GroundShaker's 1st Annual Hunger Games (featuring Primrose1444)

Hello, everyone! I warmly welcome you to GroundShaker's 1st Annual Hunger Games with help from my girlfriend, Maddie (a.k.a. Primrose1444). We shall bring you blood, terror, and horror selected from the back of your mind. Tributes will be squinting to look through the haze of mystery that is our Games and will be tortured by our wrath. These games will include: chariot rides, interviews, and training scores, but I shall keep the arena a secret. Please enjoy! To submit tributes, enter with the following:






Skills (leave strategy to me)

Personality Thanks for the support!

The Tributes

District 1: Lee Rock, 15

District 1: Lily Star, 13

District 2: Ovid Cyril, 15

District 2: Sestina Ottilie, 14

District 3: Digit Starr, 17

District 3: Lucky Dawn, 18

District 4: Vandenyno Bangas, 18

District 4: Mareas Corriente, 16

District 5: Damino Secet, 14

District 5: Cora Remni, 17

District 6: Dru Dasen, 16

District 6: Twyla Carp, 15

District 7: Stronton Melich, 17

District 7: Sedra Alsypse, 12

District 8: Reserved for Leshawna333 (2 days left!)

District 8: Reserved for Leshawna333 (2 days left!)

District 9: Denyon Pierce, 16

District 9: Emily Veela, 12

District 10: Pilot Dewel, 16

District 10: Zowie Anchor, 14

District 11: Grain Follows, 17

District 11: Sari Talson, 12

District 12: Nathaniel Jackson, 16

District 12: Anya Showers, 15

Thank you for the support! This is sure to be a great Games, guaranteed.

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