs: Nothing

Evie(9) is in the forest. She is camping nearby another tribute. Needs: First Aid Kit

Samantha(10) is mourning Horace's death in the mountains. Needs: Weapons

Foxibelle(12) is camping near North(12) somewhere in the forest. Needs: Food

North(12) is camping in the forest. He is unaware that Foxibelle and Evie are camping nearby.

Other: Eight tributes died in the bloodbath. Two others died that night.

Day 2 - Terror of the Night

Samantha Orpi - Disrict 10

It is midday, the morning was uneventful. Its a sunny day today, but its still a bit cold... oh Horace, I miss you..
He died yesterday trying to protect me from one of the careers. Thinking about him makes me cry.
After a few minutes of mourning Horace, I pack my stuff and continued further up the mountain.
Hours fly by as I go higher up.

Eventually I stop. I'll stay here for tonight...
I hear someone. I take a nearby rock and keep it ready to hit them with it.
Their footsteps are coming closer, stomping, their tired.. Then I hit the tribute with the rock.
The boy screams in pain. He takes out a type of sword which I don't know the name of. I take another rock and I throw it at him.
He come towards me with the weapon. I take another rock and I hit him with it. Then atlast.. he stabs me in the stomach..
I fall to the ground.
"Horace... I will be with you forever now" I whisper to myself...

Dustin Henderson - District 1

Eleven are dead. Thirteen of us left.
I still can't forget the horrors we saw yesterday. We had found the district 7 girl, Tamora, taking some supplies from the cornucopia.
I beat her up. And before I could finish her off, we heard a scream. Misty runs away. She was followed by the rest. Excluding me and Tamora and Edision.
Then we saw these.. things. They were terrifying, they I abandoned the girl and Edision. As I ran I heard them scream for help.
Then their cannons fired.

And here we are back at the cornucopia. There is not much left. A couple spears were taken and the food is all gone.
We still have food from our backpacks we took as we fled last night. I catch a boy snagging my packpack.
"Hey" I shout at him. "Get back here" the kid keeps running. Atlas throws his axe at him. It hits the poor child in the back of his head.
"Haha. My first kill" Atlas begins. "It was too easy, hopefully I have a go at fighting some of the better competition"
I take the backpack off the youngest now dead tribute. Be careful what you wish for Atlas, I could be your last opponent.

Foxibelle Fishline Hunter - District 12

We keep walking. This morning I woke up to see North keeping guard. Apperantly I mistook him for another tribute and tried to kill him.
"Look" North points to a wrecked shed. We run up to it. I open the door. It's empty. But there are signs that someone stayed here overnight.
"Will we stay here for tonight" asks North. "I don't care, It'll be warmer here, but other tributes will probably come in overnight"
"Yes or no" he says. "No, we'll camp out nearby though just in case something happens" I guess it's the best thing to do.

Night falls.. we sit in the tree together. It's colder. But I shouldn't take risks.
It's a quiet night.. I lay my head on Norths shoulder. "Goodnight" I say to him.
"Goodnight". I close my eyes and fall asleep...

Silken Dimity - District 8

The anthem begins. James appears in the sky, he was followed by the girl from 10.
Just two today. Or atleast.. I hope.
Then I hear screaming again. But this time no cannons.
I guess there will be screaming everynight. I'll never know why..
Eventually I do. A hand grabs my arm. I scream. This hideous man is biting me. He rips out large chunk of my arm.
I screech in pain. I take a knife and I stab it in the temple. It falls silent. I should've climbed the tree.
But I can't now that my arm is wounded badly. All I do is sit in the snow and cry. I want to go home.
I want out.

I close my eyes. Tell me this is all just a dream. But it isn't. I felt the pain and there really is a large bite in my left arm.
All I can do now is hope I wake up to find all the other tributes dead. It would be a miracle... but it will never happen.
I can't sleep. I'm not tired. I refuse to sleep. Because I don't want to die in my sleep...

Day 3 - Three in a Shed

Mickey McAllister - District 5 {C}It's a dull day. Nothing is going on. No deaths. Nothing.
All I do is sit on the rock and look up at the sky.
I'm hoping nobody dies today. Whenever somebody id killed the numbers get lower and the stakes get higher. The odds are better.
I want to get out of here, but the only answer to that is violence. Well I better get killing.
It's kill or be killed. I pack my backpack and set off, trident in hand.

Then, I see somebody... he spots me. He takes out a katana.
I attack him. But he cuts my arm holding the trident. The trident falls to the ground. I try to pick it up, but the boy kicks it away.
He points the sword at me. Then he attempts to stab me in the throat, but I move out of the way. I grab my trident and I throw it at him.
It spears him in the chest. Boom.
My first kill.

Silken Dimity - District 8 {C}The mutt that attacked me last night is much clearer now. It's disgusting. The carcass lies there with my knife in it.
I hadn't slept at all last night. I was worried more will come. A parachute lands infront of me.
A sponsor. I open the canister, it has medicine. I take out the note at the bottom of the canister.

"Silken, I'm glad you made it through these horrible two days. I hope the medicine will help. Please, don't give up. Remember your family, back home. They love you and want you back.

Your mentor, Glady's"

I rub the medicine on my bite mark. This is stupid. What will this do anyways.
After putting medicine on my bite, I pull my knife out of the zombie's head.
Right. What to do now.

Atlas Dunnin - District 7

We are not going back to the cornucopia. It happened again, but this time no deaths.
The mountains are a bit safer, he says.
I laugh at this statement. What kind of leader is he. Captain Dustbin, The Leader of our Race.
He is telling us what to do most of the time. Check the supplies, put them all in a pile.
Why a pile?
A few hours have past, the sun is setting, a blizzard had started below. Suddenly, it occurs to me. perhaps I can betray them in their sleep..
Or atleast just Mr. Dustbin and his girlfriend She-man. "Hey, you need a break" I say to Dustin. "I'll keep an eye on everything"
He pauses for a moment.. "Okay.. thanks". He goes and falls asleep along with everyone else..
Thats when I notice. I see a figure taking something. I take my axe and I attack it. He screams.
It was the district 5 guy.. Wow I am boss at this.

North Blaze - District 12

The storm is pretty bad, but not that bad. Foxi and I are in the shed.
We spent most of the time getting to know eachother more.. she kissed me.
We kept kissing until we heard a knock on the door. I turn off the lamp. And we hide under a table.
The door creeks open and a light shines in.
"Hello, is anyone there?" says a voice. It's a girl. "Is anybody home?" she asks nothing.
I accidently knock the lamp. She points her torch at me and Foxibelle. She then puts the torch under her chin. She looks cold.
She must have been in the blizzard for a long time, but somehow lasted it. "Hello, can I come in?"
Foxi and I look at eachother. "Err. Okay"
She walks in. "So what have you been doing" she asks. "We were.. looking talking about district 12, were we live"
"Ah, so your the district 12s" she smiles. "You two look so cute together.. It'd be a shame if someone killed one of you"
"So what district are you from?" Foxi breaks in. "9, I used to go hide in the fields there"
"Oh okay, so... do you want to ally with us?" I ask her. She looks at me and smiles. She reaches into her backpack.
I know whats coming. "Run" I shout. Foxi gets out from under the table. I too crawl out from under the table.
She jumps on me. Then she slits my throat open. The last thing I see is Foxibelle, looking at me through the doorway in shock, she then runs away, but the district 9 girl stays.
I feel another stab in the back from her sickle.



Day 4 - The Final Nine

{C}Nicholas Davenport - District 4 {C}We walked in the snow for hours, so we have decided to stop..
The suns out, no deaths this morning. Five of us are left.
Four others to go and we'll have to turn on eachother.
We're left with, the district 9 girl, the 12 girl, the 8 girl and 6 girl..
"So where to now?" I ask Dustin. "The cornucopia, perhaps"
"Okay, well I'm not going" Shermaine starts. "I don't want to go back there.."
"Ha, scared are ya" Atlas sneers. "Maybe I am maybe not" Shermaine says back.
"Okay, If you want to stay here then do. We're going to th-"
A tribute died. "Who do you think that was?". "Dunno, we'll find out tonight"
"Shermaine, you can go back to camp, we'll see ya later" Atlas says to her. She leaves.
We head towards the cornucopia.

Misty Bull - District 1 {C}An male voice fills the arena; "Congratulations to our remaining eight tributes, As a celebration, we will have a feast at the place you all know.."
"Hey Shermaine, you can't miss this" Dustin shouts at her. She just keeps walking.
The announcement continues. "This year however will be different, this year we will have what each of you need to survive.. that is all. Goodluck, and may the odds be ever in your favor"
Shermaine keeps walking.
"C'mon" says Dustin.
We arrive at the cornucopia. A table sits in front of the cornucopia, there are seven bags sitting on the table, each has a large number on it.
We run in. I take the backpack with 1 on it. Then Nicholas falls.

A hand takes the sickle out of the back of his neck.
The girl throws the sickle at me.


Dustin Henderson - District 1 {C}"Misty" I shout. I take my sword and I slash it at her.
The girl ducks and pulls the sickle out of Misty's right eye.
She then slashes the sickle at me. It cuts my arm. She kicks me. I fall back.
Then a mace comes into my face.. Boom.

Evie Mckenna Rae - District 9 The boy from 7 had just betrayed an ally.
I slash the sickle at him, he steps back. He pulls the mace off his so called ally.
He swipes the mace at me. I duck. I run into the cornucopia and grab a knife. I throw it at him.
It doesn't go anywhere near him. I take my sickle and swing it at him again. This time he dodges it.
He picks up a nearby axe and hacks my lag with it. I screech and fall.
He picks up my sickle and I hear him leave. This is the end.. I'll freeze to death otherwise.
Then I take a knife that was lying near me. I have one more chance.

I get up slowly. He had just taken my backpack with the nine on it. I stumble towards him. He notices.
But I stab him before he was able to take his backpack. I stab him in the heart, and kept stabbing him.
He throws me away. He takes an axe. And with all of what he's got left, he swings the axe.

Shermaine Willson - District 2

Five have just died, leaving three of us left.
Annother announcement comes up.
"Congratulations to the final, five tributes. We are releasing more mutts. Wolf mutts and the mutts that most of you know about, they will be released at sundown"
Oh no. What hade happened to everyone. Where is everyone?
I start to panic.

Night as fallen. The anthem begins early. Misty and Dustin, Nicholas, Atlas, and the district 9 girl and the district 12 girl.
All my allies are dead.. I begin to cry.
Then I remember.. something grabs my shoulders, but before I could scream, it pulls me into a cave. "Help m-" {C}{C}Boom.

Day 4 Part 2 - The Victor

Silken Dimity - District 8

The district 2 girl appeared in the sky..
That leaves two of us. Me and another girl.. District 6
... Wait. The announcement..
I climb a nearby tree. Then something pushes me out of it.
My last opponent.
She throws a knife at me. I dodge it. Another knife comes my way.
I move.
I load my bow and fire at her. It hits her and she falls from the tree.
I take another arrow. But she gets up and throws a knife.

The last thing I think of is my family..
I will never see them again..

Mistalia Caliden - District 6 Boom.
What had happened.. what did I do..

"Ladie's and Gentlemen, our Victor-" I don't want to hear anything..
So I have won.. But I had killed someone.
A hovercraft comes down to pick me up.

The Victor

Mistalia Caliden

One kill, no allie's

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