I just gave up on my last games and decided to start again. These games will have the usual 24 tributes. Here is the template to suggest a tribute:    (You can submit as much as you want now) ((No more for you 569822))










Token: (Optional)

Strengths: (Optional)

Weaknesses: (Optional)

Fear: (Only 1)

Name District Weapons User
Cotton Gemstone (M) 1 Spiked Club YourFavouriteSlamon
Diamond Carter 1 Blowgun 568922
Maximus Tertius Augustus (M) 2 Sword and Shield or Spears SPQR Victrix
Angelica Sinclair (F) 2 Daggers, Shears ToastWithTheMost
Ciel Phantomhive (M) 3 Throwing Knives Tehblakdeath
Pinkamena Diane Pie (F) 3 Torture, knives, sickle, Trust Mistfire333
Corbon White (M) 4 Trident and Sword 569822
Harley Flynn (F) 4 Trident, spear, knives TheUntouchableEric
Aurburn Friday (F) 5 Slingshot NightlockKryptonite
Harley Swoop (M) 5 Bow NightlockKryptonite
RESERVED (M) 6 FOR Myworld
Lily Starsight (F) 7 Axes of all types YourFavourite Salmon
Atlas Dunnin (M) 7 Swords and Axes Tothedoom
Needlenie (F) 8 Axe and Throwing knives 569822
RESERVED (M) 8 FOR Myworld
Nathaniel "Nate" Crowe 9 Crossbow, throwing knives,dagger Mistfire333
Claudia Toroes (F) 10 Metal Whip, Knives 569822
Cory Eptor (M) 10 sword 569822
RESERVED (M) 11 FOR Myworld
Marie Yiresly (F) 11 Wit, running ability ToastWithTheMost
Piper Quinn (F) 12 Bow NightlockKryptonite
Metallum Equitus (M) 12 Sword, stealth, throwing knives, dagger Mistfire333

Training POVs and Scores

Name/District Score
Cotton Gemstone (M) (1)
Ciel Phantomhive (M) (3)
Harley Swoop (F) (5)
Auburn Friday (F) (5)
Lily Starsight (F) (7)
Piper Quinn (F) (12)


Careers (Open)

Cotton Gemstone (1), Corbon White (4), Harley Flynn (4), Maximus Tertius Augustus (2), Diamond Carter (1)

Anti-Careers (Open)

Nathaniel "Nate" Crowe (9), Atlas Dunnin (7), Lily Starsight (7), Needlenie (8), Piper Quinn (12), Metallum Equitus (12)

5 Alliance (Private)

Aurburn Friday (5), Harley Swoop (5)

Looking for Alliance


Ciel Phantomhive (3), Pinkamena Diane Pie (3)

You can make up an alliance just tell me! Bold names means leader Italics means co-leader ?question mark? means undecided member.


Weapons-Sword $565, Spear $465, Bow $565, Arrows x 10 $200, Axe $600, Throwing Axe $565, Spiked Club $650, Throwing Knives x 10 $350

Food- Coming Soon...

For each tribute a user suggests they get $300. For each tribute that survives day 1 gets $100. Day 2 survivors get $100 and so on and so on. You may spend your money on any tribute even if it is not your own. When all of your tributes die you loose all your money.

Nightlock Kryptonite- $900

YourFavouriteSalmon- $600

TehBlakDeath- $300


SPQR Victrix- $300

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